Susan Sarandon: Don’t blame me for Trump, at least people are ‘awake’ now

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Yesterday, I asked whether or not Susan Sarandon had been canceled. It was a rhetorical question, because of course she has been canceled. Susan Sarandon spent half of 2016 campaigning for Bernie Sanders. When her guy lost, she refused to endorse Hillary Clinton, which is her prerogative, of course. But her rationale for publicly declaring why she would not vote for Hillary was problematic, even more so in retrospect. Sarandon was one of those Bernie-or-Busters who seemed to believe Bernie and Donald Trump both represented the same kind of disruption and agitation to the “system”, and that Trump would be “better” for America than Hillary Clinton. Because of those f–king emails, you know. Sarandon then smugly endorsed Jill Stein as her “vote of conscience.” After the election, Susan basically shrugged and said words about how her Stein endorsement (not to mention the anti-Hillary Bernie-or-Busting) didn’t have any effect.

So, Sarandon went on All In with Chris Hayes last night. Hayes was basically like “see what your political naivete has wrought” and she was like “well people are more engaged in politics now, so I’m vindicated!”

This is the big exchange:

“Do you feel like you properly appreciated what a Donald Trump presidency would be?” Hayes asked her.

“I think that I absolutely feel that talking about blaming people for what happened is really wasting your time and energy,” Sarandon replied. “Because what we have now is a populous that is awake.”

She went on to say that Trump is “so clumsy and so bad” at putting policy together that “now everyone is awake.” She insisted that she’s not in favor of a “revolution” brought on by Trump’s misdeeds instead of the one we could have had with Sanders in office. To the people that would “attack” her for her statements, she asked, “Really? That’s where we want to spend our time and energy?”

Sarandon sat stone-faced when Hayes pointed out that the “status quo” she feared may have just gotten “much, much worse.” For instance, he said, “The head of Exxon could be the next secretary of state.”

“Could you look me in the eyes, both of you, and say, yes, 24 days into the Trump administration, this is about what I expected it would be?” Hayes asked. “A better question might have been, do you really think Hillary Clinton would have been worse?”

“What is the point of even saying that?” Sarandon shot back. Instead of answering him, she challenged the host to look her in the eyes and say that he was “doing his job to cover these issues completely.”

“Yes, I can,” Hayes said, without hesitation.

[From The Daily Beast]

Nope. Canceled. My God, she’s an a–hole. This is what smug liberal complacency and white privilege looks like. She isn’t being affected by Trump’s unhinged executive orders, she doesn’t give a sh-t about the millions of people being affected in real terms by this presidency every day. She refuses to even say that Hillary Clinton would have been a better president than what we’re seeing from Donald Trump! This is going to sound mean, but she’s like the liberal version of the Fox News-viewer archetype: someone over-65, ignorant, smug, white and unwilling to acknowledge their own biases.

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  1. Tanguerita says:

    she is an asshole. That’s all.

    • Megan says:

      Damn it, I really wanted to watch Fued.

      • Maria says:

        same here.

        And i will not watch it. I feel that the only power we have is boycotting products or events or some such, by people who spout that kind of irresponsible nonsense.

        You can obviously not reason with her, so maybe not filling her pockets is the way to feel satisfied.

      • bleu_moon says:

        I was getting ready to post something about this too. I would be shocked, SHOCKED (hint: not really) to discover some of Jill Stein’s campaign contributions were of Russian origin. Third party candidates were a great way to try to siphon middle/upper class white votes from the Democratic party and make them appear weaker. Putin’s main goal was to cause chaos and harm HRC’s campaign. Actually winning with Trump’s election appears to have been a surprise bonus.

      • ol cranky says:

        Stein hanging out with Putin and being at the same event as Flynn (right across the table from him) was well known during the election. Jill Stein (and Bernie/his supporters) were all too willing to share the disinformation campaign against Clinton and help Trump win and Susan Sarandon was one of those willing to serve as Putin propagandists.

        She’s must realize that people are sick of the willful ignorance of certain celebrities who, just like Trump, think their celebrity alone obviates a need to actually attempt to research that which they are discussing instead of just announcing they “know” something. Based on her recent announcement that her sexuality is “up for grabs,” she seems to be really thirsty for attention now

    • Anna says:

      One of my pet peeves is when a person says “people need to wake up” it’s a catch phrase for delusionoids who think they invented political and governmental awareness. It’s condescending and assumes that she’s the all knowing and the rest of the country are idiots. We’re all here living in the same world as you Susan and we are aware of what’s going on around us so you can relax and go back to sleep Susan.

