Lindsay Lohan lies, claims she ‘doesn’t remember’ the last time she had a drink


I’m so, so sorry UK Celebitches. Lindsay Lohan was in your fair land to promote her Oprah-produced reality show, which means that not only was the Cracken physically in your country, but she will also be infecting your airwaves. Apologies. To promote the show in the UK, LL appeared on Chatty Man with Alan Carr. I’ve watched Carr’s interviews before and I’ve found him annoying in the past. But in this interview, I actually felt sorry for him. He tried to ask LL questions directly and non-judgmentally, and all she did was crack-lie to his face.

First of all, like many evening talk shows, Carr usually tries to booze up his interview subjects. But the UK papers claim that LL “asked for cream soda, Capri Sun and Lilt.” Sure. She probably brought her own liquor, she just wanted some mixers. Then, during the interview, Carr directly asks Lindsay when she last had a drink. It’s fascinating to watch her crack lie in real time. You can tell she’s lying, Carr can tell she’s lying, but it’s just who she is and it’s like she wouldn’t even understand the idea of truly “coming clean.”

She can’t remember? Ha. More like her crack-brain can’t do the mental calculation of when her last fake drink was supposed to be and instead of trying to remember the trail of crack-lies she’s told, she just says, “Oh, I can’t remember.” If she was really coming clean, the answer would have been “about ten minutes ago when I poured a thimble full of cream soda into my ‘water bottle’ full of vodka.”

Here’s LL “teaching” Carr how to pole dance. Sketchball.


Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Alex says:

    She is basically admitting to drinking regularly. Otherwise, the last drink would be that “accidental” glass of wine. Who does she think she is fooling? Nobody believes you, bitch.

    • Tracy says:

      That is the way I took it. She looks like she has been on a bender.

      • Jh says:

        She looks like awful. Bloated and awful. Omg – that was painful. She’ll never work as an actress again if she can’t even act sober.

      • BobbieFisher says:

        I love replaying the question – so how many days since you last had a drink? – and then watching her flustered, blinking a thousand times a second, stuttering and stammering (all signs of lying) – THEN THE TELL-TALE SIGN – she smirks. Every time Lohan lies, she smirks inappropriately. She is so busted on that. “Are you sober?” Smirk. “I had a miscarriage”. Smirk. “Your Mom said you were drinking”. Smirk. etc. etc. etc. ad infinitum ad nauseam. I honestly just love going back over and over that question and that answer. It’s hypnotic and a psychological profile in action of the pathological liar. Her last drink was the night before – and she knows it. And the look on her boated face tells it all. Good God, Lohan, get your lies straight. And I love that she was in London at the same time as Jennifer Lawrence – oh how I wish so much the gods would let those two bump into each other on accident. I’d love to see the look of horror on Lindsay Lohan’s face when she is in the presence of the real “best actress there is” – the one that she has tried multiple times to destroy, but since Lawrence is the real deal, Lohan’s jealousy just bounces off Lawrence like a party balloon off teflon. Please let it happen, baby Jesus

      • Belle Epoch says:

        What is the date of this picture? She looks like hello.

        Wish people would stop enabling her. That is, treating her like an actual actress – and as if she isn’t lying her pants off. Like, please show a video of her totally drunk and ask her to comment!

        Some people with drug problems are mostly pathetic. This girl is MEAN. She trashes everybody else, throws things at people, picks fights, and terrorizes everyone. Hard to feel any good will for her at all.

    • Stef Leppard says:

      Plus doesn’t an addict *always* remember how long they’ve been sober, to the day usually? She can’t remember because she was black-out drunk last time she had a drink. She looks about sixty years old, not to mention used and abused and chock full o’ fillers, poor thing.

      • Anna says:

        Stef Leppard – You’re right, most recovering alcoholics I know are VERY aware of how long they have been sober, right down to the day. Lindsey’s saying “I don’t know” is not usual for a recovering alcoholic.

