Christina Applegate to pro-Trump trolls: ‘I grew up in an abusive home’

If you guys follow me on Twitter (please also follow Kaiser, Hecate and Corey) you may have noticed that I’ve been tweeting some of the hate mail we get. I started out on Twitter meaning to post a lot more of it, I’ve just been saving it to a gmail folder, but so much of it is the same – snide sh-t about how we shouldn’t talk politics because we don’t understand (meaning we don’t share that person’s hateful views) and that we should stick to the gossip alone. Invariably those people are fine with the way our country is being decimated and some celebrate it. As Kaiser put it so well yesterday, there is hardly any pure gossip anymore because politics and celebrity intersect. We have a buffoon in the White House who wouldn’t be there if NBC hadn’t given him a platform for years. Also, once I dug more into the mail it started to get to me so I stopped posting it to Twitter, where some of those same hateful people repeated the same things. So many more of you have said you appreciate what we do and I want to thank you so much for that! Thank you for tweeting, thank you for commenting, and thank you for coming back.

We get some crap for speaking out, but I can’t imagine what that that kind of pressure can be like for celebrities, who must collect so much stupidity on Twitter especially. Earlier this week we saw Pauley Perrette go off on someone who suggested she was out of touch and didn’t know middle class struggles. That criticism is simply code for “don’t talk about politics in a way that doesn’t reflect my same backwards views.” Christina Applegate has now done the same to twitter trolls telling her essentially the same thing. Please keep in mind that this is what these people always say. “You don’t understand me” or “stick to gossip/acting,” which means “I don’t agree with you so I want to shut you down.” I don’t know what tweet she’s responding to here but they’re all very similar so it doesn’t really matter.


If anyone has seen Christina’s somewhat heartbreaking Who Do You Think You Are episode, about finding out what happened to her alcoholic grandmother whom her father never knew, you would know that she did not have an privileged upbringing. I completely get where she is coming from here. I mean I usually don’t deal with trolls but this situation is so bad it feels personal. Objectively, the other side is horrible. That’s why I posted those emails I’m sick of it. Maybe they feel the same about our side but only one of us is on the right side of history. Facts, reality, common sense and human decency matter. I don’t think we should have to defend ourselves to them though. Pretty soon we’re all going to be in the same sinking boat and maybe some of them will get it once it’s too late but those loudest ones will continue to blame the people poorer and less privileged than they are, all while revering the monsters ruining the world for everyone except the 1%.

Ok that was dark. Yesterday I found out that there’s a cafe in my town where you can buy vouchers for other people who need to eat free. So I bought some, met the people there and made some friends. That felt good.




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  1. ellieohara says:

    I think there is a genuine critique to be made of the celebrification of politics. Tbh, I think it’s part of the reason Trump is president. The line between celebrity and politics has completely collapsed.

    I think that a lot of people don’t like to be lectured by rich people they consider out of touch with “real life” and I (like all people) hate the Lena Dunhams who have equated verbal diarrhea and low self esteem with profound social insight. I do wish we had proper leaders and activists instead of social media attention seekers.

    BUT BUT BUT Trump is not a normal politician who needs to be countered with detailed policy critique. He’s a fucking monster and a psycho and he needs the entire culture to stand up against him. He is also so sensitive to celebrity criticism – he’s the one president where I would say that Hollywood is at their most powerful. They need to speak up as much as they can and really hammer him.

    • kNY says:


    • LoveIsBlynd says:

      @ elliohara This logic is twisted- “people dont’ like to be lectured by people of privilege…that’s why donald rump is president”??? If “people” (peasants?) don’t like to be lectured by people of privilege…ahem…the orange think in the gold penthouse with the pouty faced trophy wife – he lectures up a storm and he’s a celebrity. So there goes that logic. The reality isn’t that lena dunham ruined the election with her opinions. The reality is the orange thing and his evil puppeteers planted propaganda all over the loophole electoral states. Add the alt right xenophobia that has been luring the rust belt ….The RNC worked all the loopholes along with Russia. STop blaming “celebrities” who are doing their best! They bring attention to the marginalized. Trump is a celebrity who disparages other celebrities- just because they dont agree with his fascist agenda. Don’t buy in!!

    • ME says:

      Keep on reporting Celebitchy! What is obvious is that his supporters care nothing about hypocrisy, democracy and humanity. It’s all about them because they’ve been repressed for so long and now that their guy is in they don’t really care about anything else. Corruption – apparently now it’s not a big deal. Where is #45 (I will never refer to him by name or title) with the blind trust, divestiture of businesses? How much of a kick-back are he and his families getting for “special” deals? Those are basic and critical questions before we begin sending in troops so that his family can get richer.

  2. teacakes says:

    I really like that ‘buy a coffee/food for someone else in advance’ scheme, as I recall they had them in cafes in Italy years ago and they called it ‘suspended coffee’. A friend reported seeing one of these in Korea too, only it was a ramen bar where you could buy a bowl of ramen (as in, not the instant kind, a full meal in a bowl) for someone.

