Angelina Jolie: ‘We are focusing on the health of our family’

Good Morning Britain

It didn’t even occur to me that Angelina Jolie would give additional exclusive interviews while in Cambodia for the premiere of First They Killed My Father. She gave her first post-divorce interview to the BBC, which I thought was smart, and now it looks like she gave her second exclusive to Good Morning America. She was interviewed by George Stephanopoulos via satellite on Thursday’s show. I get the feeling the interview was pretaped days earlier maybe? Here’s the interview:

Jolie talks happily about Cambodia and why she made the film, but once George got to more personal questions, Angelina once again seemed a bit shaky. Something similar happened in that BBC interview – you can see her take a deep breath and really think about which words she wants to use in describing the current situation. George asked Jolie “Is your family healthier now?” in reference to Jolie’s statement about how she filed for divorce for the “health of the family.” She takes a deep breath and says, “We are focusing on the health of our family. So we will be. We will be stronger when we come out of this because that’s what we’re determined to do as a family.” I think that comes across well – she didn’t want to say “yes we’re a lot better now because Brad’s not in the picture!” She doesn’t know how the kids are going to handle the divorce long-term, but she made a choice to do what she thought was best.

George also asked Jolie about politics and the fact that refugees are being blamed for terrorism. She said: “To use fear tactics and summarize groups of people based on their backgrounds based on their religion and to accuse them all of being people we should be afraid of is policy based on fear and is not nearly close to the reality of what is happening and who these people are.” You can read more about the interview here.

Screencap from GMA, additional photo courtesy of Getty.

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  1. Ana says:

    So I guess after all the “Angelina can’t find a PR team” she’s handling her public image fairly well. Rule number one in dealing with personal questions: just reply the same thing over and over about focusing on health and happiness. Good for her.

    • ElleVogel says:

      Agreed – she’s handling this so gracefully! Interesting that while she’s saying “of course we’ll always be a family” she’s shaking her head… unconscious or consciously I wonder? And it was moving when she didn’t pretend the family is healthier, just working on it. You and me both, Angie…

    • Mathilde says:

      I think these two people, Angelina and Brad, should be with partners who are relatively anonymous. Together they are not a good match and obnoxiousness is the result!

      • almondmilk says:

        Your post is obnoxious.

        They were together for 12 years and appear to only be apart now because of one person’s out of control substance/alcohol abuse which he presumably is getting help for.

        Whether they stay together or split, to say their union was not worthwhile or ‘obnoxious’ when together they literally saved lives through their foundation and inspired humanitarianisn and philanthropy, educating Impoverished girls and establishing health clinics on three different continents, rebuilding here at home after Katrina and donating millions to the less fortunate – is truly beyond the pale.

        The need to revise history and erase them as a couple who shared a great love and did inspiring things to better the world, is pathetic and sad.

  2. Patricia says:

    Well, she certainly looks physically healthier! She looks like she’s gained some much needed weight and she looks rested. It does make me wonder how stressful her life was with Brad. It would seem, just as a casual observer, that she’s doing better and feeling better without him.

    • Maya says:

      I think her going through the double mastectomy and the fear that she can die from cancer made life very stressful for them both.

      People deal with things in different ways and while Angelina seems to have become stronger by it, Brad took the alcohol route.

      Now after that incident on that plane and Brad was forced to become clean, the stress seems to have gone.

      Once the stress was gone they both started to look better – he lost weight while she gained some.

    • ell says:

      they both seem to be doing far better without each other. they weren’t in a very good relationship i think. that said, her eldest child siding with her during that argument was very telling of the sort of dynamic in that couple.

    • Ophelia says:

      The same can also be said about Brad Pitt. He looked much better than when he was Mr Jolie (unkempt and slovenly hobo chic).

      • Greata says:

        @Ophelia…Brad has a history of looking unkempt going all the way back to the days of Paltrow, hence the beginning of the urban myth of his bad body odour.

      • Bluer says:

        I think he made a serious effort to look clean and sober after the leaks about him being a drunk and raging father.

    • als says:

      Yes, but ‘Brad has Hollywood’.