      • katy says:

        @Stef – that’s right. Those who’ve been honestly sober know their last drink date, usually because that last drink was unpleasant enough that it made you realize you needed help.

        The only people I know who have done the “I don’t know when it was” stuff in AA are usually just there because they have to be (legal issues or forced intervention), don’t really care about being sober and are just trying to get through their situation without messing up so they can drink free and clear; and those who’ve been consistently drinking and can’t keep their dates straight and/or are using different dates at different meetings.

        She could be sober after her last screw up (which I highly doubt but is a possibility) and is just going through the motions until she can drink again so she doesn’t see the reason to keep track.

      • BlueB says:

        Anyone who is serious about recovery knows when they had their last drink. Mine was February 5, 2012.

      • Kat says:

        No. Some of the commenters here are pretty judgy. I’m extremely serious about my sobriety and I have no idea the exact day. I know it was October or November of 2009. AA didn’t work for me personally so I don’t have chips and all that. I don’t see the point. How dare anyone say that someone isn’t serious about being sober because they do something slightly different than you do. That’s almost as insulting as being told from the more cultish AA members that I’m a “dry drunk” and not in actual recovery because I don’t go to meetings. Sod off.

      • Sea Dragon says:

        BlueB and Kat- I can only imagine the personal strength and tenacity it took to embrace a sober life once again. Kudos to the both of you.

      • ctkat1 says:

        Yup. Someone who is working a program, as she claims that she is, knows their clean date- it’s a part of the program, to count days and mark the anniversaries of your clean date.
        So the fact that she doesn’t know her date tells me two things: she isn’t still working the program (AA or NA), and she’s still drinking/using, since she doesn’t want to give a date that can be disproven.

      • BlueB says:

        I am sorry if I offended anyone. I did do some AA but it wasn’t for me either but I do remember being told that anyone who was serious about being sober would remember their last drink day and I guess it stuck with me.

      • tyler says:

        I would say most recovering addicts can approximate when their last drink was, even if they don’t know the exact date. For a long time, I knew the exact number of days I had been sober, then sometime after the six month mark I stopped “counting”, but I could still recall approximately how long it had been. Especially when I slipped up, which I did a couple times in the first two years of sobriety, I would always be able to recall my last drink- if not the date, then at least the circumstances (i.e. February 2010 at Jason’s house party). If she was really sober, she would have immediately answered “I had a drink of wine with a friend when we were filming the show” instead of looking so baffled. I’m surprised she didn’t see this question coming and rehearse a better lie. (I’ve also lied about “when was my last drink” to someone once after I had had a recent slip-up, and Lohan’s reaction is pretty much exactly how I responded, mostly because I didn’t expect the question and was embarrassed to admit my relapse).

        Anyway, the reason most recovering/ recovered addicts/ alcoholics can remember their last drink/ fix is because for most of us, the first few weeks or months of sobriety can be hellish, and one of the biggest incentives to stay sober is by continuously patting yourself on the back about how long it’s been since your last drink, and how the world is still turning and you don’t need it anymore. So that sober day/ week/ month tends to stick in your head for quite a while. It’s really painful for me to watch Lindsay lie about it, brings back some uncomfortable memories. Really hard to feel sympathy for her when she looks so smug.

    • Audrey says:

      Was it 5 or 10 minutes before the interview?

      Can’t remember!

      • Mrs Odie says:

        Drinking is the only thing that explains why her face is so bloated, but it doesn’t match her thin body. She has the face and double chin of a much heavier woman. Is she on heavy-duty anti-psychotics or something? It’s like she’s behind three feet of class; she’s so foggy and thick.

    • Lyns honey,
      You can’t remember because ITS STILL IN YOUR SYSTEM.

  2. Tsarina says:

    She can’t remember because she is always high off her drink.

  3. Bronson says:

    Holy crap, look at how swollen her face is! A million bucks says she threw a few back right before this interview…

    • katy says:

      I can’t tell if it’s horrible fillers, alcohol bloat or coke bloat. I mean, alcohol bloat your skin coloration looks different than hers but it could be makeup evening that out. Her eyes are giving me flashbacks of how mine looked when I was drinking heavily, though. Combination of both?

