Is Prince Andrew dating George Clooney’s ex, Monika ‘Croatian Sensation’ Jakisic?


George Clooney used to date a woman named Monika Jakisic. She is Croatian, and someone (someone perhaps named Monika Jakisic) nicknamed her “the Croatian Sensation.” Which is unfortunate all-around. Anyway, I always thought that Monika was one of thousands of names in Clooney’s little black book – they “dated” for a hot minute maybe six years ago, and then they were sort-of seeing each other for a few nights last year when Clooney was in London. It felt like she was the one pushing the connection, because being called “George Clooney’s ex-girlfriend” was perhaps a better title than “the Croatian Sensation”. Like so many of Clooney’s girls, Monika seemed to have more ambition than talent, and her hustle is good enough that she’s associated herself with Clooney enough times to be a “thing.”

So what happens when Clooney runs off with a woman who has a law degree and her own political connections? Well, Monika has to look for the next big name. That name? The Duke of York. Prince Andrew. Ugh, Andy. Dude.

From Hollywood royalty to a bonafide British prince! Sexy Croatian model Monika Jakisic, an ex-girlfriend of George Clooney, is now dating Prince Andrew, a source reveals exclusively to Us Weekly. Based in London, Jakisic (known as the “Croation Sensation”), 33, and Sarah Ferguson’s ex-husband “reconnected through friends recently,” the source explains.

Indeed, the low-key pair went on a date to Cecconi’s in London to celebrate the British royal’s 54th birthday on Feb. 19. “They sat next to each other at an intimate table by the front of the restaurant and were cuddling up to each other,” an eyewitness tells Us. “Andrew was making Monika laugh and kissing her hand.”

During his birthday dinner with his stunning new love, “Monika gave him a birthday card and the server brought out a white birthday cake for dessert,” the observer adds.

The couple continued their PDA-fest two days later at The Arts Club in Mayfair, where he wrapped his arms around Monika and kissed her, an onlooker says: “It was obvious they are a couple, they looked like two lovebirds!”

A rep for Buckingham Palace tells Us: “We never comment on the private time of members of the Royal Family.”

Royal refresher: Andrew is Queen Elizabeth’s third child and second son; father to Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, the Duke of York is currently fifth in line to the British throne. He and Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, divorced amicably in 1996 after a decade of marriage. The friendly exes shot down false rumors last August that they had reconciled.

Jakisic and Clooney, meanwhile, have had an on-and-off fling since 2004. They reconnected in September of last year — following his split with Stacy Keibler — with Jakisic sleeping over at his L.A. mansion. “They spent hours talking, and have an incredible connection,” an insider told Us at the time. “He’s been calling and texting her ever since.”

[From Us Weekly]

Well, it’s not like Andrew historically has had good taste in women. Besides his association with and marriage to Fergie, his romantic life is littered with “glamour models” (re: topless models), p0rn stars, strippers, escorts and con artists. I don’t think he’s ever romanced any woman who has serious aristocratic ties or, say, a university degree or anything like that. That means Prince Andrew and George Clooney have a lot in common. Charlie Sheen is kind of the same way too. Say what you will about Leo (and I could say a lot) but he only goes for A-list modeling talent, and suddenly his girlfriend choices seem almost classy.

Of course it’s also possible that this is just some huge hustle by Monika. We know this woman loves to see her name in the gossip press. Someone introduce her to Gerard Butler!




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  1. Suze says:

    Hmmmm – I thought old Andy was going (absolutely, positively) remarry Sarah? And his side pieces were (reportedly, allegedly) all under the age of eighteen? I’m not sure how this woman fits in.

    The sensation better enjoy the attention while she can.

    • LadySlippers says:

      Who said a side item keeps a marriage at bay???? 😉

      On a serious note, do you think Andrew & Sarah will try for York Marriage 2.0 once Philip passes?

      • Suze says:

        It’s the rumor isn’t it? I guess we’ll have to wait and see – although I don’t want to wish death on poor Phil. I find him very amusing.

        I sort of hope it happens, for Sarah’s sake. She just can’t seem to function on her own, and her daughters will be married at some point. Probably sooner than later. Plus she and Andy always seemed to have a relatively affectionate marriage, by British royal standards.

        Of course, there are those pesky side piece rumors….

