Are Johnny Depp’s marriage demands giving Amber Heard cold feet?

Amber Heard

Last weekend saw a very un-Johnny Depp-like display of affection towards Amber Heard with a celeb-filled, “intimate” engagement party. Then again, Johnny hasn’t been himself since geting with Amber. He’s drunk as a skunk in love. He’s devoted himself to following her to premieres and supporting her awards while she gets him to leave the scarves at home. Amber skipped Johnny’s little make-up award ceremony, but I don’t blame her. She’s the one in control. Or so we’d believe.

Is there trouble on the horizon? This week’s issue of InTouch says Johnny blew $20,000 on last weekend’s engagement party. The other tabloids are uniting by adding that Amber is having second (and third) thoughts. The Enquirer and Star both have the same photo of Amber sitting in a car and pushing the hair out of her eyes. She looks distressed. Star says Amber was crying and in the midst of a panic attack. This photo was snapped the day before her engagement party. Who knows what was going on. Maybe something happened with her family, or she had bad cramps. Was she upset with the paps? It could be anything. The tabloids think she was weeping over Johnny’s over-the-top marriage enthusiasm. Both Star and Enquirer have almost the same story, but let’s go with Star first. Amber’s “free spirit” is being crushed by the scarf monster:

Onlookers couldn’t help but stare as Amber Heard sat in her car crying before heading into a Beverly Hills hair salon on March 13. The gorgeous actress pushed her hair out of her eyes, revealing an enormous engagement ring on her left hand. Now a friend tells Star that she was having a panic attack over her impending marriage to Johnny Depp!

Just one day later, Amber put on a happy face when the couple celebrated their upcoming nuptuals with an intimate engagement party at the Carondelet House in LA. Guests, which included Steven Tyler and Marilyn Manson, entered the large black tent through a red velvet entry way and dined on Mexican, American and Korean cuisine before dancing the night away. Sources reveal that while the party was great, Amber can’t help but feel that things with her and Johnny have moved far too quickly.

“When Johnny and Amber first started hooking up, it was very hot and heavy,” the friend says. “Amber lives her life on the edge, and that’s how she felt her relationship with Johnny was — a scandalous secret affair. But he soon wanted something serious with her.

“She cares about Johnny, but she’s a free spirit who never envisioned herself marrying anyone. Still, she felt like she had to say yes when he proposed or she would lose him.

One issue for bisexual Amber, says the source, is that she can’t imagine giving up women forever and is still close to her ex girlfriend, photographer Tasya van Ree.

And although her rep denies it, a friend says Amber fears that Johnny, 50, has a more than professional relationship with his publicist, Robin Baum, especially since they were once seen kissing in public. “Amber has told Johnny that he needs to hire a new publicist,” says the friend. “But he said there’s no way he’s firing someone who has worked iwth him for so many years.”

All of this has left the starlet confused and overwhelmed. “Amber is very insecure about the prospect of marriage, wondering if she’s making the right decision,” says the pal. “And as Johnny pressures her to set a date, those feelings are almost too much for her to handle.”

[From Star, print edition, March 31, 2014]

The Enquirer adds to the same story. They say Johnny’s mom, Betty Sue Palmer, wants to become a grandmother again before she dies. She’s 79 and suffering from respiratory problems, and Johnny wants to deliver. He’s pressuring Amber to get married sooner rather than later: “Amber truly loves Johnny and wants to be married and have a baby. It’s just that it’s all happening so fast, and she’s getting the jitters.” Johnny needs to back off a bit.

Johnny proposed to Amber because she’s such a “free spirit,” but this story makes it sound like Amber is a caged bird. I’d suck it up if I was Amber. I’d have no problem sacrificing a few years for a multi-millionaire who’s clueless enough to avoid a prenup. Demand all the scarves in the divorce too. Wear them to court proceedings like a boss.

Amber Heard

Johnny Depp

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet & WENN

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  1. bluhare says:

    I used to think this woman was absolutely gorgeous. But the more I see her, the less gorgeous she gets.

