Jon Gosselin on his daughters saying he doesn’t know them: ‘I’m very upset’

Jon Gosselin is working as a DJ now. I know this from creeping on his Twitter, where he posts videos of his DJ gigs singing along to his favorite music, like House of Pain’s “Jump Around,” GNR’s “Paradise City,” Survivor’s “Eye of The Tiger” and Bell Biv Devoe’s “Poison.” Those are all great songs but his music choices aren’t exactly inspired. Still, Jon is working and he seems to be collaborating with some DJs who can spin somewhat, so maybe he’s learning.

As we heard yesterday, Gosselin’s ex wife, Kate, and seven of their kids have a photospread and interview in the upcoming issue of People Magazine. Gosselin’s twin daughters are 15 years old and they do not have nice things to say about him. Mady had some particularly biting things to say about her dad. She said:

“The last thing I have time for is a toxic relationship [with my dad]. He makes it seem like we’re being kept from him, which is insane. He should maybe spend some time thinking about why we don’t want to see him, and maybe realize that if he ever does want a relationship with us, talking about us on TV is not the way to make that happen. He doesn’t even know us – how can he dare talk about us?”

Mady was likely referring to an interview her dad did earlier this month where he admitted that he hasn’t seen his all eight of his kids together in “probably three years.” He also said he hasn’t seen Collin in two years (Collin is away at inpatient treatment) and that he’s currently not talking to Mady and Cara but wants to have a relationship with them in the future. It’s likely that Kate knew that Jon did that ET interview and that she did the People interview to stick it to him, as if alienating his kids from him wasn’t enough.

Kate has had primary custody since their divorce, and it was reported that Jon gave up further custody rights after Kate dropped child support requirements in 2012. (Although I can’t confirm how that happened.) Jon has threatened several times to sue for custody but he has not done this. Plus he’s trashed Kate and said he wishes she would “f’ing die.” So team no one, but it still hurts Jon when his daughters say rude things about him in the press, and he told this to ET:

I’m very upset. I love my children very much. I’ve always been there for them and I always will be. It’s shocking.

In response to Jon’s very mild statement that he was shocked his daughters didn’t want to see him, Kate laughably claimed that Mady was taking the high road:

“[The twins] do struggle … it’s not going to be an easy road – anyone who grows up with a parent who is often absent is going to have issues to deal with.

[Mady] doesn’t want to join his game. At that age, to be able to locate the high road and stay on it, that just blows me away.”

[From People]

Jon was not an absent parent, Kate pushed him out of his kids’ lives. And it’s not the high road to call a relationship with your dad “toxic.” Kate is proud of Mady because she hates Jon too, just like she taught her.



I think this is Jon’s girlfriend as he had a few photos of her on his Twitter.


Photos credit: TLC screenshots and Twitter/Jon Gosselin

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  1. tracking says:

    He wasn’t an absent parent, really? Seems like he spends the bulk of his time loafing and acquiring one new girlfriend after the other. Kate has MANY bad qualities, don’t get me wrong, but she has always held down the fort and done all the parental heavylifting while the man child is off doing god knows what.

    • Nicole says:

      You must have missed the show then because JON did the heavy lifting while working and Kate spent her time nitpicking everything he did and more.
      She alienated his kids and pushed him out. TLC needed to save a show pony and they picked Kate and provided her with the best lawyers to make that happen. She got what she wanted which was everything include the kids. They both suck but Kate has everything to do with her kids relationship with their dad

      • Nancy says:

        I was watching Nicole and you are so right. It was cringe worthy to watch her emasculate him. She didn’t treat him like a husband or even a man, just a tool to achieve her goals. She had her tantrums in plain view of the audience, making a fool of him. She alienated her entire family and those who tried to help her with the children who she could have never dealt with, without TLC. DWTS, her attempts to become a star all failed because she is an unstable woman. I always felt bad for the kids, but hope she isn’t making a comeback. Please noooo!

      • Bre says:

        I think what frustrates me about the argument about how bad Kate was to Jon when they were married is what frustrates me about so many people I know who have gone through this . In the end, he knew who she was before he married her. So many people try to pull the victim card later about how terrible their ex was to them (I’m not talking domestic abuse here) but people need to take responsibility for their choice to be with someone like that in the first place. Plus, if you choose to have children with someone that is “difficult” then you need to suck it up and battle to see your children when things turn sour.

