Ed Sheeran is still trying to get Taylor Swift & Orlando Bloom together


Here are some assorted photos of Taylor Swift from the past week – she spent the Christmas holiday in NYC, it seems, with her mom and her brother Austin (Austin is the tall, attractive guy in these photos). Her mom gave her a very special Christmas present: personalized kitty carriers for Detective Olivia Benson and Doctor Meredith Grey – go here to see. The only problem? Tay-Tay doesn’t like to use the kitty carriers, even when she’s bringing her cats on a plane:

tay cat

Ugh. I mean, good for her that she gets to take her cats on what looks like a luxury private plane, but I can’t help but think that the cats are probably pretty uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, did you hear what Ed Sheeran had to say about whom Tay-Tay should date next?

Ed Sheeran wants to set up Taylor Swift with Orlando Bloom – what a hawt showbiz pairing that would be. The singer is close friends with Taylor, 24, and thinks she and British actor Orlando, 37, would make a good couple.

‘He’s lovely, and they live in the same building,’ says Ed, 23. ‘[I’m hoping that ] the magic might present itself eventually.’

[From Now Magazine]

Ed is also tight with Harry Styles, so I’m guessing Ed knows Harry and Swifty were and are a disaster together. As for Taylor and Orly… we’ve heard of this coupling before. Back in June of this year, the Enquirer said that Ed was trying to make it happen. I guess he’s still trying. Back then, I could see it. But now that Orly has probably had something with Selena Gomez and now that Taylor is maybe seeing Matt Healy, I’m not really feeling it.


Photos courtesy of Instagram, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Megan says:

    I love that blue coat

  2. Gina says:

    Who is Ed, her memaw? Seems she doesn’t have trouble getting them but rather in keeping them. I don’t think Orlando would downgrade from Miranda to Swifty. It would just be another he’s such a meanie song for Miss Taylor to write in the aftermath. Actually Ed and Taylor seem to be “cute” together, give it a try kids.

    • Esmom says:

      I’m not sure if I’d consider Taylor a downgrade from Miranda. But I can’t really see her and Orlando together anyway.

    • Kipi says:

      I agree, Miranda is otherworldly beautiful.

      Kind of like Orly used to be. 😛

      • Deb says:

        Mmmaybe Taylor could re-make Orlando beautiful again. All he needs is a little grooming and the right walking-around clothes. Ooo! Project!

    • Norman Bates' Mother says:

      I’m certainly not a fan of Swifty and I criticized her on several occasions but if anything she would be a huge upgrade from Miranda Kerr. It was confirmed by that infamous fight that she cheated on her husband with Justin Bieber. That’s the lowest you can go without becoming a Lohan. Also, her interviews are so cringe-worthy that I don’t see anyone having a fulfilling conversation with her.

      • vauvert says:

        Orlando should be so lucky…. I think Taylor is not only beautiful, but also smart and talented. (I know, lots of commenters think the brains belong to her advisors not her. Well, lots of young stars have good advisors, I am sure Taylor does not have a monopoly on hiring good people. How much good did that do for Justin, Selena, Miley, etc? None. The fact that she looks, acts, talks and presents herself with dignity is all her.) anyway… I think Miranda is terrible as a person, based on the gossip around her, and the whole “I am too sexy for the world” attitude she has. IMHO Taylor would be a huge upgrade, it’s Orly who needs to shape up, cut his hair and start acting his age.

      • We Are All Made of Stars says:

        I don’t know, I never followed any of the VS models because that is just plain stupid, but in the few fake staged interviews I read with her, she came off as very reasonable and non-preachy. She was always careful to preface her answers as to her health and fitness routine with “that is what I’ve found works for me” kind of stuff, and make it sound like her lifestyle and her choices for her child were based on her opinions and her values and were therefore specific to her. Now compare that to Swift, who clearly also has people feeding her nonsense about her newfound feminism and grownupness and still can’t resist throwing other people under the bus and writing about boys, boys, boys. The truth is probably that both of these chicks make for downright moronic conversation.

  3. NewWester says:

    Taylor’s brother is HOT!

