Was Amber Heard ‘mortified’ at Johnny Depp’s drunk HFAs speech?

Johnny Depp

Way back in July, I covered a story from Radar that said Johnny Depp was trying to be an upstanding guy for his fiancée, Amber Heard. His friends were certain that Johnny wasn’t completely behaving himself. He was reportedly hiding drinking binges from Amber. The story didn’t stick because there wasn’t any proof, just “friends” expressing concern.

The tale makes a lot more sense after Johnny made sweet love to a microphone at the HFAs last Friday. He was completely drunk and possibly more. The dude swayed, slurred, cursed, and may have burped (or simply cursed again) onstage. He completely stole Shep Gordon’s moment, but Mike Myers defended Johnny’s “rock ‘n’ roll” speech. What a mess. This week’s issue of Star says Amber Heard was “mortified” when she got wind of Johnny’s onstage shenanigans:

Johnny Depp’s drunken behavior at a recent awards show made Captain Jack Sparrow look like Prince Charles. Audiences at the 18th Annual Hollywood Film Awards were stunned when Johnny stumbled onstage to present a documentary award for Mile Myers’ Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon, nearly knocking over the mocrophone in the process. “That’s the weirdest microphone I’ve ever seen in my life,” he muttered. “I’m not very good at this type of thing.”

While reading lines shouldn’t be too difficult a task for an actor, Johnny had considerable trouble with his speech. “Watch, I’m going to read this thing,” he burbled to the audience, who tittered uncomfortably at his slurred speech peppered with curse words. “You have to watch the film! Yeah, there you go. What does that say? It’s one of those nights.” Johnny ended his boozy tirade with a string of several more expletives before eventually getting cut off by producers.

“Johnny was extremely intoxicated,” a witness tells Star. “there were times he had to have someone help him stand. He couldn’t say a complete sentence — he made no sense.” Just last yeare Johnny insisted that he had given up drinking after learning that he and alcohol got along “maybe too well” but refused to consider himself an alcoholic. “No, it’s more my medication,” he insisted. “My self-medication over the years to calm the circus.”

But the circus is definitely in town. Johnny’s stress is mounting as he works feverishly on a staggering six movies, plus he’s planning his wedding to fiancee Amber Heard, who according to the source was reportedly mortified at her groom’s behavior. “This reflects really badly on her, and she’s not happy about it.”

Now those in Johnny’s inner circle are wondering if it should be last call for his self-destructive behavior. “There’s a chatter in Johnny’s camp about rehab,” the insider divulges. “At this point, he’s driving everyone — including Amber — away.”

[From Star, print edition, December 2, 2014]

I lean towards believing this story. Johnny’s never been a bastion of sobriety, but he’s been keeping it together (in public) for a few years. Getting drunk and making a fool of oneself isn’t nearly as bad as how Johnny used to behave. Remember how he would throw cocaine tantrums and toss furniture out of hotel rooms when he was dating Kate Moss? Then he started seeing Vanessa Paradis and grew up. Now he’s regressing, and I can believe Amber would worry about it reflecting badly upon her. Not that it’s her fault — it isn’t. This is all on Johnny. He wasn’t “maintaining” last weekend. He was flat-out, sloppy drunk, and I think he needs to find help.

Johnny Depp

Amber Heard

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  1. Charlotte says:

    If it’s any consolation for Amber, despite seeing her covered quite a few times in celebitchy, I couldn’t pick her out of a line-up. I get total face amnesia with her, so would never be able to hold this against her (to her non-captioned face) even if I did blame her.

    • qwerty says:

      Um, BLAME her?

      • Charlotte says:

        Um, the quote and commentary implied a fear it would reflect poorly on her in a blaming fashion. At least, that’s how I read it. And I’m saying that I don’t think it would or should reflect anything on her. Johnny is a grown man and father and responsible for his own actions.
        But go ahead and read what you want into my comment and get all snarky. Celebitchy after all.

    • Decorative Item says:

      Don’t worry Charlotte, it made perfect sense to me.

    • Prim says:

      Face Amnesia. Describes it perfectly, thank you. I have a sister who is really beautiful but sometimes I don’t recognise her and my brother has walked right past her and not recognised her either. It is so strange and it doesn’t seem possible that you wouldn’t recognise your own much loved sister, but maybe some people just have that quirk about them. Amber definitely has that. I have no idea what she looks like despite seeing plenty of pictures of her.