      • LadySlippers says:

        @Suze: You and I must be in the minority because I like Philip too. I wish he and Sarah would mend fences.

        As for Andrew & Sarah — I think they are both better together than separate. Andrew is a douch bag but Sarah really brings out his better qualities and vice versa. I’d love to see them married again.

      • Tulip Garden says:

        Just wanted to say that I too love “Phil the Greek” 🙂

      • Zadie says:

        Isn’t Phil known for his racist remarks?

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        Indeed he is. The late Queen Mother was also a racist and not always prudent about hiding it. But when people age the less admirable qualities in their personality/character are dismissed with the flip of a hand and airily described as as crotchity, grumpy-pants, straight forward, charming, no-nonsense, etc. a racist in his 30’s makes us cringe. A racist in his 80’s just makes people say ‘oh, he’s from a different era. Make him another gin and tonic and ignore him.’ That didn’t work for Paula Deen, however. As for him being a product of his tim, well, Gandhi, Mother Teresa and Dr. king were of their time, as well.
        Its weird because I love a lot of things about Phillip. But I don’t think racism is quaint.

      • Suze says:

        Hmmm. I don’t find racism amusing regardless of age. I’m certainly not going to wave it away as cute behavior.

        But I haven’t heard Philip’s racist comments. It’s a definite check against him.

        Then again, I’m not surprised. There is racism throughout the whole royal family, although the younger ones are more adept at hiding it.

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        True. And the funny thing is that Phillip favored Spanish looking beauties but gave Charles a lot of grief about his marked preference for black women. His uncle Mountbatten used his estate and a certain guest house, in particular, so he, Phillip and Charles could meet lovers privately. . After Mountbatten’s assassination Charles was reeling with grief and the loss of, essentially, his best friend and mentor. He delved into far Eastern religions and even mysticism looking for solace/answers. One of his great loves during this period was an Indian women who introduced him to the intracasies of Hinduism. She was older than he, and though beautiful, educated and discreet, the relationship was doomed from the start for many obvious reasons. Harry allegedly had a 6 month fling with an Afro-Spanish waitress at Bouges, his old stomping ground. Unfortunately, sexual preference does not negate or invalidate racism, whuch is invidious and systemic. All very interesting, though.

      • Kate says:

        Ladyslippers, I like Phillip too. wouldn’t mind sitting next to him at a dinner party just to hear the comments he’d make about my afro LOL.

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        Make sure he doesn’t pinch your bottom lol!

    • SonjaMarmeladova says:

      SHE IS NOT NICKNAMED THE CROATIAN SENSATION! We have never heard of her.
      And I would like to apologize for her because we’re usually awesome. This makes me so angry. There is so much talent and so many amazing people here, and THIS is the one that gets her name out? Urgh.
      If you want to see real models see Helena Šopar or Kristina Šalinović.

      • Zadie says:

        Tell me about it. This is the first time I hear of this woman, and I read tabloids a lot.
        Oh, and I believe it’s Jakišić? ( Kakišić is funny, though, kaka means to poop in Croatian)

      • LadySlippers says:

        Interesting that she’s not known in Croatia. She must be creating her own ‘fantastic’ image.

      • SonjaMarmeladova says:

        She really isn’t. She got one sentence in a Z list tabloid when the Clooney rumour happened. And that’s it.

      • Zadie says:

        Oh, and women here are much much much prettier, I promise 😀

      • AG says:

        I’m sure no one blames Croatia for this one. 🙂 She looks like just another one of Clooney’s many escorts and/or famewhores who attach themselves to him.

      • Suze says:

        Zadie, we won’t hold this serial dating fame seeking self aggrandizing woman against Croatia! Promise!

      • SonjaMarmeladova says:

        Hahahah, well, thank you very much :sends hugs and kisses:

      • Decloo says:

        To all you Croats: Croatia is my very very favorite place to visit. Love love love that

    • Decloo says:

      I don’t see even a little “sensation” in those photos. She looks pretty rough.

  2. Frida_K says:

    Wow. That is one ragged, oily-faced 33-year-old.

  3. Hannah says:


  4. LadySlippers says:

    The Duchess of York has aristo connections which is why the BRF initially was so relieved when she joined the family…

    Too funny about Andrew. None of these relationships seem to last long for him.

