Is Angelina Jolie jealous of Brad’s ‘cute’ co-star Natalie Portman?

Angelina Jolie

The latest Brangelina rumor is a doozy – and one we predicted. Several weeks ago, the new film Artifacts was announced. The film will star Brad Pitt and Natalie Portman, and will be produced by both of the stars’ production companies. The film will be based on a book about the relationship between a twenty-something woman and her forty-something lover.

Predictably, the tabloids are now reporting that Angelina Jolie is having some sort of breakdown because Brad is going to play the lover of the young, beautiful Natalie Portman. Allegedly, when Angelina found out that Natalie had requested Brad personally, Angie had a “massive fit”. Angelina is also pissed that Brad keeps saying that Natalie is “cute as a button”. Natalie is cute as a button! That doesn’t mean Brad’s going to have an affair. But that hasn’t stopped Angelina from worrying constantly about “karma” and “trust”. Showbiz Spy has more:

Angelina Jolie had a “massive fit” after learning Natalie Portman had personally asked for Brad Pitt to play her older lover in a new movie.

Jolie, 33, is said to be jealous of the Closer star.

“Angelina had a massive fit and was shouting her head off. She accused Brad of flirting with Natalie,” a source said.

“Angelina can’t help but feel threatened. Brad knows how jealous she gets but won’t stop saying how gorgeous and intelligent Natalie is. He keeps saying she is ‘cute as a button.’“

“Angelina worries about karma. It’s eating her up and we’re sure the cause of a lot of the rows is her not quite trusting Brad.”

It was recently reported that Pitt and Jolie are planning to adopt a child from the Philippines.

[From Showbiz Spy]

The rumor about Brangelina’s adoption from the Philippines comes from a report in The Daily Mail. They claim that The Brange “hit a roadblock” trying to adopt a Burmese baby (probably because Burma no longer exists?) and are now trying to adopt from an adoption center in Manila:

After hitting a roadblock with plans to adopt a Burmese baby, it seems Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have set their sights on the Philippines for their next adoption.

Angelina, 33, took time off from the set of her latest film, Salt, to travel to Manila with the intention of adding to her rainbow family.

The Pitt-Jolie’s private plane landed at Ninoy Aquino International Airport last week, before returning to New York on Monday evening.

‘Brad and Ange flew out together. They want to add to their family and tried to adopt from Burma but the authorities are very strict, so they decided to look at the Philippines,’ says a source.

A spokesperson for Pitt and Jolie declined to comment.

[From The Daily Mail]

The rumor about a “Burmese” adoption (really, it would be an adoption from Myanmar) probably stems from Angelina’s trip to the Myanmar-Thailand border in February. Crazier things have happened, so there might be some truth to a report of an attempted adoption from the Philippines. The part of The Daily Mail report that I find fishy is the idea that Angelina and Brad flew to Manila together last week. Seriously? And only The Daily Mail noticed? That must have come as a shock to everyone on the set of Salt, where Angelina was working all week.

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  1. Lori says:

    This one is the one I have been waiting for. Team Natalie! Break up that marriage girl! I think this would be the first time ever, where people would actually be happy to support a homewrecker!! Darn right Angelina has it coming. Have fun raising your gazillion babies while Mr. Pitt moves on to wifey 3, 4, and 5! Smooches!

  2. bite me says:

    oh please… this story is so old in fact life & styke magazine this story weeks ago and they had a list of comparasions berween AJ an NP and won…. these people need to become more creative…. and another thing ONLY Burmese nationals can adopt from Burma lol

  3. Enonymous says:

    Natalie Portman is so much prettier then Angelina Jolie. With Angelina being apparently ‘most beautiful woman in the world’ my ass. As for Brad, she is way too smart and too good for him.

    Also, maybe all these break-up stories about Brad and Angelina might not always be accurate but I believe they must be coming from something or somewhere, after all, there is no smoke without fire and as we have seen with other celebrity break-ups in the past, it always turns out to be right sooner or later.

  4. Payton says:

    I seriously doubt that Brad would leave his family. He would look like a cold, uncaring cad, and that would damage his career. No one seemed to care about Brad’s breakup with Jen because there were no kids involved. Natalie likes gross, shaggy, smelly guys anyway!

  5. Terri Bedwell says:

    I doubt that any of this is true, but if he did it with you, he is likely to do it to you. Angelina should always be concerned.

