Susan Sarandon loves how people are ‘energized & awake’ in Trump’s America

'Feud: Bette and Joan' Premiere - Arrivals

At this point, can I just say outright that Susan Sarandon’s politics are a flaming pile of garbage and just leave it at that? Or will someone say, “You need to provide receipts”? Fine, here are the receipts: over the past year, she has said some profoundly ignorant things about Hillary Clinton, Jill Stein and Donald Trump. She’s a purity-test progressive and Bernie-or-Buster who honestly believed that Trump was a more palatable candidate than Hillary Clinton. When she was rightfully criticized after the election, she spewed a bunch of bulls–t about how at least people are “awake” now.

So, Sarandon appeared on Friday night’s episode of Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Colbert is no longer doing celebrity fluff and stupid skits. He’s leaning into politics in a big way, and his ratings have gone up as a consequence. So when Sarandon sat down, he started in on her about her politics.

I like the fact that Colbert didn’t even give her a chance at the beginning to talk about Feud, he just went IN on politics straight away. He asked her, “You said, ‘Some people feel that Trump might bring about the revolution immediately.’ A) How’s that going? What’s your assessment of how ‘the revolution’ is going?” This is what she said:

“Well, I’m so happy that you asked — not really, but OK, we’ll get into it. Well, have you seen this many town hall meetings of people from all parties storming and knocking on the doors of their representatives and complaining and screaming and yelling?” Sarandon asked. Colbert replied, “Not since 2010.”

Sarandon wasn’t having it. “No. Not since the ‘70s, I think. This is really out of control. Now there are town hall meetings everywhere. I saw one in California where they were screaming about ICE coming in and taking people. I mean, people are really awake now because ‘the cracks let the light in,’ as Leonard Cohen would say. You need that ‘crack’…Like, Goldman Sachs has been in our politics since forever and now we’re noticing because this guy is such a bozo, he’s doing everything so badly, that he’s not slick like everybody else. All the fracking that’s been going on… Now everybody’s awake, they’re energized… They’re calling their senators; they’re donating to all of these groups. You’re funnier, don’t you think? It’s doing great things for comedy.”

[From NY Magazine]

She goes on to say that, basically, everything is going to plan and the next step – I guess? – is “identifying real progressives” who will promise to get us healthcare, etc, and I’m sure that in Sarandon’s delusional little 5-year-old mind, what we really need now are more progressive purity tests. Here’s what I don’t get though, Susan: did we really NEED Emperor Bigly Fists in office to do all of this? I get her point about Bigly being such a shock to the system and how he’s spurred all of this activism, etc. But I still don’t understand how our current reality is somehow preferable to the alternate reality wherein Democrats, progressives and moderates all came together to vote Hillary Clinton into office and then set about dragging her to the left during her presidency. That somehow being “awake” now suddenly justifies the enormous sh-tshow that is our country under Emperor Bigly.

And I absolutely loathe this concept that people only became f–king AWAKE right now. Millions of people were plenty awake before Bigly. Those are the people who voted for Hillary Clinton because we took this sh-t seriously. We were already awake and we decided that a moderate Dem would always be a better ally than Bigly.

'Feud: Bette and Joan' Premiere - Arrivals

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  1. Tanya says:

    Must be nice.

    • Megan says:

      Someone please send her a huge dose of STFU.

    • mika says:

      Can’t stand Susan Slanderandon. THANKS for throwing minorities, women, elderly, children, medical coverage, and aiding in giving US a soon Conservative Supreme Court which will effect the US socially for 40 years or more. But hey Susan , you Hillary Hate was stronger than wanting to protect Americans who are vulnerable. Fk Susan Slander

      • Original T.C. says:

        Exactly. I’m sure all the children whose parents are being locked up and sent back to Mexico are thankful to her. All the refugees being denied visas and left to suffer or be murdered in a war zone surely must thank Susan everyday. All the people in 20 years showing up with cancers or birth defects thanks to polluting our air, oceans, allowing corporations to return to business over lives will surely thank her.

        All the victims of religious and racial intolerance, dead and buried, will throw a party in her honor. I really wish someone would confront her with all these tragedies that have and will affect our country for a generation.

    • Dee says:

      I’m not a fan of celebrities talking about politics….any of them. As I’ve said repeatedly they are in my view to sing, dance, act, juggle or play ball. If I want to learn about politics I’ll listen to the damn politicians myself and make my own judgement….I’m capable that way.

      Having said that — SS is as entitled to her opinion as Meryl Streep is.

      So are you all saying that MS should STFU too? Or is it just people who you don’t agree with that should do that?

      This place is like an echo chamber, Only those who agree are welcome or worthy.

      • Lightpurple says:

        Is “echo chamber” your phrase of the day?

      • Dee says:


      • Me says:

        Soooooo true. Actors. Plz Shut up and act. (That’s what I’m gonna do when I graduate acting school if I’m lucky). I’ll tell journalists to “kindly change their line of questioning as I’m not a qualified politician”. So very very simple.

      • Kitten says:

        Or maybe we just have a strong opinion, one that you don’t agree with. Sorry you’re so upset about that. Perhaps you should frequent a blog that is more receptive to your differing opinion so your feelings won’t get hurt.