    (if anyone knows of cafes/eateries in your area that do this, please share their names!)

    • Erinn says:

      We have a coffee/tea place in town (small town Nova Scotia). You can buy whatever in advanced and pin a piece of paper with what it is on a board they have displayed. They have a ton of hot drinks, as well as cold, and sushi from a local sushi place, as well as paninis. It’s pretty great. Things like that are why I try to buy local.

    • Sixer says:

      Social Bite in Scotland is a good one. They do suspended purchases and also employ homeless and ex-homeless. They’re also currently supporting and fundraising for a transition “village” for the Scottish homeless.

    • Esmom says:

      Love the sound of those places. The closest I can think of in Chicago is a place called First Slice, but it doesn’t work exactly the same way. Basically people can subscribe to a meal delivery service and for every paid subscription they also do one for families in need. They also have a job training program in their cafe.

    • I Choose Me says:

      I love this as well. Kudos to any business that implements this.

  3. Who ARE these people? says:

    Good for her. It’s all about having a voice.

  4. Lotal says:

    Love his site keep talking politics as this effects us all. Keep up the good work. I really like Christina too.

    • Rocio says:

      I really like her too. She was the best thing about Bad Moms.

      I don’t ser why celebrities shouldn’t have a political opinion. They are citizens too. I only dislike when they really nonsenses about stream vaginas or japanese potatoes.

    • Matomeda says:

      TBH I don’t like the politics and how heavily it’s weighted in the articles now. BUT it’s not my site and it’s my choice to come here, so I’m not going to tell anyone what to put on their own site, and I do support CB’s right to post as desired! 😊

      • LoveIsBlynd says:

        @Matomeda. You do breathe? Politics affect clean air. Do you require medical care? Politics affect the quality of health. Do you Work? Politics affect how much you earn and how much rights you have in the work place. Last year we had a democracy and no One leader in politics could enforce an idea without checks and balances. Today we are seeing the beginning of Fascism where a leader can fire government officials who don’t agree with unconstitutional orders. (this happened yesterday) If you live in America, politics were dependable for many years; today we are in a near end of our rights as citizens. Politics = Life.

  5. saywot says:

    EVERYONE should be involved with politics because it affects EVERYONE. It’s about time we as a (global – not just American) culture started to REALLY pay attention to what these people who run our governments on our behalf are REALLY up to.

    For TOO LONG they have gone un-checked, for TOO LONG there has been long standing corruption that has just become ‘the norm’ – and you know why they have gotten away with that crap for so long? Because we weren’t paying attention the way we are now.

    How DARE anyone tell anyone to ‘stay out of politics’. That’s like saying ‘stay ignorant’, ‘stay uneducated’, and most dangerously: ‘Stay Quiet while we fu*k up your collective lives’…

    How about NO to that sh!t…

    • pinetree13 says:

      I totally agree. Isn’t political non-engagement a huge part of the problem? That half the people don’t vote? Don’t pay attention?

      i agree that many celebrities are eye-rollingly tone deaf but if celebrities don’t talk about politics, half the population won’t pay attention to it. Then again, many celebrities promote politics that benefit them only (Looking at you Caitlin Jenner) so it is tough since the majority of celebrities WERE born into privilege unlike Christina here.

      • katie2you says:

        Yeah, because Jennie McCarthy *really* helped the autism problem.
        If celebrities speak up they have a much bigger platform to put wrong information out there.

  6. Jayna says:

    I’ve always loved her. Reading the deplorables’ trolling comments does enrage me on certain articles. I skip any that are overloaded with them.

    • Esmom says:

      The comments enrage me, too, but somehow I still go back and look at them. I think I keep hoping that one day they will have a change of heart, lol.

      Her tweets were so raw, such a reflection of the despair and panic that people have been feeling. Adding trolls to the mix would push me to the edge for sure.

      To the people who don’t want to see politic covered here, maybe you should join “positive person” Tom Brady someplace where you can all be oblivious to what’s happening. Or you could just skip the political posts.

    • LoveIsBlynd says:

      I dont’ have any trolls on my FB and I dont’ do any other social media. We all just ignore trolls and they die from lack of attention.

  7. Aiobhan Targaryen says:

    I actually do follow you all on twitter, but I don’t consistently check my tl because I find it hard to get through each tweet that shows up. I actually like to read each message to see what people are writing and by the time I get to the top, there are already 20-100 new messages to read.

