Courtney Stodden is morphing into a demure Donatella Versace-lookalike


Courtney Stodden was invited to LA Fashion Week. And what better poster child for LA Fashion Week? Anyway, that’s why we have some new photos of her. She’s a “model” and a “fashion girl.” After posing as a mannequin on a gold vinyl throne (NO JOKE), Courtney was photographed having lunch in Beverly Hills on Friday.

Look at her outfit! This is the most demure thing she’s worn in months. The tatas are almost covered, her beav isn’t being displayed and she doesn’t look like she’s trying to remember her two non-grunting lines in a p0rn0. “Yes, I called about my clogged pipes. Wow, that’s a big plunger.” Of course, Courtney is still a mess. Who in their right mind puts that lipstick shade with an orange-pink dress? And why does her hair look so fried? Why does she look like Donatella Versace?

Anyway… poor Courtney is only 19 years old. Let’s hope she matures at some point and stops with the circus boobs, the lip injections, the straw hair and the weirdness. The thing is… if you asked her, I’m sure she would say that she thinks she looks incredible. Do you think that’s a real Louis Vuitton bag? Or did she buy it for $20 off the back of a truck?

PS… Yes, she’s drinking water out of a wine glass… with a straw. So elegant. I guess that was her only choice considering no reputable place would serve her alcohol.



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Oh, Courtney. What are her options? She can find a new career altogether, doing what, I don’t know, or she can limp along on hideous shoes, continuing to be a professional joke or oddity.

    When she gets her Oscar, she can thank her wonderful, wise, loving mother for selling her to a creepy old man when she was 15. She makes me so sad.

    • FLORC says:


    • Mich says:

      She makes me sad too. I caught a little of her on the UK Big Brother and she was actually quite sweet. Little things like she was constantly washing up in the kitchen after other people because they were too superior to be bothered. I was surprised. And now I’ve got nothing for her but the sads.

      • Alexis says:

        I didn’t watch celeb Big Brother but I saw on daily mail that according to many commenters, she is a gentle soul. Hopefully she will find her way, eventually…

      • Lena says:

        She was awesome with Ru on Rupaul Drives. What the hell did she do to her face? She’s 20 years old and looks 40???

  2. Christin says:

    I cannot believe she’s only 19, judging by her appearance. She looks worn and weary.

    • Rockymtnprincess says:

      What is she going to look like at 30?? Poor thing. She needs to stop bleaching her hair…it looks like it will break and fall off if a strong wind comes through.

      • gg says:

        I think that’s already happened a bit because that thing on her head in these photos looks more like a wig than extensions.

  3. Jacqueline says:

    I feel so sorry for her. She’s a little girl lost and, without direction, this is her version of classy. I mean, at least they aren’t clear, but she’s still wearing those heels for goodness sake. It looks like those straps on her dress are actually made to be worn over the shoulder, but she’s gone strapless.
    Yes, that’s got to be a real Louis. I just remember, for whatever reason, that she was married to Doug when she got it. It was front and center in some pictures, like a symbol that she had “arrived.” Now, it’s the only one she carries (and constantly), so I’ll assume that is the only authentic/genuine thing in any of these shots.
    I just feel so bad for her because the writing is on the wall for her. She doesn’t seem like a bad person, she just seems like she has bad parents. It’s all very unfortunate.

  4. aims says:

    This poor girl. I have made fun od her in the past, but I feel bad for her. She has been let down by people who are supposed to look out for her. It’s sad and I hope she moves back to Washington and have the Botox wear off and get an education ans be a normal person.

    • qwerty says:

      Yes, THIS. I really do not see the point of making posts about this girl. She’s basically a child. A child who was let down by everyone aroung her, even if she’s yet to realise it. We all know where this story is going to end, so why write about her and dissect everything she wears and does? Yes, she’s a mess. Move on, this is not entertainment.

      • Eleonor says:

        I soo agree. At her age she should be dreaming about going to the prom, or being a cheerleader and stuff like that.
        I am so disgusted by all the adults around her, because they have stolen her childhood, the dreams she was supposed to have at 16, her youth. It’s awful.

      • bluhare says:

        I’m sorry, but she’s not a child now. She’s 19. Is she damaged? I don’t know; I assume probably so. But even so, she’s now an adult, not a child, and can make her own decisions.

        That being said, we’ll probably see a tell all in a few years when she isn’t making money any more. I assume she’s making money now; that’s the only reason I can think of for the get ups she wears. Attention because that brings in $$.

