Johnny Depp supports Amber Heard’s Rising Star award: sweet or uncomfortable?

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp has dedicated his life to supporting fiancée Amber Heard at her events. Here they both are at last night’s Texas Hall of Fame awards where Amber received the Rising Star award. That’s funny because Amber has regularly appeared in tv shows and movies since 2004. She also talks about Texas all the time in interviews, but it took getting engaged to Johnny for Austin to take notice. Austin is a great city though. You’ll never find better Tex-Mex cuisine than in Austin. Oh SXSW is this weekend too! Maybe Johnny and Amber will make an appearance.

I really didn’t want to start off with such an unflattering shot of Amber, but this was the best full-length photo our agencies had that showed Johnny’s questionable ensemble. He spiffed himself up with a jaunty hat, a cute little vest and a giant coat with big shiny buttons. Could he have paid attention to his scuffed-up shoes? Definitely. Nevermind that Austin sat in the upper 60s with 83% humidity last night.

I can’t tell whether Johnny is trying to look younger or older with his latest red carpet oufits. Because these getups make him look like a little old man in a silent film. I know it’s bad form to say someone looks old, but when a 50-year-old gets engaged to a 27-year-old, comparisons will be had. I also wonder if Amber makes Johnny leave the scarves at home for her events, but maybe I’m reading too much into that. It could be a case of Johnny deciding that the scarf trophy should be passed onto Jared Leto.

One more related tidbit: Amber was spotted showing off her ring recently at Whole Foods where she spent $300 on three bags of groceries. No word on whether she raided the bulk bins with her bare hands. I’m pretty sure she only does that with Johnny. They probably get stoned and land at Whole Foods with the munchies. Ahhh, youth.

Johnny Depp

Amber Heard

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  1. bns says:

    Texas Hall of Fame…

    Rising Star…


  2. Jaderu says:

    Everything’s bigger in Texas.
    That reminds me. Has anyone seen my boo Johnny Depp? I miss him. I wonder what ever happened to him. *sigh*

  3. aims says:

    This couple makes me scratch my head. I dunno, weird.

  4. Skins says:

    Boy, this ain’t gonna last

  5. FingerBinger says:

    The only thing I got from this story is that Whole Foods is too expensive. Trader Joe’s is better and cheaper. As for Johnny and Amber, Meh.

    • minime says:

      LOL That was the only thing I got from it too. Sure I didn’t read the all thing and just went through the pics…but only a couple of bags for $300!!? I don’t live in the USA but this seems too much for far too less, and I usually buy Bio and fair-trade a lot.

    • PrettyLights says:

      It really is, my friends and I call it Whole Paycheck. I live right next to one and rarely go there – sometimes I’ll grab a few veggies or bread but otherwise I shop at Sprouts, Trader Joe’s, or King Soopers. When I first moved to Denver from Wisconsin (no Whole Foods in my old town) I did 1 trip to Whole Foods to buy all my groceries and it was almost 100 bucks for two bags of food. Whenever I see people doing all their shopping there with a cart loaded up I just assume they are rich :) They do have awesome bacon though, expensive but so good.

  6. dorothy says:

    Used to love this guy. I think some of it was because of his devotion to his partner and kids and the fact that they seemed anti-Hollywood. Now, not so much. That whole mid life crisis hit me as sleazy and desperate.

  7. Meme says:

    Texas Hall of Fame…Rising Star? How about ridiculous?

  8. Mia4S says:

    So an award for that movie she did…you know the one…where she played….yeah I’ve got nothing.

    This ongoing trend of actresses maintaining/getting fame for a baby or marriage instead of their work continues to disgust me.

    • Littles says:

      LOL, my thoughts exactly. I’m not sure any amount of exposure is going to make her a “star”. She’s lovely, but so what? Being lovely and bagging an aging A-lister don’t make you a star. It gets you exposure, but it doesn’t make you a star. She has to have something to bring to the table on her own part and she’s got ZIP.

  9. Miffy says:

    Clumping ALL of the excess material up around your ass is a great look and so very flattering. I’m gonna tuck all my skirts into my knickers from now on. I’ll be all like, ‘Yeah, I know! It’s called “Hearding”, moron.’

