Anthony Bourdain doesn’t ‘hate’ Guy Fieri but ‘he’s just low-hanging fruit’


Anthony Bourdain is promoting the new season of his CNN show, Parts Unknown, where he goes to far-flung locales and tries various local cuisines. Since he’s in promotional mode, that means he’s been sitting down for interviews about food, politics and other chefs. Bourdain has a well-known and well-documented beef with Guy Fieri, the Food Network host of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, plus other successful programming. Anthony has referred to Guy as a “douche” and more. In an interview last year, Fieri talked smack about Bourdain too. Their beef is years-old and it seemed like both men were using each other for publicity. But now Bourdain is trying to be the bigger man. Sort of. Some assorted quotes from a few interviews:

Bourdain on Fieri: “I have no hate in my heart for the guy. He doesn’t make me angry… He’s just low-hanging fruit. He’s a rich and deep source of comedy,” he continued, mentioning that the duo had dinner together a few years ago.

On Donald Trump: “Credible hair and something resembling a human skin tone would be a prerequisite [for my vote].”

He wants to do a show with Keith Richards: “I’d like to make bangers and mash, and maybe have a meat pie with him…I’d like to revisit the locations from ‘Exile on Main St.’ and re-experience that wild year from a slightly more comfortable and less toxic point of view… I know he’s very interested in British naval history. I’d love to do a show about that with Keith.”

[From The NYDN & Business Insider]

People are running that Bourdain-on-Fieri quote like a truce has been called. There is no truce. That was back-handed shade. True, it wasn’t hate. Anthony has never said he HATES Fieri. It’s like I said – they use each other for publicity, with Bourdain using Fieri more often than not. That’s Bourdain’s M.O. when he’s in promotional mode – he makes fun of whatever low-hanging fruit is around.

Bourdain also did a decent piece with the Daily Beast about how the culture of going out to eat has changed over the years, and how he doesn’t mind the rise of social media and how people Instagram their meals now. Go here to read.



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24 Responses to “Anthony Bourdain doesn’t ‘hate’ Guy Fieri but ‘he’s just low-hanging fruit’”

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  1. Jaded says:

    Guy Fieri is an insult to my eyes, ears and brain. He’s a walking carnival freakshow and gets on my last nerve.

    “Credible hair and something resembling a human skin tone would be a prerequisite [for my vote].” I die!! Another reason I love Bourdain, even though he can be an arrogant bish, and I can’t wait for the next season of Parts Unknown.

    • Lizzie McGuire says:

      I love Parts Unknown! I binge watched it (Thanks Netflix!) such a good show. Bourdain is the king of shade, those comments on Fieri & Trump are the best.

  2. Kellyrae says:

    My husband loves Guy’s show ddd and I have to say, I find Guy Fieri pretty disgusting. He has his fingers in everything. It really grosses me out.

    • Monie says:

      I too like DDD but HATE when Guy sticks his fingers in the food. Sometimes I can tell that the chefs get a little miffed because they were probably planning to actually serve that food to their customers. Guy acts like that entire batch is just for him.

    • Nancy says:

      Me too Kellyrae. It is so uncouth to suck on your fingers which he does on a regular. Hate him and his obnoxious personality and hair. He is the female version of Paula Dean who can’t taste something without sticking her fingers in the bowl. Might say I’m OCD on eating habits and table manners.

      • Sam says:

        I think this is a very American/Western thing. My husband is from a culture where hand eating is fairly common. And my mother-in-law sticks her fingers in everything she cooks – I’ve seen it. She says she doesn’t want to burn her mouth to gauge temperature, so the finger is easier. And she used to work in a restaurant and swears its far more common than you’d think. Which makes me think I should never go back into a professional kitchen!

      • Nancy says:

        Sam: That’s why they make finger bowls! It’s not so much eating with your hands, certain foods require it, it’s the sucking of the fingers. Can you imagine the germs and looks and sounds so gross. I’m with you, now I don’t want to go to a restaurant, lol. I never go to potlucks. You never know what another person’s hygienic habits are.

      • Katy says:

        LOL Nancy! I was just thinking he reminded me of Paula Dean and then I read your comment. I’m not trying to knock southerners (I’m from Texas) but they remind of the old south mentality when it comes to putting your fingers in food that other people will be eating. It’s inconsiderate and gross!

      • Bridget says:

        That isn’t to say that in American cooking people never use their hands, but to put your fingers in your mouth and touch other people’s food is gross.

  3. Nicki says:

    Diners, drive-ins and Dives is one of my favourite episodes. I like both of them

  4. Nancy says:

    Bourdain is okay but rather arrogant, he does get major points for his Trump comments. Guy Fieri makes my skin crawl. If he’s on a show, I’m gone. He is an embarrassment to the Food Network, but obviously somebody likes him or he’d be long gone. More points for Bourdain for knowing an asshole when he meets one.

  5. QQ says:

    Bwahahahaha this a a level of high c*nty shade i aspire to!, may i one day touch the hem of Bourdain’s bitchy Garments

    • Lizzie McGuire says:

      Him & Martha together having dinner making fun of Goop & Fieri. Now that’s something I want to be invited to.

      • QQ says:

        ON GOD! that needs to be happened and televised… with Uncle Karl Hosting them as Choupette walks around

  6. Snowflake says:

    I love what he said about trump!!

  7. Sam says:

    I like Bourdain, but he’s certainly getting tiresome now. He always comes back to the Fieri stuff and harping on the Food Network and stuff like that. Fieri is not my cup of tea and he grates on me at times, but his show is actually pretty positive. He brings a ton of attention to small, local places that would not otherwise get attention. And the show also features a ton of minority cuisines (Druze, African American, etc.). And he’s enthusiastic about all of them, which is nice. I think he buys into his own hype sometimes, but the show is a genuinely positive thing, I think.

  8. Jess says:

    I read the other articles in the links and Guy most certainly took the high road and acted more mature about it, even with the constant cursing. Bourdain looks like a prick here, and I usually love him, but his comments were childish and not necessary.

  9. Ramona Q. says:

    Who DOESN’T hate Guy Fieri? God, just look at him. I want to see him fall into a fountain and ruin his hair.

  10. Gatita says:

    I know someone who’s worked with Bourdain and apparently his public persona is very different from what he’s like IRL. He’s apparently a very sweet guy, super polite to everyone he works with and well-liked behind the scenes. Having said that, Fieri needs some cream for that burn Bourdain delivered.

  11. Dani says:

    I don’t really feel any type of way about either of them, but Bourdain looks like such a douche here by constantly trashing Fieri and calling him names. Low hanging fruit? As if Bourdain is some high class aristocrat with a prestigious knowledge of the world or something. Fieri is successful in what he does (lively western food) and Bourdain is successful in what he does (uncovering different cuisine) and that’s that. Time for these boys to grow up.

  12. ladysussex says:

    Reddit is FULL of stories about what an insufferable douche Guy Fieri is. So many stories about how rude and demanding he is. He blows into local joints when he’s not filming with a big entourage of equally fat, douchey guys and snaps his fingers at waitstaff, insists on ordering everything “on the fly” (which means the kitchen has to put his order ahead of everyone that was there before him) and expects to be comped. Just because he’s Guy Fieri.

  13. kri says:

    LOLOLOLOLOL!!!! That comment is Tim Gunn caliber. Adore!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. polonoscopy says:

    Gotta Love Tony: he says what he says and he gives no fucks. I adore him.