Matt Damon took his daughters on rides, ice skating: photo op?

Matt Damon Takes His Wife And Daughters Ice Skating In London
These are photos of Matt Damon and his wife out with his daughters in London yesterday. He’s in England filming the Bourne sequel, and we’ve already seen photos from the set. Matt may claim he’s uninteresting to the paparazzi but he knows that nothing counters a tabloid cover about relationship trouble like a family photo op. I shouldn’t sound so smug, Matt’s wife, Luciana, kind of stayed off to the side and there were other people with them. If this was a photo op I think we would more of Luciana, or maybe Matt doesn’t want to be that obvious. In case you think that Star might have been on to something with their “Matt Damon $140 million divorce shocker” story (doubtful), Matt was also seen out jogging with Luciana last week.

Matt was photographed riding a carousel with his daughters Stella, five and Gia, seven. The Daily Mail reports they were outside the London Museum of Natural History, where there are rides and they also have a skating rink. There are also some cute photos where Damon is filming the girls skating. It looks like fun! Now I wonder if they went into the museum too.

I have a question. Damon is wearing a Harley Davidson cap. Does this mean he rides a Harley and why are there no photos of this?! I want to see Matt Damon on a motorcycle as soon as possible. I know that his buddy Ben Affleck rides because I’ve seen him on a motorcycle. Damon would be hotter riding. He’s hotter overall at this point, although Affleck can turn it around. Also, I love his glasses.

See these family photo ops work well. The celebrity can just step out with the wife and kids and people will forget the rumors and the douchey things they’ve said. Depending on their level of fame they just need to do this sparingly or they’ll be stuck in a near-daily cycle like the Garner-Afflecks.

Exclusive... Matt Damon Out And About With His Wife And Daughters In London

Matt Damon Takes His Wife And Daughters Ice Skating In London

Exclusive... Matt Damon & Luciana Barroso Go For A Run In London

Photo credit: FameFlynet

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  1. Meg says:

    You so casually said ben Affleck can be hot again? i’m sorry, when a guy acts like an ass his attractiveness goes way down in my book. telling your wife you’re not committed to this relationship anymore after she sticks by you through multiple affairs while you’re hooking up with the kids nanny and flirting in front of the kids? dirty, gross, nothing sexy about that.

    • Tate says:

      Completely agree. Too much douchiness has been revealed. Not hot.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Agree. Think about how one actually gets to the point of an affair with the nanny. The looks exchanged behind the wife’s back, the making excuses to be alone, just the two of you and the kids, then just the two of you, the lies, the thousand little betrayals by both of you of this woman who trusts you. So hot? Not.

      • Kate says:

        Except he didn’t have an ‘affair’ with the nanny. He and Garner were already separated and this particular nanny wasn’t even in the picture when they say that went down. According to Garner’s own sources she didn’t even know they were hooking up until after they made their divorce announcement.

        It’s still exceptionally crappy behaviour, but I have no idea how the narrative went from ‘we’ve been seperated for months’ to ‘Jen just found out about it’ to ‘he had an affair so we got divorced’.

        I’m starting to think they planted the nanny story because the media starting properly looking into his addictions post divorce. Dude has major coke and booze bloat right now, but everyone’s talking about the nanny instead. Ben comes off as a douche, but not an uninsurable douche, and Jen gets to play the wronged woman instead of the enabler.

    • Ana says:

      Affleck will forever have the karma face. Sorry, he will not be the same attractiveness and besides he is not a good actor.

      • justagirl says:

        ^^^^^ YES. The years of douchiness with multiple women, and also being whiny & throwing shade towards them, has finally caught up. Karma face doesn’t go away.

        And, agree he’s not a good actor, very wooden & disconnected…which might conveniently work in certain circumstances, but otherwise no, he’s not good.

  2. Don't kill me I'm French says:

    I don’t think it is a staged photo op because on Daily Mail,the kids’s face was blurred and since he is in London,he was photographed several times

    • Aussie girl says:

      I’m confused about celeb’s kids & the face blurred out thing…? Sometimes it is and others it isn’t. ?
      Genuine question…?