    I honestly don’t know what to say about the trolls anymore that has not already been said. Some of them genuinely think that it is ok to support someone who wants to disenfranchise others (overt racists), but most don’t seem to get that what they have done is wrong (which somehow infuriates me even more than overt racists). There is no critical thinking going on, everything they do is based on a gut reaction or an emotional narrow-minded ignorant view of the world. That is why they get so defensive when others speak out, they don’t want to have to think about others and how this is negatively affecting those people. They don’t want to have to think about how their actions aren’t matching up with what their words. (I am referring to people who say ” I am not a racist, but I voted for Trump and then feebly try to explain why they aren’t a racist) They also don’t want to be held accountable for anything bad that happens- even though their actions are why we are here.

  8. Sixer says:

    It never bothers me personally to be called a libtard or a snowflake or to be told I’m unfuckable* or all the other nonsense that one gets online. But sometimes it does get to me that there seem to be so many of these people. Why does even a single person care which articles you post, Celebitchy? They can just read elsewhere. I bet barely a single response actually challenges you on the substance of what you write. Just that you have the temerity to write it. Wankers.

    * this one always makes me laugh because misogynistic, usually illiterate, egg avatars are the fuckable ones?! Ha. Why do I find this unlikely?!

    • Emily says:

      I don’t get it either. For my local newspaper, there are people who must sit on Facebook waiting for them to post an article so they can tear into what a liberal rag it is. I follow the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union. I know you aren’t in the US but if you’re following news here you’ve probably heard of them) on Facebook, and it’s the same. People are all over the comments section with their arguments about why the ACLU is wrong. Are they following the ACLU just so they can post their stupid ideas they know no one else on the page is going to agree with? Or are they just checking for ACLU updates so they can post? Go follow Breitbart or Tomi Lahren and shout in their comments section and leave us libtard snowflakes alone!

      • Sixer says:

        I do know that they monitor hashtags so that they can all pile on. I was once idly chatting with a group of friends and we mentioned #gamergate – not even particularly negatively, just in passing and tangentially. We were swarmed for about two days by these inadequates. And subsequently we tried it again once or twice just to see what would happen. Same thing. So it’s definitely deliberate.

        Imagine that being your life: hanging out on hashtags or obsessively following Facebook news topics so that you can go and attempt to bully people (usually women) via pile-on, simply because they mention a certain topic.

      • Betsy says:

        The one comfort that I would think of is that there aren’t that many of those douche. Small comfort when they are, by organization and numbers of posts, able to overwhelm, but they aren’t the majority. Certainly annoying-terrifying-life threatening, depending, but not the majority.

        Also, don’t they have jobs?

      • isabelle says:

        The right are easily brainwashed and manipulated. That is it because they all read the same exact sources, watch the same exact news. A lot of them aren’t self reflective, that bright or have a worldview outside of their box. They use the same talking points over and over again. Why? Because they can’t argue with facts, they have very little facts backing up their claim. So they resort to childish tactics in repeating lines you would come up with in 7th grade. Their blogs aren’t valid news with actual reporters but it does tells then exactly what to say. They all read the same blogs and bad news sources. So they all repeat the same thing, the same exact argument. If one of their blogs comes up with said 7th grade term, within 24hrs the sheep are repeating it. They don’t read anything outside of their myopic opinion. Don’t watch news outside of their myopic view. Most liberals I know read a variety of sources. They made read some things more intensely but will read a variety of things and find the truth. Actually read newspapers, legit news sources with real reporters. Conservatives, no they stick with what persuades them emotionally not intellectually. As far as red pill men, “I would never sleep with you”. When you need to reads blogs on how to be “alpha” and a man, well….says a lot about the man and his overall attractiveness.

      • Radley says:

        Some of it could be targeted trolling. People actually get paid to post comments in an effort to sway public opinion. I wouldn’t be surprised if Celebitchy was targeted because they even target popular tumblr blogs these days. It seems like tons of people when in fact it may be a small group of people who get paid to do this all day. And yes, I do know this for a fact. It’s now a regular marketing business practice and you can contract with companies who supply the trolls..ahem…commenters. You can also go deep web for the nastier variety. Not to mention, Putin likely dispatched trolls on the internet pre-election too.

    • pinetree13 says:

      I wish I could say it doesn’t get to me…but it does.

      The sad thing is, trolling is super effective. I’ve shared my opinion on many FB articles or countered points in a polite fashion but sometimes the hate-filled comments will make me so angry for hours that I….stop participating in the discussion. Which is awful because that’s exactly what they want. To silence our voices. But at the same time, how much verbal abuse can one person be expected to take?

  9. Scarlet Vixen says:

    “Facts, reality, common sense and human decency matter.” You are so, SO right. This sentence has basically been my mantra for months now. But, NONE of these things matter to right-wing nut jobs. NONE. It’s terrifying how nasty and close-minded so many people in our country are. When did it become acceptable to be so hateful, so ignorant, so f*cking STUPID??

    • isabelle says:

      America has always been that way. We just now have social media where we can openly display it.

  10. Kristen820 says:

    Agree with all this, Lotal.

