Amber Portwood threw a punch at Farrah Abraham at Teen Mom OG reunion

Catelynn Lowell, Farrah Abraham and Amber Portwood in 2015

The Teen Mom castmembers, OG and Teen Mom 2, often do idiotic things, make poor life choices and fight with each other and their significant others. Some of them have real problems, like arrests, drug issues, various breakups and partners in jail. We ignore them in terms of coverage for the most part, although I do read the articles at Reality Tea and try to keep up with what they’re doing.

Teen Mom OG’s Amber Portwood went to jail for 17 months, from 2012 to 2013, after voluntarily accepting a five year sentence for violating probation by failing a drug test. She was on probation for abusing her baby’s father, Gary Shirley, after being caught on tape hitting him. She really did try to change her life, took anger management classes and achieved sobriety from what I’ve heard. (I haven’t watched Teen Mom past the first two seasons though.) Amber, 26, is currently engaged to a very sketchy character 19 years older than she is named Matt Baier. Baier has around eight children from various women, and the children range in age from eight to 25. He owes significant child support and at least one of his children’s mothers has spoken out about how emotionally manipulative he is. Amber has defended Matt and seems to have bought his lies. Luckily she’s put off marrying him though, blaming “internet bullies” for her decision.

You’ve surely heard of Farrah Abraham. She’s arguably the most famous Teen Mom because she did an explicit professional sex tape, she makes extremely questionable parenting decisions for her daugher Sophia, 7, and she often says and does idiotic things. Anyway Farrah has an on-off relationship with a guy named Simon Saran whom she describes as “unstable.” Simon has trashed Farrah’s costars and he’s posted naked photos of Farrah on Snapchat.

Both of these women are dating real winners, is what I’m saying. And at a Teen Mom OG reunion Farrah defended her boyfriend for calling Amber’s boyfriend a pedophile. Then Farrah’s dad and Amber’s boyfriend stepped in, there was some kind of scuffle between them, Farrah dared Amber to hit her and Amber tried but didn’t land the punch. This happened at a taping on Saturday and we only know about it from eyewitnesses because the video has not been released yet. You know it’s coming.

Farrah Abraham and Amber Portwood got into a physical fight during a taping of the Teen Mom OG reunion on Saturday, a source confirms to E! News. According to The Mr. Real Housewife blog, the incident took place after Dr. Drew Pinsky brought up comments Farrah’s boyfriend Simon Saran allegedly made off-camera about Amber’s fiancé Matt Baier.

“All was going well during the reunion. Farrah was taping her segment and Simon’s comments about other cast members came up,” an insider told The Mr. Real Housewife blog. “When Dr. Drew mentioned Simon had called Matt a pedophile, it seemed like he was heading in the direction of an apology, claiming it was all in fun…However, Farrah piped in and said well he does kind of look like a pedophile.”

At this point, “Amber stormed onstage and started yelling at Farrah,” a source tells the reality TV site. Farrah’s father, Michael, reportedly came onto the stage and got between his daughter and Amber. Then, according to The Real Mr. Housewife blog, Matt came onstage and got in between his fiancé and Farrah’s father.

This is when, according to the blog, “things took a physical turn.” One audience member reports seeing Michael “flying into the audience” after a confrontation with Matt. Farrah “was yelling at Amber to punch her,” one eyewitness claims, adding that “Amber tried and just missed hitting Farrah…”

In response to one fan asking about the reunion scuffle, Amber tweeted: “Matt went out there to get me [to] not fight…her dad got in my face so Matt got…in the middle and Michael choked him so Matt knocked him on his ass. While…Simon sat on the couch the whole time lol…”

Farrah tweeted a screenshot of a text with “Larry Mtv,” adding, “Thanks Larry &the 3 stooges I’m always working non stop and got sick but still showed up & set still wasn’t ready for me- vile jealous liars”
Farrah’s boyfriend Simon went on quite the Twitter spree himself. “Amber, you should work on your aim,” he wrote. “And Matt should have come after me. Pussy”

Simon even attempted to sum up the taping in under 140 characters, tweeting, “Recap of reunion: @amberportwood trotting around like a hippo. Matt and another senior citizen in a small scuffle. #teenmomog”

[From Eonline]

How trashy is Farrah’s boyfriend for those tweets afterwards? This sounds more like Jerry Springer than MTV, but so many of these reality show reunion episodes veer into Springer territory, and I’m thinking more of the Real Housewives than Teen Mom. Part of me feels bad for Amber for taking the bait from Farrah, if only because I dislike Farrah for so thoroughly saturating the media with her bullsh-t. Amber has an abusive past though and she should not have engaged or become violent, there’s no excuse for that. Team no one except their kids, who did not sign up to make their moms famous for having them young.

