Demi Moore is boning another 20-something model, because she’s a genius

Here’s an honest-to-God question: how dumb is Demi Moore? You already know how I think her publicity team should be presenting the post-divorce Demi. I didn’t expect anyone representing Demi to actually listen to or follow my advice, but I’m still offended that the course Demi is on seems to make her look so stupid and pathetic. So, you know how Demi just got out of a relationship with a boy toy 17 years her junior? You know how she and Ashton met when he was in his mid-20s? Yeah. Replay that. Only this time, make it WAY more budget. People Magazine reports that Demi is likely boning a 26-year-old “model” named Blake Corl-Baietti. You can see photos of them together here.

Has Demi Moore found a new guy – or is she just intensifying her workout?

The actress, 49, was spotted Saturday in L.A. with Blake Corl-Baietti, a 26-year-old California personal trainer who also models.

In a 2009 profile on the modeling web site One Model Place, Corl-Baietti says, “As far as my interests are concerned, I am as renaissance as it gets. I love anything outdoors, learning as much as I can, and [ gaining] any kind of life experience possible.”

Describing himself as “fun-loving” and “honest,” Corl-Baietti also says that he “PROUDLY [serves] in the California National Guard and am in college pursuing a degree in kinesiology.”

Moore, who recently told Harper’s Bazaar that she worries that she’s “not worthy of being loved,” has maintained a low profile since splitting from husband Ashton Kutcher, 33, in November.

A rep for Moore has not responded to a request for comment.

[From People]

Ugh. Between this and the whole “Demi spent Christmas dirty dancing with strangers while her daughter looked on, horrified” story, I’ve come to the conclusion that Demi is never going to take my advice. She just has it in her head that she has to compete with the 20-something girls. She has it in her head that she should be positioning herself as a free-wheeling, still-relevant, still-sexy “girl”. She doesn’t understand that she could have an entirely new, sexy image as a mature woman who isn’t so desperate, who doesn’t date whatever male model she finds.

Here are some modeling shots of Blake – he’s not as facially challenged as Jennifer Lopez’s boy-toy, but I’m not feeling anything but a ping on my gaydar. He’s too waxed and androgynous for me.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Blake’s modeling shots.

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  1. brin says:

    So basically she is competition for her daughters….no wonder they are horrified. She really is becoming a joke.

  2. Bubbling says:

    Demi stop, just STOP, everything about it screams pathetic and desperate! This dude looks like gay stripper or a porn star (which is cool, just not something I appreciate for my biscuits)

  3. atlantapug says:

    She’s becoming just as gross as the old guy who married his son’s ex-girlfriend in the article yesterday.
    And that dude is NOT good looking. Body, yes, face is just a big NO.

  4. Funnylilou says:

    Normally I will roll eyes about the age gap, but after being utterly disgusted the last 24 hours by brian ferry and stellan sarsgaard relationships I will for once be female supportive in a situation that I normally judge: Enjoy yourself Demi!!

    Maybe she is not trying to compete with younger girls maybe she just like them young (this suspicion about competition would never occur if this was a man)

    ps: but still people aren’t nowadays interested in people their age?

  5. Jackie says:

    this is the last thing she needs right now, for her public image and emotional health.

    STOP demi. You’re a grown woman.

  6. Bite me says:

    Low self- esteem is a bitch

  7. Ann says:

    So what? She’s a good-looking woman. She has money to buy herself something young and pretty just like the old men you’ve been featuring on here lately.

    • Petunia says:

      It is odd how a much older man dating a much younger woman is not considered taboo (and in fact it occurs rather often – Paul McCartney, Michael Douglas, Bruce Willis, just to name a few) but if it’s the other way around, people are horrified. Why is that? Do women have a sexual expiration date on them at around age 45? Maybe Demi thinks older guys are dull or they can’t keep up. Maybe she likes looking at a young, hot body, just like older guys do. Why is it okay for men to still be considered sexy as they age but not women, and why can’t women lust after hot young men? Last night I saw Modern Family for the first time, and they had superhot Sophia Vergara teamed up with super-old (to the point of horrrifying) Al Bundy (okay, forget his real name.) Nobody finds that to be gross? I was horrified by it.

      I guess my point is that if we can accept it with men, why not with women? Why is it different?

