Kylie Jenner will ‘literally’ spend 4 to 5 hours doing her nails every week


True story: I love my nails. I naturally have great nails and great hair and I am the most proud of those features. While I love my nails, I don’t do anything to them but trim them, shape them and sometimes buff them. I do it myself, while I’m watching TV. For some reason, my nails already look like I have French tips (I call them “my natural French tips”), so why bother with expensive manicures? I’m saying this because I have absolutely no understanding of how a woman could spend five hours every week just to get a fancy manicure. Who has the time? Who has nothing else to do? Who makes Kim Kardashian look like a workaholic genius? Kylie Jenner, that’s who. To be fair, Kylie is promoting her (wildly successful) cosmetics line and her collaboration with SinfulColors nail polish. For some reason, Kylie has the Midas touch when it comes to cosmetics, nail polishes, etc. And so to promote her nail polish collab, Kylie talked about her manicure habits with People Magazine:

Kylie Jenner’s beauty obsessions are obvious: Lips and nails. She’s already got her own collections for both—her Kylie Cosmetics Kylie Lip Kits sell out every time they go on sale and she’s also caused quite a stir for her SinfulColors collaboration when she launched its first King Kylie Collection last month. Come April 1, the 18-year-old’s dropping yet another collection for SinfulColors named Trend Matters, which features 27 matte shades. Why matte?

“I’m really into matte polish,” Jenner tells PeopleStyle. “It spices up anything.”

As it turns out, her nail obsession was passed down from her mother, Kris Jenner. “My mom always drilled it in my head to have nice, pretty nails,” she says. “It’s just really important to her. Anytime she meets someone, she’ll look at your fingernails. I never cared when I was younger and I hated getting my nails done. It just took up my play time. But she likes pretty nails, so that’s where I got my nail obsession.”

Now, nice nails are a priority. “I get my nails done every week,” said Jenner. “I’ve sat literally for four to five hours doing them. I used to spend so much time doing the craziest artwork.”

[From People]

Five hours. Every week. Just for a manicure. I get being obsessed with that kind of thing for a special occasion, or if that “five hour” figure represented other things being done, like you’re getting your nails done and you’re getting your hair done and you’re listening to a book on tape (hint, hint, Kylie). Also: I don’t like matte nail polish. I do use nail polish on my toenails and I like it shiny and wet-looking. My toenails are currently a shiny petal pink after being lime green for a month. That probably means that I’m a loser, right?



Photos courtesy of Kylie’s Instagram.

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  1. Alix says:

    Poor, ignorant, vapid girl.

    • Wiffie says:

      Well I’m not ignorant or vapid, but I spend that much time, or more. I have two kids, im a stay at home mom, no free time, and no hobbies other than nail art. I don’t have social media other than a nails-only Instagram. I have a lovely community of other moms with the same interest too that I love keeping in touch with.

      After the girls go to bed, I’ll spend an hour or two doing my nails, 3-6 times a week. It’s my only kid free, me only time. No matter how frumpy or tired I am, stretch marks or not, the most visible part of myself to me always looks pretty, and a quick glance of some sparkle brightens my day.

      I laughed at 4 hours a week because it feels like nothing! Of course Kylie and I lead VERY different lives, and I don’t take 4 hour showers like her either. But I wanted to throw some perspective into someone that spends much time and attention on something like nails. 😊

      • Michelle says:

        I think Kylie was implying she’d do 5 hours in one sitting by nail professionals. I don’t see that as being comparable to you doing it yourself as an active stress relief for an hour or two. I don’t know how she could sit for 5 hours at a manicurist… I hate professional manicures because my back always kills sitting in those chairs over the little tables and that’s about 20 minutes.

      • BendyWindy says:

        Yeah. I don’t spend that much time now, and don’t even bother with paint when I’m too busy, but I go through phases where I’m super into my nails and easily spend two hours a few times a week. And I don’t even do nail art!

        And although Kylie is vapid, she’s turned her nails into a business venture. Her fans expect to see cool nail art a few times a week. That’s how she markets and sells her cosmetics. Whether it’s a worthwhile endeavor is debatable, but it’s part of her “work.”

