Hilary Duff: ‘My legs are strong and they carry me every single day’

Hilary Duff Out For Lunch At Joan's On Third
Hilary Duff has some kind of paid Instagram deal with Aerie, which is a lingerie brand cashing in on the body positive movement. I have no shade for that, it’s good business sense and it’s also smart for brands to use celebrities and social media stars to promote their products. Hilary is a paparazzi target for some unknown reason, probably habit and the fact that it’s easy to cover her when we need filler stories (hi!). While running her pics, some of the men’s sites fawn over her for being cute/sexy and others call her “thick” for being strong basically. She has a kickass figure and if that’s thick sign me up. In fact I like to see her sometimes (most of the time I ignore her frankly) because she really owns her strong body. This is one of those times.

Here’s the Instagram Hilary posted for Aerie.

I like it! This is one of the smarter endorsement deals, honestly. It’s matter-of-fact, it’s body positive without being cheesy or overly emotional and there’s a call to action. I don’t know much about Instagram, I still have an older iPhone so I don’t install many apps and haven’t used it much, but if you browse the #aeriereal tag there are some nice posts about it. Most of them are from people shopping at the store and some seem sponsored, but there are women sharing body positive messages. Here’s one from the model Iksra Lawrence, this is from an Aerie photoshoot I think. I don’t know if other women who post under this tag want me to repost their photos but Jess over at Planking For Pizza (that’s her IG and the name of her book) has a really nice bikini photo and message that came up under this tag. (I don’t see where she tagged it but I don’t get IG.) She has a lot of other inspirational photos showcasing her weight loss and strong figure.

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You guys I have an underwear question. Costco no longer carries my brand, it.se.bit.se by French Dressing, and I ordered some online but they’re running low and I need to find a new brand. What is your favorite comfortable underwear brand for daily wear? I like cotton bikinis and keep in mind that my favorite underwear are from Costco.

Hilary Duff Leaving A Pilates Class In Studio City

Hilary Duff Out For Lunch At Joan's On Third

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  1. Alleycat says:

    How is she considered “thick”? I don’t understand body types at all. Also, they carry her every single day? Wow, crazy, me too!

    • Christin says:

      I think she may mean it as a form of gratitude. Not everyone is able to walk well, or without assistance, even at a young age.

      I value every working limb and muscle I have, whether they are considered thick or not.

    • ell says:

      she is thick though. as in, she’s toned and strong and curvy, and she looks lovely. honestly, everyone has a body type, men do as well, and we should just embrace it.

    • Snowflake says:

      Thick is when you don’t have thin legs and aren’t “skinny.” Her legs in the photos have been edited. She has bigger, muscular thighs. But very toned. I’ve gotten called thick before, I hate it but guys mean it as a compliment when they say it. It means you’ve got meat on your bones but not fat. I wish I had as much muscle definition as Hillary, I hate what they did to her legs in these photos. Pictures of her on DM white guys muscular she is. She works out really hard, you can seeit

      • Anilehcim says:

        Totally agree with you, Snowflake. Hilary is a mesomorph.. she carries a lot of muscle and has a very athletic build. I’ve always thought she has great legs. Off topic, but I also think she has really cute street style most of the time.

      • Snowflake says:

        Oh, thanks for that, i didnt know what a mesomorph is. I looked it up and it sounds like me! I will use that to help with workouts!

    • littlemissnaughty says:

      I don’t understand this either. So she’s not skinny. That makes her, in my book, normal. Average? If she’s already on the thick side, what the hell am I and where did normal go? Also, the camera adds weight. I bet if a normal-sized person stands next to her, she looks small and slim.

      • Louisa says:

        What normality ? Normality doesn’t exist when it comes to body types, too much variety. The only abnormalities are illness-induces deformities, that can be genetic or acquired through life, like obesity or any form of anorexia for example.
        She’s not skinny, she’s far from being fat, but her legs ARE rather thick, I mean they are obviously not slim legs. Whether she has pretty legs or not is just a matter of taste. I for instance, am not a big fan of not so long, but very muscular legs, but I think hers are ok, there thick but quite shapely. I do have strong, muscular legs thanks to ballet, they look so thick compared to my upper half. But compared to hers they’re skinny twigs. You can be skinny and have thick legs, and you can be a bit overweight but still have thin legs and dainty ankles. Normality doesn’t exist.

    • Elle R. says:

      I live in LA, and much as I try and defend my city, I will admit that she is thick by Hollywood standards.

      I’m built like her and in good shape and once had someone refer to me as being a “bigger girl.”

    • Ange says:

      Well I mean I’ve had several knee operations and have rheumatoid arthritis that just loves flaring up in my knees, ankles and feet. I’m only 36 and have have been dealing with this since before I was 30. I would love to be able to place that much faith in my own body but I can’t so i can get behind her message.