  6. bite me says:

    and imagine the child support that bradley would have to pony up…

  7. Chicoulino says:

    Natalie Portman is cute but she could never steal Brad from Goddess Angelina!!Brad and Angelina are a rock solid couple.Why is it so hard for people to accept that?

  8. kai says:

    Kaiser is right, people PREDICTED this sh-t. Totally laughable. They could have at least waited until filming to make it a *little* more believable. pf.

    and natalie’s image would be totally destroyed if she hooked up with a father of um I forgot how many.

  9. spoons says:

    soul mates never separate.

  10. Madelyn Rose says:

    They are breaking up anyway…now that is the story I want to see posted on here. That will never happen though! No bad publicity for the Brange on this site.

    I think Angelina has it coming. But I doubt she is crying herself to sleep…she is on to other pursuits, I am sure. The question will be — will her next “lovah” be male or female?

  11. Lori says:

    Number 1, Angelina is not a Goddess, that is crazy. No celebrity is worth being put on a pedestal. She just thinks she is mother Teresa, that don’t make it so.

    Number 2, Natalie’s image would not be destroyed. Angelina’s image was not destroyed when she ruined Jennifer Aniston’s marriage. People seemed to adore her more, and that shows you how sick we the American public is that someone is still out there writing on a blog about how Angelina is a goddess. Please. She is a human being who under normal circumstances would have been like the kid of a construction worker, and she would be working at a dollar general somewhere, probably still would have the ten kids too.

  12. Jen says:

    Brad Pitt ruined Jennifer Aniston’s marriage. Even if Angelina threw herself at him (which I highly doubt) HE was the married one. I also doubt that Angelina is jealous or worried about anything. I don’t see the two of them staying together forever, but I’m guessing the break-up won’t be due to Natalie Portman.

  13. daisy424 says:

    @Lori What alarms me are your comments, not this BS story.

    “This one is the one I have been waiting for. Team Natalie! Break up that marriage girl!”
    You sound positively cracked. They aren’t married, but even if they were, why would any sane person want the loving parents of children to split? It’s the kids that suffer.

    “…and that shows you how sick we the American public is that someone is still out there writing on a blog about how Angelina is a goddess.”
    Pot calling the kettle? Grow up.

  14. hotmilfchocolate says:

    this is bullshit!

    zahara’s got dibs on the next adoption.

    remember…maddox got dibs on asia, and got brother pax

    shiloh got dibs on angie’s uterus and got twin caucasian sibs…

    now, it’s fuggin’ z’s turn!

    what, are they gonna NEVER have another black baby so that z can grow up feeling COMPLETELY different…cause the reality is…it WILL happen.

    my ex’s family are all light-skinned african-american…and he has an adopted sister (from infancy) who is dark brown-skinned.

    she’s said that because there was no one here complexion, she always felt different.

    brad betta man the f%ck up and stop letting angie make all the decisions.

    get another black baby for z, you wipes!

    ok, i’m done.

  15. Chiara says:

    Ms Voight HS drop-out, Suleman mentor/example can’t come close to Portman who is a Harvard grad, written scientific papers, and worked for Alan Dershowitz.

    Jealousy … Ms Voight is insecure by her own admission.

    It could happen 🙂

  16. Lori says:

    How is it the pot calling the kettle black? I didn’t call Natalie a goddess. I am just excited about the new team on the block. Besides neither Brad or Angelina are loving parents, they are publicity wh*res like the rest of hollywood.

    LOL you take it so serious, who really cares? I don’t need to grow up, I can make any comment I want about these ridiculous people…. It sounds a little bit like some woman has been messing with your happy family, hitting a little close to home for ya and thats why your panties are twisted.

  17. Sauronsarmy says:

    Ha I knew it! Poor Natalie I hope she has a good security team.

  18. daisy424 says:

    @Lori, In your 3rd comment on this thread, I see that you are a baiter ‘who take this all so serious’, or else it would be irrelevant, and you wouldn’t give a shit. Pot calling the kettle is for your ‘goddess’ label, see your 2nd comment.

    My reference to you growing up had nothing to do with your right to post a comment, just the content, re-read your comments.

    Because I disagree with your comment leads you to this conclusion?;
    ” …It sounds a little bit like some woman has been messing with your happy family, hitting a little close to home for ya and thats why your panties are twisted.”