      • ParisPucker says:

        is there coke bloat? not sure if that exists and what causes it..

      • T.C. says:

        That is alcohol bloat. She looks like a 40 year old alcoholic.

      • katy says:


        Just Google coke bloat – it definitely exists.

      • ParisPucker says:

        thanks for the Google tip. Of course i checked before asking – and there wasn’t much in terms of examples, just references to it. Images search brought up was ‘coke w mentos results’ and effects from having too much coca cola. Coke is a stimulant and leaves the system relatively quickly – have heard the reference to ‘coke bloat’ many times but never any pic examples — that’s what I was getting at..

      • Anna S. says:

        I’m pretty sure “coke bloat” is referring to cocaine, not coca cola.

      • Sea Dragon says:

        @Paris- Google “cocaine bloat”. Also, scroll down or type in “cocaine before and after pics”. Ironically, (not really) LL is featured numerous times.

      • Nina W says:

        Speaking from years of unpleasant experience that is alcohol bloat, IMO.

      • Mrs Odie says:

        Maybe bulimia?

      • ParisPucker says:

        Anna S. Erm, of course I know it with reference to cocaine! I’m just saying that there are no exclusive images online that show what ‘coke bloat’ looks like. ANd thanks Sea Dragon:) I did see those images but I was looking for exact examples of coke bloat though none seem to exist hence my questioning it. Those pics of Lindsay could be just alcohol bloat. I guess it’s a silly line of questioning but I wanted to see it if it was an actual condition, but online search just points to Lindsay and has examples of ‘coke bloat’ mostly being attributed to alcohol bloat… *anyway…

  4. NewWester says:

    She looks really rough!! It has reached the point where her mother looks younger than her. Also side profile face pics are not a good thing for Lindsay. She reminds me of Queen Victoria

    • Helene says:

      She looks terrible and very unhappy – like she has been crying for days.

    • Kenny Boy says:

      I know, I kept thinking – she’s younger than me! Her face is so full of fillers that there’s little movement. It’s basically just her jaw going up and down.

    • kri says:

      Oh, she looks dreadful…she looks like Val Kilmer FFS- And she had better just forget the pole because NO strip club would hire her. She would be the stripper who was always falling off the stage, attacking customers, and stealing the other dancers stuff-G-strings included.

  5. GeeMoney says:


    Just wish she’d get it together already.

    • Tracy says:

      I don’t know if she ever will. She looks really, really bad right now.

      • Petee says:

        Yes she does.I have posted many times about Lindsay.I am a addict too.I admit it and own up to it.I am not always perfect but I make sure I am honest with myself most of all and don’t hurt others.Seeing her look like this makes me think she is doing very badly.Her skin,body,everything just looks bad.Even her soul.This girl is not in a good place at all.

      • Tracy says:

        @Petee I’ve been the first to make a Lindsay joke but after watching that video I just can’t. She seems to be in very bad and dangerous shape.

    • Petee says:

      Tracy I hear you.Usually I would just sort of make a harsh remark with her.I don’t need too.She speaks for herself.When I mean she look’s sick in her soul that is a huge remark.This young woman is not good at all.We will see what happens.

  6. Frida_K says:

    Every person I’ve ever met who is in recovery knows exactly how many days it’s been. If it’s been a long time, they know it by years but they do remember the last drink or hit.

    My understanding is that it’s a point of hard-won pride to be able to say, “I have been clean since [...].”

    She’s lying. It’s that simple.

    • Samigirl says:

      I came to comment the same thing. An addict takes things day by day, bc each day is a victory. But, Lilo has never admitted to being an addict, so why would she keep track?

      • Anna says:

        IIRC, one of the main beliefs of an alcohol recovery program is to take it day by day. You’re right, it’s very, very unusual for a recovering alcoholic to not know how long they’ve been sober.

