Dean McDermott’s ex: he hasn’t paid child support, it’s been hard on my son

We heard a few weeks ago that Dean McDermott’s ex wife, Mary Jo Eustace, was taking him to court over nonpayment of child support. Dean welcomed his fifth child with Tori Spelling, Beau Dean (that’s really the kid’s name), earlier this month. Dean and Tori are being sued by AmEx for skipping out on a huge bill, they’re being sued by Sun Trust bank for not paying back a loan, and they also owe hundreds of thousands in back taxes to the state of California. You wouldn’t know if from looking at Tori’s social media, which is full of posts touting products and services, although most of them are sponsored, as well as chronicling their trips and vacations, ditto there. Mary Jo gave an interview to US Magazine detailing her decision to take Dean to court for not paying child support for their son Jack, now 18. She filed contempt of court charges on him on her own without using a lawyer, I’m assuming she can no longer afford one, and claims he hasn’t paid support since October of 2015. Dean owes her over six figures in child support. This sounds so typical and must be so frustrating, but Mary Jo sounds like she’s dealing with it in the best way she knows how. Here’s some of what she told US, including the catalyst to her latest court filing – the $40k baby shower that Tori threw for this fifth one.

“I filed the paperwork myself for the contempt of court,” Eustace told Us, after representing herself in court. “The judge was very clear that it’s a criminal charge; contempt of court is jail time…”

Eustace said she re-negotiated an agreement with McDermott in September 2015 but stopped receiving payments in October, prompting her to look into filing for the contempt of court charge.

While they were married, Eustace and McDermott had one son, Jack, 18, who currently lives with Eustace in the L.A.-area. Jack spent part of last year living with Spelling, McDermott and their four children—the couple welcomed their fifth child in March of this year—in Los Angeles while Eustace worked in Canada.

“It has been hard on my son, too, seeing all those children have so much. It’s been hard, and Jack has been so gracious about it…”

In February, Spelling’s mom, Candy, threw a baby shower for Spelling with an alleged $40,000 price tag. When Mary Jo saw these reports, “it just didn’t make a lot of sense. I started to laugh, because you can’t write this.”

Eustace said she believed McDermott’s rationale for not paying her was the “usual mantra” of “I don’t have money, I can’t afford.” “But,” she noted, “I don’t buy that mantra. If you want to pay it, you find a way to pay it, and that’s the truth…”

And though she said she has no relationship with Spelling and McDermott and is not interested in having one, Eustace insisted she doesn’t wish the couple ill will. “This wasn’t vengeful,” she told Us. “I don’t like seeing the father of my son in that situation, so I wish him the best moving forward and being able to take care of his family. This was just really standing up for myself and my family.”

[From US Magazine]

Mary Jo worked out an agreement with Dean to pay her back, and in that way he was able to avoid a court appearance. (I’m assuming based on the way this article is phrased.) She calls that an “absolute win.”

I like the way Mary Jo phrases things. She anticipates the criticism she’ll receive and she shuts it down. Plus she’s so matter-of-fact. Tori and Dean are ridiculous people. I think they’re perfect for each other in a way because it takes two people who are completely unwilling to face reality to get into that level of debt. It takes two people unwilling to face reality to start a relationship in the first place when they’re both already married to other people. So now they have five kids and they’re very focused on keeping up appearances to the point where they owe a ton of money.


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  1. mazzie says:

    Genuine question – are the two of them allergic to birth control?

    • Imqrious2 says:

      You don’t get attention for NOT having your own infield! Tori wouldn’t have the drama: “Oh, it’s soooo dangerous for me to have another baby, but we’re sooooo in luuuuuvvvvv!” Besides, her mom pays for *everything* connected with the kids (home, food, clothes, schools). What better way to sock away a few buck. Grifters gonna gift….

    • doofus says:

      or getting a F*CKING JOB?!!!

      Even Jon Gosselin is working as a DJ…he’s not doing anything more than pressing “play” on his iTunes but still, at least he’s working.

    • Angel says:

      I have always thought that she keeps having kids because she thinks she will get more $$$ that way when Candy passes, or she is somehow skimming from the top when Candy gives her money for the kids.

  2. Imqrious2 says:

    Once a low life douche always a low life douche. Poor kid having to claim *that* as a father. Bravo to Mary Jo for sticking up for her kid.

