Tori Spelling got a reality show and wants to be the next Martha Stewart

Tori Spelling has tried her hand at a lot of things – author, reality star, inn owner, wedding planner – at in a vain attempt to earn enough money to keep up with the lifestyle in which she was raised. It hasn’t been working out so well for her, probably because she’s incapable of budgeting or figuring out how to dodge taxes, but she’s going to try her hand at another business which may have the potential to keep her afloat – the lifestyle business. She already has a sad lifestyle site which she barely updates, so maybe she wants to focus more on that. Plus she has a new reality show coming focusing on her pregnancy and the birth of her fifth child. This is the woman who owes six figures in debt to the US government and on credit cards and instead of buckling down jets off to Europe for months of photo ops and paid meet and greets. I doubt that trip netted more than she spent so she’s got to find another money maker.

We’re told that the financially struggling actress has managed to sell a reality show about her pregnancy and first months with her fifth child.

As well as helping to pay off her substantial debts, we’re told that Spelling, 43, hopes to use the show to make herself a “household name,” branding herself as a domestic diva in the Martha Stewart vein.

Insiders say the show will include a lot of crafting, a niche Spelling is hoping to carve for herself.

“She’s hoping that if she can brand herself as a Martha-like figure, that can be a way to make some real money going forward,” we’re told.

It’s unclear which network has picked the show up, but in recent years Spelling and her on-again husband Dean McDermott have had reality shows on Oxygen and CMT. Spelling has reportedly been battling money trouble for years.

[From Page Six]

If a bombastic businessman with the temperament of a toddler and the vocabulary of an average middle school student can have a reality show and become president then Tori Spelling can have one and be the next Martha Stewart, although the rules do seem to be different for women. I don’t think she will be particularly skilled at it nor will she be a quarter as meticulous yet creative as Martha, (she seems to have a particular problem with organizing and Martha can do it all), but she has name recognition going for her and that’s half the battle. So go ahead, Tori Spelling, be a lifestyle specialist. Now that she’s having her fifth child at 43 she’s predictably capitalizing the hell out of that and will likely continuing her paid social media posts too. She’s just seeing what sticks and this isn’t particularly inventive for someone who wants to be like Martha.

Oh and if you want to see Tori’s pregnant belly with an “I voted” sticker on it, go here. I won’t subject you to that without a warning.

This is the type of thing she shares on Instagram. It’s just a layer cookie with a plastic spider on it. Martha Stewart wouldn’t even acknowledge this woman.

Had to post another pic from yesterday at the amazing @egpaf event! Such an amazing charity! And, I'm so #bumpproud

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  1. SnazzyisAlive says:

    I think I saw an ad that Martha is now doing a cooking show with Snoop? It looked HILARIOUS. Now that is something I would watch. Tori, ummm, well no. Not now, not ever

    • Kori says:

      All I can think of are delicacies laced with pot ala treats in Amsterdam. LOL They have full menus.

  2. Green Is Good says:

    Jesus, she’s preggo again? How can they afford another kid? They’re “broke”, right?

    • Lindsay says:

      First she could sell all the stuff she has been hoarding, which would not only generate income but reduce the huge monthly bill for climate controlled storage in LA.

      Also, her mother Candy Spelling won’t let her grandkids suffer or go without solely because her daughter isn’t bright or good with money and married a guy at her same level that is content to live off her for the most part (he has had jobs here and there).

  3. swak says:

    This aggravates me so much. Here is someone who has blown every single chance that she was given and yet still gets those opportunities, again and again, a la Lindsay Lohan. This poor baby is just another way to make money for them and I feel sorry for him/her.

  4. JustJen says:

    She did something to her face, but I can’t figure out what. Holy crap, I had no idea she had a lifestyle site!!! Here’s a tip, make sure everyone has clean feet before you feature them on your website! Ewww.

  5. CoKatie says:

    She thinks that people are going to watch a “lifestyle” program when she can’t get her OWN lifestyle under control and pay back the million dollars she is in debt?! Come on!!! What’s it going to be called “Counting Down The Hours Till Candy’s Death”? And yeah, sorry I went there, but seriously …

    • chaine says:

      “Real Housewives of Bankruptcy Court”

    • AnnaKist says:

      I used to think her dad was an arse for leaving her so little in his will, but have come around to believing he either knew her better than she knew herself, or wanted(expected/hoped she’d use her inheritance as a base to start her own empire. And then there’s the hubby… I suspect Candy has already made plans to do something similar. Doesn’t she already pay for the children’s schools and other things?

      Tori looks exactly like the lady I saw yesterday who stared intently at me as I admired her lovely summer dress. Oh, wait. That was a shop dummy…

  6. Keaton says:

    Well she’s got to support all those kids so…good for her?

  7. Green Is Good says:

    Candy isn’t going to leave Tori shit. She’ll tie up the inheritance in a irrevocable Trust for the grandkids. Tori and Deano ain’t getting squat. And rightly so.

  8. Pandy says:

    I have a soft spot for Tori. She wasn’t born needing any skills, so she’s gotta hustle!

    • bettyrose says:

      I’ve never had thoughts about her one way or another, but after re-watching old 90210 episodes, featuring the progression of her plastic surgery, I gotta say a feel a little bad for her. Even her character on that show, the thing that has defined her entire existence, only grew in importance as the other actors started bailing out.

  9. Cupcake says:

    Tacky as all hell.

  10. amp122076 says:

    Look at the sad front door on that rental.