Meg Ryan makes a rare public appearance in Paris: Botoxy or beautiful?


I’m trying to decide if these photos bother me. Meg Ryan made a rare public appearance at Paris Fashion Week yesterday – she attended the Georges Chakra Fall/Winter 2015/2016 show. She was seated in a place of honor (beside Petra Nemcova) and Meg was by far the biggest name at the show.

So what would bother me, really? Well… Meg Ryan has had a lot of work done over the years. It feels like a long time ago when she first started messing with her face in very noticeable ways, but I guess that was back in like 2008/09. Since her big public outings – on red carpets, press conferences, etc – were and are so rare, Meg would sometimes look wildly different each time we saw her. Several times (like back in 2013), she went WAY overboard with the lip injections and fillers. But when she got with John Mellencamp, it did seem like Meg stopped messing with her face so much. Maybe Mellencamp didn’t like that fake look, maybe she just found a better injectibles person, I don’t know. But she started to look like the old Meg.

Which brings me to these photos. Is this is the old Meg? Not really. She looks like Meg Ryan mixed with a Real Housewife mixed with like… Naomi Watts? Or something. Now all that being said, the work doesn’t look BAD. At all. If anything, I think Meg is finally working with some people who know what they’re doing with fillers and Botox. She looks good – she just doesn’t look completely like herself. And her hair looks really good – that’s a really flattering cut and style.

Oh, and the last I heard (which was last year!), Meg and John Mellencamp are back together. I think. I really don’t know – we haven’t seen photos of them out and about since 2014, and the National Enquirer reported last month that Meg broke it off with Mellencamp again. Who knows?



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Nerdista says:

    This face is a travesty.

    • Diana says:

      She looks feline.

    • doofus says:

      she looks better than she used to (that that Joker smile…*shudders*) but her skin looks to be pulled tight as a drum.

      • Kitten says:

        I mean….come on guys, she looks better.
        She looked crazy there for a while. Also, she is 53 years old. She’s not gonna look like she did in When Harry Met Sally. I don’t know. I think people are being a bit harsh.

      • Erinn says:

        I’m with Kitten. I was thinking how much better she looks than I expected. She looks like a cute woman in her 50’s who has had work done. She’s not pretending to have never gotten anything done – I think she looks quite pretty. I find really light blue eyes tend to make a face look a little different as well – it’s a bit of a trick of the eye I guess – and I say this as someone with relatively light ones, but they photograph a bit differently and kind of wash out the eye area or something. I’m not sure how to explain it, really.

      • Kiddo says:

        Kitten, she looks better than she did, but still doesn’t look much like herself. It’s not the passage of time that has altered her from rom-com days, it’s the ‘swelled face’ and waxiness of skin texture, not wrinkles or gravity-pulling droop which happens naturally with age.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        She looks a lot better than she did for a while.

      • Kitten says:

        Her and Melanie Griffith-I feel bad for how mean people are towards them, especially since it’s obviously something they feel insecure about. I don’t know. I’m not trying to be sanctimonious, but I refuse to contribute to that.

      • Kiddo says:

        I don’t think there’s anything wrong with feeling bad for her insecurities and motivation, but if her name hadn’t been in the headline, I would not have known who she was.

      • Bridget says:

        Yes, Meg did a lot to her face. But it also felt like it was in response to the attitude she was getting from Hollywood towards her being an aging sweetheart.

      • Sarah says:

        I agree with Kitten. For a while she looked like death warmed over. Now, it seems that she has either laid off a bit and her face is settling after all these years, or she has better people working for her. Either way, It think she looks the best she has in years.

        As for she and Mellencamp, she was in Evansville, Indiana with him about a month ago.

      • Kiddo says:

        @Bridget, but couldn’t that be said for ANYONE (female) in Hollywood? I guess I don’t completely understand the Kid gloves used for some and not others. Is it based on how bad the surgery/procedure turned out, and how far the person strayed from their original appearance, that a gentler approach is needed? Then, in reality, is it really that you feel sorry for them on the results, rather than the motivation behind it, etc? I’m asking a sincere question, no snark intended.

