Brandi Glanville: Eddie Cibrian wants my ‘small $114K’ retirement fund


Early this year, back in February, Brandi Glanville went public with some very interesting alimony/child support/money gossip. Brandi initially claimed that Eddie Cibrian had served her with legal papers claiming that she owed him more than $100,000 because he “overpaid” her alimony and child support. At the time, Brandi was promoting what would turn out to be her second New York Times bestseller, but Brandi still claimed she was too “poor” to pay Eddie back. Eddie denied Brandi’s claims completely, although once multiple media outlets did some digging, there was some evidence to support some of Brandi’s claims. He stopped paying her alimony, which was always limited, and some of money stuff was regarding Eddie’s retirement accounts rather than, say, Eddie trying to force Brandi to cut him a check. It was all rather chaotic and an epic he-said/she-said debacle during which both Brandi and Eddie were neither all right or all wrong.

Now Brandi is reviving the controversy. She writes a blog for, mostly about Real Housewife stuff and those dramas, but here’s part of her post this week:

Cut to my house where I’m having fun trying to decorate with my very good friend Adrienne. We have been friends for decades, and she always has my back.

We were interrupted with a call from my attorney. I am really trying to find peace and happiness in my life, even when it comes to my ex husband. It’s been five long years since we split, and I would really like the fighting to just stop. Eddie decided after my second best-selling book Drinking and Dating was released, that he had overpaid me in child support and alimony over the past five years and would like to be reimbursed for the back payments–already spent on rent, food, and clothing to raise our children.

Since I didn’t have the cash lying around, he was happy to take it from my tiny retirement fund, a small $114k. I had no choice but to hire a lawyer to fight for my retirement. Although I’m not going to just roll over and let him take my retirement account, I’m also bummed that this fighting continues. One thousand a month in L.A. is kinda sad for a guy who can earn $300k a year only working part time. So, now you know.

[From BravoTV]

Sigh… I wish Brandi didn’t publicly air these grievances so often. But I can’t really blame her too much, because it’s sort of interesting to discuss. A lot of people would not think $114,000 in a retirement account is “tiny,” especially for a woman who earns a decent paycheck as a reality star and author. But I get her point – Brandi never really got all that much from Eddie in the divorce, and the fact that he’s still bitching about what little he did pay her after five years just seems… small. Petty. Gross. Like he’s obsessed with making Brandi “pay” for whatever happened between them. Why is Eddie incapable of just calling it a day? I actually have a theory that being with LeAnn has made Eddie crazier and more obsessive. Like, now LeAnn and Eddie can sit around and obsess about Brandi together!



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  1. heidi says:

    Brandi is still so smitten with Eddie that she can never get his name out of her mind.

    • HappyMom says:

      Oh please. Get a grip on reality. He’s going after HER money after he cheated and left.

    • claire says:

      How is that the case? This was happening when the show was being filmed so of course it comes up. If he wasn’t hassling her, she wouldn’t have this happening on the show. So isn’t your logic telling you, especially after watching his and Leann’s obsession with her on THEIR show, that the obsession is with them, she’s just reacting? Sorry, but it sure seems like for every 1 time Brandi responds to those dipsh*ts, there’s been about 10 times she’s ignored them.

    • Loulou says:

      Hi, LeAnn.

    • MrsB says:

      So, how do you explain the way Eddie & LeAnn went out of their way in every episode (that I saw anyway-which was like 3) to talk about Brandie. Brandie is the glue that keeps E & L together.

    • Byte Me says:

      That is so not true. Can’t believe that there’s still people out there who believe this.

    • Pinky says:

      Actually, you seem smitten with Brandi. Like you can’t stop thinking about her. Try. For everyone’s sake.

    • anne_000 says:

      Why would Brandi want Eddie back?

      Who would want a man who lives off his rich wife’s money at the same time suing his ex-wife and mother of his only children to get 80% of her money?

      Oh yeah, Only LeAnn would. Pathetic.

    • Izzy says:

      Get lost, troll.

    • Camille says:

      To Brandi – you’ve admitted that Eddie overpaid you and the courts will rule in his favor. As for your “retirement” fund — it’s not yours it’s Eddie’s. His attorneys stated that they’ll take the 100K overpayment out of what he owes you from HIS retirement fund. That’s why you’re getting the 20/80% split of his fund. In no way did Eddie’s attorneys state that they wanted a reduction in the child support or alimony — he said he’ll take his overpayment out of what your agreed upon portion of his retirement fund. Nice try to lie about the circumstances.

      • Suzanne says:

        So Camille…who are you really….that you’re an expert on who owes what to whom? You got the inside track on both their finances or what? Why would anyone aside from them and their legal teams…be so INFORMED on their personal finances…divorces agreements….retirement funds, etc unless they have a personal interest? Is that you Squinty?

      • Isabelle says:

        This post doesn’t at all sound like a plant post haha.

    • Jers says:

      Please. Ed is still in love with her & his next ex wife is obsessed.

    • jenn12 says:

      Well, if you’re going by how often Ed’s name is mentioned, she is definitely over him. She seems to want resolution and peace. Drama is exhausting, and my guess is she knows she has a shelf life and wants to do what it takes to keep her career going and sock away money until the franchise ends. If you go by how many times Eddie mentioned Brandi’s name in, say, his reality show, he is madly in love with her. But I don’t go by that; I think he is just obsessed with making her pay for what his life has become and she just wants freedom from the punishment.

    • Falkor says:

      Leann, shouldn’t you be drinking and crying in a closet or something?

  2. Jessica says:

    Considering a retirement fund is projected to last 20 years +, it really is a small retirement account. Unfortunately is probably more than a lot of people have, but take away the comparison to nada it really is modest.

    • OhDear says:

      Especially given her age and income.

    • nk868 says:

      +1. the average amount advisors tell you to have (not just in wealthier areas surrounding big cities) is ~1mil these days to live comfortably and to account for longer average lifespan

    • Audrey says:

      Yeah, she’s getting pretty old and doesn’t have much longer to earn $$

      If that amount is true, it’s very small and she’s going to be in big trouble when she physically can’t work.

    • ncboudicca says:

      I’m hoping that she has other retirement accounts elsewhere, and that this is just one into which one or both of them contributed while they were still married. I’m not rich by any means, but I do have more than one retirement account. Hopefully she does, as well.

      • Catk says:

        Seriously, that retire mount is ridiculously small. I don’t get the people obsessed with designer shoes and purses but incapable of saving for retirement. I have 5 times that and I’m younger than this chick.

  3. HappyMom says:

    He’s such a jerk. Ugh. So petty and disgusting to go after her money like this when he was the one who cheated and left. She’s the mother of your children. Man up.

    • Zwella Ingrid says:

      If it is true that he overpaid her, and surely legally, this can be proved true or false, I don’t blame him for wanting money returned that was overpaid (IF TRUE)

      This is a very small retirement given her income. I find it strange that someone pulling in as much money as she is would not have more money put away. Also, would she not be entitled to part of his retirement in the divorce settlement?

      Its my guess that Eddie and Leann are not as flush with money as they once were, and probably could actually use this extra cash to maintain their “high rolling” type lifestyle.

      • Bridget says:

        Eddie and Brandi’s marriage ended with a lot of debt, so she’s spent the past handful of years trying to get her financial situation put right. It also meant that she left the marriage with almost nothing except that debt.

      • aaa says:

        I don’t recall reading that Brandi was saddled with debt from her marriage, rather Eddie made good money and they spent what he made and did not have a lot saved up or invested.

      • jenn12 says:

        Yes, I recall reading they were left in debt. Eddie just didn’t have to worry because he found Leann to pay his bills. And legalities aside, any decent person would say, “I made a lot of mistakes and treated you poorly. You didn’t deserve being cheated on and you’re the mother of my kids. All good.”

      • aaa says:

        Again, I don’t recall reading that Brandi was saddled with debt when she got divorced and did a Google search for the time when they were breaking up and did not see it, if you have a link please post it. I don’t think that Brandi was left having to pay out of her pocket for debt incurred during the marriage unless it was related to the incidents when she used Eddie’s credit card without his permission. Of course I can believe that they had credit card debt and other debts but they had assets as well like a boat, and maybe in the end when all Brandi and Eddie’s debts were netted against their assets that there was no lump sum to divide or perhaps it affected how much alimony Brandi received.

        I agree 100% that Eddie treated Brandi poorly but Brandi came out swinging and she became a celebrity in her own right as the woman who did not go away quietly when her husband and his mistress got together. I hope that Brandi enjoyed the notoriety that she got, and to her credit she was actually able to build a career from it beyond just selling stories to tabloids, however one of the consequences of popping off at the mouth to every gossip rag that will listen is an ex husband who is not inclined to pay you anymore money than he has to.

        I don’t see IF Eddie had debt, why his GIRLFRIEND Leann would offer to pay off his debt when Eddie was still getting work during this timeframe.

      • jenn12 says:

        I don’t have any links, but I guess I can look. It sounded as though they had credit card debt and a mortgage and were living way above their means. And if Eddie was in debt, that would either mean Brandi (still his wife at that point) would also incur debt or that she had very little or nothing. Eddie was never a big deal in Hollywood and Brandi was a minor model. Leann has paid his bills from day one, including child support, and I do not get how she is fine with that. I can’t stand her, but it’s just disgusting and I think she believed it was temporary and that she had won her prize and that’s what you do when it’s true love. Of course, that is my perception; I don’t know any of these people, but they put a lot out there from which to think about. Brandi doesn’t always make good decisions, but hers seem to stem from frustration and wanting to be heard; Leann’s and Eddie’s decisions seem to stem from malice and wanting to get even for their public perceptions and one up her. Leann (and, sadly, Mariah) sounded horrible at the tree lighting and her career is really faltering. Eddie has no job offers. I think if he got one, he’d take it. And instead of getting any job like a proper parent, he makes excuses to get money in shady ways. He has a college degree, I am almost sure of it- put it to use. Own a gym, physical therapist, sports medicine… he can go on Leann’s dime. He doesn’t have very young kids; his kids are in school all day. He can work at something, but doesn’t want to. As for returning money, it may be legal or whatever, but he treated Brandi like crap and now spends his days vacationing and following Leann on tour. It’s immoral, unethical and plain wrong. He can’t leave them to work at ANY job, but he can spend weeks on tour with Leann or vacationing? He’s disgusting. Same guy who wanted support payments reduced while supposedly buying Leann that huge engagement ring. We all know Leann bought it, but it’s also proof that he’s living in luxury off her while Brandi hustles to get whatever work she can while it’s available. Perhaps- and I don’t know for sure- all the Botox, designer clothing, etc, is to keep up with the reality stars around her and ensure people stay interested. Would they be as interested if she went around in yoga pants? Though I wish she would get a stylist because her personal style is too hoochie and she will ruin a very pretty face with all the fillers.