    • minx says:

      Couldn’t have said it better. Smug, privileged asshole.

    • DeniseMich says:

      We are giving her too much credit. Susan being an ass isn’t what made Trump president.

      Trump is president because almost half of the population didn’t even care enough to vote…

      and the other 1/4 is a bunch of prejudice selfish assh*les.

      I won’t watch Feud or anything else for Susan but she is ancient and should be dead soon so…

      • Bunbun says:

        Don’t forget the Dearth Susan Voting Block.

      • oce says:

        This +100000. And I think that is what Susan Sarandon might be trying to say (very ineffectively). 1/2 the entire US voting population DONT VOTE b/c they DONT CARE. In 2017 people are #WOKE – that is what a Trump Presidency is = chaos + people donating to ACLU/Planned Parenthood + protests/marches/boycotts + calling Congress + government leaks.

        The oppression on parts of the American people has been for decades, centuries! Countless examples. Now that it is undeniable is not alarming. What’s alarming is that people openly voted for someone who OPENLY PROMISED to do terrible things to our country. #IseveryoneWOKEyet?

      • Tiffany :) says:

        “Susan being an ass isn’t what made Trump president.”

        Not her individually, but people with her line of thinking ABSOLUTELY made Trump president. 3rd party voters, those that sat out, those that encouraged the idea that Trump and Clinton were equally as bad. They certainly had a big impact. In some swing states, 3rd party voters for Stein were greater than Clinton’s loss.

      • Sunshine says:

        You are so right. She is not the reason Trump is president….really? She had that much power over voters? Not.
        Until Democrat supporters stop blaming people that didn’t vote for Hilary and start looking at the problems that seriously did contribute to Trump gaining votes…or people simply not voting…they won’t get anywhere.

        I actually think she has a point. A badly phrased point. (And that doesn’t mean she isn’t selfish, arrogant, divorced from reality…all of those things) but one of the issues that gave you Trump was that people were disengaged…and now theyre not. That’s an improvement.
        Is it worth having to put up with Trump who could blow us all up to gain that?
        Possibly not.

      • Marley says:

        Personally I think the Democrats putting up a terrible candidate is what made Trump president. But haven’t we been over this a million times already?

      • Tiffany :) says:

        The GOP put up a terrible and DANGEROUS candidate. There is no excuse for voting for anyone but Hillary. People can try to make excuses, but we are on the brink because they couldn’t make a grown up decision when faced with a hard choice (vote for a less than perfect candidate who is competent and knowledgeable, or vote for a totally unqualified and mentally unhinged candidate).

      • delorb says:


        Sorry, but Clinton was not a terrible candidate. She was the most qualified candidate that we’ve seen in some time. If she had been male, she’d have won in a landslide.

    • LoveIsBlynd says:

      Plus it’s been revealed that Russian hackers took parts of DNC emails and put them together out of context to AMPLIFY FALSE CLAIMS RE THE DNC OUTTING BERNIE IN LIEU OF HILLARY. So in conclusion, Sarandon amplified PROPAGANDA against the one viable hold on Democracy. Susan vilified Hillary because she believed Russian propaganda. The stupid is on a level for me of anguish and indescribable annoyance.

    • Melanie says:

      Absolutely an asshole. She is dead to me. I really liked her as an actor for many years but she’s blacklisted now. Her attitude helped propel this maniac into office. I will never forgive her or her ilk.

    • ArtHistorian says:

      I have lost all respect for her now – she’s politically naive and completely out of touch with the people whose lives are being the most affected by Trump’s evil policies. Then again, she’s Hollywood so it is not surprising that she is insulated by immense privilege.

    • r.s.orr says:

      Can’t stand her. CAN’T STAND HER.
      Susan is a rich woman living in a Mansion and homes around the Country and she thinks she needs to tell people to wake up, well I’ve been AWAKE, I’ve had to be, I have to search for NEW medical INSURANCE now that Trump is taking away O-Care. I have to hope I am not discriminated against and I have somewhere to go where I can complain WHEN I look for a home, apartment or job , but I might not under Trump
      Ms. Sarandon, I did not need you to tell me to wake up.

    • r.s.orr says:

      Hillary warned us during the primaries about Trumps Russian-Putins connections and all the mess he would cause. People like Sarandon were too busy hating on a woman who was highly qualified and intelligent. Susan’s hatred seems irrational, NOTHING she says makes sense.

