Melania Trump’s nude photos were published in the NY Post: scandalous?


I mentioned last week that I actually feel a little bit sorry for Melania Trump. For years, she was merely held to the standard by which we judge the trophy wives of businessmen/reality stars. Then, suddenly, Melania is thrust into the public spotlight in the heat of a massive presidential election, and as it turns out, she is really, really not ready for prime-time. Her interviews are absurd. Her speeches are plagiarized. And she lied for years about having a college degree. And now this mess.

Over the weekend, the New York Post – ordinarily a pretty right-leaning tabloid – decided to republish an old photoshoot from Melania’s early modeling days. She was allegedly 25 years old when she posed nude for French photographer Alé de Basseville. You can see the NSFW photos here. The only thing I’ll say for sure is that I am absolutely convinced that Melania lied about not having a boob job. She totally had a boob job. Her girls look REALLY fake in those photos.

Beyond that, who cares? These photos have been out in the public sphere for years, and they were widely published around the time that Melania and Donald got married. When Melania modeled, she did several racy, semi-nude or completely nude editorials. And? It’s her body, her choice. I would say that if it was Kim Kardashian, Ivanka Trump, or anyone else. What’s painful is two things: one, people will give Melania a pass saying “her body, her choice” while denying that and every other choice to millions of other women. Two, if this was a Democrat’s spouse, Fox News would be in full meltdown mode trashing the spouse 24-7.

Trump’s communications adviser Jason Miller brushed off the Post’s cover, saying: “They’re a celebration of the human body as art. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. She’s a beautiful woman.” And that sort of political shrug has some wondering if the Trump campaign engineered this whole thing. Gawker theorized that Trump’s campaign – perhaps even Trump himself – released the photos to a friendly outlet (the NY Post) in the hopes of distracting people paying attention to Trump’s devastatingly bad weekend, which saw him going after a gold-star mother.


Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Locke Lamora says:

    I feel like he wants to lose this and he’s throwing her under the bus for it.

    • Lucky Charm says:

      That’s a plausible theory. It’s possible he threw his hat in the ring just to shake things up in the GOP, but never expected to ever make it this far. It’s like he’s been intentionally sabotaging himself the past few months yet he keeps moving forward in spite of it.

      • Adele Dazeem says:

        That is exactly what my husband thinks. I do think Trump in the old days (when he was a Howard Stern regular, reality tv star) would run off at the mouth but was otherwise harmless. He and Howard would joke about ‘if they ran the country.’ Who ever thought it would come to this…

      • smcollins says:

        That’s EXACTLY what I theorized to my husband just yesterday! He probably wasn’t really serious about wanting to be President, it was just a game to him. But now the game has gotten out of hand and beyond his control, and become a reality, so now he’s trying to sabotage his chances at every turn. Or maybe I just can’t wrap my head around this narcissistic, mysoginistic, bigoted, thin-skinned blowhard actually being the nominee so I need a theory like this to feel not so scared.

      • ol cranky says:

        I could see that and he says more outlandish things by the day in the hopes it would give him an out and is shocked that those things rally the republican base behind him but I can also see that this may have been the plan til he won the nomination and now his ego is getting the better of him

      • Denise says:

        My dad thinks that too. I hope I.hope I hope he’s right.

    • A says:

      For sure. He knew he was never gonna win. It’s all smoke and mirrors at this point. The whole election has been set up since the start.

      • isabelle says:

        He has a good chance of winning. those rust belt states, bet some of them go for him including Ohio.

      • Adele Dazeem says:

        Agreed Isabelle. Also Appalachia and manufacturing dominated states that have had significant job loss over the past few years. He’s really pitching to them that he can fix things. Yeah right.

    • Wren says:

      I said this way back when; he absolutely doesn’t want to lose. But he also never had any intention of winning, as in being the president. He wanted to be taken seriously, he wanted to stop the establishment from laughing at him (which they did, to his face, on multiple occasions), and he wanted to shake things up. This whole campaign has been built on bitterness and butthurt, not out of a true desire to be elected. That’s why his campaign is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, his motivation is unlike any other candidate.

      This is not a man who backs down, gives in, or quits. At least not openly. I think his main drive is the desire not to lose. Not to win, just not to lose. There’s a difference. He doesn’t actually want the prize, in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if the idea of actually being the president scares him, but he also has a massive ego that above all else refuses to be bested. He’s come this far, he’s not backing out now. His ego would never allow it and he’d rather die than quit.

      But if he was forced to? Things (seemingly) far outside his control conspire against him to force him out? Big difference. I would be willing to believe that he would try to orchestrate an exit for himself behind the scenes that he could strenuously deny and fight publicly.

      • Ohdear says:

        I posted this a few weeks back too – I think he wanted to make money for his businesses so he ran (a lot of his events were at Trump venues) and fully intended to submit for reimbursement after the spotlight was off him later in the race. However, it went further than he anticipated and his ego couldn’t keep him from going forward and now he’s stuck. He doesn’t want to be president but he wants to win the presidency. When he has to defend his disposition, he always says “I’m a winner”. He never says I’m a leader.
        But yeah, he doesn’t want to be president. But he also won’t want to lose.

