Justin Timberlake explains why he dry humped Jessica Biel at Lakers game

Justin Timberlake was on Jimmy Kimmel last night and talked about his plans to climb Mount Kilimanjaro for charity. Kilimanjaro is the largest peak in Africa and is an inactive strato-volcano located in Tanzania. It’s 19,300 feet high, which is nearly 2/3 of the height of Mt. Everest. Timberlake will attempt the climb to benefit the charity ChildrensSafeDrinkingWater.com, which provides drinking water for children in Africa. He said that more children die from unsafe water than HIV and malaria combined.

On his plans to climb Mount Kilimanjaro
DJ Lupe Fiasco is among the other celebrities attending the charity climb, organized by Timberlake’s friend the singer Kenna. Kimmel read a quote from Fiasco that he would “go psychopath” and “freak out and murder everyone” on the trip and Timberlake quipped that his schedule suddenly got very busy and he wouldn’t be able to attend. He joked about the movie Alive where “They ate each other’s butts after they died,” adding “I don’t want Lupe Fiasco eating my ass.”

“No,” Kimmel agreed, “You’ve got to eat his ass first.”

Timberlake and Fiasco are training hard for the trek, which can be dangerous due to the cold and high altitude. A few people die every year on Mt. Kilimanjaro, mainly from the affects of the altitude.

Timberlake is promoting his reality show on MTV, “The Phone,” which is a live action contest type show in which people compete for $50,000. They showed a clip and it looks like they punk the contestants with shocking scenes of car crashes, accidents, and extras running around like they’re scared. Kimmel quipped that he’s going to get sued for that.

On why he dry humped Jessica Biel at the Lakers game
Kimmel showed those pics from the Lakers game in which Timberlake was enthusiastically kissing and fawing all over his girlfriend, Jessica Biel. Justin claimed that he wasn’t as much of an exhibitionist as that, but he was inspired by an open-mouthed kiss that was just shown on the Jumbotron between Dustin Hoffman and his wife. Timberlake said “I was not to be outdone [by Hoffman] so I mounted my girlfriend in front of 18,000 people.”

Timberlake’s PDA wasn’t without its regrets. “It was one of those things that in the moment I should have made a better decision.”

“You know what? Keep that in the motel,” Kimmel agreed.

The Huffington Post has the photos of Justin all over Jessica at the Lakers game and they’re amusing. The guy has a great attitude and you have to admire his willingness to climb the highest mountain in Africa for charity. That’s not going to be an easy task and we’re rooting for him. Timberlake will make the trek this fall.

Before Justin did the deed:

Celebrities At The Lakers Game

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  1. Wif says:

    For some odd reason, what I actually want to see are the photos of Hoffman and his wife.

  2. 88Modesty88 says:

    LOL, Wif, for sure!

    We’re strange, tho…

  3. Celebitchy says:

    I looked for those pictures of Hoffman and couldn’t find them! I’ll look some more.

  4. Annie says:

    I’ve adored him since I was like 10 and dammit, he still gives me reason to adore him some more. Bastard.

    Hilarious. Every time he’s on SNL he cracks me up. And then he goes and gets all serious and does something amazing like this climb.

  5. Ned says:

    He needs to climb a mountain in order to give some of the millions he has for charity?

    Is the PR stunt of “I climb a mountain- look at me- y’all” has anything to do with helping people?

  6. cherryblossom says:

    The “So I mounted my girlfriend” bit made me laugh so hard…I forgot that he can be something other than a douche from time to time.

  7. Hieronymus Grexx says:

    Because he’s so deep in the closet he’s finding Christmas presents?