Emily Blunt in Dolce & Gabbana at ‘Into the Woods’ premiere: gorgeous?

Emily Blunt

These are photos from last night’s world premiere of Into the Woods in NYC. Johnny Depp plays the Big Bad Wolf, but he was nowhere to be seen. We could interpret his absence in many scandalous ways. Maybe he was sleeping it off. Whatever “it” may be. The big stars of the premiere were Emily Blunt and John Krasinski. Emily plays the Baker’s Wife, and she went all out in a floral Dolce & Gabbana dress. It’s so cold in NYC right now, and this dress is very springlike, but it fits with the movie’s theme. This is a lush and gorgeous dress. The embroidered roses are quite bold, but this is a fairytale movie. Emily looks very event appropriate and gorgeous. John is wearing a Dolce & Gabbana suit.

Emily Blunt

Anna Kendrick went for an understated Narciso Rodriguez gown in black and white silk. The dress has a leather waistband, which is kind of cool. She looks very elegant and beautiful but a little dull. Anna plays Cinderella in this movie, so something fussier would have been fun.

Anna Kendrick

Meryl Streep looked fantastic as always. I don’t have an ID on this dress and coat, but it may have come straight out of the closet. Meryl can get away with that.

Meryl Streep

Lots of other celebs came out for the premiere. I’m including Jon Hamm with his jaunty hat and Jennifer Westfeldt, Trudy Styler and Sting, Christine Baranski, and Tracey Ullman. CB already covered Alyssa Milano’s cleave. Chris Cornell brought the whole fam. Oh, and Ralph Macchio! Wax on, wax off.

John Hamm

Chris Cornell

Photos courtesy of WENN

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  1. Kitten says:

    Emily has her brown hair back. yay

    Now that I got that out of the way–I hate that dress with a passion. She’s very pretty but she looks like so many other women-Katy Perry, Zooey Deschanel….

  2. iheartjacksparrow says:

    This is a Disney film. After the last time Johnny was seen in public, they probably didn’t want him there to tarnish the Disney brand. Since he’s not a major character, they probably told him they would need him.

    • Alexandra says:

      Besides, his part is literally 5 minutes long. Maybe it was his decision not to show up, since he’s not a major character. After his last public appearance, probably he would want to go hiding for a while, to recover. And where is Chris Pine??

  3. claire says:

    Love her dress. She looks gorgeous! Her and John are one of my fave celebrity couples. They’re both so funny and cool. Tracy Ullmann…is that who that is in that pic?…she looks great as well. Digging her hair.

    I wonder if Jennifer Westfeldt can get her mouth fixed. It looks uncomfortable.

  4. QQ says:

    She looks cute and so does Anna ‘Mousy Face” Kendrick (as an aside What a WAY to not trade off on motherhood with Emily and her dude!!>?!??! pretty admirable cause i forgot until NOW that she had had a kid… I think Scarlett johanson and her bad ass hair will be following suit there)

    Im NOT gonna say what we’re all thinking about Jennifer Westfelt face I’m NOT

  5. OSTONE says:

    Oh hello there, John! And Emily looks gorgeous as a brunette.

  6. Diana B says:

    Why would you put Christine Baranski in the galery? she is fabulous!

  7. Renee says:

    WTF??? with Chris Cornell being there??? And when did his wife become so stunning??? I remember her being a bit plainer before. Of course I am jelly, he is a forever dong for me.

  8. amanda says:

    thank god I can’t see my own reflection in Blunts forehead in these photos.

  9. Penelope says:

    I love Emily–she’s so elegant, talented and beautiful. They’re an awesome couple. 🙂

    And, she pulls off the dress!

  10. Beckysuz says:

    Chris Cornell’s children are gorgeous, and I love their little coats! So cute!

    • littlestar says:

      I love the look on the little blonde girl’s face – total little diva in the making! Lol.

      • FLORC says:

        I noticed her too!
        I thought she looked like Peaches. A little bit.

        Anyone else have Beer Tone’s “You’re The Best Around” in the head whenever they see the original Karate Kid (Ralph)?
        That song is amazing

    • Serenity says:

      Look at the little brunette kid’s hair. Is that even an actual hair color in nature?? I can’t believe I’m feeling such serious hair envy towards a tween.

  11. jammypants says:

    Emily is my girl crush. Love her.

  12. jodabell says:

    Being pernickety I reckons they are carnations 🙂

  13. TheCountess says:

    Enough with the sheer dress trend. I guess we should be thankful she didn’t go for the runway version (with its full-on granny panties).

  14. TheCountess says:

    Duplicate comment.

  15. Sumodo1 says:

    Chris Cornell!!! (*squeeeeeee*)

  16. Stef Leppard says:

    It’s Gabbana

  17. lucy2 says:

    I would never choose it myself, but I like Emily’s dress on her a lot. She and John look great.

  18. scout says:

    Gaudy dress on Emily, looks “from the Woods”. Like Silk Black and white, very cool.

  19. Lola says:

    Christine Baranski is my spirit animal.

  20. Kimmy says:

    I love Emily. I always wonder why she isn’t a bigger deal…she’s always decent to good in films, she has an awesome personality, and she is pretty well connected in Hollywood…tight with Clooney, Damon, Meryl, and Stanley Tucci..who is in just about everything.

  21. velourazure says:

    Meryl looks fabulous and John Hamm’s beard looks really painful for his wife.

  22. Domino says:

    Kendrick is Cinderella?!?! Ewww.

  23. Ally8 says:

    Jon Hamm and Benedict Cumberbatch should go hat shopping together, clearly. Either to buy some more of those pensioner/newsboy caps, or something better.