Chris Pratt is already forecasting his Hollywood ‘exit’ plan: bad form?

Chris Pratt

A few years ago, fans of Chris Pratt as Andy Dwyer (Parks & Rec) would have never imagined him as an A-list movie star. Surprise! Dude has a massive career with the Guardians of the Galaxy and Lego Movie franchises plus the upcoming Magnificent Seven remake, The Real McCoy, Cowboy Ninja Viking, and maybe an Indiana Jones reboot. Not to mention the impending Jurassic World monstrosity. He’s the envy of struggling actors everywhere. Pratt seemed fine with his fame. He and Anna Faris both expressed a healthy attitude over the downsides of being chased by men with cameras.

You’d think Pratt would be stoked for the next few decades. Maybe not. He reveals to Glamour that he sees a precise ending for his career. He’s going to bank a certain amount of money and head for the hills. Then he’ll write or paint (and shoot varmint). Why on earth is he forecasting his retirement while he’s riding so high? It seems ungrateful. Perhaps he’s been hanging out with Drunkface Chris Evans too much:

He has a certain financial goal: ”I don’t think we are the kind of people who need to be in a $50 million house, Jack needs to be in yelling distance.’ Most important for us now is to keep this train rolling. Anna with her TV show, me with my movies and hopefully make it through to hit that number and then graciously exit stage left.”

Stardom is easier with a partner: “The Golden Globes this year were so fun, we had the best time. If I did it on my own, I might have an amazing experience talking to some A-list celebrity that I have never met before, or one of those friends I have who is not really a friend. But when I retell it, you sound like a name-dropper and you can’t really articulate it to those close to you. It’s nice to have someone to share it with – an inside joke we are both in on like, ‘What are we doing here?”’

[From Glamour via Contact Music]

There’s nothing inherently obnoxious about a celebrity with an endgame to move his family away from the spotlight. But the timing is off. He’s promoting Jurassic World, and that’s what he should focus on. None of this alluding to quitting acting stuff with hurt feelings (when words are taken seriously) to come. If Pratt wants to split one day, then cool. I just don’t understand celebs who feel the need to drop hints first. If you want to move, then move. Stop talking and do it.

Pratt also sat down for a Reddit AMA last week. He typed while “still half-drunk” and gushed about his wife, saying, “Anna and I are meant to be together. Our relationship has made me believe in divine intervention and destiny, just as much as my crazy career and the way I fell into this life.” He continues to describe why she’s the best wife ever. It’s pretty darn sweet.

Here’s the latest Jurassic World trailer. I didn’t know BD Wong plays a scientist in this movie!

Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt

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  1. DavidBowie says:

    Good for him. He won’t wear out his welcome with fans and movie audiences. AND he’ll have less time to offend anyone. Ha, ha. After the Age of Ultron crap fest, I mean, press tour what he said is not offensive at all.

    • Hudson Girl says:

      Yeah, it read fine for me, too. Plus, he may change his mind in a few years and switch to Indies or comedy that doesn’t pay as well- actors can’t seem to stop the desire to work.

      • joan says:

        He’s adorable because he’s so real.

        Would people prefer some phony “star” who signs contracts with “girlfriends” to hide who he really is?

        Aren’t we tired of fake breasts, fake hair, plastic surgery, and fake personalities?

    • BW says:

      I think it’s great that he’s saving his money and has a retirement plan. I see nothing wrong with letting people know that he doesn’t plan on hanging around past his expiration date, doing fame whore reality shoes or going to an opening of a letter, just to get cash.

      • Meryl says:

        Agreed. I mean, in a regular job – even if you get a killer promotion, you likely have an end date in mind. It doesn’t make you ungrateful, just realistic.

    • Samtha says:

      I didn’t see anything wrong with what he said. He didn’t sound ungrateful or bitchy, just realistic. Most people retire from their jobs eventually; mentioning the inevitability doesn’t mean you don’t like what you’re doing now or that you’re not grateful for what you have.

    • Sarah says:

      I agree. How on earth is planning for your future “ungrateful?” Don’t most of us have a plan for what we are going to do when we are done working? And don’t most of us want to have enough to be done sooner rather than later?