      • RamblingRose says:

        Wiffie, you deserve that me time! Unlike Kylie, you are doing something that is helpful for humanity…raising your babies!

      • Wiffie says:

        Well, I guess im crazy. I’ve totally done 4 hours at once 😱

        Nail art, photograph, remove. Rinse repeat. 4 or 5 manis a night. That’s not all the time, but I’ve done it. It’s like painting or Ceramics or anything else I guess. It’s partly end product, bit it’s often the act of the art too.

        I don’t even know what you would do in a manicurists chair for that long though? I don’t think it’s far fetched she occasionally does her own.

      • Wiffie says:

        Aw thanks ramblingrose! 💛

        Even though this article made me feel like PMK because my 3 year old asks for polish and stamping… I’ve created another addict!! 😈

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Yes, Wiffie, ramblingrose is right. Nobody spends every second doing something productive. You have a full life and your happen to enjoy relaxing and being creative with your nails. That’s different from some like Kylie who centers their life around their appearance.

      • This Face Believes You says:

        Wiffie, good for you for making sure to take some time for yourself. I don’t have kids and just last night I needed some mindless stress relief, before I knew it I had spent over 5 hours doing an adult coloring book. I even have special light-hearted playlists to listen to while I color. At least nails can be shown off, I can only imagine my friends’ expressions if I pulled my coloring book out of my bag to show them how I spent my Saturday night lol.

      • Miffy says:

        Wiffie, more power to you and kudos that your down time is doing something creative. I’m a single mom to two boys and while I have the best of intentions during the day to get something creative and productive done after bedtime I just find myself lately too exhausted. I’d love to see your nail art!

      • Nameless says:

        Nail artist here, too. Hi! I have weeks where I only slap in a couple coats of polish and a quick dry, but sometimes I break out the stamper or do a gradient, or both 🙂 and who cares how much time it takes? It’s fun, creative, and relaxing!

        Some people, a lot of people, easily sink ten or twenty hours a week in video games or whatever. Or play pool or or do yoga or train dogs or write erotica. It’s all good. As long as we’re taking care if our responsibilities let’s all enjoy our free time how we like.

      • DrMrsTheMonarch says:

        I think nails are a great hobby. I average an hour-and-a-half per week on mine. Right now I have spring-green glitter “grass” with polymer clay flower embeds.
        I have small hands and my long nails make my hands look longer.
        Yay, nails. Wouldn’t trade mine for the world.

    • NL says:

      Like Wiffie says, it’s “me time” kinda hobby. Why wouldn’t this girl, who makes her money off her image, spend a bunch of time on her image? I mean, she gets paid for it. Presumably she’s not just sitting in the chair staring vacantly into the abyss of her own soul. Okay, hopefully she’s not just sitting in a chair staring vacantly into the abyss of her own soul. Er. She’s probably sitting in a chair staring vacantly into the abyss of her own soul. But to each their own.

      • Miffy says:

        Kardashian/Jenners generally go into a hibernation like state when they’re not trying to sell something. So she’s just staring vacantly… not really at anything, abyss or not, just, y’know… chillin’ drowsily.

    • swak says:

      @wiffie, please don’t feel like PMK. My three year old granddaughter is ALWAYS asking for “pretties” on her fingernails and toenails. She sees mom has it or her cousins have it and she wants it. Does not mean she is another addict. What you have with her is normal. i’ve even had grandsons at that age that want nail polish on their nails! You sound like a great mom!

    • Fee says:

      The lies of her sold out gloss is the most ridiculous thing she says, sorry were out,working hard to make more,lol. Never says how many actually go on sale, so its easy to sell out with a small amount. Big names like Chanel obv. Out sell her n never have those issues. 101 adv from mad men days, lie to create demand,all Lil girls running to get her gloss.

  2. Esin says:

    Sinful Colors :D:D

  3. PinaColada says:

    Well I bite my nails and never paint them. I would be a terrifying outcast to this fam!

    • minx says:


    • lisa2 says:

      Mine just don’t grow.. I have tired the acrylics ones but taking them off or keeping them on too long just destroys my natural nail. So mine are short and I always wear a clear polish. Once in a while I’ll do color. But I don’t think my short short nails look that great with color

      Oh well we just deal and go on.