    • MCraw says:

      Same here. Ever since she got w McScarf. Smh.

    • bns says:

      I never got her appeal. She’s clearly not ugly, but I don’t see the gorgeous, exotic, sex bomb that everyone else does. Her beauty is generic and forgettable.

      • MCraw says:

        She used to do the retro look a lot. She looks best with that old school pinup look. Like in Rum Diaries… Where he went scarf crazy for her.

      • Alison says:

        I think she is stunning. However, I do not get the appeal of Johnny Depp. He looks greasy and I’m embarrassed for him that he’s 50 years old and trying to snatch up someone half his age.

      • @Alison
        It’s not even the age difference that makes it embarrassing. We’ve seen age differences in HW relationships all the time. It’s that Amber isn’t talented, but is trying to front like she is, and HE’S trying to legitimize her career. I mean, Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas, Warren Beatty and Annette Bening, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie—all have an age difference of at least 12 years….all three women are younger. Whatever you may think of their talents (whether you think they’re talented or not), these three women hold their own. They don’t need to bring up the fact that they don’t want to talk about who they’re seeing/engaged to, because they’re artists, not celebrities–unlike Amber.

        They don’t need to do that. Because whatever their careers are, it’s THEIR career. They did it, for the most part, by themselves. Obviously with two celebs involved, it becomes more interesting, but they made their own careers without having to faux name drop their partner’s name in every single interview.

        That’s what’s so budget about Amber and Johnny. She’s playing the ‘I’m so private’ card, yet she’s ALWAYS talking about it. I fell for it a bit in the beginning, because she didn’t engage the paps (that I saw), and just focused on being with Johnny and his kids. But the name dropping, artiste card is what did me in.

        Because if I was banging Johnny Depp (which, I still would), and knew that this would be leading into marriage, and wanted to keep it private–that question would be off limits. Period. I wouldn’t be saying a word. Because this is PR 101–if you say you don’t want to talk about it, you’re still drawing attention to it. And she knows that. And tries to make it seem like she doesn’t REALLY talk about him–when she really does.

        That’s why it’s just so ICK. He looks like a fool for propping up such a blatant fameho….you know, at least Leo’s girlfriends know how far they can go with him. They know not the pull the ‘I want to be known for my modeling and not who I’m banging (subtext: I’m banging Leonardo Dicaprio BIATCH)’……

    • Kimberly says:

      Me too. I just see her as generic pretty now.

    • Wiffie says:

      When she smiles big, she looks just like Keira Knightley.

  2. lucy says:

    Didn’t read the article, but I really like what she’s wearing. I want those shoes!

  3. Tatjana says:

    Somehow, I tkink they fit together.

    • Danny Lopez says:

      yeah they both are bi

      • Cheap Trick says:

        Yes, because bi people are monolithic. They even have the same shoe size and also breathe fire, says ~science~

        However, since when is Johnny Depp bi exactly? Receipts, please.

  4. Kali says:

    If Amber ever needs something to do after becoming Mrs Depp…

  5. Sumodo1 says:

    “This photo was snapped the day before she and Johnny’s engagement party. ” It’s “her” not “she.” A better sentence would use “their.” “U” versus “non-U” issue.

  6. Jules says:

    Those teeth…………….yikes.

  7. Honestly, what did she expect from getting engaged to a 50 year old man? 50 year old men get engaged for exactly TWO reasons–either they want to be married NOW, or they want the woman to shut up. I do think that despite what Johnny’s said, that he wanted to marry Vanessa. Now he’s doing it with (sigh)…Amber.
    Now, once I save up enough money to go stalk, ahem, see my man Liam in London, you guys won’t shade me too much for having the smuggest, bitch face on the planet, will you? That’s assuming that the paps even catch us—I plan to not leave the bedroo—ahem, HOUSE too often to even allow that to happen ;)
    Seriously though, if it was me, and I was marrying Liam (because Johnny’s just a sad old fool, he was always a fool, now he’s an old one), I’d marry him as quick as I could. Sigh. I wrote a short thing on Liam on my blog (just a paragraph)–I had to stop before I put all that porn reading to good use ;)

    • ~Z~ says:

      Virginia ~ I just clicked on your name and have to tell you that your bunnies are so damn cute!! And I totally agree with everything you said about Walter Goggins! ♥

  8. lunchcoma says:

    Oh, Amber, if you’re going to leak stories to the press to make you look less thirsty, be more subtle about it.