  2. Trixie says:

    You conscious won’t save you when Trump blows us up or sends us spiraling into another Great Depression. So take your crap and shove it.

    • Saras says:

      I watched that last night and I felt the same way about rich white lady who will be fine or can afford to flee the country not caring because people are WOKE. Tell that to all the regular folk who are or will suffer. The POC and women who will be victimized. The service people who are killed for Trumps who ECT. Protest but also vote against these republicans!

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I was listening last night to NPR, and a dreamer who had been through rigorous background checks and cleared them all is now being deported with his father.

      Sarandon is not “woke” herself.

      • LoveIsBlynd says:

        Pot haze Susan is on a new level of narcolepsy; quite the opposite of “awokeneddeded”. Facebook friends of mine who are pot supporters were vulnerable to her type of unhelpful propaganda. For her to claim anything good happened because of her inane promotions are just wrong and shameful.

  3. Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

    She’s a narrow minded old fool – but I can see where her daughter gets her attitude problem from. I made the mistake of looking at Eva’s website – by god its the most self obsessed rubbish i have ever read. Its all me me me me an attitude that she clearly gets from her mother.

  4. lightpurple says:

    Susan, while you talk about your “revolution,” the vast majority of us have bills to pay and lives to live that don’t allow time for your “revolution,” which, by the way, seems to have some rather vague and arbitrary goals. I need health care more than I need the ability to smoke pot whenever I want, which by the way, my state sort of allows me to do. I need freedom over my body. I need a future with Social Security. I need freedom of speech and assembly and press and religion. I need unions. I was awake before, more so than you seem to be. The vast majority of us don’t have the privilege you do to sit about dreaming of your “revolution.” And Susan, revolutions, with the exception of the Czech velvet revolution, tend to get lots of people dead.

      • lightpurple says:

        Yes, similar thoughts. I responded to yours below. The average person does care but at the level where it really matters – self-sufficiency and living one’s life and supporting and caring for one’s family – things to which Susan and her like are quite in the dark and asleep. They are the ones who need to wake up as our unions are rendered powerless and dismantled, our libraries and schools starved, our access to health care denied, our voices stifled.

      • LoveIsBlynd says:

        CB and commenters, Thank you for keeping me a sane liberal progressive in an ocean of insane liberal progressives. My concern was to live in a democratic country with access to public education, health care and a potential to work for humanitarian values. Susan failed to mobilize a vulnerable liberal voting population- the movement towards fringe freedoms (more pot) was a movement away from democracy- can she not admit her fail??

    • SilverUnicorn says:

      She can f*ck off for me straightway.
      Privileged idiot with no self awareness at all.

      Lightpurple, you expressed it already better than I ever could.
      I could only add she’s not an immigrant either, so not fearful of seeing her rights removed by the Orange Cheeto, right?

    • Kitten says:

      Agree with everything you said but I’m not sure this is strictly a “privileged” standpoint as I’m STILL seeing insufferable Bernie-supporters with their smug-ass comments on social media about how Dems brought this upon themselves. I don’t think all or even most of those people are rich celebrities, although many of them are white men so there’s that.

      People like Sarandon sacrificed good quality of life for the rest of us in the name of not-perfect. So fucking tired of these people who think that politicians should represent an unattainable level of ideological purity. She was part of the false equivalencies, she perpetuated them and for that, she can eat shit.

      • original kay says:

        I know. They need to get it straight: there was nothing anyone could have done to stop this because he was always going to win. The rigged it.
        Why is that so hard for them to understand?!Bernie would have lost too.

      • Nancy says:

        original kay: Exactly. It’s a moot point. When a person is hell bent on their own agenda, anyone else’s opinion falls on deaf ears. She has always been radical in her beliefs and thinking Bernie couldn’t have won only shows her ignorance or her flat out spit in the face to anyone who knew a vote for him was a vote for trump. She is gleefully saying I told you so, when in fact, it was we that told the Sanders supporters he didn’t have a chance. Like you said, nobody did.

      • Kitten says:

        I absolutely believe that Bernie would have lost. In addition to what you said, I don’t know a single MAGA red stater who was interested in voting for a socialist. Plus the GOP would have raked Sanders through the mud the way they did Clinton.

