Enquirer: Demi Moore, 53, and Kiefer Sutherland, 49, are hooking up

Here’s a pairing that I never would have considered. The Enquirer claims that Demi Moore, 53, and Kiefer Sutherland, 49, are a new couple. These two worked together on a movie called Forsaken, a western starring Kiefer and his dad, Donald, and that’s apparently where they got close. They’ve known each other for decades of course, they both were part of the 80s Brat Pack and ran in the same circles. Plus they both were in A Few Good Men in the early 90s, when Demi was still married to Bruce Willis.

The last we heard of Demi’s love life she was dating 28 year-old rocker but that was over a year ago. She’s been linked to a few much younger guys since her split with Ashton. As you know, Demi has a type and it’s “young enough to be her son.” Kiefer does not fit that type, is what I’m saying. Kiefer has been dating a fashion designer named Siobhan Bonnouvrier since 2008 and she has dark hair and does look a bit like Demi. The last photos I found of them together are from November, 2015. The film is out next week so I’m trying to figure out the potential timelines here and they’re not really adding up. Here’s some of Enquirer’s report:

“Kiefer’s put the sparkle back in her eye,” a pal spilled to The Enquirer.

Demi and Kiefer, 49, have tried keeping the sizzling romance under the radar, but friends confided the two are absolutely crazy for each other!

Sparks ignited while filming their upcoming western drama, “Forsaken.”

The plot involves Kiefer’s character trying to reconnect with long-lost love Demi – which led to an off-scren connection! They’ve been enjoying the hush-hush romance since finishing the flick.

“They’ve both been through a lot in their lives… They were drawn to each other like magnets!” dished a spy.

“Kiefer is an amazingly sensitive guy,” insisted one insider.

“He’s very thoughtful and considerate. He’s just what Demi needs…

“Demi is enjoying being with a man closer to her own age. She’s always been attracted to Kiefer.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition]

Well if this is true I hope that Kiefer is sober. We all know what happens when he’s not, trees get knocked over. When Demi’s not sober she hooks up with young dudes. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I wish I could get some of that action.) So maybe they’re both sober and drunk in love?

I did find some photos of Kiefer Sutherland drunk and shirtless at a bar in Calgary during filming for this movie – way back in 2013. Demi was said to be at the bar too, for what it’s worth. I want more evidence that they’re together because it would be kind of glorious. Again, as long as they’re both sober otherwise it would be a mess.

Below are photos of Demi Moore at the Saint Laurent event yesterday with her daughters, Tallulah and Scout. As Lainey points out, Demi looks great and really happy, like she’s sober and fulfilled.

Saint Laurent - Arrivals

Kiefer Sutherland seen going to the doctors in Beverly Hills

Saint Laurent - Arrivals

Photo credit: WENN.com

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  1. LAK says:

    Love the Saint Laurent dress above.

    Surgery or not, she looks really good.

    • PinaColada says:

      +1 I hope I can take care of myself enough to match that at 53!

    • Pinky says:

      She looks like she’s in her late 30s. Probably feels that way too, hence the attraction to younger men. But I like this pairing for its age-appropriateness, were it not for the two addicts coupling issue. Maybe they can keep each other sober.

      And was Kiefer part of the Brat Pack? I don’t think so. He was always fringe.


    • Elisa the I. says:

      she looks incredible and is a very good actress. I would love to see her in more movies!
      A western is not my cup of tea, though. 🙁

    • She looks great. Whatever work she’s had, it doesn’t change the fundamental way she looks. No stupid lip injections, no overinflated filler face. Whomever her go-to person is, he or she is GOOOOOD.

  2. Nancy says:

    Of course a pal told the Enquirer….lol. If true, why not?

  3. meow mix says:

    I’m guessing this ‘source’ is PR for the film.

  4. Lin says:

    OMG. I hope so. They will make a cute couple and Demi looks good. Better than Mila Kunis dare I say *dodges flying tomatoes* I love uncle Jack too. I also expect a sex tape in the future

    • Original T.C. says:

      I got your back.

      Demi will always look better than Mila Kunis even at age 100. Mila is one of those “cute” young women that most of their beauty is tied to youth and soon disappears. Demi Moore has an eyeless beauty enhanced by plastic surgery.

      They all get plastic surgery but only those with timeless bone structure look good with it. You will be when Milas goes under the knife in about 5 years from now.

      • Locke Lamora says:

        Really? I never really understood the hype about Demi. Great body, average face. Milanon the other hand is simply beautiful. Just her eyes are stunning. And she looks beter now than when she was really young.