  9. booboolarue says:

    Oh Bedhead too funny this morning!
    “Demand all the scarves in the divorce too. Wear them to court proceedings like a boss.”

  10. patricia says:

    Star and National Esquire, are writing the same garbage. Sources only report lies created.

    • Miss Pasión says:

      If it were one or the other I’d agree. Both of them writing the same thing means something’s up. Maybe they both exaggerated but I think it’s safe to say that all is not well in the Heard-Depp household.

  11. Miss Pasión says:

    My prediction: I don’t see the marriage happening. But my opinion may he biased as I don’t like Johnny Depp at all. The only reason she was going to even consider marrying him was because she thought it would benefit her career more than it actually has. He’ll go back to getting completely drunk and high all the time just like the last time he got broken up with and the times before that. I always thought Johnny was a bit of a spineless love sick puppy who reinvents himself with every new relationship. I really believed that his French singer baby-mama wore the pants in that relationship and let’s face it, they were broken up for a good year and a half before they actually announced it since Johnny was acting like such a fool for 18 months before the official announcement came. I think she did the breaking up and I think she got sick of Johnny being such a spineless twerp.

    • AB says:

      Who is wearing pants in the any relationship – the answer – the one who change his life style less – yes, Vanessa was the one but now it’s Johnny. It’s Amber who adjusted her life to be with him not vice versa. Johnny simply came back to his “be” before Vanessa, I think some of you may not remember that time. It’s Amber who travels with him everywhere, attends concerts with him, takes care of his kids where Vanessa is away (it’s quite often), spends New Year Eve with his mother etc.
      The biggest problem is that media created big Hollywood love story from his relationship with Vanessa, although he was much more reticent and reserved than before.
      They were only so long because of kids. Usually when he was asked about family he talked only about kids.
      On these paparazzi photos Amber had her typical face.

      • Miss Pasión says:

        You may be right but it’s because he is tired of being broken up with. Vanessa and Johnny were on and off for years because Johnny likes to party and Vanessa only allowed him around the kids when he was sober. Vanessa has always been extremely private and she’s from France where gossip works differently. The only reason that love story was created was because Johnny wanted to not be seen as the shady drug using party boy he was and always had been. He needed to look like being a dad and family man “saved” him from the party boy lifestyle to get his career back on track. Plus, Vanessa got the North American name recognition she was seeking. What boggles me is how this guy is still famous. Do forget so easily who gave River Phoenix the heroin that night? Trust me, this guy may have given up the heroin but he never stopped partying or the “skiing”, he just got quiet and discreet about it. I’ll buy that he is clean now that he has Amber but he is hinging his eggs all in her basket and that’s pathetic. She wants name recognition and fame. Not Johnny.

      • Well... says:

        Yes, you are right about Amber changing to be with Johnny (she went from famewhore and attending the opening of an envelope, to now “acting” shy and reserved whenever a camera is around). She’s also changed her style of dress and has lost more weight.
        But she doesn’t take care of the children. Bill and Ruth Carter do when Vanessa is out of town. Like you said, Amber travels everywhere with Johnny. But she probably does that for a reason…..

      • lovething says:

        Miss Pasion

        Oh spare us. Johnny owned the Viper Room but there are no verified reports that he gave River Phoenix the drugs. River had a dealer, that wasnt his first time down the rabbit hole after all.

