Demi Moore, 50, allegedly has a new 26 year-old boyfriend. What could go wrong?

Demi in September, 2011

Yesterday we heard the story that Demi Moore’s daughters were urging her to let go of her long-over relationship with Ashton and to move on. We’ve heard for at least a year that she’s not getting over it, and during that time we’ve also heard that she’s either having serious problems with drugs or is still incredibly sexy, carefree and desirable to men half her age! Those stories of Demi’s sexiness were suspiciously timed to counter the negative news about her, and there were also stories of various romances with younger men. Well it’s time for more “Demi is sexay” news, which is being run in The NY Post. The Post ran a similar story of Demi’s sexiness about a year ago, except this time there’s a love interest and he’s all of 26:

Sources tell us that Moore, 50, has been quietly spending time with Vito Schnabel, the dapper art dealer son of star painter Julian, who, at 26, is about half her age.

Moore and Schnabel first got cozy, we hear, as guests at Naomi Campbell’s over-the-top 50th birthday party earlier this month for billionaire boyfriend Vladimir Doronin in Jodhpur, India.

“They were dancing and grinding all over each other, openly, in front of other guests,” said a spy who attended the bacchanal at the majestic Mehrangarh Fort where Diana Ross performed and partygoers included models Kate Moss, Eva Herzigova and Karolina Kurkova.

Since the bash in early November, a source tells us the “wildly age-inappropriate pair” have been “quietly spending time together…”

Like Moore, the handsome junior Schnabel is no stranger to May-December romances. The cougar tamer reportedly dated Elle Macpherson when the Aussie model was 44 and he was just 21. He’s also reportedly dated nine-years-older Liv Tyler.

Vito Schnabel — who reps New York artists including Dustin Yellin, Laurie Anderson and Terence Koh — spent the Thanksgiving weekend in Jamaica at Round Hill Hotel & Villas. But spies say that Moore wasn’t with him over the holidays and instead spent time with her daughters at Lake Tahoe. Reps for Moore and Schnabel didn’t get back to us.

[From The NY Post]

This is Vito Schnabel with his dad, Julian, in February of this year. Maybe he’s grown out of his “douche” phase since this photo was taken, but I doubt it. This is the kind of guy Demi Moore considers a worthy love interest. You know, maybe Ashton just got too mature for her. I’m probably being harder on her because I suspect her of leaking this story, given how pro-Demi The Post has been in the past. I don’t know what’s worse – dating this young guy or making sure everyone knows about it. What’s she going to do if Ashton and Mila announce an engagement?

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  1. Jessica6 says:

    Demi’s face is more jacked up than my husband’s 1977 two door Firebird.

    And what’s all this garbage about “50 being the new 40, or 30?” People, 50 is 50. When you deny it with every bone in your body, your skin just gets tighter and tighter.

  2. Victoria1 says:


    Dear Demi,

    You can be sexy at your age with an age appropriate limelight shy man. Please heed my advice.


  3. Esmom says:

    Oh geez, she’s still out there grinding. Seems she has no capacity for humility or emotional growth.

    And this guy has douche written all over him. You’re right, what could possibly go wrong?

  4. Hmmm says:

    50 year old Demi just got an 30 year old mother in law in model Lykke May who is to engaged to Julian Schnabe. One Schnabe goes for older while the other for younger.

  5. BooBooLaRue says:

    Maybe she can go out with Biebs?

  6. True Dat.... says:

    Ashton is looking more and more like the victim and less like a perp in the relationship/car crash with Demi. Though he’s been since maligned by all and sundry as the douche and b8st8rd
    We’ll never know the truth.

  7. fabgrrl says:

    Why, Demi, why? I’m more than a decade her junior and *I* want nothing to do with 26 year old boys. Sure, they can be pretty to look at, but WTF are you going to talk about? Like she would have any problem snagging a good-looking, smart, successful, rich guy in his 40s or 5ss.