      • Kitten says:

        YES. This is a perfect analysis, Wren.

      • Carmen says:

        He’s in full panic mode now that the debates are coming up and he is desperately trying to weasel out of them. He knows Hillary will wipe the floor with him. But he will look like a chickensh*t punk if he backs out. It’s going to be interesting to watch him trying to extricate himself from this.

      • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

        I fully agree with your last sentence, and like you, predict this is exactly what will happen. He’s already working out reasons not to debate/ be debased by Hillary.

      • Belle Epoch says:

        Agree with WREN. There is an article in Scientific American, of all places, that does a serious character analysis of Trump. It says everything he does is “for the glory” and nothing will ever be enough. It makes him happy to put his name on buildings even if he doesn’t own them. He likes any publicity, even if it’s bad. He re-defines “thirsty.” He doesn’t want the JOB of president, he just wants to say he won. He does seem to be falling apart. Maybe it’s good he doesn’t listen to anyone.

    • A.Key says:

      Oh please, he can easily step down and reject the nomination, no one’s forcing him to continue this charade. He clearly wants to be where he is and he’s thriving on the attention.

      • Wood Dragon says:

        He wants the title and the glory that comes with it. What he doesn’t want to do is actually work at it. That’s where Pence comes in: he and likely Trump’s offspring and others will do all the work. When they were talking to Kasich about running as his VP, they were basically offering him the power behind the throne to run things. To his credit, tho that might not be saying much, he wanted nothing to do with the Trump campaign. Pence did though. He wants that power and for very bad reasons for anyone who is female or LGBT.

    • Amanda DG says:

      I agree, he doesn’t want the commitment.

  2. Onerous says:

    I guess I thought her cat face look was natural… like, she was born like that. But clearly not, right?

    • LAK says:

      I’ve always been flummoxed that people thought her face was natural. It’s always looked obviously enhanced to me, and i wasn’t aware of her until their wedding which was covered by vogue.

      • SusanneToo says:

        I think The Donald is the only Trump who hasn’t been under the knife. When I see Ivanka I see more plastic than a warehouse full of Barbies.

      • Onerous says:

        Well, I know people with eyes like hers are now… for some reason I just assumed she’d also been born that way. And maybe she was, a bit… but such an exaggerated look at this point… Yikes!

      • LAK says:

        Onerous: for me, it wasn’t the eyes. It was the cheeks that jumped out at me.

        After the wide spread publicity of that NYC catface lady, Jocelyn Weinstein (?) and her explanation that she’d used plastic surgery to look like her cats, i’ve noticed plastic catfaces on other people. It was the first surgery I was able to identify at a glance.

        MT has the same natural look about the eyes as Carla Bruni, and I imagine that if CB had cheek implants, she’d look like MT.

        The 2 ladies represent the before and after cheek implant surgery.

    • detritus says:

      I thought she probably tweaked a bit, but her face is very different.
      Also don’t lie to me Mel, those taters are as fake as my moms lawn flamingos.

    • It'sJustBlanche says:

      Her face is as wonky as her boobs. Having said that, she earns that money every day. I can’t imagine waking up next to that dried up old bigot.

      • Lama Bean says:

        Ha! Yes. She does earn that.
        I swear I don’t understand how she doesn’t have a side piece.

        Boobs def fake-they are too perfectly round.

        Pre-plastic surgery, she STRONGLY resembled Ivana. That kind of freaky.

      • what's inside says:

        Lama Bean: She does not have a side piece because The Donald will divorce her in a heartbeat if she does. That is what happened with Marla.

    • Citresse says:

      I think Melania has been directing her plastic surgeon to make her look more like “the Donald.”
      Wouldn’t it be the best way to get closer to the ultimate narcissist husband when the wife appears to be a mirror image?

      • Kitten says:

        “Mirror image”? Come on now. She doesn’t look THAT bad..her hair is much better than Donald’s, for instance.

    • Rayya Kirt says:

      Did they see the batteries on her back? Or was this only frontal?

  3. tracking says:

    He’s probably proud of the photos (look at my hot trophy wife!), but eww. Those are soft porn, not art. And, yes, of course her body her choice, but I can’t say anything positive about these pics.

    • Harryg says:

      The photos are really bad!

    • mila says:

      i do not have problems with pics. France had Carla Bruni, she did numerous nude shoots, during the 90s. Every model had done nude pics, Crawford was in Playboy, just like Stephnie Seymour.

      I dislike HIM, but none of this seem like its her idea. She is just trying to be a wife. Besides, if anything, she did nothing wrong, unlike Clinton.

      • Denise says:

        Melania wasn’t a real model though was she? As in a fashion model? Her lying now taken down website claimed so, but I have only seen tacky photos and now these crude nude pics.

    • Malak says:

      Google ‘na ked pictures of Melania Trump.’ When you click on ‘more images,’ it looks like the daughter is there too (2 pictures), unless they put her head on another body, or unless they have deleted them. I found this on DM.

    • Ange says:

      Yeah, she wasn’t much of a model was she? Tyra would be all over that neckless wonder.

  4. HH says:

    As a feminist, this has sexism written all over it.