      • jammypants says:

        yea, heck I’ve been planning for retirement since 26 and I’m not even anywhere close to his payscale. I actually think his plan is pretty smart.

    • MtnRunner says:

      I agree. He sounds grounded enough not need to be filthy rich to be happy. Also, he probably knows that in HW, today’s “next big thing” is tomorrow’s “nobody” and “whatever happened to…?”. To plan an exit when riding a career high seems pretty smart to me. Judging from what’s coming up for him, that exit won’t happen anytime soon.

      • Green Girl says:

        Exactly! It’s my understanding he was pretty much under the radar for years. He’s only been A-list for a fairly short period of time, and he’s old enough (and wise enough) to realize that fame doesn’t last forever. Take the money and run, dude.

        I think his personality has a lot to do with how his quotes “sound,” KWIM? It’s my understanding Pratt is an all-around great guy, so it sounds level-headed and smart coming from him. He sounds like he is truly humbled by his good fortune.

      • Nina says:

        I think he is realistic about the vagaries of success in Hollywood. He’s saying, he knows it wont last for ever, they’re going to bank as much now so that they don’t end up one of those sad Has Beens still hanging on.

  2. LA says:

    BD Wong was in the first Jurassic Park!

  3. Mia4S says:

    @Bedhead, BD Wong was in the first Jurassic Park! He’s reprising his role.

    As for Pratt? Careful buddy…be careful.

  4. Wilma says:

    I kinda like it. If I were in his position I might do the same. He doesn’t sound ungrateful, but more like there’s more he wants to do.

    • Franca says:

      Yeah, I thought he said something horrbile from the title. but he sounds fine.

    • Kiddo says:

      Yeah, I’m not a fan, but there was nothing douchey in the excerpt.

    • Lori says:

      At least he’s not saying he wants to direct. Lawd………with the “ultimately I want to Direct” bullsh!t.

  5. Jegede says:

    Bye now.

    Don’t let the door hit ya, were the Good Lord split ya!

  6. michkabibbles says:

    I guess I don’t see anything wrong with what he said. It sounds like a normal person talking about their retirement plans. He didn’t sound ungrateful or “over it” or anything. Just that they have a long-term plan.

    • MrsB says:

      I agree. I didn’t find it offensive in the slightest. Then again, I kind of love him, so maybe I’m just biased.

    • Miran says:

      I don’t see anything wrong with it either. The part about how they’re not the type of people who need to be in a $50 million dollar house and wanting to have his son within calling distance just says to me that they’re not in it to make as much money as they can, just enough to set up a comfortable life for their family and then call it a day, and I respect that.

    • Josie says:

      michkabibbles, I’m with you. I didn’t see anything wrong with what he said. It sounds like he knows they better make this money while they can because he knows this won’t last. I don’t think he sounded ungrateful at all.

  7. BengalCat2000 says:

    I love him. Maybe if more celebrities had an “endgame” in mind there would be fewer Goop – like Sites and reality shows with former actors.

  8. Sam says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with this. Maybe he wants to out while he is still on top. He sure as hell knows what it was like being a struggling actor, maybe he doesn’t want to wait around and go through the old desperate for parts other than playing grandpa actor stage. At least he is planning ahead. Too many people assume they are going to be hot forever. Whatever the reason, good on him. I don’t think it sounds ungrateful.

  9. MeeMow says:

    Eh. I know when I want to retire and have an “exit plan” for my career too but no one’s asking me about it in Glamour. Maybe it would have been more gracious for him to say “I want to do this job forever” but I prefer when celebrities show that they are real people and give truthful answers.

  10. renee28 says:

    There’s noting wrong with what he said. He’s not being ungrateful or trashing his films. He’s just talking about having an exit plan. That’s smart.

  11. Burgher says:

    So far in his stardom he has managed to keep it real. I admire that.

    I think it is great that he eludes to a retirement plan!! So many people fail to do that and are only focused on the here and now.

    What age do I want to be when I retire? What is my retirement savings goal? How much should I be saving monthly to reach my goal?

    Thank you for the reminder in this Chris and leading by example!!

  12. Kori says:

    I 100% don’t see the ingratitude here. More a realization of how fickle fame is (he’s an ‘overnight’ success after years of being in the business) and watching his money–and not hanging around past your prime. More actors could learn to realize that you sometimes need to gracefully exit rather than desperately clinging to fame.