  3. Rachel says:

    You know what pisses me off most? The fact that a woman even anticipates receiving negative criticism for enforcing her COURT ORDERED child support.

    • Bitsy says:

      @Rachel 👏👏👏
      People still expect women to give men hundreds of exceptions and excuses while the woman runs herself ragged maintaining HIS image.

    • S says:

      This, x1,000

      Who paid for the baby shower is irrelevant; Mary Jo struck the nail on the head … It’s really freaking hard for kids to see their half-siblings living like kings while they struggle and an actual, RESPONSIBLE and CARING parent would never allow it.

      And, yes, for people like the Spelling-McDermott’s, who claim poverty while living a lifestyle 99% of Americans could only dream of, they find a way to pay for what they really want to pay for. It was “easy” for Dean to not pay child support, so he didn’t. That’s not even CLOSE to OK.

      • Lalu says:

        Yes… I cannot imagine the resentment and rivalry that behavior like that causes.
        How do you let one of your kids have less?

        What Dean did to MJ was bad enough… But the guy never redeemed himself. It was like he just resolved to double down and be a POS.

    • Green Is Good says:

      Preach Rachel! Deadbeat Dad, yet Mary Jo has to defend herself against going after his deadbeat ass. Eff that!

    • Evie says:

      Co-signing +1000%

  4. astrid says:

    nicely done

  5. Penelope says:

    They are pathetic.

  6. Mia4s says:

    ” I wish him the best moving forward and being able to take care of his family.”

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! He has never taken care of his family, he mooches off his mother in law. If that money vanished he’d be gone so fast our heads would spin. He knows though that unless he stays married he’s have zero access to that money. I hope it annoys and eats at him every day!

    Hey Candy! Might I recommend a trust for the grandkids with an independent trustee and the rest to some very worthy charities? 😏

    • Shiba says:

      In theory that seems like a good idea. The reality is probably that the kids would become an object of great envy & resentment to Tori. It would definitely hurt their parent/child bond.

  7. Fiorella says:

    I know it’s mean but to be honest I’m disappointed to see it being worked out right away. Him going to jail for a bit would be kind of funny to me. He is so shameless

    • HeidiM says:

      yeah i would have “liked” to see him get some jail time.

      • Sigh... says:

        Yeah, but you KNOW that would lead to some ridiculously obvious scripted “reality” show (called “PurgaTori?”) – as she struuuuuuggles to raise 5 kids alllllll alone…w/ full staff…and substantial financial support from a multi-millionaire mom…and commercial endorsements…and luxury vacations…and, etc…


      • Shiba says:


        5 stars.

  8. Nacho_friend says:

    Tori’s mom paid for the baby shower FYI

    • Izzy says:

      So what?? Dean’s oldest son had to watch his other siblings enjoy that kind of extravagance while he and his own mother struggle to make do. Like another commenter noted above, if Dean had any lick of common sense or responsibility, he’d make sure there’s at least some attempt to give his oldest son a little more. It’s like Dean has just decided to pretend his oldest doesn’t exist, and Tori and Candy are more than happy to help him do just that. They’re all grifters and pathetic human beings. Mary Jo and her son deserve better.

    • Lalu says:

      Well, candy, dean and tori should all be embarrassed about some fancy baby shower for a fifth child when dean hasn’t been paying child support.
      I am all for people spending their own money however they want… But yep… They should be embarassed.
      A real man would get a job doing something. It’s obvious his kids with Tori aren’t going to want for anything. If he can’t get an acting gig he could cut grass or deliver pizza. Work is work. Of course then tori might have to worry he is cheating.
      She got herself a prize.

      • holly hobby says:

        The thing is the kids may not want for anything now but I can guarantee you that if Tori inherits most of Candy’s fortune (which I doubt since Randy and his family are also entitled to a cut), that fortune will be gone within a year.

        So it is cruel for these kids to enjoy the lap of luxury only to have everything taken away once the fortune is gone.

        Candy should donate her fortune to charity and set up a trust for the kids.

    • DystopianDance says:

      Tori has no idea about the value of money and never had a loving parent to model hard work and conservation. So while I do see her psychology, I would -never- abide a partner skipping on child support. I thought she got “woke” and was leaving his sex crazed arse- instead they made up and multiplied? I see her as a desperate person who grasps any form of love.

