Kate Upton was really upset when Uncle Terry released her ‘Cat Daddy’ video

Kate Upton

Kate Upton appears in a swimsuit feature in the April issue of Vogue UK. She was photographed by Mario Testino in a shoot called “Venus Rising,” which is meant to evoke Botticelli’s famous painting with a modern edge. Maybe. Kate looks hot, but the name of the shoot is unoriginal. Vogue should have let her beachy hair and amazing curves stand on their own without a mythological analogy.

This interview was conducted by Alexa Chung, who adopts a Blake Lively-esque manner of describing Kate’s beach bunny assets as they chat over Skype. This isn’t typical Vogue material, but the interview does depart from Kate’s recent routine of complaining about her fame. Instead, she complains about the revolting Terry Richardson, which is a worthy cause. Kate discusses her infamous “Cat Daddy” dance and how she was angry when Terry published the video without her permission:

Alexa Chung on Kate: “Upton is warm, relaxed and beautifully backlit. With her golden locks bundled into a loose ponytail, everything about Miss Upton is full and perky — including her beguiling personality.”

Kate on keeping her cool: “A lot of times I’d be on the phone with my mum as I was walking into a meeting and then calling her right after. She helped me word things and express myself so I knew what I was saying. I knew I was frustrated but I was 15 so I didn’t know exactly how to put things. My mum told me when I was younger that I could never raise my voice but I could always match a tone. I’ve kept that with me because, in fashion, there can be some heated moments. I’m never the one raising my tone, but I will match one.”

Did Kate stand up to Uncle Terry? “Yes, I did. I was like, ‘That was disrespectful, you could have told me! Now, obviously, it’s fine.”

Terry on whether he takes credit for Kate: “No. Kate was born a star.”

Kate the Marilyn Monroe comparisons: “I always thought Marilyn was so beautiful and iconic, it was amazing to even be mentioned in the same sentence as her. But I feel like nowadays it’s easy to be genuine and show your personality, whereas I don’t think Marilyn had that opportunity. And clearly she had a dark side, and I don’t have that.”

[From Vogue UK]

I can’t even muster up a wry comment about how Alexa Chung described Kate’s personality girls. Let’s talk about Uncle Terry instead and how Kate reveals that he didn’t have permission to release her “Cat Daddy” dance. We’ve heard many stories from other models who felt used and abused by Terry. Kate doesn’t tell that kind of story because she was already a big name before Terry met her. Of course he didn’t do what he did to unknown models when he encountered Kate. But he still overstepped his boundaries, and Kate called him out. Then she talked about it to Vogue UK. Baby steps.

Kate Upton

Kate Upton

Photos courtesy of Mario Testino/Vogue & WENN

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  1. The Other Maria says:

    Breasts are not amazing curves, they’re amazing breasts.

    She is a pretty woman tho.

    • Luna says:

      YES! Thank you. I cringe when people call her curvy. She’s pretty and has great breasts. She’s NOT curvy. She doesn’t have an hourglass figure. That word gets misused all the time.

      • wiffie says:

        Curvy more accurately describes a voluptuous bosom than when it’s used as a euphemism for overweight or medically obese as it usually is.

  2. Kaley says:

    “And clearly she had a dark side, and I don’t have that.”

    Ya know coming from most people I would raise my eyebrow at this but I actually believe her. She’s a corn fed, southern girl (from a very wealthy family but still) and seems to be just generally easy going.

    Uncle Terry is the reason the word “creepy” was invented.

    • OhDear says:

      Re: Upton not having a dark side – I believe her too – she seems like a sweet and laid back person.

      I don’t get the hate that she gets – she got lucky and is striking while the iron’s hot.

    • Grace says:

      Yeah, she seems pretty well grounded – completely unlike MM.

      • ISO says:

        MM had a hardscrabble life, while Upton is from a wealthy family; there is hardly any comparison.