    That being said, do we not remember when Trump was comparing his wife to Ted Cruz’s wife and people were laughing and retweeting? Do we not remember the Republican retweets comparing Melania to Michelle? So Melania’s looks/body are only “fair game” if they’re being used to degrade another women? If you put your wife out there as nothing more than a trophy, do not get surprised when people comment on her looks (“good” or “bad”).

    ETA: Also, her modelling history, nude or otherwise, wouldn’t be an issue for me if she was actually good at modelling. All of her photos have an odd mix of stoicism and anger.

    • QQ says:

      Ding Ding Ding! but to me this falls under my *small sad violin * category, right where I put the Fox women finally wanting to be for Other women and banding together against Roger Ailes, like Ok Sis, my sympathy is very little at the moment

      • HH says:

        Right! Can you support someone and side-eye them at the same time? Because that’s what I’m doing.

      • QQ says:

        Right witcha, same look, more pursed lip tho

      • Pedro45 says:

        This. Megyn Kelly in particular gets a side-eye from me. When it suits her to toe the party line, she does and when it doesn’t suit her, she doesn’t. See also, her calling maternity leave a scam right up until she had her first child.

    • isabelle says:

      Thank you! She did these years ago. It was her choice to go nude when she was a so called model. It belongs nowhere in the campaign.

    • CL says:

      If you read the “article” accompanying the photos on NY Post, The Donald says, “She was one of the most successful models”.
      I don’t think he can speak without lying.

    • Liz says:

      This has nothing to do with sexism. It’s not as if he posed naked and is not receiving any heat for it. She wasn’t simply posing nude, they’re soft porn. It also calls into question what other activities she engaged in for money. Was she a prostitute, for exampke? These are legitimate questions. She’s already lied about her education.

      • Belle Epoch says:

        LIZ thank you for asking that question! There are plenty of places online that say she was a prostitute, or call girl, or whatever. The campaign has constructed a story about how they met, but I read a very different one! I don’t know what the truth is, but imagine if she ran into one of her former clients while First Lady!

  5. LAK says:

    I feel like he doesn’t want to *be* the president, BUT he wants to be able to boast that he *is/was* the president.

    • Who ARE these people? says:

      Like he doesn’t want to be it; he wants to play it on TV? I know what you mean. He just likes to win.

    • Wren says:

      I have never thought and still don’t think he wants to be the president. He just doesn’t want to lose. It’s not the same thing at all.

      • Fl girl says:

        I can only hope that the people who would vote for him can see the same thing before they plunge us into chaos.

      • Wren says:

        I think it’s going to be chaos no matter what happens. It’s just what kind of chaos.

    • hogtowngooner says:

      He just wants to win a popularity contest. Much like his business ventures, he has zero interest in doing the actual work.

  6. Nikki says:

    Can you imagine what Republicans would say if it was OBAMA who had 5 kids from 3 different mothers, and if Michelle had nudie pics? Amazing how race “colors” everything in America, still.

    • annaloo. says:

      Such a great point

    • Anners says:

      So many yeses to this!!! The double standard is both ridiculous and terrifying.

    • Stacey says:

      Excellent point! Obama wouldn’t even have made it to state senator in Illinois if he had Trump’s background of bankruptcies, failed marriages, etc.

    • LinaLamont says:

      The Republicans would excoriate ANY Democrat, regardless of color.

      The racial crap against the Obamas is entirely different. It’s far more invidious and evil. They didn’t even have to have a specific incident/example to hate and smear the Obamas. Just their mere existence as blacks was enough. Naked racism.

    • Timbuktu says:

      Exactly! I’m so angry about this! I don’t care what Melania does, but if Michelle Obama had a photo archive like that, she’d get crucified. But because Melania does, suddenly, everyone is open-minded and progressive??? Pisses me off to no end, these people have no shame. I swear, Trump could crucify Jesus live, and they’d say Jesus had it coming.

    • PGrant's Girl says:

      I said this exact same thing about Bristol Palin during the ’08 election. My mom is a crazy right-wing nutjob and she was making all these really positive comments about Bristol, so I said to her, “If one of the Obama girls was an unmarried teen mom, you and all your Fox News-watching family and friends would lose your $h!t about it.” To her credit, my mom didn’t try to argue with that; she just said, “Huh, yeah, you’re right.” Such hypocrites!

      • Timbuktu says:

        Good point, I’ve forgotten about that one.
        I just can’t stand that kind of hypocrisy. At least your Mom was able to recognize it, most people I know would just get angry if confronted this way (no matter how respectfully and logically).

      • LinaLamont says:

        “I said this exact same thing about Bristol Palin during the ’08 election. ‘If one of the Obama girls was an unmarried teen mom, you and all your Fox News-watching family and friends would lose your $h!t about it.’”


  7. Aussie girl says:

    I semi think that this was done on purpose. Trump had lunch with Murdoch &Jerry in Scotland and this was released by news Corp. maybe it’s a distraction..?

    • Clare says:

      TOTALLY agree that this is a distraction from his devastatingly bad weekend of gaffes. How do you shift attention from insulting a Gold Star mother who lost her child (who incidentally died saving tens of not hundreds of American soldiers)? Release nudies of your hot wife!