  9. D says:

    Tori Spelling is so homely, I can’t even get past that first pic.

    • Originaltessa says:

      You are kind by using “homely” as the adjective to describe her looks. My gut reaction is abomination. She’s filled her face to the point of distortion. She’s hard to look at anymore.

      • sarah says:

        @ Originaltessa : I believe the polite term for such a person is “plain” – as in “Sadly she is a plain looking woman”. I think that every time I see a picture of her. She has messed with her face too much and she just doesn’t seem to accept that she takes after her father. I think she keeps trying to look like her mother or some other “delicate” type of woman.

      • DystopianDance says:

        I think her features are just fine- it’s the constant thirst for sexiness and approval that has messed up this woman and many in her industry. I wonder if the cookie cutter trend of eye lip and cheek surgery will ever end. I wonder if we will ever value women for their craft pure and simple.

  10. Harla Jodet says:

    I’d say Mary Jo got the best part of this deal when Dean left her for Tori, I’m sorry but Ewww!

    Super kudos to Mary Jo for raising such an awesome son like Jack, who can be gracious to his father and his father’s “new family”, that is one special guy. It’s really too bad that T&D are raising 5 kids who will grow up thinking that the only thing that matters is how much “stuff” you can get for free. I really don’t understand how a grown man can sit back and let his MIL support him and his family, I mean Dean’s a pretty big guy he could work a construction job or do something else to support his family.

    • Amanda D says:

      I wonder why Mary Jo was ever with a guy like Dean? I don’t know much about her, but she seems like an intelligent woman.

  11. Nicole says:

    Isn’t this the child that also has a medical issue as well? These people are ridiculous and they should be ashamed that they live this far beyond their means. Dean needs to pay up or go to jail. I don’t care who paid for the shower. They seem to be able to afford what they want when they want. Child support is just not what he wants to pay for. I can’t imagine how Jack feels

  12. Konspiracytheory says:

    Dean and Mary Jo were in the process of adopting when he took up with Tori – he should thank his maker he’s not paying for that child as well.

  13. holly hobby says:

    Beau Dean sounds like the sandwich shop, Boudin . I feel sorry for this kid already.

    Dean you weasel, pay your ex!

  14. Disco Dancer says:

    I bet that Dean is the kinda guy, and there are plenty of those, who run off on their first family to take up with another woman and have kids with her. They lavish their money and attention on the kids that he had with his 2nd wife and completely forgets the existence of the kids that he had before. Then years later, the 2nd wife leaves this loser for someone better and takes the kids with her. Suddenly, they remember they have kids from their first wife! The same kids who were abandoned and spent a lot of their childhood knowing that they were abandoned by their father and most likely resentful of their dad, for good reason. They go running back to their other kids and expect that they will be welcomed back with open arms because they designed to “return” back to their “real kids”. They’ll cry and beg for forgiveness and then get angry at the kids, when the kids aren’t willing to forgive and forget so easily. Yep, that’s gonna be the future of our Deaner here!

    • shannon says:

      Your comment struck a chord with me because I am one of those “first kids”. My bio father had nothing to do with me, created another family and then decided when I was an adult he wanted a relationship, but it is too little too late and I don’t need some loser in my life who just wants to assuage his guilt. I feel for Jack and am glad he has a strong mom. I also wonder about women who can love/sleep with/procreate with a man who treats his own kid like that? They know this going in and still want this guy? WTF? It would be a deal breaker for me. Does Tori truly think she has a good man? Ick. Superficially, I still see Stephen King when I look at Dean.

      • sarah says:

        I was a family lawyer and would see wife #2 or the new girlfriend at court helping her man get out of paying support for his kids with wife #1. I used to think “why would you do this? why would you want a man who won’t support his children just because the marriage is over?”. I could never understand how any woman could be involved with a man like that.

        So yeah @ Shannon, it’s a deal breaker for me too.

  15. says:

    Candy has no obligation to Jack . That being said, Dean is an absolute piece of garbage. As someone else pointed out, he is happy to act like his former life never existed. You know you’re trash when LeAnn and Eddie seem like stable Co parents with Brandi in comparison to this.