  3. Izzy says:

    I find it hard to muster any sympathy. She knew what Richardson was, it’s not exactly a secret. If she didn’t want him doing something he didn’t like, she shouldn’t have worked with him.

    • Snazzy says:

      I often wonder about that. I mean, these famous people know what he’s like … they must! So why do so many continue to support him and work with him ? It makes no sense to me

      • Lola says:

        To get ahead in their career. If I remember correctly the guy did Vogue spreads and most big magazines. Also, it’s obvious he’s not the only sexual predator in the industry, so he probably gets a lot of important deals in exchange of young girls/boys.

    • Kara says:

      stop the victim blaming

      • Snazzy says:

        @Kara, I didn’t mean to blame the victims by my comment, but I can see how it comes out that way. I’m just trying to understand the mindset, that’s all

      • Izzy says:

        I’m not victim blaming. She made the video. She knew what kind of predator he was. I’m sorry she was embarrassed, and I’m sorry he violated her trust. But it shouldn’t have come as a shock that he did. That’s what he does.

        Having said that, I just did a little more research, and HOW old was she when that video was made? That explains a lot more. I think she was BARELY legal, so old enough for him to get away with it, young enough not to realize that eventually he would release it. Now I kind of do feel sorry for her, I imagine she might have felt a little uncomfortable making that video. I refuse to watch to confirm. I don’t have time for brain bleach today.

      • Jules says:

        Upton is no victim. Spare me.

      • Bridget says:

        Upton isn’t a victim here, she’s just unhappy that something was released (that she most likely signed a release for anyhow) without notifying her ahead of time.

        Richardson’s MO is to prey on women who don’t have any power to deny his advances. Young women, who are either intimidated by his power or feel that they can’t say ‘no’ without serious professional repercussions. When celebrities continue to work with Richardson they support his exploitation of these powerless young women.

      • V4Real says:

        It’s not victim blaming (people overuse that word sometimes, like now) when it comes to Uptown. She was dancing in front of the camera and knew she was being filmed. She did that same dance at a basketball game after that video was released. She might have been fully dressed but I think she loved the attention from it .

        Terry is a sleaze but is she also going to blame him for the video of her being sexual with a waterhose while water was spewing from it. No one is buying what you’re selling Kate.

      • briargal says:

        Attention is what she wants and now she is crying over a released video. She tries so hard to be relevant especially in the acting arena and failed at that. Her red carpet appearances are disasters. Maybe she should just do Playboy and get it over with. That would get her maybe 15 more minutes of fame.

      • perplexed says:

        Re: “crying over her a released video”

        I didn’t get the sense from the quote posted above that she was crying and trying to be sympathized with. She seemed to simply state that she told Terry Richardson that she thought it was disrespectful, which if you’re that bothered by something seems like a fair enough thing to express to someone. She didn’t say he violated her (I wouldn’t be surprised if he did either in this situation or in some other situation though simply because there’s too any rumours surrounding him about this) or that he abused her trust (I wouldn’t be surprised if he did that either), but seemed to simply state that she did stand up to him directly when the interviewer asked if she had done anything. I think people are allowed, even if they’ve signed a contract to do some kind of work for someone, to disagree with that person. She didn’t sue him or even cast aspersions on his character (I think we’ve all just assumed on our own he’s slime because he’s never really proven otherwise) — she just seemed to firmly disagree with him to his face, and stated as such.

        Maybe there’s more to the quote somewhere else that haven’t seen yet, but the above quote simply seems to point out that she’s capable of disagreeing with someone (which I think is fair, since she’s human, not a robot).

    • perplexed says:

      Maybe she didn’t sign a release form for the video. If nothing was signed, I think he did release it without her consent. Even if he has a reputation that precedes him that people might be aware of, if she didn’t sign a release form I don’t think he had the legal right to release it.

      • Bridget says:

        That would be very, very unusual if a release wasn’t signed. And it most likely would have been immediately taken down.