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33 Responses to “Amber Portwood threw a punch at Farrah Abraham at Teen Mom OG reunion”

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  1. Queen Petty says:

    Neither of them can talk about the others poor decisions but it is understandable that someone would want to punch Farrah in the face.

    • Hannah says:

      Farrah is so dumb she dared someone to punch her in the face after all the money she spent to look plastic!

    • Beer&Crumpets says:

      I feel like Amber should get a pass on this one. Like you said, it’s understandable. I might even punch Farrah in the face if I had the chance, just on G.P.

      • Anna says:

        I dislike Farrah but I’m kind of on her side with this one.
        Amber is mad at Farrah because years ago Matt was obsessed with Teen Mom and used to try and hit on Jenelle and Farrah on twitter and when they would ignore him he would get really angry and send mean and awful tweets to them. And anyway he finally realized they would never date him so he started tweeting Amber and since she was vulnerable she responded and that’s when they started dating and he’s always said he’s known nothing about Teen Mom and didn’t even know who Amber was but clearly that’s not true. His twitter handle used to be Giant Idiot (which he clearly is) and the tweets have been reposted online. So after this all came out earlier this year, Farrah told Amber that she thinks she should dump Matt because he’s clearly a liar and tried to hit on other Teen Moms. Amber agreed at first but then Matt started manipulating Amber again and she’s back to being in love.
        There are even rumours that Matt lied about being an addict cause he knew that being in recovery would seem more appealing to Amber.

        I know all of this because I still watch the show while I do essays and study for exams haha it’s good background noise and keeps me focused

  2. Melly says:

    I’m not a violent person. But if I had an opportunity to punch Farrah, I’d totally do it.

  3. LiterallyaShambles says:

    Sorry, but I read the headline and said “good.” Farrah Abraham needs a good punch in the face.
    I blame the hell out of MTV for creating all these monsters. They rewarded irresponsibility, glamorized teen pregnancy, and have continued throwing money at these garbage bag people to fund their selfish, ridiculous lifestyles. I’m their age, and the entitlement, irresponsibility, and total bullshit that comes from the majority of them is infuriating.
    I’m glad Jenelle Evans wasn’t there, for that girl makes me absolutely rage.

    • Sandy says:

      I am an exclusive TM2 watcher, but you are so right about the entitlement some of the girls have. Because of the money MTV throws these girls almost none of them have gotten off their asses to make something of themselves. The waste money on material things and bask in their trashy fans adoration. It’s sad when you think of what an actual ambitious teen Mom could do with the money and resources these girls waste.

    • pinetree13 says:

      They definitely created Monsters BUT the show does NOT glamorize teen pregnancy. If anything, it makes it seem like it will totally screw up your life and you’ll end up miserable. Even the original show which wasn’t nearly as trashy, made it seem like it ruined all of their lives so it is the furthest thing from glamorizing it!

  4. gene123 says:

    I follow this pathetically close and I am sadly Team Farrah. Amber is in an abusive relationship and its scary and early in the season farrah reached out to her about it and Matt shut it down and basically cut it off.

    Also Farrah’s boyfriend is THE best part of the show.

    • Ange says:

      I’ve only seen one episode with Farrah and it was when she wanted her boyfriend to go to Easter or something? He must be a truly abominable fame whore because there’s no way a sane and rational man would put up with the way she spoke to him. It was so vile I was ready to punch her through the TV myself.

  5. Bridget says:

    Did Farrah have to pay this boyfriend to be there too?

  6. Nicole says:

    They all suck. Farrah is an awful human being who tried to attack a heavily pregnant maci last year. So delusional about her own worth

    But let’s be real: Amber has a DV problem. If she was a guy we would still be taking her over the coals for punching someone much less in front of her kid. Now she’s lazy and with a guy that should be anywhere near her kid. Amber threw that punch because Matt hit on Farrah and Jenelle first and that grates on her nerves.

    Tldr they both suck and team Kids as well

    • pinetree13 says:

      Yeah it was beyond dumb to get in anything physical when fresh out of prison. Like you think she would learn to AVOID assaulting someone at any cost. But I guess no learning occurred.

  7. Sayrah says:

    I used to love dr drew but he instigated that by asking Simon those questions.

    And yes I shamefully admit to being a teen mom watcher.

  8. QQ says:

    I don’t condone Violence… but I’m Team “I UNDERSTAND… NAY OVERSTAND Why Anyone would wanna Deck Farrah”

    • BearcatLawyer says:

      I am ashamed to admit that I have watched these girls off and on since their “16 and Pregnant” episodes. While violence is never the answer, Farrah has evolved into a most delusional, rude, appalling excuse for a human being and a good dose of slap therapy may be EXACTLY what she needs.