      • Adrien says:

        Charlotte, Pajiba has a term for that: invisible ink something. She’s beautiful, nice to look at but as soon as you turn your back, you’ll completely forget she exists. She won’t stick in your mind. Thing is she’s prettier than her celeb dopplegangers, Scarjo and KStew and she dresses well in red carpet events but somehow she’s Blandi Blandville.

    • Veronica says:

      I feel mean, but I thought the same thing about. Beautiful, sure, but in such a generic way that she never stands out to me.

    • Priya says:

      It’s just going to get worse the older he gets…hope she’s ready to have to walk away from a man who is going to be extremely old and sick pretty soon due to his alcohol abuse.

    • hip says:

      she wont let go of her golden carrot

  2. Linn says:

    I would die from second-hand embarrassment if my boyfriend/fiancée would act like this. It’s still time to run before the wedding, Amber.

    I hope Johnny’s Children don’t suffer from his behaviour.

    • Louminary says:

      I have dated Irish men. And yes, it is mortifying! And you do feel like it reflects on you somehow which makes it even worse. Horrible to be at a wedding and having to avoid your boyfriend because he is embarrassingly drunk

      • misstee says:

        Please dial back the bigoted sweeping statement -Im Irish ethnicity – we may have a culture of finding social tipsiness acceptable that doesn’t mean we are a ethnic group of Alcoholics…try replacing that statement with ive dated Black men and weed and see how well it goes down. Theres some truth to stereotypes but no reason to bash an entire group

        If anything the American attitude to drinking ( and teeth) is twitchy as hell and over the top – in Europe we are more relaxed about it.

      • Miffy says:

        Em, wow. What? Actually, it sounds like you just hooked up with a few sloppy arseholes. Sounds like your problem rather than a reflection on an entire nationality. Try not to blame your poor judgement on one country’s stereotype, sweetheart. xxx

      • paranormalgirl says:

        This Mayo girl (born and bred) takes great offense at the sweeping generalisation of the Irish.

      • Shelly says:

        Yes, I’ve dated Jewish men who wouldn’t spring for dinner and black guys who rolled up in their hoopdi with a 40 in hand. Troll return to your bridge.

    • KK says:

      “I hope Johnny’s Children don’t suffer from his behaviour.”

      Why would they suffer because he was drunk at some awards show?

      • Linn says:

        I don’t think his children suffer from him being drunk at this one award show, but IF this is a common occurrence it might influence them.

        The article talks about Johnny “reportedly hiding drinking binges from Amber” and that “He was completely drunk and possibly more”.

        It also states “Just last yeare Johnny insisted that he had given up drinking after learning that he and alcohol got along “maybe too well” but refused to consider himself an alcoholic. “No, it’s more my medication,” he insisted. “My self-medication over the years to calm the circus.””

        All those things together just don’t sound like his behaviour at the award show was a one time situation and he might have much bigger problems to control his alcohol consumption.

      • KK says:

        @Linn These stories are false and made up. He’s not struggling with alcohol because he rarely drinks alcohol these days, he mostly drinks alcohol-free beers.

      • GreenTurtle says:

        Cuz balls!!!

  3. Maya says:

    There goes the crush I have always had on Johnny.

    This seems to be one of the worst cases of midlife crisis I have ever seen.

    • qwerty says:

      “This seems to be one of the worst cases of midlife crisis I have ever seen. ”

      Oh god this is so, so true.

    • CM says:

      Yeah, he’s lost me too. Good luck to poor Amber Heard. Never thought I’d be expressing THAT sentiment…

      • KK says:

        She’s very happy with him. They’ve been together for 3 years now. She doesn’t care about the made up tabloid stories so don’t worry.

    • KK says:

      Lool he’s not going through a midlife crisis or anything but ok.

      • SilkyP says:

        Havana has morphed into KK for today and is definitely on Johnny Depp’s PR team. Must be exhausting cleaning up after him on these forums #WHACK-A-MOLE

      • KK says:

        @SilkyP Awww I didn’t know I had obsessed stalkers here? Lmao @ you thinking I’m on Johnny Depp’s PR team. I really can’t stop laughing @ that one!