    • Anny says:

      I hope that she has more than just this one account. He is a disgusting human being. Legally yes, she has to give it back. Morally, hell no! That pig cheated on her, left her with next to nothing and lets his insane second wife use their kids for photo-ops. He didn’t pay her “way too much” – how can you pay “way too much” to the mother of your children?!! I just don’t get this! When my relative got divorced he gave his ex a house, bought her a car and gave her lots of money every month – she was raising his kids. Happy mother = happy kids.

  4. Jem says:

    Serious question: does Eddie even earn a paycheck anymore? When was the last time he got paid for work he did?

  5. Jaded says:

    Eddie must be looking for some get-away money….

  6. Kiddo says:

    That second photo has a theme song:
    I am
    Doll eyes
    Doll mouth
    Doll legs
    I am
    Doll arms
    Big veins
    Dog bait

    • Willa says:

      Lol! Totally!

    • Kitten says:

      Someone needs to take this woman’s bronzer away.

    • mimf says:

      Lol Kiddo, you scary me.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      So true. The harsh blush and harsh lipstick together give her a creepy doll effect.

      • Puravidacostarica says:

        Something LeAnn was emulating the other night at the Christmas tree lighting in New York….

      • Lahdidahbaby says:

        A “Bride of Chuckie” look. She could look much prettier if she went more natural. But she may be in that middle-aged panic phase where we females try too hard to look like we did when we were nubile young things. Trouble is, the more you cake all that stuff on your face, the older you look.

        Calm down, Brandi, you have a killer bod and a face that can look very pretty when you leave it alone!

  7. wow says:

    I would be ashamed of myself if I were him…bitching about supporting your own children? Sorry, dude, they aren’t old enough yet to get their own sugar mama like Daddy did.

  8. Greta says:

    That close-up of Brandi is really scary. She looks like that puppet from the SAW franchise.

    • Denise says:

      She has such a naturally beautiful bone structure and cheeks but the overfilling needs to stop. Sure as we get older we start to sag a bit and lose volume, but had she done nothing surely it would be superior to this, she’d still be beautiful. Now she’ll never know.

  9. claire says:

    I guess it’s all legal but it’s still terribly selfish and tacky. He turns down jobs (supposedly – that show was a big bunch of lies) and sits on his ass, when he’s not following around Leann, and then goes after her when she finds jobs to support herself. She’s hustling while he’s taking 1 or 2 vacations a month and he wants her to pay him money because he’s not working and acting as some paid ho for Leann.

    Gross. Just gross.

    • jenn12 says:

      That’s probably a big part of it- he CAN’T find work and doesn’t want to admit it, especially because Brandi is sought after for gigs and CAN find work. What a douchelord.

  10. noway says:

    They all need to stop talking about this stuff in public, and stop being petty. Him for going after it and her for not just dealing with it and Leann for just being there with the cattle prod and egging it on. We get it you hate/love/hate each other. Think of the kids! At some point you have to all let it go. Also, Brandi lay low on the botox and fillers yuck!!!!

    • anne_000 says:

      Brandi is dealing with it. So why should she keep quiet about what Eddie is doing especially when her money is what she uses to raise their children and the media already has this story out?

      Just to preserve Eddie’s feelings? His kids probably already know because their friends’ parents might read about it and kids nowadays learn all sorts of stuff of the internet. What Eddie is doing is taking away from his kids too.

      If Eddie doesn’t want this known publicly then he should stop suing her. Simple.

      • aaa says:

        Brandi is the one who made all this public when she sent out a tweet claiming that Eddie wanted her to pay him child support.

      • noway says:

        Simple you don’t keep it quiet for Eddie you have some dignity and don’t fightfor the kids. They probably know about it, but you make it worse when you hear mom , dad, and leann said this. There is a high road it is time to take it, and let it go. Her kids are young she will be co-parenting with him for another decade and Leann will be involved for a while at least. Until that ends which could be anytime now. They all need to take it, but it seems like they all just fall to the gossip gutter.

      • jenn12 says:

        That’s a bully for you- keep it quiet, that’s what they want. Bullies need to be called out. Brandi is in a no win situation. She wants to get along and co-parent, but he keeps using their kids or demanding money or saying ugly things about her and portraying himself as some kind of victim, and the only way to really fight him is to show him that she won’t be quiet. When he and Leann were ripping her apart on their show, public opinion went against them and helped Brandi be seen as someone in an impossible situation. They don’t want people to know what they pull.

      • noway says:

        Here’s the thing bullying when you are an adult is different than kids, and requires different avenues to combat it. Grow up and act mature -screaming on social media about a court case is an immature avenue. Just as going on a reality show and slamming the mother of your children is immature. If no one ever told you two wrongs don’t make a right. Going to court and winning is a better one and generally more profitable, unless you are trying to sell your own reality show. Which is probably the point of her rant. I feel for the only innocent ones in this the boys. Good luck to them!!!! As it seems fans, publicist and others are egging them all on.

      • jenn12 says:

        I don’t know who’s egging anyone on, but I’m not. I simply think that secrecy is what bullies thrive on, no matter what the age is. Brandi tended to throw up her hands and give in, and it made L and E feel more powerful and try to get away with more. Truly, the boys suffer from the back and forth, but the fault lies in L and E constantly wanting to punish Brandi for not handing her life over to them and crawling away.

      • noway says:

        Are you reading what people are saying? A good portion of people are telling her she should bury him in the gutter where he belongs. Only to be outdone by the Leann hate, which I find odd that it seems more than Eddie hate, because he is just as bad if not worse because he cheated with two beautiful boys and didn’t give a crap. Don’t understand why we always blame the woman more than the man, but that is life now I guess.

        Brandi is a smart girl, she knows her bread is buttered with the attention she gets from this. So it keeps going on, just wish they all would think about the kids and take it down a few notches.

      • jenn12 says:

        I looked through the comments on here, and didn’t see that. If it’s on Twitter, I peek at it sometimes, but am not on it. Brandi is savvy, but I think she’s exhausted and wants an end to the fighting. She says very little about them, and it’s been that way for a while. Easy for others to be sick of it when they’re not living the same thing day after day and worrying about their kids. IMO, she’s taken it way down. Eddie and Leann are utter and complete a-holes. Eddie is an abusive, manipulative sociopath who sells his kids’ images to support himself while insulting their mom and using his current wife to hurt her. Leann is a POS who enjoys hurting the woman whose sons she professes to love and uses others to do her dirty work. I say call them out because they do things like introduce Brandi’s sons to Leann’s self professed biggest fans, who came backstage wearing F Brandi shirts after Leann gave them a shoutout at a concert. When confronted, she claimed she didn’t see what the shirts said. Just a day or two ago, some nasty fan tweeted a photo of L and E kissing and tagged Leann and Brandi in it, saying how Leann dates real men, not 23 year old losers and Leann favorited the tweet. She uses fans to demean and harass Brandi and I fully believe Eddie is complicit in it. They’re sneaky, manipulative jerks who don’t understand their own actions are coming back to haunt them.

  11. FLORC says:

    Eddie should be thanking Brandi. After watching that terrible reality show all Leann and Eddie have in common is complaining about Brandi and self made drama. Should those 2 be left without that common link there would be no relationship imo.

    I wonder how much money Leann has left.

  12. Luca76 says:

    Sorry she sounds like an ass to me. He may be a total s***thead but she is making more money then she was in the past and she was probably being overpaid. It just sounds like such sour grapes and any excuse to keep the sh**t stirred up.

    • claire says:

      This is what’s ick to me.
      He is purposefully not working (his admission) to have to pay less in the first place.
      She gets less so she hustles – she’s always doing tons of little ventures to add to her income.
      What she does make, he now wants.
      Meanwhile, he’s not hurting for money – he’s supported by someone else.

      It’s petty and gross and he just wiped out her retirement fund for his vindictive ways. He’s a loser. I would say he should be embarrassed, but he clearly has no shame. Being with Leann Rimes and cosigning her trainwreck makes that clear as day.

      • Jezi says:

        Thank you Claire. Why this is such a hard concept to understand I will never get. He’s not suffering from not having this money. I mean he lives and is stuck with crazy so I guess he does suffer but that’s self inflicted suffering. He’s constantly on vacation, lives in a mansion and drives a Porsche. Does he really need this money? It’s sad.

      • Luca76 says:

        I honestly don’t care about all that all 3 are horrid people Brandi only less horrible than L&E because they are two of the worst ever. Brandi is no longer struggling financially and her settlement amount changed it happens everyday and most people snicker and get on with their lives and cut a check. That’s just called divorce. She’s on a TV show and has two best sellers she has the money if she doesn’t it’s because she’s wasting it on booze and Botox not because she’s struggling.

      • Jessica says:

        He only pays $1,000 a month in child support – that’s hardly anything. She was a housewife supporting his career while they were married – I don’t understand why she isn’t receiving more, to be honest. Geeze I pay that much for daycare and I’m not nearly as wealthy as these people.

      • claire says:

        @Luna76: It’s just tacky and underhanded to me. He took her whole life out from under her to get hitched on the wagon of a wealthier woman. She puts effort in to making some income and he’s like, whelp, you did tooo good for yourself now, so I’d like that money too, while sitting on a redneck tour bus stuffing bon bons into his fat drunk face. It may all be legal, but it’s nothing that will earn him any respect. Dude’s a grifter, a user, a ho bag and IMO, an abuser.

      • Luca76 says:

        People mention the adultery and crappy douchey behavior like it’s actually something a judge should factor into a custody settlement. It’s not- for a judge it’s just cold hard matters of income. Brandi WAS a housewife with no income now she’s on a successful reality show and has two bestselling books. Eddie was on a network TV show and now he’s unable to get a real gig (I believe that’s genuine no one is buying him on a show with the blowback from his personal life) and is on an E list reality show. I’m betting his payments are low because Brandi makes more money now and if weren’t for Lee Ann Brandi would be paying him child support. If she had an ounce of class she would keep her mouth shut about the turd for the sake of her kids and keep it moving. But she knows this drama is what keeps her relevant and the one thing that makes her sympathetic is how awful her ex is.

      • anon33 says:

        Luca76, that’s the key issue and what no one here seems to get. The court DOES NOT CARE about what went down emotionally between them. It’s a simple matter of mathematics-Brandi was making less, now she is making more. That would a trigger a recalculation in any support case and if it was a man making more everyone would be up in arms about how he SHOULD be paying more.
        Don’t get me wrong-I can’t stand ANY of these people, least of all LeAnn, but I work in the legal profession and it confuses me when people think that emotions somehow should be factored in/involved in legal matters.