    • Suze says:

      She may have been a bit of an undisciplined outlier, but Sarah had solid royal connections and ran in the right groups.

      • LadySlippers says:

        That she did.

        It’s too bad Sarah also came with a self-destruct button as I think if Andrew hadn’t bailed on her in their marriage — she could have made a decent Royal.

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        I don’t know about refreshing but I always thought there was something sweet about her.

      • Suze says:

        She has her strong points. She is apparently a very loyal friend and a dedicated asset to her charities. Her children appear to be sweet and kind, so her co-parenting with her ex was probably grounded in a good relationship.

        No one is all bad.

      • Tessy says:

        I read years ago that the firm gave Diana lots of help with protocol at first but none to Sarah yet expected her to be able to perform to their standards all the time. And that much of her money problems stemmed from having to be “on” all the time, if she wore something twice she was shredded by the press so her clothing costs were high but as the wife of the second son, she made next to nothing. If she took freebies then she was also lambasted, also when she wrote that kids book to make a few dollars. She was battered a lot by the press in her day, some of it deserved, but some maybe not so much. I wonder if she is still so broke.

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        Fergie may have some Weight Watchers ,oney or other scant residuals but she is in comparatively dire straits, as royals go. I believe her daughters help her out a lot and I have read that Andrew gives her cash gifts from time to time. If fair were fair Andy would buy her a chic little place and she could pay for personal expenses from speaking emgagements or writing innocuous books. She got a raw deal.

    • Victoria says:

      The Queen got on well with Sarah, liked her. She had down home (for Aristos) qualities and keen interests in blood sports and horses. Fergie actually seemed like a bit of spark in the royal family, twinkle. She had red hair and got a ruby red ring for a reason, it matched her personality. We still gossip about her, goes to show. We like that. Some people are starting to say Cressida maybe has that twinkle, I don’t see it yet, but I’d like to.

  5. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Not for all the tea in China. Gag.

  6. Kelly says:

    “Someone introduce her to Gerard Butler!”
    Ahahaha, this. Then Fassbender next.

    • LadySlippers says:

      So an American first, English second and then Scottish and Irish?

      Oh Dearie — Wales, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand feel positively left out. Please correct this travesty pronto! 😉

  7. Io says:

    Something tells me Andrew a few royal bastard floating around much like his doppelganger Albert. He’s just more covert

    • LadySlippers says:

      If Charles supposedly does (with a Canadian and the child was born in ’84) it stands to reason Andrew prob does as well.

    • Dame Snarkweek says:

      Don’t forget Phillip’s alleged son.

      • LadySlippers says:

        I don’t know much about him. Do tell!

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        Oh yes, she was a beautiful and very much married former acquaintance. He was rumored to have fathered her son. She always unequivocally denied it, but supposedly, Phillip would make clandestine visits to see the child. It is public knowledge, however, that he sent the child to the best schools all his life. Hmmm…

      • LadySlippers says:

        Was she the actress that made Lilibet so upset? And is it the actress that never got honoured like most of her peers? Have any names?

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        No it was a lady named Helen, an old childhood friend. In fact, both Max and sister Louisa are offspring. Get this – in an interview novelist Barbara Cartland once claimed that her daughter Rain (Di’sstepmom) was the result of a brief relationship with the Duke of Kent. Wowsa, lol.
        But yes, Liz used to despise actresses, once dismissing Grace Kelly as “that movie star” and sighing heavily when obligated to entertain the Kennedy’s at a state dinner. Supposedly, she said that she was unimpressed with Jackie because she behaved “like a movie star” i see a theme here, lol.
        And speaking of Kennedys, Jackie’s sister Lee was married to Michael Canfield. He, also, was rumored to have been the son of the Duke of Kent. Interestingly, Queen Liz had an irrational dislike of Lee. She refused to allow her and her ghusband to accompany the Kennedys ti the Buckingham dinner, supposedly because she was divorced. Ha! After much letter writing, phone calls and maneuvering, Liz had to relent. It didnt help that Phil was seen obviously enjoying the glamour and beauty of the Kennedy/Radziwill duo.

      • Victoria says:

        Woah! Well, Liz did pick her crush on an older guy and was determined to marry him and she did. She accepted what he was like and the duties of her station, clearly. Back then, ok, after the heirs and spares, play.