      • Bridget says:

        @kiddo: good question. And honestly, I tend to feel bad for anyone that remodels their face to such a noticeable extent, because they might as well hang a sign on themselves that reads “I am extremely insecure about aging”. But as for Meg specifically, it felt like she got it harder. So much of her image was tied up in “cute” which is I think an adjective that tends to be tied to younger women. And it couldn’t have been easy to have the collapse of her marriage and her career at the same time – especially when she bore the brunt of that Russell Crowe scandal, despite the fact that we now know Dennis Quaid is a cheating cheater.

        I realize that someone like Meg is a public figure and her face is literally a part of her job,and proclaiming that people shouldn’t point out the obvious work she had done (a la Renee Zellweger) is a little ridiculous. I just look at someone like Meg, or Courtney Cox, or Melanie Griffith, so on, and I feel like we can see their unhappiness in every injection and procedure that was done.

      • Cleo says:

        I agree. She looks SO much better. She’s on the right track. Not quite there yet, but such an improvement.

        Kudos to Meg’s new surgeons who are at least aiming for natural even though missing…as opposed to her old surgeons who were just aiming for Jocelyn Wildenstein and coming pretty close.

      • Diana says:

        @kitten I agree with you. I regret my flip comment as I was genuinely taken aback by how different she looks from her “you’ve got mail” days. We all get older… I just wish she felt good enough to allow aging to happen gracefully. I hate how I can rush to such judgement. Please forgive me.

      • Pandy says:

        Agree Kitten. I think people aren’t factoring in that she’s older and not as wide-eyed, etc. She did have some crappy work done, but this looks more like her again – just older.

      • Lahdidahbaby says:

        I’m with Kitten on this. Past a certain age, it’s gotta be hell trying to maintain your public image as America’s favorite cutie pie. It would be one thing if she could age in privacy, but everywhere she goes – even just a quick run to Starbucks – she’s photographed and then her face is analyzed and deconstructed in the media. Yep, she did mess with her face too much – but the cheek implants and duck-lips are gone now, and aside from probably some Botox and/or a bit of filler, this is just a formerly cute face aging. Does she look older than her age? Maybe, yeah. But, God, what hell it must be to ever show her face when this is what happens.

      • noway says:

        She does look so much better than the joker face. I just agree with a lot of people, I think she would have looked so cute with her wrinkles and older looking face. I feel bad that women, especially in Hollywood, but women in general feel they have to not age to look good. A sad state of affairs for women in general.

    • Audrey says:

      Should have played guess the celebrity. I would not have recognized her honestly.

      Sad. She’s beautiful and doesn’t need to do this

      • boredblond says:

        +1. I don’t think these women realize that their marketability isn’t based on perfection but recognizable when Goldie Hawn had all the ‘Goldie’ removed. Somehow their uniqueness is melting into ‘who’s that?’

      • Sabrine says:

        It’s her business, not mine, and nobody else’s what she chooses to have done in terms of cosmetic procedures. I choose not to sink to the level of catty comments. She looks adorable as always.

      • Tara says:

        @boredblond, I agree. Homogeneity just means you’re interchangeable. As ridiculous as Hollywood is about gender and aging, the more successful older actresses seem to have kept what makes them recognizable, in addition to their talent.

    • chaine says:

      If the headline had not been there, I would not have known who this was in the first pic. With the headline, I can see kind of how it looks like a really budget wax museum figure of Meg Ryan. Otherwise, she is starting to resemble Melanie Griffith… the ultra-tight face, the frail skinniness, the forced smile. This is not a happy woman.

      • Janet R says:

        The first photo looks something like Helen Mirren – not that that is a bad thing. I’m glad Meg is looking more natural though.

    • AntiSocialButterfly says:

      What did she do to her nose?? And why, oh why, do people overpluck their brows back to their ears like that??

    • Cindy says:

      I’m also with kitten. Yes, she looks like she has had work done, but she also looks really pretty. Much, much better than before. And she is 53! Kitten is right, we can’t expect her to look like she did when she was in her thirties. Hell, I wouldn’t mind looking like this when I get to 53.

      • n.h. says:

        I think she looks great! Whoever did the tweaking, they finally got it right – she looks really cute again.

