Lohan killing herself with drugs and alcohol

This week’s new Enquirer is set to claim that Lohan’s friends say she takes an inordinate amount of drugs mixed with alcohol, so much that they worry that she’s she’s killing herself. Among the cocktail of drugs she said to take daily are cocaine, Ecstasy, booze and downers:

Lindsay Lohan’s drug and alcohol use is escalating out of control – and experts warn she’s killing herself!

The troubled actress is snorting massive amounts of cocaine mixed with Ecstasy, taking downers to sleep and boozing daily, insiders say – and pals fear she has a death wish.

“Lindsay’s drugging and drinking is out of control! She learned nothing in rehab,” a friend of the 20-year-old actress told The ENQUIRER.

“Her friends are afraid she has a death wish.”

It doesn’t take much to conclude that Lohan is looped out of her mind daily. Just look at every picture of her on the red carpet lately. It’s the beginning of the night when she shows up and her pupils are pinpoints and she looks whacked out of her mind.

In a related story in the older issue of the Enquirer, Lohan was mighty rude on a visit with a real estate agent showing her a house. She blurted out in front of the homeowner that there wasn’t enough closet space and called the $17 million estate a dump:

House-hunting in the Hollywood Hills, she was shown a $17 million property and snarled at the realty agent – in earshot of the home’s owner: “I’ve just bought $200,000 worth of new clothes, and this dump doesn’t even have enough closet space to put them in!” Stalking past the stunned owner as if he were invisible, Lindsay didn’t let the door hit her on the way out as she split in a snit. “So…I guess that means she doesn’t like it,” said the owner as the Realtor stammered apologies.

Maybe Lohan was referring to the armfuls of clothes she just stole from ex-friend Lauren Hastings when she said there’s not enough closet space. Surely she needs ample room for all her ill-gotten luxury goods. Can Lohan even afford a $17 million home? She doesn’t seem to have a lot of projects coming up.

Here she is all orange and pissed-off looking at the Nylon Magazine party for their “Young Hollywood” issue in NY last night.

Thanks to SplashNews for these pictures.

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