Prince Harry ‘is truly in love’ with Meghan, will probably propose ‘this year’


Meghan Markle is back in Toronto – the Daily Mail has photos of her out and about with her yoga mat, because this lady does yoga all the time. I do feel sorry for her – she must have paparazzi camped outside of her place, just waiting to take photos while she steps out and does her errands and goes to her yoga classes. Still, we now know that she’s back at home after her New Year’s vacation with Prince Harry. Reportedly, Meghan flew to London before the new year, then Harry took her away to the vacation he planned to Norway, to see the Northern Lights. E! News had more details about the vacation – go here to read. Meanwhile, sources keep saying that an engagement will happen:

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are proving you can be truly in love and truly private. While the famous couple continues their romance around the world, fans are still unable to see numerous pictures of the royal family member and the Suits star together. But before you get discouraged, this relationship remains the real deal.

“Harry is truly in love,” a source shared with E! News. “They’re very serious.” In addition, our insider says that those close to Harry and Meghan wouldn’t be surprised if there will be an engagement announcement sometime this year.”

[From E! News]

We’ve already heard these rumors, although as this relationship keeps going, I’m believing them more and more. Like, I think it’s a good sign that they were able to slip away to Norway without any photos. I think it’s a good sign that Meghan can fly from Toronto to London and have her travel plans kept undercover. I think it’s a good sign that Harry seems to be all-in. And for what it’s worth, Meghan seems to be all-in too. I think she’s coming from a more eyes-wide-open American frame of mind. She’s in her 30s, she’s already been married, she knows how to work for a living and she has a charitable heart. She knows what she’s getting into and if he proposes, she’ll be all-in then too.


Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News.

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  1. Magdalena says:

    IDK why but my gut feeling says they won’t marry. It’s just a feeling I have.

    • anna222 says:

      Really? I’m the opposite I guess, I have a George-Amal feeling.

    • LO says:

      I’m with you. Nothing to do with Meghan. Moreso because I don’t picture Harry settling down anytime soon. I think he likes the idea of marriage but doesn’t actually want to be saddled to one girl. I see him pulling a Prince Albert and marrying when he’s fifty to someone 20 years younger.

    • lol says:

      I actually just looked her up on instagram – she is no longer following Harry. Hmmm

      • notasugarhere says:

        It was suggested in another thread that he’s moved accounts again (if that was his account), because of the fangirls who keep hunting him down via social media accounts. It would make sense if she stopped following that account, and if he creates a new one, she reads it privately without following.

      • lobbit says:

        Well, that’s not a good sign 🙁 but time will tell, I suppose. Still rooting for them!

      • Can'tRecall says:

        You tumblr royaldish/gossip stans are so trying to push the idea that they are not dating and it’s all based in theories you spin and cosign for one another. Good luck with making your believe happen.

    • Barbara says:

      Could just be a lust connection. We all know those don’t last.

      • Can'tRecall says:

        Just as it could be TRUE love connection…sometimes those don’t work either but as a woman, I’d rather not demean a confirmed 6+ month relationship as lust. Then that’s just me.

      • Betsy says:

        I don’t think they would have gone public were that the case. I’m sure Harry has had lots of strange over the years; we only know the names of how many?

    • lavins says:

      I say it’ll be a 2018 wedding for these two.

    • sarah says:

      I don’t think they will either. Her career will be the stumbling block, it’s a bit racy for the RF. And I read a couple of articles that said they were not in Norway together? That no one saw them, he travelled alone.

      I think people are making up this big fantasy for Harry, because they like the idea of him marrying a mixed race woman without thinking of how much she will be put through. For her sake, if she is thinking about it, I hope she runs away as fast as she can. Her life will be miserable. I saw how much the press liked Fergie at first, how she was “fresh” and “real” and how they viciously turned on her. The RF and the tabloids will 10X worse to Meghan than they were to Fergie. Mixed race? Check. Divorced? Check. Actress with some racy scenes? Check. Unusual family? Check. They will run her right into the ground.

      And see how Beatrice and Eugenie’s are treated? That is what will happen to any of Harry’s kids. Second class citizens, mockery every day, anything to make the future King look better.