      • bleu_moon says:

        Although I agree with some of his positions, Bernie was not the shining white knight the Bernie-or-busters believed him to be. If he had been the candidate those photos of him marching with Castro would have been splashed all over. His opinions on Cuba would have come back to haunt him. His wife has been blamed for making a deal that bankrupted the college she worked for and that would have been a campaign issue. The fact that he never held a real job before becoming a politician and sort of lied by omission about the mother of his only child would have been problematic. (He let others believe the mother was his first wife, not a girlfriend he never married) Granted Trump is far, far worse but the Republican machine would have made hay of Bernie’s past too. The idea that he would have sailed to victory unscathed is ridiculous.

      • Kate says:

        Another infuriating thing about the bernie or burst crowd is that they spent months explaining they could not vote for HRC because email…protest…somethingaboutarevolution but they expected all of the people who had voted for her during the primaries to turn around and vote for their guy. Including the millions of black people who overwhelmingly favored her (I think only 25% or 30% of blakc people voted for Sanders in the primary). Yeah, Black people, shut up and get in formation behind the Great White Hope.

      • Megan says:

        Bernie and Trump did have something in common, they both sold their supporters on the idea of government as wish fulfillment. Trump was (and remains) completely ignorant of how government works, but Bernie knew better and was simply exploiting his supporters.

      • Lightpurple says:

        Bernie would not have won. There are numerous glass ceilings to smash and Bernie would have bumped into one that does not get attention. In the 241 years of this nation’s history, we have had 45 Presidents. All have been male. Only two of those 45 have not been WASPs. Obama, obviously, is one of the two non-WASPs. Kennedy was the other. And Biden and Pence have been our only non-WASP VPs. Sadly, this country was not going to elect a Jewish man to the White House.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        “She was part of the false equivalencies, she perpetuated them and for that, she can eat shit.”

        I am not religious…but Amen. ;)

      • LoveIsBlynd says:

        Claps. Well said, Kitten! “perfect is the enemy of the good”. There was no ONE viable saintly candidate that was more liberal than thou. As an analogy, I may think platform birkenstocks are my “perfectly shoe” but I’d vote for solid running shoes for the majority because I’m not a selfish narrow minded voter. Sigh.

      • r.s.orr says:

        The Bernie Supporters who are gloating because Hillary lost and they voted third party or didn’t vote are insufferable and just as bad as Sarandon. Do they really believe that Trump’s actions won’t come into their lives in some way?

    • Dippit says:

      A sisterly +1 from the other side of The Atlantic.

    • third ginger says:

      Well said. All rich people political statements [I would even extend this to some pundits] should come with the disclaimer: NONE OF THIS WILL AFFECT MY LIFE

  5. Jayna says:

    Wow. Hillary was on the right side of issues, important issues. She was ready to govern from day one .

    Trump is terrifying.

    F off, Susan.

  6. Esmom says:

    Wow, unreal. Her supreme arrogance and utter lack of humility is disgusting.

    But I’m not sure I agree with the Fox viewer equivalence. I don’t know a single liberal over 65 who thought Hillary and Trump were “equally bad.” They knew how urgent it was to get behind Hillary. Sarandon is an ignorant anomaly, I think.

  7. Neelyo says:

    Spell check Daily Beast, it’s ‘populace’, not ‘populous’!

    Won’t watch FEUD, but that’s because I respect Davis/Crawford too much, Ryan Murphy is a sloppy storyteller/hack and mainly, fuck Susan Sarandon.

    • Syko says:

      Thank you! I was going to point that out as well. These websites that have idiots for editors are one of my pet peeves. Not to mention whoever it is that types the words for the Melissa McCarthy/Sean Spicer videos – I sit here, chin on chest, thinking “that’s not what I heard”.

  8. Sixer says:

    There’s a section of British lefties that are like this: it’s apparently better to have a headbanging right wing government laying waste to people’s lives than a compromise candidate because then everyone’s consciousness will get raised, they’ll see the light and finally vote us into a leftie utopia. It’s always the rich lefties saying this shit.

    You just want to scream, don’t you? THIS. WILL. NOT. HAPPEN. Why? Because people (women, black folk, Muslim folk, poor folk) are too busy trying to survive the regime in any way they can. When Susan Sarandon has no money for food or to pay for enough power to heat the water to have a shower, the bailiffs are chasing the council tax debt, the kids shoes are in pieces, and some evil git ripped off her hijab on her way home from the bus stop yesterday – let’s see if Susan has time to foment a revolution THEN.

    • SilverUnicorn says:

      So true Sixer, perfect analogy.