    • Belle Epoch says:

      Oh dear God. Here are photos. I thought her eyes looked tiny. Very generic Real Housewives looking now. So sad – and only 53??

    • LadyoftheLoch says:

      Tragic. She used to be so beautiful with her little foxy face.

      If she had allowed herself to age gracefully she’d still be beautiful, but now she looks like a wax effigy.

    • Kiyoshigirl says:

      Travesty is a bit harsh. It’s not like her face is causing death and devastation wherever she goes. No, she does not look like a naturally aging 53 year old woman, but we all know Hollywood women have an unrealistic view of how they should look. She’s making the best with what she has due to messing with her face too much in the past.

    • Kate says:

      The freakiest thing is, she and Nicole Kidman are looking more and more alike.

      • Tara says:

        Except Nicole Kidman still looks like Nicole Kidman. At least, when I see pictures of Nicole, I don’t wonder who it is. And Nicole gets way more hateful comments about her “Botox forehead.” I think Meg is getting sympathy and low-bar points. That’s fine. She looks way better than she did. I do love the dress… For Fashion Week, and her hair style is kind of flattering. But, if “bangs trauma” is a thing, can we make “no-bangs trauma” happen too? Way too much forehead.

  2. Kiddo says:

    The second photo almost looks like Meg Ryan.(and a little of Olivia Newton John?)

    • Mrs. Wellen Melon says:

      I call Samantha Brown from the Travel Channel.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Almost. I didn’t recognize her in the first pic. She had such a pretty face, and it’s still pretty, but she looks like a different person. I can’t believe that was necessary. She wasn’t that old when she started having stuff done. Sad.

      • Suzanne says:

        She doesn’t look anything like she used to. This is weird! She was so cute back in the day!

      • Kiddo says:

        She was tremendously and strikingly ‘cute’. I imagine she would have aged adorably too, but we’ll never know.

      • sensible says:

        She was the cutest thing, I wanted every outfit she wore in When Harry Met Sally she had a fabulous face, just gorgeous. Did this face torturing not start after that disasterous relationship with RussellCrowe? I think he made her feel bad about herself.

      • sills says:

        Yeah, she had the kind of features and bone structure that would have aged really nicely. Look at Julia Louis Dreyfus or Julianne Moore or Virginia Madsen, all about her age but whatever subtle tweaks they’ve gotten have still left them looking human.

      • Kiddo says:

        I was thinking about the actress Ruth Gordon, who was in the cult classic, “Harold and Maude”. When she was young, she was very cute, when she aged, she was even cuter, wrinkles and all.

      • LizzyFizzy says:

        I am a big Meg Ryan fan and I have no idea why she thought she needed any plastic surgery in the first place. She had a classic, delicate featured face with a small mouth like Cheryl Tiegs and somehow she bought the hype that big ol’ lips and plumped up cheeks were the ‘in’ thing?

        Circa 2001, folks:

      • holly hobby says:

        Add Michelle Pffeifer to the list of 50 something actresses who had a little work done but is still recognizable. Yes she started messing with her face after she bumped uglies with Russell. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a self esteem killer.

    • Sullivan says:

      Olivia Newton John, yes!

      • Reeely?? says:

        I wouldn’t have recognized her at all. I have a beautiful friend I haven’t seen in a decade who did this to her face. I asked a local guy what he thought of it. He said it’s a sign of wealth to look at a woman and see what he calls “masarati upgrades”. Personally I’d rather look like a junkyard VW with potential, but that’s just my bohemian aesthetic…

      • Harryg says:

        And she also looks like Jon Hamm’s girlfriend Jennifer Westfeld.

    • Esmom says:

      Yes, when she smiles and you see the sparkle in her eyes you can almost see the old her. But I’m shocked at how much filler she seems to have packed into her face. It’s scary to me. And, like with Kidman, sad that we’ll never know how she might have aged naturally.

    • Katie says:

      Almost yes. I do miss her.

  3. Lindy79 says:

    sweet lucifer’s knapsack!!!

  4. Snazzy says:

    The rare times I see photos of her it makes me so sad … she really must have some serious self loathing issues to keep having so much work done to her face.

