Idina Menzel has a wardrobe malfunction, gets it handled and keeps on singing

If/Then Broadway Cast CD Signing
I’m late to get on the Idina Menzel (Adele Dazeem) train. Of course I know who she is, I’ve even seen her on “Glee,” but my son has only seen Frozen once, on DVD, at my friend’s house. (She has a daughter. That’s not to say that boys can’t enjoy Frozen too! It’s just that my son wasn’t interested in seeing it prior to that.) So we’re not singing along to “Let it Go” at my house, but I know plenty of families who are.

When I saw Idina perform “Always Starting Over” at the Tonys, from her Broadway show If/Then, I was blown away. It was a song that resonated with me, which makes sense because I’m the demographic she’s singing about. If/Then is a modern story about a 40-something woman and the trials a lot of us face. Idina’s strength and emotion in that performance really impressed me and I’d love to see it live.

So here’s another way that Idina has impressed me, by handling an onstage wardrobe malfunction with humor. Idina was doing a one-off performance at Radio City Music Hall earlier this week. She was wearing a dress that was open to a leather bra, and her right boob started to come out underneath. When someone in the audience pointed it out to her, she said “What? My boob’s coming out? Let’s look at it. Oooh!” Then she smiled and laughed when a female crew member came on to fix it for her. “Well she was a sexy character,” she mused, which was a reference to her character Maureen in Rent. (She was performing “Take Me or Leave Me,” from Rent.)

Then Idina adjusted her boobs and yelled “This diva needs her stage. These divas need their stage! Oh that’s going to be all over television. Well f*k it, they’re real.” She then went right on singing. Here’s the video. There’s an f-bomb so it’s nsfw, but you don’t see much unfortunately.

I saw Rent on Broadway in 1999. So it’s possible that I saw Idina and even Taye Diggs perform and just didn’t know at the time. Maybe I’ve loved her all along and just needed to be reminded. She’s awesome.

The 68th Annual Tony Awards

If/Then Broadway Cast CD Signing

If/Then Broadway Cast CD Signing

Adele Dazeem is shown at the Tonys and at a signing for If/Then on June 12. Credit: and FameFlynet. Story via Huffington Post

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  1. Kali says:

    More Idina Menzel please, she’s awesome 😀

  2. Ag says:

    THIS is the way to handle $hit like that. awesome.

    and, come to think of it, i saw Rent in ’98 or ’99 too – maybe i did see them both, like you said, and just had no idea. but i’m not into musicals, so the show left me pretty “meh.” 🙂

    • kri says:

      LOL!! Love it. Life happens when you are performing onstage. Now, let her be Maria Callas.

    • AmyR says:

      I saw Rent in early 98, and Taye and Idina were gone by then, so it’s unlikely you saw them. I was a huge Broadway fan back then, so I remember being disappointed that all the leads were gone.

  3. Abbott says:

    That is the strangest wardrobe malfunction I have ever seen. Whose boob oozes out of the bottom of a bralet? Are big boobs made of slime? How did it DO that?

    Kuddos to Adele for always being a good sport, I suppose.

    • ORLY says:

      Real boobs on a (40+ lady) which are larger but no longer perky and firm? Good for her!

    • L says:

      A semi-stretchy Leather bra with no underwire support. If you watch the video it happens right after she does a stretch.

      This happens to me at home when I’m wearing pj tanks with built in bras. There’s just the elastic, and if you stretch your arms overhead the girls have a tendency to want to pop out. TG it’s never happened in public before. I can’t even imagine.

    • Lucrezia says:

      I think the bralet is probably a top (with sizing in only one dimension) rather than a bra (where you can choose both cup size and band size). Those tops assume everyone is a C-cup. If you’re a larger cup size, you end up up-sizing the whole thing in order to fit your boobs in and thus the band is far too loose … once you raise your arms, the whole thing rides up.

      (If it’s an actual bra, she’s wearing the completely wrong size. Band needed to be at least one size smaller, probably two.)

    • Hayley says:

      This has happened to me with a bra that’s too small–specifically the cup is too small to really cover the entire boob and starts to ride up and your boob oozes out the bottom. Luckily, I’ve always been wearing a shirt over it. And I eventually tossed that damn bra when I got some better fitting ones.

