Lindsay Lohan got paid $40,000 to do an ‘exclusive’ interview in Austria


Here are some photos of Lindsay Lohan “taking a stroll” on the beach in Ibiza yesterday. I don’t know who the dude is, but he seems to be a friend not a fan. I’m sure Lindsay will blame this guy for everything when customs finds a kilo in her luggage. “The black guy did it” – The Lohan Method.

Anyway, as I said yesterday, Lindsay’s money management sucks. No matter what money she brings in – through crack shenanigans and Oprah’s largesse – all of the money is blown within a matter of days/weeks/months, depending on the amount. I claimed that Lindsay’s appearance at an Austrian mall over the weekend was likely a paying gig, and she apparently desperately needed the money because she’s already blown through the $1.5 million Oprah gave her. So how much did LL get for the Austria trip? Radar has a figure…

With years since her last acting gig, Lindsay Lohan has turned to new and unusual methods of bringing in cash. During a recent visit to Austria to attend a gala, has learned, she demanded more than $40,000 to sit for an exclusive TV interview. And more shocking than that, she got it!

Lohan jetted from London to Linz, Austria, Friday, July 25, to attend the PlusCity White Party. According to the daily newspaper “Õsterreich,” Lohan “demanded 30,000 Euros ($40,314.03) for an exclusive interview.”

According to the paper, TV channel PRO 7 coughed up the cash, while other news outlets had to make due with a short press conference — for which Lohan was more than half an hour late. “After a short autograph hour, she went back to the hotel to freshen up,” the paper reports.

As for her big appearance at the party, she rolled in after 11 pm, and was spotted lounging on a $100,000 sofa covered in Swarovski crystals. Nice work if you can get it! Sunday afternoon, she flew back to London.

Despite her demands, the trip to Austria actually represented some progress for hot mess Lohan, who cancelled last-minute for planned appearances at the 2010 Vienna Opera Ball and May 2014 Life Ball in Vienna as well.

[From Radar]

I totally forgot about her crack shenanigans at the Opera Ball and the Life Ball! The Life Ball situation was so recent too – I think the mistake the organizers made that time was that they gave her the money upfront. You never give Lindsay the money upfront. She will crackie her way out of a deal every time. As for Lindsay “demanding” 30,000 Euros… that actually seems like a relative bargain. It’s certainly not Oprah-money, you know? Plus, I’m sure she was being paid by that mall to actually fly to Linz and make those appearances. I want to know how much the mall paid. I’m thinking… 100,000 Euros? Plus they probably comped her hotel, flights, etc. Nice work for a crackhead.



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. QQ says:

    Was this interview conducted while Serving On a Yacht… On her Knees? Cause frankly otherwise that’s a waste of good money

    • bettyrose says:

      On her knees to spit clean the deck, you mean?

    • BobbieFisher says:

      I notice she was trying to get a photo on the beach in that kaftan – which she thought was covering that huge booze belly of hers – then the next shot is of her looking at the photo on the camera and frowning. Nope, the bulging booze belly is still there. Maybe that’s why she’s doing these mall appearances. No one is biting at the escort bait anymore. Or at least things are slowing down for her in her regular business. And the guy with her is a Brit actor and there’s been some buzz on her stealing boyfriends again. Soon England will wise up and she’ll move on to the Philippines.

  2. kri says:

    Henry and Ben need to get into their superhero suits pronto, cause this planet is screwed and twisted. Lilo is making this kind of money, adult women sleep with Justin Bieber willingly, and the Kardashians are allowed to flourish. Sigh. Waiting for Wonder Woman.

  3. Luce says:

    In the time it’s taken Kaiser to write the headline the $ has been blown hard!!

    Who in their right mind is paying this truck stop hooker(no disrespect) 40k?

  4. Anony says:

    I wonder how much blow 40k buys these day ;0)

  5. GIRLFACE says:

    If this chick can get 40k to have a conversation with someone, what am I doing with my life?

  6. becky says:

    The crackren is back to giving us incredible photos to go along with the set of pink fur photos and etc (see yesterday’s post). She’d been looking so much better lately too…

  7. dorothy says:

    All I can say is “suckers”. Apparently, Austrians have very low standards for celebrities.

    • Jessiebes says:

      Which is why this is so weird. Just to generalise but Austria is beautiful, it’s a small country that has everything. I can’t comprehend why they would do this, and for this has been of all people.

      • Jedi says:

        “Euro trash” subculture is fuelled by people like her – its the same reason washed-up hasbeens always show up in the south of France, or at the Life Ball (Pam Anderson for example). Its like this weird, hilarious, fascination with super trashy people. The majority of Austrians that I’ve met (and i lived there for a while) were wonderful people. but seriously, the kracken qualifies as euro trash now and would totally be appealing to a certain group of people/the party scene.

      • Dany says:

        i think it is hidden schadenfreude. It´s all about showing failed american d-listers. I have no other explanation, why does german tv interview Hasselhoff or other celebs who are so kaput? Why are the gossip news full of reports when Lugner brings some d-list chick to the Opernball? There is some kind of fascination with broken and trashy celebs… the once rich and famous who now do all for money 🙁

      • ichsi says:

        Oh how I wish it was Schadenfreude… Truth is Austria doesn’t have a celebrity machinery (or creative media output) on its own, there are no famous actors or singers or anything really to feed the gossip rags, we’re just too small. There are some comedians and country singers, but they only appeal to older generations.

