Johnny Depp didn’t show up for ‘Mortdecai’ reshoots: what happened?

Johnny Depp

Let us rejoin the mystery of Johnny Depp’s mid-life career. I won’t go into detail because bashing Johnny isn’t in my repertoire today. Plus, I still think he can get it together after Rum Diary, The Lone Ranger, and Transcendence. The man has an impressive history, but he’s lost his way. Maybe the Whitey Bulger biopic will go places, and Pirates of the Caribbean 5 is still a go. Javier Bardem is in talks to play the villain. Javi seems like an obvious choice. Maybe too obvious?

Anyway. On with the bad news. We already talked about the Mortdecai mess. The ultra-campy trailer showed Johnny affecting a British accent and a quirky moustache. Johnny “honks” with his hands when he sees a pretty woman’s chest. The movie has received a February release, which isn’t a good sign. Poor Johnny even had to put up with Goop for this film. Now it’s time for reshoots … why? I understand spending money for reshoots when it’s a movie that people will watch. Not for this. But reshoots were scheduled, and Johnny didn’t show up. Hmm:

Reshoots on the British set of new movie Mortdecai were reportedly disrupted this week when leading man Johnny Depp failed to turn up.

The 51-year-old actor was scheduled to appear at Buckinghamshire’s Pinewoood Studios to complete work on the light-hearted thriller – an adaptation of the popular novels written by Kyril Bonfiglioli.

But Depp, who plays foppish art dealer Charlie Mortdecai, allegedly kept production staff waiting for hours after failing to make an appearance on set.

His unexpected absence led to a financial loss for producers after more than 100 extras were drafted in to film a pivotal nightclub scene with the American actor.

Costly location fees prompted further expenditure after those on set — including co-star Paul Bettany — were sent home early.

A source told 3am: “The reshoot is only meant to last seven days, so missing a whole day is a really big deal. Johnny must’ve been really under the weather not to arrive at all. Everyone will have to work extra hard now to get it done.”

MailOnline have contacted Johnny’s representatives for further comment.

[From The Mail]

This behavior doesn’t sound like Johnny at all. He may not have “it” anymore, but he’s always professional. Would he actually decide not to show up on purpose? It’s gotta be rough when people have already made fun of the movie, but Johnny is the type to get the job done, no matter what.

Who knows what Johnny was doing when he was supposed to be on the Mortdecai shoot. I hope he isn’t sick. Maybe he got distracted playing around with one of his costumes. That would be the optimal explanation.

Johnny Depp

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  1. Abbott says:

    He’s probably still recovering from the release of Lone Ranger, the latest cinematic phlebotomy from the demon that has taken possession of Johnny Depp.

    Sigh. Everyone check their scarf closets for Johnny.

    • joan says:

      That did seem like an embarrassing flop for him.

      The character he plays in the new film is hilarious — I discovered the Mortdecai books this summer and they’re a hoot. He’s a great character.

      But they’re probably not capturing that in this movie. Maybe Depp can see that.

  2. Kitten says:

    I’m gonna say it’s Amber’s fault. Just cuz.

  3. Jag says:

    He looks like he’s actually using that cane in that photo. Was he injured on set? You’re right that it’s not like him to skip reshoots.

    • Havana says:

      He actually looks much younger than his actual age in that picture. It was just an accessory for the event.

    • qwerty says:

      Filming of Lone ranger was actually rescheduled cause he needed 2 weeks of personal time, it cost the production 4 million dollars.

  4. Alexandra says:

    According to Yahoo! News, Johnny missed filming re-shoots for his new movie Mortdecai this week after falling sick, but he’s already there now, according to this tweet:

    Divergent ‏@Jadeybabii_xo 15h15 hours ago
    My dad just saw Johnny Depp at the studios and Dynamo is going to be there later….#sojealous

    So it looks like all is well.

    Oh and Mortdecai is getting released in January, two weeks earlier than initially planned (23rd of January), to avoid competition from Jupiter Ascending.

    • Misstee says:

      Iffy – you get sick and don’t bother to get your PA to call the Producer or Director or Production Manager?

      Yes that IS unprofessional…

      • Alexandra says:

        Yeah, it’s kinda strange that from the looks of it, they were waiting for him, unaware that he wouldn’t make it. If you’re sick, you just pick up the phone and let people know. At least he is there now.

      • Sofia says:

        And it depends of how sick you are. From what I know (based on interviews) tv actors work even when sick because a new episode needs to be made or the schedule will be messes up. They’ll feel terrible, but medicated and do their best because there’s a lot of people involved in it too. humm this all sounds too fishy….