      • Alicia says:

        Yawn. Sorry you’re triggered by people having different opinions than you. Maybe you need a safe space where people agree with whatever you say. People are free to disagree here and have plenty of times.

        You repeat the same thing in every thread about a celebrity talking politics. We get it already. Find some new material and stop repeating verbatim what you’ve said 80 billion times already. Several of the politicians who serve now aren’t qualified to do what they do.

        As long as celebrities pay taxes in this country they have a right to speak out. I am very uncomfortable with telling ANYONE to shut up. That is Un-American and reeks of McCarthyism.

      • CL says:

        I totally agree that celebrities shouldn’t talk about politics. For that matter, no one but politicians should. Why do I care what some lawyer or bus driver thinks? They need to be doing their job, not opining on politics. I also don’t think that every day people need to be talking about it. Parents need to stick to parenting, teachers to teaching, etc.

        However, I do retain the right to express my own opinion, because that’s the only one that matters.


  2. lisa says:

    she’s trolling us

    • tegteg says:


    • SilverUnicorn says:

      I don’t think she is.

      And she will be forever cancelled in my book because no matter how privileged she is she should have a bit of decency left and shut up.

      Saying Trump is necessary to wise up is like wishing bubonic plague on people to see who’s gonna come out as the healthiest ones.

      Susan #cancelledforever #ignorant

      • sauvage says:

        Yup. While we’re at it, let’s thank the KKK for “energizing” people of colour. Let’s thank all the (male) sexual harrassers, rapists and domestic abusers for bringing about feminism by “awakening” women.

        God, this makes me so angry in a Can I Just Hit My Head Against Your Wall of Privilege Until I Feel Better? Kind of Way…

  3. Lightpurple says:

    “Now there are town hall meetings everywhere.”

    There have been town hall meetings everywhere for just about forever. It is how representatives have always met with their constituents, you self-centered moron! This energy you’re seeing is not leading to wonderful changes; it is people fighting to survive from the horrible changes that your preferred of the two candidates is trying to inflict upon us. Clinton GAVE specifics; Trump gave vague statements behind bigoted rhetoric. It doesn’t matter that you identify the “real progressives” in Congress, McConnell and Ryan won’t give them anything. SIT DOWN!

    • SilverUnicorn says:

      +a few millions, Lightpurple

    • Kitten says:

      Thank you. JFC so effin tired of people perpetuating this idea that our current situation is in any way ok. At this point, the Sanders-supporters who are still “But Hillary”ing are really no better than the Trumpsters who are “But Hillary”ing in my book.

      • Shambles says:

        The “But-Hillary” Sanders people have literally been brainwashed by Russian bots. So crazy that it’s true. I heard Maddow reporting on the team of Russian operatives that inundated pro-Bernie Facebook pages with anti-Hillary proganda, and two days later I made the stupid mistake of trying to say something positive about Hillary on my own FB. Within mere minutes, THREE mid-twenties, straight white dudes who fit the Bernie Bro profile to a T had hopped in the comments to spew that same anti Hillary proganda. Straight up, proveable lies. They proved Rachel’s reporting right before my eyes, and it was the most terrifying thing I’ve ever seen. Brainwashed.

      • Lightpurple says:

        The second I hear “but Hillary …” I want to start throwing things. It is NOT about Hillary any more. It is about what we have right now and what is happening right now. The “but Hillary …” people need to get over it and move on.

  4. Nicole says:

    First off all SHUT UP. Plenty of us were awake and in the trenches long before trump.
    Secondly must be nice to not be worried about the country while this “revolution” happens
    Third I need her and Bernie to have the seats. If I see ONE more dumb quote from Bernie about all the Trump voters that aren’t racist I’ll scream. These two are out of touch and if the Dems go the way these two are good luck getting minority voters to turn out in midterms and beyond.

    • Shazza says:

      She and Bernie Sanders are doing a ‘Beyond the Resistance’ Summit in Chicago in June. i saw the poster on Twitter

      • Nicole says:

        Bernie is turning off a LOT of people. A lot of my friends that voted for him in the primary loathe him now.

      • Veronica says:

        I really enjoyed his “Planned Parenthood is part of the establishment” comments recently. Like, thanks dude. Glad to know that the path for Democratic success mirrors the Neo-Republican method of screwing over women and minorities. That’ll really help us working class women rise up.

      • Nicole says:

        Yea Sanders is a real asshat esp because he sees himself as some sort of progressive martyr

      • Who ARE These People? says:

        Beyond the Resistance? Sounds like a new Star Wars movie. He has fallen far in my estimation since the primaries. And he said that about Planned Parenthood? Shame!

    • Kitten says:

      I’m with you, Nicole.

      And can we talk about the Islamophobia? JFC Bernie of all people should know this, seeing the Islamophobic fear campaign that the Right has perpetrated against his pal Ellison.

      But seriously, my BF and I were comparing notes on our conversations with Trumpets and the connecting element among everything was an extreme fear of Muslims. And of course as you said Nicole, the racism. SO. MUCH. RACISM.