    That’s the best you could come up with?
    Sorry to slash your hopes/theories, but nothing in your posts ‘hit home’ with me except that parents need to monitor their kids computer habits more closely.

    Bye now….

  19. FF says:

    I’m more worried about Portman’s ability to produce chemistry with her costars onscreen than Angie being jealous. I’m finding it hard to see her and Brad as a convincing screen couple.

    It’s probably more likely that Angie would find her attractive than Brad.

  20. bite me says:

    what scientific paper has nat published

  21. Lori says:

    Daisy, you are much more evolved and adult than I am. I will put a call through to my mom right now and tell her she needs to monitor her 28 year old daughters comments on a blog for celebitchy. LOL you are so wrapped up in this right now. “bye now” LOL you are gonna look at this page twenty more times today you idiot. Hey I can’t wait for your next response.

  22. Zoe (The Other One) says:

    Ha ha ha hotmilfchocolate you gave me the serious lolz with that comment!

    ZOMG!! WTF!?! Angie Jo and Brad are gonz split? Nah y’all they just gonna get another baby!

  23. for the loons says:

    They aren’t letting me put up the link here, but Ian Under Cover has an interesting post up today…..

  24. Mark says:

    John Mayer is right Jen is a Negative person and so are her fan of followers. Five years and Jen and her crew of rejects are still spreading lies on this couple. I understand why John had to threaten to write a tell-all-book then release a song about Jen to make them leave his name alone. I wish Brad would write a tell-all-book about Jen but you can tell he is just to nice.

  25. Jojo says:

    I cannot stand Natalie Portman. And she is a terrible actress, too !!!!

  26. geronimo says:

    Just read that ianundercover link…. lol!

  27. HashBrowns says:

    Mark: Try to stay on topic, mmmkay?

  28. Ned says:

    Natalie is easily upstaging Angelina is every level possible.

    While Angelina collected knives and several divorces, and home wrecking, Natalie developed as a mature and balanced person.

    Natalie graduated from Harvard, while Angelina graduated from a mental institution.

    There is so comparison, which is why peopls are rooting for Natalie.

  29. Agree with daisy and Mark! says:

    I think people who want Brad/Angelina to split up are truly sick puppies. It just goes to show that people’s celeb worship/or its polar opposite hate–has eaten up their brain cells. I wouldn’t want 6 kids to experience divorce because some people are still invested in a 5 yr. old grudge-divorce between Brad/Jen. What truly pathetic people. Normal human beings move on, but not these people. And, I’m sure Portman has better sense than to get involved with Pitt. He doesn’t seem to be her type, anyways.

  30. lrm says:

    this is hilarious! why are ppl arguing about AJ vs NP? who’s better than who? they are both intelligent,attractive women.
    And,the brange have already been quoted on several occasions as saying they want to adopt from Africa again,for Z to have someone in their family to look like her.

    I don’t know if they are planning this now or not-who does,except for them?
    But,I am saying there is no need to get riled up-as they have expressed interest in doing so.

    Is this like the psycho thread of the day on celebitchy? Random!

  31. I know says:

    I know who Lori is! She has to be Lori Drew, or that creep who tormented that 13 yr. old Megan. Only that kind of sick person could wish divorce where 6 kids end up being the losers.

    Lori, you should be ashamed of yourself. Didn’t the judge tell you to stay of the internet?

  32. What!? says:

    Who is “Rooting for Natalie,” Ned? Rooting for her to break up a family? Is that what you are rooting for? Then, you have shown your true colors. You are filled with toxic hatred.

  33. Ned says:

    Despite Angelina insecurities, which explains why doesn’t have any friends and why she is so threatened by other strong and successful women (e.g. Madonna, Magen Fox, Jen Aniston), I doubt Natalie would lower herself to Brad’s level.

    Natalie is so much classier, smarter and talented and too young for tired and exhausted Brad.

    Ever since Brad hooked up with Angelina, Angie’s inability to act has rubbed on him.
    His worst work is from the past few year, in which he lost a huge fan base, respect from many others in the industry and became much more trashy and weird looking (have you seen the “costumes” he wears?!).

    Why would Natalie go for Angie’s puppet?

  34. Ned says:

    Who is not rooting for a classy, beautiful, young and educated lady?

    Of course everyone would root for Natalie.
    and what family?
    the nannies are the parents of these children. Perhaps with Natalie, they will get some stability and proper education, and won’t be used as PR props and dragged from one hotel room to another rented mansion.

