Chloe Moretz on juice cleanses: ‘Be under no illusions: you are starving yourself’


Chloe Moretz covers the September issue of Glamour UK. The photoshoot is one of her best of the year, actually. I think I finally realized what magazines should aim for with Chloe: she’s got a face like Reese Witherspoon, with the doe eyes, pointy chin and heart-shaped face. Stylists and photographers should look at Reese’s best editorials to figure out how to make Chloe’s editorials work. The Glamour UK interview sounds like a lot of stuff Chloe has been talking about all year, which is feminism and equality and how some people use the word “feminism” in the wrong way. Some highlights:

The men in her life are feminist allies: “My brothers and my boyfriend are amazing, and feminism for me has always been about equality: me being worth exactly the same as my male counterparts, but not more than them – unless what I do is of a higher quality.”

On feminism: “I think a lot of women now use the word in the wrong ways.”

She’s so famous & Brooklyn Beckham is so famous: “We both get what it means to have our lives twisted and torn apart and faked. Sometimes, we¹ll just look at each other and laugh. Like the other day, when I said: ‘Apparently, we¹re engaged’, and he took a picture of the ring and sent it to his mum saying, ‘The rumours are true!’”

She’s not just Brooklyn’s Girlfriend: “But seriously. You don’t know how often I’m described as ‘his girlfriend’ and you think: ‘well, I’ve also been acting for 13 years, but don’t worry.’”

Body image: “I’m never going to be Keira [Knightley]. Ijust don¹t have her body type, but I can be the best my body can be through training and eating cleanly, sure you can go on a juice cleanse if you want, but be under no illusions: you are starving yourself.”

[From The Daily Mail]

My favorite quote is “sure you can go on a juice cleanse if you want, but be under no illusions: you are starving yourself.” Ain’t that the truth. Someone tell that to Tom Brady and Gwyneth Paltrow. My least favorite quote is “I think a lot of women now use the word in the wrong ways.” Meaning, as we’ve seen before with Chloe, that some women use the word “feminism” to describe their sexual agency and that’s not cool with Chloe, because Chloe is the only one who can define what is and is not feminist! As for being described as “Brooklyn’s girlfriend,” that’s annoying. I think it’s the British sites doing that, and that’s because the Beckham brand is more well-known than Chloe Moretz.


Photos courtesy of Glamour UK.

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  1. Sam says:

    That’s not what she said about feminism, though.

    And her point was good. Her point was that using the term “empowerment” to justify conventionally acceptable things that reinforce gender norms and objectification is, well, crap. Which is true. If you’re a conventionally attractive woman who likes taking her clothes off – hey, more power to you – but don’t act like you’re breaking new ground or helping anybody else or subverting a damn thing. That was her point. And it still baffles me that such a thing is controversial.

    • Kelly says:

      Exactly. I think she’s great. Saw her speak at the DNC and she did a great job.

    • a reader says:


    • Otaku Fairy says:

      You and she would be right if slut-shaming, victim-blaming, and female respectability politics were things only or mostly directed at women who society deems ‘ugly’ or ‘not pretty’, but that’s not reality. Youth, a pretty face, boobs or ass that are over a certain size, a waist that’s under a certain size, skin free of stretch marks, wrinkles, scars, surgery, or any disfigurement- sure, women might get praise for these features and might be able to get or boost a career for being considered attractive, but as long as that also comes with people being taught from childhood throughout adulthood that a woman or girl’s decision to not live up to anyone else’s definition of classy/chaste/ladylike behavior and presentation is wrong, dangerous, sinful, makes her less than, deserving of disrespect, troubled, every misogynistic name and stereotype in the book, and makes her complicit in the behaviors of the ones doing the oppressing or committing violence, it’s a little willfully ignorant for feminists and liberals to try to pretend that women saying no to playing the ‘respectable female’ game (which always requires some level of female modesty- whether it’s ‘wear that head covering and wait until marriage or don’t pose nude and have sex when/with as many as you want’) is, or ever has been, ‘conventionally acceptable behavior” just because she’s not a good 30+ years out of Leo Dicaprio’s fuckability range or not at least 4 or moredress sizes out of Janice Dickinson’s ‘acceptably sized female’ range.

  2. Locke Lamora says:

    She’s so annoying. But I kinda agree about feminsim being used the wrong way sometimes. It’s the Taylor Swift feminism – “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women” kind. That idea that you can’t criticise another woman if you’re a feminist. And that’s wrong.

    Chole reminds me of Natalie Portman – a really good child actor who lost the spark as she aged.

  3. MP says:

    It could also mean that several celebrities have said that they are not feminists because they think it equals man hating.
    They are definitely using the term wrong.
    Or she could refer to the Taylor Swift school of feminism: you shall never criticize Taylor regardless of what she’s done or you are not a feminist.

  4. detritus says:

    Maybe in a few years I will like her.

    Right now she’s almost as bad as Kim and Taylor. Feminist only when it suits her purposes and hypocritical like no one but a teen can be.

    She can release sex scenes that were cut from her movie, to show you how sexy and empowered she is. No one else. No one else can be naked and powerful unless Chloe says so.

    I wonder if she’s ok with Donglando? Or is his nudity too slutty and attention seeking?