      • Nicole says:

        The Islamophobia makes me ill Kitten. It’s so upsetting. But no only anti-semeticism matters to some people.
        Did you see the story of the man who’s apt was destroyed and he’s leaving the country? He fled to the US to escape religious persecution in Iraq. Now he’s facing the same damn thing here. I honestly started to tear up reading it. You have refugees, prospective students and schools canceling trips here or choosing not to apply to live here. U of Cali had its first DROP in international applicants.

        At this point I don’t give a flying F about these poor disenfranchised white people. Our country was built on values that we no longer hold. And just like most things white people are at the center of the destruction

      • Kitten says:

        @ Nicole-Yup. This was the argument I was having with a Trumpy yesterday because he thinks Muslim=Anti-Semite. All the Muslim-haters are coming out of their hidey-holes and it’s nauseating to see them emboldened under the Trump administration.

        When we went to the town hall a few weeks ago, a Muslim woman spoke up and shared her story about her son being told that his parents are terrorists by schoolmates, getting mercilessly teased etc. It’s atrocious. A Haitian woman stood up to share her experiences with racism, xenophobia. Mind you she is a US citizen, as American as any other person who pays taxes. I’m just so disgusted at what our country is becoming.

        “At this point I don’t give a flying F about these poor disenfranchised white people. Our country was built on values that we no longer hold. And just like most things white people are at the center of the destruction.”

        YES. Everything you said 100%.

      • Who ARE These People? says:

        First of all, can we at least spell antisemitism correctly? Please and thank you.

        Second, antisemitism and hatred of Moslems (I try to avoid “Islamaphobia” because it’s not a phobia; it’s hatred) are both terrible problems worthy of consideration. Many Jews are working hard to support and protect our Islamic brothers and sisters and they are working hard to support and protect their Jewish brothers and sisters. Can we avoid discounting the problem of antisemitism? It doesn’t make the problem of attacks on Islamic people any less valid and they both come from the same place. Let’s try to avoid being divided on this; it only weakens the resistance.

      • Kitten says:

        Oh I never meant to imply that anti-Semitism isn’t a problem, WATP, not at all. I just find it odd that some Catholics, Protestants, Christians, Mormons, whatever will rail against anti-Semitism, but seem to be so comfortable with their Islamophobia, like “these disgusting Anti-Semites! Can you believe how awful the Muslim religion is??”

        The other day some Irish Catholic dude I went to school with posted a pretty awful video of a teacher hitting young students at an Islamic school. I just wanted to comment “This is pretty much exactly how the nuns treated my mom in Catholic school.”

        The cognitive dissonance is on full tilt.

        And I’m sorry but I respectfully disagree that it’s not a phobia. These people are incredibly scared of what is unfamiliar to them. Of course, that fear can breed hatred, but I know plenty of people who are simply misguided and/or uninformed about Islam who don’t actively hate Muslims. They’re not committing hate crimes, they simply fear what they do not understand.

        But perhaps as an atheist who grew up being called a “devil worshipper” by my Irish Catholic schoolmates, I simply have a different perspective on this issue. I never blamed those kids who teased me, they were just parroting what was taught to them by their parents, their church, etc.

      • Cannibell says:

        Thanks, WATP, for saying what I was going to, and to Kitten for getting it.

    • Veronica says:

      That’s what baffles me about people who are all, “This is finally waking us up.” No, it’s finally woken up some of the more privileged among us because they actually have something to lose now. Minorities have always been in this fight.

    • mika says:

      Bernie needs to answer where is sudden 10million dollar donation came from, which he has never answered at the end of the 2016 primaries and why he never showed his Taxes and how he bought a THIRD Home… the man of the people is a Con. IMO I can’t stand Bernie Slanders.

  5. Laura says:

    Shut up, Susan.

  6. Tate says:

    She sucks bigly. Shut up and shit down, Sharon.

  7. Darkladi says:

    Have several seats. Far away

    • AreYouForReal? says:

      I screamed “EFF YOU” at the screen (using the full word, of course. She annoys me so much.

  8. Darkladi says:

    Have several seats. Far away

  9. detritus says:

    Susan, you are seeing frantic desperation of the people whose lives are now being destroyed, whose health is now at risk, who may literally die over this.
    Not people coming ‘awake’.

    She sees a house fire and applauds, because at least the people running out are energetic.

    • Kitten says:

      Right? She’s so excited about the activism and how energized everyone is.
      Well, enjoy your popcorn from your cozy ivory tower, Susan. The rest of us are treading water, just trying to keep from drowning in this disaster.

    • Beth says:

      Exactly. It’s not like everyone is “awake and energetic ” with excitement. Everyone is panicking and scared. She must not know the difference or like Trump supporters doesn’t want to see what’s going on

    • adastraperaspera says:

      So well said. I am worried sick about all the people (and wildlife/flora/fauna) who are now and will be dying from these horrific policies–from climate change to health care to bombs falling in Yemen to the very real and damaging anxiety and depression his very existence in this position is causing people on a daily basis. Many of us (like millions more kind of many) were already awake and fighting desperately to get Clinton elected and push for progressive change within her administration. Slow change may not be sexy, but it doesn’t have such a huge body count!! Susan, you are the one who is not awake.