    Hey, Tom Cruise is single! {kidding!}

    • Christina says:

      The thing is, she probably WOULD have a hard time getting a man her own age. In the Hollywood circles she mixes in, men Demi’s age date women in their 20s – no different to what she’s doing with this guy. Plus, given what a mess she is, who other than an amibious male fame wh*re would want anything to do with her?

  8. Chatcat says:

    If that bitch went after my 25 year old son I’d kick her ass. I am 49 and I can’t imagine being with anybody younger then probably 37 or 38…certainly not anybody in their 20′s and even early to mid-30′s. I am sorry but I will proclaim, for at least the 50th time here on CB, 15 years on either side of your age is max. Now Demi…she is just a sick, twisted, pathetic bitch and embarrassment to her daughters.

    • littlestar says:

      I agree with you. Anything more than 15 years age difference is just too difficult. What would you even have in common with the person? You’d have completely different experiences growing up because you’re from different generations. About 6 years ago I was interested in a man 12 years older than myself, and even though I was attracted to him, I realized he and I were just too different to ever work out – and it had everything to do with age. Now I look back at my younger self and am so glad I never went there. I’m in a very happy place right now with a man who is only 3 years older than me.

      • Chatcat says:

        Exactly little…beyond 15 years it really becomes generational, probably before that, but certainly at 15 years. Even the older you become you would think things “even out” but they don’t THAT much. I am 49…I do have a 25 y/o son…and if I were in the dating/relationship zone the over under for me would be >35 and <64…and both of those numbers are a bit frightening to be honest. I am happy who and where I am in life, would a 36 or 37 y/o be handle to me? My kids raised, set in a career, pretty financially set? Would a 64 y/o be able to handle me? Without intravenous Viagra? LOL

      • Vera says:

        More power to Demi, but my husband is five years younger, and that’s about as much youth as I can handle.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        LOL @ “intravenous Viagra” :D

    • bettyrose says:

      IKR?? I sometimes find myself teaching students who are less than ten years younger than me, but culturally I feel so far removed from them. Even the ones who are nice to look at, I just feel sort of big sisterly protective of them.

    • stellalovejoydiver says:

      I agree, above 15 years is just too generational. When the guy/girl could be your son/daughter and not by a teenage pregnancy he/she is too young for you.

  9. stellalovejoydiver says:

    “They were dancing and grinding all over each other, openly, in front of other guests,” yuck, I just threw up a in my mouth thinking about these two grinding each other. Demi seriously get your shit together.

  10. Joanna says:

    I dont’ think its a good idea, 50 year old women dating 26 yr old men. imo, they get into it for the sex and oh, i’m still hot, i can bag a younger man. then they have sex for awhile, the woman falls in love and the guy is still just banging a woman with lots of sexual experience. and then that’s when women get hurt. most women can’t separate sex and love. so in the end, what the woman thinks will make her feel good (banging a younger guy) results in the opposite effect, getting her heart broken again. just my opinion.

  11. littlestar says:

    You know what I think would be sexy, Demi? If you finally get the psychological help you need and then when you are better, date a man your own age! Wouldn’t it be hot to see her with a stately older gentleman, kind of a George Clooney type, but without Clooney’s creepy tendencies?

  12. jenny piccolo says:

    Wouldn’t she look sexay on the arm of a guy her own age or older? She’d look like a spring chicken. That would make more sense.

    ***Demi there are some gorgeous looking older guys out there. Go find one! It will make you feel better!!

    • Christina says:

      This is the thing. Men/women who date much younger partners often do so becasue they think it makes them look young. In fact, it has precisely the opposite effect – by contrast with the fresh young thing on their arm, it makes them look old and desperate. Imagine who hot George Clooney would be with, say, Julianne Moore, a woman his equal in age, looks and talent? Or how much more attractive Demi would seem if she was with a man her age or older?