      • Lady D says:

        I don’t think short nails (mine) look good with polish either. Jennifer Aniston has very short nails and she almost always wears dark colours that make her fingers look stubby.

      • imqrious2 says:

        Lisa, you should try “Nailtiques Formula 2 Plus” (and the Plus *does* make a difference!).

        I’ve always had weak, thin, ridgey nails, and chemo didn’t do them any favors for sure. But a friend turned me on to this once I was out of the hospital and had an interest in my appearance again (I’d always had med.-length acrylic tips before). Well now, I just use Nailtiques as a base coat, (2 coats), let it dry, and then either just do a French Tip with it, or polish a color. I let it set a bit, and finish up with a coat of quick dry.

        NOW HERE’S WHAT HELPS THE MOST: EVERY OTHER DAY, I PUT ONE THIN COAT OF NAILTIQUES OVER MY MANICURE. My manicure lasts 10-14 days, and I am NOT easy on my hands! Give it a try; I think you’ll find this helps most problem
        nails 🙂

    • Tris says:

      An outcast to these hideous creatures – thank god!

  4. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Of course she does. What else does she have to do? She certainly does nothing to improve her mind or help other people or anything other than gaze into the mirror at her ridiculous lips and pose for selfies. What’s five hours on a manicure to this empty head? A productive afternoon.

  5. Franny Days says:

    Ah I’m so jealous of people with naturally beautiful nails, don’t think Kylie fits in that category if it takes her five hours to make them decent looking. I’ve been using gel on my nails for the past couple of years and I like it because it lasts so much longer than regular polish, but overtime I feel like it has made my nails thinner and they break so easily if I don’t keep them at a certain length.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I think gel dries out your nails. I use it if I’m going on vacation or have a special event because it doesn’t chip, but I take long breaks from it or my nails get white spots and streaks on them. It’s too bad because nothing bores me like waiting for nails to dry.

      • Franny Days says:

        That makes sense! I would like to use regular polish more but I swear if I do it chips after four days. Maybe I’m just not using the right kind.

      • Chris says:

        I was getting shellacs occasionally and using gel polish at home and my nails eventually were destroyed. I had pretty good nails before that. They would constantly split, peel, had bad ridges and could not grow any length. It’s been about a year since I had a shellac or gel polish on and I have been taking vitamins for hair, skin and nails and they are finally improving.

      • Snowflake says:

        Franny, my nails will chip very quickly if I use regular nail polish. I don’t think it’s the brand, some people are just harder on their nails.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Agree with Snowflake. I garden, cook, do dishes, paint…whatever, I never go more than a couple of days with regular polish without chipping at least one. That’s why I put a very light, sheer polish on my hands when I’m not using gel, because it doesn’t show as much when they chip. I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong.

      • Wiffie says:

        Quick dry topcoat! Seche Vite, inm out the door, or the sally Hansen instadry in the red bottle. Put it on while your nails are still wet, and all layers are dry within ten minutes. No sheet marks in the morning!

    • Bettyrose says:

      I find taking multi vitamins does wonders for my nails. I keep them short, though. Occasionally put on a coat of clear polish. Honestly, I don’t understand how one can wear acrylics and work a computer all day. Or change diapers. Or select organic fruit at the know, do things.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        I keep mine short too, because stuff under them grosses me out. I also prefer the way they look short, though I think I’m unusual in that.

    • vauvert says:

      I used to get the shellac mani but it was damaging my nails, taking too much time and it is pretty harsh on the environment too. I hated seeing the nail technician throw bowl after bowl of nail polish remover down the sink. Horrible.

      But I still like pretty nails (mine are not bad, not good, just regular boring nails:-))

      After trying lots of brands I settled on Julep and I love it. I ordered a ton of colours during their Black Friday sale, including the base and top colour and I had great results. Usually regular polishes don’t last a day on me before chipping what with actually living – typing, cooking, crafting, driving, errands etc. With Julep it’s a week, and I tend to wear dark colours too, so chips are very visible right away. They also have less harmful ingredients so won’t dry your nails. (No association with the brand, just my two cents for those who like a longer lasting, pretty polish without specialty gel or shellac treatments.) Even if I go to the salon for pedis, I take my Julep with me.