  10. Lucy2 says:

    She reeks of privilege.
    People aren’t fighting back for fun, it’s because this “administration” is destroying everything and it’s affecting their lives in serious ways.

    • Wilma says:

      Exactly this.

    • Esmom says:

      Yeah, her whole tone is so off-putting, twisting Trump’s win as some sort of serendipitous wake up call. When the fact is we could have and should have avoided the horrific nightmare that is the Trump administration.

    • Luca76 says:

      Yes exactly privilege and incredibly dense.

    • mika says:

      Sarandon is clueless. She thinks this is some fun fight we all needed. Fk her and any voter who could vote and instead stayed home, voted third party to try to prove a point or show us how pure they were. Can’t stand her.

  11. Lama Bean says:

    This story of the long-suffering warrior who only stands for progressive purity is tired and BS. The “summit” in Chicago is a money grab. It’s time for them to settle down bc their “movement” isn’t moving. But that’s ok…keep listening to the unvetted grumpy old man who says the same thing every day (the one on Capitol Hill, not in the WH).

  12. Tiegan says:

    God, she’s insufferable. Why not just admit you made a mistake and thought Hillary had it in the bag? Why double down on this senseless ‘revolution’ garbage?

    It’s like saying, ‘Well they were out of shampoo, so I poured battery acid on my head because I didn’t want to use soap! What’s left of my scalp is really energized now!’

    I especially love how she thinks she lost an Oscar nomination because of her politics, when nobody even suggested she deserved one.

    • Esmom says:

      Great analogy. Reminds me of a tweet during the campaign that went something like “Voting for Trump because Bernie isn’t the nominee is like going to a restaurant and because they’re out of your favorite dish you order glass shards instead.”

      Her doubling down on this revolution nonsense is ridiculous and a waste of time.

    • minx says:

      Battery acid! That is so perfect.

  13. Spunk says:

    wealthy Caucasians are extra cumbersome. you get left not knowing how to say the lot you want to say without cursing. And telling them to hush and just be rich sounds kind of wrong but I scream it internally each time one pops up spewing poop pile that is multicolored and smells like out of touchness with a hint of that CauCau privilege. How is everyone doing?

  14. MunichGirl says:

    She’s the only reason why I don’t watch Feud although I’d really like to see it.

    • Laura says:

      Eh, it’s not worth it. I’m sure you can find the Jessica Lange scenes on youtube eventually. The show is kinda meh, IMO.

  15. Miss Jupitero says:

    This has been a hardcore lefty thing for as long as there have been hardcore lefties: let’s applaud the acceleration of decay because surely the next natural step is revolution.
    (And I say this as someone who is a hardcore lefty.)

    It doesn’t work. Sometimes the next step is that it all gets worse, and lots of good things happen to very bad people.

    Shut up Susan Sarandon!

    • Kali says:

      But it may just work. This is unchartered territory. The revolution may well start here. Lenin, Che, Rosa Luxembourg, all bourgeois revolutionaries.

      • SilverUnicorn says:

        It never works, considering the sh**hole that Russia is. I wouldn’t like to live in a country where dissent is mown down as a government policy…. oh wait, maybe you do if you live in the States right now.

      • vauvert says:

        Yes, but now we’re reaching Bannon nihilist territory. Let’s burn it all down and we can rebuild from the ashes. Maybe – but those cases will be someone’s family, health, livelihood.

      • Kali says:

        If it galvanises Americans to vote ( and I understand that isn’t so easy there… I mean Tuesday? Tuesday is voting day?) then good may come of this eventually.

      • cr says:


      • Miss Jupitero says:

        I am all for having a revolution. Let’s step it up and get going!

        What I am not onboard for is turning a blind eye to all of the people who are suffering horribly as the result of Cheeto Mussolini and his corrupt family and friends while people like Sarandon cheerfully talk about how woke everyone is now. People are suffering for real. It’s horrible.

        Saradon’s approach is not especially helpful to the woman who tried to kill herself at the airport when she was told she would be deported, for example, or to immigrants who are now afraid to seek medical care or call the police because anything can trigger an ICE raid.

        There are a lot of people who are going to see serious and long lasting damage because of the Orange One, and Sarandon is trivializing that. Nothing good comes of this. Clinton may have had her flaws, but none of this shit would be happening if she were our president.

  16. SusanneToo says:

    ‘the cracks let the light in’. Really, Susan? In Doctor Who the cracks let the monsters in, which I think is a more apt description of what happened.

    The cracks also exposed some sanctimonious fools.(Hint, hint)

    • original kay says:

      The Silence


    • sauvage says:

      She also obviously never consciously listened to the whole song, or she would know how highly ambigious the lyrics are. There’s hope in there, sure, but the bit about the dove being caught again and never being free…this is not a Happy Go Lucky Revolution song, Ms Sarandon. It is Leonard freaking Cohen, after all, and my favourite song of his, at that.