    • Schnee says:

      It can happen with tops that whose straps are too short aka the bralette is sitting too “high”.

  4. paola says:

    And somewhere in NY Lea Michele is now signing for a new Broadway play where she sings topless.

    • kri says:

      @Paola-And we will NOT be buying tickets!

    • Sarah says:

      I deeply love this comment by Paola!

      My younger son begged to watch Frozen because everyone in kindergarten was talking about it. “Juan says the snowman is SO funny…”

      He had me fast-forward the monster, but “please don’t tell the kids at school”.

      I just overheard his ten year-old brother saying yesterday, “Would you STOP singing that SONG?”


      “…go! Let it go! Can’t hold it back any more!”

      And they were singing it together. Again. While playing Minecraft. Cause that’s just how they roll… They don’t care what you’re going to say. The cold never bothered them anyway. Sigh.

      • Yup, Me says:

        I love this! My 4 year old son asked to watch it because one of his friends at pre-school said it was her favorite. We watched it, we enjoyed it, we learned the songs and then watched it all over again with his father.

        Now, I sometimes hear him singing Let it Go, but he’s created his own remix version where it’s blended with the Orange is the New Black theme song. (Cause he’s heard me singing that one lots in the last couple weeks).

  5. allons-y alonso says:

    Fierce lady!

  6. cr says:

    I adore Idina. But if I hear Let it Go one more time in my lifetime it’ll be too soon.

  7. Stephanie says:

    I enjoyed her in Enchanted.

    A true professional!

  8. Mayamae says:

    She was also the original Elphaba from Wicked. She’s in the original cast recordings cd of Rent and Wicked, as well as the Rent movie.

    I’m sure most seasoned Broadway performers handle disasters well. Idina has been doing eight shows a week for years.

  9. Jezi says:


  10. Tig says:

    Reminds me of years ago, watching an aft matinee of a Shakespeare play in the park- this must have been middle schoolers getting culture day, when one of the actress’ breasts came out of her dress. She didn’t drop a line, calmly pushed it back in and carried on. Every middle school boy in the place about exploded- it was too funny! You always read that anyone who does live performances learns to carry on- guess this is a good example of that!

  11. Frida_K says:

    Taye Diggs is a dummy. He let a wonderful woman go…she’s got a lot of sass, doesn’t she?

  12. maria says:

    Never heard of her before but I love her now 😀

    • Snazzy says:

      yes!! I was thinking the same thing! I know nothing about her at all, but I love the way she handled that 🙂

  13. MissMary says:

    LOL! That is the best way to handle the situation! Acknowledge and move on!

    • Nicolette says:

      Yes, and she handled it with humor and nonchalance. It was funny and perfect.

  14. RedWeatherTiger says:

    Love her love her love her. Her Maureen from Rent in the OBC recording is amazing. Even more awesome is her Elphaba in the OBC recording of Wcked. Can you tell I adore her? 🙂

  15. Green Is Good says:

    Now this is how a REAL Diva rolls! And I mean Diva in a good way. Idina is fierce!

  16. lucy2 says:

    I’m really thinking about trying to go see her new show. I’ve never seen her live before, and it looks good.
    I LOVE how she handled that. She’s a pro, and amazingly talented. For some reason I despise Rent, but I love the recording for Wicked with her and Kristen.

    • MaiGirl says:

      You’re not alone! I HATED Rent and every dumb, pointless, redundant song in it. I really believe that there was some sort of groupthink going on when it came out to hail the new AIDS drama. I really think that Team America: World Police had it right in their parody. I would link it here, but I won’t get through moderation if I do. I get moderated like a big dog for some reason.

  17. Kiddo says:

    I’m the outlier here obviously, but I was watching the Tony Awards until they got to her solo. For me, it was unbearable caterwauling, in the vein of Celine Dion.

  18. nicegirl says:

    Love Idina! She would be a great Callas!

  19. Hayley says:

    I love her so much. And I think she is SO beautiful. After seeing her do “Always Starting Over” at the Tonys I bought the song on iTunes and while it’s fantastic, it’s just not quite as good as when she sang it at the Tonys! Doesn’t stop me from vigorously lip-synching to it at work and belting it out in the car.