Ariel Winter practically repeats her prom look from last year: still cute?

Me and dad 🙂 #prom

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Modern Family star Ariel Winter celebrated her final prom this year before she heads to UCLA next year. Ariel, who enrolled in a private LA High School three years ago after a lifetime of private tutoring on set, posted the picture above of her prom look to Instagram over the weekend. However, if you look at last year’s post, you’ll notice how how much the dresses have in common:

Dad saw me off to #prom!! ☺️ Love him❤️

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Why go with such a similar dress? I assume because she loved it the first time.

Thankfully, if you’re currently spiraling out into a tulle and sequin-induced mania, simply follow in Ariel Winter‘s well-dressed footsteps and find your own unique, tried-and-true prom style uniform.

On her Instagram on Sunday night, Ariel revealed the dress she chose for this year’s senior prom. While most girls go full-blown Disney princess for the big night, considering that fantasy is already a daily reality for Ariel, what with her name and bright red mane, she decided to switch things up with a more sedate, sophisticated look for the evening. The actress wore a strapless, sweetheart neckline, black lace gown that looked oddly familiar.

In fact, these looks are so identical the easiest way to figure out time has passed between these two photos is a quick glance at the actress’s dad who appears to be Benjamin Button-ing thanks to his brown hair refresh.

[From People]

I kept in the part about her dad because I thought the Benjamin Buttons comment was pretty funny; I kind of like him better with the grey hair. Aaaaaaaah, prom. I had wildly different dress styles each year and I looked terrible in all of them. I even begged my poor mother to make my final one so we could get it right. The dress itself was beautiful but I looked like a linebacker in it.

Obviously there are many similarities in the dresses, but just by eliminating the sleeves and the bright red hair, this kind of feels like a different look to me. This silhouette is very much what Ariel has been favoring on the red carpet of late and I can see why, it looks great on her. She’s had costume people and stylists helping her polish her look for years. Plus, it has to be different for a person who gets to dress up all the time; things like repeating an idea probably don’t factor into the decision making as much. Or maybe she’s just been hanging around with Sofia Vergara too much. It’s prom, she should feel confident and have fun – what better way to do that wear a tested look? *Sigh* If only I’d used this logic back then… or had an ounce of fashion sense.

Prom Squad 🙌🏼

A photo posted by Ariel Winter (@arielwinter) on


A photo posted by Ariel Winter (@arielwinter) on


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29 Responses to “Ariel Winter practically repeats her prom look from last year: still cute?”

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  1. Nancy says:

    Let’s see here. Yet again I’m going through a life crisis and have worn the same jeans (they don’t stand up in the corner yet) for three days. Go to UCLA and study your brains out and maybe in thirty years we will have a President that I can vote for in peace even though I will be almost 70. Ignore the haters, hope you had the time of your life.

    • manda says:

      right there with ya, except I’m wearing leggings (which is probably grosser)

      I see these kids and I think “so much potential! you can do anything! don’t waste your time!” because life can get sort of routine after awhile

  2. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I think it’s way too mature for her, almost matronly, but prom is really about what you feel pretty wearing, so who cares what I think? She certainly shouldn’t. My school was too small to have a prom, so I never had the opportunity to embarrass myself. She looks like she’s having fun, and that’s what matters.

    • Nancy says:

      You didn’t miss anything GNAT. I wore an eggshell blue dress that was my older sisters. My date was my older brother’s buddy who I snagged at the last minute. These are my most vivid memories of prom.

      • Kittahlove83 says:

        LoL, everyone told me I’d regret not going to Prom – so I spent a good chunk of money I had earned from my *real job*, bought a fancy dress, etc… only to come down with a cold & pink eye in both eyes. But I went! And there’s no photographic evidence bc I destroyed it all. Or others were too scared to take my bloodshot eyes pictures 🙁

    • Nancy says:

      Kittahlove83: Lol. Life can be a kick in the pants sometimes! You don’t have pics, but I’m sure the reflection in the mirror will live on forever in your mind….lol. Sadly, my mother who is the total opposite of me in these matters, saves everything….so the pic of me in that fugly dress standing next to a dude I look like I want to run away from will live on through the ages. Ugh

    • Annie says:

      Yeah, girls’ styles these days is very mature. They all look 30+. I still can’t believe she just graduated high school. The style these days ages girls a lot. The hair color, dress, shape, style and the make up. They look too old. Idk who their fashion icons are, but everyone is so overdone these days.