      • anne_000 says:

        @ Petunia – I think it’s because men think differently than women. Imo, men will go for the most eligible women, and that would mean as young & as beautiful as possible. Also, I read that men’s emotional age is younger then women’s. Again, imo, it seems that women, more so than men, will overlook age & looks for wealth & stability.

        So in Demi’s case, it might again be that this younger man will eventually seek out younger & prettier women, leaving Demi looking foolish again.

        Like Wendy Williams said, she should seek out older European men of some status, like a minor nobility.

      • Sab says:

        I went to Paris with my grandmother(80), mom (60), and aunt(50). I saw men (good looking, nicely dressed) checking them all out. I thought that was pretty cool and different than in the U.S.

      • Rio says:

        I very firmly believe that much of it is wired into us from biology and evolution.

        A man is (with exceptions) basically fertile his entire life, a woman until her mid-40s (and even that is a VERY recent development). We as a species still subconsciously rate fertility as the biggest qualifier for pairing up. It’s less odd to see an older man with a younger woman because for much of human history that was normal. Why WOULD a young man, biologically, want to date an older woman if she isn’t capable of continuing the species?

        This is a pretty crude explanation, sure, but it’s what my mother explained to me when I was younger and asked the same think ;)

      • Funnylilou says:

        @rio: actually your explanation was accurate 50 years ago, but it is now proven to be totally untrue, did you ever heard about andropause?(men menaupose) men’s fertility decrease slowly the moment they hit 35, the quantity and quality become to be really affected (that is why sperm banks refuse donation from men over 35) and this decrease take a plunge around 50 to slowely become inexistent, men who can procreate past this turn are actually exceptions or very wealthy as they and their partner (no matter her age even if she is 20!) have to go throughout heavy fertility procedures.
        And for the record the average age of menaupose on earth is actually 51… far from what society say right!

        But our society is very sexist and masculine fertility is a strong taboo.
        We never talk about natural pregnancies ( without any medical help) of women past 50, but it happens, here in france each year there are between 400 to 500,or nobody talk about this woman who had a natural birth at 59 but everybody talk about men in that case, why??? because we are a very sexist society and we like to keep the masculine domination clichés very much alive.
        But scientific facts tend to prove a more equal situation than what we admit in our society: nature has planned for women and men to be parents in their 20′s or 30′s after that for everybody it is downhill!!!BOTH!!!

        So your point is just culturallly based,and is totally osbolete nowadays!!

        ps: my sources: my dad is a biologist specialized in men’s fertility…

      • Zoe says:

        Believe its also American male insecurity. European males, and especially the French, have no problem dating older women.Americas warped view of masculinity limits men to a select field of women. They had rather date a vapid female than an older experienced female. Like to have good arm candy and less intelligent. Insecure and needy.

    • Funnylilou says:

      men were emotionally younger … centuries ago when women experienced a very hard life, a lot of pregnancies while having a lot of tasks at home, the harsh life matured them faster… but for now we are just equals, unfortunatly there are as immature women than men!

      and actually we shouldn’t care about what men think, they don’t, they embrace their life without caring about what women think about them.

      The double standard is mainly maintained by women who are particularly harsh and bitter towards each other and by keeping some false believing ( the everlasting men fertility which is proven wrong nowadays, a supposed maturity, a prevention from cheating, etc..)
      We should be more compassionate and supportive toward each others just like men do(on the Brian Ferry post on the Daily Mail, you see a lot of male posters congratulating him about his 37 years younger bride!!!!!)

      • anne_000 says:

        It’s easier to change the written law than it is the unwritten law. Just because society in the US might now be geared towards a certain way of thinking, that doesn’t mean the inherent differences between men & women have changed. There are differences that not even societal pressures & the law will be able to evolutionalize.

        Men & women will mostly likely continue to go into a relationship with different intents in mind. It’s the nature of the beast.

      • Rio says:

        @ funnylilou

        I’m not sure what I said to raise so much ire on your part- I stated my opinion.
        For the record, I don’t claim to be a cultural biologist. What I AM is a child born to a 40+ mother in the 1980s, one who was told I’d probably be born mentally retarded, and who could give me her pads to use after I started my period 13 years after my birth.
        I never said the Girly bits shut off at 45. I never said it was OK for Bryan Ferry to marry a 29-year-old, as much as I like him. I think it’s gross.
        And, since we’re apparently throwing it all out there- yes, we ARE beasts. I find the fact that each one of us had ancestors that lived through the primordial soup, the Olduvai valley, the ice age and resulted in each of us to be far more amazing and miraculous than any other story.

