Zoe Saldana acknowledges her pregnancy with the ice bucket challenge

Zoe Saldana

These are photos of Zoe Saldana and hubby Marco Perego yesterday before they took the ice bucket challenge. Zoe finally acknowledged her pregnancy (after lecturing the media for invading her privacy). There’s no hiding that bump now. Zoe never actually comes out and says the “p” word, but she gestures towards her stomach and tells the camera that Marco will do the challenge in her place. A lot of you have talked about how irresistable Marco is, and I still don’t see it. Don’t listen to me though. I’m the one who confessed (in a moment of weakness) that I’d gladly borrow Dolph Lundgren for the day. What I want to know is this — after watching this video, do you still find Marco hot?

Dat shriek. Zoe nominated James Cameron, Francois Pinalt, and Salma Hayek.

The ice bucket challenge shows no signs of slowing. I wonder if Chris Evans will step up to the plate after Hemsworth called him out. No one has dared to nominate Scarlett Johansson, who is very pregnant and still capable of kicking all the other Avengers butts. If Evans accepts, he may nominate Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan. Stan has already been nominated (by his trainer) and chose not to participate in the internet’s version of a wet t-shirt contest. I envision him in a darkened room, rocking quietly and weeping in fear of a nom from Evans.

Moving on to other celebs. I am excited that Eminem accepted Dr. Dre’s nomination and anxiously await that video. Here’s Tom Cruise’s ice bucket challenge. He participated with Chris McQuarrie. Since this is the Cruise, he has to do the challenge BETTER than everyone else! Tom got his lifts all wet, and he actually dropped an “s” bomb. Tom usually freaks out when other people curse, yet it only took eight lousy buckets of ice to turn him. Time to hit the audit chair, Tom!

Zoe Saldana

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet & WENN

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  1. Abby_J says:

    She is adorably pregnant, but I am not understanding why her pregnancy is keeping her from having cold water dumped on her. That wee little baby is tucked away and will remain nice and warm. I mean, it isn’t like the cold will hurt her.

    That said, the video is adorable, and I LOVE that her husband is taking one for the team.

    Now, where is Mark Ruffalo and Benedict Cumberbatch? I want to see those videos too. 🙂 Also, has anyone nominated Alan Rickman? Someone should.

    • Mixtape says:

      I say let’s give her the benefit of the doubt on this one, not criticize. Supposedly it’s two wee babies, she’s 36 yrs. old, and you never know what complications someone has had with their current or prior pregnancies.

    • Liv says:

      I guess if you get a shock because of the cold, the baby does too. I don’t think it’s dangerous, but her choice. On another note – she continues to be ridiculous. Complaining about the paps invading her pregnancy/privacy and then talking about it in a public video? Yeah, girl, go and talk to Christian Bale or Kerry Washington.

      • jaye says:

        She didn’t talk about. She just gestured to her belly. And she’s well within her rights to choose how her personal information is released to the public…if it’s released at all.

      • Leee says:

        I’ve always found it to be a celeb’s right if they want to tell the public stuff like this, why should she HAVE to confirm her obvious pregnancy to the media? Honestly, I kinda understand why she was a tad annoyed. They got info about her appointments and such. But anyway, fact is, it’s a video for a worthy cause. Should she not be able to post videos just because she doesn’t enjoy paps invading her privacy when THIS is something she had a choice in?

    • woodstock_schulz says:

      OMG Alan Rickman! That would be an awesome video

    • sammy says:

      There’s something called the ‘cold shock response’ which can cause problems for some people. Its a short term involuntary response to being suddenly immersed in cold water which can make sudden exposure to very cold water can be risky for some people – for example those with heart conditions heart or respiratory diseases, high blood pressure etc.

      I guess we can’t know what advice her doctor has given her, or the health issues that may be affecting her or her unborn child at present time.

  2. Jaderu says:

    Nothing sexier than a man that’s not afraid to squeal.

  3. Loopy says:

    Sorry for the silly question,Is it cause she is scared she will catch a cold?

    • Nur says:

      I think so. I didnt want to take unnecessary risks either when i was pregnant. I have been told to try avoiding a bad cold cos the high fever is no picnic for the baby.

    • Jen2 says:

      Not to be overly clinical, but you don’t catch a cold from being wet or cold. You catch it from being exposed to a virus.

      • Delta Juliet says:

        Thank God someone pointed this out.

      • Linn says:

        You don’t directly catch a cold from being wet and/or cold, but as it can weaken the immune system, it might lead to a cold if you are already infected with the virus.