    • nicegirl says:

      I do nails professionally, and there is polish out by OPI you guys might like to try. It is called Infinite Shine, and it is at the regular drugstores in my area for about 12 bucks a bottle, so not super affordable, but it lasts a long time, has crazy shine, and comes off with regular acetone based remover.

      There is also one by CND called Vinylux, but you have to get it through a professional retailer.

      I love nails, nail art, all of it. The younger gals from my school are KRAZY for KYLIE though, it used to drive me loco.

      • KittenFarts says:

        Love infinite shine! But it’s more than $12. You have to buy the base & top coat too! So it’s like $40 after tax. But it will last 2 weeks for sure.

    • Erinn says:

      Geez, four days is impressive. I painted with regular polish last night, and I’m missing about 1/4 to 1/3 of the color on a few nails.

      I did gels for a year or two, I loved them, but I hated having to set aside specific time to go get them done. I did get some shellac polishes from ebay – and use those most of the time if I want polish to last more than a day. Even with shellac I find my polish will start chipping in about 6 days. I think it’s just mainly the shape of my nails.

  6. Shambles says:

    If you read between the lines, she says so much in this interview. This goes deeper than just nails.

    “My mom always drilled it in my head to have nice, pretty nails… I never cared when I was younger and I hated getting my nails done. It just took up my play time. But she likes pretty nails, so that’s where I got my nail obsession.”

    Wow. Just wow.

    Kylie wanted to be a normal kid and play. Her mother made her sit for hours and get her nails done instead. How utterly sad, that Kris Jenner sucked all the innocence and fun out of her youngest daughter’s life so that she could grow up to be a talking mannequin. It’s interviews like these that remind me why, in the end, I can’t feel anything but sorry for Kylie. She was brainwashed, and I think she had the potential to be a really smart, funny, and talented young lady if those traits had been nurtured. In a lot of these interviews, if you really think about what she’s saying, it sounds a lot like she’s crying out for help. Trying to tell us how empty this life is, the one that was forced upon her. Really, really sad. Use all that cosmetics money and break free, Kylie.

    • Bettyrose says:

      Shambles, just looking at pictures of Kylie and Kendall from five years ago gives me chills. How do two fresh-faced freckled adorable little girls morph into plastic dolls, bearing almost no resemblance to their natural selves, in so little time?

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        I remember thinking that they were so adorable and being saddened by the thought of how they would turn out. They are worse than I imagined. Shambles is right, it’s very sad.

      • Nancy says:

        bettyrose: I watched this show when he it began. Kendall was extremely shy and didn’t seem to like the camera. Kylie was a brat. I remember her on a stripper poll while Brodie was babysitting and she was lifting her dress up as a ten year old…..then there was a time when Bruce physically removed her from a restaurant for her excessive use of eye makeup and trash talk, talking about her mothers and sisters boob jobs. Then the episode where Kendall is being pursued as a model, makes a book and Kylie goes insane with jealousy. I think Khloe basically raised her which explains a lot.

    • LadyWish says:

      I hope she breaks away, too – from her crazy family and her pedophile boyfriend, too. She’s having some serious success with her Lip Kits – I’m sure she can make her cosmetics line into a long-lasting career.

    • Tate says:

      Ugh, poor kid. Kris is the lowest of the low and she is proud of it.

    • Eleonor says:

      It is sad. But I don’t like to blame only Kris.
      This girl has another parent too: where was Caitlyinn ??? She is as self absorbed like all the Kardashian are.

      • lucy2 says:

        Yes, both parents failed her. And all of her older siblings too.

      • Janie says:

        I remember watching those early episodes and it didn’t matter what Bruce said or did both girls did as they pleased. Kris would override anything he told them. He never had a say in anything. He allowed them to walk all over him. I think he got tired of arguing with Kris and her trashy older daughters. He was treated badly by them all. Kylie has nothing else to do but get her hair and nails done. She has no direction or focus, it’s sad.