      • Aussie girl says:

        The sad thing is I doubt it will hurt his champagne. If this was any other candidate and any other year this would be the end of their run, they would be finished.

      • Who ARE these people? says:

        Self-love means never having to save you’re sorry.

      • Naya says:

        I completely agree, this was engineered. But I dont think it was ONLY done to distract from the Khan family. His PR strategy is dump negative news into an already negative news cycle. So maybe Melania will distract from the Khans but maybe the Khans will distract his right wing evangelical supporters from slut shaming him and his third wife. Since those pics were bound to come out, he has beaten the opposition to the punch.

        Next week, he will start afresh with neither Melanias tits or the Khans rebuke to yoke him. He is basically using celebrity gossip strategies on a political campaign, and it may just be working. We are in so much sh*t!

  8. Talie says:

    I really think his campaign leaked these photos to try to distract from Khizr Khan and the Ukraine comments. It’s not working, but…

  9. Ginger Gal says:

    Oh perfect. We’ll have a first lady that posed for porn. And to think they crucified Michelle for showing off her arms.

    • Nina says:

      what would be bad if a first lady did p0rn?

      • Tate says:

        I think Ginger’s greater point is that the right went after Michelle for wearing sleeveless dresses and showing her arms. Now we have a potential First Lady who has naked pictures out there. Why no outrage by the right?? Hypocrisy.

      • Who ARE these people? says:

        When Michelle Obama demonstrated how great exercise is for mind, body and soul to help young Americans, especially girls, feel okay about being strong and working on themselves, the Right attacked her as if she were an embarrassment to the country and the president’s wife was a shameless hussy.

        When Melania Trump is shown to have posed naked to make money, having become more “attractive” to a certain viewership using artificial breasts and cosmetic surgery, and having exploited a loophole in the immigration system to be here and then attract rich men, she’s not actually a shameless hussy. It’s “art.”

      • Wren says:

        Yet another example of the madonna/whore dichotomy. The First Lady is arbitrarily pushed into the role of a madonna, and has been since I can remember. Michelle Obama doubly so because being the first black First Lady came with even more scrutiny than normal. Sad but true. So when she even showed a hint of being a normal American woman, wearing flattering clothing, showing not only her arms but very nice arms at that, obviously caring about her appearance, it was taken as a sign that she was not actually a madonna. And if you’re not a madonna…….

        But Melania Trump? Well, not to put too fine a point on it, she’s always been firmly placed in the other category and was never expected to be anything different. Thus the vastly different treatment of these two women.

    • chaine says:

      Like Mrs. Obama said, “When they go low, we go high.” So what if Melania posed for nude photos twenty-plus years ago? It’s her body, she can do with it what she likes. It has no bearing whatsoever on whether or not her husband is fit to govern our country.

  10. Arock says:

    This latest stunt with the Kahns is beyond his usual low, nice move getting your wife’s boobies out to pull a “hey look over there!”.
    (Honestly, if it wasn’t for immigration he wouldn’t even have any wives, present or past.)

    • Lucky Charm says:

      He would have had one, Marla Maples is American. And their daughter, Tiffany, is dating a Democrat!

      • Who ARE these people? says:

        Well, they’re all American now, but yeah, Marla Maples was born here and the other 2 were naturalized. Tiffany must have some confusing divided loyalties, between the father who betrayed her mother and yet wanting the love of her half-siblings.

      • arock says:

        my fault, i always forget they were married. at this point id like to forget the whole thing. Last nights interview with George stephanopolis (sp?) was a joke, but no surprise there.

  11. Dirty Martini says:

    Yawn. Who cares? Another naked model. Whatever.

  12. JenB says:

    I have to be honest and say I don’t like the idea of the First Lady having a nude photoshoot for all to see. I also don’t like the fact that she doesn’t have a college education. (Even worse that she lied about this for years.) Maybe that’s not fair of me? I don’t know. Her husband is the real problem.
    I’m reading comments from Trumpers online, defending him from any wrong doing with his response to the Khan family. I want to give them a big ole cup of NOPE.

    • Nina says:

      “I don’t like the idea of the First Lady having a nude photoshoot for all to see”
      why wouldnt you like that?

      • JenB says:

        The same reason the Queen gets upset when Kate flashes her lady bits in breezy skirts. Call me old fashioned on this particular issue.

    • Locke Lamora says:

      I have to be honest and say I don’t like the idea of a First Lady. Period. It’s essentially a glorified trophy wife position. When you look at someone as educated and smart as Michelle Obama it’s sad that she will be remembered as the “wife of”.

      • embertine says:

        Mobama for Supreme Court! She has a JD after all.

      • Wren says:

        It’s not even a trophy wife position, it’s being the embodiment of the American matron ideal. Being a trophy wife you’re seen as a sort of ornament, something to look at but not think much about. Being First Lady you have to be the perfect woman, an extension of your husband, your every action and word reflecting back on him. Your life isn’t even yours, it’s seen as a facet of his. You must be the perfect compliment to him at all times.

        None of which I agree with or enjoy.

      • LinaLamont says:

        @Locke Lamora and @Wren

        I was coming here to say the same thing. It’s a dated, retro, obsolete, demeaning throwback.