      • Lex says:

        She has admitted to being an addict before.

      • Lady D says:

        I quit smoking 13 weeks ago. I used the AA mantra of one day at a time, only switched it to 1 hour at a time. I knew I could go an hour without a cigarette but never a whole day. It worked, along with black licorice. I can’t believe I did it. At 10:00 p.m. it will be exactly 13 weeks. I’m so happy I did it.
        It is also my belief that quitting alcohol is so so much harder. It is a disease I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

      • bluhare says:

        Lady D, I’ve done both and quitting smoking was much harder. Good for you!

      • Lady D says:

        Wow bluhare, congratulations X2. They’re making blue bunnies tough these days. Did you tackle both at once?

      • LilyT says:

        Exactly, THIS.

        I am LL’s age, and while it absolutely pains me to admit this, I share a lot of her struggles: depression, borderline personality disorder (which I now believe she may also have), and alcoholism.

        I hit my “rock bottom” in my mid twenties, one clear memory is waking up one morning on the STREET after drunkenly falling out of a cab. I’m Embarrassed to talk about a lot of the reckless things I did.. It felt as if I was slowly destroying my soul…

        And I really was.

        That said, I have come a long way, am finishing my third year of intensive therapy (specifically designed for borderline individuals), have my masters degree, and am getting a real handle on my life.

        The MAJOR thing I’ve learned (although I’ve learned a ton) is that to recover from addiction and mental illness, honesty and accountability are of paramount importance.
        I had to completely and wholeheartedly accept responsibility for the mess my life had become (and let go of all my “blame” stories about my childhood and how “unfair” the world is)

        I continue, daily, to remind myself of the life I want to live, and what I must do (or not do) to achieve it.

        Accountability, responsibility, and a willingness to be brutally honest about yourself=my saving grace.

        I’m far from perfect at this, but Lindsay seems unable to even understand the concept… It’s quite sad to watch.

    • Jackson says:


    • Merritt says:

      Exactly! I have never met anyone in recovery who could not remember the last time they drank or used.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:


  7. Lucy2 says:

    Lindsay Lohan lies- no further story needed.

  8. Kiddo says:

    This is so pathetically sad. She is being humiliated on nearly a daily basis, and she doesn’t even know it, since she is so far removed from reality.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      It made me sad, too. She was just parroting things you probably hear in rehab or therapy. I don’t even think she knows how to be honest anymore.

      • Kiddo says:

        She’s dazzled by the attention, but doesn’t realize that ALL of it is manufactured to make her the butt of jokes and to ridicule and scorn her.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        You’re right.

      • HappyMom says:

        @Kiddo-I don’t think these interviews (Ellen, Jimmy Fallon) are set up by them maliciously at all. She-amazingly-is still riding some kind of wave of Hollywood sympathy.

      • Nina W says:

        I agree with HappyMom, there is still a lot of good will for Lindsay in Hollywood but she keeps self-sabotaging.

      • Kiddo says:

        @HappyMom, Do you think it’s possible that they had her on because of the power of Oprah? I realize the show is over, and yet that association and the power dynamic might be in play, or at least for all of the other controversies.
        Lohan isn’t promoting a film. There is no reason for her to be on other than her personal issues which played on on the reality show. So, maybe not intentional malice, but surely, it’s all connected to what was uncovered on Oprah’s network.

  9. Tiffany says:

    Damn it….I want that coal.

  10. Jacqueline says:

    Aren’t most people, those who are truly dedicated to recovery, able to say, “I’ve been sober for xx months, xx weeks, and xx days.”? It’s a struggle and I think that people know those dates because they’re IMPORTANT to them? And because every day is another victory? She makes such a joke out of everything she crack-touches. SMH

    • Anna says:

      Yes. It’s a very difficult thing, and like you said, each day is a victory. It’s unlikely Lindsey is actually sober.

    • Dommeh Dearest says:

      Some people don’t. Read upthread and you’ll see a few comments that state as recovering addicts they don’t remember. And why should they if they know they are clean?