      As an aside, Matt Baier may be a deadbeat serial impregnator (father/dad is entirely too generous a label for his ilk), but there is no evidence that he is, in fact, a pedophile. Farrah and Simon are way out of line for repeatedly saying that Matt “looks like” a pedophile. They are probably far too dumb to understand, but reckless statements like this put Matt’s life at risk. The wrong person could take their allegations as true and decide to dole out some vigilante justice. For this alone, MTV should cut all ties with Farrah and her family.

      • QQ says:

        I’m sitting right here in this shame with you AF.. .. even the least problematic of the bunch ( Tyler and Catelynn we can agree, no?) seem lack the capacity for self reflection, life tools/skills to communicate or even understanding how they come off and soooo much more, then you have the Parents/Partners etc which are a whole bunch of Attention seeking mess in an of itself the worst by far to me are Farrah and Jenelle the one with the Twins ( with an uncanny ability to attract men still while clearly on ALL the drugs) and anything in or around them, Second tier of messes would Be Amber and the Latin short haired girl and the Macis and Ryans All and All.. They are all my anti drug and my Birth control all in one

      • Anilehcim says:

        LOL this show is my guilty pleasure and I don’t ever admit to anyone that I watch it so I share your shame!

        I agree that they lack introspection and could certainly use some, but Farrah and her fam are legit mentally unwell in my opinion. I used to really root for Catelynn and Tyler but they’re such a mess these days! I actually love Maci and think her life is the most stable of them all… Taylor is a great stepdad and Bentley is the most well-rounded child out of all of them. Sophia is undoubtedly going to grow up with issues since her grandparents and mom are nuts. I don’t have anything bad to say about Amber, I mean she did her time in treatment and jail and she’s doing pretty well. Matt is a problem, but I guess whatever floats her boat.

  9. Tig says:

    I wonder if the folks who concocted the idea for this continuing train wreck ever feel the least bit ashamed? Good grief- look at these photos. These are young women who look late 30s/40s. Amber ostensibly got help
    while in jail, but the rest? And the impact of all this dysfunction on these little children is never mentioned. And of course Dr Drew is there to referee-err, moderate. Ick

    • BearcatLawyer says:

      Dr. Drew is part of the problem. He is on the same MTV gravy train and is now more of an enabler as opposed to a voice of reason.

    • Anilehcim says:

      I don’t think it’s fair to say “the rest.” If anyone on this show has some normalcy going on, it’s Maci, who just got married to a guy she has two children with and he is a fantastic stepfather to her son, who is a really great, genuinely happy kid and a testament to the fact that she’s a good mother.

      However, Catelynn and Tyler have grown up to be losers, unfortunately, and Farrah is absolutely out of her mind. I really wish MTV would get rid of Farrah and her toxic family. It’s really exploitation at this point because none of them are of sound mind and I genuinely feel for her daughter because that child has no stable adults in her life.

  10. Va Va Kaboom says:

    Does anyone else ever contemplate what people learning about our culture in a few hundred years are going to say about Reality Tv shows like “16 & Pregnant”? I can easily imagine they will be viewed as our era’s gladiator fights. Future generations will ask themselves “what was wrong with these people that they found people ruining their lives so entertaining”?

  11. naomipaige says:

    I think it’s time for Farrah to hit the road. Why is she even on the show since every chance he got she was bad-mouthing the show. I’m guessing MTV loves the instigating and the action. I’m sure they are behind the scenes encouraging it.

  12. Andrea says:

    If anyone has seen the show recently, it is Farrah who needs anger management.

  13. JustCrimmles says:

    Farrah is peak ridiculous, but seeing her family, it’s not hard to understand how that started.

  14. pinetree13 says:

    This show is almost a documentary in how abuse and neglect cross generations. All the teen moms had pretty terrible parents for the most part and haven’t exactly improved things for their own children.

  15. Anilehcim says:

    Farrah is the absolute worst. I know that producers keep people like her on TV shows because they think they need a villain and that people tune in because they want to see her, but I’m pretty positive that barely anyone even watches her. I fast forward through her parts because she is so obviously in desperate need of mental help (along with both of her parents, who are totally off their rockers and blatantly use her for her money). MTV is really disgusting for the way they exploit Farrah. She doesn’t belong on television, she belongs in treatment. Her moods vary between angry to the point of an aneurysm and falling apart into hysterical tears… there is no in between.

  16. Audrey says:

    Amber’s boyfriend had a restraining order against him for allegedly sexually assaulting his ex. Simon has a fair point regarding him being too sketchy to be around her daughter but it was too far to accuse him of being a pedophile.

  17. fran says:

    Farrah looks like Kim K!! 😮