        I’d be super curious if William is cheating, that would be WOW. We all know Charles did so who cares…

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        Very true. Liz was wild about Phil and truly adored him. She asked a friend once how she handled matters when her husband wanted something he shouldn’t have. The friend replied that she reasons with him. Liz said that she simply tells her husband he shall have it and quietly sees to it that he doesn’t. Clearly this didn’t apply to mistresses but royal women have always picked their battles.

      • bluhare says:

        Philip’s lover was supposedly Helene Cordet, a French actress/singer who had a son widely believed to be Philip’s.

        The woman who the Queen was famously photographed giving side eye to was Princess Alexandra, with whom Philip is rumored to have had an affair.

    • Alina says:

      sorry, but calling children/ young people bastards in this day and age is beneath contempt. Albert has two wonderful children.

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        Excellent. I was so excited about the gossip that I didn’t pay attention to the use of that word. I’ve always hated it when referring to children. Shame on us and thank you for your comment.

      • Io says:

        Sorry Alina..”illegimate heirs floating around..”

    • Dame Snarkweek says:

      I wholeheartedly love side-eye!

      • bluhare says:

        It was that photo that got me believing Philip was probably fooling around. With his cousin!

      • Suze says:

        At the very least, he was fascinated by her. Alexandra, imo, was always a mesmerizing woman and a great beauty.

  8. taxi says:

    33 my foot! She looks 50. This grease-bag models what? Life gone wrong?

  9. Nima1 says:

    Ugh, she is brutal looking. Her hands look like those creepy Halloween props. She needs a make up artist and some blotting papers!

  10. Dame Snarkweek says:

    When seeking female companionship one should never make the faux pas of offending any particular age group by showing a preference for ladies one’ own age. Therefore it is advisable to date females who are 16 and swear they are 30 or ones who are 42 and say they are 33. Better to confuse the onlookers.

    • LadySlippers says:

      Oh Snark, you must have got your snark all filled up. Since my snark ranned out the other day — care to share some snark?



    • Dame Snarkweek says:

      For you, Lady, always 🙂
      Think of me as a 24 hour Park’n’Snark. Or a Super Wal-Snark.
      *grabs another K-cup*

    • Suze says:


      If Andy were actually this crafty, I’d like him better. Instead I think he has an (alleged, unproven) compulsion that is not pretty.

      • bluhare says:

        I’m with you, Suze. Andrew is gross. Totally gross. Pompous windbag doesn’t even come close.

      • Suze says:

        Agreed, bluhare. I mock most of the royal family but it’s really Andy who actually inspires disgust in me.

  11. Maureen says:

    Maybe her vagina is lined with gold. I don’t know what else it could be. Oh right, right. She’s probably REALLY intelligent. (rolls @@ eyes)

  12. nk868 says:

    she looks like a brunette version of a poorly done shakira wax figure

  13. BendyWindy says:

    She looks like melted wax. 🙁

  14. Tessy says:

    She looks like she moisturizes with bear grease.

  15. Aurelia says:

    Why is this croatian bird such a weird colour????

    Right off to google charlies secret luv child now. Did you know the rumour was that Andrew is not the kid of phil???? His father is actually the queens long time BFF The Duke of Porchester.

    Both the duke of porchester aka porchie and andy both have weight issues.

  16. Bridget says:

    ”Picture him on top of you”

  17. CynicalCeleste says:

    anyone see any photos of these two together? i’m always curious to see the photos of the ‘private time’ in public places that the british press aren’t allowed to run.

  18. DanaG says:

    Wow she is really rough looking but Andrew does like to date her type. It would be a fling if it’s anything he would never get serious about someone like Monika. Too many rumours about how she manages her lifestyle etc. As for Fergie, umm Andrew did buy her a house and she got a good pay out but the house went up in flames and Sarah moved in with Andrew and pretty much stayed. Why not not she pays no rent he has staff which she uses and while she doesn’t have much cash she still manages her five star vacations and expensive dinners out usually on other peoples money. Sarah has actually been dumped from many charities due to her scandals and her own bad management of funds has bought her close to bankruptcy several times. It’s Prince Andrew who has bailed her out and some friends he has more then paid her, her dues and she is still taking, She has been accused of plaguerism and she cheated on Andrew he didn’t cheat on her. She lived way above their means to show off to her friends it has nothing to do with the Royal Family they found her greedy and in the end she wasn’t so liked because she was so lazy her work ethic or lack off is legendary in royal circles. She still doesn’t do much and has bought more shame on the family then even Diana did, Sarah loves being the victim it’s a shame the two girls have such a bad role model for a mother and sadly they too were born with no fashion sense. Thank goodness they had great nannies because that is who raised them Sarah wasn’t all that interested until they became her golden ticket.

