Robert Pattinson, armpit licker, wants “a girl of her mind, refusing to smell ‘pretty'”


Is it wrong that I looked at these photos of Robert Pattinson and some pretty cows and my first thought was, “The headline should be: ‘K-Stew and Sparkles reunite!’” Cheeseball, I know. And insulting to both Kristen and the cows. Is it also wrong that I think the cows are the real stars of these photos? They’re SO pretty. These pics are from Ontario, where Sparkles is still filming Life, that film where he plays the photographer who was assigned a photoshoot/road-trip with a then-unknown actor named James Dean. I’m not sure where the cows come in. But I’m sure they’re union cows. And Rob looks like he’s having a great time with them too. Sweet Rob, he loves animals so much. He should do more films with animals.

Anyway, Rob has a new interview with Teen Vogue, to promote his Dior Homme endorsement. To me, this is bad marketing. You don’t send Rob to do an interview with Teen Vogue! If you’re aiming to get young women to buy their boyfriends the Dior Homme cologne, make Sparkles do interviews with, like, ELLE or InStyle. The target market shouldn’t be high school girls, it should be college girls. Here’s the interview:

Few male fragrances have managed to capture female attention quite like Dior Homme Eau for Men. Perhaps that’s because the scent—classically masculine according to perfume tradition—gives a couple nods to the ladies with notes like grapefruit and iris. Or, perhaps more realistically, it has to do with its spokesman: The painfully handsome Mr. Robert Pattinson.

“The idea of revisiting a classic fragrance was very attractive,” says the star, who imagines the scent’s wearer to be “a free spirit who does whatever he wants, and is fearless about it.” Indeed, the fragrance’s film campaign, directed by Romain Gavras, depicts just that: Viewers can watch as he races a vintage car along the beach, runs on rooftops, kisses (Twilight style!) in an elevator, and more. These various scenes embody a guy who’s a lot less Edward Cullen…and a lot more James Dean.

For R.Patz, it’s fitting that the fragrance he’s fronting is all about rebellion. “When I was 12, I remember being on holiday in Portugal and watching teenagers going into bars,” he says. “I believed that splashing cologne would convince everyone I was an adult. I thought wearing perfume was the cool thing to do.” Reluctantly, he adds, “That…and hair gel.”

But, Rob acknowledges, it’s totally possible that the dude who wears this scent may be slightly outdone—by the ladies. In fact, he seems undeterred by the female fanbase the fragrance has garnered. “She’s a girl of her own mind,” he imagines, “refusing to smell ‘pretty’ or do what’s expected of her. And clearly someone who isn’t confused about her idea of femininity.”

Luckily, this free-spirited lady is a familiar figure in the actor’s life. “My mum’s quite a dominant personality,” he explains, “so I’ve always been very comfortable around girls.”

Somehow, we think the feeling might be mutual.

[From Teen Vogue]

“She’s a girl of her own mind, refusing to smell ‘pretty’ or do what’s expected of her. And clearly someone who isn’t confused about her idea of femininity.” What? That sounds pretty much like Kristen Stewart. Or, it sounds like K-Stew’s front, like how she wants to be seen. But I don’t get the whole “I want to be with a girl who refuses to smell pretty.” How avant-garde! He wants a girl who smells bad so he can lick her armpits. Sparkles, you nasty. I mean, it’s one thing for a guy to be into tomboys and independent women who refuse to conform. But what does he have against a girl who bathes regularly and smells like coconuts?



Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News.

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  1. paola says:

    What’s the harm in not wanting to stink?


  2. Sixer says:

    Doesn’t he just mean pretty as not wearing girly perfume, but, say, boys’ perfume? I had a phase of wearing male fragrance when I were young and thought myself so original and non-conformist. Rob probably just needs to grow up. I don’t think he’s licking armpits or owt.

    • nico says:

      I used to wear Brut deodorant.

      • raindrop says:

        Me too! Brut smells sort of amazing, and I noticed that guys thought so too.

      • Amy Tennant says:

        I wore CK One ALL THE TIME. I like scents that go both ways.

      • Zimmer says:

        Still love Fahrenheit.

      • phlyfiremama says:

        I used to wear Fahrenheit!! I loved it back in the day. Nowadays I am all about the Tuberose & Gardenias by Estee Lauder (of all things). My Grandmother used to wear Estee Lauder perfumes and I always thought they smelled old ladyish, and for close to a decade I didn’t wear ANY fragrance at all. I haven’t worn anti-perspirants in close to 15 years because of aluminum triclosan (which closes your sweat pores, trapping metabolic wastes inside your lymphatic system and, HELLO, breast cancer) and don’t lilke the crystal deodorants much. I use a product called Deozein by Source Vital, which is essential oil based and works like a dream.

      • Katiekat says:

        Try Cartier Essence de Bois! It’s beautiful!