      • notasugarhere says:

        No, her career is not a stumbling block. She’s not Koo Stark. Sophie Winkleman married in, Markle’s career will be no problem. Likewise her ethnicity, not being British, and being divorced. Plenty of other people with those boxes checked have married in without incident. See previous threads for the lists.

        If these two managed to get in and out of Norway separately, with only rumors and no photos? More power to them.

        There is no fantasy here. They are in a relationship, have been for 7-8 months now. He has had the Palace publicly acknowledge it and defend her, which is a first.

        So much concern trolling for her. It is her life, she gets to make the decision. She is not Fergie, broken by her childhood and desperate to be liked while unable to stand on her own two feet. Markle is a grown up, knows how to support herself as an adult, knows how to work for a living, and knows how to deal with public attention both positive and negative.

        The press was automatically going to pit Diana vs. Fergie, but Sarah didn’t do herself any favors. She earned the Duchess Dolittle name first, because she worked less than even the Queen Mum at times. If Markle buckles down, does her engagements, and pulls her weight, her story will turn out differently.

        Beatrice and Eugenie are treated they way they are in large part because Andrew and Sarah didn’t prepare them for life outside the royal fold. As long as Harry (and whomever he marries) prepare their children like Linley and Lady Sarah were prepared, their way will be much easier.

      • sarah says:

        @notasugarhere, you don’t know any of that. It’s all supposition!! And I don’t know how old you are, but Fergie was loved and stable when she joined the Royal family. Don’t paint her to be some nutjob from the beginning. That is not valid.

        And perhaps Meghan is not Koo Stark, but she has done topless scenes rubbing up against her costar. What do I care? But your country will care.

        And if you don’t think the media are going to look under ever rock, follow her family, look in their garbage cans, etc., you are being naive. I’m surprised that you think this is concern trolling. It is actually concern. And what’s wrong with Eugenie and Beatrice? It’s Fergie’s fault that she didn’t raise them right, and that is why the media called them ugly when they were still very young!!
        And to get back to my first point – you have NO facts here. Fangirls are accused of not liking this – I think the Fangirls for this are making up stuff to make this happen.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Wait, are you the one who keeps going from site to site going on about “rubbing against”? OMG get over it. I sense not real concern for her, but your disapproval of her comes through loud and clear.

        Never assume. I watched Sarah Ferguson from the beginning. She herself has admitted that many of her failures in the public eye stem from childhood issues. Her mother left the family for a new man, she felt abandoned, she has spent her life seeking approval, shooting herself in the foot, and making the same mistakes over and over.

        So only mothers are responsible for raising children? What a sexist idea. I never said Andrew and Sarah didn’t raise them “right”, merely that they didn’t raise them to survive outside the fold as working royals. They are by many accounts polite, thoughtful, and gracious young women.

        When B&E first arrived, and while they were young and living through the divorce, they were celebrated as the young princesses. The attacks on B&E didn’t begin until they were much older, when the public decided anyone related to antic-ridden Andrew and Fergie were fair game.

  2. QQ says:

    *insert my body is ready gif in here before the thread goes to sh!t*

  3. Alleycat says:

    I want to be a third party in this relationship because they’re both so hot. Norway is everything, it’s so gorgeous there.

  4. The Original Mia says:

    I’m all in on Harry & Meghan too!

  5. Slowsnow says:

    I WANT them to marry. Just to piss off the bigoted, racist DM readers.

  6. Blah says:

    Charitable heart? 14 years in Hollywood and she just started her “charity” work 2 years ago. LOL. Yeah, Media Meg is so charitable that she CANCELLED her charity trip to India to go vacation. Attention loving and phony through and through. She calls the papz every time she steps out. A social climber even worse than lazy Kate Middleton.
    She WANTED the attention. They have videos of Meghan soon to be released. The English Media will tear her apart.

    • Nia says:

      Hi Tumblr ^

      • notasugarhere says:

        (And RoyalDish, RoyalForums, et. al.)

        As someone wrote a few weeks ago, she checks every box the fangirls said they wanted. Now the unicorn is real and there are implosions right and left.