  17. grabbyhands says:

    Shut up, shut up, SHUT UP. I am so sick of seeing and hearing her self satisfied, self congratulatory mug on every frigging talk show still pushing this shiz. A woman who has done NOTHING to help anyone who is going to be hit by the side effects of all the horrible legislation he is pushing forward let alone the what will happen for an untold number of years once Gorsuch is confirmed.

    Short of losing her considerable wealth, she literally has NOTHING to lose by sitting on her ass and making these proclamations over and over again. I wish they would stop giving her a forum to say this trash, because the only difference between her and a 45 extremist is the end of the political spectrum she’s on.

    She is the poster child for tone deaf, hypocritical, out of touch, spoiled, clueless, white feminist Democrats.

  18. wheneight says:

    The problem is, the next Democrat/Progressive/normal president is going to have to spend a HUGE chunk of their presidency reversing all the damage to get us back to square one! Someone needs to shut her down and people like her.

    • Juls says:

      You are correct. Except the damage done to our planet will be irreversible. Susan is happy because people are awake and energized? Susan, we cannot afford to kill the planet while we wait for people to wake up! And you will not be safe from the effects of climate change in your ivory tower. You, your children and your grandchildren, will suffer the consequences the same as mine. Your white privilege will not save you. How can this bloviating buffoon be okay with the dismantling of the EPA and regulations that we have to protect the environment just to prove a point?

  19. naomipaige says:

    It’s official she’s a fu**ing moron!

  20. Merritt says:

    She needs to shut up. US citizens have been detained by ICE because they have brown skin. That is something she never has to be in fear of experiencing. That and anything else inhumane that happens to non-white people.

  21. eggyweggs says:

    Keep Leonard Cohen’s name outcha mouth and go open another ping-pong club, Susie.

  22. Giddy says:

    Is this idiot actually trying to take credit for the resistance that has grown out of our rage, fear, and anxiety? It’s like telling someone “I’m going to shoot you now, and you’ll have a terribly painful and expensive hospital stay.. But, you’ll recover and you’ll then think that life is so beautiful that you really should thank me! Now where’s my gun?”

  23. SusanneToo says:

    Also on Colbert, IIRC, she badmouthed some Democrats because they didn’t meet her purity test. WTF does she think would replace them? Not her resisters. More Rethugs would swoop in. STFU, Susan, you’e dead to a lot of us now.

  24. Nancy says:

    She’s at the bottom of the Grand Canyon with Thelma, so I don’t hear her words, just blah, blah, blah…..rinse, repeat, same ole, same ole.

  25. Rapunzel says:

    If Trump’s presidency has people energized and awake, then why isn’t Sarandon energized and awake enough to get her head out of her ass?

  26. KMAC says:

    She is a troll. The epitome of white privilege.

  27. The Original Mia says:

    What this clueless, tone deaf, privileged white woman sees as “energy” is freaking fear and terror from people who are losing their rights and protections every single day, from people whose families are being torn apart, from people who are worried this child president will get us bombed by North Korea. She & her ilk can take a flying leap into oblivion for all I care.

  28. Veronica says:

    “Terrified” is the word you’re actually looking for, Susan. The rest of us now have to legitimately worry about our rights being ripped away from us.

    People who think revolution is inspiring and pretty have never read history books. A lot of people suffer before the old finally gets pushed aside for the new, and there’s no guarantee the new is necessarily “progressive” or “better.”

  29. Ashley Nate says:

    A non woke talking about being woke. Hilarious.

  30. Annetommy says:

    Go Kaiser 👏. Sarandon’s argument is analogous to someone releasing a pack of vicious dogs, and then pointing out that the people fleeing in terror are getting lots of healthy exercise.

  31. lost american says:

    This woman has done nothing to you guys. Right now there are just over 100 democrats not supporting the medicare for all bill.

    If the Democratic Party doesn’t recommit to progressive principles and stop with the corporate money, people like Donald Trump will continue to be elected.

    • deevia says:

      Shhhh…It’s the fault of everyone else but theirs. They are the only party big enough opposite Trump yet he played chess and they continued playing…well I’m not so sure what their aim is at this point. Screaming Russian this and Chinese that when those are the two companies matter most economically or politically at this point (EU is goin’ down). I can’t understand how “most qualified candidate” means anything in fixing a broken system when that candidate spent years in it anyway. Wouldn’t that be nepotism? They are talking about how Trump would take away this and that YET believed the white folks got left behind should “get with the time”? And the current voting system should be reduced to only the big states / cities matter (because Trump won)? Yeah no wonder they are called liberal elitist because they are. It’s such an imperialistic way to govern a country that many of its citizen don’t feel happy about their lives, racist, uninformed or not…

      • lost american says:

        amen to all this… and the fact they even chose shows they thought he couldn’t win…well here we are.

      • Who ARE These People? says:

        Calling Russia and China “companies” instead of countries…interesting slip of the tongue.

        Anyhow, if you care so much about getting big money out of politics, call your senators about the filibuster against Gorsuch – pressure to find out who is behind the “dark money” supporting him, too. With him on the Supreme Court, you will not see Citizens United overturned. Look up Citizens United. There’s a reason money has polluted all political parties so enormously. Join the effort to overturn this and learn the concrete political action required to make it so. This was not the choice of Democrats. This was the choice of hard-right judges put on the court by Republican presidents.