    • kri says:


    • Magnoliarose says:

      Yes to everything said in this thread. PMK is a shameless hyena and uses her kids as only a narcissist would, for her own ends.

  7. Lynnie says:

    I haven’t heard anything about this Sinful Colors collar until today and I’m in their target demographic… As long as she doesn’t mess with my Essie and OPI I’m good

    • McBeanerer says:

      You should try them, actually! For only $2 they have a good formula and stay nice- at least on my nails- just as long as the expensive names. I find them in grocery stores.

    • Crumpet says:

      Vacation Time! It’s a universally gorgeous color! All the sinful colors got very high ratings on Makeup Alley.

      • Lynnie says:

        Huh… good to know @McBeanerer and Crumpet! I think I’ll try the non-Kylie ones out then

    • MerlinsWife says:

      The Kardashian girls did have a line on OPI nail polishes a few years back. The Kourtney red shade was perfection.

  8. Crumpet says:

    This girl is a full time job in and of herself and for herself. What a sad existence really. Literally nothing better to do than spend hours on grooming and taking selfies. And planning the next plastic surgery of course.

    • Bridget says:

      I have the same thought. Could you imagine spending hours getting made up and ready just to have the highlight of your day be a stroll across a parking lot for some pictures? It’s just so sad and empty.

  9. Felice. says:

    She does her own nails? Yeah right.

  10. Patricia says:

    Wow, this is what her mother chose to drill into her head.
    My mom drilled things into my head, things like “be aware of your surroundings”, “don’t leave a drink unattended” “if a man doesn’t want to use a condom then he doesn’t respect you” “always be polite” “education is important” etc.

    I wonder what a list of the things Pimp Mama drilled into her daughter’s head would be. “Always have nice nails” “when in doubt, stick your butt out”… the list could go on I’m sure.

  11. Patricia says:

    Also I don’t really believe she spends five hours on nails. She rather likes to exaggerate. Literally.

    • Rachel says:


      Before she came clean about her lip injections, she said it was all makeup and she’d spend hours on her lips alone every single day.

    • Christin says:

      I would believe five hours might include getting ready, taking selfies, being driven to and from the appointment. Insert “taking selfies” throughout the entire process, and perhaps that is five hours.

  12. kat says:

    Well I suppose it keeps her out of trouble at least. Someone that vapid could be dangerous if they didn’t know what to do with themselves.

  13. Jane says:

    Vapid, vapid vapid girl.

  14. lilacflowers says:

    Paint my nails or read a book? Paint my nails or read a book? Well, obviously, painting my nails will make the world a better place and me a more interesting person! Duh!

    • Jane says:

      One begs to question…does she even know how to read properly? I’d love to give her one of my reading diagnostic tests to determine her vocabulary and comprehension level.

      • Mare says:

        After naming the wrong band on an awards show, she admitted that she “don’t read good. ” After her hair extensions (which, apparently, she left on the stove) when up in flames she said “I was gonna get my hair done but Harry burned all my hair extensions on fire”. No need to do a reading diagnostic test, she’d never pass one b

      • Christin says:

        Is it terrible that I’m wondering if she can even tell time correctly?

    • TheSageM says:

      I like doing both! I paint my nails myself (at least once a week or if not every five days). It takes me around 15 minutes, and then I grab my kindle and read for half an hour until they dry.
      I just love having my nails done in pretty colours.

      • lilacflowers says:

        You are making wise use of your nail time. Somehow, I doubt Kylie would think to grab a Kindle or any other device with reading material or an actual book.

      • Lex says:

        @Mare that was Kendall, not Kylie.

  15. Smellsfishi says:

    Only if she used that time for an education

  16. Catwoman says:

    I work in a hospital where there is a strict policy of nails no longer than 1/8 inch long, no nail polish ever. I gues PMK would look down on an EMT saving her life because they don’t have a manicure. Literally.

    • Patricia says:

      Yes it’s very revealing about what kind of person Pimp Mama truly is, that she would judge a person by how well done her nails are. She is so shallow and judgemental and her priorities are so wack it’s not even funny.