      • JD says:

        Am sorry but Vanessa attended a lot of johnny events and she went to his concerts etc and when Vanessa & johnny were together van did go around the world with him & the kids don’t be praising Amber just because you saw her last year going around the TLR Amber is just doing exactly the same
        thing as what her Vanessa did and that what’s expected of Amber & no Amber doesn’t look after the children it’s Vanessa & johnny that do & Ruth carter oh yea you may have seen Amber with the kids but the kids were also with other people that johnny’s knows & Vanessa.

      • JD says:

        Btw Vanessa went over 5 years to be with johnny and her kids followed him around the world like I said in my last comment with I replied to the wrong person sorry.but am sick to death that fans are saying that Amber us his saviour praising her Vanessa done a lot for johnny and johnny needed her.and that new York story very funny sounds bullshit to me though too much of a story.I believe johnny and Vanessa were still together for 13 years and years they tried to works things out but couldn’t do it and plus Vanessa was still wearing her love ring that he got can all call me blond etc I don’t care @ all Vanessa & johnny had a beautiful love story how johnny told how they both met etc.johnny did state that he’s always wanted children but his other conquests didn’t want too.if it wasn’t for Vanessa he wouldn’t of had LR & jack.

    • Miss Pasión says:

      Without getting too into detail, I recently gave up a career in the hospitality business and let’s just say I learned more about Johnny Depp than I ever cared to know and that based on the person I met a few years ago that I believe certain rumors.

      • Cheap Trick says:

        Or: How to say something without saying anything at all – 101.

      • Miss Pasión says:

        Lol. Yes. I live in NYC. I used to work as a room service server at a prestigious hotel that had a lot of celebrities come through, now I work in book publishing. But in my serving job I came into contact with a number of celebrities ( and their security teams, more often than not) and prestigous people and part of my job function was to be discreet about such things. I have some stories, one of my biggest to tell is about Johnny Depp and an epic fight he had with his ex Vanessa at my hotel about 18 months before they brokeup. But what good would it do to tell it on an internet gossip site’s comment section? Even if you believed me, what purpose would it serve? Everyone has their opinions, mine is just based off of direct contact with these people. But even saying what I’ve said just seems in bad taste to me.

      • Not Judging! says:

        @Miss Pasión
        How about for those of us who want to hear it anyways on this boring Saturday afternoon?
        Go ahead and spill that tea…

      • Miss Pasión says:

        To hell with taste. Johnny and Vanessa was in NYC for some event, filming not sure. He was there for 4 nights. This was in Oct 2010. They got into a huge screaming match that lasted for damn near a full day before Vanessa and the kids left. Being they were high profile celebrities my hotel had special service to make sure their stay was as private as possible. This type of service has 3 servers me in the morning, one in the afternoon evening and one server on night then me in the morning again and so on. So I was on my shift in the 2nd day on this floor listening to Vanessa scream at Johnny for 8 hours. More often than not she was screaming at him in French and I am not overly fluent but I picked up some but he was having a hard time understanding her and she’d speak English then get super angry and go back to French. She was screaming at him for doing drugs and getting drunk and he was sitting there crying that it wouldn’t happen again but that it was her fault he was like this because she didn’t love him enough. She said had enough of this and told him he was not to be around the kids unless he was sober. She verbally abused him and called him a junkie and said if it weren’t for him his friend River would be alive. This made him cry even harder. I mean he never stood up for himself or anything. He just let her completely emasculate her. I mean I understand her anger but she said some cruel things to him but he should have stood up for himself too. The person on the night shift who is a friend of mine said Vanessa packed up her and the kids and left and told him she was done with this “bs” and she needed a real man who wasn’t a junkie. By the time my shift came in the security guy got kind of weird and said he would let me know what Johnny wanted and ordered that I stay out of the room while he was in it. I didn’t think much of it, that’s normal for these types of gigs and I figured Johnny was upset after what happened. I went to clean up trays when Johnny left to do something I noticed baggies of white powder on the trays and on the nightstand. I saw him when he came back and he was…not well. He looked jacked up on something. I think it was cocaine but I am not sure. He was nice enough, tipped a boatload. But he was high as a kite.