      • sa says:

        Whatever their parenting dynamic was while married, a parent that doesn’t have a relationship with his kids is, almost by definition, an absentee parent.

        I’d probably respond much less rationally than Kate if I were in a situation where an ex, that doesn’t pay child support or spend time with and have a relationship with his kids or share in the parenting saying he’s always there for them. I don’t think Jon’s statement is that mild at all, it’s a slap in the face to parents that actually do parent their children.

      • Jess says:

        I agree with you, I used to watch their show religiously and even cried when they announced their divorce, I saw a man who did everything for his wife and kids and she constantly degraded him while sitting up on her high horse barking orders. I remember him saying he begged her to stop filming and he didn’t want the children on tv anymore, but she refused! She said it was too late and they couldn’t go back, I remember thinking that was such BS, she loved the attention and the money and she didn’t care what it was doing to her family, he just couldn’t stand up for himself. That said, whatever is going on now with his relationship with the children is mostly his fault, he needs to fix it before it’s too late. Kate makes me physically sick, she’s a terrible person and I have no doubt she does everything in her power to keep Jon away so she can play victim.

      • Wren says:

        @BRE, exactly. I mentioned that on the previous story too. She’s always been like this. No, she doesn’t act as she “should” but he still chose to marry her and have a family with her. I think that if they didn’t have the stress of the sextuplets and the show, they’d probably still be together in reasonable comfort.

      • Stella in NH says:

        I once watched about five minutes of the show. I could watch any more the way Kate emasculated Jon. That is not what marriage is all about. She is a toxic human being. Of course she turned the kids against him.

        I have a neighbor who was the same exact way. Her husband was the nicest guy. He finally had enough and escaped. The kids were turned against him.

        To me they both escaped from emotional and verbal abuse. Why wasn’t there an outcry about this abuse. I think it is because they are men.

      • Jwoolman says:

        I doubt very much that Jon knew who she was when he married her. Read up on narcissistic spouses. Kate has all the signs of narcissistic personality disorder along with other problems. Read testimony by people in marriages with such a pathological narcissist. Again and again, they say he or she was very different during courtship (and Kate approached him, not the other way around; her friends and maybe Kate herself say she was attracted by his Asian look, she thought the kids would look exotic). She probably really let loose after she became pregnant, and many people trapped with such spouses decide to stay as long as possible to protect the children, to be a buffer.

        I don’t think Jon entirely knew what was going on with her (maybe he does now), he obviously had no idea how to deal with her abuse. Others in such situations with a narcissist report that they begin to think it’s normal and even deserved even though they are baffled by the unpredictability. Living with a pathological narcissistic is pretty horrific whether they are a parent or a spouse, it changes you forever. But he definitely did what he could to protect his children. He was the parent who really bonded with them and took care of them. He never actually lived in the big house that was bought later, he lived above the garage. So the marriage was over when the kids were very young, but he stayed close by and not just to pretend for the show. Kate pushed for divorce only when media found out that he was dating other women (which according to close family, was part of the arrangement- he was not cheating).

        He admitted he should never have said some things about Kate after the divorce and he apologized in public. But people who have escaped narcissistic spouses are often in a weird state, they are highly traumatized. He did get therapy, which helped him deal with the stress. He couldn’t just walk away from her, which would have been healthiest for him, because of the kids (who he did always visit on schedule even during his wild period, the only times he missed were when Kate directly blocked him). Kate outright lied about him on talk shows and undoubtedly was lying big time to the kids as well.