    I can’t imagine Natalie isolating her children from friends and routine social activities, school or the best teachers in the world and making sure they have a home.

  35. jennifer says:

    Ned, you are definitely mental. I know other people have commented on the same point, too. YOU DON’T KNOW ANGELINA. You see a few paparazzi pics and then JUDGE her based on that, your hatred of her, and your weird-o delusions. You are seriously creepy. And, wishing for a family to split up? That’s terrible! You are SICK!

  36. Lori says:

    I am not ashamed of myself at all. I have no clue who Lori Drew or Ned are. And you people don’t know Angelina either so where is the basis for your die hard opinions coming from?

    You shouldn’t have a bunch of kids with a man that is going to leave you like he left his first wife. Good for you guys for being all high and mighty here, Angelina wrecked a marriage, and practically has boasted about it since. Just because Jen Aniston didn’t have 6 different kinds of kids with Brad doesn’t make it any less of a family that was destroyed by infidelity. So NO I am not ashamed for being excited to see Karma return to her 6 fold….. thats the amount of kids right 6? Thats what ya get. They were not soul mates, Brad can have anything he wants in the world….. why would he want to play dad the rest of his life? Nobody really wants that, sorry to whomever is reading this with a kid sagging off their teet.

    Also, Jen and Natalie don’t wear Billy Bob Thorton Blood around their necks and make out with their brother in public. Every picture does have a story Jennifer.

  37. Ophelia says:

    Hmm.. she probably should be worried about Karma..but so should he. So I don’t think this is how it would be. Also Natalie Portman is as classy as it gets, and I can’t imagine her breaking up a marriage. I hope nothing happens, but mostly for the kids.
    Although I’d say Natalie Portman wanted him for the role because she thought he would fit best, and it would be a great opportunity to work with someone who was a bright star and maybe with her help, he’ll start doing worthwhile movies again. I was spoiled with his awesome 12 Monkeys madness!! I like his older movies better, but I have yet to see Portman in a movie she didn’t own. Love her.

  38. whatever says:

    Lori, you are such a hypocrite to say people here are “high and mighty” and judgmental. Then, YOU judge celebs YOU DON’T KNOW! Face it, YOU DON”T KNOW Brad/Jen/Angelina AT ALL EVER. Pot-kettle-black-hypocrite!

    And, who are you–the “Celeb morality police”? Well, then there are about 100 other celebs to condemn for similar crimes. Get busy, hater–your life’s work is calling you. haha

  39. sunny delight says:

    If every picture tells a story, I bet Lori’s pic. says one thing–CRAZY!

  40. Lori says:

    Awesome, I love it. Crazy is what I look like. Hate is what I do for a living. Good deal.

  41. Ned says:

    so, “jennifer”, do you “know” Angelina personally that you defend her so vehemently?

    Instead of calling names and getting so upset, pay more attention.

    I said that I don’t think, despite Angelina’s insecurities, that Natalie would even be remoted interested with what was left of Brad Pitt.

    Pitt should be so lucky to move to a classier, educated and beautiful lady like Natalie, but I don’t think he stands a chance.

    You can relax now.

  42. Enonymous says:

    Ned: “Natalie graduated from Harvard, while Angelina graduated from a mental institution.”

    I genuinely laughed out loud at that. RFLOL.

  43. RAN says:

    Let’s face it – Natalie Portman is far too bright for Brad Pitt. He’s no longer the ‘shiny little penny’ that everyone wants to pick up. He’s haggard, worn looking, and barely average in intelligence. There are very few fresh faced, educated, pretty/young things that would even look his direction – let alone try to ‘steal’ him from his family. If he leaves, it will be of his own choosing – not anything to do with Natalie.

    You guys are crazy – acting like good looking women would actually fight over him! He’s ok… but seriously…

  44. FF says:

    Wow, this thread just went into insanity-overdrive.

    I gues that mean we’ll be getting ‘insider’ reports from the set next.

  45. SixxKitty says:

    I see why shes worried, Isn’t that how she got Brad and isn’t that her worst fear, a younger fresher woman catching his obviously wandering eye… sleep well AJ.
    But I still do not see Brad walking out on his kids, an affair yes, abandonment, NO!
    But then AJ would shut him out…poor guy, bet he wishes he knew then what he knows now…

  46. Maritza says:

    I totally agree with Ran on this.