        I assume Zoe won’t do the challenge because of the shock (Cold shock response) though and not because she’s afraid of catching a cold.

      • Anony says:

        @Linn, being cold briefly is not going to weaken your immune system! Humans aren’t that frail of a species. They actually did a hilarious study in which they repeatedly dunked a large group of university students in water out side during winter to see if they experienced a statistically significant increase in illnesses. They did not. It’s a complete myth.

  4. Delta Juliet says:

    She can’t dump herself in ice water because she’s pregnant? She must be a blast to be around. I mean if you don’t want to do it, don’t do it. But don’t make a stupid excuse.

    • tracking says:


    • LizLemonGotMarried says:

      Amen. I just made a donation to the ALS Foundation and moved on. (I’m not an asshole, but I also have no interest in there being a public video of me, on Facebook, looking like a drowned rat. I gave the money, I posted the next round, so sue me for being CrankyPants McGhee.)

    • andypandy says:

      Actually No
      My GF was deemed high risk pregnancy as she was over 35 and had a plain ole cold with a fever her child was born with some damage because of it , Why would you take unnecessary risks while pregnant why not err on the side of caution?

      • Delta Juliet says:

        OK. But you don’t get a cold from cold water. Seriously, germs make you sick. Not cold water, cold air, etc. I live in Maine, if cold water made you sick no one would go to the beach. But trust me, the beaches are loaded. There are even pregnant women there!

      • Bucky says:

        You don’t get a cold from being cold! Oh my gosh, I cannot believe people think that. I think she just didn’t want to do it and used her pregnancy as an excuse, which, fine, but it makes you sound like no fun.

      • booboobird says:

        So if I go outside on a cool windy day, get wet from head to toe and walk around like that, there’s no chance of my nose running and fever?

      • Leen says:

        Yeah you don’t catch a cold from being cold, but some people with respitatory problems will have difficulty breathing/etc when exposed to cold temperatures. I rarely catch ‘virus colds’ but I get symptoms of a cold most of the time if I’ve been exposed to an AC for long periods of time/cold climates/etc cause of my respiratory problems (which I’ve had since I was 2). Thankfully, I’ve had surgery to alleviate these symptoms but still, it sucks completely when I’ve been in a place with AC blasting for more than an hour and then come out sneezing, coughing, nose blocked and a sore throat. Usually it goes away after a day, but let me tell you, it makes summer a nightmare for me.

        So yeah I can understand why Zoe Saldana might not want to do it when she’s pregnant.

    • Bucky says:

      With all her whining about the paps and then doing pap strolls and stuff like this when it suits her, she seems like the worst. Also, you are pregnant, not debilitated. It’s cold water, you can put it on your head, good lord.

      A coworker of mine did the challenge twice this weekend, one for herself and one for her friend who’s eight months pregnant and refused to do it because of the pregnancy. My friend was like, “Um, it’s August in Georgia and you are eight months pregnant. Would putting cold water on your head be the best thing ever right now?”

      • Leen says:

        For people with respiratory problems though, putting an ice cold bucket on your head is pretty much the worst thing you can do, even if it’s 90F* and summer.

    • TX Laney says:

      See Sammy’s comment above. Maybe she has elevated blood pressure due to the pregnancy and was advised by her doctor. It’s her body why do you care?

    • jaye says:

      Cold shock response, as it has been mentioned a few times up thread, is a real and potentially dangerous thing. We don’t know the reason she chose not to do the challenge herself, but if I were pregnant I wouldn’t chance doing the challenge either.

  5. Josefa says:

    I’m having a lot of fun watching this videos and it seems the people making them are having fun, too. I liked Affleck’s vid the best.

    Marco’s totally my type of guy. I’d do him in a heartbeat.

  6. andypandy says:

    Please stop invading her privacy LOL. She does look a lot better with some weight on
    Always thought her parenthesis nose mouth situation was unfortunate with the pregnancy her face has kinna filled out a bit

  7. antisocial says:

    His toe nails are painted I think.

    I might love him a little bit. Her not so much.

  8. T.C. says:

    Can someone explain why pregnant women can’t have a bucket of ice water dropped in them? It’s only a few seconds and you can dry off right away with a thick towel. If she does want her pregnancy awknowledged then let’s all ignore it. When she gives birth, the press should just ignore that too.

    • Amanda says:

      Yeah, it doesn’t make sense to me either. I’ve heard of women running in races while pregnant. I really this this was just an excuse for her, and a bad one at that.