        Jon was blocked repeatedly when he tried to shut down the show (he said even before the divorce that he thought it was ok only when the kids were very young, they would need privacy as they got older). He also was unable to prevent Kate from making his contact with the kids ridiculously difficult over the years. Kate and TLC were unbeatable and the judge kept making decisions in their favor that didn’t make real sense. Jon didn’t help with his wild period after the divorce, but he got over that. Having girlfriends is not a crime, by the way. Neither is employment difficulties. I don’t know many men who could have managed at all under such circumstances, and at some point he had to let the kids decide even though he knew Kate was poisoning them against him. It was not out of line for him to say in public that he hopes to someday have a relationship again with the twins. They were very close when they were younger, Mady’s words must have been a dagger to the heart even though he doesn’t blame the girls, he knows what Kate is like. She pushed family and friends and volunteer helpers out of their lives routinely even while married to Jon. I hope the girls do try to get together with their dad again once they are away from their mother and legal adults.

    • swak says:

      After a while, if you’re being pushed out of a child’s life it takes it toll. My daughter’s fiance had a child with another woman, He had a good relationship with the child for a long time. He took him on weekends, paid child support and was involved in his life. Then my daughter had a child with him and the mother of his other child put all kinds of obstacles in his way. He no longer got visits with the child, she accused him all all sorts of things including child abuse (never proven and never happened), etc. He would try to talk to his child on the phone and she wouldn’t let him. In fact, one time, his son hid in a closet to be able to call him and talk to him. He would go over to pick him up for his time with him and even though they were home, mom wouldn’t answer the door. He would buy birthday and Christmas gifts, take them over, have to leave them on the door step because she wouldn’t answer the door (he would try and call before coming over). He finally signed his rights over as he didn’t have the money to fight her in court. AND to top it off, he passed away 3 years ago and she went after SS payments for the child. Long story, but you don’t know what Kate has done in regards to allowing Jon visitation. From stories I read, it had to be on her terms. It does wear a person down. At least he is still trying to have a relationship with his children.

      • Nicole says:

        That woman sounds like a monster. Hopefully someone else is looking out for that poor kid. And hopefully he remembers his dad loves him

      • swak says:

        @Nicole, don’t think anyone has. It was a truly sad situation because it all happened because he decided to have a child with my daughter.

      • Jwoolman says:

        Kate definitely blocked Jon from talking with the kids on the phone while they were with her. Even when she herself was out of town, he was barred from visiting or talking with them. By the time the twins were old enough to manage their own phones, she was bribing them with special events and clothes etc. that they couldn’t take with them to their father’s house. Jon had to have toys and clothes for all the kids separate at his house not for convenience, but because Kate wouldn’t allow them to take anything with them. That’s not even close to normal. Collin was apparently afraid to leave the animals because of Kate’s history of abuse and neglect, which kept him from visits with his dad. He was very close to the animals. I think he was right, who knows what Kate would have done without “child supervision”.

        Those kids will need major therapy to get over Life With Mother. Dad was really just a normal guy caught up in something way beyond his natural abilities to navigate, so it won’t be too hard to forge a real relationship with him once they’ve healed from Kate.

    • Contigo says:

      She always seemed so tightly wound and he would criticize her and undermine her parenting choices. I wouldn’t want to be around her, but dealing with 8 children? Someone had to be controlling or all hell would’ve broken loose. Team no one, but I always wanted to give her a little break on the controlling stuff. Dealing with 2 small kids is stressful… 8, 6 of them all the same age, which was so young during the show? Seems hard. And now we know what a man child he is, imagine what it would’ve looked like if she wasn’t in charge. Still- no pass to her. She’s fame hungry and petty. But as a type A woman I always cringe about calling someone shrill or domineering. If she didn’t “treat him like a man” maybe it was deserved

      • Naya says:

        This. I gather she is a Type A and going by the last five years away from her, he is the exact opposite (Type Z?). No drive, no ambition, dumb choices without guidance.

        Under normal circumstances, these two types balance each other out nicely. But when you have eight young kids and a tonne of responsibility, it falls apart. The Type A is in permanent crisis mode and their Type Z partner is just another added responsibility. Theres just no room for chill with that many young kids, even in less controlling personalities. A split is inevitable but of course the Type Z cant function by themselves in the real world, so you end up with a guy who without someone pushing him cant even hold a job as a waiter, cant pay child support, is forced to live in the woods when he cant pay his rent and keeps cheating on his partners. Now the kids are saddled with a highly controlling mum and a loser dad. Its sad.