    • RamblingRose says:

      I am starting nursing school this fall, and I only just now started painting my nails regularly because I know I can’t soon! Before I found out I could never wear nail polish, I couldn’t be bothered. By the time school starts, I’ll be tired of dealing with painting and chipping, and I’ll be ready to stop!

  17. Nancy says:

    When I first started working, I matched my nails to my outfit every day. OCD’ish. Now since she is who she is and does what she does, I’m not giving her any damn pass…..what else does the little troll have to do.

  18. Gabriella says:

    You guys are vicious. Yes, she says vapid things to promote her cosmetics line. They all do. It’s the nature of the job. Give the girl a break. We have not seen the last iteration of her.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      She is setting a the worst possible example for the young women in this country who look up to her – promoting nothing but vapid vanity. She sees no value in education. She dropped out of high school and says in interviews that there’s no reason to go to college because she has a job. She values nothing important, worships money and her own image and has a frightening platform. Of course this isn’t her last iteration. She will continue to have plastic surgery, enlarging and reducing her body as it suits her and claiming it’s make up and becoming more obsessed with her looks. It’s sad and I feel sorry for her because she never had a chance with a mother like Kris, but I worry much more about the message of self hate that she sends to young girls. That’s vicious.

      • Jane says:

        THIS X 100^

      • Smellsfishi says:

        Only stupid girls will use her as a role model though, and if they think the kardashians are role models those girls were a lost cause anyway. I don’t know why celebrities have to be seen as a role model, they don’t do anything special. Role models should be people like noble prize winners. Don’t get me wrong I know she’s setting a bad example, but still, why would we look to some like her for advice or any one them for that matter. I don’t like the kardashians, but still we shouldn’t consider them to be examples for younger generations. That’s just stupid.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        I’m not saying that she SHOULD be a role model. Of course she shouldn’t. I would be dancing in the street if young girls all chose Nobel prize winners as their role models. But she is followed on Instagram and adored by millions of young girls whether you and I like it or not. And they aren’t stupid so much as young and impressionable, maybe without a lot of guidance from their parents about what’s important in life. They think she’s pretty and cool and they listen to what she says. It’s frightening.

      • CoKatie says:

        GNAT: Perfectly said. I wish there was an “up vote” button.

      • Jwoolman says:

        GNAT- if it’s any comfort, we really don’t know how many of her followers are 1) real and 2) actually her adoring fans. Many people follow the Kardashians to laugh at them. There’s no easy way to tell.

    • lilacflowers says:

      Telling me it takes an hour to do one’s nails does not make me want to buy the product. I have more important things to do than spend an hour a day on my nails, which doesn’t allow doing anything else in the meantime. Easy off, easy on, no smudge, quick drying, won’t damage your nails or turn them yellow – then I might pay attention

  19. minx says:

    Dreary, sad, superficial life.
    My daughter is almost 17 and I’m so happy she is the opposite of this.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Of course she is. She has an intelligent, loving mother who always had her daughter’s best interests at heart. The complete opposite of this.

    • COSquared says:

      I’m turning 18 and I’ve better things to do with my life i.e. University applications. Also, I don’t know not even a single person who looks up to her and her family.

      • Magnoliarose says:

        I don’t know any either among my nieces, teenagers I know or anyone really. My niece told me she and her friends think she’s ridiculous. Of course their language isn’t as nice and it comes with a lot of eye rolling and head shaking about her lips and plastic surgery.
        I’m beginning to wonder if most of their following isn’t more international because I haven’t found a soul who likes any of them.

  20. lucy2 says:

    My nails are terrible and I don’t care. The worse they are usually means the more time I’ve had for painting, gardening, etc. Kylie needs to put the nail polish down and pick up a book, or at least a hobby.

    • minx says:

      My nails have been terrible my whole life, except for a few months here and there where I spiffed them up for various occasions.
      I have too much to do to pay them much attention. I wish I cared more about them, but I just don’t.

    • Tate says:

      My nails are awful too and I don’t care. I just keep them short.