      I had an argument with a leftie on twitter a few days ago, she insisted in saying ‘but I am a EU citizen too and my rights will be removed too’. I replied to the idiotic leftie that she doesn’t live in fear of deportation and seeing her family separated though!

      Some people cannot take their heads out of their backsides.

      • Sixer says:

        I mean, I *am* a leftie. I’m probably as left, or even to the left of, Sarandon. I’m also not an idiot. It drives me up the wall when rich people are like this. I did my food bank shift yesterday morning. The people there are the people this silly cow is throwing under the bus for her pipe dream.

      • SilverUnicorn says:

        If we had spoken about this 9 months ago, I would have defined myself a leftie too (I voted for Labour in local elections).
        But the current Labour party in UK seems too much selfinvolved (a bit like Susan Sarandon) to care about people’s real issues now. It’s all pandering to the same people the Tory party appeal to.
        And well done to you for the food bank shift! :-)

      • Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

        I don’t have any party affiliations and have no party that i ‘like’ over others, they are all the same to me. Because of this i often get accused of being anti Scottish, a Tory or worse, a Daily Mail reader.

        Also on the subject of Labour, i had an interesting conversation with one of my friends partner. He’s was a very long serving Labour party member and was very involved with his local constituency but recently resigned from the party as he felt that they have gone far beyond what the party should be standing for. He said one of the big issues was the ‘old Labour boys’ who have a lot of the power who claim to be lefties are really Tory lite twits who are stuck in the 70s. He also said bullying is a problem that isn’t being dealt with properly and female politicians are not really getting the support of the leadership that they need. He also said that its a reflection on Corbyns ‘old Labour boy’ attitude that he only had a few women in his cabinet which was deliberate on his part, his exact words were ‘Corbyns not a socialist, he’s a commie’. The party is apparently rife with misogynistic attitudes and that the party in its current form will never have a female leader.

        He also had interesting gossip about Abbot – says she’s evil to work for. He knew one of her former PA’s and she was almost driven to a nervous breakdown by her. Said she’s a nasty bully.

      • Sixer says:

        (When I say leftie, I do not equate this with voting for Labour. The last Labour vote I cast was in 1997. Living where I do, a Labour vote would be wasted in any case.)

    • lightpurple says:

      They are a rather bizarre subset and I don’t think the term “leftie” actually covers them. They are somewhere else. Susan seems far too concerned with fighting for the right to smoke pot than she does with fighting for the right for access to good affordable medical care or pension plans or a living wage, things for which the left has always stood. The average person does not care about ideologies and oligarchies and whatever. The average person cares about not getting fired and not getting insulted while at work and about paying the rent and buying food for their kids.

      • Sixer says:

        Indeed. Most people aren’t political. Most people want to work, have somewhere to live, be able to raise their kids, be safe and healthy, and do a few things they enjoy with their time off. If government enables this for them, they are happy. Most people are not ideological – they are practical. Politicians should be the same.

    • Rhiley says:


      I agree with all of the comments here and Kaiser’s analysis, especially “This is what smug liberal complacency and white privilege looks like.” I will admit this morning I was thinking as angry, sad, confused, as I am that Hillary lost, maybe the silver lining will be that this will ultimately be the death of the Tea Party which has done more to destroy America than anything that I have witnessed in my life time. I felt guilty for thinking that though because what a price we are paying. In my head, I imagine what a Hillary presidency would look like. There would be disgruntled Republicans and things would likely be kind of stagnant- except for the daily investigations the Republicans would launch every time Hilly needed to go to the bathroom (“Where is she going? What is she doing in there? Did she carry her Blackberry?”). But I least I could go to bed at night without the fear that my civil liberties may be taken away and the comfort of knowing the Supreme Court would stay at least balanced in my lifetime. There is a modicum of comfort, especially within the last two weeks, that it seems our system is working. The press and the judicial branch are doing their jobs as the House Republicans sit stall in order to pass their crappy agenda. Things are crumbling for trump.

    • dodgy says:

      There’s a section of British lefties that are like this: it’s apparently better to have a headbanging right wing government laying waste to people’s lives than a compromise candidate because then everyone’s consciousness will get raised,

      Like Corbyn. Effing hell.

      • Sixer says:

        I know. The problem with Corbyn isn’t the policies. I like a lot of them – national investment bank to finance greening the economy and social housing, that sort of thing. The problem with Corbyn is that he isn’t opposing in practical, productive ways IN PARLIAMENT. Government doesn’t succeed or fail by astroturf and tribal political movements – it succeeds or fails by patient, evidence-based policy application. A proper opposition succeeds or fails on the same basis.