  5. Lilacflowers says:

    Meg Ryan and Renee Zellweger have morphed into the same person.

    • PunkyMomma says:

      I’m seeing a little Helen Mirren in that face.👀

    • Cran says:

      I was going to post a similar comment. Meg looks better here but I still don’t admire the damage she has done to her face.

      I don’t understand fillers. I always thought they were temporary and would fade away in time. Off to google.

    • Reeely?? says:

      I’m in LA right now, and nearly every woman has that morphed look; the chicken cutlet cheeks, the joker lips, squinty eyes, unnaturally bloated tight skin (like an allergic reaction), then add the massive barbie hair and giant bolt ons. My friend who lives here is anesthetized to the walking plastic circus. I can’t stop a starin at these weird folks in the big city!

      • Naddie says:

        The richer women in here are just like that, they can’t even move their mouths to speak. And man, that’s just plain ugly. I believe in 20 years we’ll be having sinthetic skin, to never age.

      • Amber says:

        Isn’t that called the “Real Housewives look”?

    • Secret squirrel says:

      There must be one plastic surgeon out there making a killing in Hollywood, but he can only do one style of face.

      Like a cartoonist…

  6. Karen says:

    The lips don’t bother me like they used to. But her people did something to her eyes and nose. It looks like someone who looks like Meg Ryan.

    However the hair is awesome and her body is amazing.

    The dress is flattering…. but I’m pretty sure the top is seethrough and we can see her nips/nip-covers.

    • Hautie says:

      You know sometimes I wonder, if it really is just her face aging. With a little botox thrown on top.

      Meg was a girl who loved the sun. Smoked. And lived a active life. And the thing is… she is over 50. None of us get to keep our face from our 20’s. I just don’t see what every one else is seeing.

      It sucks. But no one gets to avoid having their faces change. Even the girls in LA. Then one day we realize, that we stop looking like our self from 1990’s. Meg was always a cute girl. I still find her a cute 50 year old.

      What I am not buying, is that she has had extensive work done to her face. Maybe a peel. Maybe even a had her eye lids done. Other wise. I just don’t see a lot work done on her face. She is just aging.

      Well… I do see the lip injections. 🙂

      At least she had not gone crazy, with the gigantic Dolly Pardon epic level of lip injections.

      • Kitten says:

        I agree. I said something similar above.

      • Reeely?? says:

        I see a strange face instead of an aged face. I wish i had as generous an eye as Hautie. I can’t unsee the cost of making oneself look odd instead of lovely at 50.

  7. Birdie says:

    Worst Hollywood plastic surgery face. She was gorgeous and ended up looking like a freakshow.

  8. Jo says:

    She needs an eyebrow intervention

    • ldub says:

      yes. brows are not on fleek.

      could also use a nude pasty for that sheer top. nip slip! smh

  9. Jenns says:

    Compared to how she has looked in the past, I think she looks the best she has in a while here.

  10. carol says:

    I wonder if she would have looked better having done nothing to her face. She’s got a great figure though.

  11. Ben Dover says:

    Sweet Jesus

  12. Liz Joyce says:

    Youth is worshipped in our culture but women, especially female actors, are shamed for using products and processes to keep signs of age at bay.

    • Kip says:


    • Mary says:

      I think it’s sad that they feel that they MUST get it done. If someone just wants to get some Botox or a face lift or whatever, fine. But if they are feeling pressured to, then that’s not okay. It’s sad that Meg did that to her face on purpose. I wonder what she would have looked like now had she not had that work done. My guess is she would have aged pretty well.

    • sills says:

      Come on, every actress in Hollywood her age has had something done, but most have the good sense to do it subtly. People here are always saying “Wow, so-and-so looks great, if she’s had work done it’s really good.” I think most people save the “shaming” (whatever happened to good old “criticism”?) for those who go overboard and end up like the joker–it looks ridiculous.

  13. Dame Heddy says:


  14. ell says:

    she looks much better now that she used to. clearly she has toned down the plastic surgery, i think she looks lovely.

  15. Mop top says:

    This breaks my heart.