    • Funnylilou says:

      @anne: but we are not beast we are human beings! otherwise then nobody will be monogamous… even women since the higher the number of partners are, the higher the chance to collect the best genetics… yes this is how nature built us too!!

      The law of the beast will be then for everybody to shag the most people you can…

      oh and I am not from the US, I am from France … where women even in their 70′s get chat up and men look at them with some sparkles in the eyes…so goes for the nature ;)

      • Sab says:


        I really enjoyed reading your posts, and found it not only interesting but informative. Thank you for sharing your perspective!

      • anne_000 says:

        @ Funnylilou – Whenever people dismiss that we are natural creatures & then say people should & are able to act based upon only what is rational & logical without taking into account biological factors, I wonder “Why?”

        Until the day comes when humans are minutely manufactured down to our last chromosome & cleansed of everything that affects our decision-making process including biochemical & neurological factors, we will forever remain what we truly are, imperfect animals, but with a more complex brain.

        We’re not robots. Just because our society tells us to think a certain way, that doesn’t mean it will happen that easily.

        And yes, there are people who are not monogamous. Is this really a surprise? Why deny reality? And are there people who shag other people when & if they have the opportunity? Yes. Again, another surprise?

        Can we make decisions that override our neurological makeup? Many people can, some cannot. That’s why there are people who can rise only to a certain level compared to other people. Again, another reality.

        But again, why deny that men & women are different from each other, even down to the chromosomal level? Why deny nature still exists for humans?

        Scientific studies have shown that men & women can & do think differently from each other on many topics & they can come to their final judgment from different reasonings.

        Is it really a surprise that a 20-something man is going to have different expectations & perspective when in a relationship with an older mate than a 20-something woman in the same situation?

        Again, social laws can make men & women equal under the eyes of the law, but they’re not going to change the nature of men & women, just because we think that’s the way it should be.

        I’m just coming at this from a realistic perspective, not an ideological one.

      • Andrea says:

        @anne Maybe it is my formation in social studies, but I gotta side with Funnylilou here.

        I find your biologicist argument to be quite biased. Of course that men and women are different, and that can be proven by scientific studies, what you miss to understand is that even scientific theories and ideologies are influenced by the history that they are immersed in. Nowadays many theories like the one you claim to believe in are discredited by current research. But to even be able to set out to research something such as male fertility depends on the achievements in the field layed out before us.

        What I’m trying to say is that culture and science influence each other. What we hold to be the truth is culturally defined.

      • canadianvixen says:

        Yep totally cosign with funnylilou here. When I left North America in my late twenties it was as though as a woman I was already invisible not tall enough, not skinny eoufh, boobs too small, conservatively dressed). I now live in France, sometimes I’m walking with my 13 year-old daughter (who thinks she’s the biz and it’s true she’s very pretty) and there are remarks from men – for me – and we are both embarrassed. Just to say the cultural thing is so relevant, some stereotypes actually exist, Europeans do appreciate older women. Bloody Madonna is going out with that kid from the ‘banlieue’ just a couple of kilometers from where I live. From the equivalent of what North Americans call a ghetto. A North African from what is considered the ‘bottom of the pile’ here. Does his mother care about the age diff? – non! Her only souci is that Madonna does’t follow the Islamic faith. Go figure.

    • KKola says:

      Word! Please believe that in my 40s-50s-60s whatever if I can pull a hottie like that, I’m frakking him! End of story!

    • Funnylilou says:

      @anne: you should read more accuratly my former answer and then yours, which is just delusiuonal!

      You are actually the one that don’t want to let go social foundations to what you call conveniently nature!that is very narrow minded, there is no such a thing as nature as Jean Jacques Rousseau stated the human being is before anything a “social being”… you should give in anthropology you would be very surprised as all we believe in is manufactured to fit the aim of our very specific society … and saying so is not stating that we are robots, actually you are the one believing in ancient and last century clichés!