      • Wren says:

        I don’t like either of them, but Kate always seemed like a person who would do much better with someone who stood up to her, even quietly. She steamrolled Jon for sure, but he also didn’t seem like he did anything about it, just rolled over and let her do it. That made her scornful, because in her eyes it was weakness, and just made her push harder, in a misguided effort to strengthen him. He took took it as nagging and emasculating, which just made him withdraw and give in faster. It looked like that snowballed for years.

        Since neither was willing to do anything about it, something had to break eventually.

      • Jwoolman says:

        Her parenting choices were off the wall. She also had many other people (especially Jon) doing the day to day work of caring for those children. She focused her energies elsewhere. So don’t think for a minute that was stressed out by all those kids. She saw them as her ticket to stardom but was definitely a Mommie Dearest (as was sometimes caught on tape, other times witnessed by locals).

    • Montréalaise says:

      He did go through one period – in 2009, while they were in the process of divorcing – that he went off the rails with several girlfriends and acted irresponsibly. That was seven years ago. Since then, he has tried to make a living doing jobs such as waiting on tables, which she has dismissed as ”mediocre” and he has had a few long-term relationships, like other single or divorced people. He certainly has his flaws, but he seems to genuinely love his children – unlike their mother, to whom they are no more than a meal ticket.

      • tealily says:

        He certainly seems like the more stable, “normal” parent of the two of them. I’m not a fan of either, but at least he understands that a stint on a reality show does not mean that you’re set for life and you should probably get a job.

      • LisaH says:

        Yeah, anyone defending Kate is actually very lucky. It probably means they’ve never run into someone with narcissistic personality disorder.

        Part of NPD is love bombing in the beginning, and then escalating emotional abuse. It’s so insidious that most victims don’t realize what has happened until they are out of the relationship.

        SOURCE: My mother is a narcissist.

  2. Neelyo says:

    I hope these kids one day realize what she’s done to them and leave her in the dust. But then she’d call just ET and cry on television about the betrayal.

  3. Fran says:

    hahahahah that kate picture. omg.

  4. grabbyhands says:

    Team No One with a slight edge towards Jon.

    He doesn’t seem to have been a really good dad, but it has been obvious for a lot of years that Kate Gosselin would do anything for attention and publicity even if it was at the cost of her kid’s well being, so while there was more he could have done to be more present in their lives, I’m sure any animosity the kids have towards their dad has been encouraged and strengthened by her.

    • Jen43 says:

      Plus, they sound like mouthy kids.

      • tmbg says:

        Mady is her mother’s child. She was always a mouthy brat on the TV show. I doubt that’s changed.

      • holly hobby says:

        Yup Mady will grow up to be just like Kate. I feel sorry for her spouse.

      • Wren says:

        I don’t. If someone decides they want to marry her, then they marry the person she is and no “boo hoo woe is me my wife’s a bitch”. This is not the 50s, where you have to be partnered up or something is drastically wrong with you. “Finding a husband” is not the best thing young women can hope for anymore, meaning the quick courtship and hiding of personality flaws to achieve this goal is becoming an outdated trope. Can we take responsibility for our choices please? Especially in our choice of spouse. You chose them, there’s no excuse for feeling sorry for yourself about it.

      • Jwoolman says:

        TMBG – Mady was wrongly accused of being a mouthy brat, in my opinion. She just had a clear sense of fairness. You could see her protective body language when her mom was blasting her dad, to whom she was obviously very close. The things she said were against unfair treatment and were quite understandable since Kate’s actions really were unfair and uncaring. Mady was obviously devastated when Jon was pushed out entirely, which is probably why she’s so angry now. She probably blames him for not fighting harder, but she hasn’t given him much to fight with. If a child older than 12 decides not to see you, that’s it unless of course you’re Madonna… . When she grows up and gets a chance to see how abnormal her mother’s behavior is, she’ll be able to renew her relationship with her dad.

    • Erinn says:

      Yeah, pretty much. If I was forced to pick one that I liked more than the other – it’d be Jon.

      They are both bad parents for different reasons. Kate is the kind of person who belittles others, and needs everything to be under her control. Jon is the kind of guy who will at best go through the motions while being an unengaged, and a clearly unhappy person.