    • Nancy says:

      Agree 100%. This is ridiculous. She makes a video dancing for a known pervert wearing almost nothing, just a very skimpy bikini which barely covers her, and then she’s shocked, SHOCKED, I tell you, that he put it on YouTube. She definitely protests too much.

      Sweetie, if you don’t want a video like that on the internets, then don’t make it, and if you don’t want to be taken as a sex symbol, as she’s complained in the past, then don’t do SI shoots wearing almost nothing.

      See how easy that is?

  4. Naddie says:

    No dark side? Such a bore. However, still better than many (yeah, Charlie Sheen). And who the hell came up with the idea of relate Botticelli’s art and Kate Upton? She’s like, the opposite of what the painting evokes.

  5. Norman Bates' Mother says:

    Every time someone calls out that creep is a good day, but I wish people would simply stop working with him. These days, we know so many bad things about him that even standing next to him makes a person look bad. How many times do we see comments like: “He/she seems like a nice person but he/she has worked with Uncle Terry and that’s a huge red flag” and yet all these celebrities keep associating themselves with him? I feel icky whenever I even think what was going through his head when he saw this, then still a teenage, girl dance like that in front of him.

    • FLORC says:

      Terry’s is well known. The thing is those he works with want to do what they need to for their work or to get noticed. Setting comfort aside for the sake of a possible career boost.

      I saw the longer version on that video/photoshoot and Terry was super creepy while Upton gave moments where she appeared uncomfortable and I was cringing heavily while Terry was being a super creep.
      At what point do you call them out and say how your behaving isn’t ok or professional? Sadly, I think that takes a back seat to getting the photoshoot over with and hoping for more coverage.

    • ava7 says:

      I understand the frustration. If someone is a known, creepy pervert then why would people intentionally work with him? Well, unfortunately, lots of these young celebs are willing to do what ever it takes to be famous and get their name and image out there as much as possible. Uncle Terry is (unfortunately) well known and used by major publications. The thing is…they’ve done much worse to achieve fame than just work with TR. You just haven’t heard about it.

  6. smee says:

    I watched that video again yesterday and I have to say that it’s pretty great. It seems very youthful, sexy and fun and she looks incredible in it. TR might be a creep, but he knows what sells (and what other pervs like!)

  7. FLORC says:

    Can we stop calling her “curvy”. She’s not. Speaking in technical terms of what makes a person have curvy body from her ratios. Unless we’re just talking about her chest.
    In which case let’s call it what it is.

    And Uncle Terry is gross, but Uncle Terry and Alexa Chung are 2 names you don’t want to be associated with in a positive light.

    And a slightly off topic point. Upton has an Express campaign. She looks more natural and less photoshopped lately in those pics. Not thick, but naturally proportioned and that (imo) reads better for the ads. These pics had a heavy hand touch them up.

    • Snazzy says:

      Why Alexa Chung?

      • Jazzy says:

        haha I didnt even notice that “snazzy” replied before me.

      • FLORC says:

        Chung is sketchy. She hangs out with the likes of Terry and Terry. She’s only really got her thin body that understood she maintains through unhealthy and drug related means. Sleeps with who ever is famous no matter relationship status. Just pretty sketchy on her own. She gets noticed because she wears clothes that aren’t what you’d commonly see after being dressed by designers.

    • Jazzy says:

      Except Terry is a disgusting abuser and Alexa isn’t?

    • QQ says:

      Correct, she is Mostly Tits and straight gumby body , nothing wrong with it but seriously That isn’t curves that is GIGANTIC natural breasts and nothing else

  8. Lilacflowers says:

    If she is trying to move away from being a swimsuit model why is she posing in swim suits in Vogue? At least she is actually wearing the suit this time around.

  9. Helen says:

    I don’t mean to be a bore, but I will be one: for some reason, Vogue is running an interview that’s from last year. If you read it in full, you see that the piece says Upton will be making her debut “this summer” in The Other Woman. Which was last year. Then, the URL includes the date June 2014.

    Vogue is recycling. Big time! And they’re not even making an effort to hide it.