    • Karen says:

      She also has not traveled very much the past few month. She was always hoping on a plane going to new time zones.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I noticed she looked healthier and less gaunt. I do hope that it is because she is healthier and not just a cosmetic illusion. She’s been through a lot of stressful events in recent years.

  3. Maya says:

    Such a warm, caring and well educated woman.

    Despite the constant media attacks and Brad’s cowardly silence, Angelina never attacks anyone.

    It’s obviously a painful situation and it’s clear that she is trying to heal her family. She could easily have told the world exactly what happened but instead chose her children.

    Brad’s silence has given sexist newspapers the opening to write vile articles about her. His silence has also given Trump the ammunition to attack Angelina indirectly for her articles about immigration and refugees.

    As the great Martin Luther King said – a time comes when silence is betrayal. Brad has betrayed his wife and children with his silence.

    Hopefully one day he will realise that he has lost a lot more by being silent. Truth always comes out and the plane incident will come out one day.

    • Fa says:

      Come on Maya Trump has nothing to do that article from page six. I give you a hint page six was the first tabloid to break the news that Brad was on holiday on thanksgiving day because he couldn’t see his kids and afterward every tabloids got confirmation from Brad team that it was true, is that help and see where page six stand in this.

    • Greata says:

      @Maya…I agree with you for the most part; but I have begun to think that the incident on the plane is not all that is in play here. I am beginning to think that Brad’s silence is do to some legal issue. Maybe , he can’t answer without incurring some type of legal jeopardy.Not maaking excuses for Brad…he had to have fuc5ed up really badly for her to have filed. Also, after hearing the way she answered the questions about Brad being a good father/divorce, I still believe that these two people are going to work through their issues and be back together at some point. These two share a great love…never mind the plate thowing. This marriage is not over.JMO.

      • ElleVogel says:

        I agree they shared a great love and I think that’s why it’s over in a salt-the-earth-burn-the-bridges kind of way.

        Of course they’ll always be family because they share children, (although I think it’s interesting she was shaking her head while saying that). But this isn’t a conscious uncoupling kind of thing – when breakup/betrayal happens between people who really love each other it’s so much more devastating and difficult to come back.

        A clean cut heals better than a ragged shrapnel wound.

      • WinnieG says:

        We are on the same page, this marriage is not over. I just hope they’ll get back together..12 yrs in relationship is something very deep. It’s so sad to just bury it.

    • Fa says:

      She didn’t attacked Trump she wrote a politically well writing op-ed, she said nothing about him.

    • V4Real says:

      Why does Brad have to break his silence? Wasn’t it until recently her fans praised Brad and AJ for never speaking to the press about any negative things that were said about them. Now all of a sudden people have a problem with Brad because he’s not speaking to the press about the negativity aimed at AJ. When they were together a lot of harsh crap was made about his wife and he didn’t talk then but now people want him to talk. Why didn’t they want him to protect his wife and children back then? His wife doesn’t need him to defend her.

      Perhaps if they had handled this uncoupling amicably like Paltrow/Martin and Affleck/Garner did there would be no need for anyone to be defended. it was an epic fail on both their ends.

      • Maya says:

        Please stop with comparing the other two divorces with this one. As you very well know, this divorce is not the same as the others.

        The other two had cheating involved while this one has verbal abuse and children involved in the decision to split.

        Cheating can be forgiven and people can be amicable. Abuse of any kind is way harder to be nice about it.

      • Erinn says:

        I don’t get it either, V. They’ve all been attacked in the media for the entire relationship. People have gone after the kids eg: Chelsea Handler. But they NEVER commented on it. I genuinely think that that’s just how they work PR wise – don’t give traction to negative stories. I think it’d be extremely strange for either of them to speak about it now. I also find it so weird that a lot of people are saying “she’s not speaking about it because she cares about the kids” while at the same time “how dare Brad not speak about this!”.

        Personally, I think the current direction it’s taking is the smartest. She’s come out and said very minimal but in a “we’re okay, we’re healing” kind of way. He’s kept his mouth shut – like he has for decades- and it seems NORMAL.

        If he came out and talked I’m sure he’d get jumped on for trying to white-knight the situation and make himself seem like he’s grown. Neither of them can win when it comes to gossip.