      • LNG says:

        +1000 to Luca. I think this is exactly what is happening. She is mostly likely making more money than he is, and more than she was making when the initial settlement was agreed upon (or ordered – i have no idea if they settled outside of court). Leanne’s income is only tangentially relevant to the assessment of what he can pay. Generally, the spouse who makes more pays in joint custody scenarios.

        Him being a douche has nothing to do with how much child support he should have to pay. If they hadn’t all aired their dirty laundry in public then he might be able to get a job (or not have been fired from the last one) and afford to pay her more. The more she talks about him, the less likely he is able to get a good gig. They all need to STFU, in my humble opinion.

      • claire says:

        @Luca76: sorry I wrote Luna earlier…anyway, my opinion has nothing to do with what is legal or what the judge orders. This is a gossip site, so of course we’re going to comment on the other aspects of it, like being a douchebag or not, what’s morally or ethically right or wrong. Or what’s just plain being a jerk. He initiated the courts looking further into it. That’s already been reported. So what the judge will or won’t consider isn’t really the point of a lot of people’s reactions. Eddie has a history of screwing her over financially. Sheesh, back when they were first divorcing, he went to court to ask for reduced payments to her, right around when they put out the press release about her super expensive engagement ring. It’s just all tacky, vindictive and honestly, makes him look like he really still has hurt feelings about her.

      • Izzy says:

        Actually, another factor the court can, should and will consider, is whether Eddie can work. He can. If he can’t get acting gigs, he’s still physically able-bodied. Go work at f-ing Walmart. Be a man and support your kids.

      • LNG says:

        Oh I agree, if he is turning down acting jobs then the court can and will impute income to him. Working at Walmart isn’t going to change this scenario though (well, it actually might – he would then be making substantially less than she is and Brandi would have to pay him support as they have joint custody). Brandi has an interest in him making as much money as possible, because the more he makes the more he can pay her in child support. She’s sort of between a rock and a hard place – if she stops airing their crap in public and engaging in the back and forth with Leanne, then the memory of what an ass he is might fade in the collective consciousness and he might be able to get more work. But then Brandi would have less drama to help sell her books and reality shows.

      • aaa says:

        Eddie did not say that he was “purposefully not working” in order to pay less support. On the reality show he turned down an out-of-town job because he said the last time he worked out of town and the kids were with Brandi full-time that he had problems with how Brandi was taking care of their sons. IIRC he said that there were issues with them not getting to school and / or not getting to school on time and also issues with homework not getting done.

        Eddie probably can work more than he does, but I don’t think that a judge is going to order Eddie, who makes $300,000 a year working part-time and has his sons 50% of the time, to go out and get more acting work. What is it that Mason and Jake are being deprived of in the current scenario that justifies ordering Eddie to go out and get more work / bring in more money, especially if most of the work is not local?

      • jenn12 says:

        In the time period Eddie tried to claim this, it was early fall. Mason had just started second grade and Jake was a preschooler. This man cannot stop insulting and accusing the mother of his sons.

      • AntiSocialButterfly says:

        @aaa/anon/heidi/kiki/leann/whoever you are today-

        Just because you attibute a statement to Eddiot does not make it valid, honest or accurate.

    • anne_000 says:

      So she should be punished for making more money than she did while as a housewife when she was married to Eddie?

      Eddie is the one who keeps going to court to lower his child support money and suing for back child support and alimony instead of just leaving it alone. As of this episode, he pays only $1,000 per month for two kids.

      Unless the judge ruled on this, we don’t know if Eddie overpaid or not, but his going to court repeatedly to pay as little as possible on top of trying to get most of her savings sounds like he’s punishing her for breaking up with him and being completely done with him. It sounds like his ego was hurt rather than it being about the finances.

      • Luca76 says:

        Yeah it’s not about punishing her. Actually it’s not about Brandi or Eddie or LeeAnne. It’s about the kids. An impartial judge is just going to look at incomes and change the settlement to provide for the kids. Brandi is just as responsible financially unless you subscribe to a sexist viewpoint circa the 50s.

        Eddie may be able to play every third white guy in a Tyler Perry movie his tv career is dead. I don’t even think he can go back to soaps because women hate him that much. It’s Eddies fault of course but Brandi definitely had a part in ruining his reputation by making everything public so she’s dealing with those consequences.

        This is why divorces get so ugly and messy because people think a judge is supposed to give you back what you lost emotionally and you won’t be given any of that back in a courtroom .

      • anne_000 says:

        @Luca76 – So waiting until the total racks up to the 6-figure mark over a period of 5 years in order to sue isn’t odd? If it’s about the kids, then why is he taking back child support he’s already paid?

        Brandi didn’t have a part in ruining his reputation. His mistress of three years, including the year that Brandi was pregnant, went to the media and told her story. His affairs came out in the media because of LeAnn and his other mistresses and most of all himself. It’s not Brandi’s responsibility to keep quiet and protect Eddie. He’s an adult. Any fall out is on himself.

        So over 5 years, he doesn’t know what he paid out until the figure got to the 6-figure mark? He didn’t know years ago when it was in the 4- to 5-figure mark?

        Seems like he waited until it would REALLY hurt her financially.

      • aaa says:

        Brandi said she made less than $20,000 her first season on Real Housewives and I doubt if Brandi made any significant money until 2013. Eddie had the audit done in early 2014 for support payments made up until the end of 2013. Would it have really been better had Eddie gone after the overpayment in 2011 or 2012?

        A few years ago Brandi and Eddie made an agreement regarding what would happen if Eddie overpaid or underpaid support. Brandi should not be shocked that Eddie, probably knowing that he overpaid, got an audit done anymore than Eddie should not be shocked if Brandi, had she thought she’d been underpaid, got an audit done and from there attempted to get her hands on what was underpaid.

      • why? says:

        Eddie had the audit done in 2013 because the court papers said he claimed that he overpaid in December(Brandi got the notice in 2014 around the time she was doing her book promotions), he filed the papers about overpaying in December just days before Leann took him, Lizzy, and Elisa to Colorado. This was when Leann tweeted a photo of her abs and then tweeted all the way to the airport, where they were papped with Mason and Jake. The same vacation where on their way back to LA, Leann tweeted about witnessing a plane crash on the runway and then papped Mason and Jake at the airport after those kids had to see the horrible plane crash in Colorado. It looks like Eddie was going after Brandi as a means to recoup the money Leann was paying for Lizzy, Elisa, and Eddie’s vacation in Colorado.

        Eddie didn’t overpay. He is just making excuses because his ultimate goal is to hurt Brandi.

        Are you forgetting that Eddie said that he and Leann have a lot of money? Why is he going after Brandi when he openly admits that he and Leann are rich? Eddie is only paying $1000 in child support. Instead of going on vacations, maybe Eddie can use that time to work.

        Brandi needs to start using Eddie and Leann’s staged vacation photo-ops and what Eddie said on the reality show to her advantage. Leann has a high priced attorney to make sure that Eddie gets away with this nonsense. Eddie has vacationed more times than he has worked in 2014. How is that fair to Mason and Jake?

        Does anyone know whatever happened to Eddie’s 1 billion lawsuit against Life and Style? If Eddie thought he could milk Life and Style for a ridiculous amount of money for saying he was cheating on Leann with Scheana, then you know that he would bring ridiculous charges against Brandi too.

      • jenn12 says:

        It’s not about legalities at this point- it’s about Eddie being morally bankrupt. So he cheated on her throughout their marriage, tried to cheat her out of money, and let his mistress abuse her and try to take over the kids, and Brandi should sit quietly and let them do as they please? Happy or unhappy, he cheated rampantly, and it was a pattern with him because he did it to at least one former fiancée, but this time he had kids to hold over his ex’s head. At one time, he had a lot more power than Brandi, especially with Leann’s money and pull behind him and Brandi had nothing but the courage to speak up. Maybe you should explain to victims who are currently speaking up about what happened to them about the legalities of time running out and how they missed their chance and think about what it’s like to come up against a more powerful and richer person.

      • jenn12 says:

        And of course it’s about punishing her. Eddie claims- more slandering- that when he’s not around, the kids don’t get to school on time and their work suffers. So he can’t work, but he can follow his wife on tour and go on vacations? It’s okay to be gone then? Sound logic.

      • aaa says:

        Eddie Cibrian was “morally bankrupt” back when he was dating and planning to marry one woman and living with another woman, JSYK that other woman was Brandi Glanville. Brandi knew exactly what kind of man she was getting with long before they got married and had children together.

      • jenn12 says:

        Yes, I agree. Eddie has been a jerk for many years. No need for inverted commas around the term morally bankrupt. I don’t know what Brandi did or didn’t know, but she is not exactly Harvard material and I can see how she would be easily manipulated. Eddie thinks he’s smart, but he’s really just your average sociopath who is good at manipulating until unmasked. She was in her early 20s when she starting dating him and many of us are dumb at that stage. Many women think their love will change their significant others’ behaviors and that the person now knows what true love is. I would bet he’s doing it to Leann right now. But aging, evil gigolo is not a life plan.

      • why? says:

        Leann knows what kind of man she got before she got married to Eddie, why does she keep sending Camp Leann to sites to attack Brandi as if Brandi was the one who slept with her husband?

      • noway says:

        Why? Did Eddie really file a 1 billion dollar lawsuit against Life and Style? If he did that is hysterical. I can tell you where that case is if it wasn’t dismissed out of sheer stupidity it is still in court and will be there for a long time with that kind of obscene amount of money attached to it. His kids will be grand parents before that gets to court, just joking but only a bit. What could make a third tier, on his best day, television actor who is more famous for cheating on his wife think he could be damaged in the 1 billion dollar range? Does he think Leann is worth that much? Sure she and her career was and is worth more than his, but even if none of the self inflicted crap they have done to each other was there 1 Billion dollars is a big stretch.

  13. Anna Maria says:

    Im canadian so not sure if americans have a similar retirement savings system. Up here you get tax refunds for putting money into retirement plans, so if my husband puts money into my retirement fund (he works and I’m a sahm) he gets a tax refund. So, long comment but if Eddie benefited from contributing to her retirement plan he should Not have access to it. In my opinion.

    • Christin says:

      Americans can do that as well. If neither spouse participated in a retirement plan at work, then all contributions may be deductible.

      If he’s going after her retirement account, it is possible it was opened during the marriage and he made contributions (back in the days when he worked). The devil is in the details.

  14. Alex says:

    Such petty BS. Honesty Eddie is a small small man for doing this. Nickel and dining someone who is the mother of your children that YOU cheated on. Wtf is he doing beside holding Leann’s coat these days anyways?