      • Eleonor says:

        @ bluhare: she is not a child, but she has been exploited by the persons who were supposed to be responsible for her safety, for her education,but her parents sold her to a pervert during the most formative years of her life. Her “husband” (to me as I’ve said in my comment he is an abuser) turned her into a freakshow bimbo, and I think she is not capable of taking decisions for her own good. She was 15 when all started, and actually she goes on on doing this sexkitten thing because she was taught this is the only way to be. This is a girl who seriously needs professional help for what she went through, this is why a lot of people feel bad for her.

    • Dutch says:

      I think the likelier outcome is that she becomes Phoebe Price 2.0

  5. Frida_K says:

    She was in a porno?


    • booboocita says:

      Not yet … but it sure does look as if that’s where she’s headed. What’s left? I feel so sorry for her, and I do wish her the best, but right now, I think the best she can hope for is a reality show or two and a handful of bit roles in straight-to-DVD films, then a return to Washington state and rill reality once she realizes that her “talent” isn’t taking her anywhere worthwhile. Worst case scenario, she gets talked into pr0n as a “career booster,” starts drinking or drugging to numb herself, and ODs young. And I greatly fear that the latter scenario is the likeliest.

  6. Lex says:

    How does such a young (allegedly) and skinny girl have that double chin? Is it an unfortunate angle or Lohan syndrome (aka hard drugs bloat)???

  7. Jackie Jormp Jomp says:

    I hate hate hate when french manicures start well into the nail bed. It doesn’t look like you have long nails, ladies–it’s looks tacky. And also kind of like you have paws.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I hate that, too. It makes sense to follow the natural line of your nail, which does not start in the middle of the nail bed. I also think the white part of hers is too white for my taste. It jumps out at you. I think the point is supposed to be natural looking nails, just cleaner and more polished.

      • bluhare says:

        I so agree on the French manicure thing. When I had them, I’d have them use a cream shade and then go over the top with a very sheer pinky/beige. Looked so much more natural. That, and mine didn’t look like tiny flour scoops.

  8. Ellie66 says:

    Yikes! 😬 she looks like Lady Gaga and Donatella Versace mixed. The boy next to her is prettier.

  9. Amanda_M87 says:

    I thought frosted pink lipstick died out in the 90’s? She looks horrible.

  10. Eleonor says:

    I can’t with this girl.
    I know there are people who had crappy parents, and have managed to turn out well, they have all my respect, because it requires a lot of strenght. Other people can be easily manipulated, and probably Courtney Stodden is one of them: her mother raised her to be a plastic bimbo, then sold her to the first 50 something who had enough money and enough fame.
    I think Courtney needs professional help because she was hypersexualized by her parents, and then had her creepy ex-husband. Teenagers have sex, but to me a 50 something man who has sex with a 16 een yo girl is an abuser plain and simple, even if he has the “permission” of the mother of his “girlfriend”.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Oh, I so agree about her “husband” / child molester. It shouldn’t be legal to get married that young, parents’ permission or not.

  11. AlmondJoy says:

    She makes me so sad… I wish I could deprogram her, take her to therapy and help her live the life of a normal teenager. Regardless of how she looks, she’s really still a kid. I would also make sure she never came in contact with her disgusting mother ever again.

  12. cro-girl says:

    I thought a lot of shiz looked amazing when I was 19. I am mortified now that I ever wore any of it. I was a scholarship student in my first year of university with hopeful career ambitions but I looked like a total skank. Good grief. What was I thinking.

    • Miffy says:

      Yup! Same as that, except instead of skank I was a punk. I still cringe.

      19 is definitely an experimental stage! I won’t judge too harshly. At least she’s not licking underwear or whatever Miley Cyrus’ bit is now.

  13. Nicole says:

    Aw come on, at least cut her some slack on drinking out of a wine glass with a straw. If you look at the lady sitting behind her, the same type of glass is on her table as well. Apparently this fail is on the restaurant for serving people water out of what appears to be a wine glass.

  14. Huh says:

    Whatever happened to her twitter? She had mad alliteration skills

  15. Anastasia says:

    The boy following her around forgot to spray tan his legs.

  16. j.eyre says:

    Oh sweetie – no straw; it will cause lip lines just like smoking. Then you might have to consider having some work to correct that and you wouldn’t want to taint you natural beauty there, would you?

  17. lucy2 says:

    This poor girl destroyed herself, her body, her image, etc, before she was even an adult. The whole situation is gross and sad.

  18. MrsBPitt says:

    Remember that video she did, when she had the dark hair…I was hoping when she got rid of Doug, she would start dressing and looking more her age. This will not end well…I see her ending up like Paz de la Huerta in a few years…

    • Eleonor says:

      that video made me really feel for her, because it was the first time she was showing her real age, it was something a normal teenager would do in a boring sunday, but it was her life.

