Amber Rose was dragged for allowing her 3-year-old son to get a manicure


Years ago, judgy moms threw a fit over Gwen Stefani’s commitment to letting her son Kingston do whatever he wanted with his styling. Like, the kid was 4-years-old and getting his hair bleached just like his mom. She would also take him to the nail salon for manicures, where he would get his nails done in multiple colors. In 2010, I took that in with a shrug. I still do, even more so these days with the increased awareness around gender nonconformity. Why not let a little boy get his nails done, really? Who the f—k cares? Apparently, a lot of people still care. And they were super-offended that Amber Rose did the same thing with her son Sebastian this week. Amber posted this to Instagram:

A video posted by Amber Rose (@amberrose) on

Amber is prompting Sebastian – who is three and a half – as he seems to be getting a pedicure. He tells her that he’s going to get “pumpkin” colored nails. Amber posted this video with this message: “We encourage our children to paint, draw and be creative so why block them from their creativity when it comes to self expression? F–k society standards and gender roles! Let your children be great!” And everyone freaked the hell out, because… for the love of God. There were even old-school claims that Amber was “making him gay” etc. Now, do I think that this is Sebastian’s call? Not really. It seems like something Amber talked him into, like a mother-son day when they could both get mani-pedis. And since he’s so little and he loves his mom, he thought it would be cool. Just to be clear: there’s nothing wrong with that. But I think this is Amber’s self-expression, not Sebastian’s.


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  1. Tris says:

    Shrug. Cute kid. Mine’s 8 and still paints his nails sometimes. It’s fun. Nothing to see here.

    • k37744 says:

      Mine’s 9 and always snags a color while his sis is painting! He does one nail.

      He always makes sure to take it off before school though. Kind of sad, really. How do boys get to express their artistic side?

    • Blahhh says:

      My son is 8 as well and enjoys having his nails painted by his sister. he went to visit his very conservative grandparents one weekend with his nails neon green. His grandmother took him to the bathroom and removed his nail polish bc “boys don’t do that”. Well long story short they got an earful from my husband who has now started painting his nails too to match our sons!

    • LoveIsBlynd says:

      It’s not a gender issue for me, it’s that the crap is toxic for little ones, and it’s not like a 3 year old knows to ask for it. I do ‘wonder” why some parents feed or do toxic things to small kiddos but there’s no licensing agency for parenting. I gradually stay away from women who are unaware or don’t care. just not my type of humans.

  2. Froggy says:

    If one of my sons wanted to paint his nails, I’d have no problem with it but it’s not something I’d have suggested for them. They are older now but I wonder what if they would have been into it. I never thought outside the box I guess.

  3. Bridget says:

    Um, my boys see me do it and want to join in. Why do we assume that he would need prompting to join in on something his mom is doing? Are we supposed to assume that they come out of the womb knowing that manicures and pedicures are intended for girls?

    • Mp says:

      Yes to all this. When my nephew was around 2-3 he used to put his grandmas heels (lolz) and dance around, he only did it because he saw her wearing them and dancing too, no problem whatsoever…just lolz

    • Jen says:

      I agree. When my brother was little, if my mom let my sister and I play with her make-up or put some on with her, he wanted to too. When you’re that little, you’re not thinking “but this isn’t for boys,” you’re thinking “I want that too!”

  4. Pixelated says:

    Amber Rose? Trying to milk every second of attention? SHOCKING

  5. GreenBunny says:

    Her kid is a cutie!

  6. GreenBunny says:

    Meh, my three year old has his sister paint his nails. I think it’s cute. And he can do it for as long as he wants to do it.

  7. GreenBunny says:

    At 3, kids just do what they see around them. Mom likes toes painted, then do I. They’re just starting to realize there’s a world around them and figuring out what they like to do.

  8. Babs says:

    Yeah, no. All This celeb kids gender-bending don’t seem genuine at all.

  9. Jess1632 says:

    I used to play w barbies, Polly pockets, get mani’s and pedi’s w all my little girlfriends when I was younger. No parent shamed me whatsoever or made me feel unaccepted for doing any of those activities (I am a guy btw). So glad my mum isn’t famous or these comments would’ve hurt reading them as I grew up

    • susanne says:

      Thanks, man, for speaking out. Love a guy secure in his masculinity. Rock that.

    • Petrichor says:

      Thanks, Jess! And thanks to your parents too. My son is 5 1/2, and he was Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) for Halloween this year, at his absolute insistence. I’m please to say that no one teased him, and one of the boys in his kindergarten class thought that the costume was “so cool because I’ve never seen a boy princess before!”

      If Trump has brought us post-fact, surely we can be post-gender as well?

      Incidentally, my son, who may or may not be gay, also loves trucks, trains, the Titanic, spiders, tiaras, Barbie, and ballet. And he has one of the most developed imaginations I’ve seen in a kid his age. I foster my children’s creativity, wherever that leads them.