      I think he got a kind of raw deal in some ways – but I also don’t think he’s ever really put up a real fight. He’s the kind of person who just kind of shuts down, and because of that – he doesn’t see his kids like he should. All the while, they’re with the ‘long suffering single mom’ who I’m sure happily reminds her kids of how much SHE does and how much SHE sacrifices.

      He should really put in some effort to reconnect with his kids. But I think that might not really have much of a chance until the kids get a lot older, and get out of moms house. It’s a shame for the kids though.

      • Jwoolman says:

        Once kids get to a certain age, the non-custodial parent can’t force visitation on them. So when they are alienated from the other parent by the one with custody – all you really can do is wait.

  5. HK9 says:

    While having to co-parent with Kate must not be easy, I think he needs to grow up a bit, play the long game and stop responding to anything in the press or social media. If pressed he can simply say ‘he loves his kids, knows there are issues and is working on moving forward’ and leave it at that. Stop trying to fight it out in the press. Let people think what they want and work on the relationship with the kids.

    • Lindsay says:

      I think most people would struggle with just taking the hit and feeling slandered in the press in a situation in which you already have almost no control over. Plus, if they have cut him out of their lives he may feel like this is the best way to get a message to them that he loves them and is there for them no matter what. He probably feels backed into a corner and like the press is his only means of communication. It is sad.

      • tealily says:

        That’s how I took it. He’s trying to communicate publicly with them.

      • Jwoolman says:

        I’ve always thought that whenever he’s said anything in public about his kids – he is blocked from other communication and hopes the message that he loves them will get through. He doesn’t say anything awful. It’s really a very different situation than most divorced parents face. Most mothers are glad when the non-custodial father wants to see his kids often. Kate just tried to keep it from happening as much as she could. This is the guy who put his windfall from a tv show a while back into a house ten minutes away from his kids. That doesn’t sound like a voluntarily absentee father.

  6. carriegyrl83 says:

    The girls asked him to stop talking about them to the public. What does he do? Talk about them to the public.

    • swak says:

      But it’s okay for mom to talk about them in public? Double standard. BOTH should not make this public for the good of the children.

    • Lindsay says:

      They asked him by talking about him in a national magazine. Also, what he said is generic and about all his kids. He just said he loves them and will always be there for them. If he keeps talking about it or starts saying things about the twins specifically then you have a point. Also, if they don’t want him to talk about them they should refrain from saying hurtful things in a national magazine. They opened the door, they have been in the media all their lives and knew he would be asked to comment. A week ago no cared about his current feelings about anything really.

    • holly hobby says:

      Well maybe Bratty Maddy should keep her uninformed comments to herself if she doesn’t want her dad to respond. Really one day she will look back and regret this. However, it’s always easy to side with the parent who’s holding the purse strings, isn’t it?

      • LisaH says:

        Let’s maybe refrain from calling her a brat. She is a victim of her mother’s manipulation. We have no idea what she has to say and do to survive emotionally in her mother’s house. 🙁

      • anon33 says:

        Your name really says it all, doesn’t it…she’s still a damn child, you know. Who’s likely been abused her entire life.

    • Jwoolman says:

      But it’s okay for their mother to even let them be interviewed on the subject? What did he say that was so terrible? Just that he hasn’t seen them in too long and that he loves them and hopes they will have a relationship again. He didn’t rant or spill personal secrets.

  7. Samtha says:

    If your daughter makes a statement saying she’s upset you spoke about her to the press, the appropriate thing to do is probably NOT speak to the press about her again.

    I never watched their show, but both of these parents seem like terrible people, and I feel for those poor kids.

  8. lizzie says:

    these girls are getting a script straight out of their mother’s mouth. i don’t think jon is a good dad but even if he wanted to be, he wouldn’t be allowed to be. i think that was pretty clear from the show while they were married. she was a pill and rode him ragged for every little thing. i doubt a post-divorce kate is less severe.

    attempting to have sextuplets is extremely risky for the babies and the mother. it is truly incredible that all six children survived and that more them do not have developmental issues. when she decided to try for all six in what i can only assume was against doctor’s advice and called up TLC – she wanted a circus. she wanted it and she got it. for her to sit in people now and complain about *anything* is pretty disgusting.