  47. Ducky says:

    LOL! You’re “rooting for Natalie” to prevail in a non-existent relationship. Wow – I cannot believe that some of you are so desperately scarred by the Brad/Jen breakup. Move on.

    And Lori – interesting that you are “excited to see karma to return to her 6 fold”, and then you follow up with “Hate is what I do for a living.” What, you think that karma won’t stick to you too?


  48. Lori says:

    “””””And Lori – interesting that you are “excited to see karma to return to her 6 fold”, and then you follow up with “Hate is what I do for a living.” What, you think that karma won’t stick to you too?””””

    Lady read the whole thread if you are going to try to be funny and insulting….. someone said in the thread that I was a hater for a living…. I was being fecicious.


  49. MeowMeow says:

    Holla, Lori! I hate to see a family be split up, and Natalie has too much class for that, but here’s hoping Saint Angelina gets a dose of her own medicine.

  50. Isobel says:

    This conjures up an image of B & A’s circular conversations when they’re at (whatever is their current) home:

    B: Natalie P. is cute as a button.
    A: Fuck you! I want another baby.
    B: N. Portman is cute as a button.
    A: I want to have 2 more of your babies.
    B: N. P. is cute–
    A: . . .and then adopt three from every continent, and name them every name but–
    B: Natalie. Portman. Is. Cute. . .
    A: Juvederm! I need some Juvederm, NOW! Actually, that would be a good name for a child. . .my 17th, I think.

  51. M says:

    Lol the tabloids have Angelina having so many breakdowns (there must be 1 per week at least) that I’m not sure how she gets any filming done in between.

  52. Lori says:

    Everyone with a sense of humor should check out the Saturday Night Live skit about Madonna and Angelina Jolie batteling for who will be the next to adopt a baby. April 4th, 2009. The whole world is laughing at these two ridiculous woman. So really?! Come on!?! Please give me a break, who cares if Brad stays or goes, she is still pretty much a despicable human being. Adopting a child from every nation is not going to make her Audrey Hepburn. Real talk.

  53. Jocelina says:

    Having read/skimmed the comments above, I can only say that wow, some of you people are crazy. And I mean that in a respectful, almost awed way. Please don’t eat me.

  54. Aspen says:

    Okay. For the last time (I swear!).


    I know it makes us all feel better to hate the gloriously beautiful woman…and it’s easier to hate her if we accuse her of being a home wrecker.

    But she didn’t wreck a home. She began dating a man very seriously very shortly after he left his wife.

    The Pitt/Aniston marriage was declining for a long time, and it was publicly over by the time he started sleeping with Ms. Jolie.


    Come up with some new names to call her because homewrecker just ain’t true.

  55. Best of British says:

    Cracking up at these posts – v entertaining! heeheeee

  56. karen says:

    Totally agree w/Ducky! Karma is two way street. I’m not a fan but I don’t want six kids to lose their parents. Hopefully, Pitt and Jolie will keep their kid’s interests first when they eventually split. Jolie was always on good terms with all her exs (even Billy bOb).

    I can’t believe some people (Lori, Ned) are “rooting” for a family to break up. Talk about nasty people. And, for what? So, Jennifer Aniston will be avenged? To punish Jolie thru “karma” (notice how no one wants to punish Pitt!). You people have more issues than National Geographic magazine.

  57. SHEILA says:

    I think if Angelina was not in the picture, Brad would still be with Jennifer, if she beaks up, she will be someone who will reap what she sowed. She is definitely not a goddess, she is a human being , who will survive just like any other single parent.

  58. aussie girl says:

    You were being “fecicious” Lori? Do you mean facetious?

    And whatever is right. If you are going to sit there and judge celebs, or anybody for that matter, than there is about a million of them who have done similarly bad things. Or, MUCH MUCH worse. Do you sit in your high and mighty chair wishing for bad things to happen to every single one of them equally? I guess that makes you the better person, right? You never answered that question.

  59. Enonymous says:

    If Brad and Angelina broke-up, I am sure Angelina would somehow land on her feet again, but Brad would probably fade into the background after same unsuccessful movies, as an badly aging, crappy actor, minimum intelligence with no real talent ex sex symbol and without the Bradangelina brand keeping him in the tabloids any longer, it looks pretty much certain that would be his fate. That would be Brad’s real punish, letting the newer twenty something up-and-coming actors outshine him.