      • lavins says:

        The fangirls and many of the forums HATE Her. Not sure why.

        I like her. She has lived her life, she works supports herself and didn’t go live off of her parents after University. I like that she pursued her own goals and wasn’t waiting for a Prince. She’s no Waity Katey, who I still lack respect for because all she did was wait and chase PW and stopped any other goals after she met him in her 20’s.

        I also think she will have the US entertainment media and magazines with her as far as press, so it will counter act the Daily Mail’s nasty headlines.
        What hurt Chelsy a lot was that the British press was Awful to her and they weren’t especially nice to Cressida either,

        Meghan has media in the US which will help balance out some of the mud the Daily Mail tries or will throw.

        A good YouTube watch is Wendy William’s show on the Harry-Meghan romance, She gets gossipy and it’s funny, but underneath a lot of truths there. I don’t watch the show but stumbled upon her views on the romance on YouTube. lol

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      We’re likely to get videos of Donald Trump in Russian hotel rooms before we ever get “videos of Meghan.” Maybe even his tax returns.

      • Can'tRecall says:

        Don’t ruin it for them. Nearly ALL their lies and circular logic has already been proven false. Meghan has been active with various charitable causes since grade school. Her 1st job was in a soup kitchen. She cancelled her trip for security reasons as she would defo be a target at this point and does not have a security team. There is no reason for her to call paps as they are camped out to follow her at this point . I tend to agree that she is a social climber if social climber means she is an intelligent, educated goal oriented ambitious woman who worked hard to achieve the life she wanted. As to those videos, probably not…but keep hope alive.

    • liv0 says:

      I agree. Can’t understand why the general tone of this article is so positive. All her yoga walks, some with her arm held up to show her ‘friendship bracelet’ are so staged and cringeworthy.
      When she went to London earlier she made sure to go to the grocery store to get papped.
      The stories about an engagement coming closer were probably planted by her team.
      She reeks of social climbing and I think she is using this relationship to further her personal ambitions.

      • Yourstruly says:

        Anything that comes out about this couple is blamed on Meghan’s PR. Based on the articles ive read, the sources have all been from Harry’s camp rather than Meghans and why shouldn’t she go yoga? Why should she have to stop just because some people she doesn’t know are bothered by it.

      • Lady D says:

        “some with her arm held up to show her ‘friendship bracelet’ ” OMG she switched hands. You’re right, she’s a total fame-ho.

      • Tia Maria says:

        Oh Please Liv0, a girl can’t go to a grocery store? Get a grip and give the girl a break.

      • lavins says:

        I never uderstand why some go immediately to “it’s PR if Harry’s gf goes for a walk? The same has been said about Harry’s other girlfriends, either social climbing or using PR. I don’t get why people get so crazy when one of Harry’s girlfriends takes a walk to a store or job or school. LOL

        Meghan really hasn’t said much about him publicly.

  7. whoknows says:

    I don’t know what to believe. I heard she is signed on for two more Suits seasons and that she’s really interested in cooking and would also love to have her own show etc.

  8. Lorelai says:

    I SO hope this is true! It would be fabulous on so many levels if they get married.

    • PennyLane says:

      Very strongly for this match. Their children would be beautiful!

      Plus, I think her genes are strong enough to overcome the Windsor horse face that they all seem to develop eventually. Reason enough for Harry to marry her. 😉

      • Dolphin7 says:

        Yes I agree!!!
        I love them together. I want Harry happy and he’s mentioned wanting children a lot lately. She seems like a strong capable woman who can handle the media spotlight. She’s beautiful and hard working. I think she could do great things for the charities she would take on. I do love a royal wedding😄

      • Mary Mary says:

        The children would be beautiful, if they inherit her looks and intelligence.

        Comment of the day for better or worse:

        “Give Meghan credit for cracking the dim witted Harry code. The women he has been with in the past were from his world so they deferred to him I’m sure, pretending not to notice that he is thick”.

  9. Amy says:

    Meghan was NOT in Norway with Harry. She was in LA with her mother. They broke up. PH was in Verbier with some friends.