    Also wanted to add this for CB’s benefit. The political stories this site runs are consistently the ones with the highest number of comments. It just makes good business sense to continue running articles that your readers are passionate about, and invested in.

    Blah, blah, blah, suck it trolls!

    Edit: Wrong place, but whatev.

  11. figgy says:

    Excellent site, I come here every day and look forward to it. Feels like family💕 Keep up the good work!

  12. wendy woo says:

    As an Aussie, I love coming to this site. It is civil and thoughtful, even moreso over the last few months.
    To be honest, I’m scared for you as a nation. What’s going on over there already keeps me up at night thinking about the global implications. If I were living there, I don’t know how I could breathe. But you’re getting up, moving on and fighting back and I applaud you.
    Nothing is more important than politics right now, so don’t ever apologise for talking about it in any and all contexts. It is this looming backdrop and to ignore it would be tantamount to fiddling while Rome burns.
    I am sorry that this despot-in-the-making has given license to trolls to abuse you. The only thing I would say is that, if someone is screaming at you for saying simple, well thought out, considered and considerate words, it means you’re doing something right. Keep it up.
    Also, if you ever think about moving, I can recommend Australia. The property prices are insane but the Westminster System isn’t.

    • Shambles says:

      Wendy, thank you so much for this comment. As an American woman, your support is overwhelmingly wonderful and it warms my heart. Thank you for caring. Thank you for understanding that most of us never wanted this. Thank you for inviting us to Australia. See you soon. 😉 ❤

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      Thank you, Wendy. Comforting words are so much appreciated.

      As a dual Canadian American, I am curious about Australia – it sounds as if it has some of the advantages of Canada but with a lot more sun. ; )

      • Ange says:

        It’s pretty good, if boiling hot right now. I was in America last year before the election and it was amazing having conversations with people who didn’t know much about our country. We got chatting to a couple and I was pretty sure the guy was a trump dude. After ten minutes of convo about our ‘socialist’ medical system and university fee structure (they had a daughter about to go to college) they realised what they’d been told about that stuff being evil was a lot of bullshit. Insular American education systems have done the countrymen no favours.

  13. Cannibell says:

    I so do not get people who say “Actors should stick to acting.” What is that, even? It makes no sense.

    On a separate but related front, I love the way Samantha Bee has her staff read her cruel tweets that she has to figure out are real or fake. Maybe you and the crew can start playing that with each other.

    I know – and you know – that you have a shit-ton of people who are grateful every day for the high-end mind candy you deliver so reliably, and for providing us with a community of intelligent and thoughtful people with whom discuss the banal (Kardashians, although props to Kim for her recent tweets) and the critically important. I read way more than I comment on because of the rest of my life (mom with dementia in nursing home, full-time job, freelance writing jobs, dog, health, etc.) but never doubt that you are appreciated.

    • Esmom says:

      Amen to your last paragraph. Well said!

    • Honey B says:

      I live in LA and I TOTALLY get it. I have a strict dating rule for myself: no actors! Many, not all, are vapid, self-involved, not very bright people. They live in a bubble of privilege and their opinions are rarely challenged. There are exceptions of course. Hang out with an average actor and you will admire their beauty, and wonder how they tie their shoes. I REALLY don’t care what Chachi has to say about Trump, I have to interact with him all the time!

  14. Elisa the I. says:

    “So many more of you have said you appreciate what we do and I want to thank you so much for that!”

    I haven’t, so: I love this page, the posts, the comments, the discussions. There are so many smart people commenting and I usually leave the page with some new insights – sometimes even on the Kardashian posts. 😉

  15. Yellowrocket says:

    Celebitchy is hands down my favourite website. I read it every day and have done for the last six or seven years. It’s smart and funny and I come here every time I give in and read the comments on the daily mail/ TMZ to remind myself that there’s intelligent people who see through the bullshit.

    Keep doing what you’re doing and THANK YOU!

  16. Slowsnow says:

    Please Celebitchy keep on writing about politics. I have learnt a lot from this site re: feminism, US politics, Brit politics, Muslim women, Canada, the list goes on. Not only from your posts but also from the comments. It’s a nice forum we have here.

  17. Rapunzel says:

    Good lord. I get that Actors are rich, and insulated, but nobody should be telling an American citizen they can’t talk about American politics, especially the President.

    The censorship of the Trump regime re: dissenting voices is out of control.

    • MellyMel says:

      Exactly! This is what I don’t understand about their (Trump supporter’s) argument. These actors are Americans or at least live and work here…they have every right to speak out!

  18. SusanneToo says:

    The political discussions at Celebitchy are must read for me due to the fact that the majority of posters are some of the most intelligent, most passionate people you could ever hope to converse with. These are abnormally dangerous times and while it’s fine to comment on the latest celeb fashion faux pas, it’s more important to know what illegal, immoral and/or unethical move is being made by trump, bannon, et al. Suggestions for what to read, how to resist are important and appreciated.
    Thank you, CB and colleagues, for providing this space. And thank you, fellow posters, for your insights.