    And Leann ans Eddie need to let go of their obsession with Brandi. The few eps of their show I watched they mentioned her at least once every time with “sly” remarks that were not clever. Lord

    • Puravidacostarica says:

      Remember, according to Brandi’s book, this is the same man who insisted on getting, as part of their divorce, half of their 12-piece china set that Brandi and Eddie got as a wedding present. Yes, he’s a real peach.

  15. littlestar says:

    Makes me think that Leann and Eddiot really need the money! I agree that Brandi shouldn’t be airing this publicly, but Eddiot is a f*cking loser who deserves to be publicly shamed for treating his ex like crap and gas-lighting his current wife, so I guess I’m not too bothered by it LOL!

    • Anny says:

      In any other case I would say it’s totally not classy but in this case? Air away honey! Shame that loser and his crazy wife as much as you can. Write another book, make a show about them and perhaps a movie too!

      • AntiSocialButterfly says:

        Oooh… there’s an idea… an over dramatized Lifetime movie about the adultery/pregnancy/ mistresses/stalking/homelessness/penniless phoenix rising, etc. Nice!

        The irony of putting it all out there on the same network where Leaky McButtocks was first d!ckmatized- the lols would be endless.

    • jenn12 says:

      We need to stop telling victims to not speak up. It takes courage to speak up and talk about your experiences. Brandi has been publicly raked over the coals by Leann and Eddie, they’ve tried to insult her as a parent and insinuate that she’s irresponsible and then Leann makes a show of sending her flowers after insulting her. They constantly try to lie and manipulate and have others do their dirty work and they go after her in any way possible. Speak up, Brandi, and don’t protect these emotionally abusive a—-s.

  16. Greek Chic says:

    If i had to be with Leann i would be crazy too.

  17. grimmsfairytale says:

    As a hypothesis it makes sense that when Leann and Eddie sit around, her histrionic behavior and obsession feeds his, creating a situation where normality is replaced with obsessive and destructive behaviors….

    Mostly, I’m just sick of the whole lot of them. And Brandi is not helping heself by saying that 100k is “little/tiny” when most of this country is trying to live below middle class/at poverty line.
    Brandi complaining about being “LA poor” is ridiculous. Where can I sign up to be “LA poor” or is it a “leave your dignity at the door” sort of thing? Because then I’ll stay “normal American poor” at 10k a year working and going to school.

    The scandal made her popular and enables her to pay her bills as a reality tv star and writer of scandalous wino books. It only makes sense that her perpetuating it continues the money train for her, even if we’re all sick of it we keep watching the car crash. It is petty that Eddie is so money grubbing though.

    They’re all just… terrible.

    • Jezi says:

      It is small when you take into account that her job offers won’t last that much longer. She has to have some money to fall back on during retirement just like us normal folk.

      • Byte Me says:

        Who’s to say her job offers won’t last that much longer? I believe she’s well on her way to a better future and she doesn’t need Leann & that loser she was married to to help her.

      • grimmsfairytale says:

        The public doesn’t seem to be tiring of her. She’s a huge mess (drunken racism, drunken stumbling, gossipy tidbits straight from the horses mouth) and has a huge following on here (I recall a very large troupe of Brandi’s followers on here when Leann had that court case against that teacher, and they were being more active than any of Leanns people and seem to remember it getting pretty vitriolic if you didn’t like Brandi, even if got didn’t like Leann as well) and on Bravo. People love her, love to hate her, etc. She could probably milk this another ten years as long as the three of them keep up the crazy. I don’t see her falling into destitution. I haven’t been sold on that. I see no evidence that she is growing unpopular or falling into obscurity.

      • littlestar says:

        Jezi, if her job offers (aka reality TV shows) dry up in the future, she can be like the rest of us “normal” folk and get a normal job. Why is Brandi excluded from doing un-glamorous work just because she’s had a small taste of fame?

      • Jezi says:

        @Bytes me fairy I hope you’re right but none of us can predict our future employment. It is nice to know that we have some savings just in case.

        @grimmsfairy She’s not a drunk but on your other comments I can only hope you’re correct. I want her to be successful for her boys’ sake.

        @littlestar Let’s be realistic here, she has no experience in the job force, so what would allow her the opportunity to keep her in the lifestyle she’s living and providing for her boys? You really think that she can live in the school district where the boys go to school on a 9-5 income? You don’t think Leann and Eddie are just waiting for that day so they can try to get full custody? Is she not entitled to that retirement money?

      • littlestar says:

        Are you kidding me? She should continue living a certain lifestyle just because she’s accustomed to it? Plenty of people live “high end” lifestyles, lose their money, and have to downsize because if it. Why would it be any different for her? If her job offers dry up, she should still be wearing Louboutin’s and Botoxing her face to kingdom come? SO MIND BOGGLING. Move to a different location if she can’t afford the one she’s in. Sure it’ll suck for her kids but that’s LIFE. As for having “no work experience”, that’s a weak excuse. Is she incapable of learning new things?

        And I never said anything about her retirement fund so no idea why you’re saying I don’t think she’s entitled to the money she’s put away for herself :S.

      • Jezi says:

        So if she moves out the neighborhood what happens to her custody terms? Well the retirement money helps her in the future that’s why I said that. It’s her savings for her future. But I guess her holding down the household for 13 years doesn’t mean jack to people who think she doesn’t deserve it and that Eddie living off his wealthy wife all the while screwing his ex wife over is ok. Not understanding your logic.

      • AntiSocialButterfly says:

        I think she does a great job in her podcasts, and I could really see her being a talk show host, maybe long term.

      • AntiSocialButterfly says:

        Welp, if her income were to drop off, you know who would have to pick up the child support slack!!!

    • claire says:

      @ByteMe: really?! What is she gonna do? She has no college education. The only options I see for her are either continuing down the reality show path, which is a terrible terrible idea and she should abandon at some point to get some normalcy/dignityprivacy back. And get rid of the toxicity that sort of career brings. Or, go get a degree. I think that’s her best bet. She said at one point she was going to get her realtor license – haven’t heard anything about that since. Then several months ago she talked about her kids teasing her about signing up for school/classes – haven’t heard anything about that since either.

      The thing that will always be an issue for her is that she has to maintain some level of income to keep a home in the area. If she ever downgrades too far in income, Eddie and Leann will argue in courts to take the kids away. Bet on it.

    • Luca76 says:

      It amazes me that people really believe her when she says she’s poor. LA poor or whatever. I bet has enough money to buy a nice home in LA in a middle to upper middle class area between her RH salary which is 6 figures, her books, and whatever she gets for appearances. She doesn’t want to live that way she’s comparing herself to multimillionaires and billionaires that’s her choice but she needs perspective.

      • grimmsfairytale says:

        So true. And what, pray tell, prevents her from educating herself and getting a non-entertainment focused career?

      • Jezi says:

        Whose saying she’s poor? No one has said that. She never said that either. But she’s certainly not driving Porsche and living in a mansion.

      • aaa says:

        Brandi has a new Range Rover and said it is the only one like it in the country. The rental house that she moved into a few months ago looks very nice, has several rooms, a pool and a view of Bel Air and the mountains.

      • littlestar says:

        The house she’s living in right now is bigger than most people’s homes, I was actually surprised at how large it was. If she can afford rent in a place like that, makes me wonder why she doesn’t buy a home of similar or smaller size. And she drives a pretty fancy SUV.

      • Jezi says:

        Yes and so? Not understanding why she can’t have nice things when she works hard for it. Her point to her ex is let her have her retirement money. He’s not suffering. He’s living the high life. Where’s the attack on him? I don’t get you people! This woman works her butt off and you begrudge her. If she sat living off of alimony and child support you all would say get a job moocher. What do you want from her?

      • aaa says:

        I don’t begrudge Brandi or Eddie having nice things. Brandi can have her only one in the country Range Rover and Eddie can have his Porsche and they both can live their lives in their nice houses with swimming pools and beautiful views.

        But at the same time Brandi and Eddie made an agreement a few years ago and I don’t begrudge Eddie and his Porsche going after Brandi for overpaid support anymore that I begrudge Brandi and her Range Rover going after Eddie for underpaid support.

      • grimmsfairytale says:

        you are unusually defensive ofthis woman’s life, no offense.
        No one is begrudging her, I just fail to see how she is supposed to be entitled to more than everyone else, using your logic, or how reality tv and drinking and ghost writing is her “working her butt off” and we are all begrudging haters (which is HEAVILY implied)… 😒

      • littlestar says:

        I am not begrudging Brandi anything, especially if she worked hard for it, nor do I think Eddiot is entitled to her earnings, but I find it peculiar how you’re making it out to seem like Brandi’s still struggling (which she is not). Brandi is not some martyr and after a lot of poor behaviour, it’s hard for THIS former fan (me) to continually make excuses for her all the time.

        Also, I have said plenty of times over the years that I’ve been commenting on Celebitchy that I think Eddiot is a Grade A loser. Not sure how you’ve missed that.

        Edited to also add: Brandi’s ghostwriter was friggin awesome. I’m sure SHE WORKED HARD to write those books for Brandi.

    • anne_000 says:

      $100k is pretty small when you consider that her making money in show business may be limited, as it is for countless people who’ve found a small bit of fame but which expires in a matter of years. Most people don’t last years, especially decades, in show business.

      She’s smart in trying to work as much as possible while the offers are coming in rather than slacking off like you-know-who and you-know-who’s-wife.

      Remember that $100k has to last her for however many years and possibly help pay for her kids’ college tuition that she says she’s trying to save up for in addition to trying to buy a house so that she and the kids don’t have to keep having to move so often when the leases terminate.

      • grimmsfairytale says:

        I actually think she’s lying about the amount she has. And even if she’s not, she has like 20 more years to earn money and put it away. I also dont think she’d have to send them to college alone, there’s Eddie and scholorships if they take their studies seriously. She is not poor, nor is she limited in options. As said, she could go to school herself. Get a degree in media/advertisement given her situation. I think there are even degrees for pop culture at some universities. She is not limited by circumstances.

      • anne_000 says:

        @grimmsfairytale – It’s Eddie’s numbers, not hers. It’s HIM suing HER for that figure. Why would she lie about it when she didn’t instigate the lawsuit?

        If saying that it’s OK because Brandi has 20 years to make that kind of money again, then that same standard should be put on Eddie too and let him earn that money over a period of 20 years instead of getting it from Brandi.

        I seriously doubt Eddie is all that interested in putting aside money for college funds since apparently, he’s barely interested in paying child support as it is, at allegedly only $500 per kid per month on top of trying to get over $100k from Brandi for back child support.

        Eddie is not poor, nor is HE limited in options. As said, HE could go to school HIMSELF. Get a degree in media/advertisement given HIS situation. I think there are even degrees for pop culture at some universities. HE is not limited by circumstances.

        What’s good for the goose is good for the gander….