      I gave you FACTS; and just facts.PROVEN scientifically, and challenging the commonly accepted model that older men/ young women is “natural” because of fertility issues.
      Or that women need someone older to provide stability (these were efficient foundations societies where women did not work and will depend economically on her future husband, so older was better because it seemed that you will have comfort and a certain way of life). You can still find now these kind of social models in some countries like afghanistan!

      I am not denying natural differences between men/ women, I am denying the social myths which got every human being and particularlly women stuck and primarily defined only by their gender, and the function of their ovaries(and very limitativly!)… exactly the ones you keep desperatly hang on to!

      Scientific facts say that on the fertility issue and contrary to what are the social common knowledge there are very few differences concerning ageing between men and women so the whole domination based on that is entirely false.
      And saying so is not stating that we are robots!!!

      Then again YOU are the one who states that a girl in her 20′s and a men in his 20′s don’t want the same things! We are indidividuals we come in some much various ways and forms and journeys!
      I am in my twenties and I want to experiment, work, arts but also sex and I don’t even imagine thinking of settling before 30 while one of my best friends want to be a dad before 28 (to answer the exact cliché you gave!)

      I AM ACTUALLY COMING FROM A SCIENTIFIC AND PROVEN PERSPECTIVE…. your supposed realistic perspective is oddly very biased.

      Masculine fertility is a very new subject of researches and the last ones conduced had let the scientific community amazed… The very revered university of Cambridge has concluded after a 20 years of a very documented research that after 50 only 10% to 20% of men remain fertile and between 3% to 5% at 60….THOSE ARE FACTS!!!

      oh by the way I am majoring in anthropology… on the gender issues!

      You should study such issues to really model a solid and documented opinion not just some beliefs based on supposed “common beliefs”.

      To finish : yes women and men are different but does it seem that one gender has to dominate the other by putting limitative beliefs? Why difference is not just aimed at complemetarity?why putting down women by putting them under “youth” and “fertility” deadlines that men also have, and pretending that all these social schemes are well nature?

  8. says:

    You really believe that he would be boning her? The old Demi maybe, but nowadays she just looks horrible! He’s got a fug face and probably plays for the other team, but he could do better than Demi.

    • lilred says:

      He was relatively unknown until now…

    • Gabby says:

      It’s also the power dynamic. Subservience in a male to an older woman is not sexy and is pretty ridiculous (societally-speaking), hence the disparaging term ‘toyboys’. Eg. Madonna. The power dynamic with Demi and her toyboys, however, is one of subservience on her part, which we read as desperate and pathetic. It’s sad, but there is a massive double standard

      • ol cranky says:

        I agree to the power dynamic but don’t know if I see Demi as subservient. It seems as though many celebrity men seem to prefer to be with a younger woman (preferably attractive) who looks up to them and will continue to stroke their egos as well as provide them with the feeling and/or outward appearance of them still being some hot superstar that everyone wants. This is the same impression I get from both Madonna and Demi Moore in their choices of younger, less famous partners. The difference in the male/female dynamic here is that I think the illusion wears off faster for the younger men than the younger women in these relationships and that the men may be more likely to seek out the younger, hot chick to screw around with when they felt they’ve earned their keep.

  9. Agnes says:

    Maybe she likes them young, stupid and vaguely stripper-looking? She has the money to spend on them, so who cares. It’s not any more gross than men her age dating young, stupid girls with vacant stares.

  10. bea says:

    His modelling shots are terrible – he looks cuter in the candid pap shot in the parking lot!

    Very “mid life crisis” and SO public – cringe.

    I’m embarrassed for her!

    • ThegirlfromSLO says:

      He is an opportunist to the core. He will do whatever, say whatever to get ahead in life. These modeling photos are ridiculous ..he calls himself a model, but almost every Male model on the planet has at LEAST a six pack..but most of them have 12 packs….Blakey has a little poochy tummy..and the only 6 pack I see is the one he drank right before this photo shoot.

  11. Cathy says:

    In the picture of him with the red shirt he looks like he has a flat spot towards the top of his nose.

  12. D says:

    Maybe this is the difference between men & women. Because if one of my guy friends got cheated on by his hot younger girlfriend, and then hooked up with another much younger woman I wouldn’t think he was pathetic or call him an idiot. Nor would most other men; rather, they’d be impressed with his ability to pull another woman several years his junior.