    • Nia says:

      Hi Tumblr ^^^^

      • sarah says:

        Do you have any proof she was in Norway? I read in several places that they did break up and she was in the US, not Norway. I hope for her sake they did break up.

      • Can'tRecall says:

        Proof @sarah….you mean like the local news and 1st person reports from Tramvik? Proof like that? Because there is that proof:

        I know you tumblr/royaldish/gossip trolls either can’t or don’t really like to read (possibly because FACTS get in the way of your agenda) but a few highlights:

        Proof 1. “They were very discreet,” Tromvik local Julie Lilanda tells PEOPLE, noting of the scenic spot, “We have a lot of whales and the Northern Lights in Tromvik, which is perfect for tourists to see.”

        Proof 2. Yet the trip wasn’t entirely free of home comforts. According to multiple reports in the Norwegian media, Harry and Markle stayed at the luxury Tromvik Lodge during their stay.

        Hope that helps.

    • HappyMom says:

      Photos of him in Verbier? Or her in LA?

    • Mimi says:

      LMAO! Fiction can be fun, no? They are probably shagging right now all over Kensington Palace while the haters stick pins in their Meghan voodoo dolls.

  10. MellyMel says:

    Let me go ahead & get my popcorn ready for the comments…

  11. Katydid20 says:

    As much as I want to believe these stories, I feel the thirst is strong with this one.

    • Beatrice says:

      I agree. Beautiful and accomplished, but thirsty.

    • Can'tRecall says:

      Sure. If thirsty equals complete silence since it became public knowledge she’s dating Harry and going about her life as usual.

  12. Ramona says:

    I think we will have a proposal by April and then a summer wedding. It will be beautiful and glorious and many racist tears will be shed. Cant wait.

    • PennyLane says:

      “It will be beautiful and glorious and many racist tears will be shed.”

      Translation: “Your tears of racist despair are delicious to me!” lol

      Totally. I can’t wait either. 🙂

    • Chels says:

      Yes because it’s her fault gossip sites make up stories. Eyeroll. They ran exactly the same type of stories with Cressida. He was also gonna propose to her. I guess the thirst was strong with her too.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Realistically it would have to be late summer/fall earliest. Even Zara and Mike’s small, private wedding in Scotland was 7 months after the engagement announcement. If they wanted something tiny like Charles and Camilla’s, that only took 2 months from engagement to wedding. HM and Philip’s 70th is this November; they’d probably want to avoid anything too close to that date.

  13. suze says:

    I suppose everyone will believe what they want to believe here. Sources are probably suspect.

    However the gossip genies will have to pull the Flying Elvi from my cold, dead, hands. I am going to believe in this until we are all dead and there is no hope left.

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      I hope for Sixer’s sake we get the flying Elvi, and maybe even a build-a-bear proposal! It is the least we deserve for surviving 2016.

    • Sixer says:

      As you know, I am also all in! Flying Elvi, Build-a-Bear, and St Martin-in-the-Field for bluhare.

      I’ve also decided to like her because the extra types interested in this all seem to hate her. And I like to be contrarian.

      • Zapp Brannigan says:

        Sixer maybe they will ask you to play drunk darts at the wedding, if they do report back!

      • Sixer says:

        Oh my goodness! A new wedding must-have. Drunken darts!

      • notasugarhere says:

        bluhare (if you’re checking this thread), do you want her to have a coat-over-dress style, like Mathilde or Sophie, for your winter wedding dream?

    • notasugarhere says:

      Me as well. If they decide this is the right move for them, I hope it is sooner rather than later. Like Letizia, best to get her in under Palace protection quickly. If Grace Kelly can get out of a contract, she can too. She can do the work, she’ll adapt, and it will help him to have someone from the real, real world as a partner.

      • sarah says:

        Yes, and look how well that turned out for Grace Kelly.
        I know it’s not my country, but I think the Brits and the RF and the tabloids will tear her life apart and then tear her apart, just like they did with Fergie, who was so “refreshing” and a “breath of fresh air”! I would never, ever want my daughter to marry Harry. Think of how Beatrice and Eugenie were and are treated – that will be Harry’s kids in 10 years.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Why do people keep insisting that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry couldn’t be truly happy? Or that she cannot be happy working for charity the rest of her life?