      • Annetommy says:

        There is literally no one in the Parliamentary Labour Party who I find in any way impressive or likely to appeal to voters on a progressive platform. Those mooted from time to time as potential successors seem a very uninspiring bunch. As a lifelong Labour voter, I’m glad I now have the opportunity to vote SNP.

      • Sixer says:

        Annetommy – I concur. And it’s not limited to the Labour ranks. The whole political class in this country contains a distinct lack of talent. SNP is less badly off than most but there’s barely a handful of competents inside all the UK-wide parties together – and that’s before you’ve decided whether you agree with their outlook or not!

  9. grabbyhands says:

    The personification of the #this bitch tag. The “oldest college sophomore” is spot on. It must nice to live om such a high cloud of shitty self righteousness that you never have to worry about the consequences of your words or actions.

    This guy had great tweets too:

    Ironically, @SusanSarandon suffers the same affliction as Trump — the inability to honestly reflect or admit to a horrific mistake. #inners

    @SusanSarandon seeing Trump as a ‘good thing’ for waking ppl is like being thankful to Hitler for making Germany what it is today. #inners

  10. Aiobhan Targaryen says:

    The arrogance that she and a lot of Bernie or Busters have is beyond disgusting and infuriating to the point where I want to pick up a hybrid car or a Tesla and hurl it at the lot of them.

    Honestly, she sounded a lot like Kellyanne Conjob with her deflections and outright not answering questions.

  11. Odette says:

    Watched it last night. Infuriating. She talked about “divesting” from banks as a way to combat climate change. Really! That was her solution! Don’t use banks that help big oil, or some such nonsense (or is it spelled “non-sense” now?). Of course, she never mentioned which banks were the baddies. It was all very, “some people think……”

    Yeah, so out of touch. Lower-class-earth to Susan: most of us don’t have enough money to make our “divesting” an issue for banks. My bank would be all, “Bye-eee, here’s a toaster. Thanks For Leaving us! You cost us more in admin resources than you help us!”

    • Syko says:

      LOL at “non-sense”. My bank would not even give me a toaster, they’d just offer praise to their particular gods that I was gone. They recently closed my savings account because it was down to less than $500, which triggered monthly fees from them, and their fees finally depleted it.

  12. mkyarwood says:

    Holy crow, she’s had some amazing face work done. She looks like her kid. As for being ‘awake’, there’s far more to that than US politics. The awake people I’m interested in are those fighting for our right to water. Hillary would have been a better President in terms of the unprecedented social leaps and bounds made during the Obama administration, but, DAPL would have moved forward, bombs would have still been sold to Saudi Arabia to exterminate the Yemeni people, and we would still be complacent with that. ‘In the dark, the eye begins to see’, is probably where she’s coming from, but the way she puts it out there belies just how many similarities she and Trump share.

  13. Alexandria says:

    If that’s her reasoning, she still NEEDS to apologize to people who were already awake and voted for the non-anarchist choice. Let’s hear it. So selfish. So people must die or be hurt to learn a lesson? So Germany and those countries who underwent civil war and expulsion weren’t good enough a history lesson? How about preventing that FIRST and then continue to educate American public and youth? Continue to advocate for democracy, science and education?

  14. Slowsnow says:

    I cannot believe what she just said and how much it reeks of priviledge. She just outed herself as someone who likes to pontificate but does not have any idea of what it entails for people to go whitout healthcare, to be segregated, to be refused asylum, etc. No idea and DOES NOT want to know.

    When I read her daughter’s self-indulging website (that I saw here on CB) I was surprised that an activist would birth such a special snowflake. Now I get it.

  15. Merritt says:

    She is a garbage human. Her alleged conscience had no concern about what Trump would mean for POC, women, or the poor.

  16. Veronica says:

    Plenty of us were awake before the Trump presidency and have been working on progressive issues for years. The difference is that we understood it’s much harder to work your way back from the bottom than halfway up the mountain.

    • r.s.orr says:

      THANK YOU!
      Thank you. Well said. I tried in vain to tell some Bernie voters that, but they were like Sarandon, talking about how if Trump gets in somehow it’ll make people see the light. WTF! I said this election affects America and the world for the next thirty years not just four years. We as a Country will suffer a long time because of this election, but they only wanted to spite the democrats because Hillary won the nomination .