  2. Jess says:

    Well I just saw some pics of her in a red bikini and my jaw almost dropped when I saw her body, she looks amazing and strong, and that ass! Go Hillary!

  3. Clare says:

    Marks & Spencers bikini briefs – they come in packs of 5. I know Target sometimes carry M&S underpants, and they ship internationally.

    note: they are borderline ugly, but suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper comfy. If you want something that looks nice, they do the lace ones that are also pretty damn comfy.

    Also – wow she is super special, my legs only carry me on alternate days.

  4. freebunny says:

    She looks pretty perfect to me.

  5. Slowsnow says:

    Do men constantly talk about their bodies?
    Every other article in the mainstream press is about body acceptance which for me reads: no body acceptance at all.
    Otherwise we’d be like (a majority of) men: not thinking one single thought about body acceptance and therefore at least look more confident if not be more confident (I asked my husband how many times a day he thought about his body flaws and he looked befuddled).

    • ell says:

      i get what you’re saying, but society has made body acceptance a predominantly female problem, so it makes sense it is women discussing it. i agree that we need to move forward though.

    • senna says:

      Women’s bodies and appearances are more scrutinized than men’s bodies and appearances. Why are so many women who are famous yet larger than runway models given airtime to talk about their bodies? Because it’s still unusual for women to not apologize for this. It’s expected that they would be self-hating in some way, dieting or apologizing for not being a stick. Why are perfectly average men not asked about their bodies? Because it’s expected that they are already confident and happy in their bodies, and anything other than that would be odd and unmanly. If they’re not super hot, well, maybe they’re funny, smart or successful. Women can be not-hot and funny, smart or successful, but her looks are still going to be brought up. This expectation cuts both ways and keeps both men and women suppressed by expectations about how they should look and behave. It’s not a matter of every woman spontaneously wanting to talk about their bodies as an individual choice – it’s a broader cultural thing.

      • Slowsnow says:

        Yes, and we, women, yield to that, me included.
        I know it’s a tough one (if I asked my husband if he thought of his body it is bc I was musing about my own) but I remember that someone asked an oldie famous singer-musician song writer (can’t remember who, American) how she fought against the idea that women aren’t accepted as guitar players (the singing wasn’t the problem of course) and she replied: I play the guitar and earn my life from it.
        I am not sure taking money from a product while claiming body acceptance is the best technique.

      • sasa says:

        It is not ok to simultaneously complain about a problem and be a part of the said problem. Yes, questions and comments about appearance are aimed more towards women but no one is forcing you to answer or take any significant notice. I am a woman and I am not “standard” body-wise. Very tall and quite thin. I have been getting questions and comments about my looks my whole life. So what? You reply with a bare polite minimum and move the conversation to something else. You don’t go around providing more material for anyone to scrutinize. That’s my view. Many, many women have learned to love the attention the scrutiny gets them and they are in no position to complain about it.

    • Squirrel4Ever says:

      Here’s the thing, though. I do think men need more body positive stories. I see some every now and then on Buzzfeed, and the comments can be a little overwhelming. While photoshopping perfect faces and bodies doesn’t seem as pervasive and in your face for men as it is for women, it’s still there and men still notice. So while I like to see representation of my 5’10, size 18 body and to see it portrayed attractively, men need to see themselves reflected as well.

    • littlemissnaughty says:

      I get what you’re saying but at this point, I think we need to accept the fact that it’s topic of discussion. Every day, everywhere. And before we can stop thinking about it, we have to start thinking about it in positive terms. Otherwise it’s too easy to confuse “don’t care” with “don’t talk about it”. I’m not usually a fan of these borderline fad movements but the body positive movement on Instagram is pretty great overall. It’s just an opportunity to not feel so alone with your rolls and whatnot. An opportunity to simply make non-model bodies visible. Once we love ourselves, we can stop thinking about it.

  6. Locke Lamora says:

    I rarely believe these body positive statements from celebrities.

  7. QQ says:

    I Love Iskra A LOT Also OT Hillary almost only has “Very Nice Figure” going for her so I don’t even get this imaginary complain about the state of affairs with her legs, and actually Sound lowkey remedial AF to make some statement of facts like “my Legs Strong, the Carry Me” OOOH No Doubt, Mine are fatter than you but still stronger muscle-skeletal group in the boy, and today they had the special honor of bringing me to work

  8. Sam says:

    Uniqlo makes some very affordable cotton bras and panties. The bikinis are more, how do you say, generous cut than some others – by which I mean they cover the whole butt. Most of their bras are wireless, but they’re pretty strong regardless. Just my two cents on that one (they also usually have sales pretty routinely).