        It’s easy to whine; it’s harder to learn and take action.

      • SusanneToo says:

        Could you please list all the third partiers currently holding office in the USA? Start with school board members, move on to city council, county commissioner, mayor, governor, state representative, U.S. representative, U.S. senator. That shouldn’t be too taxing, maybe one minute, maybe two.
        Realistically, the USA is a two party system, like it or not. The only choice is between the evil of the Repubs or the not perfect, but not outright evil of the Dems. Voting third party most often means diverting votes from the Dems, imo.
        When I was younger and more naive, more idealistic, I thought we could have a viable Socialist Party, but now I doubt that will happen in our lifetime. Now I frankly see the choice as between survival and destruction and the Berniebros, the Jillstans, and the Garyhuhs? are abetting the destruction.

      • lost americans says:

        Well china and russia are “companies” for all intents and purposes. They are being run for the benefit on the 1& than the 99%, much like america. So Suzanne and Who? Do you think Hillary was ever going to repeal citizens united? Someone who raised 2 billion for a campaign she lost (the second time?) Was universal healthcare ever going to happen? People had a right to vote for who they want, and many people didn’t want another neoliberal third wayer who takes money from people the the Kings of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE who is guilty of everything Donald Trump is. Someone who’s campaign blames another country for a rigged primary and taking weeks off in August. Neoliberalism is not the way to fight sexism and racism, it’s gives us Donald Trump.

        If you want him out, it’s going to taken a lot more then “I’m not donald trump”. Starting with filibustering Gorsuch, fighting for healthcare and ending all the wars, including the current proxy nonsense with Russia. If not, then it’s time for a progressive third party.

      • Kitten says:

        @Lost American: HRC went on record in support of a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United.

        You know The Intercept right? You know Greenwald defended that deathblow to democracy under the guise of The Constitution?
        Yep Greenwald–hero to progressive purists–went to bat over and over again for Citizens United.

        “many people didn’t want another neoliberal third wayer who takes money from people the the Kings of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE who is guilty of everything Donald Trump is”

        LOL HRC isn’t guilty of even one TENTH of what Trump has done.

      • SusanneToo says:

        Well, lost americans or russiabot, whatever, enjoy Trumpistan. In the meantime, why don’t you third partiers start electing viable candidates from the bottom up and get some name recognition? It’s pretty arrogant to think you can come around every four years and try for the top spot. The only way a third party has a chance at the top job is running someone already famous, from the worlds of entertainment, art, reality tv. Or didn’t you get the memo-the majority of Americans have no thinking skills, no ability to follow policy discussions. A good half of the 99% will go for show every time.
        And it’s Susanne with an S, not a Z.

      • lost americans says:


        I don’t see what the problem with Greenwald is. Other then the fact he said Hillary was going lose (and she did). Listen, people have to understand we are were we are because most of the country didn’t like either candidate and voted for change. Hillary lost presidential race before and she was under investigation. I actually don’t have any faith Hillary would have overturned citizens united, fundraising is her bread and butter.

      • Kitten says:

        @Lost American-You don’t see a problem with Greenwald getting paid by Koch brothers to give a speech about Bush and Cheney?
        Why, that’s not very progressive of you, friend. He’s a Citizens United cheerleader because he claims it’s a First Amendment issue. Surprised you’re ok with that..

        “Listen, people have to understand we are were we are because most of the country didn’t like either candidate and voted for change.”

        Actually no. They didn’t vote for change at all. They voted for elitism and Big Corp because they want their shitty jobs back. These people mistakenly believed that a “good businessman” could create jobs. What they don’t understand is that the energy sector and consumers have been breaking away from fossil fuels for more than a decade now in favor of renewable sources of energy. Coal ain’t coming back and neither are the factory jobs because consumers don’t want to pay more for American-made products. That, and Trump doesn’t give a flying f*ck about getting Americans their jobs back, he just wants to line the pockets of his billionaire buddies and enrich the Trump brand.

        Look, I get that you hate HRC but you need to fight the urge to scapegoat her and open your mind up to critical thinking instead of regurgitating lies that were fed to you by right-wing trolls and Russian bots. Clinton lost for a myriad of reasons, including-but-not-limited-to interference from a hostile country. To blame her loss on neoliberalism is a very myopic view of a complicated, multi-layered issue.

      • lost americans says:


        You claim the issue is multi layered, and then say people’s jobs are crappy and that I’m spitting russian talking points. First I think we’re skating on thin ice here blaming Russia, we have seen no hard proof to date other then allegations by the IC, the same IC which said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Secondly, a lot of Russians dislike Trump, infact they had a women march in Moscow, St Petersburg and other places. Third, I don’t hate HRC, I’m simply acknowledging the truth here. She is disliked by 55% of the country. She has lost not one, but two elections to complete novices now. She didn’t campaign in the right areas, and ignored the swing states, her winning the popular vote and still losing (just like the 2008 primary), shows she is very bad at campaigning. People wanted something different, if she had won it would have been Bush and Clinton for nearly 30 straight years since 1988, Obama aside.

