Jenna Dewan Tatum on Channing’s attempt to go vegan for six months


Jenna Dewan-Tatum covers the July/August issue of Women’s Health. Not surprisingly, she looks amazing and I love that bikini. I think Jenna is so pretty. Part of my attraction to her is because I went to school with a girl who looked just like her and she was one of the nicest people I knew. Jenna is an actor/dancer who stars as Lucy Lane on CBS’ Supergirl. She is also the amazingly chill wife of Channing Tatum. Jenna has been a vegetarian since she was 13 and became a vegan as an adult. She credits her vegan diet with losing her pregnancy weight after giving birth to daughter Everly in 2013 and generally improving her skin and energy level. Channing, however, is a carnivore and though he tried to live by Jenna’s vegan diet, he couldn’t last longer than 6 months. Speaking as a fellow enthusiastic carnivore, I give him credit for sticking it out that long.

Actress Jenna Dewan is showing off her bikini bod in Women’s Health’s July/August issue, where she opened up about her relationship with husband Channing Tatum.

The couple, who met while filming “Step Up,” have been together for 11 years and have ways of making their marriage work, but there are some things on which they just don’t mesh. She admitted, “He really did try to be vegan for six months. The guy doesn’t like vegetables, which makes it tough. It was hard in the beginning because you want someone to be on the same page, but you’ve gotta let people be themselves.”

Jenna recently took part in Spike TV’s “Lip Sync Battle,” where she gave Channing a lap dance. She said, “I would do ‘Lip Sync Battle’ every week if I could because inherently, I am a very frustrated popstar who can’t actually sing, but I love the idea of pretending I can. So ‘Lip Sync Battle’ was like, the dream project for me to work on.”

[From Extra]

You can watch their lip sync battle here and here. I identify with her “frustrated popstar that can’t sing” quote, although I am more of a frustrated Broadway star whose voice peels the paint off a car.

Jenna has, so far, raised Everly on a vegetarian diet but will let her choose whether to remain a vegetarian on her own. So it doesn’t surprise me that she has no problem with Channing’s meat tooth. I wonder who cooks the meat for him, though? And can he chow down on some ribs around Everly? I have a friend whose diet is affected by her religion. Her husband doesn’t follow those restrictions but she won’t cook anything for him that she won’t also eat. I’m sure Channing has a few places that deliver on speed dial, though.

One last bit about Jenna and Channing because I really like this quote. Jenna also told Women’s Health, “Instagram is just a highlight reel… Ten percent of the time, Chan and I have a lot of fun. Ninety percent, we’re really boring.” Calling social media a highlight reel is one of the best descriptions I have heard.




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  1. Flahoola says:

    Totally robbing that ‘highlight reel’ to describe social media – nail on the head!

  2. Devon says:

    She is just harmless and useless. She cannot elevate her husband’s career to the next level, like Angelina Jolie or Susan Nicole Downey do. What she is really good is trying to use her husband to promote her self.

    • Bridget says:

      He seems to be doing pretty fine.

    • freebunny says:

      So a wife is here to elevate her husband career?????

    • sauvage says:

      I find your comment harsh, and I also find what it seems to imply regarding your views on marriage problematic, to say the least.

      So, a woman is “useless” if she cannot actively “forward” her husband’s career? What happened to emotional support, letting a partner be themselves, being their safe haven, being the person to make them grow?

      Am I “useless”, since I work in a different field than my boyfriend, and can therefore not account for his professional success? (Nevermind the aforementioned emotional support and so on.)

      Jenna Tatum-Dewan IS a working actress. Is Channing Tatum a “useless” husband, since he doesn’t seem to be able to “give” his wife a huge acting career?

      • Devon says:

        I am simply focusing on celebrity marriages that boost career of both partners. In the Tatum household, that’s not the case. If you take it personally, that’s your problem. I did not say anything about emotional support, I just feel she is useless when being compared to women like Jolie and Susan Downey

        > Is Channing Tatum a “useless” husband, since he doesn’t seem to be able to “give” his wife a huge acting career?

        At least he gave himself a good career and he has been helping her a lot. CT will produce a dance competition show for her, and he even will make appearances on the show to boost it. Without Channing Tatum, there is no way Jenna Dewan can get her a dance show on her own, with her not so impressive resume. She is not even Blake Lively or Anna Faris level of actress.

        If only proves she is useless. Do you think without her husband she can even be on Lip Sync Battle. She is probably a good dancer, but there are many good answers out there. She is

      • sauvage says:

        I object to the term “useless”. Celebrity marriages are still marriages: mutual support, respect, wanting to be together are part of that, in many cases. Some people do marry for opportunistic reasons, and that is not even something exclusive to celebrity circles. But to suggest that, as a rule, a celebrity marriage should be based on mutual “use”, I find highly misanthropic.

      • Jezi says:

        @Devon if you had watched Celebrity Lip Sync battle you would have seen Jenna nailing her dances and blowing her husband out of the water. Channing once was on a flight with my friend’s husband and had nothing but kind words to say about his wife. He loves her and they have a well balanced marriage and seems they are a very humble couple with equality in their marriage. I doubt Channing views his wife as “useless” to him. Interview after interview with him shows thr level of respect he has for her.