        Letizia left a high-profile public career, and she is one of the best at her royal job around. And why assume that Markle will make the same mistakes Fergie made, when they are two very different people?

        As long as these two plan for it, their children would be prepared for life without royal roles. If they raise them that way, unlike Andrew and Sarah who didn’t prepare Beatrice and Eugenie, they will be fine. Sentebale will continue to expand, and it is a natural that Harry’s kids will one-day step into those roles. A ready-made career and income if they want it.

    • lobbit says:

      Same. Meghan and Harry are givers who will bless us with the royal wedding that we all need and deserve, damn it!

  14. Mikasa says:

    I don’t think he will ask her to marry him but we’ll see.

  15. oce says:

    Yeeeeees – 2017 is the year of #BlackGirlMagic. #SerenaWilliams #MeghanMarkle #OCE

  16. Adele Dazeem says:

    Sources are suspect as you say but i am pulling for these two because:

    1. We need a royal romance/wedding drama in a world of bad news
    2. She has a personality and will be fun to follow (unlike Kate)
    3. Two words: fashion porn. She will show them how it’s done to be sexy and fun and still dress appropriately
    4. Watching the Middleton mafia react will be pure schaudenfraude
    5. Harry deserves to be happy!

    (Ducking for cover)

  17. Luca76 says:

    Oh I’m all in. I mean royal weddings are sinfully expensive but I think the planet needs a completely decadent royal wedding. And we need the next great lady of the planet to be an interracial woman from Compton USA.

    • HappyMom says:

      Sigh. She’s not from Compton. She’s from the San Fernando Valley, went to private schools and graduated from Northwestern University.

      • TotallyBiased says:

        The Prince and the Valley Girl!
        Can’t decide if that’s a Lifetime movie or Afterschool Special.
        Either way, I’m all in. Honks for Harry and his Sweetie!

  18. Freddy Spaghetti says:

    I am rooting for these two, and extra hard because of all the haters who seem to be everywhere now.

  19. Chels says:

    I read that interest in vacationing in Arctic norway surged after their trip there. If nothing else they are doing something for the artic tourist industry. That place looks truly gorgeous I actually wouldn’t mind going there myself.

  20. Rocio says:

    I want them to marry. I want a big wedding. I need some escapism.

    • Maria says:

      A very big wedding, Westminster Abbey or St Paul’s, okay St Martins in the fields. But big, lots of people, and lots of hats. And a beautiful dress. Is that really too much to ask?

      • Amy says:

        She is a divorcee. No big church wedding. A civil ceremony not televised probably in Scotland like Princess Anne.

      • notasugarhere says:

        It depends on the local priest. Since 2002, a divorced person can marry in a CoE church in England if the officiating priest agrees to it. As the first marriage was not a church wedding, just like Letizia’s was a civil ceremony, it makes the way easier.

      • Can'tRecall says:

        Was about to correct another nugget of misinformation the DM/tumblr/royalgossip stans like to comfort themselves with…BUT you did it for me@notasugarhere.

        It must be really disheartening to them that they are not able to misinform and attack her unimpeded here like they do at DM.

  21. seesittellsit says:

    A “source” told E! News!!!! Probably the same “source” who said Hiddles was about to propose to Swiftie who was just dying to have babies with him?

    Why can’t we get something from the MI6 agent with the Russian dossier on Trump? Now, that would make me start planning to take the day off.

  22. Paulina Guichard says:

    Reading some of the comments here, I am amazed how well these people allegedly know this couple, they know how they feel and even can comment about their intentions. Amazing!

  23. Trixie says:

    I think it’s interesting that any criticism of Meghan gets dismissed as “You’re just a jealous hater” by so many commenters here when all anyone does is criticize Kate Middleton and get mad when her fans dismiss your arguments as “You’re just a jealous hater”.

    And don’t you dare tell me Kate deserves criticism and Meghan doesn’t. That’s not the point. The point is how commenters dismiss other commenter’s opinions.