      • V4Real says:

        Oh please. What I’m comparing is that these couples were not running to the media throwing mud at each other. They handled it like adults, perhaps for “the health of their family.” And fans need to stop pretending like they know every detail about Brad and AJ as if they came out and said exactly what happened on that plane. As far as we know Brad and AJ were having issues in their relationship for a long time even when her die hard fans were swearing that they had a perfect union. AJ and Brad pulled the wool over their fans eyes when she shocked them with the divorce announcement. Since some want to pretend they know so much about this couple why didn’t they see that coming?

        @Erinn who said.” I also find it so weird that a lot of people are saying “she’s not speaking about it because she cares about the kids” while at the same time “how dare Brad not speak about this!”.

        You’re so spot on. But some people just don’t know what it is to be rational when they have blinders on and only wants to see one side of it.

      • almondmilk says:


        No. Brad doesn’t HAVE to break his silence, and he especially didn’t HAVE to break his silence in the past because he’s been with Angelina effing Jolie, who didn’t let slurs and taunts from his ex or his exes besties or tabloid weekly hit jobs or Donald Trump, or Etheridge or any other loser, affect her life or let it matter in the slightest.

        What Brad SHOULD do NOW is different story. This is different. His bad behavior and possible addictions or issues got us here. Once again the usual suspects here like to revise history and make this into just your normal split to be ‘uncoupled’ sans fanfare as they engage in the dreaded ‘both-sidesism.’ (i. E. Yes we know it’s been said he flew into a possibly drunk rage and attacked and terrorized his kids leading to drug testing and removal of custody and an investigation by 4 gov agencies…b-b-but why couldn’t Angelina just ignore all that and tell the public they were done because they grew apart. Or better yet because Brad ‘annistoned’ her this time. Especially when she knows it would make all of her haters happier to think she is either ‘equally to blame,’ or receiving much schadenfreud)

        Main reason being Brad should OWN his F-up, is that Angelina is being pitted against HIM, the nonsense surrounds him, and he is the cause of it. He should own THAT to take the nasty awful heat off his children’s mother from the usual embittered suspects that he should have known was inevitable.

        And please don’t get it twisted. Angelina’s fans praised HER for not sweating the small stuff (tabloid bs and narrative, and assorted attacks from other jealous douchey celebs) most of AJ’s fans were not praising Brad because we knew the edict originated with her. She gave him an out- she essentially was saying to him: ‘No, unlike your last insecure spouse the tv sitcom actress who cried over tabloids, unflattering pictures of her large nose and Kim Stewart calling her homely,’ you don’t need to do that for me.’ As a result, Brad did as she bid.

        Did her fans like it? I think they appreciated Angelina’s high road approach and not making her haters have longer news cycles than they already were having by name dropping her. The fact that Brad abided by her philosophy was cool.

        Would her fans have been angry had Brad said ‘FU, Handler and Etheridge’ or ‘FU Trump! ‘ and FU too Jon Voight for not defending your own flesh and blood.

        I think many fans would have stood on our feet and said YAaaaaass!! You do you Angie and Brad you do you.

        However THIS is not that. Brad made a mess that directly impacts his children and wife’s status – he could have chosen to speak on it, take accountability and be a responsible father and strong man….or not.

        He chose the latter.

      • LadyT says:

        ” I also find it so weird that a lot of people are saying “she’s not speaking about it because she cares about the kids” while at the same time “how dare Brad not speak about this!”
        I thought that needed to be said for the third time. Also, let’s see the comments when Brad makes his first statement. Jolie’s has been embraced with high praises. No digs about it being just PR, no snide comments about her protecting her image and no making fun of her because she’s sad.

      • almondmilk says:


        What are you talking about?

        It doesn’t need to be said at all, let alone for a third time because it makes zero sense.

        What exactly needs to be said on HER part?

        It’s not like the usual suspects want her voice heard on anything. They especially don’t want her discussing the tragedy on the plane. They went nuts over the open court docs and her vague ‘health of the family,’ comments – so I’m sure Angelina discussing anything further ABOUT BRAD’S issues/incidents, would be roasted alive.