  4. Allie says:

    Blind gossips suggest that Taylor and Matt were just a publicity stunt. Just a few photos together to get people talking. Which is true, it’s not like you’ve seen or heard them hanging out outside their concerts. Taylor needs a preppy businessman. Like someone from the east side, that is just as stuffy as she is, that is rich in his own right, and will treat her like a magical pretty pretty princess, which you know is what she wants.

    • Bridget says:

      Well if blind gossips say it then it MUST be true!

      • Allie says:

        Ummm I was just saying that it suggests that. Which makes more sense since we haven’t seen or heard really anything about them since Taylor going to their last concert. No need for the snark.

    • Ag-UK says:

      Exactly. I know she is popular but no one can sell me on her. I def could see investment banker east sider = sort of dull to me.

    • Veronica says:

      Or they were screwing around and it just never sparked into anything beyond fun. I doubt she’d ever state as such if that were the case, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s exactly what happened.

  5. Goats on the Roof says:

    I don’t know, that cat looks pretty comfortable to me. I’m sure she would put them in their carriers if they were in any kind of danger.

    • bella says:

      some kitties love to snuggle and get pat and scratched and i, too, hope and imagine that she’d put the kitties in their carriers should the fasten seatbelts alert go on.
      i LOVE her coat…must have it.
      and i just don’t see her with orly…she’s too precious for him…
      she needs to own her age and quit the sweet schoolgirl stuff.
      then again…perhaps it’s part of her image and she’s a wild one in private…don’t know.
      odd that she hasn’t been able to hold on to a guy for longer than a few weeks, isn’t it?
      or maybe that’s by her own design…who knows?

    • We Are All Made of Stars says:

      Cats shouldn’t be used to travel the world with as a photo accessory. Seriously, that’s like something that Dr. Evil would do people!

      • bella says:

        well, yah, in a perfect world, kitties should be left home with a sitter.
        of course…
        but if travelling on a plane, i think they’d prefer being on their owner’s lap as opposed to caged up in a carrier…

      • Erinn says:

        Or you know, maybe she loves her cats, and they travel reasonably well so she takes them with her?

      • We Are All Made of Stars says:

        As a lifestyle and not a once a year trip to Grandma’s house? There are animals that tend not to feel stressed, and even frequently enjoy, traveling and being in vehicles and planes. They’re called dogs.

      • Eleonor says:

        I am a cat owner and my Queen travels with me. In car or on a plane.
        I book hotels where I can bring her. It happens 3-4 times per year
        I choose a rescued kitty and not a grown cat to raise her to this kind of life.
        She is perfectly fine.
        Once I’ve left her to a friend of mine, after she told me my cat cried for two days and was totally terrified. If I am with her she is ok everywhere.

  6. Abby says:

    I think she’d be great with Orlando, but he was with Miranda Kerr, ang she was a Victoria’s secret angel, and taylor is friends with karlie (maybe other VS models?)… Does that violate girl code?

    • Abbott says:

      I don’t remember where I may have read this, but I think a lot of the other Angels didn’t like Miranda? And don’t forget the Bieber connection.

  7. olly says:

    Yes, please let it happen, just to see how the lord of the ring fans react when she drops elvish verses in her new songs.

  8. Abbott says:

    I’d say it’s unlikely to happen, given that Taylor can probably nail down a ton of dudes without Orlando’s baggage, but 2014 gave us Martin Lawrence so who knows?

    2015: Swploom! Taylorando!

  9. lisa says:

    Nope Taylor doesn’t need Orlando’s baggage and he had a sort of thing with Selena so no go. Taylor needs to date a wealthy businessman within the music industry.

    • Abby says:

      I think a wealthy businessman in general is a brilliant idea. Like the Olsen twins and their guys. Not even the music i industry… maybe like, Wall Street. So she could stay in NYC. Some Ivy-league dude.

  10. InvaderTak says:

    Orly needs to try someone his own age maybe. Or if he goes younger, at least get someone who doesn’t still act like a teenager. That’s kinda creepy.

  11. Squeakie says:

    That cat is CUTE! Taylor has grown on me. I used to be a huge hater but now I even listen to some of her new songs when I am alone in the car.