    • Izzy says:

      Well, to be honest, I think the dichotomy is well-deserved and rooted in observation. Meghan Markle is outspoken about important causes and doesn’t need to be hounded into supporting them. She works for a living and isn’t waiting around for a ring from some rich guy or a prince.

      Compare that to Duchess Donothing, who waited around for years for William to propose and barely pretended to work, because she wanted to be a princess. Then she got what she wanted, and is unwilling to do public support and work on behalf of the BRF, because heaven forbid people should then come to expect her to work in the future. After all, it’s not like the British taxpayers fund her lifest… oh, wait, nevermind.

      • Trixie says:

        I said “don’t you dare tell me Kate deserves criticism and Meghan doesn’t. That’s not the point.” Because that’s not the point; you’re just deflecting. The point is no one can say anything against Meghan without being deemed a jealous hater or a racist in the exact same way Kate fans say about everyone here. Kate fans would say Kate doesn’t deserve the criticism leveled against her so that argument is pointless to what I’m saying. My point is so many people here are acting the same way toward Meghan criticizers that Kate fans do toward Kate criticizers.

    • Can'tRecall says:

      Actually Trixie you are not really making much of a point. You can criticize Meghan if your criticism is grounded in reality…heck you can do what many of the trolls from DM/royaldish/gossip do and criticize her based on your own projections. BUT the truth is there is very little to legitimately criticize. She hasn’t said a word about her relationship with Harry. She is living her life.

      The crazy that’s is justly labeled as bigotry and or jealousy are the delusions and projection that label her attention seeking (for living her life) or seek to demean her accomplishment, label her unsuitable, claim she left her relationship because of Harry (She did not) etc. etc. The criticism of Meghan are to repeat NOT reality based. The criticism of Kate is reality based. So really the point you want to make is moot.

  24. Lady D says:

    Okay, Meghan in a tiara got me thinking. When Charles is in charge, who gets to lend out the tiaras? Will it be Charles or does Camilla get the job?

    • Jumpingthesnark says:

      Officially Charles, but unofficially Cammie and Charles just rubber stamps what she says????

    • notasugarhere says:

      Charles is said to be the one who loves jewels. I’m sure he will secure certain pieces, particularly ones worn by the Queen, and ensure that only Camilla gets to wear them. Camilla could probably care less, but she’ll do what he wants. After that, I expect him to assign them himself as he sees fit.

  25. Mal says:

    Wish them well somehow I have a feeling they will not get married, Kate is very boring and frumpy she has nothing going for her. The media has to constantly pointing out what is interested about Kate, clothes, hair and been pregnant nothing more. Harry is a player and probably Albert of Monaco just fake.

  26. Khalissa says:

    The photos were taken in december before her vacation. Is she Really back in Toronto ?

  27. MM says:

    Please note the DM says pics were prior to New Years. From early December
    Good for them😘

  28. Hashtagwhat says:

    Lainey has the exact same pics and says they are new and were just taken, so it would seem she is in Toronto as of at least a day or two ago. The DM is confused, as usual.

    • Nia says:

      DM had the pics first. This isn’t the first time DM withheld pics.

    • Maria says:

      Don’t think the pics were taken that recently. It was freezing cold until Monday then lots of snow, then rain. The pics I saw don’t look she is is dressed for Toronto weather.

  29. Mimi says:

    So much fun to see the Harkle Hecklers twisting themselves in knots coming up with all kinds of reasons why this relationship just cannot be. No matter what Meghan says or does they will find a way to spin it around negatively and we know exactly why that is. They aren’t mad at her though; they are really mad at Harry. Because if anyone seems thirsty in this relationship, it’s him, not her! That’s why they try to turn it back around and act like she’s hunted him down or trapped him because accepting that what we keep hearing in articles like this is true (Harry is madly in love with this older, divorced, biracial woman and he is the one chasing and courting her) is just too much for them. They had projected their fantasies onto him but he is not playing along.