        SHE filed for divorce, for ‘the health of her family,’ and we subsequently learned because the docs weren’t sealed yet, that it was because Brad had a public altercation with his child that terrorized the others. It is said he may have been high or inebriated and that he may have issues. He had no physical custody of his kids while he received/receives therapy and testing.

        The only other person that needs to confirm or speak is Brad Pitt. These ARE HIS ACTIONS. Not Angelina’s. hello?

        So what more, if anything else, would SHE need to say about HIS actions and behavior that caused this?

        Brad did this to his family, and yet you want her to expound on the trauma they went/are going through in detail (as if you wouldn’t take her over the coals for exposing him…shyeah riiiight) – but are cool with HIS silence regarding HIS own actions that damaged his children and marriage and has made his wife into an even bigger punching bag for the usual suspects?

        How pathetic is that?

      • V4Real says:

        You’re always on point LadyT

      • V4Real says:

        @almondmilk “What Brad SHOULD do NOW is different story. This is different. His bad behavior and possible addictions or issues got us here.”

        That statement proves when people are too invested in AJ’s life along with all the other babble in that novel. Brad addiction hasn’t gotten us anywhere. We are not involved in their lives, they do not know us, nor does Brad owe us any explanation. Like @Lula said on the other post I think it’s AJ’s hardcore fans who want the apology and explanation. They think Brad owes them something. They are thirsting to know what happened on that plane, until then all they can do is speculate. It never said Brad attacked his kids. If anything it was kid (singular) But obsessed fans of AJ have their own narrative.

        If AJ and Brad never responded to crap that was said about them when they were together, there is no need to respond to crap being said about them now that they are apart. It doesn’t matter what anyone think he owes them. I pray he stays silent to keep the nosey obsessed bunnies in suspense

      • Dana says:

        Lady T,
        What praise is Jolie getting from her interviews? I don’t mean praise from hardcore Jolie fans. I would love to see the comments on here when Brad talks about the divorce. I wonder if he will be called a flake, fake, insincere, like she is being called now. I also wonder if people will observe his body language and find something wrong with it like they did with her in the GMA and BBC interviews. If I remember I may return to this thread when that time comes.

    • Anna says:

      I am always surprised that you think she needs Brad to defend her. She is handling her first interviews like she always has, with complete poise, clarity and completely in charge. She allows all questions to a healthy point. You fail to see that SHE does not NEED Brad speaking out about her and their relationship. This woman is no victim. And clearly she is smart enough after all these years to know that she cannot be liked by everyone and who cares. She has a momentum, an air of happiness which often happens after a toxic relationship ends. The catalyst was a blessing in her life, not a curse. Their children wrote in their vows “promise to make up when you fight”. This was prevalent in their minds due to their parents being separated on more than one occasion. You can have a deep love that is not necessarily an abiding love. These two had a successful relationship and they grew apart. They want different things. In fact their divorce is typical except for the fact that they had so many children which brings pressure, her major surgeries, and the pressure of being Brangelina in HWood. I guess what I am saying in all of this is …why is it that you think this woman cannot handle things herself? Do you think she is less than in some way? Why does the mighty Brad Pitt have to save the day. She is entirely capable f handling a little BS from tabloids and online trolls.

      • Maya says:

        Anna – for me it’s not about Angelina needing him to break his silence. It’s for their children’s sake I want him to give a simple statement.

        No matter how much they try, Angelina & Brad cannot shield their children from negative comments. One day those children will read about the vile comments people made about their mother but must importantly about them. There are some horrible comments out there about the adopted one and especially Maddox.

        Why shouldn’t Brad do everything he can to defend his children? Why not do this for their sake?

      • Carmen says:

        I don’t think she needs Brad or anyone else to defend her. But it would be nice if Brad would man up and admit he screwed up badly in his marriage and that he regrets it. I don’t think he’ll ever do it, though. His image is more important to him than everything else. Given his druthers, he’d rather win Hollywood and lose the kids than win the kids and lose Hollywood. He should be satisfied now since he got what he wanted. He can bask in Tinseltown’s adulation to his heart’s content. He’s Hollywood’s golden boy.