      • frisbeejada says:

        @SilkyP – in PR speak this is called ‘changing the conversation’, it’s inevitable that PR companies keep a close eye on internet forums, it’s one of the few places now they will hear negative comment about their clients so of course they employ people to go out there and clean them up and try and nudge public opinion into a more favorable direction. This is precisely one of those occasion but really – you would think they could be a bit more subtle about it – whack a mole indeed – more like run over one with all the grace and finesse of an elephant on roller skates :D

  4. Jegede says:

    He did not ‘grow up’ when he met Vanessa.

    She was just as hardcore as he was (her current boyfriend is an ex addict as well)

    Stuff like this was just more successfully kept on the downlow

    • Brandii says:

      It wasnt even that downlow, people just have selective memories. They forget the piles of footage of him having to be assisted to walk on multiple occasions and even falling over a few times while he was with Vanessa. It helped their image that they moved to France with its far less intrusive media, that and Johnny didnt socialise so much in the States in the early years. But I highly doubt they were as clean as people are pretending they were.

      • Jegede says:

        Thanks for that.

        I did a 3 year MPA course in Paris and I remember many, many, Johhny/Vanessa stories which never made the press or the fun shows that helps perpetuate this narrative

      • don't kill me i'm french says:

        Depp and Paradis started to have relation problem publicly when they stop to go together at the official events or hen you stop to show you with your partner.

    • KK says:

      Oh but don’t burst their bubble! They want to believe that he went “downhill” after they finally broke up for good.

  5. lower-case deb says:

    dat pooch doe!
    so cute!

    that’s all i can say without a good fortifying drink.

  6. raptor says:

    Wino forever.

  7. scout says:

    NOW she knows because she can see! WAKE UP!!

  8. lizzie says:

    i mean…he has liver spots. SHE IS TOO YOUNG FOR HIM.

  9. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    As the ex wife of an alcoholic, I just say, run, Amber, run unless he gets real help. Run before all the love, respect and dignity drain out of the relationship. Before you find yourself awakened every night at two a.m. by the sound of your spouse puking. Before you look in those bleary, unfocused eyes and realize this is your life now. It’s just not worth it.

    • Shambles says:

      My heart goes out to you GoodNames. The first man I ever truly fell for was an alcoholic, and I was so young and naive and starry eyed I couldn’t see that I was just another part of his addiction. It wasn’t love. Reading “bleary, unfocused eyes” truly tugged at my heart strings because I know the exact look you’re describing. I can picture it perfectly in my mind. Glad you got out of that situation.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        I’m glad you did, too, Shambles. The hard part is you think the person you love is “still in there, somewhere” but you can’t get to them. It’s a disease that’s killing them, but it can kill you, too if you stay. I’m fine now, but it was a long, hard lesson learned.

    • Charlotte says:

      As the daughter of an alcoholic, she also doesn’t want that for her children. The sound of a wine glass being placed on a table still gives me cold sweats and makes me feel weak.

      • SAKS says:

        My grandpa was an alcoholic too, he even died after a hard drinking episode. I never met him but my mother says the same about the sound of glass bottles, she also gets really anxious when people get drunk. I know it was a nightmare for her and my aunts and uncles, and it’s something that left a big scar in all of them.

    • bns says:

      Proud of you for getting out of there.

      • Shambles says:

        It really is so hard. I’m younger than he is and I met him when I was just entering my 20s, a time when a lot of people drink more than they should but most “grow out of it” I guess. It took me a very long time to realize that a man nearer to 30 than 20 getting drunk at 7 am just to start the day is not some “party boy phase.” no amount of love I could give would change him if he didn’t want to change, it simply drained me of all my love. Thanks for sharing your stories Charlotte and GoodNames, I wish you both a weekend full of happiness and chocolate.

    • evie says:

      My mom is an alcoholic and I have very vivid memories of my parents arguing about it when I was a little girl. My father would rage and threaten to take us and leave her if she didn’t straighten up, which she would for a while, but his threats were hollow. They are still together today, enablers the both of them. I am glad you were strong enough to break away, Good Names. I have no doubt your life is infinitely better for it.