  13. Kara says:

    wise decision, i cant see why someone would put themselves and their family into the spotlight for a longer period of time. so many families break apart and people crumble under the downfalls of fame.

    make a quick buck and live a good life, sounds fun.

  14. Bridget says:

    No one stays on top forever. One day you’re Jennifer Lawrence: Everyone’s Best Friend, and the next everyone is pronouncing themselves sick of you. When someone’s job is to get out there and be seen, it’s such a fine line between selling your product and over exposed. If what he’s saying is that he knows that he won’t be on top forever and that’s he’s planning for that eventuality, good for him. Don’t end up like Nicolas Cage who has to continually work regardless of the project to pay for his absurd lifestyle.

  15. Ashling says:

    His comment seemed fine to me. Fame doesn’t last forever…neither does a fit body. Have you seen the recent pics of Jonah Hill?

    • JKL says:

      I’m almost convinced that is at least part fat suit. I can’t believe Hill put on that much so fast.

  16. Unmade_bed says:

    Something out of nothing

  17. danielle says:

    Add me to the list of those who think there is nothing wrong with what he said. I like my job, but an early retirement sounds awesome! Lots of other stuff I could do with that free time.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I think he’s actually very smart to have an exit plan. I initially thought it wasn’t especially smart to say so, just in case he changes his mind, but he was not specific about when it would happen. No problem with him planning for the future.

  18. Nina says:

    Yeah, I don’t see what is so wrong about what he said? I feel like judging him for having an exit strategy is super picky. At least he is aware that, at some point, his career will end and he has a plan for when that does happen. Good for him. He will leave Hollywood and not try to stay relevant, unlike all the other actors whose careers died years ago.

    I’m at the height of my career and have a retirement plan. It doesn’t make me ungrateful or tired over the promotion I received.

    • Lou says:

      Agreed. There’s nothing wrong with his plan or what he said.

      Seems celebs can’t say anything right round here.

  19. **sighs** says:

    He sounds like he works to live, not lives to work. Good for him.

  20. vauvert says:

    Sounds to me like good planning, and like he has his head in the right place. Nothing wrong with his comment, no ingratitude or anything obnoxious. Many of us are working to earn a living (enjoying it while at it) but also planning for a retirement day. Why shouldn’t he? And I live how he talks about his marriage. Hope they both stay grounded and cool.

    • Timbuktu says:

      Agree with all the commenters. What he said is what I often say to myself when I read all these actors complain about the toll that fame takes on them and their family. My thinking is: make a few good movies, manage your money well, and, if playing the game truly bothers you, get out. You have that luxury that most other people don’t, seeing as how we don’t get paid the value of a nice house in 1 year or less.
      If you aren’t getting out, then you don’t want to because you realize the perks of fame are bigger than the downsides. In which case, stop whining.

    • MtnRunner says:


  21. mommak918 says:

    Yeaa…I came expecting something awful. But he seems reasonable and smart. Like everyone mentioned above. He has always seemed grateful and down to earth. I find myself liking him more and more. He isn’t your typical smug Hollywood type, thank the Lord!

  22. Perfectly executed Chewbacca sound says:

    He’s never had a Chris Evans “fame is so hard and I hate it” attitude. He enjoys it, he wants to keep it going for as long as he can, but he understands that there is a point at which his fame and associated opportunities will fade, and he’s making a plan for that eventuality. Smart plan, especially considering he’s got a wife who is quickly approaching 40 and may have a hard time and will have a harder and harder time of it in Hollywood – not just in terms of career opportunities but psychologically, being a woman at all in that environment is tough, and being a middle aged woman is even worse. They’re lucky they both became famous after 30, which will warp them less, and they’re smart and mature to have a 5/10 year plan. I’m biased though, I love him.

  23. Tiffany says:

    From the title I was preparing for the worse and I got him being realistic about his future. I am with the majority and state there is nothing wrong with what he said.