      • Anna says:

        Maya: Parenting is done at home. Not in the press. I am sure the children have been briefed on the ugliness for many years now. They are super bright and intelligent as were my kids during divorce. They don’t miss a thing. As a mother, she can address whatever is “out there” with her kids and explain that she is a good person and they will believe her because they are witness to it. They know her and, simply put, the media do not. That is easy enough for even young kids to grasp. They don’t live by the media. They come out when they have something to promote.

      • Anna says:

        Carmen: as a parent, with a father to my kids that is no longer my husband, who would lay down his life for his kids, I recognize the bond of a father and their kids during difficult divorce. It got ugly for us. It took a few years and now he is a close friend and comes to my house for holidays and birthdays with his significant other. He fought diligently for custody of his children. It was, for a time, heart breaking for both of us. The blame game has no place in court proceedings however, because both sides are part of the problem. I can almost promise you that Brad would leave Hwood and his image if faced with a choice of that or losing his kids. She would do the same. They are healing and no statement from Brad taking the blame for their divorce will change anything one single iota. That is something he can share with his family and kids. I am sure A will reflect upon her part in it as well. They all seem great and are moving forward. We should too.

      • LadyT says:

        I agree with you Anna. She can handle herself just fine. Maya- I have read appallingly vile and unsubstantiated comments about Brad on this very site, too. He’s been labeled a child abuser, a drunk, guilty of domestic violence and had his name linked to Gibson, Allen, C. Affleck and Polanski.

      • Anna says:

        AND–they have a new Stip & Order re visitation that was filed with the court on 1/31/17. This means that they are making progress, the kids best interest is being carefully monitored and they have a no nonsense judge that will see to it that things go in the direction of healing.

      • Lalu says:

        There are some people who seem overly invested in this relationship. Almost like they want Brad to issue a statement to explain to them what/ why this happened. And like they want an apology for him not being what they built him up to be over the years.
        He’s the same person he always was. Maybe he just hit a rough patch and made a mistake. But we don’t even really know.
        The only people he owes anything to are his wife and children. And I feel like they are working on explaining to them. The public doesn’t have to be privy to every little thing. That’s their business and between them.

      • V4Real says:

        “No matter how much they try, Angelina & Brad cannot shield their children from negative comments. One day those children will read about the vile comments people made about their mother but must importantly about them.”

        They will also one day read what people have said about their father and they can read a lot of it right here. But I guess that’s ok. Some people seem so concerned about the kids and what they will one day read but think it’s ok for them to trash the kids father.

        @Lalu “There are some people who seem overly invested in this relationship. Almost like they want Brad to issue a statement to explain to them what/ why this happened. And like they want an apology for him not being what they built him up to be over the years.”

        Amen sister, Amen.

      • Carmen says:

        @Anna: I’ve been through a divorce. It was so ugly prior to the split that the separation was like a welcome relief. Our son was ten and a half at the time. After we separated, my ex visited our son every week without fail until he went away to college when he was eighteen. He paid the child support on time. When my son grew up and married, my ex was a very proud grandfather. He and our son kept in regular contact for the next 30 years until my ex passed away. But although they were close, my ex never once tried to get custody of our son. He simply didn’t want the responsibility. He was content with being a weekend dad. I think that may be the case with Pitt as well.

  4. Evie says:

    I love how poised and diplomatic she is. I respect her so much!

  5. Ginger Gal says:

    She looks really happy and healthy. Good for her! Living with an active addict is hell.

  6. Ophelia says:

    Did she change her makeup style? In the header picture you can see the difference in the main shot and the inset shot. I like what she did with her brows. Made her look less severe.

    Is she on the outs with Universal, after the magnificent floppage of By the Sea? ABC seems like an odd choice considering her previous closeness with Universal/NBC.

    Does this mean we will see Maleficent 2 (as ABC is Disney property?)

    • Maya says:

      Funny how people seem to only focus on one flop and not the other hits.

      By the sea may have been a flop but Unbroken & Maleficent combined earned almost 1 billion.

      She is being courted to play in their Monsters series and already signed to play Maleficent 2.

      She will be fine plus Universal chairwoman Donna Langley is a close friend of Angelina’s.

