Charlie Hunnam & Morgana McNelis spent the Memorial Day holiday together


Here are some photos of Charlie Hunnam out and about with some friends in West Hollywood on Memorial Day. Fame/Flynet says he was out with “family,” but I’m pretty sure the group simply includes a few dude-friends and his girlfriend Morgana McNelis. The group had breakfast together and then did some shopping. Charlie bought a rug!

We talked about Charlie and Morgana last month, when they stepped out for what seemed like a casual pap stroll. I think Charlie and Morgana have been together for a few years, but they really aren’t photographed that much together… unless you’re a Hunnam super-fan and you’re Twitter-stalking them, in which case it probably feels like they’re together all the time. Charlie’s fans drag Morgana all the time, but look! They’re still together. And they eat breakfast together! In other photos, Morgana gave me Piper Perabo vibes, but in these pics, I’m getting an Olsen-sister vibe.

Charlie was supposed to be gearing up to promote Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur movie this summer, but the film’s release date got pushed from July 2016 to “early 2017.” What was supposed to be a big summer film is now going to the film-release graveyard? Charlie’s fans need to worry about THAT, not Morgana.

Also: I hate the way Hunnam wears jeans. It’s like he buys wide-legged jeans two sizes too big.




Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Jenns says:

    I’m confused by these pictures. They’re eating outside, but dressed for winter…

  2. Jen43 says:

    How horrible it must be to be photographed while eating. These photos make me feel sorry for them.

  3. Liberty says:

    I just did a Travis Fimmel double take!

  4. Mia4s says:

    “Charlie’s fans need to worry about THAT, not Morgana.”

    Exactly. King Arthur has disaster written all over it. Not helpful when Pacific Rim was already a disappointment. Oh and the crazies need to get on Twitter and tell him not to remake Papillon. Trying to live up to Steve McQueen in his prime is…ill advised.

    • Almond says:

      ” King Arthur has disaster written all over it. ”
      That’s because the director is Guy Ritchie, ones of the worst writer/director/stylists ever. Laugh aloud silly shots and lines.
      “Not helpful when Pacific Rim was already a disappointment.”
      Pacific Rim bombed in the US but did VERY well in international markets – it really appealed to Asian audiences, I believe – which is why there’s a second one coming up. I loved it personally.

  5. toni says:

    Clearly called the paps, because who cares about him to have him followed by photographers.

  6. Another Anne says:

    I don’t follow Charlie closely, but remember him coming to the gf’s defense against some of the crazy stans. Did they lay off her after that, or is it business as usual with them dragging her all the time?

  7. Sarah B says:

    She’s a jewelry designer and I have a few of her pieces. They are so badass.

  8. meme says:

    Charlie doesn’t call the paps. I was on Lipstick Alley and man those people are vicious in their attack of Morgana and Charlie (who’ve been together 7-8 years pre SOA, yes I know too much but he’s my imaginary husband). (Don’t twatter and I don’t stalk them LOL) He’s made some really bad choices post-SOA. King Arthur will tank and I’m not sure about Lost City of Z even though Brad’s Plan B is producing it and they usually make good movies. Have to wait and see. I hope his career picks up SOON!

    • mp says:

      I don’t get it, how can they attack her? what’s wrong with this people? I’m not gonna lie, I do find her quite ugly, but who cares what I think, he seems to love her, I think his opinion in more important than any of ours…crazy people.

      • meme says:

        Some pics she looks lovely, others not so much but he loves her and that’s all that counts. They attack her for EVERYTHING that’s gone awry in his career post-SOA because her family’s kind of shady and she’s done some shady things in the past. Like it’s any of our business, but they keep harping on it. LSA is a horrible site.

  9. Bettyrose says:

    I’ve been rewatching SOA (one forgets how brutally sexy he was in the early seasons). He always wears really baggy clothes in character. My theory is he has a smallish build (but totally ripped bod) so baggy clothes make him look bulkier. I saw him once at Comic-Con from like a mile away and I think I’m correct in my theory that he’s much more diminutive in person. He was absolutely waifish in Queer as Folk.