    • Jayna says:

      What a silly statement.

    • Kimbers says:

      Straight up nominated dev’s comment for “dumbest thought that leaked out” award

    • Lolamd says:


    • Bridget says:

      She should thank her lucky stars she’s not Susan Downey. RDJ requires such a high level of babysitting, and he’s put a huge amount of responsibility for his sobriety on her shoulders. NO THANKS.

    • KB says:

      I would argue she plays a somewhat similar role to Susan Downey, just to a lesser degree. Channing Tatum loves the bottle and has admitted this on many occasions. Without his wife and child, he’d be a lost one by now.

      Also, she’s a dancer, so she can probably offer more in one certain aspect than any of those other celebrity wives you named! And that’s probably more important to Channing anyways!

  3. Bridget says:

    So the secret to flat abs is to just be a lifelong trained dancer. Easy enough!

  4. Jen says:

    When I saw her for the first time, she automatically reminded me of Ari Meyers from “Kate and Allie.” She and Ari are both GORGEOUS and look much younger than they are. I always wanted to look like Ari Meyers 🙁

  5. Beeflea93 says:

    Does it not occur to you that he might cook meat dishes for himself?! Men can cook you know!

    This is how it works in my house – if the boy wants meat he cooks if for himself…and he cooks for both of us half the time as well because we do not live in the 1950s!

    • Zip says:

      That how it works with my bf, too. I’m a vegan so what I cook will be vegan. If he wants meat he knows where the kitchen is. But most of the time when he is cooking everything is vegan anyway because he like vegetables, too. Lucky me, haha.

    • Nagia says:

      Yes yes 100 times! I was astonished to read that in a CB article. .who cooks Channing his meat??? uh….himself?!

  6. Jayna says:

    I saw her on some Lifetime movie and kept thinking what a beautiful face she had, so striking, and wondered who she was. I had no clue that she was married to Channing until I looked her up.

  7. KBeth says:

    I think they are a cute couple, they seem to genuinely like each other.

    • OhDear says:

      Agreed. And they both seem like nice people.

    • Miss V says:

      I agree. They seem so great together. It doesn’t feel contrived with them… It seems genuine and real. I hope they make it for the long haul!

  8. Sam says:

    I’m a vegetarian who will cook meat for my husband. Granted, my husband was raised Muslim and didn’t eat a ton of meat growing up, because his family couldn’t just get the conventional grocery store meats, they had to go to a halal store.

    I was very open with him that since I do not eat meat, I am a bad judge of cooking it. If I undercook it and poison him, that is a risk he must take. I am clear that I will not prepare meats that I consider particularly cruel (foie gras, veal etc.). Those are simply no-go for me. And I refuse to touch pork (Babe screwed me up for life, man). Luckily, since he was raised Muslim, he has no affinity for pork.

    Luckily, he does love veggies and vegetarian food is not an issue for us. He’s happy as a clam to not eat meat at most meals, and it’s a treat when he does get it. And if he really, really wants it, he knows how to cook!

  9. Sunny says:

    I’ve always suspected her of calling the paps, bc there are always the most random pics of those two together. They’re a gorgeous couple! They don’t seem controversial whatsoever.
    I just find myself puzzled as to why I’m looking at pics of them. (Aside from them just being pretty)

    • Devon says:

      She definitely called the paps a lot while she was pregnant, she even did a semi-nude maternity photoshoot when she really had nothing to promote.

    • pinetree13 says:

      ha ha with them that’s pretty much reason enough. To me they are both super good looking. I be Everly grows up to be the next great beauty. I find Jenna striking. Yet they both seem down-to-earth and like nice people.

  10. Betsy says:

    I’m always surprised that people can get through pregnancy as vegetarians, let alone vegan. There is a point in each of my pregnancies when I’d gnaw the hind leg off a dog if I haven’t had enough meat.

    I bet the reason the she got back down to fighting weight after birth is that she was in amazing shape to begin with.

    • moomoo says:

      Lots of ladies are vegan during pregnancy. Anecdotally, all the babies of vegan women I know have thrived, although I’m sure there’s a bad outcome somewhere, just as with non-veg mothers. I like the idea as the fetus will be exposed to fewer pesticides/herbicides without meat and dairy products, which contain higher concentrations of fat-soluble chemicals like pesticides. Same goes for breastfeeding mothers. A lot of the cr*p in our enviroment gets concentrated in our breast milk so it’s better for baby if mom can live as cleanly as possible.

  11. Lolamd says:

    I like her. She is so pretty and I wish my hair would do what her hair does.

  12. Ashley says:

    if they were to ever break up, I think I would die of a broken heart. They’re my absolute faves. Since I saw Step Up when I was in high school sighhhh

  13. Samtha says:

    I really like her on Supergirl. She’s a decent actress, and she has charisma.

    She and Channing would probably be a blast to hang out with.

  14. EG says:

    This woman is simply gorgeous, and super cool! I love the laid-back vibe I get from both her and Charming Potato. I think they’re adorable.