  16. prissa says:

    WOW! Idk what is wrong with my eyes but so often I’m not able to see the Botox look in many stars (even with Nicole Kidman I try hard to notice what everyone sees). But I can clearly see what everyone is talking about with Meg. WOW! She ALMOST looks like her old, normal self & it’s much better than it used to be, but damn her forehead and cheeks look stiff & frozen!!!

  17. serena says:

    As long as she is happy. A little frail looking though.

  18. Mia4S says:

    Plastic surgery is a personal choice but to this day I am annoyed by an interview I saw with her talking about what a great place she was in and so over all the Hollywood stuff…and her lips were the size of throw pillows. Stop lying when we can clearly see.

    The forehead kills me. The Botox! Is that really preferable to some nicely trimmed bangs? Or a few lines? Really?

  19. RobN says:

    I’m 50, we all wanted to look like her and now I honestly wouldn’t recognize her. Never thought I’d see the day when I’d be better looking than Meg Ryan. I should get Tom Hanks as some sort of prize for remembering to use moisturizer and staying away from surgeons.

    • GingerCrunch says:

      HA! I’m her age too, and people used to say I resembled her, which was SUCH a compliment! Thankfully, I haven’t heard that in ages, whew. The worst was when I wore glasses with short blonde hair and a stranger said I looked like Sally Jesse Raphael. Serious low point.

    • Jen43 says:

      Ha. I could say the same. I look like an older version of myself but not a completely different person. Seriously, if I went the plastic surgery route, I would lipo my thighs but keep my face.

    • skyblue says:

      Me too! I’m 48…creeping up on 49 and I really just look like an older version of my old self. Meg just looks different now. Very strange.

  20. yuck says:

    Would never have recognized her. Sad.

    • Nicolette says:

      Me either. If I had just been shown the photo I would have no idea who it was.

  21. Angie T says:

    She’s only 53. This is ridiculous. Let it go Meg. Let it go. She’d look a million times better if she just dropped the injectibles.

    When I see pics like this (or just watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) I wonder what kind of weird world do these women live in where they convince themselves they look good like this. They look AWFUL.

  22. Mellie says:

    I like her and I hate it that she has messed with her face, though she is starting to look a bit better. Hopefully she and JCM have broken it off, I am from Bloomington, Indiana and he is easily the biggest a-hole in the state of Indiana….

  23. kibbles says:

    Oh man…I really miss the old Meg Ryan. I know I shouldn’t expect her to look the same as she did in When Harry Met Sally, but it would have been wonderful to see her age naturally. I’m sure she would have looked as beautiful as she did back then with just a few extra wrinkles. I just can’t with her face at this point. She still look like the Joker to me. This is clearly a sad and disastrous addiction she has with Botox, fillers, and who knows what else. Do these women even look in the mirror sometimes and cry (if they are still able to do that with all those injectibles) when they have realized that they completely f-ed up their faces?

  24. Elfie says:

    Sad that people can’t let themselves age naturally.

  25. funcakes says:

    Goodbye Betsy Andropoulos 🙁

  26. Bishg says:

    What the hell was she thinking? WHAT ARE THEY ALL THINKING?
    People, stop relying on botox to fight the natural passing of time.
    I’m telling you, most of the time you end up being monstrosities who look +20 years older than their real age!!

  27. Ellen2 says:

    That looks like a serious brow lift to me. Doesn’t she have something new coming up on TV now? I think HD cameras scare actors and they get crazy with the procedures. It’s a shame, because above her eyes, she just doesn’t look like herself.

    I know that everyone ages and their face changes, but I really really wish that we would let actresses change naturally and not due to surgery, injections, and Botox. Meg Ryan of all people would still be beautiful with wrinkles.

    We are scared of old age, is what it boils down to. And sexist, An older man is virile. An older woman is invisible.

  28. Ellen says:

    Meg, just stop. I thought you were Jenna Elfman.

  29. Rosie says:

    Tragic. Not only was she adorable back in the 90s, she was also a respected actress (as opposed to today’s reality stars). She didn’t have to do this.

    • Rafa says:

      She was a really well-liked actor. Not sure if she was all that respected. Hard to say since many of her roles were similar types. In some against type role like whatever that hostage movie she made with Russell Crowe was, she was truly TERRIBLE. She was ok in “In the Cut” IIRC. She is a bit uneven, I guess.