      • gayle says:

        I have seen this asked and discussed on the DM a lot and have yet to see a coherent answer. Some people say it depends where the celeb is, others say the celeb has to actually give permission, others say the opposite – that they have threatened to sue if they post their kids’ pictures, etc. Anyway, based on the kids’ faces, there’s a mass of contradictions and the DM in particular is all over the place in its inconsistency – they’ve even had a family where they blurred one kid’s face and not the other!

      • Naya says:

        This is an excellent question. I remember JK Rawlings won some landmark case regarding the publication of her kids photos so since then I just assume that if your kids photos are not blurred thats because you are actively pimping them. Perhaps an English lawyer will come along and set the record straight…

      • Crumpet says:

        I believe it depends on where the story is being reported. In some places it is illegal to reveal the child’s face without explicit permission. Kind of smart really considering the sickos out there just dying to find a kid to fixate on.

      • gayle says:

        I’ve seen the DM publish the photos of celebs who are vehemently “anti-pap” on both sides of the Atlantic and will be inconsistent about it too. If Halle Berry was instrumental in getting an anti-pap law passed, I doubt she would voluntarily have her kids’ photos in the DM! That’s just one example. Regardless of where Gwyneth Paltrow is, her kids’ faces are ALWAYS blurred – except for reprints of her own instagram posts.

      • Jellybean says:

        I don’t think there are any rules stopping it here, so do not assume that just because the face isn’t blurred permission has been given. I have seen photographs taken in LA which have appeared in the DM, but not in any US publications.

      • Marty says:

        Yeah I don’t get it either. There are some celebs that they always blur out the faces no matter where they are, then there are celebs who’s kids have never been blurred. I thought it had to do with permission too.

  3. mia girl says:

    Luciana has a really nice figure and looks pretty without make-up.
    And I have the same running shoes she’s wearing. Maybe I should take her example and use them.

  4. Louise177 says:

    Why is it that every single time a celebrity is photographed it’s called a photo-op? Why can’t they just go to the grocery store or site seeing? Besides Matt is filming, When filming or promoting something the a celebrity is seen more often because there’s a schedule. It must be exhausting to try never be photographed.

    • lisa2 says:

      ITAWY.. I guess you can’t do anything with your children without it being associated with PR. It has just become a standard dig at celebs. Just like the accusation of Fillers, botox or plastic surgery. Just a broken record at this point. OLD SCHOOL

  5. someone says:

    George Clooney used to ride a Harley too (not sure if Amal made him stop). My husband will like Matt Damon even more when I show him the picture of the Harley Davidson hat – a picture of Matt on a Harley would be over the top for him.

  6. LAK says:

    Not your fault, DM once again not fact checking which is especially stupid given their offices aren’t far away from that skating rink, BUT!!! the skating rink is infront of the Science Museum. it’s 3 blocks of Museums…Natural History, Science and V&A. The Skating rink is a Science museum thing they do every year, and it’s situated in their courtyard, NOT the Natural history Museum courtyard.

  7. OSTONE says:

    It doesn’t count if there isn’t a farmers market around..

  8. lucy2 says:

    I don’t know that I’ve ever seen photos of his kids before.

    • Morgan says:

      I know! It just occurred to me that I don’t even know their names – and I’m an obsessed celeb-watcher. Good on him!

  9. K says:

    Sorry but this seems like a standard day off for him. He did this all the time when he lived in New York and he was photographed if he was in the news if he wasn’t then they didn’t take his picture but his actions didn’t change. I’m sure he does it in LA too.

    Not everything celebrities do is a photo op or PR related and I’m willing to bet they don’t always pay attention to the tabloids, Matt Damon isn’t some d list reality star ala the Kardashians who live and die by this coverage he is a legitamite a list Oscar winning actor a star magazine article probably has little importance.