    • Jwoolman says:

      I think they might have lost one early in the womb? Not sure about that. But Kate was the only one pushing for more kids after the twins, Jon was fine with just two daughters. The doctors told her not to have relations that month because there were too many eggs released (she was taking a fertility drug). She did it anyway. I’ve always wondered if she told Jon what the doctors had said. He might have had no idea of that possibility until she was verified as pregnant. That would explain how distracted he was trying to get help for after the birth, he really had no intention of becoming the father of sextuplets. But all evidence is that Kate very much wanted that outcome. Friends have said she was fascinated by multiples and the attention that they received.

      • Jen says:

        You’re right there were actually seven kids – she would have had whatever you call it when you have seven kids at the same time. But one died at birth or was stillborn, I forget. I saw an interview or quote from Kate about it.

        I remember Kate as extremely abusive toward Jon. She was cruel and unaware- one time on the show interview part she disgusted asked him to stop breathing as his breathing was supposedly so annoying. It’s hard to force older kids and teens to spend time with or talk to a parent they’ve been poisoned against. Though Jon Gosselin probably needs to man up, as he always just took Kates abuse and never put his foot down on anything he wanted (he wanted to end the show etc), I think dealing with a parenting partner like Kate has alot to do with his estrangement from his kids.

  9. Alyce says:

    I don’t like Kate (at all) but I don’t get the Jon support either. He seems like a lazy slacker who let fame go to his head. Plus, he should be trying to spend actual time with his children instead of running to whatever media outlet will take him.

    Team kids. I hope they turn out ok!

    • Samtha says:

      Yeah, he doesn’t seem like such a winner to me either. Granted, I didn’t follow many of the stories about them, but it doesn’t seem like he tried too hard to get custody or visitation with his kids. They’re both awful, just in different ways.

  10. Jusayin says:

    Sorry but she is evil and is making their father seem like a monster and turning all the kids against him. And don’t get me started on how she treated him on the old show and treated those kids. I feel for those children. All they have is her in their heads telling them whatever she feels like. Hopefilly those kids can watch all the reruns and see what reallywent down. And this all started because he didn’t want to continue being on TV and wanted his kids to have a normal life not in front of the cameras. And Kate said she wanted the total opposite and she and TLC went on their merry way. I hope she doesn’t get back in the limelight again and I wish those kids a wonderful future filled with lots of therapy that I hope works.

  11. justme says:

    They’re both horrible parents but I believe Kate turned those kids against their father so she’s worse. My niece’s ex-husband is a complete dickhead when it comes to child support (she makes a lot of money, he doesn’t) but she never bad mouths him to her daughter because he’s a good father. That said, every time she tried to get him to pay what the court said he should in child support or half of dance lessons, etc. he would tell his daughter that he might not be able to see her as much because he was going to have to work more because mom wants more money. Thus, my niece just gave up because she could afford to.

    • honeybee blues says:

      What a passive aggressive asshat! A number of years ago, a dear friend had to co-parent with his ex wife, who is, and I say this with all due respect, barking mad. So, the kids were son 8 and daughter 2 when he left (she was cheating, overtly). For daughter’s 5th b-day, mom had custody, and the agreement was that the non custodial parent had the child from 5 p.m. – 8pm. on the child’s birthday. So, mom sets up three parties; one at kindergarden, one right after school, and then an indoor pool party at a local hotel. She informs dad that he can’t have daughter as that will be during her pool party (I was in his office during this conversation in which he put her on speaker). He went off, reminding her of their signed legal agreement, called her a name, and then hung up. Two minutes later his cell rings again, her number, so he answers, “What the f*ck do you want?” And it’s daughter (5) crying, “why won’t you let me go to my party.” Needless to say, he had 1/2 an hour with her that birthday. Mom played that one perfectly. That is but one example of all the crap she would do to screw with dad’s time with his kids. It’s so important to love your kids more than you hate your ex.

  12. SheDoneAlreadyHadHerses says:

    The only shocker for me is that only one of their kids is in treatment. That woman is psycho – plain and simple. I have zero respect for a parent who alienates their child from their other parent. It’s cruel and needs to be handled like the child abuse that it truly is.