  9. Paleokifaru says:

    I have to say Aerie’s cotton underwear is cute, holds up well, and is pretty cheap. I always buy on sale from them or GAP. I don’t like frills to my underwear but I like it softer than most 5 or 6 packs you just buy at WalMart or Target and I never like the line of the thicker elastic bands on the ones in those packs.

  10. Lucy says:

    She has always seemed like a really good girl to me. Not necessarily a goody-two shoes, but as in, a good person. This is a great endorsement deal indeed.

  11. Slowsnow says:

    I love and only have Uniqlo panties: affordable and super comfortable. Sadly, their bras are not as good.

  12. anna222 says:

    She looks awesome and she can pap walk all she wants – she is showing a strong and healthy body off and that is such a great example for young women. And I really enjoy Younger! It doesn’t get a lot of love from critics and recappers but it’s fun and some days that’s what you need.

  13. Rocio says:

    I don’t remember who she is but if people are body shaming her, good Lord! She has a nice petit body. What the F is wrong with people?! Do we all have to look like Giselle Bundchen?!

  14. Rachel says:

    I used to buy Victoria’s Secret cotton underwear, but in the last several years, you can definitely tell they’ve been using cheaper materials, and they just don’t hold up. I found a brand at Kohls I like. It’s called Steve (and no the irony of a brand of women’s lingerie bearing a man’s name was not lost on me). It’s comfy and has help up well so far. Probably not as thrifty as your costco undies though. 5 for $20.

    • Elle R. says:

      Victoria’s Secret did switch materials! I used to love their stuff, and I bought some of few years ago and had to return them because the elastic gave me a rash.

      And I’m super cheap: Hanes cotton briefs from Target. They aren’t fancy (at all) but they’re great for daily wear.

  15. NotSoSocialButterfy says:

    Who gives a rat’s ass about what people think of her?? She certainly shouldn’t.

    I am almost 51, STILL perimenopausal, taking two meds to control hot flashes. One (paroxetine .low dose, be warned) has caused me to gain 10#. To be told after the fact that is is a well known side effect is disappointing in the least. I have been pretty much paleo eating and spinning at home almost daily, and slowly it is peeling off. I won’t get the results I want before spring break (heh, I already had some to lose before the med gain), and just today I have become okay with that. I am working to better my self and my health and that’s all that matters. I am going to bask in the heat of the caribbean, and enjoy every damn moment of my time with my family there. Why should I or anyone be made to feel lesser because of someone else’s standards? FTS. Today onward, I love me, and that is enough.

  16. MellyMel says:

    Aerie has really good stuff. I also love Gap’s Breathe line. I always pick up underwear from there when they’re having a sale.

  17. Tania says:

    She looks amazing and strong! Total fitness goals! I love VS’s the Lacie boy shorts. Super comfy, washes well and helps pull in my little muffin top. Plus they’re pretty. I buy them when they’re on promotion.

  18. Beckysuz says:

    I need to find better work out underwear. I’ve always preferred thongs, but I feel like I spend half my run stopping to adjust them. And if I wear full panties, Im constantly pulling them out of my buttcrack, and they cut in and give me four cheeks. I can’t win

    As for Hillary Duff, idk, she’s fine. Very bland and unoffensive, and mostly uninteresting

  19. Ali says:

    PACT underwear! It is organic and fair trade and super soft. It can be a little pricey but I wait until Whole Foods is having an apparel sale and stock up.

  20. A.Key says:

    She’s only called thick because she’s famous and thus compared to other Hollywood celebrities, the majority of which are thinner than her.

  21. Cheryl says:

    I adore American eagle underwear- the cotton blend bikini and boy brief. No cheeks fighting their way out, they stay put. Plus they are super cheap (7 for $25 on sale!) , so I get some new pairs every few months.
    And I’m a 38 year old mom of two, so I have no business in that store otherwise, but seriously, they are awesome.

  22. Jess says:

    Celebitchy – I love the Aerie brand cotton briefs. I’m 40 and not quite their demographic but I looooove their underwear and bras

  23. Tania says:

    French Connection has a website and sells the it se bit se underwear there! (I’m an avid Costco shopper and googled them to see if I recognized them…)

  24. Dana says:

    I am so glad I am not the only lady in her late thirties rocking the Aerie underwear. They’re cheap enough that you don’t feel terrible if you wreck them, fun, and comfy. The bras aren’t bad either- good prices ( especially on sale) and extended sizes (32 DDD ? Thank you.) Now they just need to make a comfy bralette that actually covers my girls.

  25. Lisa says:

    Her legs are thick, but that’s not a bad thing. It just is. She’s got muscle there!