  3. Mimz says:

    I think though she might be taking a few tips from Sofia, her figure doesn’t allow for lots of different styles of dresses. The same way I think it’s a good thing that Sofia knows what works for her, Ariel does too, and besides, at her age, and with that body shape, showing off is almost mandatory. ahh… the teens. I used to have “Cleavage” as my middle name too (though I’m a modest B cup).

    • kcarp says:

      I kept reading this thinking is she talking about Sofia the 1st? Sofia the 1st really isn’t in to the cleavage look. Then it clicked for me.

  4. Jh says:

    She’s super thirsty, right?

    • Kate says:

      I think the same about her. I want to like her because she does seem to be better equipped at life than a lot of other child stars but she also seems like kind of a brat at the same time.

      As for the dress, it’s too mature for her. It does look like she is taking style tips from Sophia Vegara, good call whoever said that. I wouldn’t let my teenager go to prom in it, I don’t think.

      All that aside, does her dad secretly want to be Sean Penn?

    • Bridget says:

      How so? She posted her prom pics on Instagram, like a zillion other teenagers.

  5. Locke Lamora says:

    What do you mean different dress each year? Are there more than one proms? Here we have only one, in 4th grade.
    Ah memmories. Mine was so awesome. We don’t have dates ( it’s supposed to be the last dance with your classmates) The parents and teachers also come ( it’s tradition) , but they leave around 1-2 am, although my physics teacher had to be picked up at noon the next day by his wife.

    I seem to be one of the rare people who loved high school, and I was a fat nerd.

    • Kate says:

      Junior and senior proms are big here. Or if you’re pretty, you get invited to prom all four years of high school.

      • Lucy2 says:

        Junior and senior proms here too.
        Lol, I know someone who must’ve gone to a dozen- when we started high school, she dated older guys and went to theirs. Then we were juniors and seniors she went to those. And once we graduated high school she dated younger guys and went back for a few more! Prom addict.

    • Lyla says:

      4th grade? And you guys stayed up till 1-2am?

      • Locke Lamora says:

        4th grade as in seniors in high school. Elementary schools is 1st to 8th grade, and high school is again 1st to 4th.
        The parents stayed until 2 am. We stayed until the morning. I came home around 10.

  6. SpareRib says:

    In the UK prom’s tend to have ‘dates’ but we dont have prom king and queen etc. However, In Hungary (where my lovely partner is from) prom is a whole different ballgame. All students are required to learn a dance, sometimes two, dress in matching outfits and then perform said dance in front of an audience of friends and family. If you’re lucky, the school will have filmed it and given everyone a tape so you can relive it forever. Its totally brilliant and I still don’t know if its serious or not. Boldog Magyar!

    • Locke Lamora says:

      I actually went to a Hungarian prom! My school was “friends” with a school from Pecs and we visited during their prom. It was great, they all wore full on ball gowns and it was very ceremonial.

    • FauxOutrage says:

      Sounds like a cotillion here in the States.

  7. K.T says:

    But don’t they all seem like Real Housewives, what’s with the girl’s make-up and styling in that Prom group pic!?

  8. Loopy says:

    Just how does it work in US, how many proms are there? We have a Matric Dance which is for the seniors leaving high school. But in US is seems juniors and seniors all have a prom?

    • Alex says:

      It depends on the school but most places have a junior prom and/or a senior prom. If you’re well liked chances are you got invited by an upperclassmen to one of these proms which means you can go all four years. My school only had senior prom but I went as a junior as well. Then I went to 3 additional proms my senior year with guy friends that invited me to THEIR school prom. Tons of fun

  9. paranormalgirl says:

    No prom for me. Went to dances and the like at University, though.

  10. kibbles says:

    What has she done to her lips? Am I wrong to think she is already messing with her face and getting lip injections?

  11. nicegirl says:

    Oh no, anyone else see evidence of face plumping on Ariel? What is up? She is so pretty with her own face.

  12. poppy says:

    i wore a very similar curve hugging glove of a dress to my final prom because i didn’t want to be a princess and look my actual age, i wanted to be a siren and look like an adult. i think most teenage ladies want to look older and sophisticated and although I feel for her parents, she totally succeeded. a frothy cake topper dress would have looked horrible on her because she is short and curvaceous. she looks good except for the hair. glad she is going to college.

  13. lile says:

    Aw hell, all I know is her dad needs to stay away from the hair coloring….he looks very “chester molester” in the first pic.