    • Dame Snarkweek says:

      Wow. I know the least about Andy/Fergie than the other royals so this is interesting. I always like to see the other side of the coin. Thanks for the info.

    • LAK says:

      Sarah wanted out of the family as much as Diana did, but Diana was a better strategic planner and used Sarah as a canary to see how she’d be treated by the family when she got out, as well as entire process of getting out.

      Sarah vacationed as much as Diana, but the press chose to focus on Sarah’s vacations as if she was the only person doing so. She loved to vacation in exotic places, as opposed to discreet places. Her work schedule came very close to match Diana, and she became a qualified helicopter pilot within a couple of years of her wedding (seidenote: Kate is currently taking pilot lessons, can’t wait for the unveiling if it ever happens). That’s where the inspiration for ‘little budgie’ the helicopter series of her books came from.

      She’s never been asked to step down from any of her charities. Infact she offered to step down because of the negative publicity surrounding her divorce and they all refused to let her. It became quite a big story because of course everyone knew that she was being pushed out of the family.

      Children in Crisis, the charity she founded personally has gone on from strength to strength and was actually a very good conduit for instilling charitable empathy in B and E.

      B and E were not raised by nannies as you say. Yes, nannies were present, in the same way that nannies were present for Diana, for Sophie and now for Kate. It doesn’t mean she didn’t see her kids. Infact i’d wager she saw them more than Diana saw her own because they were in schools a lot closer to the marital home than the Wales kids. Plus, B was diagnosed very early of Dyslexia and was given a lot of parental support.

      As for her divorce settlement, she received peanuts. There is this myth that she received millions that she subsequently blew through, but she did not. She also had debts in the millions that the royal family refused to settle. She had to go out to work.

      She gets into financial scraps from time to time, but she works and she supports herself. Andrew has only bailed her out once, recently, from her financial mismanagement.

      Yes, she moved back in with Andrew partially for necessity because she was never given a house of her own, but we also know they were forced to divorce so it probably wasn’t a hard decision for them to remain living as a family. It’s hard to imagine how such a thing can happen or even be forced on a couple today, but it’s exactly what happened. Andrew was barely present in the marriage from day one. It’s on record that he spent exactly 42 days at home in the first year of the marriage. He was always away with his naval placements and so the marriage barely got off the ground. As an example of how bad things were, Sarah once flew across the world to see Andrew for a few days soon after having Beatrice, because, in her own words, she’d barely seen her own husband that year. The press crucified her and called her a neglectful mother. The biggest reason he has remain close to her and is always protective of her is that he feels he let her down badly. He never blamed her for the infidelities.

      And the ‘grey men’ who included her own relatives were supremely unsupportive and unkind to her. The press deliberately set her up in a sinner vs saint contest against Diana….jeesh she was nicknames ‘the duchess of Pork’ at one time.

      It was horrendous.

      Frankly, it’s a wonder their kids came out alright.

      That’s not to say that Sarah is some sort of saint. She isn’t. She’s needy to the extreme, she’s greedy, she’s idiotoc and doesn’t always make the best decisions. However, she also has a press corps and public ready to hung her for the smallest infraction, real and perceived. And that always makes me sympathetic towards her.

      • Suze says:

        Wonderful summation of a complicated and flawed woman.

        I mentioned upthread that she has always had a reputation for serving her charities well, she is a loyal friend, and she did something right as a mother since Bea and Eug haven’t gone off the deep end, and instead appear to be stable and sweet.

        I will say that I don’t think Fergie does well in the spotlight. If she remarries Andrew, I hope they can live a quieter life somewhere.

  19. Hausfrau says:

    Jesus. After reading “Croatian Sensation”, I had high expectations. As soon as the pic resolved, I let out an audible “woof.” :/