        I wish Michelle had done more as First Lady. She, certainly, has the brains and education to have championed something more substantial than eating and moving.
        But, she’s in a unique and precarious position. Look at how Hillary was reamed for having dared to open her mouth and fight for health care. Imagine how the first black First Lady would have been received. She was, as it is, torn to shreds by a large portion of this country simply for being black.

      • Lostmymind says:

        @lima– I think she didn’t do as much as she could have because she was trying to mother her 2 very young daughters, especially knowing that their father wouldn’t be around much with all he had going on. I believe that’s why her kids are so grounded and seemingly scandal free.

      • LinaLamont says:

        Whatever her reasons, I found it disappointing. When Michelle came to the WH with her education and intelligence I was expecting/hoping for more from our First Lady.

        Hillary Clinton raised a very young daughter who is grounded and seemingly scandal-free. This was while being the First Lady of Arkansas and the country.

        But, as I said, half the country would have tried to find a way to impeach Obama for his wife’s impudence.

      • SusanneToo says:

        Mobama Bobama for SCOTUS!

      • Lady Rain says:

        “…I wish Michelle had done more…”

        Done more of what exactly? First Ladies tend to pick a platform issue and raise awareness of it – that’s what FLOTUS did with the “Get Moving” campaign, and Republicans still dragged her for it.

        She raised two well-rounded, smart daughters who stayed scandal-free, though Republicans tried to complain about that as well.

        She’s the first First Lady to earn two degrees from two Ivy League schools.

        Let’s not forget the racist BS she had to deal with over the years in between.

        FLOTUS did her job flawlessly for two terms and there’s nothing more she “should” have to do to “prove” her worth to anyone.

    • Who ARE these people? says:

      Well, she didn’t pose for those photos knowing that one day she might be campaigning alongside her future nominee-husband.

      But I agree the real scandal is her husband’s candidacy. She didn’t do anything wrong by posing for the photos. Lying about her education, skirting immigration law, not denouncing the anti-Semitic death threats made by supporters against a Jewish reporter, and plagiarizing M. Obama’s speech — those are the real transgressions that we know about thus far, and they speak to her character far more than the nudies.

  13. Trixie says:

    So Melania gets the “her body, her choice” pass that is denied to literally every other woman on the planet? So a woman wanting control of her own gd body is only okay when it’s Trump’s wife? Trump is totally cool with Melania posing naked for everyone to look at but a woman wanting to control her own sexual health is bad? Come the f- on.

  14. Sam says:

    My husband pointed out that if you took everything about Trump’s personal life and imposed it onto Hillary (or any other Democrat or woman), you’d have people claiming it disqualified them from being President. Could you imagine if the Democrat was a woman who had been married 3 times, had children with 3 different fathers, generally understood to have cheated on spouses, etc.? She’d be declared unfit for office. They are more than willing to look the other way on this, however.

    It’s disappointed me to see people I consider strong Christians basically throw their ideals to the wind for this windbag. People who believe strongly that marriage is a lifetime (often eternal) commitment voting for a guy who’s done the divorce thing twice. You’d think they’d look more positively at Hillary, who – despite acknowledging Bill’s infidelity, chose to stay and work through their issues and remain married. But nooooo. I genuinely do not get it. From a Christian perspective, Trump fails on almost every conceivable level.

    • Neelyo says:

      The few minutes I could stomach of the RNC had conservative columnist David Brooks asking Family Research Council Executive Asshole Tony Perkins what Christian attributes Trump displayed. Perkins was annoyed at the question and could only answer that he was better than the alternative of Clinton.

      The Christian Right has always been driven by bigotry and they’ll forgive all of Trump’s sins because he’s following the one commandment they value more than the rest, ‘Thou shall hold the white race above all others’.

      • Sam says:

        I saw that! They can’t actually say, “He’s a good Christian because….” They can’t do it because he’s NOT a good Christian. He obviously doesn’t believe in the sacred commitment of marriage, since he’s done it 3 times. He obviously doesn’t believe in trust, since he cheated on Ivana and has never seemed to be sorry for it. He is not charitable, he’s not even fair dealing (stiffing contractors). All those things are required of Christians. He doesn’t live as a Christian (at least not any Christianity I’ve ever encountered). Its sickening to see people who otherwise spend their days advocating for Christianity and/or “family values” supporting somebody who embodies almost everything Jesus railed against. It’s just gross.

    • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

      They literally just have an insane mantra of, “Better than Hilary.” Like it’s hilarious to me the people that whine Hilary is Republican-lite when actual Republicans hate her so much they’d basically elect a toad-stool.

    • paranormalgirl says:

      and if people really think for one second that Trump is truly anti-abortion…

      • Who ARE these people? says:

        No, but his party platform is. I’m sure he paid for many an abortion in his day.

  15. Dani says:

    This is obnoxious. If the media wants to crucify anyone, they should do it to Donald, not Melania. She’s not running for office. They aren’t embarrassing anyone but her. I would say the same thing if people were throwing old Bill Clinton things around to spite Hilary. This whole election is just a bunch of middle school playground bullies getting at each other. This is what our country has come to.