    • We Are All Made of Stars says:

      Back away from the dark side….have you ever met a cat that likes to travel around constantly in cars and…planes? Most of the cats I’ve known were terrified to the point that they kinda seemed traumatized by the whole car thing. She needs a lapdog and a clue is what she needs.

      • Kim1 says:

        Well my cat loved to ride in cars.He would jump in the car when I opened the door.He also like to get in shower and like being outside when it was raining.I know he was atypical.He passed away at age 15.I may get a kitten in 2015.

    • vauvert says:

      The cat looks perfectly comfy in her arms on that plane. I know my cat would have much preferred that to being in a carrier in a strange, small, dark place.

  12. OhDear says:

    For gossip purposes, this would be glorious!

    In reality, Bloom is too much of a hot mess.

  13. Greek Chic says:

    I don’t like her style at all but the blue coat isn’t bad.
    Her legs look very skinny these days though, especially with the black tights.

    She looks pretty in the picture with the cat. The eyeliner and the leather jacket suit her and are a nice change from the granny style she usually has.

  14. Eleonor says:

    My cat is used to the carrier and she travels with me, but some cats are more nervous in carriers, to me Olivia Benson looks perfectly fine.

    • littlestar says:

      Yes, her cat looks perfectly content and comfortable in her arms. My cats don’t like their carriers either, it’s much more comforting for them to be in my arms rather than caged up.

  15. Franny Days says:

    The reason I like Taylor Swift is because the ONLY controversy going on in her life right now is whether or not she uses her new cat carriers or not. FYI she does because there’s a pic of the carriers on the plane with the cats in them on her Instagram. So scandalous lol.

  16. kri says:

    CATS ON A PLANE!!! Where is Samuel L. Jackson when you need him. And no on the Dorian Gray/Swifty coupling. She already had one dissipated older pretty boy in John Mayer. She needs to hook up with Elliott Stabler.

  17. Embee says:

    The cats are fine. They are a particularly snuggly breed and LIKE being held.

    As for a man, I think Taylor needs someone NOT her type. Like a “King & I” type pairing, so that she can unclench a little. I think she eats these boys for breakfast and is hungry for more at lunch. She needs a man with a lot more to give that isn’t 100% invested in her conforming to every WASP stereotype.

    • captain says:

      agree! She needs someone smart and experienced, who she can listen to with an open mouth. Someone who won’t need her for image or carrier but for love only.

  18. ellesbelles says:

    I love the blue coat. So gorgeous. Her stockings are cute too. The roses are flirty. Taylor’s fashion game is usually top notch, so no surprise there.

    Her relationship game isnt so strong. I agree with others saying an Ivy League business man is up her alley. Someone stable and wealthy in their own right, the egos compete but on different playing fields.

    I’m not ashamed to admit that I belt out “blank space” in the car on the regular.

    Swifty, we’re cool as long as you stay away from hiddles. Otherwise we’re going to have a dance off behind the bleachers after 6th period, and I WILL cut you

  19. Lucy says:

    Uh I’m pretty sure Ed was just joking around…

  20. Nina says:

    Ed is meh, Bloom is blah, but can we talk about the thing in her hair in the blue coat pic? Good lord.

  21. Jayna says:

    I’m home all week and saw The Talk today. Taylor was on it. I have to say she handled herself beautifully and didn’t annoy me like usual where she would she would put on the goofy, aw shucks persona. She came across very intelligent, very self-possessed and had a maturity to her. I think she’s really evolving and was impressed. New York and no relationship for over a year, and focusing on strong female friendships has been good for her. Our Swifty is growing up.

  22. Veronica says:

    Why would you do that to her, Ed? Like any woman needs a man in her life who fights Bieber in a club.

    Tay-Tay has endeared herself more this year than ever before, but I need someone to do a shoe intervention with her. I realize she wants to stay on brand and affordable, but I have a far more limited income and still own better heels.

  23. Visionary says:

    Why would you do that to Orlando Bloom?

    What has he EVER done to deserve such a lousy fate?