    As for Kate’s Uncle Terry comments, it seems to me like she’s trying to get away with a lie too. Since when do models veto what goes into a spread or not, or what is released or not? Did she really have a say in this? I don’t think so, but it’s nice of her to try to make it sound like she did. 🙂

    • ava7 says:

      Good point about Vogue. I think they must be in major trouble somehow. What else could explain putting Kimye on the cover? They must so desperately need sales that they had to stoop to appealing to that demographic.

      As for Uncle Terry, it was a video of her twerking that he released, not part of the photo shoot or “spread”.

  10. Shambles says:

    Can I get an ID on that yellow swimsuit from the first picture?! I’m in love. I can never find a suit with bottoms that cover my shape the way I like, and those bottoms are everything.

  11. bettyrose says:

    Her mother taught her not to raise her voice? I dunno. Yelling rarely helps. Better to be calm yet firm, but still it reeks of “good girls don’t..”

  12. Amy says:

    I understand her frustration at having something personal released but on some level I think this…is what it takes for her to get publicity. I know she’s supposed to be ushering in a new wave in modeling and all but it seems like Kate is nothing more than a pair of breasts bouncing around for attention.

    Every photo shoot – that’s the focus. When they try to style her differently – it doesn’t work. When she shows up to events – seemingly no natural beauty or style. When she’s ‘acting’ – well look there’s the breasts again.

    She just doesn’t have much that’s stunning or special about her visually (her current and only occupation is modeling) and I think sometimes everyone around her knows it and directs her to it but keeps the secret from her. Kate’s breasts get a lot of attention so a lot of effort is put into getting them jiggling and on camera.

  13. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I have nothing against her and I’m glad she called out the hideous creep TR, but I am sooooo sick of women posing on their hands and knees in shallow water with their butts in the air. Who crawls around in the water like that? It’s just so stupid.

    • Crumpet says:


      • tabasco says:

        +1. I put this more on Vogue and Mario though. Vogue is really sucking it these days. I think Kate has a big enough name now to put her foot down on the butt-in-air poses, so there’s that. But mostly I put it on Vogue and Mario. This shoot is about the least original thing ever, and not just the name. Also, Kate looks great and all, but in the crawling shot, her facial expression looks kind of pained. It’s giving me less “sexy minx” and more “can we hurry this up, there’s sand in my drawers.”

  14. Mzizkrizten says:

    I’ll never understand why people hold Marilyn Monroe as such an icon and inspiration.

    • Mintessence (the original Minty) says:

      Well, maybe you should read up on her. There are literally hundreds of Marilyn biographies. Hundreds. And I’m not recommending the tabloid crap out there, but the ones that have serious research. What I often see is others judging her based on her simplified pop culture image, without knowing anything real about her. There are enough foolish people who think anWell, maybe you should read up on her. There are literally hundreds of Marilyn biographies. Hundreds. And I’m not recommending the tabloid crap out there, but the ones that have serious research. What I often see is others judging her based on her simplified pop culture image, without knowing anything real about her. There are enough foolish people who think an actor and his public image/character roles are the same thing.

      Say what you want about her acting. She was a natural comedic actress and her dramatic skills improved over time (see: Bus Stop, The Prince And The Showgirl, The Misfits). Regardless of that, she was an extremely talented photographic model and underrated singer. Kim Kardashian, et al., will never be another Marilyn. The comparisons are ridiculous. Kim has no talent and Marilyn kept her life private when she was alive. It’s only later that people think they “know” her, because of all the unauthorized biographies written after her death.

      Marilyn didn’t finish high school, but she wasn’t dumb. She was an autodidact, an avid reader of literature, philosophy, and psychology. She was a fan of classical music. She was always interested in learning and self-improvement and was a perfectionist. She owned about 400 books.

      She was not a perpetual victim. She was one of the first (if not the first) women in Hollywood to form her own production company, to free herself from her studio slave contract. Marilyn wanted creative control and autonomy. Others, like Bette Davis, tried this years earlier and failed.