    • Decorative Item says:

      I hear you! I left my drunk when he mistook the fridge for the toilet. Not hanging around to clean up that mess.

    • L&Mmommy says:

      Ouf. Your post is so poignant, reading it made me feel like I was a fly on the wall when this was happening. Glad that they are your ex and I hope you came out OK.

    • Lee says:

      My sense is that the 2 am puking is already a regular part of Johnny’s life. And Amber is already listening to it. Unfortunately, if she went into this thinking she (or love) could “influence” him, it may be awhile before she walks. It can be devastating to finally admit that the addiction IS the first love in the addict’s life. Hopefully she gets to that place before she actually marries him and has a child.

    • Ginger says:

      GoodNames thank you for bringing up your experience. My ex husband was an alcoholic and gambling addict. I went round in circles with him for nearly 15 years. At times I thought I was looking at a stranger. At least he finally cleaned up and got sober AFTER we divorced. But I still give him credit for it. However, he has not completely given up gambling. But now that he’s not drinking he only gambles once in a while. At least I no longer have to put up with that. I felt the same sense of shame and embarrassment as Amber probably feels when I saw Johnny swaying onstage. That’s why I could only get through less than a minute of that video. I hope Amber sees the light here before it’s too late.

    • maybeiamcrazy says:

      @GNAT, Shambles and Ginger Glad you are OK now. My father is a recovering alcoholic. I remember vividly that once he tried to tell a story to me before bed but he couldn’t put the words together. I was six, i didn’t understand it then. It was so hard to go through that though, especially after mom died. He sometimes cries when he sees my old pictures. Such a hard thing to go through for both sides.

  10. Gwen says:

    It seems obvious that he has fallen of the wagon a good while ago – maybe it was even the cause of him and Vanessa splitting up? It’s sad but it’s not even remotely on anyone else’s shoulders than Johnny’s.

  11. Pandy says:

    Anyone else think Vanessa is sitting back roaring with laughter that she had him in his good years?? I don’t think Amber is mortified. I doubt she really cares.

    • Eleonor says:

      I don’t think so, he is the father or her children, and she has to explain this mess to them.
      She is not in a funny position.

    • FLORC says:

      Right. She’s got kids she needs to protect from this. There’s no laughing.

      And I think Amber is with Johnny for the perks mainly.

    • KK says:

      Him and Vanessa are still on good terms and he is the father of her children and they are with him for the most part. Why would she laugh at false tabloid stories about him?

      He had her in her good years too. She’s aged like hell and looks like crap now.

      • Leah says:

        @KK well most people would say the same thing about him he looks terrible lately and she had him in his good years. Lets not only attack women for ageing.

      • KK says:

        @Leah Not really, most if not ALL people would say she looks terrible and not him. He still looks great and he actually looked great at the HFA’s. He is 51, she is 41 and he looks younger than her. He looked as amazing as he did when he was with her because he was younger and not because she had some sort of spell.

        if you wanna pull the “She had him in his good years!” card then it applies to her too.

        also, how he looks in some unflattering pictures that were taken months ago is not how he always looks.

    • mary simon says:

      I don’t think she really cares either – about Johnny or his public behavior. Look at their body language – she never leans in towards him – she is always turned straight out or away. They are never looking at the same thing, or in the same direction – or even into each other’s eyes – each of them always seems distracted by something else. They are never engaged with each other in a sharing, just between us, isn’t this great kind of way – there is no light in anyone’s eyes – no life, no passion – just a little desperation from Johnny and lots of dead zone from Amber.

      Amber is still a pretty young woman and Johnny is an alcohol soaked shell of his former self who seems to have lost his mojo, almost overnight. I am not detecting any sort of chemistry here. No amount of money or career advancement is worth pretending in a hollow relationship – it’s going to get tedious quickly for Amber, probably already is. This will come to a sad (for Johnny) end sooner than later. They may not even make it down the aisle if she wakes up soon enough. If she doesn’t wake up before the wedding, I think they will last two years, tops.

  12. Talie says:

    In that Met Gala getup he looks like Mr. Monopoly.