      • Delta Juliet says:

        Really, even, she could have used lukewarm water and who would have cared??? It’s just a stupid “look at me” excuse.

    • booboobird says:

      I can’t explain but I also don’t see the need. She’s pregnant and she calls the shots, no? When you are pregnant, you can ice bucket, bungee jump, race and mountain climb – it’s up to you. Why so mean to her? Let her enjoy her 9months. Might be her only time.

    • T.C. says:

      *does not*

  9. Josefa says:

    Speaking of Zoe, have you guys heard of the controversy surrounding the Guardians merchandise? Basically, Gamora products don’t exist. They don’t even put her in the official Guardians shirt, out of fear of it lowering the testosterone in products aimed at boys. Children’s Place even said it when someone asked about it. Its crazy! Not surprising, tough. Sadly.

  10. Jaderu says:

    Ok I’ll be “THAT” person. I normally would be the last person to defend Zoe Saldana. I never liked her acting abilities and her “Don’t invade my privacy/go on pap stroll” schtick is irritating. But come on now. Are we really going to slam her for not pouring a bucket of water over her head? It’s her baby and her pregnancy. She can make whatever decision she wants to.
    ALS got some more money and some more awareness. Sheesh i’m just as cynical and gossip bitchy as the next but the comments in here are kind of OTT.

    • OhDear says:

      Yeah, if I were her I wouldn’t want to take any unnecessary risks with a pregnancy, either (especially for a first pregnancy, when one’s generally more cautious).

    • ataylor says:

      As i mentioned a few days ago in another thread, this is exactly why I’m opposed to this social media “requirement” that people think celebrities owe the public. Sure it’s all fun and games until a celebrity refuses to participate in the manner the public requires or expects. Then the backlash starts…even if they give or even feel they have a good reason to not participate. Shakira nominated Pope Francis. The man is in his late 70’s and only has one lung….god forbid he doesn’t participate. I mean, really…look at the negativity that Zoe is getting just for having a “surrogate” ice bucket victim.

  11. Leaflet says:

    I loved Zoe’s ice bucket challenge. Her hubby took it for her, and she donated money and challenged other celebs to not just dump ice water on their heads but to donate money as well. I liked Tom Hiddleston’s ice bucket challenge, but he told his viewers that they had to donate money, which I thought was tacky. Lead by example Tom. Also, others really can’t get mad because Zoe’s protective of her pregnant body. It’s her unborn kids, I’d be super cautious too. She got her hubby to take the challenge, so the shade she’s receiving is really unmerited.

  12. Anna says:

    Am I the only that laughed at the beggining when she started the video by kind of yelling? LOL that caught me by surprise

    I wonder how these celebs find out about the challenge (the ones not on social media) do the people who challenged them text them and let them know? Or is do the challengers just hope it somehow gets passed along to them?

  13. kri says:

    LMAO!!!!! Yes, I LOVE MARCO!!! Especially now-what is not to love about a shrieking man wearing a lady bun and my sweat pants jumping into a pool!!

  14. lylaooo says:

    and now Eddie Redmayne and Jamie Dornan!!! !♥♥

    • Abby_J says:

      Jamie Dornan should have been shirtless. Really, he should always be shirtless. Can’t there be a law passed about this? 🙂

  15. Louise177 says:

    I’m amused and baffled that people are so angry that Zoe didn’t do the challenge. It’s not that serious. Based on the comments you would think that Zoe said something horrible about the challenge or ALS. She’s also visibly pregnant. Zoe is hardly a mediawhore for rubbing her stomach since it’s obvious. It’s possible that there is a legitimate reason she didn’t do it herself. If Zoe really didn’t want to be involved she wouldn’t had her husband do it at all.

  16. Vanessa says:

    You guys suck at understand people and all the different millions of medical situations.

  17. serena says:

    I liked Tommy’s ice bucket challenge, though, better than Zoe’s husband (whom I don’t find hot at all..meh). I can’t wait for Mark Ruffalo and Eminem’s challenge!

  18. Patty says:

    I liked the Tom Cruise one too. He actually seemed normal. That being said while this is for a good cause I’m over it. It’s a fad and the sad thing is the vast majority of those participating will forget all about it once the next big thing that goes viral comes along.

    I just wish people would choose 1-3 causes that they are passionate about and regularly volunteer their time, money, and resources. Then we wouldn’t need gimmicks to raise money.