      • Victoria says:

        Yup, I remember Brut cologne was really popular for a time with teenage girls in the mid to late 90s. How odd.

      • SK says:

        Yeah a lot of people are reading this incorrectly. He is not describing what he wants in a woman. He is describing the type of girl who wears this fragrance for men, as apparently it has a strong female following. He is saying that a girl who wears a man’s scent like this one doesn’t want to smell girly with a typical feminine scent. He mentions being comfortable with her feminity because women her wear masculine scents are most likely just that – they don’t feel that they have to comply to smelling like a typical girl. Read it again and you’ll see what I mean.

    • Melymori says:

      Exactly! I had one where I wore a lot of woodsy-lemony fragrances. Not exactly your girly flowery choice.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Ha! I did the same thing and thought I was so original.

    • linlin says:

      Yes, I think he means not wearing this kind of sweet, floraly parfumes, but other ones, that could be unisex parfumes, parfumes marketed for men, just non-girly women’s parfumes or no parfume. Which doesn’t mean that you have to be unwashed or stink!

    • Stef Leppard says:

      Sixer, KStew said in an interview that he licked her armpits. Truth.

      • iheartjacksparrow says:

        What she said was that her “boyfriend” licked her armpits. A lot of people thought she was referring to Rupert because she was fooling around with him at the time of the interview.

      • basil says:

        Yes, but how do you know her armpits stink? They might smell like dior or florabotanica, or baby powder, or strawberries.

      • basil says:

        Also to iheartjacksparrow, common sense dear: I know it hurts..but if Pattinson wasn’t the arm pit licker in question, Kstew would have known that he would know it wasn’t him – thus, exposing herself. Why would she do that deliberately? Give her a break. She was referring to her bf Pattinson obviously. It’s weird & funny how envious girls want to talk themselves out of Robsten romantic visual imagery. Look at it this way: it’s kind of like me saying I love when my baby toe gets suckled and my bf knowing he’s never had my baby toe near his mouth. I would be essentially putting myself on blast.

    • PrettyLights says:

      I often wear Clarins Eau Dynamisante. It’s a unisex scent that’s kind of woodsy and has hints of lemon. My boyfriend says I smell like his Grandpa when I wear it because it does smell like Old Spice when you first spray it. I love it though. I smoke and if I spray it on after a cig it completely takes the cig smell away so I use it before meetings with clients.

    • dread pirate cuervo says:

      I wore Eternity for Men a ton in the 90’s. I’ve read that women prefer musky scents & it’s actually men who prefer the sweet florals; perfumes are marketed to help you attract the opposite sex.

  3. notpretentious says:

    “Sparkles, you nasty!” I howled at that!

  4. nico says:

    I’m confused by the “refusing to smell pretty” part. Does he mean that he wants a girl that is willing to get dirty?

  5. Original Tessa says:

    He could mean that he prefers more sophisticated smells over say, a Victoria’s Secret fragrance from hell. Some “pretty” smells are migraine inducing. I would rather a guy smell like gasoline and sweat than certain colognes you can find at the mall. I think guys can have the same sense about girl’s fragrances.

    • Tig says:

      You cracked me up- I had a friend who once refused to allow some girl in her car who had marinated in a Bath and Body Works fragrance- it was so overpowering.

      I take from this like you- he prefers a cleaner fragrance on a girl. And those are some well groomed cows-movie stars for sure!

    • Olivia says:

      Or he could mean he likes to hang with females who smell like Michelle Rodriguez! Not sure she is classified as sophisticated but females like her probably smell appealing to him.

      • Anname says:

        Not sure why people try to connect Rob to Michelle Rodriguez. They have a common friend in Nicholas Jarecki, but that’s about the extent of it.

    • Victoria says:

      Totally agree with you. And men are sometimes so clueless with their cologne, spray on way too much cheap smelling axe for instance. My dad does it and can smell him from the far other side of his house. Some old spice deodorant and a spritz of grey flannel will suffice, I try to tell him.

    • Tara says:

      I’m a fan of guys who smell like olive oil and green grass… Though not necessarily together.

  6. eliza says:

    The cow is cute. I bet it smells better than Pattinson.

    I think the dude is pretty harmless and probably a nice guy trying to just keep working and shedding his Twilight image. I just can’t get past the fact it looks like someone took a hatchet straight down the front of his face or that he does not favor good hygiene.

    • bee says:

      What an utterly ridiculous comment. Your hatred clouds your judgement. wow, I bet you just love that Cumberbatch though.

    • Victoria says:

      I’m not seeing the hatchet face. What I am seeing are very symmetrical, often considered classically beautiful features and amazing bone structure which gets him modeling work. Maybe you need specsavers?