      • skuddles says:

        Absolutely! I’ve always said this about Demi too – and Madge. They would look so much more youthful next to a man their own age or older…. The much younger dude logic makes about as much sense as dressing in clothes 2 x too small to make yourself look thinner.

  13. dorothy says:

    Dating a younger man. Why not? It obviously worked so well last time.

  14. Hahahahaha says:

    What ur not mentionin is that he’s is SO UGLY<o God..he's ugly.

  15. Toot says:

    I know Ashton didn’t work out, but Demi likes young guys so I say, whatever. Guys her age are mainly going after young women, so have fun Demi.

  16. Green is Good says:

    Does this woman have any self-respect left? The Cougar shit is getting old.

  17. Joanna says:

    wtf is up with dad’s pajamas?

  18. LeslieM says:

    Dude, he is unattractive. What do women see in him?. He looks 19. She needs to cut her hair and act her age. What is she trying to prove? Date someone your own age!

  19. Ann says:

    Oh, Demi. Did you not learn the first time?

    You are no longer in your 20s. Your daughters should be looking at 26 year olds, not you. Its time to grow up. Find yourself a nice, attractive man in his 40s or 50s. You’ll be much happier.

  20. KellyinSeattle says:

    Maybe he wouldn’t go out w/ his daughters, so she took him. Sorry. I know people will say, “Well if it was a man dating a younger woman, nobody would care”, but I care on both sides….
    Dude’s shoes are whacked.
    Can’t Demi be single and ‘lovin it at all? I don’t think she ever recovered from being away from Bruce.

  21. JudyK says:

    She’s so pathetic I’m through commenting on her.

  22. shelley says:

    Oh please people. Don’t hate. Way to go for her.

  23. Ann says:

    I wouldn’t date a much younger man. But, banging? An emphatic: YES, PLEASE!!!!!

  24. andy says:

    I pray that one day she finds her Harold.

  25. Madriani's Girl says:

    What’s she going to do if Ashton and Mila announce an engagement?

    Start dating Justin Bieber.

    • JudyK says:

      Good one. I’m so sick of this whole Cougar thing. He’s HALF her age.

      • Madriani's Girl says:

        She’s just making herself look pathetic. She can’t face the fact that she’s a 50 year old mother and not a 20 year old ingenue. There comes a point where you have to stop trying to turn back the clock and act like the adult your age says you are. She doesn’t need to dress like a memaw but this “grinding” on a dude half her age is just pathetic. Someone needs to make her see that Ashton doesn’t care who she dates, isn’t jealous, and that he has moved on. She needs to do the same.

  26. OhDear says:

    Whatever floats her boat. Though I wonder about her maturity level given that she seems to exclusively go with much younger men lately (granted, it’s only been two men).

  27. natalina says:

    a 50 year old lady who hangs out with the 20′s-something crowd. NOT COOL

  28. spinner says:

    I don’t even feel bad for Demi anymore. She seems like such a fool & her new toy looks like a total tool. UGH!! She should have stayed with Bruce.

  29. Ginger says:

    I agree with the other posters that Demi should accept her age and not fight it so hard. She should look to women like Helen Mirren who is still gorgeous but aging gracefully. I have one issue with the post when they say her relationship/age difference with this guy is “wildly inappropriate” while that may be true I highly doubt they would say the same about a man dating half his age.

  30. truthful says:

    that boy looks like he is going to his bar mitzvah–what is he?? 16??

    she has really lost it, she will die trying to capture her youth again.

    let it go

  31. DIANE says:

    She’s showing her level of emotional maturity with her choice of boys. Pathetic woman.

  32. Meaghan says:

    Has anybody watched the Discovery Channel show Gold Rush? (My boyfriend LOVES it so I’ve watched it a ton, ha) He looks like this one kid who has a gold rush claim in Alaska, same last name, the kids name is Parker I wonder if they’re related!