  19. Ramona says:

    You have a heart of gold CB. As for the politics, those posts have the most comments for a reason, we like them. Keep em coming.

  20. Rapunzel says:

    re: The political posts on this site, I have to say, it’s your site, so do what you want.

    I read this site regularly, though I don’t post often cause everything’s usually been said before I can post. I love your work here, and I say keep it up. Those crying stop are being like Tom Brady, wanting to bury their heads in the sand. Regular gossip doesn’t even seem worth it anymore, cause it’s just distraction from the evils around us.

  21. MellyMel says:

    I check this site every morning while I’m getting my day started! This website was and continues to be one of the few places (especially in the last few months) where I can read about politics (and gossip) and the comments that go with don’t make me want to pull my hair out. There are so many smart, funny, and just good discussions that take place here , so thank you for having a positive forum for us even in the midst of some much negativity.

  22. GreenBunny says:

    I haven’t told you what a great job you’re doing yet. This is by far my favorite site so I appreciate the coverage you give everything. You also have some of the best commenters and I look forward to seeing what Sixer, Kitten, Shambles, BearCatLawyer (is that right?) and several others I can’t think of right now, that offer well thought out intelligent comments on everything that includes their perspectives such as the UK or legal ones. I look forward to the commentary of theirs as much as I look forward to the articles. Thank you for your hard work!

  23. lisa says:

    “celebrities cant have opinions” yet votes for a game show host


    • Christin says:

      A tabloid fixture since the 1980s (more recently becoming a game show host) with zero political experience lands the big job, yet don’t post or comment about it.

      That is what I wish to reply when the inevitable late-day comment whines about this coverage.

    • Shambles says:


      Everyone else can go home. You said all that needed to be said

    • Courtney says:

      From The Trump Handbook,

      If you’re rich and right wing, you can buy cabinet positions and take over K-12 education in Michigan.

      If you’re rich and liberal, you’re out of touch, “Hollyweird”, etc.

  24. Catherine says:

    Please keep speaking out. You guys will go down as being on the right side of history. Don’t let them silence you. The gloves are off as far as I’m concerned. This is not the time to take the high road, too much at stake. You guys elected a buffoon, buffoonery will ensue!

  25. NorthernLala says:

    I have been feeling the same way. The word ‘liberal’ is being villified by this administration and the racist alt-right. Moral values that I have grown up with are being ‘alt-fact’d’ and I find myself getting angrier and quite frankly, worried about what kind of future these paranoid, isolationist, racist men are trying their darndest to carve out for the world. I am so sick of the meanness online. It’s exhausting- seeing this happening everyday and feeling like this planet is just spinning out of control.
    It’s depressing!
    Fear is what needs to be overcome. Fear is what they’re breeding and it’s growing like wildfire. I refuse to be turned into a ‘liberal elite’ by some Twitter troll. I’m a single mother who has lived long enough to know this is wrong. They are wrong. This is not the world I want for my kids.
    I won’t drink the kool aid.
    Keep it up. ❤

  26. TQB says:

    CB, I was just thinking this morning how honest and unfiltered the headlines on this site have become. Celebitchy DGAF about calling the ball. Mad love and respect for that.

  27. lizzie says:

    DO NOT STOP COVERING TRUMP! You are doing the right thing. I have always loved your tag line: Escapism can be smart. It is true and that is the beauty and fun of celebrity gossip. But right now – engagement is smart and you are doing the right thing by using your blog as a platform. We cannot escape the reality of what is going on and it is imperative that you use your blog to remind people that this is not normal, that people need to discuss this stuff, that people need an outlet for their frustrations and people need encouragement to stay angry, pay attention, not get numb and fight back. you are doing good work here.

    • Sallyjay says:

      Yes – smart! – exactly. I’ve been reading Celebitchy for about 8 years now, every. single. day. More of a lurker than a poster – although I did have a very kind email convo with CB a few years ago when I was moving to the US. She won’t remember but I was so gratified by her kindness!! I have since moved back to the UK. Just as scary here with the implications of Brexit and despicable racist attitudes on display (I’m an immigrant – I’m Irish). Anyway I just wanted to say THANK YOU to CB, Kaiser and the site for the incredibly nuanced and thoughtful articles and commentary. We need to be talking now more than ever. This place is a sanctuary.

  28. Deedee says:

    I love that you speak about politics on this site. Keep up the great work!

  29. detritus says:

    I feel like I’ve grown up with this site, I will continue to tell you ladies how awesome you are, and how important what you do it, even when you don’t feel like it is. Maybe especially when you don’t feel like it is. You reach a ton of people, some who may not be ready to hear about politics yet. Celebrity ‘gossip’ offers an intro to that, even when it’s denigrated. Except more and more I feel gossip is what ignorant men and women call women’s interest in social issues, because they can’t see the connection to the world at large within that commentary.

