Justin Bieber will show his Calvin Kleins in a Marky Mark-esque ad campaign

Justin Bieber

I hope you’re sitting down. Are you? Good. If you’re older than Justin Bieber (and who isn’t?), than you must remember the famous 1990s Calvin Klein ads starring Mark Wahlberg and Kate Moss. If you need a refresher, this video will oblige. What’s the bad news? Justin Bieber has been hired by Calvin Klein to recreate this advertising magic.

This is a travesty, but I can see how it happened. Justin has been regularly Instagramming photos of himself with his Calvins on full display. He also walks around with his underwear hanging out al the time because he’s so cool. We all assumed he was simply being Swaggy, but perhaps this has all been part of a huge plan. A few years ago, Biebs made a huge fuss about wanting to move into acting. He wanted to remake Fear and be the next Mark Wahlberg. Hollywood never came knocking, so here’s the next best thing — a contract with Calvin Klein to echo the Marky Mark commercials of yesteryear. For real:

Justin Bieber has shot a campaign for Calvin Klein – joining the ranks of supermodels Kate Moss and Lara Stone to pose in the iconic underwear.

The 20-year-old singer has made it no secret he is a CK fan and first posted a “selfie” featuring him clad in his shorts in April.

The young star was arrested for a DUI in Florida and has faced various legal issues over the past few months, however, the shoot – which is set to be released later this year – proves things are on the up.

A Calvin Klein source said: “Justin has shot for Calvin Klein, we hope the results will be released later this year.”

Although it’s not known how much Bieber got for the campaign, Kate Moss’s first CK contract was worth a reported $1.2 million – later rising to $4 million.

Calvin Klein’s latest campaign released features Dutch supermodel Lara Stone – now one of the highest-paid models in fashion – in photos that hark back to the famous black and white Herb Ritts campaign of 1992 starring Kate Moss and Mark Wahlberg.

Just last week, Bieber posted a daring photo of him flaunting his tattooed body in his Calvin Klein underwear, and was also seen wearing the brand as he hiked up Runyon Canyon in California and then arrived home in Los Angeles.

[From Daily Mail]

HA. This is going to be fantastic. I mean, it will be awful, but I’m going to have so much fun writing about this hot mess when it surfaces. Kendall Jenner is rumored to be playing the Kate Moss role, which will require real acting skills on her part (not not vom). Wahlberg is no fan of Swaggy, so he’ll be grumpy about the ads. A quick flashback:

Mark Wahlberg

Here are more assorted Swag-related updates:

* TMZ says that police have been inundated with complaints from Bieber’s new Beverly Hills neighbors. He moved into a condo building, and his fellow dwellers called cops to the scene 6 times last weekend. Swaggy “was not cited because he agreed to turn the music down.” Bieber is playing with fire because he’s serving 2 years probation for egg-gate. Probation was a mistake. He’ll never make it out.

* TMZ also says that cops have educated Bieber’s neighbors on how to place Swaggy under citizen’s arrest. Cops say they can’t arrest him for misdemeanors, but neighbors say, “There were bimbos lining up to do drugs in the lobby bathroom” of the condo building.

* X17 has photos of Bieber picking up groupies from the mall and taking him to the Beverly Hills hotel. He “definitely hooked up with these girls the night before.” He then takes them back to the mall and ignores them as he shops for swag.

* TMZ has video of Swaggy going cliff diving last weekend. He tried to do a flop and failed miserably. He pretty much did a bellyflop, and “It’s been in the low 80s this week in Malibu, so the wetsuit seemed … soft.” Ouch.

* This week’s issue of InTouch contains some hearsay from the latest Bieber-related deposition involving Swaggy’s bodyguards beating up randoms. Manager Scooter Braun talked into the mic and says Bieber has hired and directed all of his own security staff after turning 18: “If Justin’s bodyguards chase, attack and take cameras from photogs, that would fall on Justin, because Justin is the one managing his own security.” Is Scooter throwing Swaggy under the bus, finally?