      Some authors have called her a proto-feminist. She divorced her 1st and 2nd husband because they didn’t support her wanting a career. She was the breadwinner during her 3rd marriage to Arthur Miller. During the communist witch hunts, Miller was being investigated by the government. She publicly supported him, risking her career with the possible outcome of being blacklisted in Hollywood.

      Before all this, when she was a struggling starlet, her rich & dying agent wanted to leave his wife and marry her. She refused, because she wasn’t a gold digger. She didn’t want to be kept woman or a rich widow. She wished to achieve success on her own merit.

      She wasn’t a user of recreational illegal drugs. She took prescription pills to treat insomnia, endometriosis and severe menstrual cramps. She suffered from stage fright, which was why she was often late. She fought hard against those obstacles to become a box office moneymaker for her studio. New evidence uncovered by recent biographies shows she likely had some form of dyslexia and hypoglycemia.

      She was no saint, but she was hardly the worst in Hollywood. The majority of Hollwyood actors and actress cheated. Grace Kelly slept with many of her married co-stars and Audrey Hepburn had two affairs with married men. Marilyn gets singled out because she came from a poor, not aristocratic/privileged, background.

      She was one of the least materialistic stars of her day. In the beginning, she spent what little money she had on acting lessons and self-improvement courses, not luxury items. The only home she owned by herself was a modest one, not the expected mansion. Her fancy evening gowns were borrowed from the studio wardrobe. Her jewelry was mostly costume jewelry. The auctions of her personal possessions show she didn’t own many expensive things.

      In a cutthroat, ruthless industry, she was genuinely kind – to children, to animals, to her fans. Lauren Bacall said she detected no meanness in her, no bitchery. Betty Grable said Marilyn was the only one to call and ask after Betty’s daughter, who was in an accident.

      I don’t believe she killed herself. Her past “suicide attempts” were cries for help, always done when someone would be near to help her. During the last months of her life, her career was on the upswing. They rarely bother to mention that she was rehired to finish “Somethings Got To Give” with an increase in salary and a better contract. She was negotiating with other companies on film roles outside of 20th Century-Fox. She was buying furniture for her new home. You don’t make future plans when you intend to kill yourself.

      She believed in equal rights. Ella Fitzgerald credits Marilyn for jumpstarting her singing career. During the very racist 1950s, Marilyn got Ella a gig at the Mocambo, an exclusive whites-only nightclub. The owner of the club agreed to Marilyn’s suggestion and hired Ella. Ella later said: “I owe Marilyn Monroe a real debt…After that, I never had to play a small jazz club again. She was an unusual woman – a little ahead of her times. And she didn’t know it.”

      • Naddie says:

        Yes, that’s why I always like things related to her. She was naturally funny, and eager to learn about “intellectual” stuff, things nasty people never encouraged her to look forward to.

    • jane says:

      Neither do I, frankly. I think her death solidified her as a icon in the public mind – (more so than her talent). And a lot of “lost” women seem to identify with her struggles and her insecurity. No disrespect intended to her memory, but I think she’s over-referenced.

  15. poppy says:

    uh, it is standard practice to have models/talent sign a release before anything happens. that is not to say he didn’t mislead her as to what for/how it would be used.
    but she signed off, hence no legal follow through.
    her whole discovery was jiggling. the tr video was to further that initial jiggling attention. it was a savvy move on her part and she should just own it like a professional that was willing to jiggle for attention, to get her foot in the door and then bone up on creating some talent or skill so she can move past jiggling for a living. If it hadn’t been for jiggling she would still be the same cute nobody with no talent and a big rack. The video only helped her.

  16. roxy750 says:

    She’s beautiful!

  17. jenn12 says:

    She was only 18 or so when she danced for Richardson, so I can see feeling pushed into it or embarrassed. She did seem kind of reluctant in the video, and TR was practically on top of her on camera. Not hard to picture him cajoling her into putting on a bikini and dancing provocatively.