  11. Tracy says:

    Isn’t knowing how many days it has been since one had a drink pretty important to a person in recovery?

  12. Mich says:

    The same old crack lies about how this rehab was “different” as well. Contrary to her bs, she WAS forced to go. And she bitched and moaned and caused problems throughout.

    And her whole description of the 12 step rehab process is an absolute crock. “I did it my way” is NOT how rehab works.

    • Anna says:

      A lot of things she’s said doesn’t mesh with recovery, or at least with Alcoholics Anonymous. AA deals a lot with recognizing your own humility, and coming to terms with that. She still seems very much in denial.

  13. don't kill me i'm french says:

    Last time? 2 min before to ask! She never stopped to drink

  14. Hubbahun says:

    I just took a shot of antibiotics just in case – I feel her skank from miles away….arghhhhh!!

  15. Kristin says:

    How long has she not had her sh*t together? 8 years? 7?

    This has been going on so long I can’t remember

  16. Bess says:

    It amazes me that LL is still getting a forum to spew out her lies. Does anyone still believe a word that comes out of her mouth?

  17. bettyrose says:

    Geezus what kinda shape is that guy in? He looks all tubby and then rocks those pole moves like a gymnast. I want his trainer.

  18. dread pirate cuervo says:

    The last time I had a drink was 2/10/07. I know this b/c it was one of the most important days of my life. Your sobriety date is HUGE in AA. A lot of meetings do a day count at the start of every meeting & everyone claps for the people counting days. Sounds silly, but it means a lot when you’re emotionally & spiritually bankrupt. This usually goes on until 90 days when you celebrate & then you celebrate on your yearly anniversary. There’s cake & cards & I’ve never heard one person in AA say they don’t know their sober date. She’s too dumb to even make up a date & pretend to be sober.

  19. the original bellaluna says:

    He should have asked her when was the last time she HASN’T had a drink!

  20. klaas says:

    You find him annoying? I think he’s very funny.

  21. LaurieH says:

    Drug and alcohol addiction is nothing to be ashamed of. Okay sure, bad choices were made – we all make them – and the fact is that some people can partake in these things without become physiologically addicted to them and some people can’t. She happens to be one of those people who can’t, yet appears to be in denial of that fact, which means she doesn’t truly understand she has a problem. Oh sure, she gives lip service to her addiction and sobriety – all addicts do – but they are mainly just saying those things to get people off their back. Lindsay has hit rock bottom, but doesn’t know it – in large part because she continues to be rewarded for her bad behavior. The blame for that belongs to the media and court system that just keeps giving her second chances and passes on her behavior. Sadly, in this situation, the real “rock bottom” occurs when they are dead.

    As others have rightly said, addicts who are truly sober and committed to their sobriety can tell you exactly how long it’s been since their last indulgence. To the day.

    • Bess says:

      At some point, the guest star roles and stunt casting is going to dry up. IMHO, LL will hit rock bottom when all of the negative attention stops and the minor acting jobs disappear.

    • Nina W says:

      She hasn’t hit rock bottom yet, she has a job, an apartment, a life. She has a knack for getting by and avoiding consequences, it will catch up to her, but it hasn’t yet.

  22. Dizzle says:

    Addiction ain’t nothing to F with but this girl is ridiculous. And I just want to say that I freaking love Alan Carr and his Chatty Man show.

  23. RedWeatherTiger says:

    As Mich pointed out above, this WAS court-ordered rehab. WHY do these talk show hosts ***never*** call her out on what are obvious and verifiable lies?

    How did she not burst into flames when she said, ‘I’m honest, and I’m open.”? You were sent to rehab because you LIED TO POLICE and your lawyer is a wizard at getting you off every single tetanus-infused hook you’ve ever been on!

    And the last thing: I find it so insulting that she keeps trying to sell the idea that she did this reality show TO HELP PEOPLE. You did it for the cash, bitch. I believe later in this interview she says how helpful it was to her recovery to be on a schedule and show up and “be present” WHAT? Was she watching the same show that we all saw? (Actually, I did not watch it exept in bloggers’ clips because I can’t with her.)