    • roses says:

      I’m not sure about her being on the outs with universal since they still want her for Bride of Frakenstein. But you are right about Mal 2 they are planning to do it and currently are working on the script so I guess that’s her tie to ABC. Plus George always gets the exclusives with her when she goes on GMA so they must have some form of a relationship there.

    • KB says:

      I was wondering why she did her interview with ABC. She almost always used NBC before.

      • Fa says:

        Because the movie is kind of politic and George S firstly is not entrainment guy like his colleagues, he and Angie are part of the council on foreign relations they know each other politically.

      • IlsaLund says:

        Jolie was close with Ann Curry….that’s why NBC always got the exclusives. Since NBC and Ann have parted ways, Jolie has moved on as well.

      • Zut alors! says:

        I think she went to NBC when she was working on Universal projects. She’s also gone to CNN. She’s appeared on ABC with Cynthia McFadden on Nightline, Christiane Amanpour on This Week and Diane Sawyer in the past. She’s done a couple of interviews with G Stephanopoulos. She has gone on Charlie Rose a couple of times. I’ve also seen her being interviewed by Tavis Smiley on PBS. I don’t get the impression that NBC is her preferred outlet.

      • KB says:

        @Zut I was referring to the last few years, but I didn’t realize unbroken and by the sea were both universal. I just remembered her going to Ann Curry a lot and then Tom Brokaw.

    • crazydaisy says:

      @Ophelia I think it’s her hair. She has completely removed all the “Bradley blond” from her color and gone dark again, which changes her general appearance a lot, along with the softer brows. Also, seems like there’s been some mild weight gain, and some kind of youthening work done (Botox sprinkles?) to erase all wrinkles. One typically shows some signs of age in the face at 42. She looks at least 10 years younger, and 100% gorgeous!

    • almondmilk says:


      The backhanded slap comments are so fun.

      Her brows are the same. She seems beautiful as always and stress free which may come from not having a drunk/substance abusive Dad taking the kids out for ATV rides. Who knows?

      Never heard that breathtaking face described as ‘severe,’ in fact pretty sure she’s hated with the heat of a thousand suns by the usual suspects because it’s a pretty angelic face. But it’s funny to see them say things we all know they don’t even believe. Lol

      Lastly, the comments re Universal and Disney and ABC and NBC are bizarro. This isn’t the studio system of the 40s. Because Jolie makes Disney films that doesn’t mean she can only be interviewed on ABC networks. Wtf? Hello. She makes movies with all of the big studios from Dreamworld (Katzenberg is a close pal) to Disney Maleficent 1&2

      Also, By The Sea was an art house intimate little film that was never ever going wide-release- it’s so strange and transparent how the usual suspects like to frame an art house pic that opened in 10 theaters against a Wanted or Maleficent opening in 4000.

      • Lalu says:

        I think Ophelia was stating the obvious…. She’s had some work done. Just like pretty much everyone in hollywood.
        That may bother some who think she isn’t human, maybe? But it’s not really a big deal.
        I see comments like that about pretty much everyone on this website. It’s what people do here.

      • KB says:

        “Drunk/substance abusive dad” you have absolutely no proof of this and you need to stop saying it. Her kids are old enough to be on the internet. I can only imagine how upsetting it would be to Angelina herself to read her “fans” writing things like that when her own kids could find it and read it. She has never said any of those things, so what gives you the right to?

        She doesn’t need you fighting her battles and she’d probably be disgusted by the things you say about her childrens’ father. You should take a cue from her and stop spreading malicious gossip.

      • bap says:

        @Almondmilk Some of these bloggers always try to Shade Angelina’s looks. Dame Angelina is one of the most beautiful women in the world inside and out.

      • V4Real says:

        While I think AJ is beautiful it doesn’t mean everybody else in the world think so. Beauty is subjective and believe it or not there are some people who don’t think AJ is beautiful, it’s their opinion are they allowed to have one?

        And yes she like most celebs has had work done.

