Kylie Jenner accused of ripping off image for her holiday makeup line ad


Kylie Jenner has just introduced her cosmetic company’s holiday line and it is receiving all the attention we would expect for a Kardashian product. The line is mostly sold out and fans are using superlatives and multiple exclamation points to describe it. Critics, however, see a reoccurring theme with Kylie’s promotion: stolen artistic property. Specifically makeup artist Vlada Haggerty who has been the source of much of Kylie’s “inspiration”. The problem is, Kylie and Ko. keep forgetting to credit Vlada for any of her work.

Trouble first sparked when Vlada noticed Kylie’s dripping lip logo for her brand. Vlada, who posted her first dripping lip signature art in May 2015, was thrilled to have art borrowed to promote such a popular line. However, Kylie made no mention of Vlada or her art in its credit. It seems that Kylie is still inspired by Vlada for her holiday line:

Well now wait just a minute – Kylie’s lips and fingers are matte, though. And Kylie’s fingers are barely touching the nose – these are practically night and day. Seriously, nobody thought to use different colors as an attempt not to be a blatant rip off? (And I’m really not trying to play favorites, but Vlada’s just looks better.) Vlada posted her original image nine weeks ago and Kylie’s… I don’t know because I can’t find it on any of Kylie’s sites so I guess Kylie Cosmetics got the point? This isn’t the first time Vlada had to protect her ideas. A tattoo artist who goes by Toni Art Tattoo also stole her work (along with three others).

Kylie herself can’t really be bothered with all of this right now because she’s too busy eating. She hosted a huge Thanksgiving dinner with the Jenner-Kardashians (minus Kim, Kanye and Khloe) at her house. The next morning, she prepared boyfriend Tyga’s favorite breakfast with French toast, bacon and a sausage-and-pepper scramble and rice with cheesy eggs. That night, the couple went to Tra Di Noi in Malibu for dinner. Good lord, where do they put it? I gained five pounds just reading about it. You can see their various food orgies here but this was the table Kylie set for Thanksgiving, which is typical Kardashian opulence but slightly mesmerizing:

Huh. I wonder who “inspired” this look?




Photo credit: Fame/Flynet Photos and Instagram

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  1. Squiggisbig says:

    I mean why wouldn’t she steal her artwork? she stole her whole body from Kim K and Blac Chyna.

    • Lacia Can says:

      I seriously doubt Kylie has ever had her own thoughts about anything. Kris has controlled her from a very young age. I’m so torn about her. I both despise and pity her. I will say that I hate her whole look. I won’t criticize people for the looks they were born with, but Kylie bought that look from head to toe. She looks very little like her old self.

      • Megan says:

        Kylie looked 1,000X better before the work. It’s a shame that such a young person altered her looks so dramatically.

    • atorontogal says:

      My thoughts exactly!!

  2. elen says:

    how about both ripping the work of Guy Bourdin?

    • Jesie says:

      Exactly. This isn’t an original idea from either, and Bourdin himself had many ‘influences’.

      You’d struggle to find an image from a cosmetics company that isn’t borrowing from something else.

  3. Lucy says:

    Wow. Obvious much? Does she/her production team seriously think no one will notice?

  4. Nancy says:

    There is nothing original or authentic about this girl.

    • Radley says:

      Agreed. And it’s sad. How old is she? 19? 20? She comes across as a factory made fembot. Who would buy cosmetics from this kid?

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Kylie is 100% fake from her instagram photos to her plastic body. Her entire make-up line is a rip off. They only sell a small amount of sets so they can say the stuff instantly sold out. The quality is terrible but she doesn’t care because she gets $. I do believe she ate all that food though and I’m sure she will be a clinic next week getting it liposuctioned out.

  6. swak says:

    Think Kim showed up to the dinner according to some websites. But, what is new? Do they do anything original – remember they invented wigs!

  7. lightpurple says:

    Is the point of the floral wall on the table to block one’s view of the other family members.

    The color used in Kylie’s version looks like something other than makeup or paint on first glance.

    • Shambles says:

      It’s also interesting to see the difference in real full lips v. fake full lips. And the fake nails on her version are gaudy.

  8. paolanqar says:

    She keeps stealing ideas and concept from other people (makeup, hair, clothes, shoes, surgery ) so this is not very surprising. Also you can spot right away the original one from the rip-off: the overplumped lips and the fake nails give it away.
    Remember when she wanted to sue that company because the poster girl looked like her?

    she is lucky that that girl didn’t sue Kylie for becoming her lookalike after the surgery!
    Also that story with Kylie Minogue about making the name ‘Kylie’ an exclusive brand for the Kardashians?
    Have a seat sweetpea!
    This girl is CLUELESS,

  9. Realitycheck says:

    To come up with new ideas your have to be creative, smart and put time into your products. These girls outsource everything to other people they don’t come up with anything of their own.

    Not surprised.

  10. Green Is Good says:

    How obvious is this rip off. 👿

  11. RussianBlueCat says:

    Still can’t get over the fact Kylie is only nineteen. Plus what dirt does Tyga have on Kris? I am surprised she has allowed that relationship to last this long.

  12. Fluff says:

    Kylie never formulated an original thougth or gave ponder to an original creative idea in the duration of her cloned life. Bless her surgically enhanced bottom 😛

  13. manda says:

    re: all the food

    I’m thinking that they probably waste a lot of it

  14. Sunnydaze says:

    With all the Kardashians gossip, can we have a few stories about all Tyga’s financials? All the creditors coming for him? All the cars and jewelry he can’t pay for?? I recently saw an episode of Tanked and had to roll my eyes…I just kept thinking I hope the ATM guys got the money for that incredible aquarium up front!

  15. Dani says:

    He entire makeup line is a ripoff. All of her colors are dupes of Colourpop, Lime Crime, Jeffree Star and Kat Von D. Her shadows are a HUGE ripoff – look of the pallet and everything from this one makeup girl on twitter I forgot her name, maybe Shaylee or something? who released the pallet way before Kylie. Her whole business is a scam.