      • grimmsfairytale says:

        Given that people work their entire lives and couldn’t dream of getting 100k for retirement, her NUMEROUS opportunities, and access in the industry, I still do not feel bad for her. And yes, Eddie could go to school too.
        Let’s not pretend that they dont BOTH have access to education. They do. They both have access to money and opportunities normal people do not.
        I said above his money grubbing was petty, so I don’t think he should be suing her. Rich people trying to get money from other rich people makes me want to roll my eyes so hard I have an aneurysm. If either of them are worried about money, there are other ways besides extorting each other and hawking things to the public. I don’t feel bad for any of them involved except the kids. They don’t want to work a real job, education is not their priority. Where ever that takes them is what they bring on themselves imho.

      • aaa says:

        If Brandi did not want her portion of Eddie’s retirement fund touched, then she should have never agreed to having the retirement fund used as a settlement if Eddie overpaid support.

        Brandi said that she cannot pay Eddie back because all the money’s been spent. She would have my understanding if I saw that the money was spent on something tangible like a house, a business or education, but it looks more like the money went towards wine, Louboutins and the cost of moving from rental to rental.

    • sonia says:

      I think she meant it as “he is even taking this from me, not millions and millions, but this is all I have for retirement and he wants it too” sort of thing. I could be wrong, been known to happen :-)

      • jenn12 says:

        Eddie wants to punish and does it by any means necessary. He uses their sons as tools against her, and now that they’re older and he can’t get away with that as much anymore, he is moving on to other things he can manipulate. He is absolute garbage and his wife is too.

  18. anne_000 says:

    Brandi also talked about this in episode 3 of this current season.

    She said that Eddie wanted to settle with her by taking $80k from her retirement account while she keeps $20k.

    So far, in that episode’s timeline, she’s paid over $7k in lawyer’s fees. She had to lease another house again because this lawsuit by Eddie screwed up her chances to get a loan to buy a house. She gets only $1,000/mo. from him. She wants to use the money to save for college funds instead of for lawyers. She wants Eddie to stop suing her for money each time her books come out. She wants to use the money to save for college funds. Eddie just spent $200k on an RV.

    I think in the blog, she said that Eddie can make $300k in a year just working part-time.

    I can understand why she talks about this publicly. It’s not her fault and Eddie is basically trying to take 80% of her savings.

    If LeAnn fans want to criticize Brandi for talking and writing about Eddie’s lawsuit, then they should go criticize Eddie. Let Eddie be embarrassed and both Eddie and LeAnn should be for verbally abusing Brandi on their reality show.

    • Zwella Ingrid says:

      The point I made up thread, and that I would like to make again is, that if Eddie is legitimately owed this money-according to the law, not just his own personal whim, then he has the right to it. If the situation were reversed, and Eddie owed Brandi the money, you would all be calling for him to pay off, and rightly so.

      • anne_000 says:

        Eddie is the one who keeps going to court to lower his child support payments. As of this episode, he’s got it down to $1000 per month, which I take it as for both kids. That’s $500 per kid per month, when he’s capable of making 6 figures per year.

        I don’t see how anybody can ‘accidentally’ pay $100k over a matter of 5 years. It wasn’t a one-time payment, but staggered payments. As Brandi says, he keeps coming back for more money from her every time she puts out a book.

        Why? Why doesn’t he argue to suspend his child support payments if he thinks he’s paid too much? Because it would make him look bad?

        It all sounds retaliatory. If he thought he was overpaying over five years, then why not bring it up before it got so high? So he could sue her when it would hurt the most? Why not sue her when it was in the 4-figures mark? Or 5-figures mark? Why wait 5 years when it finally hit the magic 6-figure mark? It doesn’t make sense that he would wait 5 years to finally sue her.

        Does he not have any awareness of how much he’s paying out over a period of 5 years? I seriously doubt that.

      • noway says:

        They have 50/50 physical custody. If Eddie is paying $1000 a month all that means is he makes a bit more than her and is paying the difference for when the kids are with her or if there is schooling they pay for maybe. Generally those are paid not to the ex-spouse but to the school or institution. It is truly a math calculation it takes this much to have the kids live the way they are accustomed to, as not to give one parent a financial advantage over the other when the kids are there. Then the percentage is split depending on what each has and what they make. Leann’s personal and not joint money and income is not included in the calculations.

        Child Support is not alimony it has nothing to do with whether you cheated or you are a pig. Generally that should be settled in divorce court when they divorced.

    • LNG says:

      If she doesn’t want him to keep suing her every time her books come up then she needs to provide income disclosure and be prepared to receive less in child support if she is making more money than he is. Child support is not punishment for the other parent’s douchey behaviour, it is determined based on a comparison of what each spouse is making. If she thinks he can make more than he is and is intentionally underemployed, then she can make that argument to the judge and they can impute income to him. He’d probably have a better chance of getting a job if she’d stop talking about their crap in public (but then, she would have less publicity and would probably be making less money herself, so there’s the motivation to keep this going). Really, as i said above, they are all sucky people and need to STFU.

      • claire says:

        An ex that talks smack when he does stuff.
        A current wife who encourages him not to take jobs, has issues herself and cancels jobs when he can’t tag along, who has to go to tweehab and who is plummeting her own career with terrible PR.

        I’m thinking it’s a bit obvious what actually affects his employment.

        But you’re right, since he admitted on TV he is purposefully underemployed, she should take him to court.

      • Luca76 says:

        LNG this all the way!!

      • anne_000 says:

        @LNG – I guess you missed the whole period of Eddie & LeAnn’s reality show where they kept bringing up Brandi’s name and insulted her in order to try to get themselves more ratings.

        Uh, it was EC & LR & his other mistresses’ talking to the media that keeps this in the public eye. LR even made a whole album about it just recently. They can’t stop talking about it. To say it’s Brandi’s fault for Eddie’s career is unrealistic.

        Brandi has always said that she wants him to work so that it helps their children financially. Between Brandi and LeAnn, the one who seems to want him not to work as much so as to be able to spend as much free time with her is LEANN.

        I don’t know why you’re saying Brandi doesn’t provide income disclosure. I also don’t know why you’re saying that every time Eddie goes to court to reduce his child support obligations, now $1000 per month per S05E03, she hasn’t told the court that he’s capable of making 6-figures per year, even working part-time.

        It’s ridiculous that Eddie waits five years of payments until the figure hits a 6-figure mark that he goes to sue for back payment. Has he never known what he was paying within those 5 years? Even after the first year, you’d think he would be smart enough to figure out if he was overpaying.

  19. Jessica says:

    There is only one reason why he would behave so awful to his ex in my opinion, and that’s because she kicked him to the curb. I believe that he groveled and begged her to come back, and at the end of the day she left him. Leann was a consolation prize, second choice, so to speak which is why she is so paranoid over his ex and kind of stalks her a bit, plus of course he was sleeping with Brandi while in a relationship with Leann. The anger and hostility they (Eddie and Leann) have for her is really tiresome – they need to get over the past and move on. I have spent way too much time today on this stupid topic, LOL, but I needed a quick break from the mundane stuff I’m working on.

    • Jess says:

      Well said! He knows Brandi doesn’t give a sh*t about him anymore so he’s hitting her where it hurts, and he’s a disgusting pig for doing so.

    • Jayna says:

      He can’t stand her. He isn’t in love with her. He’s more than likely hot for some cute young thing. Eddie is tight and why he treated her poorly on the way out moneywise. He wants his money. He sees Brandi making a lot of money now and resents giving her money and looks for any way to get out of paying her. You see it all the time in divorces, where the men are resentful of paying their alimony and/or child support whether they left or not. He needs that little cushion back so he doesn’t have to ask LeAnn for spending money. LOL

      • jenn12 says:

        I don’t think Eddie is capable of loving anyone but himself. But I know someone like this; her ex cheated nonstop and when she finally gave up (after therapy, etc) and kicked him out, he is endlessly angry at her. Why? For not being a doormat anymore. For not letting him treat their kids like crap. For interrupting his life and him having to explain that he’s a POS and that’s why he was kicked out. He moved in with a girlfriend really quickly, too, and not any of the ones he was cheating with. He loses it with her all the time over the kids, even though he does next to nothing with them or for them. It’s about ego and control and manipulation, which is what’s important to these tools.

      • Cruxcurio says:

        Nail on the head.
        It’s called ‘punishment’.

      • jenn12 says:

        I know and it’s disgusting. Brandi isn’t perfect, but she owns her s— and tries to fix things when she messes up. She’s not vicious. Eddie is punishing her for not wanting to lie down while he walks on her anymore and Leann enjoys being part of the drama. No one gives a crap about this stupid affair. It’s the treatment of Brandi and her sons that’s the issue. Same with my friend: because they have kids together, he gets to be a d— to her and she has to try to work around his tantrums even though HE cheated. She was willing to work through things and go to therapy and forgive; she never says a bad word about him even now. But what pisses her ex off is that she’s strong and independent and was able to walk away. He wants to either control or punish. Eddie thought Brandi’s punishment would be poverty and using their sons and messing with her life. When she was able to make a career for herself, he upped the punishment to where he knew it would hurt the most: their kids.

      • Cruxcurio says:

        You are acute and succinct, and I concur.

      • jenn12 says:

        Thank you- never got such an articulate compliment before! :) I just loathe people who take no personal responsibility and blame the victims of their bad behavior, especially when the victims are willing to move on and don’t think of themselves as victims.

  20. bettyrose says:

    A retirement account is meant to pay enough in interest to live off of. $114k would pay like $7k/year.

  21. db says:

    How do these things work, is alimony keyed to the recipient’s income? Is that true of child support? For some reason I thought it was more cut and dried than that

    • LNG says:

      Both are tied to the recipient’s income, but there are different considerations. With child support it’s generally a simple set off between what the payor and what the payee makes, depending on the custody (here, they have joint, so the higher earner should be paying the lower earner – the amount is determined by the degree of difference in their respective incomes).

      There are many other considerations for alimony (the standard of living during the marriage, the ability to earn post separation, the roles taken on during the marriage, the length of the marriage, etc etc). Except with really long marriages, the duration is generally limited, as the recipient spouse has a duty to become self sufficient within a reasonable period of time.

    • noway says:

      People keep forgetting they have 50/50 physical custody. So technically if they both make equal they split the bills and living expenses of the kids equal and no one would get any child support. If Brandi starts making more than Eddie then he get child support. They will fight like this as long as we gossip and someone is making money about it on a reality show.

  22. bammer says:

    Brandi lies and exaggerates constantly. I would not take her word for anything. She always tries to portray herself as the victim. All three of them are slime.

    • Luca76 says:


    • briargal says:

      If my memory serves me right—it seems like the liar in this whole threesome is LeakAnn. It’s no wonder noone believes ANYTHING SHE SAYS. And that has been proven time and time again. The only thing I recall Brandi lying about is when she claimed EC is a good father.