        After his stay was done, I noticed at that point the media reported him getting weird. He was walking out of places looking drunk or high and rumors of his relationship with Vanessa being on the rocks. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were broke up after that hotel stay. So that’s my story.

  12. Bananapants says:

    He comes off so foolish in this whole affair. He looks like Dog the freaking Bounty Hunter, what with his little scarves and tribal jewels.
    If he’s stupid enough to do all this sans prenup, I say make that money, honey.

  13. Cele says:

    LOL! these two tabloids are totally contradicting their own stories every week. who could believe it?

    Amber looks super happy in every non-paparazzi picture of her, even with Johnny when they were at the rodeo the past week. she got the big fish!

    Those pictures with her at the car (a couple of days before the party) were obvious her pulling her hair to the side, to put her sunglasses and show off her ring to the paparazzis…panic attack my ass!

    • don't kill me i'm french says:


    • Miss Pasión says:

      I believe she was crying. But I think it’s because she has to sleep with a 50 year old scarfness hipster monster to get the career she wants. This girl sold her soul but I don’t think she wants to pat the price I can’t blame her.

      • Chris says:

        Agreed. I feel like she put her relationship with her Tasya van Ree on “hold” for now so she can milk this dope for all he’s worth. And there’s talk of no prenup, lol. In ten years we can all watch Amber and Tasya mow through all of that “Pirates of the Caribbean” money. If his kids don’t already hate him, they will.

      • iheartjacksparrow says:

        @Chris – Even if there is no pre-nup, Amber would only be entitled to half of the money he made during the marriage, and only if it’s a long-term marriage (ten years or more). So the money from POTC 1-4 would not be hers for the taking.

      • Cheap Trick says:

        Oh please, Tasya is not dwelling in her basement, waiting for her one true love – Amber. Do you even know how many amazing lesbian and bi women live in West Hollywood? Plus, she´s super hot, I´m sure she has no troubles getting laid and/or finding romantic dates.

  14. db says:

    Oh please! If Amber was having a pout out in the car, it was she didn’t get her way about something LOL

  15. NeoCleo says:

    “Scarf Monster.” Heh, heh!

  16. Other Renee says:

    Ever notice how in celeb couple pics, it’s always the woman looking at her man in adoration? But with these two, it’s Johnny looking like a love sick puppy.

  17. Cecilia says:

    Amber is a phoney & Johnny is a sell-out. Great match.

  18. Karen says:

    Does anyone else only believe it if it’s in US Weekly or People? Both had the details of the Engagement party before it happened.

    How reliable are the others really? I saw those pictures of her in a car, it’s insane to say she was having a “breakdown” or crying, geez.

  19. silken_floss says:

    “Demand all the scarves in the divorce too. Wear them to court proceedings like a boss.”

    *CRIES* LMAO!!!

  20. Kimberly says:

    He looks so creepy in that first picture. I think Amber is boring and untalented, but I feel that she at least deserves a s.o with good hygiene.

  21. Lady says:

    Even if I doubt that any of these tabloids trash as any real source on anything related to this couple (it would be different if the story was coming from US Mag or People mag), all the women have a meltdown-panic-nerves-attack before the wedding. I doesn’t matter how sure you are or if the man at your side is the love of your life or not, the panic comes with the wedding preparations. Between to chose the cake, the invitations, the guest list, to try the wedding dress, to control the weight to enter in the wedding dress, the anxiety, etc, etc. And I’m not even talking about a woman like her, who has all the eyes on her, the paparazzis and all the pressure to marry a huge star as Johnny.

    So, yeah to do an story about a bride having a meltdown, is a NO-story! where is the novelty of this? it happens to all of us, it doesn’t matter if you are in love or if you are famous or not

    • Cheap Trick says:

      But why doing it to yourself when your husband-to-be is filthy rich? Just pay someone to do all the organizing and take a nap!