    Actually, I’d slap him on the back and congratulate him, and tell him to enjoy himself while he can.

    From the comments here, I’m guessing women aren’t quite as encouraging of their female friends dating younger men?

    • Toot says:

      I’m a woman and I have no problem with what Demi is doing. She likes young guys and they’re both adults, so I just say enjoy life while you can.

    • Sapphire says:

      Depends. If a friend is dating (or whatever euphemism) a younger guy, congrats is she’s having a good time andthey are both enjoying themselves. But if she is desperate, clinging and self destructive, no. What I see even in photos is this woman is in the middle of a meltdown and putting yourself under pressure to continue melting is a rotten idea.

    • Zoe says:

      I have lots friends that are dating or married to younger men. If I disapprove its due to the person, not their age. A lot of women are insecure and would feel insecure with a younger man. They project that insecurity on to other women. I think women should date younger men, for the right reasons.

  13. ladybert62 says:

    Demi has turned into a slut – disgusting and I am sure her children are mortified.

  14. Toot says:

    From these pics I definetly prefer Casper. LOL

  15. someone says:

    i’m sorry i would take that casper smart guy over this guy any day…not saying that casper is attractive but in comparison to this guyyyyy…….

  16. Jayna says:

    He looks gay to me. But rebounding can be rough and you shouldn’t be held accountable for the one you sleep with after being dumped. haha.

    Seriously, did anyone really think she wasn’t going young again? The way she tweets photos of herself, there was never a doubt in my mind.

    • Sab says:

      Then doesn’t that imply that she had “intent” when she got with Ashton? It’s one thing if you happen to meet someone that you click with, and there happens to be an age gap, but looking at it now…Demi dates younger men because she CAN. So she’s no different than her male equivalent counterparts. Strange but I can’t hate on it.

  17. Quinn says:

    Just take five minutes before jumping back into the saddle, post-separation. Have a few real meals, get a cute haircut (I’m thinking Indecent Proposal here, girl..) and take care of yourself. Have you not figured out that men don’t really mature until 40? You will look younger next to Liam Neeson than Liam Helmsworth…

    • Funnylilou says:

      This comment seems to be just coming from middle-age!!!
      No men do not mature after 40! not true some do in their twenties and some never, as we are individuals with different personalities.
      So a woman should think about how young she would have to look near a man before thinking of dating him? woooow how progressive and what a strong example of freedom, confidence and a strong will! That obscure time were women were cute accessories to entertain men is long way over and kuddos to her to think about what she wants more than what men want.

  18. for real? says:

    if this is true, Im done Im throwing in the towel, Demi will never get her self respect back!

  19. Paloma says:

    This broad has some serious problems.

  20. grace says:

    I think he is actually more face challenged than Jlo’s boy. I don’t understand these women’s fascination with young guys. I am their ages, and I find them to be so stupid most of the time!

  21. ??? says:

    Definitely prettier than she is. If she had any looks, they are long gone.

  22. Bobby the K says:

    It’s funny how people say they are in a committed, deep & meaningful relationship only to be boning new meat within weeks of it ending.

    I wonder what she’s actually, really sincere about.

  23. Ari says:

    What if he is just her trainer? :L

  24. layla says:

    Girl needs to work on herself from the inside and stop with this lame external validation. You too jlo.

  25. Newtsgal says:

    Ping Ping Ping Ping!
    Survey says……GAY!

  26. Riana says:

    Unfortunately while the older-man/younger-woman combination seems sometimes to work the reverse rarely does. In general it seems like older women who go for younger guys are setting themselves up for some kind of heartbreak.

    Most women already have to deal with their significant other struggling with the middle-aged crisis. I think he problem is, realistically, a young man has different priorities and interests than an young woman when seeking an older partner.

    While he may enjoy settling down and bonding in a family for a period of time there seems to come the inevitable moment of looking around and going “…hey I’m in my 20′s, young and very much desired by my peers…why am I sitting at home with 3 kids on a Friday?” then comes the cheating.

    A young woman seeks some form of stability and protection/comfort, but a young man is fulfilling a role that asks him to be as emotionally and mentally mature as he can be in a shorter age range than the woman he’s committed to. Basically “I know you’re 28 hon but I’m going to need you to be 42.”