        So to attract the internet savvy, America-focused younger generation, the media uses the only thing we do have: money. Unfortunately money only buys you sell-outs like Kim Kardashian or Kracky. Which is still SUPER AMAZING over here, since there isn’t anyone more interesting around.

        It also helps that we’re a people of bootlickers and anyone who’s got anything to their name is treated like royalty.

      • Annie says:

        There is the same thing here in Australia to an extent – although we do have plenty of our own celebs anyone with anything to their name from the US or UK gets treated like a God by the press. For example when Gaga came it was front page news even on the ‘serious’ newspapers. Hell, even Mischa Barton made the 3rd page. I bet our interviewers and dj’s would be fawning all over Lohan, sad but true.

  8. eliza says:

    That is $39, 999.99 too much.

  9. Jem says:

    Just how much longer can she get away with this? I can understand, I guess, the novelty value she still possesses, at least in foriegn countries. But honestly, without any new work just exactly HOW and WHY is she still getting hired?

    Maybe she has enough dirt on the right people to still pull strings and get gigs – ? Didn’t I read something about Dina holding some evidence against some GUY who banged LiLo when she was underage, or something? Or was that a crack delusion – ? I don’t know. It makes my head hurt, trying to understand this mess…

  10. Auntie NICOLE says:

    Show us the proof, or it didn’t happen. According to those same “sources” (DUIna), Linds got “two million” from Orcah for doing nothing (which – of course – is gone already) and this isn’t any more believable. Using the now-accepted standard method of putting the decimal point where it belongs, Liability Lohan got $400.00….. which means 4-5 grams…… which means it was gone before it hit the Men’s room toilet tank lid. The REAL news is now Linds is a international “mall-opener”, which must pay a fortune, since it’s taking precedence over rehearsing for her big “West End debut”. She’s still in that phantom play, right? Or has she moved on to the next lie?

    • portlandjan says:

      Actually, the play was “Waiting For Godot”. and they cast her as the title character. The one that never shows up.

  11. L. says:

    Is this a new boyfriend ? for the week? Its not the posing for him so much that stuck out as being closer then friends, but it looks like she is letting him read a text message on her phone over her shoulder. Its hard to say, this girl doesn’t seem to be the smartest when it comes to keeping private things private ..but it was just an observation that stuck out to me.

    PS- I am team Lohan, I just love rooting for the underdog. Or maybe the draw is that people give her chance after chance and I can’t seem to turn away from watching her mess it up…..Messing up Oprah was pretty bad.

    • eliza says:

      How is Lohan an underdog? The woman has NEVER had to own up to anything she has done nor has she ever lived on the streets or suffered. She has had people giving her opportunity after opportunity, paying her way and lives a pretty good life of constant vacations and free swag. Hardly an underdog.

    • Decloo says:

      The Daily Mail said that Linds was hanging out on the beach with a guy from TOWIE (“The Only Way is Essex”) which, I believe is a reality show in the U.K. akin to ‘Jersey Shore.”

  12. TX says:

    My favorite part? “Hey, she showed up! Its an improvement!” lol

    I will never understand why people keep booking this mess for things, when her just showing up is considered an improvement on her behavior.

  13. Mike says:

    Why? She has nothing interesting to say except crack ramblings. She looks homeless and dirty. Whatever talent she once had has long since wasted away. She is a human train wreck on a slow slide into dementia. I can think of thousands of smarter ways to invest $40k.

  14. Tasha says:

    As bizarre as this sounds she’s actually still quite the celebrity here in Europe (even if it is for all the wrong reasons). I’d say she’s definitely still B-list and if I were her I’d make a permanent move from the States as she could make a fairly good living doing small appearances/interviews. It really struck home for me how dismal her career has been when I realised Mean Girls came out 10 years ago.

    • swack says:

      She will be that B-list until she starts pulling the same stunts there that she has pulled here. JMO. What about her court date in November? Has she completed her community service or will she get out of it again?

      • Bess says:

        I’d like to know the same thing. I also remember that the Cracken was supposed to be having mandatory therapy sessions.

        We all know that time management isn’t one of Blohan’s strengths. It will be interesting to see if the LA court will allow her to skate away from her obligations again.

      • swack says:

        @Bess – she could do the therapy by phone – but that would mean, being in Europe, possibly giving up her party time to phone during office hours here. Shawn will probably get it extended (she’s working you know in a play). The only way she does either is if they did what they did last time, require her to have so many hours done by a certain time every month.

  15. Stef Leppard says:

    Sneakers on the beach?

  16. bettyrose says:

    Posted in wrong place

  17. RedWeatherTiger says:

    There is a theory being floated that the amounts reportedly paid are inflated to help cover up where she REALLY gets her money. Too many people asking, “how can she afford to live like this?” so that her people have to plant stories about her earnings to make her lifestyle seem legally plausible. Otherwise, she becomes simply the Yacht Hooker who lets rich dudes beat the shit out of her for money (which seems to be far more plausible than a $40,000 interview).

  18. Eleonor says:

    With this economy people give those money to LL ?

  19. Leprechaun says:

    That water looks gorgeous, siiiigh. That is all.

  20. Francoprosciutto says:

    The guy is Vas from TOWIE. He’s definitely not a boyfriend.