  10. Erin says:

    My son is 11 and has been getting pedicures in a range of colors since he was 6. He loves them. Is he gay? No idea. Do I care? Not a bit. Its an activity hes always enjoyed and I see no reason to deprive him of it due to small-minded idiots who think they get to decide what “normal” is.

  11. HK9 says:

    People really need to stop with these rigid gender roles and let people be.

  12. swak says:

    My grandson’s constantly have had their sisters paint their nails. Sometimes fingers, sometimes toe nails. No biggie. The only problem I would have is bleaching/coloring a child’s hair because of the damage it may do to the hair.

  13. whocares says:

    OMG People! Who gives a shit! He’s not your fucking kid!

  14. Margo S. says:

    I think it’s sweet. I have two boys and a girl on the way. When I finally got back to work and have some disposable income, I’m definitely doing a family mani pedi! So much fun! And they can get colors or not. Who friggin cares?! Love amber and her kid is a handsome fellow!

  15. MrsK says:

    Painting nails, especially these days when nail polish comes in every color in the Crayola box? Go for it.

    But hair bleaching for little kids – boys or girls – is where I would draw the line, because that’s just an annoyance for a small child. You have to sit quite still while it’s being applied, then it has to be on your head for a very precise number of minutes, sometimes it can be irritating to the skin – too much to ask for from a small child, and for no justifiable reason. If they want to paint their hair, there are temporary streaks, dyes, and all kinds of ornaments like feathers or sparkly things they can have fun with.

  16. Alleycat says:

    My nephew is three and loves getting his nails painted. He even threw a fit once when my sister and I went to get ours done and he couldn’t. So of course we allowed him too. ITS NAIL POLISH PEOPLE. He just sees it as something fun.

  17. Jackie O says:

    As long as it’s not a poor woman from another country having to give a 3 year old a mani/pedi just so she can support her children left back home.

    • my3cents says:

      Agree. I’m uncomfortable with any 3 year old (male or female) getting a pedicure.
      Applying some color at home is a different story, but I’d be uncomfortable with someone catering to my 3 year old.

  18. susanne says:

    As a mom, I am not cool with my kids’ images anywhere.
    At first I didn’t understand what this was all about. My son can do whatever he wants with his fingernails and hair, as long as it’s safe. You will not see his face online, though.

  19. Veronica says:

    I’ve never owned a vase as fragile as masculinity.

  20. RuddyZooKeeper says:

    You realize that they don’t just paint nails, right? I’m sure this involved a hand massage, cleansing, exfoliation, moisturizing, more massage, fancy waters, and general pampering and hanging out in the comfy chairs!
    One of my sons always loved to be pampered and feel special and fancy on “dates” with me. Sit-down restaurants, spa days, at-home facials, whatever. Nothing wrong with feeling good.
    And guess what? Boys don’t “turn gay” because they had a happy day with a fun parent. Plenty of gay men walking around today who had to endure pretty crap childhoods without ever feeling special may have something to say on that point. When will people stop with the “stop _______ your kid because you might turn them gay” crap?

  21. Anilehcim says:

    Wiz’s nails are often painted, so maybe he was trying to be like his dad.

  22. Belindaya says:

    So… if I understand correctly ,painting your nails”influences” your sexual orientation ???!!!
    I am a straight woman with no polish on my nails at this time .. so if I paint my nails I will “become” a gay woman ?
    I’m 43 and never saw the correlation between make up and sexuality before … *UGHHHHHH SILLY ME!!

  23. Harper says:

    Amber Rose imparting the importance of nail health to her 3 year old son and not forcing him to conform to gender stereotypes? Major props.

  24. me says:

    I don’t care if boys want to paint their names…the problem I have is with toxic nail polish. My nieces have been wearing nail polish since the age of 2. I hate it. They wear it on their hands and feet. Every time I see them they have a new color and design…even the gel ones too. I think all that stuff is toxic, especially for a child. But what do I know?

  25. nana says:

    Guys put on nail polish.. mostly black.. but they do.. NBD IMO.. people need to chill

  26. nana says:

    Guys put on nail polish.. mostly black.. but they do.. NBD IMO.. people need to chill

  27. Lisa says:

    MASCULINITY IS SO FRAGILE. I can’t believe the level of ignorance in these claims, but then Trump was elected this week, and I couldn’t believe that either. This week just isn’t meant to make sense.

  28. MsT_shady says:

    Why does Gwen get a pass but Amber gets lambasted? Especially when peroxide bleach is much more toxic than nail varnish?

  29. Elyna says:

    I had difficulty trimming and shaping my guys’ nails when they were younger. I brought them to the nail salon & talked them in to getting a mani/pedi. They were resistant up to the point of getting in to the chair and putting their feet in to that warm water. They didn’t try a polish (rural school bans it for boys). Instead, they chose the foot wrap & massage. Best part was the reduction in their anxiety levels along with positive inclusion from every one in the salon.
    We still keep twice yearly appointments as they’re old enough for self-maintenance. The whole experience has been positive. I’m glad we started when they were young. They understand grooming techniques, similar to maintaining their haircuts.