    The message of equity, intersectional feminism, decency and justice have always been the edge to this site. That edge has just been honed by the times, and people who ignored it before are feeling the criticism sharper than ever.

    • Shambles says:

      Amazing comment, Detritus. I agree with every word. So insightful and well spoken. I always love what you have to say. ❤

      • detritus says:

        AWw, why thank you, lovely.
        I love what you have to say too, not just this message specifically lol, but on other topics too. We’ve got such a good crew here and I am lucky to be exposed to so many thoughtful and critical thinkers, yourself very much included.

    • Celebitchy says:

      Thank you so much this is incredible to read, and so are all the other comments. We read them all and it means a lot to hear. It’s hard not to let the situation get to me but knowing that all of you are reading and are with us really helps and does make a difference.

      • detritus says:

        CB will always have my support.

        I can barely express how dear this site is to me, which seems so silly on the outside, and very funny to explain. But I credit you, and the other CB writers, with introducing me to feminism in a way I could handle. For providing female voices and role models when I had seen none. For speaking on personal issues that help those in your audience feel less alone, despite the personal risk it entails.

        You matter. Your words matter.

        It’s faint reassurance (I would be absolutely gutted by the tiniest piece of what you get) but try to remember the people who are mad, who are spouting abusive BS at you, they are mad because they are uncomfortable. They are mad because you write clearly and you feel strongly. Conviction is uncomfortable to those who’d rather hide in their ignorance and never challenge their beliefs.

        Having hate mail means you are fighting the good fight. It means you are doing something of note. Well behaved women never make history. CB bbs and bitches are nasty women and we are proud of it.

  30. robyn says:

    Speaking of abusive homes, it feels like Trump is abusing the world and making America an abusive home with his words and actions. I personally felt assaulted by his nasty campaign as a woman and thinking person. I have known bullies like him but with a lot less money. I have a sense about his temperament that is not good at all and I don’t understand how any woman could overlook it for perceived perks from a Trump presidency. I am mad that people stood by and did nothing when Trump verbally assaulted Hillary and made veiled threats. He encouraged “Lock Her Up” and those awful t-shirts. It makes me mad that he was rewarded for his deviant behavior when he should have been condemned.

    As for this site, I can well imagine the hateful comments you are getting from the Trump cult and I appreciate the courage it takes not to bow down to the bullies. In fact, some of those comments could be coming from Trump’s fans in Russia.

    So THANK YOU for being here and for giving folks like me a voice.

    • Shambles says:

      Completely agree with you, re: Trump’s abusive campaign. His campaign was triggering for me. I felt assaulted, violated, emotionally manipulated, and exhausted. And now he’s abusing America. I’m tired.

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      Yes, this is on the mark. I still hear women (and men) trying to understand his “motivations” or think there’s some kernel of reasoning behind Trump’s behavior and it sounds exactly like the confusion of people who are being abused. It doesn’t matter *why* he does it … it only matters *that* he does it. He will never change.

  31. bellebottomblues says:

    just wanna say I appreciate everyone here, even the negative posters lol. Do I agree with everything that u and Kaiser write? Of course not, how boring that would be lol. No opportunity to engage, to learn, to have meaningful discourse. I respect your opinions and have found you to be thoughtful, articulate, funny, informative and inclusive.
    As far as Christina, wouldnt it be different to have a troll say ” I totally agree with your opinion, but you need to keep it to yourself as your’e just a celebrity and wouldnt understand ! “

  32. emma says:

    I actually visit Celebitchy more now because of your take on politics. It gives me hope that there are decent people out there that are willing to put their voice out there. You have no idea how strong and what impact your words can have as an agent of change.

  33. Sandy says:

    I don’t get why famous and rich people are not allowed to talk politics but not rich, not famous are? I’ve met some seriously ignorant , insulated everyday people in my life who don’t really know jack about the finer points of politics, economics, but they have a right speech their minds. Rich people have just as much right, even if they are just as ignorant.

  34. LolaB says:

    CB, you keep doing you. We clearly heart you bunches.

  35. MAP says:

    Keep fighting the good fight my friends!! Stand up for what you believe in (this applies to everyone, regardless of political affiliation). Democracy works when people are engaged and involved! #staywoke

  36. Betsy says:

    Keep posting! Please! I’m pretty much only here for the political take these days (although perhaps slightly more likely to comment on the celebrity ones because while I have the luxury of staying at home with my kids, I’m also at home with 2-3 small kids. My concentration ain’t great these days!).

  37. Tate says:

    We are all in the sinking ship right now. I keep wondering if when it really starts taking on water, will I have any compassion for my fellow shipmates that put us on that sinking ship in the first place? Right now, I don’t feel that I will. I feel I will have nothing but contempt for their reckless choice.