    • Loo says:

      I agree, there is a hypocrisy to Moretz that makes me deeply uncomfortable. I hope she grows out of it.

      • detritus says:

        Its hard to apply rules of equality and equity to people you don’t like.
        It’s easy to dislike other women for being more successful than you at courting attention and performing ‘hotness’ to the masses.

        She seems smart , I just hope she’s introspective and observant enough to change.
        Amber Rose, hook this little woman up with some wisdom.

    • Cam says:

      Release cut sex scenes from a movie? She has no power to do that–that’s up to the studios. I assume you are referring to one with Zac Efron that was rumored to be released but never was. Don’t know what a movie clip has to do with her opinions on feminism anyway. And why make an assumption that she dislikes women for being attention whores? I assume we are referring to Kim Kardashian here.

      • detritus says:

        She released a statement talking about how proud she was that people got to see it, roughly in the same timeline she was sassing Kim for taking her clothing off.

        ‘I truly hope you realize how important setting goals are for young women, teaching them we have so much more to offer than just our bodies.’

        So, no, I’m not making an assumption. She has straight up stated what she thinks.
        She thinks that Kim is being a bad influence by posting her body naked. She thinks Kim is a bad influence for pandering to the male gaze. Except when she gets naked for art, it’s ok to be proud. There is the hypocrisy.

      • Cam says:

        We’ll try this a third time.

        The cut scene was never released, nor was she nude in it anyway.

        Moretz has never been photographed nude much less taken a nude selfie and posted it on Twitter.

  5. Loo says:

    She looks pretty in the photos, I like them.

    Career wise I still think that Moretz hasn’t broken out of the child actor mold. I think she’s making a lot of bad decisions career wise but she is still young so it’s not over for her.

  6. KB says:

    I think she’s great. She was fantastic in 30 Rock!

  7. pikawho? says:

    I find her annoying in an impersonal, “ugh teens” kind of way. I feel like I will like her more in a few years.

    She is on point re: feminism being used badly (as a marketing ploy by popstars for example) and how juice cleanses are just starvation. I once worked in a production office where half the women in it decided to do a cayenne and lemon cleanse at the same time, and I think I have PTSD from that week.

  8. The Gift says:

    But Kim just said she’s not a feminist which means Chloe is right.
    Does anyone else think Kim’s comments about “not singing, dancing and being on stage but still getting the same compensation” was directed at Beyoncé. According to Forbes, Beyoncé made just $2million more than Kim did from June 2015-July 2015. (Although Beyoncé only worked for 2 months while Kim was up and about the entire year)
    OMG Drama! You shoulda gone to her wedding, Bey although I wouldn’t be too cocky if I were Kim seeing as Ivy Park was a success and Bey is on a sold out stadium tour (something Kanye West will never achieve. He’d have to see out 20k capacity arenas first) and also her album retailed for $17.99 which is $5 more than every album on iTunes right now.
    in fact, writing this, I’m convinced that comment was directed at Beyoncé. The “singing and dancing and being on stage” gave it away

  9. Ennie says:

    I don’t like to comment on her threads, or even viewing them, but I fell here, so I’ll comment.
    She sells her life, her family sell their lives. When they get real (boring, uninteresting), they create drama and sell it to the tabloids to keep them in vogue, helped by their reality show. They are making it thanks to living in the mist of social media. Paris went on before social media, so this family is really milking it.
    It makes money, in a way that they feel comfortable for them, they are up to whatever thing they can come up with.
    They are not different than many other famewhores who live of being famewhores.
    There is a difference between people (IMO) who actually create something, being music, products, movies, art, etc. , than what they do, being famous and make money of their notoriety.
    I don’t respect that, no matter how hard they shill for respectability. I respect more Amber Rose, who does more or less the same, but she came from much more modest beginnings, she is living well considering how she started, and with her intelligence she could do more. The Kardashian-Jenners could have done anything, they could have studied, do something else with the money they have made, but they chose to still be full head on this bottomless pit of famewhoring, body changing, up to whatever silly feud there is to keep themselves selling.
    I feel kind of sad especially for the Jenner ones, who did not study at all.
    Their parents failed them. They are rich and famous, and laughing all the way to the bank, but I don’t think they are free, you know, good thing that they may be as shallow as they appear to be.

  10. LoveIsBlynd says:

    Even though she’s young, I’m happy a celebrity outed an eating disorder disguised as an health fad. I have taught yoga for nearly 14 years, and there are both laughable and dangerous “health” trends within that community. My favorite is why women sleep with men right away, “we might be twin souls” etc, never mind reckless sexuality breeds stds. Okay that’s another subject. Last year’s thinly veiled starvation was the Juice cleanse and this year it’s -coffee enemas. Yes. The yoga community is rampant with coffee enemas; some do up to four a day and have thin bodies with the faces of gremlins- grey and hollowed. Be under no illusions- these practices per diagnostic manuals, are anorexia/bulimia. I think this girl has a way to go with her ideas, but I feel she’s been guided as well as possible.

  11. Ellis says:

    I’ve always enjoyed her acting, but every sentence she spoke in that interview showcased abominable grammar. “Be under no illusions”? Be under no illusions, whatever positive message you might have for your peers, it will be lost in translation.