    Look, I like Harry and think he is the cream of the crop of the BRF but there are much easier ways to achieve fame and riches for someone like Meghan (gorgeous, educated, talented, outgoing, popular on the social scene, ambitious, stylish, great cook) than putting up with the bullsh*t that comes with dating him. She had already started to lay the ground work 3-4 years ago to try and become the next Martha Stewart, so it’s not like she needed to plot and scheme to make herself attractive to the opposite sex. If she wanted to do that, she could have easily landed her an athlete or another famous actor (this is the way we do it in America sadly). Instead she was trying to build her own brand to make her own money. This is a FACT, so miss me with all the conspiracy theories that try to paint her actions otherwise.

    I hope the relationship works out and they make it but if it doesn’t, I am sure she will be fine. She may even have dodged a bullet. The BRF is dysfunctional as hell and, with the exception of Harry (who will probably age as badly as his male kin), every single one of them is hard on the eyes. I think Harry, however, will be very resentful and bitter if he feels the public/press has ruined this relationship for him.

    • Amy says:

      Relax Meghan

      • Olenna says:

        How DM-like. Your comments in this thread communicate a strange disdain for Meghan. But since you’re so astute about other people’s personal feelings and relationships, maybe you should be advising all of those OTT detractors to “face it” because none of them ever had a chance with him in the first place.

      • Amy says:

        Are you the same poster who accuses anyone who doesn’t kiss Meghan’s butt of being racist? People are pointing out the obvious. Or that people are jealous ect How immature are you. Her PR bull might fool you but not most of the UK public

      • Mimi says:

        I wish I were Meghan and clearly so do you!

      • notasugarhere says:

        Most of “the UK public” doesn’t care about the royals, which has been discussed on here many times. There are a handful of racist trolls on DM, a bunch of upset fangirls on tumblr and royal forums.

        Otherwise? The UK public isn’t going to care which person Harry marries, they’ll only care about the cost of the wedding, whether she works a lot more than W&K do, and any kids they have are raised to support themselves outside the royal fold.

      • Olenna says:

        Amy, please save that “immature” stuff for someone more your equal, like those bitter souls posting on the DM and the royal gossip sites. You have no personal knowledge of how her PR company works, so why do you think you have any credibility at “pointing out the obvious”? And, do you think you can dazzle or influence anyone with your “most of the UK public”, no facts or figure comment? Further, I didn’t mention or imply anything about race but if the shoe fits, wear it. Lastly, remember this: If you want to come at me again with this type of BS when you don’t like my comments, knock yourself out because when I’ve made my point, I DGAF if you can comprehend it or not. I’m gonna comment when I feel like it, and then let you have the last word the next time, and the next time, and all the times after that regardless of how nasty you get.

      • Amy says:

        I have no knowledge of how her PR works? And you do? You are a part of her PR team, aren’t you? LOL this is the thing neither you nor your phony idol understand- people don’t have to know how her PR team works to spot a fame seeker. It’s not just Daily Mail or Tumblr. She left her husband after she landed the role on Suits and the show started to take off. Had an affair with a US hockey player, left her chief boyfriend who she was LIVING with for Harry.
        I know it hurts your soul that most people are not buying her or her BS. She got her lawyers and put Harry up to release that stupid statement and everything backfired on her. People outside of CB see all of that.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Unless there is another person with the same unusual name, Olenna has been commenting on CB for years. Not part of anyone’s PR team, an independent person with her own mind and opinion.

        It is getting a bit like Finding Nemo in here. Just keep spinning, just keep spinning.

      • Can'tRecall says:

        Amy you are truly a bitter soul. Her husband did not land her a role on suits. That’s simply not how the business works. There is next to no one in the industry who is not connected and those connections may open a door or two (a huge advantage) but they won’t get you a job. She did NOT have an affair with any hockey player, let alone an US one and NO…yet again. She left her BF because he cheated and they were in the process of uncoupling when she met Harry.

        You are entitled to your lunatic ravings but FACTS matter…TRUTH matters. You do realize you nor any of your fellow trolls have anyway of knowing how that statement came to be. The fact that you (collective sense of the word) read a headline from DM that spoke of lawyers and you twisted that to feed your bias. Same with the story about the hockey player. The report clearly stated she never was alone with said player and they BOTH denied a relationship…still you relay it as fact. Same with Cory. EVERY report of their ship says they were already over and he was in the process of moving out. She gave her number to Harry professionally as she is always looking to network and volunteer. He pursued her BUT she was single. I’d say stop the lies but if you did…you’d have nothing to whinge about.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Very well said, Mimi.