  10. Jayna says:

    Meh. I think he spent some time with his kids because he was not filming for a change. London is supposed to be notorious for paps there. Like he cares about stupid Star Mag which is the most ludicrous headlines ever and most intelligent beings don’t take anything they say seriously unless photo evidence or a real person on record.

  11. Esteph says:

    Not sure if any of you ladies, or guys even, are with me when I say that ever since his Project Greenlight story has left me with a different look on him?

    He’s not the same in my eyes anymore

    • Miss M says:

      I’m with you on that.

    • justagirl says:

      Me too. And I think he’s always been as careful & controlling as Ben….who is likely part of Matt’s image strategy, because it’s easy for people to overlook you when your best bud is a walking disaster, repeatedly.

      • Emma - The JP Lover says:

        @Justagirl, who wrote: “Me too. And I think he’s always been as careful & controlling as Ben….who is likely part of Matt’s image strategy, because it’s easy for people to overlook you when your best bud is a walking disaster, repeatedly.”

        Right … when they first met, when Matt was 10 and Ben was 8, Matt said “This kid is a mess. I’m gonna cunningly keep him in my life so when we grow up, people will look at him being all messed up and won’t look at me at all. To underscore that point, since I know we’re both going to be really famous one day, I’m going to stay out of the limelight, avoid crazy chicks, and getting snapped by the Tabloids while drunk or stoned. I’ll live in any city at all except Hollywood in order to showcase Ben’s addictions for the press so they’ll leave me alone. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do.”

    • Jess says:

      Ditto- damonsplaining has tainted him in my eyes.

  12. Eve says:

    I actually walked by MD in front of the Natural History Museum yesterday. He’s taller in real life than you would think. It didn’t seem like a photo op to me. If you’re looking for a place to take your kids in central London, at the moment it’s the skating rink in front of the Museum.

    • Emma - The JP Lover says:

      @Eve, who wrote: “I actually walked by MD in front of the Natural History Museum yesterday. He’s taller in real life than you would think.”

      Thank you! I’ve been saying this for years. Matt Damon is ‘really’ 5’10″ and is closer to 6′ in the right shoes. People always assumed he was fudging his height because he looks so short next to Ben Affleck. Ben Affleck is 6’3 1/2″ tall so of course Matt Damon looks short standing next to him. I always say look at his height compared to his co-starring actress: Julia Stiles and Franka Potente (the Bourne films) are 5’8″ and 5’8 1/2″ tall, Emily Blunt (The Adjustment Bureau) is 5’7″ tall, Bryce Dallas Howard and Cecile De France (Hereafter) are 5’7″ and 5’8 1/2″ tall.

      The first time I realized he wasn’t really 5’6″ tall and just claiming 5’10″ for his Bio was when I saw him at a very casual televised Charity event hosted by Alicia Silverstone. Matt Damon was a surprise appearance and when Alicia saw him she ran over and threw her arms around his neck and was lifted off the ground when he hugged her back. I was surprised that he was SO much taller than Alicia, who is 5’5″ tall.

  13. MAP says:

    I just watched The Departed again last night. Matt Damon was so good in that. Leo was also good in it. One of my fav movies.

  14. QQ says:

    To his credit I still don’t know their names, nor do I think I have I seen them before

  15. Colette says:

    I see his kids on “celebrity baby” sites occasionally.There are many celebrities’ kids on those sites who are not featured on regular gossip sites.I used to see Matt’s kids more when they lived in NYC.

  16. Tippi says:

    It’s Matt Damon and they’re in London which has a lot of paps, of course they’re going to target him!!!! He’s taking his kids out to places everybody takes their kids when they’re there, it’s normal parenting caught on camera, not a pap walk!

    His wife looks lovely as always, I think the divorce rumours are just that. They always look very connected and I think he likes the security of a united family in the whirlwind movie star life. There’s no comparison between him and his friend or their marriages.

  17. Amy M. says:

    They commonly blur children’s faces in European publications, they do it in French celeb magazines all the time. The kids are underage and therefore are not the prime targets of the picture. However it’s basically a free for all in the US with celebrities’ kids and nobody cares.