        I think it’s time for people to admit a lot of people dislike HRC and what she stands for just as much as they hate Trump, and there is probably very little that unites the left besides wanting Donald out.

      • lost americans says:


        I’m pretty sure I spelled your name with and S, and that I’m not russian since I’m in Toronto right at a conference. I’m Canadian with american relatives and I don’t see the need for you to slander me or anyone else because we have different opinions. Progressive policies matter and I guess some on the left don’t think Hillary is a progressive, that is their right, just like people had the right not to vote for here. I’ll tell you one thing that doesn’t work…calling the voters stupid…

      • SusanneToo says:

        It’s Susanne, not Suzanne. It’s right at the top of all my posts. I’ve just always felt it a courtesy to pay enough attention to spell people’s names correctly. Excuse the russiabot, but your posts are so littered with errors I thought Google Translate was helping out. And sorry, but it’s hard to kiss up to the people who voted the currently ruling party in power. I don’t know enough about Canadian politics and parties to dare to make a comment about it. I assume you’ve never voted in America or worked for a candidate? In my lifetime(I’m 72)there’s never been a strong third party challenge for President. They’ve only served as spoilers. And there NEVER will be as long as they’re so arrogant they only come out for the big prize and don’t build from the ground up. I think you’re naive, not stupid, if you don’t see that.

      • Juls says:

        No, Lost. You DID spell her name with a Z. Both times. Its Susanne, not Suzanne. So you are either obtuse, or you are deliberately being rude. Just saying…..

      • Kitten says:

        @ Lost American-No proof of Russian interference in the election? No offense or anything but I think I’m gonna go with the CIA’s conclusion on this one and not yours. I don’t know why you would still be giving Trump the benefit of the doubt, when we have more than ample evidence that collusion has occurred.

        Yet while you give Trump the benefit of the doubt about Russia, you don’t give HRC the benefit of the doubt about the UAE?
        Hmmm..peculiar indeed.

        But I’m sure you already know that it’s actually illegal for politicians to take money from foreign entities (unless you’re Trump of course). Sure the money was donated to a foundation that bears her name but it’s important to remember that the donations were made when she was not acting as Sec of State. As recent as 2016, that money was still sitting there in the foundation by the way. Why? Because the Clinton Foundation is a public charity: people get to make donations to the charity and then decide how their contributions are dispersed. I’m pretty sure if Clinton was literally taking money from foreign donors when she was acting as Sec of State, not only would she be in a shit-ton of trouble for robbing a public charity and violating the law, but that money would have been liquidated by now.

        Just another mischaracterization that was perpetuated ad nauseam in order to slander Clinton. But you’re right: I’m sure HRC lost because she is a neolib and not because people are too lazy to take the 2 minutes to fact-check and would rather believe incendiary lies that validate their pre-existing beliefs.

        “Secondly, a lot of Russians dislike Trump, infact they had a women march in Moscow, St Petersburg and other places.”

        You realize that in a kleptocracy like Russia, what *the people* want doesn’t actually matter right? Putin doesn’t make decisions at the behest of the Russian people, he makes decisions at the behest of himself and his plutocratic pals.

      • SusanneToo says:

        That list of down ticket third party office holders must be pretty extensive. It’s been over two hours and I’m still waiting.

      • lost american says:


        My apologies. I thought you were talking about the big S at the beginning of your name.

        @ Kitten.

        I’m not saying Trump didn’t have help from Russia. I’m saying Russia didn’t hack the election, which is what is being alleged. That the manipulated voting machines and such. That is not true unless they provide proof. Russia didn’t do anything beyond what any other major country does in another election. It’s wrong, but all the major countries do it. That doesn’t mean I like trump, or that even all trump voters like him. I’m saying HRC simply represented the broken system America has now to too many people. Is Trump going to fix it? No. But the democratic party needed to come up with something better and they didn’t. But why is everyone else’s fault HRC has a mediocre reputation? if only 35% approve of Trump, that’s accurate most likely. Just like 55% of people disapprove of HRC. It is what it is.

        In the midterms, democrats need a message and a platform. “I’m not trump” isn’t enough, people want to see action. Blocking Neil Gorusch, Medicare, etc, etc. Policies matter.

      • Kitten says:

        @Lost American-Respectfully, I’m done arguing in circles with you.
        You don’t do the Left any favors by distilling the issue–one that requires nuanced thinking–down to something so simplistic. We don’t move forward if we settle for the easiest answer, we move forward by addressing all the facets that led to HRC’s loss and learning from them and becoming better as a party.
        HRC had a great platform–one of the most liberal platforms ever–and that still wasn’t enough. But you’ll refuse to acknowledge that like you refused to acknowledge all my other points because for whatever reason you’re married to this idea that HRC lost because she wasn’t progressive enough.


        Oh well. Opinions are like assholes, right?

        Oh, and Gorsuch isn’t going to be filibustered nor would it matter if he was, as the GOP will invoke the nuclear option. At the very least, Gorsuch is well-respected on a bipartisan level. Trump could have made a FAR worse choice.