    • abby says:

      Dani, I agree on principle but look at the source – The New York Post, owned by Murdoch. It’s basically another another arm of Fox news/GOP. The NYP is Trump friendly. I fully believe this was released by the Trump campaign.

      I saw some of those pics last night. No one is going to be really upset (besides, Melania’s body, Melania’s choice) and as posted above the pics have been around online for years. This is nothing new or shocking.

      It’s a red herring to distract from Trump’s wildly inappropriate and obnoxious response to the Khan family. Not to mention his response to the fire marshall and his Russia/Crimea ignorance.

      If by some disaster Trump wins in the fall, Melania, Ivanka and Tiffany better have enough nude footage to distract from his missteps for at least 4 years. Heaven forbid!

  16. doofus says:

    yeah, the only thing that offended me was her terrible boob job. uneven and wonky. I suspect she’s had them fixed by now since she access to a LOT more money than she did when she first got them done.

    however, what Nikki said cannot be stressed enough. if this were Obama who had five kids by three different women and whose wife had posed like this? Faux News , and the entire GOP voting block, would be having a meltdown.

    • detritus says:

      Now that’s privilege.
      Obama needed to be the consummate politician to be nominated. Handsome, great orator, with almost an immaculate record, perfect family. If he had more than one marriage, baby momma, and nudes of his wife? I can’t even imagine the racist dreck that would appear.

  17. Monie says:

    Hmm isn’t part of the GOP platform this year something about porn being an American health crisis? Interesting…

  18. my3cents says:

    Wow- her face is really frightening in these photos. Definitely did something to soften it a bit.
    I personally think it’s fair game- trump was very kindergarten with my wife is hotter than yours…and yes they were probably leaked by him.

  19. Marcy says:

    Those pictures look like something creeper Terry Richardson takes with his polaroid. Nudity doesn’t bother me but those are cap photos not even worth bragging about those are the kind you want to burn but once it’s out on the Internet service it’s there forever, but I agree Trump probably put it out he should have at least chosen better quality. Looks like every other girl taking a nude mirror selfie on the net.

  20. Shelly says:

    Don’t really care about the pictures in of themselves. In the large context they do matter, the Republican party set themselves up as a family matters, strait laced type. Anyone who deviates from the scrip is ostracized. Here we have, no tax returns, trophy wife with little in way of philanthropic endeavors, plagiarism, no college degree etc. I’m not adverse to script changes but still flummoxed as to why Melania/Trump should be role models and standard bearers for the Republican party or US. No, she did not sign up for this drama but she cosigned via marriage. It just seems that the bar is not very high but no compelling reason for lowering it.

    • Erinn says:

      And that’s the thing.

      They’ve built their party on “family values”. They literally spend so much time fighting against rights in the name of these BS values. But here we have Trump – multiple marriages, made sure to avoid war, children by multiple women, wife who lied about how educated she was, and who has a bunch of softcore photos out for the world to see.

      If they didn’t rail against everyone else for doing these kinds of things, I’d maybe have a different opinion on it – but since that’s their ‘thing’, any backlash for the two is well deserved..

    • Jayna says:

      This. Spot on.

  21. Marcy says:

    Even if she was not college educated, she could still have spent the time to research and educate herself. Some of my favorite public speakers do not, but learned and taught themselves in life. She’s just dragged along for the circus with her husband that’s her job to him as wife.

  22. JeanGenie says:

    NOTHING related to Trump or his campaign gets published in the NY POST without his approval.

  23. Arshasgas says:

    Omg, does no one see it. Trump and Hillary have been in on this together. This was a plan they concocted together so she would win!

  24. embertine says:

    I imagine Trump’s camp really did do this on purpose, not just to distract the public from all the stupid and damaging things he has been saying, but also because this exactly reflects the metric by which Trump judges women – he thinks women are valuable solely for their looks, he can’t imagine anyone not being jealous of him for having a hot trophy wife, and he has no concept of what is vulgar and what is not.

    In his mind this has probably raised him in the esteem of his followers, and he may be right.

    • Jayna says:

      Oh, yeah, you should see the posts. You have Michelle Obama and we have hot Melania. You have Cankles Hillary. We have Melania who looks hot nude. You Libs wish you had a First Lady like this.

      I swear I lose brain cells when I read the Repubs’ comment sections on stories like this.

  25. TIFFANY says:

    File Malania, file now.

  26. Liz says:

    This is definitely a distraction but it’s still a big deal. I and others were not aware that she used to do soft porn modeling. I would not be surprised if she used to have sex for money. Hell, she does now.

  27. Liz says:

    Also, her face looks so different. She’s had a lot of work on it. That was a bad implant job.

  28. Veronica says:

    As much as I hate too defend anybody in that campaign, this is just getting grossly misogynistic toward Melania. Yes, the pictures were public, but we know they weren’t revisited as a “celebration of the human body,” they were intended to shame or discredit her image. Nevermind that it was legal or who actually creates the demand for those images, it’s still a way of weaponizing her sexuality against her. I get that the party brings some of this on themselves with their obnoxious family values banter, but she is not the person running for office.