  23. Vampi says:

    Ediot is an amobea on a flea on a rat. He needs a costume because he is Dun-dun-dun…. Anti-Man!!!! *gross*

    • Puravidacostarica says:

      Lower. The pus that infects the mucous… that cruds up the fungus… that feeds on the pond scum. (Best Friend’s Wedding quote)

  24. Cindy says:

    “I have a theory that being around Leanne has made Edie crazier and more obsessed with Brandi.” Me too. I actually have a feeling he will never leave leann, even when she is broke, beacause the two of them feed on one another and are so crazy/vicious that there really is no other match for them. They live in their own world, so much so that no input from outside even registers with them. They are sort of pariahs at this point, and really only have each other. And they really are bonded In their obsession with Brandi. They are like soul mates from hell. Poor brandi, she may be ditzy but no one deserves this.

  25. Jess says:

    Ugh. Eddie is honestly one of the biggest gold digging losers in history. Either they desperately need money or he’s just trying to hurt Brandi because he’s still mad at her for leaving him. He doesn’t work, takes 10 vacations per year, and lives off his mentally unstable wife who still taunts the ex to this day, what a great catch! Lol. I really think he’s emotionally abusive and he and LeAnn are obsessed with Brandi, their show proved how much they think about her, it’s pathetic. I also think Brandi is way over it, she seems like the type of woman who would be easy to get along, unless you pull crap like LeAnn does, and Eddie likely encourages it and has her wrapped around his finger, he’s a manipulative jerk.

    • jenn12 says:

      Yes, I totally agree. People who have had the freedom to emotionally abuse and manipulate are resentful when their power is taken away. Eddie may have been okay with splitting with Brandi, but I doubt he wanted to land right back in a monogamous relationship or be sold as half of a budget love story. Then again, he would probably do anything so he doesn’t have to work. But my guess is he’s furious that not only did she survive, she thrived and she has truly let it go, which would infuriate him and be a blow to his ego. He wanted her punished for no longer allowing his crap.

  26. Tessy says:

    These women and their face “work”, they are all starting to look alike. She’s starting to look like Tori Spelling in a bizarre sort of a way. She’s so busy funding the plastic doctor’s retirement fund but she needs to lay off that and put the money in her own.

  27. Jayna says:

    Brandi is a trashbucket and I can’t stand her anymore, but Eddie needs to go hustle and work and stop trying to take away any money from Brandi because he overpaid. He overpaid because he lives off of LeAnn and didn’t get out there and work like he was supporting a family and make a better living. He gets a few gigs a year and then coasts with his sugar mama. He’s a loser.

    He’s worked with Tyler Perry recently in The Single Moms Club. And Tyler Perry put on those TV shows on OWN. There’s white actors on the shows. Why didn’t Eddie hustle and try to get one of those parts?

    Get out there and hustle, Eddie, and get a steady paying gig on TV instead of taking your allowance from LeAnn.

    • jenn12 says:

      I think he does have a college degree. Go out there and use it and stop making excuses for not working. It’s a combination of laziness, vindictiveness, and no one actually hiring him as an actor anymore. He was marginally talented but very goodlooking, and that has a shelf life, like a Disney show. He always depended on his looks, and as he gets older, there’s not much out there for him. Actors like Brad Pitt, who are very handsome but also very talented, are rare.

  28. Tania says:

    For someone who reportedly worked as a model, she sure has no clue how to apply blush. My God.

  29. Jenn K says:

    He cheats on her, Leaves her high and dry and then when she starts making good money he’s jealous and tries to take it. it’s like he’s jealous that she’s got a bigger career than him now. This guy is such a loser…..I actually think he’s the one that needs to move on.

    • embee says:

      Eddies must be jealous. Thought going with Leanne would give him the money and big life. He’s not known for his work, just drama his new wife causes. Brandis on tv and writing books. Bad choice Mr Ed. Now you’re stuck with the ugly one

  30. Amy says:

    Well no comment on these three but I sincerely hope she’s lying because that is a TINY amount of money on her fund. So much so I double-taked when I first read it.

    That money is supposed to last you the rest of your life. These days even the middle class need a couple grand to live comfortably so I’m not sure how someone in her position who is getting large sums for work wouldn’t be doing better.

    • aaa says:

      The retirement fund comes from Brandi’s portion of Eddie’s retirement fund and presumably her portion was based on how long they were married. Eddie and Brandi were married for a number of years, but it’s not like they were married decades. Also Eddie worked, and presumably contributed to his retirement fund, years prior to his marriage .

  31. Melissa says:

    She talks about being poor but has money for plastic surgery and Louboutins….go figure….

    • Jezi says:

      She never said she was poor. At one point after the divorce she had no money but after they she never once said she was poor. Where are people getting that?

    • why? says:

      Well, in 2010, Eddie asked the courts to reduce his child support, and then the next month Leann bragged to People magazine about how Eddie bought and designed her engagement ring. There is no excuse for Eddie’s laziness. Eddie has vacationed more this year, than he has worked. Eddie’s last real job on a sitcom or movie was in April 2013. How is that fair to Mason and Jake? Or Brandi. Brandi says and does inappropriate things, but you can’t blame her seeing what she has to go through with Eddie and Leann. We are only see a portion of what she has to deal with. Eddie has no right to ask Brandi for money when he bragged on his reality show that he and Leann have a lot of money and he takes 2-3 vacations each month.

      • noway says:

        Judges and courts are not going to take as fact what a celebrity says on a reality show, interview or gossip magazine. It’s generally deemed unreliable. They may use it as an investigative tool for a crime, but not as proof in regard to child support. That is probably a good thing for them all.

        I think what is happening is Brandi is making more money and as this is child support – the criteria changes. I am sure the courts made them both provide income statements and child expenditure lists. Also, she can make a case for the back 100K that he waited too long and it would be an undue hardship to take that. Most money disputes, which this ends up being, you have to make the case that made a good faith effort. Not sure how much he was paying in the beginning, but to overpay by that much doesn’t look like a lot of good faith to me.

      • why? says:

        That’s not true. Judges and courts can use what celebrities say on a reality show, in an interview, or gossip magazine in a courtroom. It happened to Ryan O’Neal, where they used footage from his reality shows as evidence against him in the Andy Warhol portrait of FF case. The same thing happened to Teresa Guidice.

        Here is a great article about it:

        “Reality TV Footage Used More and More as Courtroom Evidence”
        December 21, 2013

  32. embee says:

    Eddie and Leanns bank account must be running dry. No more vacationing 50 weeks a year. Sell a few extra cars. He needs a job badly. Maybe selling popcorn and soda at the fairs she’s singing at. He’s such a jerk to take his kids mothers money

  33. aaa says:

    It would have been nice to have links provided to support the statement, “although once multiple media outlets did some digging, there was some evidence to support some of Brandi’s claims.”

    • why? says:

      We know that Brandi isn’t lying because Eddie hasn’t worked on a sitcom or movie since April 2013. We have Leann’s tweets, reality show, and staged photo-ops as proof. Other than the reality show and pimping Mason and Jake out to Leann, what acting jobs has Eddie done in 2014?

      • aaa says:

        I don’t get how you are connecting how much or how little Eddie Cibrian worked in the past couple of years to whether or not Brandi is telling the truth.

        Brandi initially claimed that Eddie wanted her to pay him child support, that was a LIE. Both Brandi and Eddie released a document that said that Eddie was trying to get an overpayment back, Brandi released the document first but she only showed part of the document, SHADY BUT it actually showed that she LIED in the tweet that she sent out that made this matter public! Eddie then released the full document and it stated that support was overpaid and according to a TMZ article, “Multiple sources connected with the audit confirm to TMZ … although the document merely refers to the overpayment as “support” … the overpayment is for SPOUSAL support, not child support. “

      • why? says:

        Also from that same letter: “Eddie has provided me with the enclosed report in which he determined that he has overpaid Brandi $114, 738 in support payments as of December 31, 2013 during the period July 2010-December 2013.”

        Check out the dates. July 2010. In June 2010, Eddie was fired from CSI. He blamed Brandi for losing that job. 2010 goes by, Eddie overpays and he says nothing. 2011, he still says nothing about being overpaid. 2012, he says nothing about being overpaid. It’s only in December 2013 when he is set to go to Colorado that he screams that he has overpaid.

        Check out the last date on when he said he overpaid Brandi. December 2013, the same month he was flying off to Colorado with Mason and Jake for a vacation with Lizzy and Elisa. If Eddie thought he was overpaying spousal support, why did he wait until December 2013 to say something about it? Wouldn’t he have made the adjustments in 2012 or whenever you said that Brandi promised to pay him back if he ever overpaid?

        Was Brandi still getting spousal support in December 2013?

        The previous paragraph establishes that when they use the word support, they are referring to both child support and spousal support.

        It also says that Eddie provided a report. What did Eddie put in that report? Eddie is paying $1000 a month for child support after he bragged that he and Leann are rich. We can conclude that Eddie wasn’t honest in the report he provided. What it looks like is that Leann must have everything in her name, the house, bank accounts, and cars. Any money or gifts she gives Eddie she is using as a tax write off.

      • why? says:

        You missed a very important part of the letter where it flat out says “Again, the judgement provides that Brandi’s share of the EC Creative Enterprises Inc, Retirement Plan contemplates a possible overpayment or underpayment of child support and/or spousal support payments which are to be factored into the division of the retirement plan.”

        It said child and/or spousal support. If it was just about the spousal support, why did they throw in child support?

        Brandi didn’t lie. Eddie admitted on his show that he was turning down jobs(Leann and Eddie filmed the reality show from September 2013 to November 2013 and then again in February 2014), less jobs means the amount of child support would reduced. Eddie would recoup that reduction in child support, either by claiming he overpaid Brandi so that he could get a refund or by getting the child support reduced even lower.

        The document didn’t show that Brandi lied. Eddie wasn’t working(his last real job was in April 2013-excluding the reality show and any money he made from pimping Jake and Mason out to Leann- counting the reality tv, he filed for overpayment in December 2013, so that means that Eddie is saying he overpaid Brandi because he wasn’t working ), so the overpayment was for child support AND alimony, why do you think that the document used the generic term SUPPORT? As we learned when TMZ reported about the maid suing Leann and Eddie and Leann tweets to TMZ about how they need to correct their story after she contacted them, “multiple sources” means that it was Leann and Darrell Brown who told TMZ that support meant spousal and not child support.

        The only SHADY person is Eddie. Eddie has a history of suing for ridiculous amounts of money. He went after Life and Style for a million dollars just for saying that he cheated on Leann with Scheana. I would like to make a correction. Eddie was trying to sue Life and Style for a million dollars, not a billion dollars. n Already.”