    • Lightpurple says:

      You do realize that Medicare has some major problems right? Yes, it is a successful program but it has problems. One of which is that it is a classic indemnity plan so the consumer pays 20% of the allowable reimbursement rate plus any difference if tr provider does not accept the Medicare rate as full payment. So, that may be fine if the allowable rate is $100 and the provider bills at $120, the patient is paying $40 but not so fine if the allowable rate is $2,000 and the provider is billing at $2,500.

      • lost americans says:

        Medicare has been plundered by a greedy congress for many, many decades now. Stop them from it passing an amendment against cutting it (for starters) and watch what happens.

      • Lightpurple says:

        I am well aware of the plunder, which frankly has little to do with the cost-sharing ratio but thanks for the attempt to divert. I am also well aware that the Speaker of the House, who controls what legislative proposals reach the floor, has fantasized about abolishing the program since he was in college. The struggle right now is to save what exists from destruction. Thinking that you can advance progressive ideas in this environment is fantasy.

    • adastraperaspera says:

      The bots are back in town, folks. Looks like Putin hired a new batch to cloud the issues again. Yawn.

      • SilverUnicorn says:

        Yep they are back in town.

        And by the way, the EU isn’t going down, the only country that is going down the gutter is the UK and it will be out of EU in 2019.

        It is easy to recognise you guys, because you are all repeating Breitbart crap. Sorry but it doesn’t work on celebitchy, we are an international community of commenters where we speak to each other instead of drinking kool aid.

      • lost american says:

        Give me a break guys. Russia Russia Russia is not going to win elections and it is only alienating swing voters and independents at this point.

        SilverUnicorn, almost everyone here backs HRC. Seems everyone agrees she was the best option here, so where is the debate?

      • Lightpurple says:

        @LostAmerica, Russia, Russia, Russia is NOT about winning any damn future election, it is about throwing traitors out of the White House now and wresting our country out of the control of Putin while we still have our rights and our country. And I look askance at anyone who tries to argue otherwise.

        BTW someone can be in Toronto and still be Russian or working for Putin.

    • Juls says:

      Well Deevia, as it stands right now, it is reduced to a few swing states where only those votes really matter. People that live in either dominantly red or blue states feel that their votes don’t really count, which is a majority of states. What’s the difference? Either way, a majority of the population feels they don’t have a voice in presidential elections. I believe my vote actually counts in a popular vote.

  32. robyn says:

    All I ever feel is anger when I see her face that she made a comment p*ssygrabber Trump would be better for America than Hillary. It is this kind of thinking that makes me sick. She needs to apologize for that instead of try and run rings around it. I will never watch anything she is in.

  33. ComeOnNow says:

    Go eff yourself, you privileged, sanctimonious, fart sniffing, halfwit

  34. Who ARE These People? says:

    Got here late but thank you Kaiser for: “Millions of people were plenty awake before Bigly. Those are the people who voted for Hillary Clinton because we took this sh-t seriously. We were already awake and we decided that a moderate Dem would always be a better ally than Bigly.”

    Some damage is irreversible and I guess Sarandon doesn’t see that. Families have already been broken apart. Children have already been terrified. We need vaccines that will not be developed. The environment is at a tipping point. Clinton would have supported the science and the rule of law. When did voters get the idea that candidates have to be perfect, and perfect in all the ways they want them to be perfect?

    The Democratic party has always been a big tent with centrists and progressives. The Democratic party passed into law Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, labor laws, protections for women and children. People who think themselves “progressive” seem to forget all this. Well, hope they are mobilizing now for the 2018 elections but probably not. It’s easier to bitch out the Democrats than to raise money, support candidates, be visible and get into the accountable mess and muck that will always be the political arena.

  35. Mongrelbob says:

    I don’t recommend reading the comments from the “profoundly ignorant things” article. The pre election discussions on how bad it would be IF somehow in a bizzaro world Trump was elected compared to the actual reality of today is too depressing. This is why you can’t have nice things ‘murca!

  36. Elizabeth says:

    I didn’t really want to be awoke because I don’t have time to follow each and every decision passed made by the government.

    I need to be able to vote for sensible people who I can rely on to protect the interests of regular American people, not just billionaire weapons manufacturers.

  37. Who says says:

    I agree with Kaiser the populace was already awake, that is why we voted for Hillary, but now the populace and country is screwed.

  38. Skylark says:

    I really like Susan as an actress and, while I don’t necessarily like or agree with her political stance, she’s nevertheless as entitled to her opinions as everyone else is.

    This need on here to demonise anyone who fails to march to the popular beat is very depressing and ultimately counter-productive.

  39. Chell says:

    I’m guessing that “energized & awake” must look pretty similar to “terrified & justifiably on guard” from the top of that ivory tower she’s looking down at everybody from…

  40. Jaded says:

    Susan…honey….the people aren’t “awake and energized”, they are f*cking horrified at what’s happening and furious that the orange shyster and his family of trough-suckers are bleeding the country dry and building their own mega-oligarchy.

    Do you even remotely understand the severity of this situation? He’s champing at the bit to bomb the sh*t out of North Korea and has routinely pissed off China which could have been his biggest ally in assuaging a very tense political negotiation. Maybe you’ll be happy when nuclear war breaks out because it clean up the over-population problem.