    • Robin says:

      This is the most perfect response to how I have felt about this ENTIRE election process. I don’t understand how people want progress, but were willing to sit this vote out or write in some bs just because Bernie didn’t get the nomination. It would have been so much easier with Hillary as our President to actually get things done. No politician is perfect, but damn.

  17. wheneight says:

    What a complete asshole. I’m SO mad they put her in Feud because I would have LOVED to see it but I don’t think I can look at her face for it. These people are worse than the brainwashed Trump supporters to me. Boohoo I didn’t get to vote for Bernie so poor people can have their healthcare taken away, Trump can trample on rights of every single minority group, ban Muslims, privatize our schools and just about every SINGLE branch of government, threaten the free press and free judiciary (and soon intelligence agencies), piss off our allies, etc. etc.

    Because “Hillary would have been worse.” WHAT PLANET ARE YOU ON?

  18. HK9 says:

    Susan, every time you speak, it only shows how much you don’t know. Just.shut.up.

  19. BearcatLawyer says:

    Nope. I still blame you, Susan.

  20. jude says:

    “Oppression and authoritarianism is fine because more white people realized that America’s not perfect!!!” -Susie “Dead Weight” Sarandon

  21. eggyweggs says:

    Thanks for following up on this, Kaiser, and with such diplomacy. This woman has proved herself to be…like…beyond tone-deaf. Me? I don’t want to be engaged in politics. I want to go back into the matrix.

  22. JudyK says:

    How very self-important of Susan Sarandon. Have never liked her or thought she was pretty and I hate the way she dresses, not that it has anything to do with anything. I just can’t stand her.

  23. BW says:

    What an arrogant, smug, self-righteous POS. I will not be watching Feud, or anything else that she does. She is dead to me. No wonder Tim Robbins left her.

  24. robyn says:

    Nothing in her life is affected by so-called president Trump so she can talk about some fake Bernie revolution. She makes me feel sick. She might as well have voted for Trump. His winning did expose the racists and sexists and haters and stupid people more or less contained and/or buried under a rock until now.

  25. Jenns says:

    I blame a lot of white women for their vote in this last election. Women of color went out on election day and got the job done. White women went out and continued being messy and dumb.

    • robyn says:

      Speaking as a white woman, I blame white women, too, from the Susan Sarandon types who turned up their noses at Hillary to the Kellyanne CONways who are too dumb to see they have invisible burkas covering their brains.

      • Kitten says:

        There were a myriad of factors that led to the outcome but I 100% agree with both of you that white people are at least partially to blame.

        Watch out for the fragile white people chiming in with #notallwhitepeople

      • Shark Bait says:

        Ugh me too. Messy white ladies ruin so much! I know plenty of old high school classmates who voted Trump and turned PA for him. And some of them are still on fb defending him and calling Beyonce “racist.” Lord give me strength! I keep them on fb for comic relief, this is why I would never attend a high school reunion.

      • noway says:

        Yes white women are part of the problem, but if you want to be real it has been white old men forever. Concentrate at least a good amount of anger there too.

        Just being half full type of person, reality is it was lost by only a small amount of votes in a crazy electoral system which needs to be eliminated. One other factor may be that a lot of people in key places didn’t vote because everyone thought it was over, and Trump couldn’t win. Well now they are angry and maybe the congress will be overturned in 2018 and hopefully he will be gone before that.

        Yes Sarandon is the epitome of white privileged woman. She’s definitely richer and older than me, but I look at her attitude now and I don’t know how I could look at the poor woman separated from her kids and being deported because of Trump and not feel like crap. I voted for Hillary, and I feel bad and a bit guilty I didn’t work harder to get her elected.

    • Bethy says:

      I agree. I’m white but Jewish and most of my white privileged high school friends voted for Trump. They are educated and voted for him because of the “economy,” rather than the bigger issues. I come from a very liberal state and question their intelligence like Susan to understand how this presidency will affect POCs, the LGBT community, immigrants, etc. They only care about themselves and live in a bubble.