  30. Jools says:

    Hope this wedding happens! Would love to see Duchess Sparkles.

  31. pio says:

    dream on, not gonna happen

  32. Kitty says:

    Read they broke up.

    • Nia says:

      Says Tumblr fangirls ^^^

      • Amy says:

        You wish….face it this relationship is over and she is putting on a charade. Why is Harry ashamed to be seen with the woman you all say he is smitten with? Why was he not with her on NYE? Why are there NO pics of the so called romantic Norway trip? They get photographed constantly on their own but dang near never when together……hmmm……

      • notasugarhere says:

        Ashamed to be seen with her? tumblr and RoyalGossip miss you.

        They are doing a great job of keeping under the radar. There are no pics of a trip to Norway because, if they were there, they very cleverly managed to get there and back before they were photographed. That is the goal, to live their relationship away from prying eyes. Like changing IG handles so the obsessive, bitter, bullying fangirls have trouble stalking them online.

        The longer they are successful at it, at keeping the tumblr fangirls guessing, the better.

      • Amy says:

        He not only changed his IG he UNFOLLOWED her and 22 other people. That is strange. You are grasping at straws here. No sighting of them together in Norway. He was seen ALONE at the airport. All you’re going by is “sources”. The same sources say she was seen in California with her mother. Something is definitely up and it’s not them wanting g to be private because Meghan Markle is anything g but private.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Rumored timelines of her being spotted in California don’t match up with the vacation, so there is no conflict there. Both of them traveling solo to the location makes sense, as it makes them harder to track and follow. The now anti-fangirl spin on what she has and hasn’t done on her social media and what it all means? Would make for a fascinating study in obsession.

        If that was ever his real IG, which no one can confirm, why are you hunting him down on it? Why are the fangirls obsessively trying to insert themselves into his private life? Likely he has unfollowed the friends all of you have tracked down. He’ll create a new IG, she’ll create a new one under a fake name, and he’ll tell his friends to follow under assumed names so the fangirls have no access.

      • Amy says:

        Again there is NO PROOF or sighting of your idol Meghan in Norway. All you have is “sources”. You can’t say for sure she WASN’T in California. This much is FACT- Harry was spotted ALONE at the airport and he unfollowed/blocked HER and 22 other people on IG. That was confirmed by NUMEROUS people who follow him on his account. VERY telling……

      • notasugarhere says:

        Amy, she isn’t my idol. Unlike you, I have been commenting on the royal threads here for several years. I didn’t just show up once Meghan and Harry’s relationship was discovered. I had never heard of her until the news came out that these two were dating. Her only being royal-adjacent for two months? I’m giving the benefit of the doubt here, and watching all the frantic spinning done by the fangirls with interest.

        You can’t confirm she was or wasn’t in California at a certain time. You cannot confirm whether they were or were not in Norway, but let’s ignore the articles about how multiple locals talk about them being there. Eugenie, Jack, and Fergie photographed in Verbier but not Harry? Suspicious and leads to the conclusion that likely he wasn’t in Switzerland.

        Things confirmed by numerous intrusive, stalking fangirls? Spinning around IG accounts, which one is really his, who was followed or unfollowed? Anything Harry and Meghan are doing now with social media accounts is likely designed to get the OTT fangirls away from their private lives.

    • Mimi says:

      Broken record.

    • Can'tRecall says:

      Amy you are the only one grasping at straws. They were there. You may not like it but deal with that reality. If you get to acceptance…the grieving process will be easier.

  33. td says:

    Live and let live. Love and be loved. Leave them alone. And go on with your life. God bless the human race.

  34. Nia says:

    Meghan is in London…

    • Mimi says:

      Hi Nia,

      My comment above landed in the wrong space. I was saying Kitty was a broken record, not you.

      I would not be surprised if Meghan is in London. I am sure that’s why the DM had to edit their headline because they got word that she definitely was not in Canada.