Here are some photos of Swaggy hitting Whole Foods on Monday. He entered the store and bought a single pack of gum.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet, Calvin Klein & Justin Bieber on Instagram

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  1. swack says:

    So, let’s give him another reason to wear his pants down past his butt.

  2. QQ says:

    So Now he just will get compensated to continue doing what none of us asked him to do but he’s been doing for free the past year and change?

  3. eliza says:

    Hey Biebs, the 1980’s called. They want their look back.

    Who, at CK, thought that this twit with his chocolate milk moustache and perpetually wrinkled forehead was a great spokesmodel for their tighty whitey’s?

    • Mean Hannah says:

      Seriously. CK has been steadily going down since the 90s but this is a marketing fail. Men do not want to be like Justin Bieber at all. Who is their target demographic?!?

    • doofus says:

      yeah, I’m not buying any more CK anything for the foreseeable future.

      • TheOneandOnlyOnly says:

        Yes to everything why in the name of all that’s holy are all these “fashion” houses going down market; are they that bereft of true creativity?

  4. Allie says:

    I can’t stand him or Kendall Jenner. I’m embarrassed for everybody involved in this deal.

  5. feebee says:

    Oh sweet Jesus, that graffiti shirt ensemble and whatever’s going on with this face is so baaaaaaaaad. My eyes hurt.

    I initially thought that this is Calvin Klein jumping the shark but then their ads started being so-so, more of the same for me a while ago. Still, it may work out $-wise for them but respect and good taste wise? Yeah……… nah.

  6. snowflake says:

    vomit. i’ll take hugh jackman in his calvin kleins, not this chump

  7. Jen says:

    Eh, it’s from the Daily Fail.

  8. mia girl says:

    underwear ad + Justin Beiber = does not compute.

    And that last outfit looks like he raided the closet of the “cool granny” at the local living community for active seniors.

  9. MonicaQ says:

    Every time I see him, I morph into grumpy cat.

  10. Nunscandance says:

    I’m sure the dumb ad will be of bieber looking away from whatever underage looking girl they put next to him with that god awful “Aren’t I so soulful/vulnerable” raised eyebrows wrinkled forehead move he and jaden smith ALWAYS do. *grumbles* I don’t care how much money he has. He’s not manly/sexy.

    On the other hand I would actually buy those overpriced dumb underpants if skarsgaard or hiddleston or cumberbatch was in the ad….:) I need man candy dammit!!

  11. MrsBPitt says:

    I can see why they would think of the Biebs to do a Marky Mark type commercial…they both have giant ego and are assholes…I totally understand this!

    • maybeiamcrazy says:

      Marky Mark is hot. I know he is an asshole and I probably wouldn’t hit it (depends on my alcohol consumption). But he is hot while Biebs is a child. I don’t know how old he is exactly but he looks 16.

  12. Rusty Machine says:

    I get so sad every time I see pictures of him. His parents just failed him big time.

  13. Ag says:

    oh, noes…

    i have fond memories of the marky mark CK campaign. there was a HUGE billboard of him in times square. my friends and i would go there regularly to look at it and takes pics of it. high school, good times. haha

  14. Jessica says:

    Does anyone know how old Marky Mark was when he did his Calvin Klein ads?

  15. dorothy says:

    Why would Calvin Klein pay him to advertise. He wears his pants around his ankles and advertises for free?

  16. kri says:

    There will be a line around the block at every available eye wash station. I am not buying any magazines til this ad is done running. The horror of this is Lovecraftian.

  17. kimbers says:

    I am commenting only off the title I dobt care to actually read about busted A Bieber:

    Hahaha hahaha hahahahahahah hahahahahahhahahaha

    He just strikes me as a person who would have skid marks in his Kliens

  18. Emily C. says:

    “For real” and “from the Daily Mail” should never be juxtaposed like that. Seriously — Daily Mail. I’m not saying it couldn’t happen, but that the Daily Mail said it makes it less likely to be true than if it were some random person’s brainfart on Twitter.