  7. raindrop says:

    Disclaimer: I like to smell good. “Pretty”, even. I’m a big fan of essential oils and I enjoy smelling like roses. That said, Pattinson’s evident appreciation of natural human (human lady?) scent is refreshing. Maybe it will even convince a few young girls that, even though there’s nothing wrong with perfume, they smell just fine without it.

  8. MrsBPitt says:

    I think in twenty years, we will be seeing Pattinson and Stewart on a tv show entitled “where are they now?”…

  9. Miss Jupitero says:

    My favorite perfumer is I Hate Perfume, in Brooklyn. They have a perfume that smells like burning leaves, another the smells like newly fallen snow. I too hate “pretty.” All those overdone white flower notes. And I hate scented candles and fake fireplaces. Give me beeswax and burning pine logs.

    • Kiddo says:

      I can’t take anything sweet, as much as I love most real flowers and their scents, I get violently ill from floral fragrances, on myself or from anyone else around. It pierces my brain and splits it. But I’m one of those people with an extraordinary sense of smell, so the woodsier, citrus or spice colognes and parfumes have lower notes that don’t kill me as much. Those tend more to be considered gender neutral or masculine.

    • Nicolette says:

      I haven’t heard of that place, it sounds interesting and worth checking out. Traditional perfumes and a lot of scented candles tend to give me migraines, they’re just too strong and I steer clear of the women wanting to spray a sample in the department stores. I stick with a body spray from Bath & Body Works, it’s a nice soft fragrance. Burning pine logs is one of the best smells ever, I love it.

    • Wren says:

      I’ll take the “real scent” over the fake concocted crap any day. Beeswax and burning pine logs sound like heaven. Eu de Campfire makes me happy.

      I buy rose oil and lavender oil and mix them up with water to spritz on if I want to smell “pretty”. Most perfume gives me a headache, especially since many people seem to be under the impression they need to tip half the bottle over their heads to apply it.

      • LeLe25 says:

        Yes! Many perfumes give me a headache so I have stopped wearing them. I figure since I bathe daily, wash my hair, and wear lovely skin creams, I don’t need perfumes to smell pretty.

  10. MeganDraper says:

    Sounds like he’s describing Kristen. I wonder when this interview was done. I don’t think he’ll ever shade Kristen in public. I don’t believe he wouldn’t like someone who acts not girly but more girly than her. He likes strong women, someone to challenge him, but Kristen p-whipped him. In time, he’ll get over her.

    • Nikkie says:


      Sounds EXACTLY like Kstew. Guess that is really his type.

      Has any other actors done this much promotion of a fragrance? It’s like he is promoting a movie going from one magazine interview to the next.

      • Anname says:

        He did one press day in the fall. I hardly think he is responsible for the ongoing articles recycling old quotes.

  11. Hannah says:

    There’s really know way to advertise or speak of a scent without sounding like an utter moron, it seems.

  12. Brailler says:

    From the quote in the article, it’s clear he was referring to how some women are wearing the Dior Homme cologne, even though it is a men’s fragrance. The quote mentions how the cologne has garnered a female fan base.

    • Nikkie says:

      You mean his female fans are buying this for themselves? To smell like Sparkles? That’s taking being a Pattinson fan a little too far.

      • Tig says:

        I don’t think folks are buying it, or any other fragrance, to smell like anybody- you buy it bec you like the way it smells on you. Maybe you try it bec of ad ( bec that’s what it’s for!), and its a bit different for a woman to try a men’s fragrance. I remember running someone down to find out what she was wearing-it was that wonderful. I buy a bottle, and had to give it away- hated the way it smelled on me!! The Dior fragrances I’ve sampled I liked, so hope this one is good.

  13. Lizzie says:

    uhhh i reread this a lot and cannot figure out where he says he wants a girl that refuses to smell pretty. I think he was saying the girls who wear Dior Homme Eau for Men refuse to smell pretty and do what they want because they’re wearing men’s cologne, not because they smell like they haven’t showered in a week.

    • Original Tessa says:

      Yeah, this. I think the question was about a woman wearing Dior Homme, and how Rob can dig that.

  14. Anname says:

    This is an interview cobbled together from his previous Dior interviews, not new.

    Love the photos, it’s fun to see him so amused by trying to pull a cow through the snow in this ridiculous cold.

  15. BendyWindy says:

    In the context of the text, they’re saying that the men’s cologne he’s selling has developed a female following as in young women are wearing it. Therefore he’s commenting on women who refuse to smell pretty and flowery and perfumy by wearing men’s scents. He’s not saying he wants unwashed women who stink. I don’t like him much but let’s not misconstrue what he’s saying.

  16. crab says:

    Who cares about him or the perfume! Look at the cow’s beautiful face!! She’s so pretty and gentle looking!!

  17. Jaderu says:

    Nice cow.