  29. The Eternal Side-Eye says:

    I think Trump used this to distract BUT I also think Trump is slowly trying to throw everything at the wall to now try and stop/lower expectations for the future debates. Especially since the DNC convention was more widely praised and had better ratings.

    Suddenly he’s even complaining that the slot for the debates is a bad one and the DNC rigged it so it’s going against the NFL. He said the NFL even sent him a letter complaining (Trump’s mystical collection of invisible letters from people) which the NFL already disputed.

    Dude stepped in it up to his knees and is trying to find a way out.

  30. NewWester says:

    At this point I wonder if Donald Trump’s ultimate goal is not to be President but to win an Oscar? I can just see everything he has done being recorded and released as a documentary. If it is edited and released by year’s end it would be eligible for the Oscars next year. At this point he is doing everything it seems not to be elected President. I can see him making an over the top Oscar speech. People will be analyzing and discussing this election for years to come

  31. LinaLamont says:

    “…ordinarily a pretty right-leaning tabloid”

    Pretty right-leaning?! Um, no. Extremely right-leaning Murdoch paper. ESPECIALLY in NYC.

    Zero sympathy for Melania. Not in the past; not now. And, don’t think, for a minute, that the Post, the Kochs, or anyone else is disavowing Trump for any altruistic reasons or because of conscience or integrity. They know a Trump will destroy them, too. Trump is a black hole.

    • Supposedtobeworking says:

      I’m not sure she’d ask for sympathy. She’s complicit and still embraces the role she signed up for with trump. She’s tried to build herself up a with the college educated part, but she hasn’t been trying to represent herself as someone out for the greater good or to leave any lasting impact for the social good.
      I don’t think she’d be bothered by this at all. She actually represents herself as a former model with high standards whom Trump had to work to date. Her self-perception seems to be as myopic and self-congratulatory as Trump’s.

      • LinaLamont says:

        I’m talking about Kaiser having felt sorry for Melania in the past. I’ve never felt sorry for her. You know the POS you married. You’re no different than him. Neither are his kids… even if they had no choice in being born to him.

      • ohdear says:

        for sure @linaLamont, I was just adding more thoughts. She seems quite fine with what she’s got. yuck.

  32. Lilacflowers says:

    Trump released the photos to distract from the real news and to send a message to all women to know our place.

  33. noway says:

    This won’t get the traction Trump wants, and yes it was planted by Trump people. Why won’t it work, because it is so old news, and it is a right wing paper. Sure we should rail at Melania instead of Donald over her decade old pics, LOL. If I was her I would be angry. Doesn’t he remember what Ivana said so many years ago, don’t get mad get everything.

  34. adastraperaspera says:

    Oh, I think Trump and his kids are very, very thirsty for the U.S. Presidency. It’s their only chance to build a global business empire based on hard, cold cash instead of shady loans and bankruptcies. Without it, they’re stuck having to watch the inevitable fading of a cheesy, 1980s-style brand.

    Trump isn’t talking to U.S. citizens at all (that’s what Pence is for). In his interviews and speeches he’s auditioning for campaign funding and yuuge business deals from corrupt foreign powers (“I’m as tough as you are, beat chest, etc.).

    The release of these photos by the conservative NY Post is a political act, intended to get everyone to leave Trump alone so he can take more calls from Dr. Evil.

    • B n A fn says:

      I believe Trump put out those pictures of his wife to take the heat off of him, trump is in bed with The New York Post, they even endorsed him. Why would they published his wife nude photos. I also believe if DT. gets sensitive foreign info from the daily briefings, he will be getting, he may use the info to build up his stock portfolio. Trump is a mad man and the people who are supporting him, IMO are racists. There is no rational reason to support this madman other THAN because YOU to believe Make America Great again, which is code words for Make America White again. When has America greater than it is now? In my six decades this is the best it has been and I can see it getting better with Hillary.

    • Tourmaline says:

      Ding ding ding you’ve got it @adastraperaspera!! I see it the same way—Trump and kids want to enhance the Trump brand by slapping a Presidential seal on it. That way they are hoping to keep the dough rolling througout this century for themselves and their kids/grandkids.

      Also agree on your take on what purpose Pence serves –as Donald Trump Jr. told people they were approaching for the Vice President nod, the VP is to be in charge of all policy while the Pres. is tasked with “Making America great again.”

  35. hmmm says:

    This will appeal to his base, who love to objectify women. After all, a woman’s place is naked (but only if you’re a 10). He’s bragging.

    • Tourmaline says:

      Exactly, that is what his base thinks. Hot wife, knows her place. So I don’t see any downside to this for his campaign. It’s a total non-story, of course Melania has pictures like this out there. Am not surprised one tiny bit.

  36. Citresse says:

    Based on the NSFW photos and video of Melania at the RNC, it looks like she also got a butt implant.

  37. Elia says:

    3 things: 1. Bad boo job + zero muscle tone = me. 2. I’m Canadian, so take #3 with a grain of salt. 3. Would it have been smart to make Bernie Sanders Clinton’s running mate? Like a real bring the Democrats together, or does that reek of desperation?