  24. Skins says:

    With all these franchise movies being the blockbusters now, the term “movie star” is being thrown around pretty loosely. This guy has probably never sold a ticket in his life but he is in these blockbuster movies and is perceived as a star. Look at Downey Jr. All the blockbuster Iron Men and whatever other drivel he has done, when he stepped outside of that and made The Judge or whatever it was called, it was a total flop. Read somewhere that the top guys are making 20-25 million a picture which sounds good, but is pretty much the same as the top guys were making in the 90’s.

    • lisa2 says:

      I agree with you.. They are for the most part Franchise Stars. And sadly they are all going to be replaced and the franchise will be rebooted.

      The term Movie Star is thrown around to describe any and everyone. There are only a small few that are my definition of Movie Stars.

  25. kri says:

    B.D. Wongmakes everything better!!

  26. smcollins says:

    I don’t think he sounds ungrateful at all, just realistic. He knows that this career high won’t last forever and he’s thinking ahead. Good for him! It’s a nice change from those celebs who get caught up in the trappings of fame and become desperate to cling to it.

  27. lucy2 says:

    I don’t see it as ungrateful, just someone admitting they don’t want to work forever, which is fine. As long as it’s not something he dwells on over and over in interviews – there are a number of celebrities who always talk about quitting acting, and then keep showing up in stuff and you realize it’s just talk for attention.

  28. Bshg says:

    Ungrateful? What are you talking about?
    He’s not dissing anyone, he’s always been one of the sweetest, most graceful actors in the business and everyone who has ever worked with him has spoken very highly of Chris. His plan sounds very rational and actually what anyone with a tiny little grain of sense would do in Hollywood. Make money, enjoy fame as long as you are willing to, and then leave the madness and run lead a normal, quiet life away from the spotlight (which would still come with all benefits in terms of lifestyle, educational opportunities for your kids and so on..). Go Chris!

  29. Jag says:

    I see how it could be taken wrong. To me, it seems that he’s a bit arrogant in that he is going to decide when he doesn’t want fame anymore – similar to that Miles guy who wants to have some actors’ careers, but not others. He needs to realize that he doesn’t get to dictate how long he gets work. If people don’t like him, he won’t get the parts. Having an exit strategy is good, yes, but acting like he’ll just be golden until he decides he isn’t is a bit much.

    • Hannah says:

      Right now, he’s popular and has a good reputation. So if he decides to leave before people get sick of him, he will be taking control. It will also be a better way to remember him.

  30. Catelina says:

    I like him, and these comments

  31. DarkSparkle says:

    Twitterpated. Completely.

  32. FingerBinger says:

    How is Pratt A list?

  33. notlistening says:

    I don´t see anything wrong with this…

  34. Boston Green Eyes says:

    I don’t want to work forever either. There! I sad it!

    Seriously, some other actors should take this page out of Chris’ playbook. Ahem, I am looking at you, Mr. Look-at-me! Don’t-Look-at-me! Prissybatch!

  35. Dawn says:

    I love this couple. They seem to be real and don’t have their head up their own asses like several other couples I could name. Good luck to them in all they do be it in Hollywood or when they exit stage left!

    • Hannah says:

      I love them too, they’re so cute and down to earth. Hopefully they last and I think quitting Hollywood would only improve their odds.

  36. Hannah says:

    I think it’s smart. I would be planning my exit if I was in Hollywood too. How many celebrities have we seen that should have quit and lived a simple life a long time ago? This is how we will remember him, which would be good. And even if we don’t remember him, it’s probably good. Some celebrities get so obsessed with the spotlight and don’t know when to give it up and end up with all kinds of issues. Plus I can’t see how that lifestyle could be good for anyone.

  37. lylaoooo says:

    ok… som you don´t like Chris Evans we get it! so don´t write about him or draged him out .

  38. Lola says:

    I thought the comment came from a grounded human being, that understands the business aspect of the industry he is in. Did not read anything negative about the comment tbh.

  39. Ally.M says:

    He’s always refreshingly honest, maybe some people prefer he lied because that’s what we’re used to from Hollywood players.

  40. Dante says:

    This sounds like retirement planning. i actually don’t have a problem with this at all. Plus, he is in his mid thirties, he knows he doesn’t have a long shelf life. He has plenty of work lined up and then he can scoot down the road when it dries up.

  41. Steve says:

    I’ve always wanted certain movie actors to retire with dignity and let it go. Just get out of the game and be normal. I think Chris is on the right track.