    PS: she looks and sounds terrible. And those short pieces of hair just hanging there in the front…I just want to staple them back for her.

  24. jwoolman says:

    She did the same thing back when promoting her SNL gig, and people called her on it then. She said something vague like “a long time ago”. She has to spend a lot of energy pretending to be “working on her sobriety” and spitting out other rehab/therapy clichés and hiding her drinking. Her life would be simpler if she just said yes, she still drinks because she doesn’t believe she’s an addict and can stop any time she wants. Which is probably true, she just doesn’t want to stop because alcohol and other drugs (including nicotine) are her comfort foods and she doesn’t really enjoy being sober. She very likely is not physically addicted, so she can stop when forced without withdrawal symptoms, I think that’s why UCLA sprung her prematurely before 30 days long ago, saying she could do the rest of the 90 day rehab sentence as an outpatient (I think she lasted two weeks before testing positive for cocaine….). As long as she doesn’t drive high, who cares? Let her waste her life if that’s what she wants to do. I can’t imagine any potential employers care, either. Drunk or sober, if she were able to show up on time and deliver her lines- she would have plenty of work. Heck, she gets an amazing amount of work even though she can’t do that and drags down every production she’s in. But I doubt anybody is fooled into thinking she’s sober, they just don’t care. If she brings them publicity, she’s worth the aggravation.

    • RedWeatherTiger says:

      I suspect that she knows she cannot get insured for the kinds of big film projects she wants and thinks she deserves to star in, and so she pretends to be sober to help up her own credibility as a responsible person who can COMMIT to something (should she ever fool people into hiring her, she thinks she could sober up before the drug test). Problem is, it is so obvious that she cannot commit to anything and that she really is just spinning her cokey wheels. The obvious lies make her look bad–and delusional. How she keeps getting the work she gets is beyond me, because she really does not perform well at all. Her “acting” has become pure line-delivery. Even the line about having a miscarriage was delivered without the kind of conviction that might have sold it.

  25. nicegirl says:

    I really wish she would get cleaned up and healthy. Drugs and alcohol can kill a person. Lindsay Lohan is not immune. This is sad and scary.

    • pru says:

      Me, too. I can still see that little girl from “The Parent Trap” when I look at her, a child with potential. Once I believed she had a chance at recovery, now it seems so unlikely. The longer she takes to get herself clean, the sadder it gets. Sad, sad, sad.

  26. Marianne says:

    If she had really stopped drinking then she would know when her last drink. Cause you would be proud to say, I am ______days sober.

  27. LilyT says:

    Can’t remember? Well that does tend to happen when you’re black out wasted. She might be telling the truth!

  28. Green Is Good says:

    Firecrotch i hasn’t been sober since the authorities let her flabby ass out of her COURT APPOINTED rehab stint.

  29. Jess says:

    So over this girl, she’s gonna end up killing herself or someone else, and it won’t be her fault of course.

  30. Nick says:

    Part of me feels sorry for her but then I remember or am reminded how horrible of a person she is/has become.

    I like LL was an addict. My DOC was opiates and heroin and basically I got tired of all the lying and basically living the same day every day. Until LL decides that shes had enough, nothing will change. She will continue to lie, scheme, and steal. Some addicts never wake up while others wake up and turn their life around. Nothing in her behavior screams she will be the ladder.

    Oh by the way, the last time I used was September 29, 2012.

    • Nick says:

      *latter* stupid auto correct

    • MyCatLoves TV says:

      To you, Nick, and to the others in prior comments who have fought for their sobriety…huge congratulations! And you are also an inspiration. There might be some reading your posts that feel perhaps they can get sober as well. I have the utmost respect for those who can fight that demon every day. And win for today. Three cheers!

