Sarah Paulson in Andrew Gn at the DGA Awards: amazing or frumpy?

These are photos from the fashion at the Director’s Guild Awards over the weekend. You can see the full list of nominees and winners here. Unfortunately La La Land took home best director, which is probably a harbinger for the Oscars. I’m starting with my girl Sarah Paulson because I love to see the choices she makes on the red carpet. She’s very much a fashion darling and she is not afraid to take risks. In the thumbnails, I thought I would like this Andrew GN gown. It has a nice mix of lace and blue velvet from far away. Up close, it looks like an old timey tablecloth with the fussy design, netting and especially the fringe on the bell sleeves. This is a no from me but at least she wore it to the DGAs instead of another event. Her styling is killer though.


Here’s Mandy Moore in a plain black low cut Ferragamo pansuit paired with sleek hair. I love it. The open top pantsuit is overdone, but she’s rather modest in this and it works. It’s tailored well, she has the perfect accessories and check out her shoes, the geometric pattern complements her earrings so well.



Isabelle Huppert also slayed in a black Saint Laurent pantsuit with a button-down shirt. Look at how she’s owning that carpet. Her pose is so casual and confident. I haven’t seen Elle yet but it’s on my list.

Black was the color of the night and here’s American Ferrera in a 80s dress with lace, mesh, puff sleeves and collar. She can do so much better.



Finally Anna Chlumsky in a pretty and flattering JosieNatori LBD accented with bold embroidery at the neckline. This dress is lovely and a great choice. Excellent showing from Anna.



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12 Responses to “Sarah Paulson in Andrew Gn at the DGA Awards: amazing or frumpy?”

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  1. LP says:

    The picture of Isabelle Huppert isn’t embedded in the article :/

  2. sarri says:

    Beautiful woman, ugly dress.

  3. Locke Lamora says:

    I’m not a fan of any of these dresses. Sarah looks so lovely as a brunette, much better than blonde, but the cut isn’t my favourite and she should really ease up on the blush/contour. It makes her face look very long.

  4. Rocio says:

    Anna Chlumsky looked amazing. She needs to stop wearing Syrianno (spelling?). She can do soooo much better.

  5. whyme says:

    I feel only Mandy Moore looks amazing. And I’m not crazy about Anna Chlumsky’s dress but her hair and makeup are so awful! Someone take care of this woman!!! Get her a beautiful dress, and please someone do her hair and makeup. She deserves better!

    • detritus says:

      Her lipstick is excellent. I covet it.
      Is she plumping though? I do not remember her looking quite like that.

  6. Patricia says:

    Why is La La Land winning everything? My husband convinced me to see if yesterday and I was so BORED. How do you cast Emma Stone and then give her nothing comedic to work with? The woman is a comedian, what a missed opportunity to utilize her strongest talent! Ryan Gosling had a few funny lines but for the most part it was all so dry.

    And the dancing… people are talking like they were the next coming of Fred and Ginger. While I give them plenty of credit for learning all those dances, I didn’t find their dancing captivating or impressive. Just boring, although technically “correct”. Professional dancers should have been hired to surround them sometimes, up the wow factor for the dancing. I’m a huge fan of dancing and love to watch it but there was just nothing interesting going on there.

    That’s my review!

  7. minx says:

    Sarah is so badass but she looks frumpy here, as does America. Actually Mandy Moore is the only one who looks stylish.

  8. Chaine says:

    Frumpy. She always dresses like someone 20 years older.

  9. Carmen says:

    Paulson’s dress looks like it was made out of Miz Ellen’s po’teers.

  10. Snowflake says:

    Only one I like is Mandy