  21. Becks says:

    I love getting my nails done each week as well, but I won’t spend 4 hours doing it. That’s outrageous. Who has that kind of time? Does she really have nothing better to do?!
    I mostly use OPI which can last about a week with topcoat. I usually do it myself, then I read while they dry. The whole process is less than one hour. Occasionally I will go to the salon for a mani-pedi, but I find it more relaxing when I do it myself!

  22. islandwalker says:

    Well, she has nothing else occupying her head. At least during the 5 hours she can be mesmerized by the pretty colors.

  23. ClaireB says:

    Seven years of piano lessons during my formative “girly years” means I can’t stand having nails past my fingertips. And every single polish turns them yellow, anyway. So I guess PMK wouldn’t have anything to do with me. Wow, I’m so disappointed about that!

  24. Bess says:

    I still feel incredibly sorry for Kylie. I was watching an episode of KUWTK from a few years ago & saw Kylie’s original face. She was cute & fresh-faced. There was nothing with that kid’s looks.

    Kylie’s mother exploited her. Her father & older siblings failed to protect her. She is a product of emotional neglect & a superficial environment.

    • RamblingRose says:

      Absolutely. I do feel sorry for her, and it’s actually criminal that her family supported her relationship with Tyga…the one that started out illegal.

    • word says:

      PMK needed to make Kylie a “thing”. She needed her daughter to drastically change her appearance so she could promote her somehow. God forbid one of PMK’s children get a job that doesn’t require profiting off of plastic looks and fakery.

  25. Evie says:

    To be fair that’s not at all what the quote says. She says she HAS sat for four or five hours doing crazy artwork. Not that she does this every week.
    I know CB is a gossip site but it’s still important to be accurate in ‘reporting’ 😉

  26. dawn says:

    I doubt she does them more like she is relaxing in a chair while someone else does them. Maybe she could start listening to a book on tape so she can stretch that limited vocabulary of her’s. Just a thought.

  27. word says:

    Didn’t she recently say that this year she wanted to be more “natural”? It seems she’s wearing more make-up than ever. The lies.

    • Tate says:

      I don’t know if she said that or not but her cute, freckled pre-plastic face was so natural. Sigh… The natural look never stood a chance with this family.

  28. me says:

    I can’t even stand walking past a nail salon. I went with my cousin once because she wanted to get her nails done, I had to wait outside. The strong chemical smell is way too much for me. I can barely handle putting just regular nail polish on (which I only do when I have a wedding or party to go to). Don’t even get me started on that poison called nail polish remover.

    The amount of chemicals these girls sniff in a week is probably insane…from the nails, to the hair dye, to the 10 pounds of make-up. It can’t be good.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I go to an all natural nail salon. I don’t know how accurate that is, but they don’t use any of the products that cause that horrible smell. They are “fume free.” Maybe you can find one like that near you.

  29. JudyK says:

    Just one more comment…

    Spending 2+ hours at the nail salon this week on a mani/pedi in preparation for a girls’ trip with my best friend to Kansas City, MO, to see John Edward, the psychic, this coming weekend.

    I normally go every three weeks for this treatment and can’t imagine ANYONE spending 5-6 hours per week on her nails (alone)…that is, anyone with a life and a brain and anything else going on in her life except self obsession. I detest these people.

  30. KiddVicious says:

    I’m jealous of naturally nice nails. My nails grow well enough, they’re just too thin to grow long. I used to have a nail girl that did such a great job with acrylics that I didn’t need polish. Sadly she moved away and I couldn’t be bothered anymore, so now I have crappy nails.

    I stopped painting my toes and fingers when I realized it was ruining them. I may be allergic to an ingredient, there are some pretty harsh ones in polish, but my nails would start peeling. I do miss pretty toes.

    I’m sure I’m the odd one out here, but I think Kylie is pretty. I know it’s a fake pretty, and I think she looks better with all of her makeup on, unlike Kim who looks better without the makeup.

  31. mrsrockstar says:

    I am a lawyer by trade and an avid reader and debater.I also love nail polish and find it so relaxing to do my nails when watching/listening to baseball or music or cnn. My hippiesh hubby loves it too.I also am addicted to buying nail polish and get excited when something new comes in the mail. As a product of the 1960’s and ’70’s I can assure you it is the most benign addiction of all. Just for the record I don’t think I could spend 5 minutes let alone 5 hours with Kylie Jenner without going postal.

