Suki Waterhouse, 23, & James Marsden, 41, went out to dinner: new couple?

Suki Waterhouse

Here’s a photo of Suki Waterhouse at a London Burberry event last week. The gossip pages are keen to see whom she’ll date next after breaking up with Bradley Cooper and (possibly making out with him at Coachella). Bradley appeared to have moved on after clubbing with a 21-year-old model right before Coachella. As Lainey discussed last week, Bradley Cooper, 40, may have model-hopped over to Irina Shayk with a Broadway date. Irina is 29! She’s a bit too old for BCoop’s taste, but Page Six says they flirted up a storm at the White House Correspondents Dinner. Guests couldn’t help but notice their obvious attraction. Huh.

Suki may have found a new man too. The 23-year-old model/actress was papped entering a restaurant with 41-year-old James Marsden. People reported on the dinner date, which means that someone’s publicist may have tipped off the mag. People does say that James and Suki were “with a group of friends,” but that doesn’t mean they’re not dating. The Mail has several photos of Suki next to James, although they’re not holding hands for the cameras. They did stay at the restaurant together for three hours.

We haven’t talked about James in awhile, but last year, he reportedly dated 25-year-old Nina Dobrev. So James likes them younger, and Suki likes them older. That’s what I’m getting from this story. He does have a nice smile, but he’s a sketchball. James famously knocked up an early 20s model a few months after his wife of ten years filed for divorce. Dude is a hot mess, and he likes young models!

James Marsden

James Marsden

Suki Waterhouse

Photos courtesy of WENN

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  1. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Sweet dog.

  2. Chichi says:

    I hope her REAL father realises from her pattern that he has failed horrifically.

  3. jinni says:

    Her dog is really pretty and I say this as someone that usually doesn’t like dogs. It looks so fluffy and soft.

  4. Kath says:

    Don’t care about any of these people, but that dog is adorable.

  5. Kaley says:

    She always looks exhausted and just like she is so OVER whatever event she’s attending.

    Get a new job…I guess?

    • perplexed says:

      I didn’t even realize she was a model! I thought she was some young woman who got famous by association by dating older guys.

      I did wonder why she looks so tired for a 23 year old.

    • Jules says:

      She must be too exhausted to brush her hair…………..

  6. Lilacflowers says:

    These poor young models! Apparently, there are no men their own age and they are forced to take up with men old enough to be their fathers because there is no other choice.

  7. sensible says:

    I truely have never understood how Suki is a model, really everyday pretty and does not become suddenly Wow in photos either…just so meh to me.

  8. PeaBea says:

    Ah but I don’t want to add James to my list of men I have no respect for because they are emotionally incapable of dating age appropriate women.

  9. nene says:

    She really does have huge daddy issues.

  10. meme says:

    This girl has serious daddy issues. I also don’t get why she’s a big deal model. She’s pretty but then Kendall is a big deal model and she’s just meh also.

    • kiki says:

      Isn’t that why she hooked up.with Bradley Cooper in the first place? I would assume that, to say the least.

  11. Cas says:

    I just want her to be fixed up with somebody-anybody-before she starts work with keanu!

  12. Suzi says:

    I can accept a huge age difference when it’s two people who share something in common despite the generation gap but this seems to be a case of rich men paying for younger female company. Either that or serious daddy issues. I would have been repulsed by an old guy at that age. What is wrong with her?

  13. oneshot says:

    no matter how much British Vogue tries to anoint her a London It Girl it’s not going to happen, even Alexa Chung has a more individual look and style than Sookie’s generic ‘I’m too busy having sex to brush my hair’ routine.

  14. hogtowngooner says:

    I honestly don’t get the fascination with her. She’s soooooo vanilla and blah. Looks like nothing going on upstairs.

  15. kiki says:

    Call me jealous, and I don’t care. I just do not understand this obsession with Suki Waterhouse and these young movies stars who people claimed to be OH SO PRETTY when they are just vanilla. I don’t get it.

  16. Maria A. says:

    Who is this Suki anyway? I keep stumbling over her name here and there. Who is she and why is she littering up the internet landscape?