  30. MaggieGrace says:

    What gets me are the cheek implants. They make her look like the joker.

  31. seesittellsit says:

    If you hadn’t told me it was Ryan I wouldn’t have known. It is appalling that actresses in Hollywood have to throw away their very identities, the image in the mirror that makes them distinct from among 7 billion others, because they become unemployable except in mother roles the moment they look a day over 30.

    Old English saying: if you lie down with dogs you shall get up with fleas. I guess this is the price for once being an ingénue in Hollywood.

  32. Jess says:

    I can’t make a good judgment on whether the plastic surgery looks good or not because she doesn’t look like the Meg we all know and love. I bet she would’ve aged beautifully, but her forehead is really throwing me off, not a single wrinkle! I know the pressure is on in that business but I hope she stops, such a natural beauty years ago.

  33. lila fowler says:

    Of all the plastic surgery and botox disasters, this one hurts me the most. Meg Ryan was just so beautiful.

  34. Cupcake says:

    Botoxed to hell!! I thought she was Diane Sawyer!

  35. rentho says:

    1st pic, 1st glance looked like Jenna Elfman from her Dharma and Greg days.

  36. Embee says:

    I am frustratingly straight but I would so get it on with Petra Nemcova, given the opportunity. That woman is a fox!

    Meg looks better, I think!

  37. LAK says:

    I’m saddened by her face. Le sigh.

  38. lisa2 says:

    I remember when Meg Ryan was the IT GIRL OF ALL IT GIRLS.. She was the cutest thing on film. She had an unique beauty. Very one of a kind thing.

    I loved her movies.. and I don’t usually go into RomComs.. but they don’t make them like they use to so I’m not missing much.

    Not sure what made her do this to herself. Was it before or after her marriage ended. Was it around the time all that happened with Russell Crowe.. I don’t know..


    • tigerlily says:

      She really was one of the IT girls, agreed. So darn cute. I wonder if perhaps cute doesn’t age well, though I guess this isn’t aging. She is sad looking in my eyes. Resembles that sad faced woman that Jon Hamm is with. I don’t want to shade them but OMG.

    • Dawn says:

      I think that the affair with Russel Crowe marked her and she sort of got black listed. I remember thinking that Dennis Quaid was a known cheater and he didn’t get black balled at all. And also I think the PTB in Hollywood made her think she need to have the latest looks or something. She was such a beauty before Russell Crowe and after not so good. I wish her luck and bet she can still act her butt off.

    • Rafa says:

      She was already injecting her lips when she made that movie but it was still relatively subtle. I think that role was supposed to launch her into more dramatic roles but it was a mediocre movie & she was the worst part of it. I do wonder if she’d made a few enemies the way her affair with Crowe just blew up. That stuff is generally kept out of the media (like Quaid’s ongoing drug problems & serial cheating) & Meg was a big, bankable star at that time. Much bigger than her husband. So why wasn’t she protected?

  39. Tracy says:

    Meg? Just stop. Everything. No more injectables, no peels, lasers, tucks, no anything. Just stop. It’s awful.

  40. Leigh says:

    If you hadn’t have written that it was Meg Ryan I’m not sure I would have known it was her. Damn Hollywood is hard on women.

  41. Penelope says:

    She looks *slightly* better than she has but her overall facial appearance is ghastly and has been ever since she first got that hideous, clownish mask years ago. We’ll never know how she would have aged (I bet she would have been just fine with a simple tweak here and there!) because she has destroyed her face and her looks. Sad.

  42. Happy21 says:

    Good lord!!!!!

    It was okay when she just had minor – yet obvious – lip fillers but this is a freakshow!!! YIKES!! MEOWWW!!!

  43. Andrea says:

    This is a prime example on no matter how much money you have—do not do major changes to your face as you age. It is not worth it. End of.

    • Tara says:

      I think you’re right. I wonder when there will be a generation of women who learn from these mistakes of their elders.