    • Erinn says:

      I consider myself to be a pretty intelligent person, and I am hooked on polish too. Less now than when I was in college, but only because I spend so much time typing that I pretty much have to commit to gels or shellac polish for it to stand a chance.

      I could easily spend 5 hours a week doing my nails – if I wanted. No question. Shaping, buffing, removing the old polish, the multi steps of shellac and the time spent waiting for them to cure under the lights… it doesn’t take much for even a simple single color to take a good chunk of time. And if you’re doing anything more intricate, it’s going to take much longer.

  32. ava says:

    Actually, what she says is that she HAS spent five hours doing her nails, not that she does it every week. Just that she had some intricate nail art done on that occasion, and it took that long.

  33. Justwastingtime says:

    Of all the things I dislike about that family, the “kids” inability to put togther a sentence without using the words “like” or “literally” is at the very top of the list. I can’t sit through more than a few minutes of the show, just for that reason.

    • JudyK says:

      Finally, a kindred spirit on this subject. Judge Judy just called out someone in her Courtroom for using the filler “like” in a sentence. It makes people sound both inarticulate and uneducated, and the Kardashians are BOTH.

      • Crimson says:

        Here here! During our kids’ middle school years one of them started to pick up this bad habit. Maybe because it was just starting we had a better chance, but my husband and I nipped it in the bud. Once we explained it made them sound “both inarticulate and uneducated” they felt foolish and stopped. It’s hard to believe this “valley girl” speak has hung on for so long. I remember living in SoCal in the late 80s and hearing it but it had not spread to the east coast yet. Maybe it was the 90s when it became ingrained in a certain age group and took off from there. Idiocy.

  34. Nik says:

    I get that she’s rich and all but people pay way too much attention to this 18 year old. She seems rude and spoiled and her illiteracy shows every time she tries to speak in that little sex kitten voice.

  35. Crudite says:

    I like pretty, stylish nail as much as the average person, but seriously, this stuff is toxic when you use it all the time. Choose a natural brand if you must!

  36. Magnoliarose says:

    I am a minimalist when it comes to my nails. I wear them relatively shortish and spend maybe 2 to 3 hours a week total on my hands and feet a week. If I have something formal to attend or if I just want a change up, I’ll spend more time, but I’m terrible at doing anything myself more than buffing,conditioning or touch ups.
    I like weekly mani pedis as a time to pamper and relax. I have an irrational obsession with crusty feet and pumice them nightly, slather on thick creams and cover them with socks.
    I’m more into treatments than colors.

  37. Katherine Haveman says:

    Maybe she could spend a few hours a week volunteering at a hospital or doing something charitable? Oh wait sorry, that’s not important.

    • Crudite says:

      It would be important if her target demographic – the social media selfie generation – cared about stuff like that. Nope, they’re only looking for vapid tips from her.

  38. Sean says:

    Besides the high priced escort work, what else does she have to do? Not like she is reading, or doing charity work, or a real job. She is famous because her awful older half sister had bad, boring sex on video.

  39. Jen says:

    My Grandmother had a nail fixation and passed it to her daughters who then gave it their daughters and yes I seems to have passed it on to both my children. Our fixation is not sitting for up to five hours having them done but my goodness you had to have clean, neat and filed nails……. length was optional, if you can grow them do so but if they were dirty woe be tide ( not sure if that’s the spelling but I can hear Nana saying it as I type it ) your sorry arse basically. I manicure once a week and paint my toe nails what ever colour I fancy my son would come running up to get his nails done as well
    Up until he started school he would have the same colour toenails as me lol. I remember my mother painting mine has a toddler .. it was the most exquisite shade of red and that was fun and a nice memory of her:)

  40. LAK says:

    Promotion. Promotion. PRomotion.

  41. romey says:

    Keep in mind that looking good is this girls job. She does not get paid for an thing else but that. Just as us regular folk spend 4-5 hrs working on a task, this is her job. It’s super sad that our girls look up to that instead of looking up to a doctor for example. 😢.