  60. heh-heh says:

    /soul mates never separate./

    These people have souls?

  61. Ursula says:

    I wouldn’t mind Jolie getting a doze of her own medicine. Those who think Brangelina are forever should quit what they are smoking. Even Mel Gibson split after 28 years.

  62. Lori says:

    Whatev aussie, so I spelled a word wrong. Where did you read in to any of my posts that I was claiming to be better than anyone else, I actually stay on topic, I am not talking about any other celebs in this thread because the subject is Jolie and Portman. Hence the title “Is Angelina Jolie jealous of Brad’s ‘cute’ co-star Natalie Portman?”

    Seriously?! Say something!
    jibber jabber waste of time BS pfft!

  63. poopoo says:

    Well I for one think a break up would be good for the kids. I think Brad would stop trying to pleas Angelina and start thinking of the children’s welfare. I think he would insist they live in one place. Make friends, Go to school and travel when on school vacations. Much better for the kids.

  64. Cletus says:



    the comments are better than the story! Y’all are awesome.

    Carry on.

  65. SureShot says:

    Nat is WAY better looking then skankalina. Clint Eastwood must be getting old and crazy to say she has the most pretty face on the planent. nothing can be further from the truth! There are MANY woman out there just as pretty if not better that just dont get a break. i actually throw knifes and shoot guns for real dont need the movies to edit and make me look cool but cant catch a break. It all you F&^(&*(&…..but then again to be angie you gotta be the “forbiden fruit” isn’t that why she hated her dad? because he cheated on her mom? what a b^^&^&&!

  66. SureShot says:

    oh yeah and i forgot to add now that “mother teresa” whom peopel have compared her to does not wear her vial of blood around her neck, screw on the way to the red carpert, french kiss her brother, have les affairs, break up not one but 3 known marriages as fact that since she has become a good will ambasador (what that heck is wrong with that) i guess anyone can become one??? all is forgivin because she is the perfect one. she came onto the screen of mr/ms smith NAKED. yeah temtation? by the bye go to naked pics of aj and you will see her having sex with a horse. that is fact. that is her you can tell by all markings on her body. good image for kids. i only looked out of curitsty to see if it was true. i was shocked!

  67. Sudini says:

    Team Lori! Lol, I’m sorry, but I can’t stand the sanctimonious bullshit I’m hearing. Angelina and Brad’s relationship was born of infidelity (infidelity doesn’t have to mean they slept with each other, just that they didn’t respect boundaries). And since doing so, they’ve been held up on this pedestal by people (read: sheep) who are able to just sweep that little fact under the rug in the name of beautiful celebrity. It’s ridiculous that anyone would find it “disturbing” that someone else wants to see karmic balance restored. I want to see that as well. What’s disturbing is the fact that the majority of people seem content to forgive and forget as long as it keeps them entertained. It’s just hypocrisy in self-righteous clothing.

  68. cleveland says:

    Sudini, you find it “disturbing” that people want to “forgive and forget”?
    Jesus Christ was a forgiving person–he stopped a woman from being stoned to death for adultery. Most other religions advocate forgiveness over holding grudges, and hoping bad things happen to others.You talk about “karma” but you have no idea how it really works or what it means. Karma is not about judgment or revenge or anything nasty like that.

  69. Ashley says:

    Haha it would be funny but I think Natalie’s working on breaking up Penn’s marriage so she’s a little busy at the moment.

    What man wouldn’t be transfixed by Natalie? I’d take her beauty over AngieJo’s.

  70. Mave says:

    Natalie is everything that should make Angelina nervous. Also,trusting Brad has gotta be hard. We all know Angelina and Brad aren’t going to make it, it is just a matter of time. KARMA!

  71. Lori says:

    Sudini don’t listen to the fools on this thread. The people who are so offended by my comments are probably people who are home wreckers themselves, thats the only way you can have compassion for Angelina Jolie. People who have broken up marriages and partnerships always seem to think that it is justified in some way.

    And who brings religion into this….. don’t preach about Jesus Christ and Forgiveness either because some of us here are not religious we are realists and know that you reap what you sow. So if you come in to a community blog ready to fight, be ready to be offended because God doesn’t play into this at all.

  72. Josephina says:

    Lori..and all the other silly, immature women:

    Get real. These men were not under the influence of voodoo.