  19. Other Renee says:

    I drink coffee out of a straw. That way I don’t smear lipstick all over the lid of my *Bucks cup.

  20. Mrsjennyk says:

    What is with her right breast in those “throne” pics? Looks painful

    • TheCountess says:

      I’ve thought those puppies were infected for a while now. They’ve never looked healthy, but more like the product of some back-alley plastic surgeon, which was probably all she and Dougie could afford.

  21. Autumn says:

    This makes me so sad for her, and disgusted with her parents, especially the mother. I have a daughter, and I can’t imagine letting her go through all of this. She was basically given away to a creep, turned into this object of sex, and all at the age of 16. I watched that therapy show that her and Doug joined, and I swear the mother is in love with Doug, and insanely jealous of Courtney. No one had this little girl’s best interest in mind then, or now.

  22. jellyfish says:

    She looks like she is 35 not 19. This poor girl. I blame the parents. She was 16 and they married her off to a 50 year old man and stuffed enormous implants into her and tweaked her face until she was unrecognizable before she was even 18.

  23. TheCountess says:

    There’s no way someone who wears the same pair of fugly, putty-colored platforms every time she goes out can afford a real Vuitton. I am so sick of those shoes, I’m ready to start a Kickstartr to buy her another bloody pair of heels to take their place. They’re worse than the fake boobs, the bleached hair, the porn actress makeup… They are Just. The. Worst.

  24. Vera says:

    I’m kinda sad for her–that she thinks that she needs to look like that.

  25. lambert says:

    What happened to Paz de la Huerta? Did I miss something?

  26. John says:

    The title of the article nailed it.
    Poor child never had a chance. She seems benign enough, it’s too bad she wasn’t taught that her mind and character are as important as her bra size. :/

  27. Paige says:

    19 years old? Unbelievable

    • Patti Nichols says:

      That was ALL i could think. Thats crazy to me. 19!!! i do not get this generation, and Im not old. Wtf.

  28. Quinn says:

    The name of that lipstick must be. “Universally Unflattering”. 🙁

  29. Amanda says:

    Her face looks different.

    Her hair is fried because she dyed it brown a little awhile ago. And now she bleached it back blond. Either that or it’s a blond wig.

    • gg says:

      I think she melted it off with that last rebleaching and this is a full top of the head wig. It doesn’t look like her hair before all the work was done.

  30. Miffy says:

    D’ya know what, I’m totally in the minority here but I’m going to throw a big fat ‘You go girl!’ at her.

    She’s divorced that creep, her mother doesn’t manage her anymore and she’s attempting to phase out her gross ex as a manager to get real representation. So while she dresses like an on-duty stripper all the time, at least it’s her own doing now, which given her background is a big leap forward.

    Her history makes me incredibly sad but I’m hopeful she’ll turn this around, make a career for herself even as this weird sex kitten barbie and gets to be her own person.

    One thing though, I hope she stops with the lip fillers. She’s starting to give herself a cleft pallet.

    • gg says:

      I admire your positive outlook, but I’m afraid her wardrobe and her style is all her own doing. She can’t get dressed without sexing herself up to pr0nqueen levels. She prefers to buy “dresses” at only stripper stores, and when she gets more normal attire, she pulls it all down to expose herself more. I think her mother’s errors are all omission of discipline. Also, the split lip thing is what lip injectors are aiming for. If the middle is plumped up it just sticks out weirdly like a turtle.

  31. Michele says:

    She’d be really pretty if she’d TONE it down. She was almost beautiful with dark brown hair. Now she’s back to this crappy hair……I give up

  32. CeltLady says:

    Someone save this child.

  33. Ice Queen says:

    Those shoes make her look like a robot.

  34. Annie says:

    It’s a sad state of affairs when the boy walking next to you is prettier than you are…

  35. Mikunda says:

    At least her boobs settled and are no longer riding high. That said, methinks her right one is having a problem. Anyway, I think she should reduce them for health reasons – most of the women who go over the size their body can comfortably carry suffer from bottoming out and other unpleasant side effects.

  36. Vanderhootchie says:


  37. aenflex says:

    I don’t feel bad at all, and I have my doubts about the ‘little girl lost’ hypothesis. Yes, parents have a profound effect on children. But I have a feeling she is right where she wants to be.

  38. Mrs Odie says:

    She’s drinking water out of a wine glass with a straw, but there’s an empty martini glass in front of her.