    • LilyT says:

      Exactly Nick, her behavior does not suggest a good outcome, sadly. But congrats to you, I can completely relate to the “living the same day every day” while in the worst of my alcohol addiction. Sobriety is such a tremendous struggle, but the most worthy one too. Wish you the best :)

  31. Az says:

    She probably can’t remember because she is still drunk. Agree with everyone who says that anyone in the program (AA) can remember to the day the last drink they had. Linsay Lohan is a pathological liar. And an addict. Can we please stop actong like this is a big deal or a surprise? It’s just who she is.

  32. SnarkGirl says:

    Wow …. she looks like a 40+ year old woman who’s spent most of her life drinking & drugging & living on and off the streets.

    She constantly looks up and away when answering questions, a sign of someone who is visualizing, not remembering. She looks so uncomfortable and shifty too. She might as well just preface the interview by saying “everything that follows out of my mouth will be lies”.

    Either she’s going to be the new Keith Richards and just keep going and going (& looking worse and worse) or she’ll be making headlines for the last time very soon.

    • Petee says:

      At least Keith Richards has always been open about his addictions and has no apologies for what he does.To compare those two is not fair to Keith.She lies,steals and scams and is just basically a horrible person..

      • Helene says:

        Also Keith Richards is very talented, AND has been able to have an exceptional career in spite of his addictions.

      • Petee says:

        Yep.No argument on that one.Keith is Keith.Except for falling out of the coconut tree incident he seems to be fine.He will differently be the last man standing.

    • Lady D says:

      The Original bellaluna used to call her a crackroach who would live forever. Always thought that was a particularly apt description.

  33. Angee says:

    This isn’t a popular stance, but I’m sincerely rooting for her. Some of us have been in similar circumstances and it takes a long time for others to trust that you really mean it THIS time. Recall Robert Downey Jr? It’s a tough uphill climb but she CAN do it. Does she sincerely want to is another matter and only time will tell.

    • BobbieFisher says:

      You can’t compare RDJ with Lohan. RDJ was not a malignant narcissistic sociopath. He never blamed others for his addictions. He tried and tried and tried and jail finally did it for him. He is an exceptionally talented actor (Lohan has never been nominated for a Globe, or an Oscar or anything except winning 10 Golden Raspberry awards and a plastic bucket of popcorn) and overall and most importantly, RDJ is a nice man. Lohan is a jealous, mean, rotten, nasty, unkind, yelling, berating b!tch. And that is why America can’t stand her. It’s not even about her sobriety at this point. There are some bad people in this world – and Lohan is one of them. RDJ is not.

  34. sherlockapple says:

    She can’t remember the last time she had a drink because she’s always high.

  35. Montréalise says:

    All of the people who keep hiring her and paying her insane amounts of money are not helping her – they’re simply exacerbating her problems by fueling her delusions that she is an important movie star. Oprah paid her $ 2 million for the docuseries – and she couldn’t even show up on time for filming. That New Jersey casino paid her $ 100,000 just to attend a Halloween party, and she showed up two hours late. If she ever changes – and at this point, it’s very doubtful – it will only be when she hits rock bottom, when people stop throwing huge amounts of money at her only for her to grab and the money and do nothing in return.

  36. racer says:

    Very sad. She needs help. Not Oprah help, or her parents giving interviews to media outlets help, or posh extended stay hotels posing as rehab facilities. She needs genuine help. Someone to help her cope and understand that acting and fame is an option in life not a fate she has to desperately cling to.

  37. Veronica Knowles says:

    She looks so sick. She needs Jesus (or some equivalent deity) … The pallor of her face makes me think she doesn’t have long left.

  38. prissa says:

    Gosh, she was so cute once… pity what she’s done to herself.

  39. Shelley says:

    I can’t help but think how her horrible teeth are rotting away under those chiclet-y veneers. I don’t want to remember what her teeth looked like immediately pre-veneers, but I can’t forget!

  40. dagneytaggart says:

    Addicts, by nature, are incapable of being intellectually honest about their addictions. Deceit is the only security they have.