  22. cool says:

    sorry but these sources are not reliable at all!They were reporting that Amber was cheating on Johnny with Angelina and that Elton John wanted Johnny and Lady Gaga together please!!I only trust Us weekly and People on this topic.Everything alse is bullshit.I think it’s time to accept them as a couple because all these stories are getting SO tiring.

  23. cool says:

    I also want to add that both of them but especially Amber,are looking very happy in all their recent photos

  24. TheOneandOnlyOnly says:

    Maybe she doesn’t want to dress like a female version of an aging Keith Richards.

  25. Danish Aziz says:

    Just heard that he is retiring now and he will not be acting in new pirates of Caribbean

    • Danny Lopez says:

      I think Disney is afraid to invest in him now after the long ranger over budgeted movie and he could not save that movie with his name anymore. People are bored with his Captain Jack Sparrow that shows up in almost every part he does now in some form or another. From the gayish way of running or his slurred speech which has followed him into his interviews. Most of the fans of Pirates have grown up and the new generation has to depend on the mothers to take them to the movie where as the mothers are now his fans who have now lost interest after he dated someone young enough to be their daughter as well as his. If he had had a child with Lori Depp his first wife the child would be 23 years old by now and Lily Rose’s half sister. There ages and looks are almost creepyish.

      • Paul says:

        how so?? Theres nothing wrong with pirates of the Caribbean and your full of it! Only movie I can tolerate him on. btw they are making a five

      • Silvie says:

        Hi Danny, Yes they are making a five, but you are right. Word around Hollywood is that Disney is shaking in there pirate boots about Johnny Depp. Disney is NOT liking this whole Amber business at all. They are very well aware of the back lash people are having about him dumping his family for such a young girl. If you have noticed they read the comments and respond in kind. Example. Everyone was saying “What a horrible example Johnny is setting for his children” and lots of comments about how awful this is for his kids. Then comes the pics with Amber with the family in Japan, then Amber and Lily shopping photo. That is P.R. 101. They are responding big time! So you are definately on point and I agree with you.

  26. Karen says:

    There are new pictures of johnny in New York. Someone guessed that he might be making an appearance on SNL for Into the Woods because Anna Kendrick is hosting! It’s a stretch

    Am I the only sucker who think he looks terribly cute here?

  27. Mary Jane says:

    I am SO o’er him. Yuck…

  28. slh says:

    I can’t even picture Depp having “marriage demands”. He’s so casual about everything.

  29. Patti Nichols says:

    Amber …..dont do it.

  30. Sheeba says:

    I am so stunned that Johnny Depp is throwing away so much respect and so many fans and most importantly his family for such a vapid, untalented idiot. Of course we all know that a 50 year old man that trades in his adoring “wife” for a girl half his age, who is young enough to be his daughter, is all kinds of creepy. That almost goes with out saying but that alone has cost him dearly. To add insult to injury the girl he picked doesn’t appear to really love him! I and most everyone on every comment board on the globe and just about anybody I talk to agrees that Amber is in this for the fame boost and the money. Why can’t Johnny see this? Has he learned nothing in his almost 51 years on this planet? She wouldn’t be with his old ass if it wasn’t for the noteriety, let’s be honest! I truly believe that Vanessa loved Johnny for the person he was, not what she could get out of him. But this Amber person is so obviously after his fame it makes me ill. Every interview she gives, I dislike her even more. I tried so hard to give her a chance but when she pulled the ,”I am an artist” B.S. and started molding herself to fit Johnny’s prototype in her attitude and dress and hair and weight loss and trying to mimic Vanessa, it totally turned me off. She used to be a sort of sexy, curvy blond, now she is not and it doesn’t suit her. That was all she had going for her cause she certainly can NOT act. I am super disappointed in Johnny, but hoped he would see the error of his ways and get back to being the Johnny Depp who was cool. This old” Hollywood cliche` Johnny” is someone I don’t recognize or even like.