  38. Lightpurple says:

    But we are not talking politics. Politics is about campaigns and elections. That’s all over. We are discussing current events, horrific, terrifying, maddening current events in which a celebrity is playing a major role. Keep up the great work, Kaiser. Hugs!

  39. Amy says:

    The same could be said to anyone making those comments. Go back to being an accountant. Go back to being a chef…etc. We are all entitled to an opinion and celebrities are especially pressed to share theirs. You are absolutely right that they only want to shut you down when you don’t agree. We are on the right side of history. And we won’t be quiet. We can’t.

  40. G says:

    Thank you – for speaking up in general, tolerating the hate you receive because of it and writing this piece specifically

  41. Tara says:

    I have been a long time reader but have never commented before. I felt the need to do so today because I just wanted to say that I completely agree with the need to talk about what is going on in our world dealing with politics. I appreciate what you are doing and just wanted to say thank you.

  42. Laura says:

    Keep up with the political commentary, we need it. Well, I know I need it in these uncertain times. It is reassuring to know that others see reality; there is some measure of comfort in this solidarity. Keep up the great work!

  43. ashley says:

    Sidenote: I was scrolling through the channels the other night and there was a very old episode of Married with Children where Christina Applegate is doing some long choreographed dance for a talent show or something? And omg – she was really really amazing! Never knew she was a dancer. Love her.

  44. shanydanza says:

    Thank you – all of you ladies who post! There are days when Facebook infuriates me. I know I can always come here for some love and giggles.

  45. I Choose Me says:

    This site has been my go to site for years. I’m a die hard Celebitchy supporter and that’s not going to change any time soon. Eff the haters.

  46. ParlerBleu says:

    “Yesterday I found out that there’s a cafe in my town where you can buy vouchers for other people who need to eat free. So I bought some, met the people there and made some friends. That felt good.”

    @Celebitchy That’s really sweet. Inspired by this act of kindness.

  47. Miss Noxy says:

    Long time reader/lurker, first time poster.
    I absolutely love this site, have enjoyed it every day for at least 5 years. Thank you for continuing to write through the trolling and negativity. We love you. ❤️

  48. What-was- that? says:

    I don’t often comment now as recent events have made it unbelievably depressing..and as I am not in the US ..I feel so terrible for us all..
    If some good could come out of this I see that this wonderful rise of activism and generous donations may spur may more to become involved and create some good from this ..
    I love the stories of people helping and the warm and generous spirit that America is known for will overcome this aberration..
    I hope truly that this nightmare will be over sooner rather than later

  49. Neverwintersand says:

    Thank you for truthfully covering all the political themes! I, myself, am from Ukraine. For the last 25 years we had a bunch of miniature trumps in our goverement – stupid, hateful, incompetent, criminals-turned-politicians. Since 2014 our country suffers from a armed conflict, which is constantly denied, covered in press as a “anti-terrorist operation” or civil unrest. Thousands of people die without an open declaration of war with you-know-who, can you imagine? The world really becomes a more scary place day by day. So i feel you, ladies. Hugs and tons of love from across the world for you!

  50. A says:

    The biggest thing that the right has always lacked is empathy. Empathy for their fellow human and their struggles. It’s empathy that gives you the ability to understand, on a deeper level, how much another person is going through in their lives. It’s empathy that allows you to understand why drug addicts become addicts in the first place, why poverty is so insidious and so easy a pitfall for people to get into, why refugees might risk everything and put three years of their life on hold for the smallest chance at something better. It’s because of this that people can scream as much as they want about the facts and the truth behind a given situation, and still have individuals on the right completely turn off their ears and shut their eyes and decry everything that doesn’t fall into their chosen narrative as “fake news.” It’s because of this that people like Paul Ryan can publicly state that low-income students shouldn’t be given a free lunch in schools, because that will leave them with “empty souls.” It’s the reason why Republicans are so eager and willing to gut the ACA, and why they have so much support for doing so, even from people who have the most to benefit from the ACA. It’s the reason why anyone would be agreeable to the terms of the Muslim ban.

    Empathy is a learned skill. It’s the skill that allows someone to understand and fight for another person, even if they haven’t necessarily shared the same experiences. It’s what allows you to go beyond the whole, “You don’t understand, you haven’t lived my experiences!” and say, “You’re right, I haven’t lived your experiences, but I can feel your pain and I am willing to do what it takes to ease that for you.” We have to have some way of teaching this to people, because I can’t see any way we can move forward without that.

    At any rate, I’m really grateful for my family. They’re not perfect, and we don’t agree on a lot of issues, but at least they never taught me to live in an echo chamber of my own making. They always taught me to read a wide spectrum of news before forming an opinion on something (and yes, that includes Fox News). I can’t imagine how anyone can live without being curious, at least a little, about the mechanics of why people who don’t agree with them think the way they think. I can’t imagine consigning all dissenting opinions as “fake news.” How do some people do it?