  33. Jayna says:

    She may be fearful of aging and acting inappropriately, but I have never gotten the jacked-up-face vibe from her ever. She doesn’t have lots of fillers, no big jacked lips, and she has smile lines and lines around her eyes. Actually, kind of a smoker’s lines to me. She wears her hair very long is the only thing I get off her, but she’s got beautiful hair. Why not. Even in an interview for a magazine a couple of years ago the interviewer said that in person her face looked her age and that her face was a little too gaunt. I saw her in a movie that didn’t have great lighting and she definitely had lines. I was kind of shocked how many.

    I have always felt she was an attractive woman aging well facewise with a little work but definitely has lines (more than my boss does, same age), and a rocking body that she is probably obssessed to keep. Even how she usually dressed for the most part was attractive and not trying to be 20.

    Now, her behavior with her young husband on twitter and drugs and drinking heavily, all of that is the sad part. And now this babyface. I would have loved to have seen her rebound from Ashton, get herself healthy and clean again, and date someone at least 39 to mid fifties, a man. But maybe those men think she’s too old in Hollywood.

  34. Nev says:

    maybe she is not interested in an older guy or someone her age. people have their preferences right? maybe she likes sex with younger guys….maybe she is just stalling the divorce or whatever to get back at him? if they weren’t married maybe she doesnt want ot get married again…it is her second/third divorce right?

  35. bELLA says:

    Pathetic 50year old! My girls would be mortifed!!!!!!!

  36. bELLA says:

    How cute! The “son” she will never have!

  37. Jayna says:

    I’m not talking about Demi, but regarding all this heavy use of fillers and cheek implants and huge lips and pulled really tight faces you are seeing with actresses trying to look younger as they age, I remember seeing Heather Locklear in a movie and her face was disturbing. She had lots of fillers in her face and it was kind of sad when they shot her in the light. The next movie a year later she, obviously, had stopped it and looked younger and better. Here it is another year or two years later and I just saw her in an interview and she looks fantastic with her slimmer face back. No pillow face.

    Plastic surgeons are selling these aging women with the next and newest thing to make money and women just go along like sheep. A little tweaking is the way to go for these celebs (but not before needed) and minimal use of fillers, if needed, and even later in age a conservative facelift, not a pulled-so-tight face.

  38. Simply Red says:

    Well she has to move on with her life. She can’t revolve everything forever around Ashton..Hopefully she will be happy and glowing with young blood love (being sarcastic)…

  39. emma says:

    it’s pathetic that she thinks that grinding with a douche like a teenager will endear the public to her.

  40. Bored suburbanhousewife says:

    Anyone know why she and Bruce split? Probably both would have been happier sticking it out.

    • lafairy says:

      he cheated on her and it was a very public scandal ala ashton kutcher a bunch of strippers and cocktail waitresses did came to the surface, she was totally crushed and went to idaho for years.
      I kind of feelfor her she wasn’t lucky with both her husband so now maybe she just wants to have fun and nothing else, so I don’t cast a stone at her, I think both her previous husbands had built her strong insecurities regarding age since both cheated on her in the excat same way, with way much youngers girls and in a very and hurtful public way

  41. Lulu says:

    I sort of hate myself for this, and it probably really doesn’t apply because in the book of was anything but casual grinds between an older woman and younger men, but has anyone read ‘The Love Letter’? It’s a truly delightful book by Cathleen Schine (yikes, I just saw they made it into a movie-ugh) about a much older woman and a 20 year old man. And it’s not in the least bit cringeworthy in that instance. Just saying.

  42. divax says:

    What’s with the bloody awful veneers?

  43. Aud says:

    When it comes to this guy and his rich father and the older actresses, I’m thinking that there is a lot to do with the father’s interests in film as well. That would be one motivating factor for Demi.

  44. Anaïs says:

    This is a woman who clearly needs validation from younger men that she’s still got “it”.

  45. Sugar says:

    what could go wrong? what could go right?