      • Truthful says:

        @Locke Lamora: Have you seen Mila without makeup… She looks very plain at best (that’s a very very nice way to put it…)

        Mila is below your average girl , no body, and no face…; she was a pretty teen but god that went downhill pretty fast.

        Something nice: yes her eyes (the color ) are stunning… but better have your average brown eyes and less rough features at the end of the day…

        So Demi hands down ! and the lady is 53!

      • iliv says:

        I don’t want to put down Mila, but there are some candid photos where she would be considered ugly by anyone’s standards. To suggest she is more attractive than Demi at any point is ludicrous. Demi is one of the all-time great beauties. As originaltc said, she has had surgery to enhance herself (beginning in the late 1990s actually) but the foundation was always there. Not the case with Mila.

  5. Sullivan says:

    Won’t somebody think of the trees!?

  6. snusnud says:

    I love Kiefer.When I was younger I first heard his voice in Phone Booth and it made me feel stuff….

    He seems so intense (in a positive way).I would hit him faster than Drunk Kiefer knocking over a tree.

  7. Jayna says:

    Kiefer is an alcoholic, who is never sober for long. He either doesn’t get clean and functions workwise but not when off the clock or he drys out but eventually relapses in a big way. I would run away as far as I could.

  8. Armenthrowup says:

    Hair. Envy. (hers not his :P)

    • WTW says:

      Yes, her hair is glorious. I think it’s all hers, right? No extensions. It’s so funny to me that she kept her hair short for years when she was younger, when she has the best hair in the business.

      • Esmom says:

        Yes her long hair is beautiful but when she cut it for Ghost she caused a massive sensation. I think that might have shot her to the A-list, if I remember correctly. Or at least solidified her status there.

  9. islandwalker says:

    Keifer is a rough looking 49 but this might be a good hook-up for both if (IF) they are both clean and sober. They are age appropriate and have known each other for many years. It might be what both of them need.

    • Bettyrose says:

      I would never have guessed she was older than him, especially not in the brat pack days. He had a few years of major hottie status, circa Lost Boys, but she was a heartthrob way longer. Still, totally appropriate to hook up within your peer group at any age, but especially now.

  10. kri says:

    Oh, this is going to be end up messy. He was a crush of mine(still is), but in real life, he has serious issues. She looks good and healthy-I’d hate to see her step back.

  11. Bobafelty says:

    A hot mess and a drunk hooking up? Pretty typical actually.

  12. Betti says:

    Even now i still would with Kiefer (his father too) – but his lifestyle is catching up with him, he’s looking a bit rough around the edges. Talented actor who’s deep seated issues ruined a very promising career – he was A List at some point.

  13. anna says:

    woah that would be very cool if it were true. Which i doubt it is

  14. Jen43 says:

    I like this although I am not sure I believe it. Maybe Keifer can do another 24 reboot and Demi can play a role. I would totally be on board.

  15. Denise says:

    It seems funny that some are saying Kiefer is looking rough. He’s 49 years old. And an alcoholic. I think he looks pretty good considering!

  16. gwen says:

    Nope, not buying it..

  17. JP says:

    She looks great! Glad she’s doing better. She went through a lot.

  18. iliv says:

    Where does this “young enough to be her son” , “type” come from? As far as I know she only quietly dated men that young after her split from Ashton. He was 15 years her junior, so unless she got pregnant at 14 he wasn’t young enough to be her son! That’s ridiculous. Always thought the hype about their age gap was unfair. Madonna didn’t get that kind of criticism for marrying Guy Ritchie.

    Kiefer has a long history with older women. He married his first wife when he was 20, she was 33, widowed, with an eleven-year-old daughter.

  19. Kelly says:

    Wow, vintage brat pack.

  20. KBeth says:

    I’ve always liked Demi, she looks fabulous! Hope she’s not w/ Sutherland given his addiction issues.

  21. topcat says:

    a beautiful explosion and yet it it fits,love it

  22. sdfsdf says:

    I think demi moore deserves an amazing comeback after the ashton kutcher thing. he is an ass. People seem to think that just because he was younger that his behavior is okay. I think Mila Kunis has another shock coming in her life. Pity Mila Kunis seems cool

  23. Lisa says:

    What a scandalous age gap! /s

  24. ToxicShockAvenger says:

    If it’s true, then GET IT, GIRL. Lost Boys hotness. Yum.