Star: Megan Fox & Damon Wayans Jr. got close on set, possibly hooking up

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Megan Fox is currently starring on The New Girl. She’s the new girl for this series of episodes which was taped while Zooey Deschanel (Jess) was away on maternity leave. Megan announced her split from Brian Austin Green in August, just a couple of weeks after Zooey had her baby.

Star is trying to stir up something by suggesting that Megan, 29, got close to her New Girl co-star Damon Wayans Jr., 33. They don’t outright state that these two hooked up, but they claim that they spent a lot of time in each other’s trailers. Presumably the paparazzi would know this if they were hanging around the set, and there are photos of Megan on the set of New Girl. (The ones I found were taken in October, so Megan was already officially separated from Brian Austin Green at the time.) Here’s Star’s report:

Sources say Megan Fox is smitten with Damon Wayans Jr. after filming her five-episode stint on New Girl. “They had an immediate connection,” reveals an on-set source, who notes that while Damon, 33, is no longer on the show, he often stops by after shooting Brooklyn Nine-Nine nearby. “He started bringing her breakfast in the morning, and they would hang out in her trailer. I think they really bonded over being single parents… it’s only a matter of time before they started hooking up… that is, if they haven’t already.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Well as far as I can find Damon Wayans Jr. is single too so this would be a nice match. I can believe it, because Megan met Brian Austin Green on the set of a sitcom (Hope & Faith) in 2004. Shia Labeouf, her costar on Transformers, also claims to have hooked up with her. (It’s likely she was on a break from Brian if that’s true.) So she dates guys she meets through her job. I like the idea of these two but if it’s happening they seem to be keeping it under wraps. It could just be a work fling.

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Megan Fox seen arriving at the ABC studios

Megan Fox And Brian Austin Green Take Their Son Bodhi Out On His Birthday

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  1. Nancy says:

    From David Silver aka Brian Austin Green to Damon Wayans, Jr…my that’s quite a leap.

  2. ldub says:

    He is so hot.
    They’re hot together.
    *shrugs goes back to eating a loaf of bread*

  3. Mimz says:

    Well, I think he’s super hot so if I were her I’d bang it mercilessly. Repeatedly.

    That would be interesting. She’s an interesting character in the show, but she couldn’t stay for too long. She’s very “dry” (the character she plays is, anyway), but it’s refreshing, after all of the sweetness and twee-ness of Zooey Deschanel.

  4. V4Real says:

    She would have made the best Wonder Woman before she messed with her face and if she was a couple of inches taller. I was viewing the first Transformer movie and she was stunning. The dark hair, blue eyes and facial stucture is fitting to Lynda,Carter

  5. KShaugh says:

    I’m confused – Wayans’ character left the show before Megan Fox joined the cast. What set are they meeting up on?

  6. paranormalgirl says:

    @KShaugh: I was wondering the same thing until I read a little more carefully. According to the article: “…reveals an on-set source, who notes that while Damon, 33, is no longer on the show, he often stops by after shooting Brooklyn Nine-Nine nearby.”

  7. The New Classic says:

    He’s hot as hell. Get it girl!

  8. Crumpet says:

    I didn’t know she’d split with Brian. What is she going to do about her ‘Brian’ tattoo?

  9. Lucy2 says:

    I think they would actually be cute together, but the details of the story aren’t lining up. He was only on one episode of Brooklyn 99, so at most he was filming there a couple of days, and the two shows film on different lots that are nowhere near each other.

  10. Breakfast Margaritas says:

    Isn’t he with Russell Simmons niece? Didn’t they just have a baby together?

  11. QQ says:

    hey, if you can land that hottie with this current version of your face MORE POWER TO YA, get it how you live it!

  12. Tiffany says:

    Jane wilk not be happy about this.

    I’m sorry, guys. I just miss Happy Endings

  13. what says:

    Star magazine? LOL!
    It’s NOT true. Her rep said she doesn’t know him.

  14. I Choose Me says:

    Not sure if this story is true but I ship it.

  15. Flawless says:

    #she smiles like kate midds….so that’s with the hookups each new film, each new guy…wanna be an actor!!