    Affairs are like big, ugly scars. They tend to embarass and humiliate the spouse because their weak/unstable marriage is now on public display for everyone to ridicule and judge harshly. Just read some of these posts.

    Angie “broke up” marriages? She “steals men?” That is how a silly woman speaks when she does not accept responsibility for the unpleasant events that occur in her life. Silly women also hate the woman that appears to be the better match.

    Reality check… the men wanted to LEAVE (painful, but true) that relationship and ANY excuse would do…including getting with a pretty woman that turned them on. Laura Dern’s current man, Ben Harper, was in an existing relationship before she “took” (using your childish thinking) him. Furthermore, Laura Dern did not pay obvious attention to previous signs or the history of breakups from 4-time married man Bill Bob, only to cry “wolf” and blame Angie when the inevitable happened to her. Notice how Angie simply moved on without blaming anyone when her marriages failed. That is how you take ownership.

    It is well documented Aniston and Brad had signs of trouble, that their differences/disagreements grew to the point of separation. They were not on the same page about children, or quality of life. Furthermore, Angie has worked with MANY married leading men… and they still are married.

    Do people stray if the love, honor, respect and trust already exists within their marriage and then ACTUALLY leave?… No one leaves a happy home that they want to keep.

    It is quite humiliating to learn that your husband/wife has lost respect for you, or worse, the married relationship no longer holds the value it once had. But LEAVING a marriage? Again, if these “married” men cherished their marital relationship enough, they would fight to stay or avoid affairs altogether.

  73. whatever says:

    Lori, accusing people you don’t know of adultery is pretty despicable.
    Of course, that’s the only reason we don’t want the Pitts to get divorced–because we are ALL adulters! You are seriously twisted.

    Gossip is just a diversion and speculation to me, and not about wishing bad things to happen to celebs I don’t like, and esp. NOT their kids. There are celebs I simply can’t stand (Paris Hilton and Madonna) but I don’t find any pleasure in their downfall.

    And, the words you use–“reap what you sow” comes from the bible. There is a bitter irony in your saying religion has nothing to do with it, and then using the words of the bible to justify your judgmental attitude towards others. Hypocrite much?

  74. Lori says:

    I’m sure you would have me believe that every word started out some how in the damn bible. Who cares where reap what you sow comes from, it better stabalizes my points then yours, so F you bud..

  75. Sudini says:

    Cleveland – I am a huge proponent of forgiveness. But I’m afraid you missed my point in that, the people here preaching “forgive and forget” are doing that for the wrong reasons (ie. only to validate Brangelina as their own source of entertainment) all the while hiding behind this facade of self righteousness. To forgive and forget is one thing, but don’t do it only to validate ones own hypocritical need for entertainment value or celebrity worship. People need to be more honest with themselves than that. And I think some people grab on to just these opportunities to make themselves look more pious than they actually are.

  76. Sudini says:

    Josehina, Cleveland, Whatever, etc…

    I’m afraid you’re all off-the-charts rediculous in your arguments. They’re really just arguments for argument’s sake.

    Plus the fact that you’re basically judging people for judging. It’s fluffy and retarded. And please please please don’t pull the “think of the children!” card anymore. That’s just another diversion from the actual point, and it’s rediculous.

  77. The hottest chic on the block says:

    Lori you’re an idiot for revolving your life around this website, if you’re so smart and praise ange so much why don’t u get your lazy fat bum off of your chair and go make a difference in the world, fatty mc fat a**

    p.s. i like both these women, i think they are great in their own ways.

  78. cleveland says:

    Sudini, we are “judging people for judging”? How “rediculous” can you get?
    (By the way, it’s spelled ridiculous.)

    Some of you want to split a family up for “karmaic” reasons (your words) and some of us think that’s mean. You can try and spin it any way you want, but you are what you are.

    And, forgiveness extends to everyone–even narcissistic, self-absorbed, spoiled, crazy celebs. Everyone is capable of growth, redemption, and attonement. I may not like many of them, but I certainly don’t relish in their downfall or pain.

  79. Lori says:

    >>>>>>>>>>Lori you’re an idiot for revolving your life around this website,

    Bitch I just started posting on this website like 3 days ago….

    >>>>>>>>>if you’re so smart and praise ange so much why don’t u get your lazy fat bum off of your chair and go make a difference in the world, fatty mc fat a**

    WOW, if I am not mistaken crack head, I have not praised Angie ONE time in this entire thread. You are an idiot.