  44. Andrea says:

    I also want to note I have a friend who spent 10k in plastic surgery that she put on a credit card at the age of 33 to majorly reconfigure her face. She got cheek fillers, two nose jobs, a lip implant (which looks appallingly bad and she constantly has to use chapstick on it), and eyebrows lifted. She looks very fake and off at 44 now and I am saddened she couldn’t love herself enough. She is constantly getting chemical peels and pretending she is in her 30’s (she refuses to tell most people her age). I am saddened that our culture and men have done it to my friend so severely.

  45. Soleil says:

    She looks exactly like Olivia Newton John to me. Sad times for women aging gracefully. We have to look to the Brits to do it with class… Helen Mirren….

  46. Oliver says:

    She looks a bit like Jenna Elfman here. The eyelids look a bit heavy compared to her smooth forehead and cheeks. Apparently no eyelid lift was done.

  47. Vava says:

    I don’t even recognize her as Meg Ryan….

  48. A Fan says:

    Another one who thought her indistinguishable from the new and not-so-improved version of Olivia Newton-John.

    [*Sad state of affairs this plastic face phenomenon.*]

  49. meme says:

    ever since Russell Crowe, this woman has been a complete mess.

  50. Flounder says:

    Olivia Newton john!

  51. LA Juice says:

    this makes me sad. I am sad.

  52. Bread and Circuses says:

    She looks good! With the following qualifiers:

    She doesn’t look like her original face, which is to be expected because you can’t go back once you’ve tweaked hard enough. That said, she looks like an elegant woman of her age who has had some work done. She does look good, but she will never look like the Meg we remember from Sleepless in Seattle ever again.

  53. Mel says:

    She looks 25 years older than she is. Seriously.
    I have an eighty year old aunt who looks better, and that’s without makeup. Again, seriously.

  54. kitty28 says:

    Looks like Caitlyn Jenner. Ewww

  55. Kym says:


  56. Skippy says:

    Where’s Meg? Scary.

  57. Korra says:

    So many of these comments are highly disappointing.

  58. TheOriginalMe says:

    Dunno, friends… I look at Juliette Binoche who is 51ish with her life-lived face, wrinkles n’ all. Stunning. IMHO, Meg could’ve been too had she the courage. Maybe she’s getting there. I hope she is.

  59. Onyx XV says:

    She looks like Early Overly-Preserved Barbara Eden. And I love Barbara Eden, but that is most definitely not a compliment. On the upside, this is an improvement from the last 10 or so years, during which Meg’s face was a veritable jigsaw puzzle of an abundance of ill-placed botox and fillers.

  60. she looks better. She has obviously gotten some revision done, although those Joker lips could still use a little deflating. I think she would look better with less botox in the forehead. Allow a little natural movement to creep back in

  61. Kate says:

    She looks better, there was a time where she was so puffed up and stretched she honest to God looked like a burn victim. It looked painful. But she just has one of those faces that really doesn’t suit fillers, even those artfully done. She especially never should have had her lips done, they just don’t fit with her face now. Such a shame, she had the kind of looks that age beautifully and she just ruined them beyond repair before the agony process had really even kicked into gear.

    If I didn’t know who she was, I’d assume she was a good decade older, because her face is over-worked to a degree you usually only see on women in their 70’s. She and Courtney Cox stand out to me as two people who really did themselves a disservice by attempting to look younger. They both look far older than they would have had they kept things natural (or at least 90% natural).

  62. KayLastima says:

    I recall seeing a photo of her mother once and I thought she was so lovely looking and very pretty, if not pixie-ish. It saddens me to think that Meg won’t be able to look like that. The cheeks are just killing me, just like Brandi Glanville, puffed so high that you lose your eyes.

  63. Kiddo says:

    These photos are particularly bad, or the cameras made the work more obvious. In passing last night, I saw her on some entertainment program (in movement), and she looked more like herself and less puffy than in these pics. I don’t how how that is possible, but it’s true.

  64. Ramona Q. says:

    She’s the Grinch who stole Christmas

  65. Firebomber says:

    It’s the botox and fillers that make her look strange when she smiles. That stuff doesnt do anyone favors. She’s still cute but in a weird filled up way.

  66. KelT says:

    She looks a lot better than she used to. She’s smiling and looking very happy, which is nice.