    • Who ARE these people? says:

      It would have been impossible to have a 73-year-old man as the candidate for the position that is a “heartbeat away” from the presidency. Also Sanders would never have done it, and she would never have asked him to do it. It would have been like Obama asking Clinton to be his VP in 2008. Instead, he found a different way for her to serve that curtailed the threat.

    • Kate says:

      I will also chime in that Bernie would’ve scared the hell out of independents and Republicans who refuse to vote for Trump. It would’ve hurt Hillary with the soccer moms, big time. Purple states like Ohio, Virginia, Florida, Pennsylvania would’ve been in jeopardy. Bernie was never going to be VP and neither was Elizabeth Warren. Tim Kaine was always the only choice for Hillary.

  38. labman57 says:

    Donnie apparently had plenty of opportunity to evaluate the assets of his next trophy wife before acquiring her.

  39. JudyK says:

    Like her degree, the boobs are fake…and I’m someone who knows–about the boobs, that is.

  40. aquarius64 says:

    Had this been Michelle Obama nude pics the right would have been in an uproar. First ladies are suppose to be like Caeser’s wife, above reproach. Add this on with and the message is we are getti g a bimbo for a first lady.

  41. Jwoolman says:

    Please don’t let this be a prelude to a nude photoshoot of Bill….

  42. what's inside says:

    Donald Trump has talked about running for POTUS since the 1980s when he was still with his first wife. Problem was that the marriage was in trouble (Marla and others) and his business was foundering (either the first or second bankrupcy) so he was in no position to run because of the mores at the time (other presidential candidates have bit the dust because of the girlfriend or sidepiece exposed by the press). IMHO, the reason he is running now is because 1) He can afford to (he is set moneywise and does not need to kiss a lot of butt); 2) He has a massive ego (which has always put me off) and being POTUS would be the cherry on top of his lifetime ambitions; 3) Time is not exactly on his side – if he truly only sleeps 4 hours a night, then I think he is burning the candle at both ends, he is not even middle-aged at this point, and he runs the risk of major health problems sooner or later; and 4) I think he finally has all of the basics in place to be POTUS (but he will need a lot of help from advisors, lawyers, cabinet, and political deals). He is rude and crude and a brawler, but once he makes up his mind about doing something, he charges full steam ahead without regard to anything else as shown by his history. As to Melania, dredging up nude photos aren’t the problem; it is her husband’s flubs that are. I do not believe the conspiracy theory, but I do believe he is flawed in many ways, desperately needs polishing and to act “presidential” and therefore needs to up his game if he is to beat his slick opponent (not that it would take a lot to do it because of her own flaws). Ted Cruz was right about voting your conscience and I have my popcorn and drink ready to watch the days leading up to the election.

  43. jferber says:

    Is this a good time to mention that Laura Bush killed someone in a possible drunk driving accident in high school? She ran a stop sign and killed the other driver, a boy she knew. Of course, she was wealthier than Bush and there were no pesky DIU tests to take for a personage of her standing. Look this up. Could you IMAGINE if Hillary or Michelle had done this? They would be exhuming the body, start a 40 million dollar congressional investigation and have the autopsy photos of the poor young man in the New York Post, under the caption, “Look what Hillary (Michelle) did! Outrage!!!!!!”

  44. jferber says:

    What Trump is basically saying is, “Look at the piece of a– I get to have because I’m a boss.” The alpha male at the top of the food chain gets his choice of the most desirable females, food and living quarters. What else are power and money for? This is what you’re voting for–the alpha male whom you, by extension, can be if you vote for Trump (vicariously of course, but we’re not dealing with reality here, but symbolism, imagery and psychology). You can own a piece of Trump and his hot, sexy wife if you vote for him. P.T. Barnum, indeed.

    • Annetommy says:

      You have been knocking it out of the park with your Trump posts today jferber.

    • EM says:

      Interesting you say that. I’ve noticed that his male fans tend to share a similar mentality – value women on the basis of their looks first.
      What disgusts me though is how his daughter stands by and watches his blatantly discriminatory commentary. Considering she is now Jewish, it’s quite a contradiction for her to be Jewish and stand by as her father defames a family on the basis of their religion.

  45. Clairej says:

    She could be a different person. She looks more like Lucy Lawless

  46. Anare says:

    I don’t feel sorry for Melania. She posed for the photos. They are totally tacky. LOL!😂

  47. EM says:

    I’m in two minds about this. One part of me says that this happened during her modelling years, so not an issue, but another part of me wonders about it only because the images are cheap and tacky and resemble a desperate attempt at some type of model stardom. It’s not like she was an in demand model or a Pirelli model (images being classier than this collection of images).
    But there is something worse than nude images and that is her lying about her university education. As soon as this was found out, her personal website vanished.

  48. JenniferJustice says:

    tired of the line that she’s just a stay at home mom who married Trump when she was a young model. Come on people! He met her at the Playboy Mansion. Why do models go to the playboy mansion when there are parties there with rich older men? She is a frickin’ prostitute…or she was. They are not just models at that place folks. They are there to find a sugar daddy…either for the night or for life. Spin it however you want, but the fact is they sell themselves in every way for a high-end lifestyle. She is no different – no better no worse than any other ‘model’ at Heff’s parties.