Nicole Kidman in beaded Marchesa at the DGA Awards: boring or beautiful?

Nicole Kidman at The 69th Annual Directors Guild Of America Awards in LA

Here are some photos from this weekend’s Directors Guild Awards, held on Saturday night in LA. As everyone says, the guild awards are often the best indicators of where the Oscar races stand, so I’m pretty disappointed that Damien Chazelle won the top DGA Award for La La Land. He won over Barry Jenkins for Moonlight. Ugh. Why does Hollywood love La La Land so much??? Anyway, you can read more about the awards here.

Nicole Kidman is back to her Miss Havisham styles in this antique-looking Marchesa dress. Seriously, what happened to Nicole? It wasn’t that long ago when she was always the best-dressed woman on any red carpet. I know she loves fashion, so why is she so wacky these days? While this Marchesa isn’t the worst, let’s be clear: Nicole Kidman deserves better.

The 69th Annual Director Guild Awards - Arrivals

Laverne Cox in Thai Nguyen Atelier. So glam! She was having fun with this dress and she really stood out in this deep green.

The 69th Annual Director Guild Awards - Arrivals

Kerry Washington in Sally LaPointe. Sexy dress but bad hair. I really liked the straight, glossy look she had at the SAGs and I kind of wish she would stick to that for a while.

Nicole Kidman at The 69th Annual Directors Guild Of America Awards in LA

Amy Adams in what looks like a dress for a summer picnic. This is Ulyana Sergeenko. I guess Amy was like, “I don’t have to get glam anymore, it’s not like I was nominated for an Oscar.” It’s not that this is bad per se, but it just doesn’t seem like she was dressed for the same event as everyone else?

The 69th Annual Director Guild Awards - Press Room

Helen Mirren in what looks like a really comfy sweater and cute skirt. This is what I would wear to an event like this. Just like, “F–k it, I’m going to wear a sweater.”

Nicole Kidman at The 69th Annual Directors Guild Of America Awards in LA

There are no full-length photos of Emma Stone in this sparkly Louis Vuitton dress, mostly because she didn’t walk the carpet, she was only there for Damien. She probably didn’t walk the carpet because she believes (correctly) that she pretty much has Best Actress in the bag. Anyway, I like this dress and I wish we could have seen more of it.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet, WENN and Getty.

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44 Responses to “Nicole Kidman in beaded Marchesa at the DGA Awards: boring or beautiful?”

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  1. sarri says:

    I like her dress.

    • kodakay says:

      I like it as well but it would have been better in a different color. She’s so pale that the dress makes her look washed out. The same dress in red, emerald green, even black would look better. IMO.

      • Lahdidahbaby says:

        The color is dreadful on her. She looks dead. I think only a darkskinned woman could wear that color well.

    • Tris says:

      I can’t stand her – not one bit – but I have to admit that I love this dress and her in it. She looks like a glass of champagne!

    • Lauren II says:

      Nic seems somewhat stiff and sad. Her figure is stunning, but Nic’s face radiates sadness. Wish her well.

  2. Locke Lamora says:

    Hollywood loves LaLaLand because they’re all narcissists who love movies about themselves.

    Someone said that maybe Tom used to pick icole’s dresses and I’m starting to believe it.

    Kerry has messed with her face way too much.

    • whyme says:

      Really? I feel like Kerry Washington hasn’t done anything. If you cover her nose and mouth you can tell it’s her and also when you cover her eyes.

      I was going to write that I feel Laverne Cox messed with her face. I didn’t even recognize her. I wish she wouldn’t she looks amazing already.

    • Diana B says:

      I don’t understand it. It was such a mediocre movie and lord knows I love Emma but she was nothing special on that role. The music was mediocre, the dancing was mediocre and we didn’t even get a feelgood happy ending. Ugh! For all the hate Natalie Portman gets around here she did a far better job than Emma.

      • Locke Lamora says:

        I feel like that too. I LOVE Emma ( seriously, she’s one of the very few young Hollywood actresses who don’t annoy me), but that movie was nothing special.

      • Bex says:

        I usually think Natalie Portman is a passable actress at best. She was astounding in Jackie. If she hadn’t already won I think she’d be the frontrunner.

  3. lightpurple says:

    Helen is wearing the sweatshirt I wear grocery shopping and to rake leaves.

    • Kali says:

      It’s not a sweatshirt. It’s a sweater, jersey or jumper as we say down here. Lovely, comfy wool, cashmere no doubt so effing expensive. If that is your gardening gear then can I have your throw outs?

      • tmot says:

        Exactly. Cashmere is the best. I’ve got one just like it too (I get mine from thrift stores, tho!)

        And Helen doesn’t have to GAF. Go, Helen!

        The “fancy skirt and a sweater” look was a huge trend, a few years ago. I hope it comes back!

      • NotSoSocialButterfy says:

        @tmot- when I saw Mirren, my first thought was, “Haven’t we seen someone in the same outfit recently?”

  4. Donna says:

    The narcissists are still honoring themselves? When are the Oscars, so it will, mercifully, end?

  5. what's inside says:

    Is it me or is Nicole looking like a bobblehead toy now?

  6. Bex says:

    I think literally everything Nicole’s worn in the last few months would’ve worked better if she went back to being a redhead again. Her hair looks fried.

    I aspire to be Helen Mirren when I grow up.