    • Tata says:

      Thank you for this comment, it displays a lot of insight. It matches my experience with republicans as well.

      What has been interesting to me is I do know some empathetic republicans – for example, empathetic towards addiction or children who grow up in abusive homes or who donate and volunteer at food banks, and support immigrants, etc – but Those republicans I know crossed party lines to vote Hillary, and that is the big difference for me, from this past election cycle – that the remaining trump voters seem truly delusional as to how he is trashing the honor once associated with the US and our presidency.

    • a reader says:

      ^^^ SO MUCH THIS, A! So. Much. This.

      It describes the folks I grew up around to a t. I can’t believe I came out of my upbringing and turned out to be the type of empath I am today…

    • Abbess Tansy says:

      Thank you for this comment. ^^This is exactly what I’ve felt about the right in our country, lack of empathy. And keep up the great work Celebitchy, I really feel like this is a safe place for me.

  51. a reader says:

    She is almost exactly my age (by a few months) and she is my forever girl crush. Have loved her since MWC and I have followed her career closely. She is by no means privileged, and in fact has one of the biggest, most open hearts I’ve observed in a celeb.

  52. Sandy Eggo says:

    I rarely comment, but want to chime in with a heartfelt thanks to CB, Kaiser, Corey, Hecate, and the commenters. I came here years ago for the gossip (I read the site every day) and stayed for the political and social discussions. I’ve learned so much from all of you about issues such as cultural appropriation, rape culture, politics, institutionalized racism, etc. Keep it up!

  53. Larelyn says:

    CB, Hecate, Kaiser, Sixer, KITTEN!, QQ, and all you fantastic ladies –

    I’ve been lurking on these boards since about 2008 when I was introduced by (and yes, I am embarrased to admit it).

    You all are the smartest, wittiest, cattiest commentary out there. As great as the articles are, the comments amp them that much more. You all are my people. I work with many white 50+ males who think Trump is the great white savior, so this site gives me sanity.

    And I owe you all a huge thanks for being there for me since June. I was in a terrible accident that kept me from my family for a month and in a bed for four more. This site gave me news, entertainment, education, and escapism when I needed it most.

    Don’t change. We need to change the world, instead.

  54. Jackie O says:

    Amazing work. LOVE this site.

    Keep it up!

  55. Deeanna says:

    I really like the civility and the diversity of the posters here. It is so informative to be able to hear from people of various ages and ethnicities and nationalities.

    It is excellent to have the guidance of others to a link with a really worthwhile article – the atlantic article about authoritarianism is a must read for all. Thanks for that link.

    And on a fun note, this site keeps this old(er) grandma up to date on the current slang – allowing me to have at least a small hope of staying current with my grandchildren.

    It is for the world those grandchildren will inhabit that I will actively resist.

    Some friendly and empathic advice for those who are feeling depressed: If this feeling lasts for more than 2-3 weeks, get some help from your doctor for it. It is likely just temporary, but as one who has suffered from clinical depression (stabilized for years now) I know how rotten that feeling is. You DON’T have to continue to feel that way. And you owe it to yourself to NOT continue to feel depressed for any length of time. An event like this election outcome can indeed precipitate an episode of clinical depression. Or anxiety.

  56. Jennifer says:

    Those same people are probably ok with Ted Nugent’s blathering.

  57. Laura says:

    I want to add that there is a misogynistic aspect of the “don’t talk about politics” comments, which is the policing of women on the internet. Women are told to stay in their lanes in public: it is okay to talk about “feminine” issues such as celebrity gossip and parenting, but not okay to talk about “serious” issues like national politics.

  58. meow says:

    celebitchy made me WOKE.

  59. Veeve says:

    Thank you from another Australian who reads , (long time lurker ,occasional commenter) this website on my train commute . It is the best site for any and all information with so many smart and funny women. It is a privilege to read it. I have also raved to all and sundry about this site and have converted a group of male teachers to be CBHeads.
    Again thank you for the sanity and education this site brings.

  60. Grouchiegrrl says:

    Love what you do – keep it up! And thanks for articulating this bizarre alternative reality shitshow so well. We support you and appreciate you

  61. Tess says:

    I’m so sorry you all are going through this.
    Isn’t it interesting how people accuse celebrities of being out-of-touch with common problems when the majority of them have had to work at it for decades and weren’t born instantly famous? And YET the very man elected to be president (most likely by the same people saying theses things) has never been anywhere near working class and was born rich and is the one they believe knows what’s best for the middle class!
    Isn’t it interesting that YOU cannot state your opinions, Billy Bush was FIRED for cackling along to comments while not actually making them himself, but the man who has actually advocated sexual assault, not to mention violence and racism, has been elected president? When you make opinion based statements you are “being disrespectful”, but when he makes opinion based statements that include lies and harm to other people that is ok?
    What a world we live in.