  13. Calcifer says:

    No fan of Amber, but the only person this reflects badly on is Johnny Depp! Come on no one ‘drives’ another person to drink. There was the same talk when he was splitting from Vanessa, that she was boring him and nagging and that that was what drove him to drink back in 2011 – I was really disgusted by that. Johnny may be a sweet guy with his fans, but he is also an incredibly privileged and protected person., spoiled in other words. He needs to start taking responsibility!

    • Charlotte says:

      Yeah, Johnny, if every woman you’re with ‘drives you to drink’, maybe the problem is you.
      Which it clearly is.

    • Lee says:

      Johnny is a cliche. I have a girlfriend going through this right now. Apparently everything wrong in her soon-to-be-ex-husband’s life is her fault, and the drinking is how he copes. All she hears is that she is “boring”, “nagging” and “controlling”. She is the sweetest, most accommodating woman you’ll ever meet, and it makes me so sad to see her suffering. Amber will soon be another “boring nag” to Johnny, unless she leaves first. It’s inevitable.

  14. Lurker says:

    I don’t think this two will ever make it down the aisle. He’s clearly too old for her, he’s clearly having a midlife crisis, and when she can hitch her wagon to something better (anything is better), she will. Plus, why is she a thing? I don’t get it.

  15. db says:

    Viper Room Johnny is back, or maybe he never left.

  16. Kitten says:

    No, this is all on Johnny and in no way is Amber responsible for his behavior.
    The rumors are that Depp has been hiding his binge-drinking from her for a long time.

    That being said, heavy drinking *could* be a sign of his insecurity in the relationship. Beyond that, sometimes two people are just toxic together. Depp might do better dating a Susan Downey-type, someone mature and responsible enough to help keep him in line. JMO.

    • FLORC says:

      I thought the same Kitten. And when did you retire the “The Original”?
      Only Amber got with Johnny in fair weather times. And he has the power. Susan was a strong woman with her own career. She didn’t need Robert and she laid down the law. Robert had no power and knew she wouldn’t put up with his junk, but needed her.

      No way does Amber have that leverage. She could leave Johnny and he would spiral out of control a bit more, but recover. I doubt Amber’s career would do the same.
      Shame aside she needs Depp and has few cards to play.

    • Shantal says:

      He doesn’t like mature women. He started dating Winona Ryder when she was 17 and he was 26, and Kate Moss when she was 20 and he was early 30s. I think there’s around a 10 year age gap between him and Vanessa as well.

  17. BNA FAN says:

    Am I the only one who remembers Johnny in his Viper Room days when he was a part owner of that bar? This JD is mild compared to those days.

    • ann says:

      BNA, I remember he used to own the Viper Room, back in the days when he was with Kate Moss. Johnny is such a great actor and has made many great movies. My favourites being Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Ed Wood.
      I copied this information from another site some of you readers might like.
      On the eve of halloween in 1993, Phoenix would join his friends at Johnny Depp’s club, The Viper Room, at 8852 Sunset Boulevard. It was about 1:00 am, Phoenix was in the bathroom of the club doing some drugs with several of his drug dealer friends, when one of them would offer him a hit of heroin. It was pure-grade Persion brown. Almost immediately after snorting the heroin, Phoenix would begin trembling and shaking violently. He then turned to one of his friends and vomited. Another of his friends decided it would be a good idea to give him a valium to calm him down.

      After taking the valium, Phoenix would stagger back into the bar area and approach actress Samantha Mathis who was sitting with his sister, Rain Phoenix. Upon complaining that he could not breathe, Phoenix passed out. When he awakened, he begged his friends to take him outside the club where he quickly fell to the sidewalk and went into seizures until a photographer, Ron Davis made a 911 call on a nearby payphone, as did River’s brother, Joaquin. Cell phones were not in the mainstream by then.

      “He looked like a fish out of water,” said Ron Davis, who happened to be standing outside the club. He was “thrashing spasmodically, his head flopping from side to side, arms flailing wildly.” By this time, his sister had exited the club and threw herself on top of him to try and stop the seizures. Suddenly Phoenix’s body would become motionless, at which time his brother thought he had stopped breathing. River was wearing striped brown pants and black and white Converse high tops and socks.