    Obviously they’re trying to show a united front after all the lukewarm ‘meh’ and eyebrow raises their relationship received, and he probably does legitimately want to support her, but it looks like an over enthusiastic dad sitting front row at all of his kid’s mediocre talent show attempts. I can even see him, beaming like an idiot, trying to get a standing ovation going (only to be the lone figure clapping and standing in an otherwise silent audience) as she takes to the stage.

    Something nice to say: I got an inexplicable pang of jealousy that she has $300 for groceries? My life. It’s fulfilling…

  10. Cecilia says:

    She tries harder than Johnny — and that’s saying something!

  11. Sofacat says:

    He used to be stunningly good-looking, breathtakingly so, but now, much as I can hardly believe it, he’s giving me the creeps. And she comes over so brash. What happened, Johnny? I guess this is the real you after all. :(

  12. Sole says:

    Maybe, not in your pictures, but i’ve noted in all the other sites that Johnny looked strangely comfortable and even very smily with her. That’s a point.
    I don’t know if she makes him to let his scarfs at home or not, but he isn’t wearing too much scarfs nor necklaces or rings since he’s with her…it’s like he stopped hiding himself behind tons of accesories
    He only remain wearing hats or caps, but i think that he’s ashamed of his terrible blonde hair that it won’t be changing anytime soon, because in his next movie about Whitey Bulger he’ll be also blonde

  13. Rhea says:

    “Because these getups make him look like a little old man in a silent film. “—-> I finally realized why his style lately seems familiar to me. Lol.

  14. db says:

    Getting older is interesting — things that are boho and kinda zany when you’re young just look sad and a bit shabby when you hit a certain age. Ahem.

    I miss ya Johnny. But we’ll always have Dead Man.

  15. Karen says:

    I like ‘em together but they make me scratch my head a bit too. I’m definitely a Depp-Heard apologist though haha. Johnny looked much better with facial hair at her 3 days to Kill premiere. I’m so excited to see him in the coming weeks promoting transcendence. I’ll always be a depp fan-girl.

    I find it so odd that she was honoured when in interviews all she says about Texas is that it stifled her creativity and she had to gtfo.

  16. Lauren says:

    I’m very interested to see how these two work out down the road.

  17. mercy says:

    He’s added a giant hat and coat to his oversized suits. Does he think these big clothes will make him look bigger? I think they have the opposite effect. He looks like a boy wearing Dad’s clothes. Embrace your diminuitive stature, Johnny.

  18. abby says:

    hmm, I am kind of neutral with these two. I mean, I try to be.

    I tended to like him with Vanessa but clearly things were not right there so maybe both are better off. Depp and Heard have been together for a while but they were not public until somewhat recently (was it 2013?) so things are still pretty fresh and new for him and Amber – they haven’t even been doing red carpets as a couple for that long. So I guess it’s just a waiting game to see how they adjust once the novelty of being “public” wears off.

    I’ve never seen any of her work so I cannot comment. Depp can be fun and quirky but he’s gone to that well so many times that now it’s hackneyed and trite.

    Anyway, all the best you crazy kids.

  19. Calcifer says:

    You look like a Little (Old) Rascal, Johnny, with that cap and in those clothes… And I guess that’s exactly what you are at this stage of your life. A Little Old Rascal.

  20. Karen says:

    Pft, I stumbled across a video about the texas film awards. Apparently they were 45 minutes late.

  21. Leah says:

    Depp has become so blah and ridic next to this Amber. It totally killed his persona. If he’d gotten back together with Winona, on the other hand, it would’ve been way more interesting and hot.

  22. Ice Queen says:

    He looks so old next to her. It’s like she ate all his sexiness and now he’s all washed up. For the record-I don’t find her sexy…She’s just meh.

  23. TheOneandOnlyOnly says:

    Inspector Closeau wants his outfit back.

  24. Proctor & Gamble says:

    Do I spy a feminine hygiene product falling down below her knees? She’s so classy – always has her big mouth open.