    I think that’s why we tend to look down on these types of relationships, though I do think men get some guff too. George Clooney is more mocked than revered in my circles. In general I think we just know both sexes are hardly in the same place when they’re the same age let alone when you take someone emotionally older (studies have shown girls mature faster) and put them with their mental junior. Good or bad I think society’s labeled guys kind of dumb and slow to mature (see George Clooney) so we accept seeing them with their mental equivalents (young, dumb, full of ‘cough’)

  27. joancrawfordhangers says:

    Dear CB, Love your site darlings, but would you please invest a little cash into new Demi Moore photos? The red dress every week makes my eyes bleed. xx JC

  28. janie says:

    I’m not going to say good for her, because to me she is just another 50 year old with a trophy by their side. I think it’s pretty gross when rich old men date super young women that are obviously motivated by money and fame, and I feel the same about Demi dating a man that could be her child.

  29. Jillian says:

    I’m 47, and I could NOT imagine being with someone that young…only because the stress of worrying about physical issues…a grey hair here or there…not to mention what young guy wants to be with a woman entering menopause??? ugh…… her self esteem seems fragile and I would think this wouldn’t help…just like JLo…

    it’s not the same for women…the physical part. For most, not all women, having to have a body that’s getting old, just would be soooo hard when you’re with a man SO much younger than you..especially in a culture obsessed with perfection and youth.

  30. meme says:

    When Sandra Bullocks marriage crumbled in front of the media what did she do?

    She didn’t sequester. She went on with her life but lower profile. She did some personal healing, she loved up on that new baby of hers, she took time to rebuild her life, look at poor choices, become a deeper, richer woman.

    What do the J-Lo’s and Demi’s of the world do? Follow their same old pattern of seeking their worth through men. Young men.

    There is nothing wrong with a little candy from time to time but does the whole f’ing world have to know. A smart woman handles her sh*t better than this.

    • Sab says:

      I agree with you about Sandra handling herself well after her break-up. But, one has got to wonder just what the heck she was thinking marrying Jesse James in the first place. He’s a serial cheater just like Ashton even though he is Sandra’s age equivalent. So what draws these women to these type of men regardless of age? I will say Sandra has always been very smart keeping her relationships on the DL though. I mean we don’t actually believe Sandra isn’t getting any at all now do we? ;)

  31. Jillian says:

    well Sandra has much stronger self esteem in comparison. Women that repeat these same patterns repeatedly are hurting inside…and they’re trying to fill a void for whatever reason.. I don’t want to judge them, per se, but see it more for what it is….a very sad heart deep inside…we’re all finding our way…and some people just do it more gracefully and easier than others. good upbringing..stronger personalities…so many variables…

  32. benny says:

    I don’t care whether it’s a man or woman who’s dating someone young enough to be their child, it still looks ridiculous. The ridiculousness comes when they expect the public to believe (or they delude THEMSELVES into believing) that the younger person is with them for something other than money or career boost.

    Then, when the break-up happens, they’ll accuse the other person of being a gold-digger. Really? Your spouse is young enough to be your child, and you really think they loved you for “you” and not your money?

    And as far as a younger spouse being traded in for a new model later on, what did they expect? Their value was youth and looks, once that’s gone their value is gone. With the older spouse, their value is money and power – once that’s gone (or the younger spouse no longer needs it), there’s no point to the relationship anymore.

    The ridiculousness is when they expect us to believe the relationship is more than it is. What it is, is a mild form of prostitution.

    • Funnylilou says:

      Benny I love you!! you have put together everything I would like to say but way more brilliantly than how I would have be able to do!
      no matter the gender this is just plain stupid and women should not take fire more than men, they show both an equal immaturity in these kind of situations.
      So thank you!

  33. JuliaDomna says:

    G.I. Jane strikes again.

  34. BetsyD says:

    2 things Demi doesn’t need:
    1) to intensify a workout
    2) another kid to date

    He isn’t even attractive in my opinion.

  35. Moreaces says:

    I think Demi is just having a little fun, and maybe throwing a little snark Ash’s way, He is probably someone to have a little fun with for several months, heal and get her grove back.

    I think by mid year, she will be with a man her age or older, btw, Older men who like younger women go from young women to younger women, so I say go for it Demi, have your fun…. and do you.