      It was now 1:14 am and Phoenix had gone into full cardiac arrest. Paramedics would arrive (after a 911 call by his brother, Joaquin) and medic Ray Ribar of the L.A. County Fire Department began administering CPR. Phoenix was immediately rushed to Cedars Sinai Medical Center and arrived at 1:34 am. As they reached the hospital, his skin was blue, but his body was still warm. The emergency room doctors tried everything to resuscitate the actor, but he was pronounced dead at 1:51 am on October 31, 1993.

  18. Skins says:

    Man, he is not aging well at all

  19. Eleonor says:

    I think Los Angeles is bad for him, and when he was with Vanessa he could keep his s@it together because he was living away from Hollywood. Now that he is back he has fallen back into his old habits.
    I am sorry for his children.

    • Jegede says:

      He did not necessarily keep his shit together.

      France is just a more private country vis a vis celebs.

    • KK says:

      I always laugh when people say the feel sorry for his children, they seem so happy and enjoying their lives judging by their Instagram pictures. Lily even takes pictures with Johnny sometimes. They are a happy family but I guess there needs to be some drama to gossip about,

  20. vauvert says:

    This was truly sad. I had already lost my fan love and respect for him when he left Vanessa (yeah, I know, that story and the reasons they broke up vary according to whoever you listen to. But regardless, I think it was a mistake to break up what seemed like a stable, happy family).
    He is acting like an idiot. I don’t think it’s Amber’s fault in any way, but I also don’t think she cares beyond being somewhat embarrassed. I also don’t think she is leaving him any time soon, because… ahem, she is still a fairly unknown starlet in HW, her only recognition and as far as I can tell, potential fame and new roles are coming courtesy of being the future Mrs. Depp. Not to mention the alimony she could get if she makes it down the aisle and gets a baby to boot. So no, I do not expect her to leave. For his sake, I hope he goes to rehab and realizes that “the circus” is the price you pay for getting $20 million a movie. Get help, get sober, work less if you can’t handle the load – it’s not like you can’t pay the rent, and hopefully live to see your kids grown-up.

    • Chrissy says:

      Agree 1,000,000% Amber’s in it for the long hall……

    • KK says:

      Honey, wake up. Him and Vanessa were a miserable couple for years. They were not happy and stable. Breaking up was the best thing to do for everyone involved and you shouldn’t lose your “fan love” and respect for him because of that.

      • vauvert says:

        Well, thanks for clearing that up KK. Since you obviously were their couple therapist and know it all, and are so generously sharing that inside info with us on every single Depp post.

        As far as losing my respect for him, since it’s mine to give and take away, kindly keep in it in mind before advising me how to feel. It’s a free country (at least here in Canada where I live) and if you want to strongly support him, that is absolutely your right. For me however he is now a sad shadow of a very talented guy I have liked for almost twenty years, but now I just feel sorry for. I do hope he gets help, just like I do for every celebrity who struggles with alcohol and drug abuse. It’s not hip, it’s not cool, it’s not pretty. That’s my opinion.

      • KK says:

        @vauvert But he’s not even struggling with anything. Just because some cheap tabloids are making up stories about it because he appeared drunk at some event it doesn’t mean that he is an addict.

      • GreenTurtle says:


  21. humans says:

    Well, obviously is not Amber’s fault. But i’m not sure if an episode could be considered as bad as he was before…
    He’s terrified on public events, he has to speak (it was said on TV that the teleprompter wasn’t working so well either. so it wasn’t all his fault that he couldn’t read) in public. those things could be stressful and lead a person to try to calm his nerves with alcohol, specially because he always did this before…
    Now his children are also with him since Vanessa returned to France, i think he will be fine too
    About his wedding, I hope they could resist the pressure. Almost every couple i know involved on wedding planning went down to a whole meltdown, panic attack, nerves. fights or stress. Start to drink for the stress won’t help Johnny! on the contrary it could make the nerves even worse and to stress your future wife -that naturally and for her own reasons- is already stressed with the wedding too

  22. moot says:

    Wondering if she’s regretting hitching her wagon to his, now. Seemed like a sure thing 2-3 years ago. But now? Definitely in a downward spiral since splitting with Paradis. (Not feeling sorry for her, yet, though. She made her bed.)

  23. Mzizkrizten says:

    He was my top celeb crush for my entire teen years. Hottest, best actor. It’s been sad to watch him go downhill. And when Amber eventually leaves him, I predict he goes even further off the rails.