  18. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I don’t find him “painfully handsome” at all. I think he’s odd looking and not handsome at all. Now I feel mean, but I just don’t get why he’s such a heartthrob.

    • Anname says:

      Personality! He completely understands how ridiculous his life was during the Twi years, and his interviews are usually quite funny. He seems like a genuinely good guy, imo.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Oh, well that can make someone attractive, certainly.

      • lvk0430 says:

        Ditto, Anname! I adore Rob and think he is beautiful and funny! My cube is covered in his pictures and I regularly have people (both men and women) stop by and say that they *love* my decorating!

        GoodNamesAllTaken, I also understand your point of view and can only say to each her/his own. Our differences give life spice. They certainly generate tons of good-natured (usually) debate.

      • blue says:

        but he’d be still handsome even if he was a complete douchebag. Handsome face is handsome face regardless of your personality.

  19. Wren says:

    Oh, sweetheart, you can come home with me! I work at a dairy so I’ve got all the cute cows and not-smelling-pretty you could ever want!

    I do shower when I come home though……….

  20. LadySlippers says:

    Very true. Then people start to moan because ‘so & so says the same damn thing in every interview’. Noooo they sometimes don’t — it’s more often because journalists recycle quotes now.

    (So sad though, even in new interviews they’ll pull an old quote without sourcing it)

  21. Jamie says:

    Did anyone actually read the article? He’s commenting on girls who wear the mens fragrance he’s promoting. Not his ideal girl. Pretty different IMO.

  22. bee says:

    The people who comment on here clearly don’t read the articles or keep up to date with film news and Celeb gossip. The comments are so cruel and unnecessary. If you don’t like him why comment? He’s doing really well thank you very much, without the help of the bitter harpies on this site.

    • Hiddles forever says:

      That is a silly statement. Do you think that all people who like Kim Kardashian comment on her threads because they like her?

      Bwahahaha best joke of the day!

      • basil says:

        Nope I think she’s just saying bitter harpies be bitter. I’ve noticed pattinson gets less hate from some female types the more they think there’s been a definitive confirmation that he and Kstew are done.

        Because there hasn’t been one and he hasn’t been seen dating anyone and neither has she, its like they are waiting for the other shoe to drop (like if hey’re seen together, dating, pregnant, or tying the knot) and continuing to throw shade his way…just in case. Lol

  23. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    It all smells like nail polish to me and makes me not able to breathe so I like it when people are considerate enough to not wear perfume; It is a form of indoor air pollution.

  24. Elizabeth says:

    As I was reading this I started wondering how I would wear this cologne. I love Chanel 19, which has some citrus and woodiness. My ex loved it. I now wear Hermes Kelly Calêche. Let me say that my clothes are all from Target & I am at one with Top Ramen, but in perfume as in haircuts: you get what you pay for. I am a female surgeon and it’s a world where feminine and masculine both collide and combine. I figured this guy felt the same. I liked him in Harry Potter…Twilight? Eh, saw the first, detested the story.

  25. Onyx XV says:

    Yep, sounds like he’s still hung up on Kristen Stewart.

  26. nadia says:

    My husband and I share a Cartier scent as well as a Creed scent. They smell very different on each of us. Pretty sure he was talking about the kind of girl who would wear Dior Homme, not the kind of girl whose pits he wants to lick? Then again, it could be one and the same. Oh la la.

  27. kimbers says:

    He had his chance with me years ago when he was using his mastercard to buy coffee and wearing that orange beanie about town while filming lol 😉

  28. Ginger says:

    I used to wear fragrance when I was a teen but didn’t again until a few years ago mainly because I can’t stand Too strong, cloying floral perfumes. Recently I’ve found the spicier scents by Chanel and Michael Kors tolerable enough to wear daily. But I still spray the air and then step into the cloud. If I spray directly on my skin it’s too much. Maybe that’s what Rob means? Otherwise I don’t get it.

    • PunkyMomma says:

      Ginger, I step into the cloud, too. It’s the only way I can wear a perfume without risking a migraine.

  29. jwoolman says:

    Uh, nobody needs to wear a fragrance. You can simply wash… Or use unscented deodorant as well. Or use those minerals that keep the microorganism count low (the real source of unpleasant odors). I’m allergic to artificial scents, which are unfortunately put into everything these days. I really wish people would just wear peppermint oil or something equally edible and innocuous (cinnamon? Citrus? Just not anything floral, please, they make me gag). I did have an idea for unscented perfume, please feel free to run with it if you’re full of entrepreneurial spirit.

    Anyway, I would interpret his remark as just meaning perfume wasn’t necessary, although that seems counterproductive if he’s peddling some.

  30. caz says:

    I’ve been wearing male fragrances & ck one for years …the marketers have only just realised not every woman wants to smell like a flower – hehe I thought I was being individual too!

    Those cows are pretty I want one!