      • Amanda says:

        Do you ever stop writing the same thing over and over and over and..
        You get the point anytime someone has a opinion other than your own?
        You are beyond over invested?
        Angie needs to stock up on her security.
        The obsession you have is getting creepy

  7. Fa says:

    She can’t even say the word divorce the 2 interviews she did so far, also the statement she issued the first time she didn’t used the divorce and the 2 other statements after that no once she used the word divorce .

    She really looks hurt when talking about her family.
    Brad is a coward hiding behind his image, if he doesn’t say anything when it is his time to promote his next movie which is Netflix as well and say that he hurt and lost his family because of his attention, then I will never look Brad the same way again.

    • Maya says:

      Totally with you – my issue with Brad has always been his silence.

      Not his alcohol issues or whatever happened on that plane. It’s his actions and silence afterwards that made me lose respect.

      If these two get back together then it’s good for them and their family. But I will never support him in anything unless he breaks his silence to protect his wife and children.

      • Felicia says:

        Why would you even expect that? He let the press pile all the blame on his first wife when they got divorced and never said a word. He clearly showed his true colours then and there is no reason to think he’ll do any differently now.

    • Keaton says:

      Yeah I was a little taken aback by her reaction to the Brad question. She looked more hurt and emotionally raw than I expected. 🙁

    • O.o says:

      I advise you already start looking at him ‘the other way’, because it’s not going to happen. He’ll never publicly take the blame for his actions. If that was his intention, he would have done it right after the DCFS investigation got closed and the most horrible rumours about Angelina started. Instead he chose silence, because it has always worked for him. His behaviour during the Allied promotion showed he’d better pretend nothing happened and this won’t change.

      And we all know that if the roles were reversed and it was Angie who brought the mess into their children’s lives, the first thing she would do, would be telling the truth how it was. She would not let anyone else be blamed for something she had done, definitely not her husband or son.
      So I can’t even imagine how disappointed she is in Brad. To her, always so open and honest about her life and its challenges, his cowardly silence must be the biggest turn off ever.

  8. Who ARE These People? says:

    When asked if Brad Pitt is still a wonderful father, her voice says “yes” but after hesitation, and her head shakes “no.” Whether that’s unconscious or not, who can say? Very sad.

  9. M. says:

    She’s lying when asked about Brad being a good father and a part of the family. She says “of course” but shakes her head “no”.

  10. Adorable says:

    I wonder what’s going through Brads mind as Angie’s been asked all these questions regarding “The incident” & divorce/separation!…. & I’m curious since they decided to handle this with a private court/judge will we get to know if they’ve officially divorced?

    • KB says:

      I imagine they’ll release something since they released statements when they separated and that they were moving to a private judge.

  11. Rocio says:

    She’s soften the accent, good. She looks better than before. Botox, weight gain, whatever she’s doing is working.

    • tracking says:

      She definitely looks good and healthier, but I was a little freaked out after watching this video. Lady’s face does not move, except her mouth!

  12. Loula says:

    Has anyone seen the BBC news clip of Angelina and the kids eating tarantulas?! Vivienne looks distinctly unthrilled! I tried a cricket when I was in Thailand, they’re braver than me eating spiders though

  13. Meadowlarky says:

    So we’re not supposed to take it at her word that she still thinks Brad is a good father? Isn’t it possible that she does still think that?

    • Anna says:

      I do. Just as I take him at his word that she is a good mother. This typical firestorm happens in initial divorce filings all the time just not in the tabloids. Healthy, evolved people who put their kids first survive it and come out the other end. It is so typical there is no way for me to put it in words. In a year or two, I have faith that these two will be co-parenting like champs. The tabloids will still print lies on both sides but they will be healing.

  14. crazydaisy says:

    Such a class act! Anyway, I want to point this out: Brad and Angelina were together for 10 years before tying the knot. They may have gotten married for the children, or to help ‘fix’ things, but if they get divorced, that does not mean they will never be together again, even unmarried, as they were before. We’ll have to see. Once upon a time, these two were deeply in love, and Angie still gets very emotional when he comes up, so…

    I think it’s pretty clear that Brad has some serious substance abuse issues—alcohol, weed, who knows? Angie may have given him many chances to dial it down, or maybe she issued an ultimatum…or just finally snapped after the plane incident. But that doesn’t mean she’s pledged to be done with him forever. If he gets his act together, he may win her back. She keeps stressing how they “will always be a family,” and I don’t see either of these two rushing into another union with someone new any time soon.