      • aaa says:

        What does Eddie and Leann going on vacation with their kids and friends have to do with anything? Eddie and Leann vacation constantly, you can’t swing a cat and not come up against an Eddie and Leann vacation.

        As far as the timing in concerned, as you or someone else brought up elsewhere in this post, Eddie went to court to have his child support reduced in 2010 AND the agreement regarding what would happen if Eddie underpaid or overpaid support was made in 2010, so he did do something that year. Brandi got the Real Housewives job in 2011, she made less than $20,000 her first year on the show, whereas Eddie did The Playboy Club that year and got paid well for the few episodes he did. Brandi did not start off 2012 with a job, she was not asked back to the show until well into the Spring of 2012. I suppose he could have had the audit done for payments made up until the end of 2012, but even then he would have been going after Brandi when she was still trying to get established versus already established. By the end of 2013 Brandi was established on Real Housewives, making appearances, had written one book and had another about to be released. Eddie, on the other hand, had not gotten another big TV role nor had his movie career taken off.

        You’re right that the document says support and when the agreement was made it accounted for child support and / OR alimony being overpaid or underpaid, but the quote from “sources,” who you may choose not to believe, say that the overpayment was for spousal support.

      • why? says:

        “What does Eddie and Leann going on vacation with their kids and friends have to do with anything?”

        Everything. Eddie is so financially secure that he has money to vacation 2-3 times a month when he doesn’t work, so he doesn’t need $114,000 from Brandi. Eddie has vacationed more times this year than he has worked. That means that Mason and Jake lost out on potential child support.

        Now you want to question the validity of the document? You had no problem with the validity of that document when you were claiming that it PROVED that Brandi lied. As I already stated, the sources who told TMZ that support meant spousal and not child support were Leann and Darrell. Who to believe, Leann who lied about watching a movie with Eddie that wasn’t even on tv or the court document that flat out states in plain writing that the issue at hand is overpayment or underpayment of child support and/or alimony?

        Go back to the document that you yourself were quoting when you thought it proved that Brandi lied. It clearly says that Eddie waited until December 2013 to say that he overpaid Brandi in child support and alimony. The agreement you keep talking about was made in 2010 when Eddie and Brandi divorced. Why wait until December 2013 to claim that he overpaid alimony for 4 years? He could have had the “alimony” reduced in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013. But he waits until December 2013? That absolutely makes Eddie look vindictive. Since Eddie waited until December 2013 to say that he overpaid Brandi for 4 years(2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013), this has nothing to do with Eddie’s agreement with Brandi.

        According to you, Eddie waited until Brandi was financially established to say that he overpaid her. You agree that Eddie is being vindictive. Eddie doesn’t need the $114,000 because by his own admission he and Leann are rich and he vacations 2-3 months even though he has been “unemployed” since April 2013.

        Eddie and Leann are scamming the system and are most likely providing false information.

      • aaa says:

        It does not matter how financially secure Eddie is, he can be a gazillionaire but the bottom line is that he and Brandi made an agreement in 2010 regarding what would happen if Eddie overpaid or underpaid support and it’s Eddie’s prerogative to hold Brandi to the agreement just like Brandi could have held Eddie to the agreement if he overpaid.

        I am not questioning the document at all, the point I was making is that the document referenced that an agreement was made between Eddie and Brandi what would happen in the event Eddie overpaid or underpaid child and / OR spousal support, and that “multiple sources connected with the audit” confirmed that the overpayment was for spousal support. My point was that you may choose not to believe the “sources” which sounds like you don’t and think that the sources are Leann / Leann’s friends.

        Brandi instigated this whole situation being made public when she tweeted the LIE that “Mr. fancy new cars&house man is asking ME for child support.”

  34. Katrina says:

    I suspected this day would come.. I hate Eddie more than Leann. If he’s paying 1k per month, that to me means that he is specifically choosing not to work so he doesn’t have to pay her any real money. This is money that could give his kids a great life. That could be used for college. He doesn’t work, he just follows Leann around everywhere. What a loser.

    • Tracy says:

      He is a supreme loser. $1,000 a month??? LeAnn probably pays him more than that for every happy couple picture he poses for. #dirtbagloser

    • AntiSocialButterfly says:

      Exactly. Any punitive behavior towards a former spouse affects the child(ren). Very, very sad situation, but it will all become clear to them ( the children) as they mature into adulthood.

  35. Pegasus says:

    I’m always left in a state of sad wonder when I realize that this one is the most likeable in this trifecta of juvenile a$$holes.

  36. Mischa Jane says:

    I hate this woman. She’s a lying liar.

  37. Caz says:

    These 3 are trash. Perfect example of not choosing a good partner/father of your children and having to live with the consequences for the next 16 years. Brandi’s open jealousy of Lisa’s lifestyle is very obvious. Brandi thinks she deserves that too. Delusional. No skills no talent.

    • Jezi says:

      Omg what the heck does Lisa have to do with this? JHC! She is friends with Yolanda and David and they have WAY more money than Lisa.

    • Puravidacostarica says:

      Love Eddie describing himself as “active” and “always smiling”. Guess those things fell by the wayside after 3 years of being married to LeAnn. I think the smile comes out when the tequila comes out.

      • Christin says:

        I also liked the part about what he would do if he were not an actor. Commercial real estate development???

        And the gem of all is his dream scenario of carefree living on an island with his pals and parents. Well, he came close. The buddies and parents get vacations and free admission to his western movie set looking home, Casa deLusion.

      • Puravidacostarica says:

        Casa deLusion — LMAO! Yeah, I loved the island dream that is Eddie’s greatest fantasy….sadly, he might have the island part down (until the money well runs dry), but look at the chimp he has to sleep with every night.

    • AntiSocialButterfly says:

      Wow. Such dissonance must be extremely painful. A good reason for him to detest himself (selling out ideals, compromising by being with Leaky for $), hence being a sh!t to his former spouse.

  38. G says:

    If Leanne is SOOOOO into being those boys “extra mom” then take care of it. She’s a “millionaire” right? I’m sorry my firstborn is from “another” and my husband took it ALL over and I do mean ALL. He had no problem telling my “sperm donor” that’s MY SON NOW and we don’t need your money. Leanne obviously just uses those boys to annoy Brandi and isn’t really interested in being their “Mother”.

    • claire says:

      She’s totally pulled one over on that stepmom crowd that she hangs with. They think she’s mother of the year. Look closer and you can see: when they have the kids she can’t possibly be engaging with them – she’s on Twitter the whole time. All the holiday or vacation stuff, going to soccer games? That’s to benefit Leann. Those are photo ops for Leann. They’re not about the kids. Again, if it were, why isn’t she engaging in the activities she’s telling everyone about? Quality time isn’t happening if you are on Twitter 24/7. You can talk about how you’re having an awesome time with the “kiddos” all you want at the aquarium, but if you’ve just tweeted 80 times during the 2 hours you’re there, forgive me if I think you’ve not spent a second with those kids. Well, ok, a few seconds are spent getting them together for the photos to go out to prove something, but other than that….

      Brandi on the other hand spends limited time on social media with the kids. This is why people think she has the kids less than Eddie – because she’s acting like a real parent and not spending the entire time she has them documenting it to the world.

      • jenn12 says:

        You would think people would pick up on that. I hear it all the time at the park- “Oh, I’m here with my son, we’re at the park.” But the entire time the parent is texting or on the phone. Brandi’s sons are props for Leann, and for Eddie, too. She wants to be seen a certain way and be publicized a certain way, and she sells herself to the public as a victim who just wants to be a good stepmom. Calling their mother bio mom is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what she really is.

      • Deanne says:

        What about Lele’s sycophantic, nutter buddy KH? She has three kids, but tweets all day and night, 365 days a year. She never stops. Who’s watching her kuds. She has a nanny but still, it’s bizarre.

  39. 9 says:

    My theory is that Eddie is bored and has developed, now that he’s been a kept man for a while, a penchant for spending. He’s money hunting so the greedy, lay-about can spend it on one of his many toys and vacations. He better go to work or he’ll truly regret it. As for Brandi—she is tough to take, but she will have nothing once this 15 minutes are up. In 10 years, unless she is a popular author, she will have no income–better bank that paper Brandi unless you wanna Barista in your old age

  40. Ruyana says:

    Maybe Eddie wants some money so he can escape LeAnn?

  41. why? says:

    Brandi lets Eddie get away with way too much. Eddie goes on vacation 2-3 times a month. October, Leann took him to the Bahamas. Last month she took him to Nashville, dirt bike riding, and Montana. He was papped 3 days in a row in New York. Eddie hasn’t had an acting job in a movie or on a sitcom, since April 2013 when he was filming for The Best Man Holiday. Why has he been on vacation more times than he has worked this year? Eddie won’t go out of town for 3 days for work, but he will go on a 3 week tour with Leann because the party is more important than his kids. He gets away with it because Leann hired a very powerful lawyer.

    Technically Eddie’s “job” is pimping out Jake and Mason. Even though he has made a career out of pimping Jake and Mason out to Leann, that doesn’t benefit Jake and Mason because all of the money/gifts goes solely to Eddie.

    Where did all the “Brandi is liar” posters come from? It never fails. Whenever a certain poster shows up, the Brandi haters come crawling out of the woodwork. Another blog also wrote about Eddie trying to shakedown Brandi for money and the “Brandi hater” went berserk on that site, it used over 30 names to belittle the bloggers who wrote the article and Brandi.

  42. why? says:

    Eddie sucks as a father. Leann posted a photo on instagram of a chalkboard that said “Welcome Leann & Eddie”. Mainly to make sure that everyone knew that Eddie was on tour with her and secondly so people would think that Kiki is staying in a different hotel. It’s amazing how Eddie keeps getting away with what he does to Brandi, Jake, and Mason. On his reality tv show he said he didn’t want to travel for work because his kids school work suffered and they were always late for school when he wasn’t in town. Then he is papped at an airport with Leann and Darrell in one day, outside of hotel in New York for 3 days, is now in Vermont with Leann, Darrell, and Kiki, and will probably be papped at JFK again. Why isn’t Eddie being held accountable for his laziness? Then Leann’s fans take it out on Brandi when Eddie’s the problem. He wants his child support payments to be as small as possible.

    • Katrina says:

      Yep – he has no problem leaving the kids to go on vacations and follow his loser around the country.

    • susie says:

      They aren’t even in a hotel, they are in a rental house and Kiki is there, too, filming the happeeeeee sleddding.

  43. Tracy says:

    Eddie is such a loser. Congrats, LeAnn??

  44. LAK says:

    Ediot is such a prince, isn’t he?