    >>>>>>>>>>>p.s. i like both these women, i think they are great in their own ways.

    P.S. no one cares because you are a fat stinky crack head.

  80. Josephina says:


    SPECIFICALLY..There is absolutely no idol rant nor worship in my style of writing. I see Brad, Jennifer and Angie as human beings able to make mistakes. There are no winners, just people who make the best choices that they can. If it does not work out the way you want, man up and carry on. This is called humility, not self-righteousness.

    My point was about taking ownership of what happens in your life and not blaming others should events not turn out the way you had planned. Is maturity and being responsible for your actions, words and behavior THAT difficult to accept?

    I do not understand how you did not understand my point. If you do not take responsibility for the bad things that happen in your life, how on earth do you expect to grow up and make better choices in the future?

  81. bite me says:

    Hepburn was no saint, the woman had multiple affairs

  82. Sudini says:

    Dearest Cleveland,

    If you’re going to correct someone’s spelling, make sure you don’t make the same mistake immediately afterwards (ie. “karmaic”).

    The idea that I want to “split a family up” is once again your spinning my words out of context.

    The point is not to split a family up (that wouldn’t even necessarily happen). The idea is to have someone gain a full understanding of the impact that selfish, destructive behavior can have on others. And sometimes, in order to fully understand this and learn from it, some people need to experience the same or similar negative circumstances they imposed on others.

    I appreciate your point on forgiveness, but that doesn’t mean people should not to be held to task for their blatant indiscretions. If we just forgave and forgot without also holding people responsible for the pain they may have caused others, we’d be no where as a society.

  83. daisy424 says:

    @Celebitchy, are you monitoting any of this poster Lori’s comments? This mind you is from one thread;

    >>>>>>>>>>Lori you’re an idiot for revolving your life around this website,

    Bitch I just started posting on this website like 3 days ago….

    >>>>>>>>>if you’re so smart and praise ange so much why don’t u get your lazy fat bum off of your chair and go make a difference in the world, fatty mc fat a**

    WOW, if I am not mistaken crack head, I have not praised Angie ONE time in this entire thread. You are an idiot

    >>>>>>>>>>>p.s. i like both these women, i think they are great in their own ways.

    P.S. no one cares because you are a fat stinky crack head.

    I’m sure you would have me believe that every word started out some how in the damn bible. Who cares where reap what you sow comes from, it better stabalizes my points then yours, so F you bud..

    Celebitchy aims to be a friendly, welcoming site where people can discuss entertainment stories and current events in a lighthearted, safe environment without fear of harassment, excessive negativity, or bullying. Different opinions, backgrounds, ages, and nationalities are welcome here – hatred and bigotry are not.

    Will you stand behind your comment policy and ban this offensive D-List kid?

  84. sonia says:

    Paul Newman was married whe he got togeher with Joanne yet their married lasted 50 years. Also Natasha Richardson was married to Robert Fox whom she left for Liam.

  85. kelly says:

    This movie won’t be filmed until late 2010 or early 2011 Natalie could be married or Brangelina could be over. Much ado about nothing. Did Sean Penn dump Natalie?

  86. Lori says:

    @ DAISY clearly you have not been paying attention to what has been said to me in these posts, why is it okay for people to attack me, if it keeps happening I am gonna keep dishing it out too. Some of those words were not even mine if you were paying attention, so celbitchy better be banning a couple people not just me.

    Daisy if you are not just completely retarded then you will also notice that the word bitch is in the very title of this GOSSIP website you are posting on. So if you are offended by the word bitch (you pointed the word out) then why do you post on Celebitchy?

    Just because you don’t like what I have to say doesn’t mean I don’t have the right to post here. I’m sorry you are probably old and played out and can’t relate to a younger person’s thought process, but thats not my fault either.

    Celebitchy kept this thread in the ‘hot posts’ section for like three days, because people keep coming back to it, I am not hurting this website, I have brought a different point of view and that is how gossip websites stay relevant, so why would they ban me, seriously?! Because the old cougars don’t want me here? Please!

  87. Sudini says:

    Wow, ya Daisy. I found your first posted response to Lori really antagonistic, and your last post is just down right petty.

  88. Ichii says:

    I’m VOTING FOR NATALIE!!! GO NAT! Steal him from Angelina. You’re cuter, smarter, prettier!