  36. bgirl says:

    It’s called a rebound. She should get it out of her system while she can and then move on.

  37. LittleDeadGrrl says:

    Does anyone age gracefully and with dignity anymore?

  38. Amanda says:

    This makes me think of a famous Albert Einstein quote “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”,o r something like that. Demi is a real Einstein isn’t she?

  39. Ranga says:

    Um, what is the issue with a young rebound model guy? Sounds great to me! Maybe she doesn’t know many single eligible good looking ‘older’ men. 26 isn’t that young. It’s only 4 years off 30 :p

  40. Luckylilgem says:

    OMG, Blake was my personal trainer last year!! He’s actually a really good guy, from a small town near San Luis Obispo. Good guy… not gay, and not a player either.

  41. Az says:

    Wow. I didn’t know it was possible to downgrade from Kutcher…

  42. cruiz2 says:

    I’m bored of the dried-up old prune’s pic!
    Money buys her happiness!

  43. DreamyK says:

    Just because she can, doesn’t mean she should. Look at Brian Ferry, Calvin Klein and the other Olds making idiots of themselves. She needs to deal with her marriage baggage before dragging other people into her quagmire. Selfish.

  44. Funnylilou says:

    @Rio: you didn provoke my ire at all. You stated that females have a limit to their fertility and not men and thta it was the explanation to why older women/young men couples were more unatural than the reverse and I was correcting while scientifically documenting such an incorrect belief.
    In science there is no opinions just FACTS

  45. anne christoff says:

    The older man younger woman dynamic (provided the age gap isn’t absurd) is much more acceptable than the older woman younger man version for one reason only: Nature. Man is the dominant sex–he is more powerful physically, tends to be more rational, is the traditional protector. Therefore, the femine-masculine relationship is certainly less jarring. Biology and ther rest play a role, but this to my mind is secondary as no one can predict when or if a woman can have a chid or if an older man wants to have more children than he has

    A much older woman and a younger man looks maternal on her part. She is a form of protector in the sense of a wizened nurturer, but this mixed in with the desire to be seen as the feminine beauty causes, as I see it, a great deal of confusion and eventual heartbreak on her part.

    As to the French or Europeans liking older women, this is true where it is true, and, as an American woman living abroad, I wil say that this is the case when the “older woman” is very groomed and stylish, which is (often) the norm here. It is not “just” that the woman is older, but because of an innate “European” style.

    As for fertility rates, my grandmother had twins and then more twins, between the ages of 40 and 48–no drugs, no fertility medicines. Men who are healthy can have kids well late in the game. Eighties even.

    There is feminine and there is masculine and they are different (and I am quite happy they are different). Women will spare themselves loads of grief accepting this fact—and men will find it all the more attractive.

  46. joop says:

    Crytal left Hefner bcos hefner is too old for her and after some days hefner got a new young girl by his side. Ashton left demi and after some days demi got a new young guy. so what is the difference here? if u like ur partner younger, go ahead with it. being a woman does not make u not have a choice.

    so all u empty brain women, try to surport women just like the men surpoet hefner. and all u men just know it, women are trying to get thier lost bride back so let women be.

    for people that thinks men marries youger girls bcos they need kids, i want to ask u a question, what does Donald truimp need another baby for at old age? when he already has children from the first wife? what does other old men needs kids for? when they already has grown up kids in thier first marriage and why are those men looking for younger girls that will force them into being father again when they are already grandfathers?

    since they have kids from first marriages, they could as well marry a woman thier age mate bcos having kids is not in thier plan anymore. so this story that old men marring young girls bcos young girls are fruitful is just one way in which the men push up thier Egos and i think it is time to let men know that we are not that dumb as the women in 19th and 20th Century that men easily decieve.

    i must tell women fighting for your right is very important if not men will continue doing what they want with us women. just bcos the women in the West fights for thier right, that is why u dont see one man here marry to like 5 wives or more. just go to Africa where women are easily convinced, u will see one man 8 wives. Women just keep being strong. it will be hard for women at first bcos men want us to remain Under but we will get there soon.

    If u are a woman and u dont like young guys, it dosent matter just keep surporting women like Madonna that likes youger guys. bcos women has their Rights to choose what they want just like the men do. PEACE!!!!!!