  45. Sway says:

    I’ve always had this theory, that LeAnn’s obsession with Brandi stemmed from her knowing that Eddie is actually obsessed with his ex-wife. I bet he talked about Brandi all the time in the beginning of their relationship and Wewe felt that there were three of them in her “great love story”. Brandi’s ghost has and always will hover around LeAnn because of Eddie. And he’s never going to let Brandi go. He will always obsess over her and think about her – kind of like he’s still in love with her (of course, I don’t think he loves her, I think he hates her from the bottom of his heart, but in Wewe’s eyes this is just as bad, because it means his ex-wife is almost constantly on his mind instead of her). Funny thing is, Brandi is the victim of their actions, but Eddie is the one acting like a “woman scorned”. Douchebag.

    • jenn12 says:

      This is what fascinates me too. She was cheated on and had her life explode, and yet they bully her and use her sons against her, and generally act as though she’s done something to THEM. And what they don’t get is that people pick up on it and that’s a good bit of why they’re so hated.

      • Deanne says:

        But she did do something to them. She survived their cruelty and made a name for herself and they hadn’t counted on that. She was strong and resilient. They wanted her to lie down like a doormat, but she stood up for herself and has become a success despite them. How dare she?

      • jenn12 says:

        Most definitely. I don’t think either of them counted on her strength. Just so sad that she has had to spend her sons’ childhood fighting with these two morons and having her parenting questioned and insulted and lied about publicly. I am amazed at that she has managed this daily; it must feel like Groundhog’s Day over and over. Eddie is complete garbage for using children against their own mother and exploiting their images and selves for his personal gain and Leann is a vicious witch for being complicit in this and continually seeking to hurt someone who refused to lay down and hand her life over to her. Leann recently favorited a tweet sent to both her and Brandi that used a picture of Leann kissing Eddie and said how Leann dates real men but Brandi dates 23 year old kids. You have to wonder if Leann actually sent the tweet herself under one of her many handles. And then she claims not to engage? Or start? She’s left a wealth of evidence on the internet that the boys will access one day. But when they’re that much older, she will have lost interest anyway.

      • Deanne says:

        To be truly accurate the fan should have said that LeAnn only dates married men, as opposed to real men. Real men, regardless of age, don’t disrespect the Mother of their children. Real men don’t hide their money in business accounts and refuse to work so that they can screw over their children’s Mother either. LeAnn’s fans seem to be lacking sense and ethics. If a male did to them, their Mother, sister or friend, what Eddie has done to Brandi, they’d change their tune. They all seem to be from the shallow end of the gene pool, much like LeAnn herself. The only way LeAnn would ever have a 23 year old boyfriend is if she paid him. That’s what she has done with every single man in her life. You are dead right that she has multiple accounts. She’s even screwed up and tweeted from the wrong account before. The boys WILL end up hating her when they find out what she’s done and they’ll lose respect for their Father when they learn he was too lazy to get a job, but had all the time and energy in the world to take vacations and harass their Mother for money. I know of what I speak as I dealt with a step-parent who makes LeAnn look like an amateur. We all have zero to do with her now.

    • Sandy says:

      Yes and it is 100% true that there is a very thin line between Love and Hate.
      You are not truly free of the love until you’ve hit Indifference.
      Love and Hate are not opposites, Love and Indifference are.
      Let’s just say that Eddie is clearly not “indifferent” to Brandi.

    • BlueeJay says:

      Quite the opposite think. Brandi has to bring up his name to stay relevant. Who really cares about her if she doesn’t bring up Eddie? No one. She is a cheap, tactless alcoholic. I appreciate you think having an affair is wrong. There is no doubt that LeAnn and Eddie laugh and make fun of her on a regular basis. Eddie would want her back about as much Brad wants Jennifer back.

      • why? says:

        How many different names are you going to use to write these hate posts about Brandi? Why did the “I hate Brandi poster” appear 36 minutes after aaa came back to argue that Eddie has every right to shakedown Brandi for money?

        Brandi doesn’t have to bring up Eddie’s name to stay relevant. Brandi brings up Eddie and Leann’s name when she has reached her breaking point. Brandi is way too nice to Leann and Eddie and lets them get away with way too much. She should stop their bad actions before she reaches a point where it becomes too much for her handle.

        Leann is too busy tweeting and Eddie is somewhere spending quality time with Kiki or some waitress. Eddie does want Brandi back, it’s why Camp Leann flooded every site that wrote about Eddie shaking down Brandi for money was flooded with an usual number of Brandi haters.

        Is Leann having another bad day? Is Leann still upset because she didn’t get any Grammy nominations?

      • jenn12 says:

        I don’t think Eddie loves Brandi, but I do think he enjoys hurting her. Brandi is actually relevant on her own at this point. Whether or not that lasts remains to be seen, but she is the one on a TV show that is successful. Neither her ex nor his current wife have much of a career left, partly due to lack of talent (him) and being irresponsible and irrelevant (her). Right now, Brandi is on the wave of reality shows being hot (which I wish would end already). Someone getting drunk a bunch of times doesn’t mean an alcoholic. She seems to have cleaned up her act.

      • claire says:

        LOL. You think Brandi and her friends don’t make fun of her? The poop stains, the try-hard soccer mom sexy outfits, wasted on X-Factor, having a completely borrowed life and no real friends but about 10 idiots on Twitter whose parents are likely brother and sister…C’mon. There’s a ton of material there. :)

      • Deanne says:

        Eddie talked about Brandi constantly on their failed reality show. She seems to be VERY present in his mind. He is about as far from indifferent to her as he could be.

      • Deanne says:

        Also, nobody knows who Eddie Cibrian is anymore. He doesn’t work and is less than d-list. Brandi is currently employed by TWO huge network hits. She’s more relevant than Eddie is now. By far.

      • Jess says:

        Brandi hardly ever mentions them anymore, if she does it’s because LeAnn is stalking her or Eddie is suing her, they constantly try to get a reaction out of Brandi and it’s really funny, their whole show was an attempt to make people hate her and it did the opposite and made them look like obsessed jerks who won’t let it go. I’m sure they do laugh at her though, and I’m sure Eddie instigates it and praises LeAnn every time, and tells her how she’s “the only one that matters” and she’s his soulmate, just so she’ll keep supporting his lazy as*.

  46. why? says:

    Leann is posting photos and videos of all the fun she, Eddie, and Kiki are having in Vermont. Eddie looks his happiest when he is standing next to other women. Eddie wouldn’t take a photo with Leann unless Kiki was standing next to him. Eddie refuses to spend 3 days away from his kids to work, but he will spend 6 days away from his kids so that he can party in New York and Vermont. If Leann is having so much with Eddie and Kiki in Vermont, why has she been tweeting and posting videos and photos all day. What happened to Lizzy? I thought Leann said Lizzy was going on tour with them? Kiki is the new Lizzy.

    Leann posted a video of her and a very drunk Eddie sliding down a hill, he was so drunk that the sled turned over on it’s side. There goes the “Leann is pregnant because she had a baby bump during the Hippopotamus song” rumors.

  47. Annie B says:

    I am thinking about this and Eddie gave all of his income and expenses to mommy to sort out for him and take care of, because he’s a pathetic, useless man-child. I doubt he even had a clue that Brandi even HAD a retirement account until the financial breakdown was brought up in court proceedings for the divorce. Dear mommy would have contributed just enough to “Brandi’s” retirement account to get her dear prince of a son out of paying the most income tax as possible. Guarantee this. Him and his mother both seem like grifters. He and his parents are fully being taken care of. The kids get taken care of as being an appendage of Ed, the prize pig in Leann’s barn.

  48. Deanne says:

    For the posters accusing Brandi of lying, the judge obviously disagrees with you as Eddie lost his bid to get her to repay him.He is on public record saying he chooses to turn down work and the fact that he pays the minimum amount of support, while living in a mansion, vacationing several times a month and living an extremely luxurious lifestyle probably was a factor. He’s also bragged on tv and in print interviews about how much money he and LeAnn have. So he brags about being rich and pays the absolute minimum amount of support for his kids. I don’t care if he has 50/50 custody. He makes money off of his children by pimping them out to the paps and lets his insane and ugly sugar mama, use them as props in her deranged happy family facade. He is garbage. Brandi works multiple jobs and had to really hustle to get back on her feet after he short sold the house out from under her and left her with nothing. I really wonder about the mindset and morals of people who slam her for saying that Eddie should be paying more. If their partners left them penniless and homeless,but lived a very opulent lifestyle, never worked but took constant vacations and allowed the has been who helped break up their family pretend she’s their Mommy, I’m sure they’d be rethinking their holier than thou opinions.

  49. why? says:

    “It does not matter how financially secure Eddie is, he can be a gazillionaire but the bottom line is that he and Brandi made an agreement in 2010 regarding what would happen if Eddie overpaid or underpaid support and it’s Eddie’s prerogative to hold Brandi to the agreement just like Brandi could have held Eddie to the agreement if he overpaid.”

    It does matter how financially secure Eddie is. The bottom line is that Eddie is abusing the system to seek revenge against Brandi. That is wrong. Since Eddie filed the complaint about overpaying Brandi in December 2013, this has nothing to do with the November 2010 agreement.

    Every time you ask why people take the word of the document over the word of “multiple sources”, you are questioning the document. Leann admitted on October 2 that she was the source. When a tabloid writes sources close to Leann and Eddie or multiple sources close to the audit they are saying that the source is Leann.

    Eddie instigated this whole situation when he lied and said he overpaid Brandi in child and spousal support for 4 years(from July 2010 to December 2013) in December 2013. If you don’t like that Brandi publicly called Eddie out for trying to shake her down, then perhaps you should tell Eddie to tone down the vacations and get a job. This week, Eddie has been on tour with Leann, Kiki, and Darrell for 7 days doing absolutely nothing, those are 7 days he could have been working. Why shouldn’t he be held accountable for his laziness? Leann is always bragging about how Eddie went to UCLA, if he can’t get jobs acting, then he can get a job related to his degree.

  50. Christin says:

    Did he ever receive a college degree? The references I’ve read indicate he “attended” UCLA to play football and studied business. A major can be declared during one’s freshman year, so I’m not sure he actually received his B.S. (insert jokes here). He may have dropped out.

    If acting is what he believes to be his only marketable skill, then he better have a nice little nest egg of his own. Maybe he’s waiting on an inheritance to sustain him later. Or, maybe he’s just waiting to star in an update of The “ODD Couple” with his buddy Mario. The ODD could stand for “Old Douchey Dimples”.

  51. Anon says:

    Lets reverse the roles and see where the conversation

    Lets also face it Brandi likes drama as much as Leanna does..if Leanne paid the 114 off would it change anything?? There would always be something. The boys will always be looked after and that is the priority right.

  52. Sue says:

    Per Brandi’s twitter, case closed and she seems happy so….sorry Ediot.