  24. Anny says:

    He just went downhill after breaking up with Vanessa.
    But I still would. Yes, yes, yes. Even though he’s an alcoholic and a sloppy drunk. I have no shame. I know.

    Completely unrelated: Amber has a yorkie! I love yorkies!

    • Darlin says:

      I don’t understand this. How did he go downhill after he finally got out of such a sad relationship?

  25. Lucy says:

    Well, now I’m officially worried. He has a problem and I hope he finds help ASAP.

  26. tealily says:

    Run , Amber! I do wonder if he and Vanessa split, and then he regressed, or if the regression was the cause for the split.

  27. Hotpockets says:

    Being with an alcoholic is exhausting and saddening all at the same time, because at the end of the day, you can’t force someone to get help, they can only help themselves. My husband is a recovering alcoholic, and he always will be, because he will never have a normal relationship with alcohol. He drinks to blackout, not to unwind or socialize. When he drinks he is so mean, temperamental, and abusive, but when is sober, he is the sweetest and most loving husband. It’s the classic case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. He finally admitted he had a problem and wanted help, so he wouldn’t lose his marriage or sanity. It takes a lot for someone who has a problem to come to terms with it on their own. Watching that clip of Johnny makes me think he’s had a substance abuse problem for years. I feel for Amber, because no relationship can survive the relationship between an addict and their favorite drug.

  28. just me says:

    Amber and Johnny seemed to be doing fine until the day before this award. She was with him at his concert and he looked happy and relaxed. People said they were in a very cozy and lovey dovey night out just the night before to the show too. If I were Amber i would find disturbing that i just turn my back and Johnny makes a fool of himself in national television. Kinda like he couldn’t be alone or out of her watch without do something foolish
    I think “rehab” it’s just an exagerattion from the tabloid. Johnny has been much much worse even when he was with Vanessa Paradis and better we don’t talk about his time with Kate Moss and never needed therapy. Now he was out of troubles for like two or almost three years, i doubt this will be the case of rehab. Maybe just with whatever his children said to him (they are teenager now, they should be upset) and with Amber sending him to sleep to the couch for a couple of weeks he could learn the lesson

    • Hannah says:

      When he was with moss he was a much younger man. That he is still like this 20 years on doesn’t sound to good.

      • KK says:

        Um what? Just because he’s still drinking it doesn’t mean that he is still just like he was with Moss.

  29. Observer says:

    That dog is so cute! OMG :)

  30. BooBooLaRue says:

    They still a thing?

  31. Hannah says:

    He was fall over drunk in public when he was separated from paradise at first. One of the rumours was that she had it with his drinking. I tend to buy that, he managed to clean up for a short while for this amber person but it obviously didn’t last very long. I think paradis had the last laugh here. Amber is stuck with a drunken former heartthrob going through a midlife crisis.

    • KK says:

      Yeah because Amber is forced to be with him right? She can’t break up with him if she’s over it?! And Vanessa is stuck with a hideous drug addict.

      The truth is, Johnny and Vanessa both moved on long ago and are happy with their current partners but of course nobody wants to believe that.

  32. Tiffany says:

    Johnny really needs some alone time. When has he never not been in a relationship. I also noticed that there was always overlap with one lady to the next. Go to rehab, chill on your island with your kids and just enjoy you, Johnny. There is nothing wrong with being single.

  33. maddelina says:

    I think these awards are basically a drunkfest for some. He wasn’t the only one who was gunned. AH is gorgeous!

  34. sarah says:

    He is not aging well. The picture of Johnny holding a cane looks like he has a diaper on. Yikes!

    • KK says:

      Get out more because ordinary 51 years old men wish they were not aging well like that.

    • mary simon says:

      lol, Sarah – I went back and looked at that photo again. Definitely some kind of diaper camel toe action going on there. Kind of getting a retirement community guy vibe. Maybe he wears Depends to these events so he doesn’t have to keep running to the men’s room while he gets hammered.

  35. ichabod says:

    No Havana today?

    • zut alors! says:

      I think KK took his/her place.

      • Peppa says:

        Isn’t commenting under multiple names against comment policy? I like Johnny, but I’m not going to defend him against every bad thing said. If he indeed does have a drinking problem, I’d want him to get help and not just try to deny it.