    If Brad really does have substance abuse problems and is trying to get sober, he may have to be in recovery for a while before he has the inner strength to make any statements or speak out to the press. Many of us are condemning him for his silence, but silence may be the best he can do. At least he is not saying bad things. (Sure, his lawyer said some nasty things before they sealed the proceedings, but whatever—hers did too.)

    Bottom line: Brad REALLY f*cked up. And he is not well. Alcoholism and addiction are diseases, and hiding is part of it. I hope he can face his demons and heal, become a better father, a better man, a better partner. If he does, maybe then he will be able to talk about what happened, as a whole adult person. Until then, unlikely.

    Meanwhile, he does still need to work/act/direct/produce—he has a family to help support! So of course he is doing the awards shows, etc…No shame. I’m with her, but I think Brad deserves our prayers, too. I’m sure Angelina is praying for him. Why not us?

    • Greata says:


    • Fa says:

      That what happened with Charlie Sheen Hollywood enable men to do whatever they want until it catches up with them at the end. I think Angie did smart thing about that agreement she insisted that he signed so he can get healthy for his kids.

  15. Heather says:

    Lordy, I know you guys love her, but that was so contrived and fake. It was like watching bad acting when she discussed the divorce. She always does well with her own PR (until recently), so I am sure she will be fine. She is the master of reinventing herself and really can write her own narrative in a way that no other celebrity has done before. I admire that tenacity in her. I can see he focusing more on politics in the future and her humanitarian work. I just don’t think the directing thing is going to take off.

    • lucy2 says:

      It struck me as a bit melodramatic, but she may also just be very uncomfortable talking about it. Who knows. The best thing they can both do is keep it vague and positive and deal with everything privately for their kids.

  16. Sera says:

    She was fine. I am sure she would like to just tell the whole thing so Brad can’t keep playing the victim but she is too smart and cares about her kids too much.

  17. serena says:

    She always comes off as such a positive person & influence, I don’t get how people can bash her like they do.

    • Joannie says:

      Judging by comments I’ve read on different sites people think she’s a total fake and flake. I have to say I watched a bit of By The Sea and Brad appears to look at her as if he hates her guts. Maybe it was just me but honestly that’s what I thought. I couldn’t watch the whole thing because it was god awful.

  18. Pandy says:

    Fuller face. She still looks great but I would say it’s cosmetic enhancement.

  19. Pandy says:

    Oops filler face. She still looks great but I would say it’s cosmetic enhancement.

    • Carmen says:

      Actually I think you were right the first time. She has gained some weight, and some of it shows up in her face. Just like some of Brad’s weight loss shows up in his face. He looks less jowly IMO.

      • Dana says:

        She has gained weight. She looks healthier. I saw couple pics of her in Cambodia. She’s thin but not scary thin like a few months ago.

      • YepIsaidit says:

        Yeah, the guardian had an interview a few weeks ago from the set of FTKMF and the interviewer said Angelina was very ill onset — I think that might be why she looks so gaunt and shockingly thin in photos from back then.

        Any amount of weight loss really shows on her.

  20. YepIsaidit says:

    This interview right here is why we got the Hollywood reporter bull— his team knew no one is taking their page six hit piece seriously so they move on to a more “trusted” publication and slyly try to hurt her.

    Team Pitt are pissed at Angelina promo tour in Cambodia. He couldn’t stop her from taking the kids and she did not deny the incident and even doubled down by saying they are STILL trying to heal.
    Her publicity tour made her seem more real, authentic and LOVED by not only the public (online and in Cambodia) but more importantly by her children. It was a really good strategy on her part— all without the help of Hollywood publicists BTw.

    He’s an ass!! he’s pissed and throwing a temper tantrum !!!!

  21. Fa says:

    Even the New York Magazine hint that the page six article or other negative tabloids is coming from Brad team.

    “Jolie’s gracious treatment of Pitt in these interviews effectively stops all that. What is he going to say back? He is going to look silly if tabloids keep suggesting that Jolie is nothing without him.”