      • JK says:

        They were aware that he was sick. JD is never unprofessional.

    • humans says:

      Stars are humans and it’s not the first time it happens even to Johnny (as every other actor). “Lone Ranger” had to modify the schedule when Johnny was trampled by the horse and Tom Hollander -that said Johnny’s a great guy, very humble – told in recent interview that Disney flew all the actors, crew and equipment to some remote location (for Pirates) but Johnny got a cold and then Disney sent all them back to their homes without shoot a minute of movie and make them to go back to shoot the same scene two months later.
      Too bad this is a short shooting, but i’ve read he was on set on Tuesday. Not a big deal, they are humans.

  5. Lilacflowers says:

    Perhaps he saw clips of himself in “Tusk” and still hasn’t recovered. I know I haven’t.

  6. QQ says:

    Cause he realized we were all laughing AT him not With and not in the “Omg Johnny youre so funny and charming” way either… More like “Grampa What is wrong with you tryna look like a billy idol and salvador Dali Satanic Love Child” LULZ

    • Pixelated says:

      hahahaha QQ, you’re on fire today

    • Havana says:

      Who are “we” ? Speak for yourself please. He couldn’t care less about what people on gossip sites think. He will always do his thing and what he believes in no matter what. The man was sick give him a break. Damn.

  7. TaterSkank says:

    I still love you Johnny.

  8. Jaded says:

    Johnny….Inspector Poirot called, he wants his look back.

  9. Kemper says:

    From the one picture, if you give him a top hat & a monacle, he could be the Penguin from the Batman tv show.

  10. Skins says:

    Those 2 look ridiculous together

  11. Mia4S says:

    I won’t write him off because when he’s good he’s great. But yeah to call this a “rough patch” is being kind…

  12. truth to be told says:

    “A spokesman for Depp says, “He was sick and (the) production was aware that he would not be working.””
    I’ve also read in other places he was with headache, but that the production knew in advance.
    I read the past week he was in New York shooting for a documentary. But if he was in America he obviously want to be with his children (living in LA) and with his fiancee (working in Georgia). Maybe he got sick with too much travel in a few days

    • Sofia says:

      Is a headache enough too stop an actor to work on a tight and scheduled reshoot?

      • truth to be told says:

        Sure, why not? don’t you know about migraine? (some people go really sick with migraines. we are talking about dizziness, vomits, etc) and it’s been speculated that Johnny could have a recurrent issue with migraines for a long time, because those blue-tinted glasses he ALWAYS wear, are used to reduce the migraines on some people. And Johnny said some time ago, that his glasses were prescribed.

      • Havana says:

        @Sofia Yes. It says that he was sick, not just a headache.

  13. M. says:

    I’m freakin’ terrified by how much Johnny Depp looked like my (young) grandfather when he was younger (same complexion, hair, small mouth, cheekbones/jaw..).
    The top pic of an aged Johnny however takes it to a whole new level. They could be twins. My dad inherited most of that particular appearance too. And somehow I still managed to turn out a lily white (albeit tanning extremely well) and dishwater blonde/blue-eyed Eastern European peasant. Shame.

    Too bad about Depp’s midlife crisis and flops though. Just rewatched Donnie Brasco. Damn he was good.

  14. InvaderTak says:

    I still want to see that coverage and train wreck that will be their wedding. Any news on when that’s going to happen?

  15. anniversary? says:

    I bet his sickness it’s called “Amber is in America now” and “the monday were the 3 years anniversary from the first premiere of Rum Diary” which pretty much means they are on the fence of their own anniversary and he couldn’t make it back to London on time…because he was in america the past week and on tuesday he was on set in London…

  16. priss says:

    Amber always looks high to me. Wouldn’t be surprised if Johnny is back on drugs.

  17. PS says:

    sorry, but as a human being he can not get sick? Bunch of morons

  18. eowyn says:

    Havana, why are wasting your time by answering everyone or retaliating if someone doesn’t like Johnny?
    Are you Johnny?
    Or maybe his PR?
    By the way, you seem obsessed.

    On the subject, weird that the production didn’t know about him being sick as seen with the fact everyone even the actor/extras were waiting for him. Fishy situation.

  19. celestina says:

    There’s time, and then there’s “Johnny Depp time.” He’s notorious for being hours and even days late for interviews.

    And, he was the best part of Tusk.