  36. Bill says:

    If I was her I’d be embarrassed! Ugh he needs to grow up

    • KK says:

      Yeah he needs to grow up because he was drunk at an event that everyone was drunk at.

      • lisa2 says:

        That is an unfair statement. Everyone was not drunk at the event. And if they were how does that make it ok.

      • KK says:

        @lisa2 And saying that he needs to grow up because he had a few drinks is a fair statement? There was an open bar at the event and JLO presented an award drunk.

  37. Catriona says:

    On a sidenote, the editing from the Star article is non-existent, who the eff let this article get out without correcting all those mistakes??

    Then again, it is Star, the heck did I expect.

  38. Meg says:

    he’s clearly going through a mid life crisis. he’s with a much younger woman, he doesn’t look good anymore due to the smoking and drinking-it’s caught up with him, his own daughter is getting older so that makes him feel old i’m sure, his fiancé isn’t as interested in him because his last few movies have bombed. I’m sure she’s not as hot for him due to that-you can’t tell me amber heard isn’t with him for the boost in her fame and getting more attention. if these two ever get married i’ll be shocked

    • KK says:

      Wait, he’s going through a midlife crisis because he’s with a younger woman and because (in your opinion) he doesn’t look good anymore even though he’s always hated the pretty boy image? That’s funny. His daughter getting older is something that he is happy about and not sad because it makes him feel “old” and why would Amber be less interested in him because his last few movies didn’t do well? Do you think the boxoffice actually effects their lives? She is with the man and not the actor.

      She’s actually not in it for the fame and attention and that’s obvious by the way they rarely attend events together and by the way she never really talked or “gushed” about him in interviews.

      I think they’ll get married. But believe what you want to believe I guess..

    • sherlockapple says:

      Have loved Johnny for years since the first episode of 21 Jump Street. I still love him. This whole situation screams mid-life crisis. It doesn’t negate his accomplishments, family life, personal life, or the great things he will do in the future…he is a Hollywood great. But, yeh, … total midlife crisis.

  39. andy says:

    Guess Amber isn’t Johnnys savior like they published, that she cleaned him up and Johnny is so taken with her that he’s changed. She’s only worried because now people see she isnt and hasn’t done one thing to make him want to change. Cept getting too close to other co stars. Shes gonna break this relationship off.

  40. KK says:

    The tabloids can’t help but make up stories about them since they are very private and rarely make appearances.

  41. Darlin says:

    Meanwhile they are all loved up in the real world.

  42. Admiring Bog says:

    Lately I’ve noticed that wearing Led Zeppelin tops has become a thing.

  43. sherlockapple says:

    Amber who?

  44. Naddie says:

    She always looks sad, to say the least, in their pics together.

  45. Genie says:

    Who cares what what’s her face thinks? Sounds more like Ambers PR trying to get press, seeing as she doesn’t have the icon status that either Johnny or Vanessa have. I’m sure riding on JDs coat tails will ensure we get to see more mediocre performances by her, more movie options, un-memorable magazine covers, the best PR–even bad PR is good PR, etc. I thought his drunk act was a pitch for his new POC 5, btw. Amber is mortified my foot. She’s the one who needs damage control after her tacky leaked photos.

  46. Mango says:

    I think John has had some long-standing issues from Vanessa. I know their situation was not one-sided & she did play a part in their parting…… he wasn’t blameless….. but she said some very harsh words to him at times, wouldn’t fully commit, and stayed absent for long periods of time to name a few….

    Amber to me, is not truly in love w/ him nor does she seem to care much about him, except what he can do for her future…… if she is truly being her best self to him and others, she shouldn’t have anything to worry about…. personally I think a lot of his drinking and smoking problems stems from this “wonderful” love she bestows…… not that he can’t change it – no one can make him break up or change, but it seems to me that he carries a lot of turmoil from these two situations….

    I think he needs out of this mess, she has only seemed to drag him down and doesn’t seem to fully care….. if that is what he wants to live w/ too bad…. but if she doesn’t love him and this situation is just too “appalling” for her, than maybe its time for her to be shown the door… don’t let it hit too hard on the way out :(