    • Ayra. says:

      Question Bettyrose, is SOA worth all the hype that it gets?

      • bettyrose says:

        I loved it at the time, but each new “prestige” tv drama kinda makes the previous one obsolete. I mean, it’s not better than Breaking Bad, True Detective (season 1), GoT . . .but it’s better than, say, Dexter. In both cases, the main character is a violent sociopath who lives by a rigid code of ethics, but somehow Jax seems more realistic (and way sexier) to me than Dexter. Also, SoA loosely follows the storyline of Hamlet, so it was kind of interesting to see how it adapted that narrative to a biker drama.

      • susanne says:

        Bettyrose, is that your interpretation, the Hamlet thing? I didn’t watch enough to get that., but it would be a draw for me.

      • bettyrose says:

        No, I’m pretty sure that was Kurt Sutter’s original intent. Google SOA & Hamlet. There’s tons out there.

      • kennedy says:

        Big time SOA fan here. The first 5 seasons are pure gold. Especially the first 2. Critics raved about the first few seasons and I’d agree with that hype. It was really well written and acted. It also has arguably the greatest female villain who can never quite acknowledge she’s a villain in recent television history (her name is Gemma and you will never forget it). I felt like it lost its luster somewhere in S6 but there are some stellar episodes in S7. It’s not as consistently great as say – The Americans or Justified or Breaking Bad. But it’s still one of FX’s best shows.

        And to second bettyrose – Sutter was definitely inspired by Hamlet. He called SOA “Hamlet on Harleys” which in some ways it was a little too Hamlet-like and it suffered under the weight of trying to stay that course.

  10. neocleo says:

    I’ll never get this man’s appeal. He ALWAYS looks like he needs a shower.

  11. Candy says:

    I LOVE the way he wears his jeans. In my mind every guy should wear jeans like this! I hate hate hate the skinny jean trend on men.

  12. Redd says:

    Love (him more every day) that he doesn’t need a beauty queen.

  13. Tig says:

    Didn’t he just catch a bunch of grief for bailing on some sort of Comic Con-type thing? I hope Lost City of Z is good, and more to the point, gets a decent sized release. The book is very good, so fingers crossed! And I totally agree re the jeans.

    • amilu says:

      The comic con was apparently a poorly managed, unorganized disaster, so I’m not sure he can really be blamed.

      “According to Bleeding Cool, SoA star Charlie Hunnam arrived at the cast’s Houston hotel and was told that he would have to pay in cash, since the promoter’s credit card was not being accepted. When Hunnam and his fellow cast mates attempted to cash the checks given by the promoter as payment, they realized the checks were written from a closed account and were worthless.

      Hunnam and other Sons of Anarchy regulars confronted the promoter, who proceeded to call the cops and claim he was being held hostage. The promoter reportedly attempted to pay the cast with pre-sale ticket money, and instead of going onstage in good faith, the SoA team refused to take part in the event.”

      • redheadwriter says:

        Friends were there and met him and all the other scheduled SOA folks. The event was a cluster and they didn’t get paid but they all honored their fans as contracted anyway. Charlie has a herniated disc and just got out of the hospital so despite all that was and could go wrong, he was a trooper!

    • kennedy says:

      He didn’t catch any grief. From what I read and heard, it was the opposite. He stayed for 2 days even though he wasn’t even paid (his check bounced). He also apparently was recovering from an injury – slipped disc or something – and still stuck it out as long as he could because so many people had traveled to meet him. Every single instagram post from that event with him mentioned how he’s the nicest guy. I’ve never really hard any other Hollywood guy so consistently referred to as sweet, humble, and nice.

  14. GoodGrief says:

    If both the pro-Morgana and anti-Morgana sides could stop antagonizing each other that would be greeeeat *thumbs up*
    How about we try ignoring them instead of riling them up for a change and maybe they’ll just get bored. That way we can focus on Charlie for once and not his girlfriend. The pro- side is starting to get just as bad as the anti- side jumping on every board and shoving all this mess down our throats. I’m tired of hearing about it.