  13. Cricket says:

    To use a Scientology analysis…. Jon has been deemed a suppressive person and therefore, Kate nor any of her children can associate with him. Kate is a toxic woman filled with anger and control issues. I feel sorry for all those kids and their dogs. I can’t believe she got dogs again. After seeing how she treated the dogs she had the breeders took or forced her to return them.

  14. Jeanette says:

    I get why people see the bad qualities in Kate, nitpicker, emasculation etc. That being said however, fact is John was not stepping up so she had to. The kind of care and planning that it requires to care for a brood that size effectively blows my mind. If she didnt do it, who would have? John lol? Pleaaase.

    • yuck says:

      He did do it—and much better than her if you look at the first few seasons of their show. And once he was gone, there were live-in nannies for those kids, even up to today. Kate has done nothing on her own, despite her attempts to depict herself as the I-do-it-all, stay-at-home mom. You are watching a huge and largely dishonest PR campaign in real time.

  15. Jeanette says:

    Just think how many bad things you would have to say about John if he were your co-worker in a mess like that? Id be constantly on his ass as well. The poor pitiful what about me attitude does not work when you are trying to raise 8 kids of various ages. He is just as qualified as her to do the things she does-a parent. The school of trial and error. You either sink or you swim. He CHOSE to sink.

    • Konspiracytheory says:

      No, Jon (not John) was completely outgunned when TLC backed Kate (I.e., the parent who was more than willing to keep exploiting the kids). Kate is a narcissist parental alienator – this was never going to end well.

  16. Boxy Lady says:

    Jon did an interview sometime in the last year where he said he had no control over which children visit him. He said whoever is waiting for him outside the house when he picks them up are who he gets and that is that. I find that sad on more than one level.

  17. Pandy says:

    All 10 of them are tedious! Go away already.

  18. Jasmine says:

    I don’t think the word ‘toxic’ had to necessarily come from Kate. Regardless of anything Kate may have said about him over the years, kids see. They know. My 16 doesn’t agree with me about her biological father because i made her, she agrees because she herself compares him to men she feels are ‘good’ fathers. At 15 or 16, these girls are free to dislike a parent. Parent arent perfect. Sometimes we screw up, or are forced out, it causes damage,, and as time goes on you either choose to do the work to change the relationship, or you don’t. That choice has little to do with mom.

  19. Jwoolman says:

    He was in court a lot about visitation and related problems. For instance, Kate kept schedule trips for the show during his time with them. He wanted more done with the two kids expelled from kindergarten but Kate wasn’t interested and the court didn’t press it. Early intervention might have made a tremendous difference to Collin especially, he was openly abused by his mother as well although the girl involved seemed to be a “golden child” (typical for narcissists, they have golden children and scapegoats). TLC and Kate just ran all over him in court. The kids are old enough now that it’s pointless, they can’t be forced to visit him.

  20. Neil says:

    I used to love this show when the kids were young. But after a couple of years I clued in and stopped watching. Kate was a neurotic witch and Jon was a childish dick and they both thought the show was about them (especially Kate). It became embarrassing to watch and I knew the kids would eventually end up the way most kids do who are raised by narcissistic assholes.

  21. Amanda DG says:

    I think they are both rotten parents for different reasons and those kids will be lucky when they get out from under Kate’s thumb. The end.

  22. Blackbetty says:

    I really feel for John. I’m going tgrough the Family Law Courts myself because my narcissistic in laws, want to be mum and dad to my young daughter. And because they have more money than me, they’ve been winning so far. If Kate hits her kids with a large spoon? Why was she ever allowed to keep the kids?!

  23. Noor88 says:


  24. JRenee says:

    Sounds like all of tge relationships are toxic. Those kids will need years of therapy to undo this. Sorry, both parents have fault but poisoning your kids against the other parent is low brow as hell!
    Hopefully Collin will continue to get whatever help he needs!

  25. HEAVE HO says:

    It’s probably not fair to judge either parent too harshly because they had just an insane amount of kids. Who could possibly raise 8 little kids without f+cking the whole thing up??!! EIIIIIIGHTTTTTTT!!!!!