    • ell says:

      she’s not a natural redhead though, she said so many times. also if you look closely at her hairline in some pics, she’s clearly mostly white at this point. so i don’t think her hair’s fried, she must have naturally brittle hair. it happens with ageing.

      • Bex says:

        Oh I know it’s not her natural colour, I just think it suited her much much better than her current shade. This blonde just washes her out IMO. Red is hard to keep up though, so I get not wanting the hassle.

    • lucy2 says:

      I agree the red hair always suited her best. Same for Amy Adams.

      I don’t mind any of the dresses here, including Nicole’s.

  7. Rocio says:

    I like them all. Helen’s is probably my favourite. Emma’s Vuitton is the best Vuitton I’ve seen in a while.

  8. ell says:

    honestly, the problem with fashion is that it has all to do with taste. for instance, i don’t like kerry washington’s dress at all, because i hate those plunging necklines. i don’t find them sexy, i think they’re tacky. otoh, nicole’s dress is fine, a bit boring but inoffensive. she has a hair problem that needs fixing though, i really think she should try going shorter, like a bob or something. i know some women are reluctant to cut their hair, i used to have super long hair which i had since i was little so chopping it off was scary. but i’m very happy i did it now.

  9. Naddie says:

    I’m craking up at Hellen’s sweater. One day I’ll be bold enough to do the same. Seriously, I loved it.

  10. Megan says:

    I like Nicole’s dress. She has said her natural hair color is strawberry blonde – but I agree it washes her out.

    Helen Mirren looked great!

    • tracking says:

      Yes on both. The contrast with darker red hair would have been stunning with Nicole’s dress (which I love anyway, and she has the perfect figure for this retro silhouette). Love Mirren too, but wish the sweater was a bit more fitted/tailored.

  11. QueenEllisabet says:

    Nicole looks embalmed

  12. Neelyo says:

    Laverne Cox’s dress looks like two different dresses sewn together down the front.

    Nicole’s dress looks more like a 90s Bagley Mischka (sp.) than a Marchesa. Maybe she tore all of the feathers off of it before walking out the door.

  13. Lucy says:

    I like all of them. Helen is doing the same thing JLaw did at that one Passengers premiere event. It worked back then, it works now.

  14. Dunne says:

    La La Land was visually stunning and impressive for the low budget. I feel like the backlash is the becoming typical “I don’t want to like something that’s popular”. It enjoyable, beautiful and well executed. Also, musicals are HARD. WORK. I think industry people appreciate that. I produce musical theatre and the creative team and performers are the hardest workers I’ve ever met. AND frankly, 2016 was such a trash heap of a year that I think the escapism of LLL was beyond welcome and that’s what we’re seeing.

    • lucy2 says:

      I liked it too, I felt it was entertaining and enjoyable, and different in a fun way. And I definitely appreciated all the work that went into it.
      That said, I didn’t leave there feeling like I’d seen the best picture of the year, or the best performances. But I’m not surprised one bit at by Hollywood’s love for it(self).

  15. DiamondGirl says:

    I love Nicole’s dress and the color of Laverne’s.

    Kerry’s dress is dull – she usually is more risky.

    Amy’s looks like very heavy material or something.

    I hate Helen’s look. The skirt is too Cinderella, then a frumpy sweater.

  16. Bridget says:

    I wonder if Nicole’s style changed in part because of L’Wren Scott’s death. Not to mention, she’s clearly not going to win this year so she’s just kind of along for the ride. She would look so much better without that terrible wig, though.

  17. Cerys says:

    I quite like Nicole’s dress. It is a lot better than some of her recent outfits. I do think a stronger colour would have been better since she is so pale.
    Helen Mirren looks as if she is wearing a school jumper with her skirt. Not one of her better choices.

  18. Kori says:

    I think, for the sake of her hair, Nicole should embrace the gray/white ala Helen Mirren. It would be so much healthier for her hair. It’s not like shouldn’t couldn’t wear a wig or something for a movie if the role called for it–she does already sometimes. I think a shoulder-length bob would look great on her if her hair was shiny and healthy again. She also looked better with some bangs IMO. And it helps with the botox (or going off of it).

  19. Antigone says:

    I enjoyed La La Land but wasn’t blown away. It’s a solid three star movie-good for what it was but not great. Definitely overrated.

  20. Justmeonlyme says:

    Nicole needs a new hair color and style, her hair is now her worst feature. I wish she would gain 5-10 pounds as well, with her height, she could carry it off and it would soften her face, make her look less brittle and perhaps make her goose neck appear less..loose-goose-like. A wrinkled neck is an unfortunate part of aging for many women in late 40s and 50+ and some (generic?) have it worse than others, NK falls into the has it worse. But being so thin doesn’t help, Jennifer Connelly has this problem as well as does Angelina, all very skinny and if they plumped up, I wonder if their wrinkle and skinny necks would look better (sacrifice the face for the waist!)

  21. detritus says:

    Laverne looks like a goddess.
    That green, plus the beautiful wavy hair?
    Best she’s ever looked.

  22. Maryscott O'Connor says:

    Kidman’s dress is stunning. She might be too pale for it, in which case all it needs is either to be dyed a slightly darker colour or worn by a darker woman. Nothing wrong with the dress per se, it’s gorgeous.

    Yes, it does look like LaVerne Cox has had some work done — hopefully just Botox, but regardless it’s a shame, she was perfect before.
    Kerry Washington – meh. Amy Adams – meh. Emma Stone – meh. Helen Mirren — love it.