      • Keaton says:

        I will never understand the “Trump is better for the economy” argument @Bethy.
        I’m starting to believe vague “brands” play a bigger role in how people vote than actual policy because many of Trump’s economic policies would be TERRIBLE for the economy – like tariffs and his ideas on immigration.
        But alot of people still think “Republicans are good for the economy” and “Democrats will tax and spend us into stagnation” Meh

        People will bring up the stock market doing better since Trump won but:
        1) The stock market did great under Obama too and the GOP whined non-stop about slow growth. (This wasn’t even his fault though. The 2008 meltdown has ushered in a new era of slower growth IMO. It’s the new normal). Wall Street and Main Street seem more disconnected than ever.
        2) A Trump win wasn’t priced in. I think alot of traders were excited by Trump’s supposed tax and regulatory reform. Both of those things may end up being good for SHORT TERM corporate profits. That’s what I think the market is responding to, not long term general economic well being.

        Anyway they better hope Trump isn’t able to get through many of his economic policies because it won’t be pretty.

    • original kay says:


      I blame russia and trump and his minions, you know, the ones who cheated and rigged it so they’d win.

      • Kate says:

        POC were served with same information, the DNC leaks, the private server. But still w went hard for Hillary. White women did not. They are responsible.

      • original kay says:

        ok. I must had misread this entire post. what are they responsible for? because at this point I am clearly not understanding.

      • Jenns says:

        They’re responsible for voting for Trump. Russia did not go into the voting booth and pick Trump over Clinton. Black women did not go into the voting booth and pick Trump over Clinton.

        White women, however, did go into the voting booth and pick Trump over Clinton.

      • Original kay says:

        Ok. Thanks for replying

        So you are blaming them for an outcome that was always going to be?
        I don’t see the logic.

        i used to blame 3rd party voters. Now I just loathe them. But blame?
        The outcome was guaranteed before trump was even the nominee. He was always going to win.
        I fully believe the intelligence community that that Russia interfered and that’s why trump won.

      • Original kay says:


        Please do me a solid and explain what these posters are talking about. I’m not being deliberately obtuse.
        Clearly I am missing something.

        Everyone who votes holds that responsibility. That’s why voting is such a privilege

        But what are we blaming white women for? For believing trump?

      • Jenns says:

        I’m not Kitten, but I’ll explain my blame.

        As far as Russia goes, they clearly interfered with this election. But at the end of the day, the American people went into the voting booths and made a choice. Russian did not hack the voting process.

        Of course white women didn’t do this alone. But the 53% of them who voted for Trump tipped the scales in his favor. When you have a man who was accused multiple time of sexual assault, was on tape bragging about sexual assault, made horrible comments about women and promised policies that would hurt both women and people of color, you would think that women would not vote for that a-hole. And over 90% of black women did just that. But white women didn’t. They heard what he said. They knew that his election would be detrimental to both women and people of color. And they did this:


      • Kitten says:

        @Original Kay-I think the issue is that at this stage we don’t know HOW exactly Russia interfered with the election. We still have so many questions as to how much impact they had on the results. We need to know the details and the extent of involvement before we make any definitive statements regarding Russia’s culpability in HRC’s loss. There are too many unknowns at this point to put the blame on Russia.

        But what we DO know from exit polls is that 53% of white women voted for Trump—more white women voted for Trump than for HRC. Contrast that against the 94% of black women who voted for HRC. These statistics represent a breathtaking contrast that cannot be ignored. And this isn’t to let men-both black and white-off the hook or to ignore the non-voters, it’s just to say that white women failed pretty miserably this time around and as such, we must shoulder much of the blame for Trump being in the White House.

      • Kate says:

        I fully blame white women for believing Trump yeah. Nothing revealed in the DNC hacked emails or in the Podesta emails can justify voting for Trump. That’s why 94 % of black women didn’t.
        Many white women betrayed us (again) and chose their race over everything else. And now we have the ones who did not vote for Bankrupcy Batista but are trying damn hard to defend the 53 % as some sort of innocent, clueless childlike creatures. They know perfectly well what they did and why they did it.

      • Shark Bait says:

        There are still a lot of white women out there caping for Trump. That’s why there is blame there! After ALL that has been said and done, before the election and after, these women are still defending his every single move. They said women who marched in the Women’s March are vulgar, privileged and marched to kill their own babies, they go after Hillary- still- for her emails and Benghazi, continue the Clinton body count rumors, defend the immigration ban saying they want to keep dangerous people out of our country, hold people of color in high esteem only when they repeat the party line (think Omarosa or Ben Carson), insist Muslims want to bring Sharia Law into our country etc etc etc.
        There are way more insidious factors to voting for Trump than just job creation.

      • noway says:

        Jenna I see your point however two things to consider. You are talking about the whole US not how the election was run by the states. If you talk about the whole she won, once you peal it out three states is where she lost it- PA, MI, and WI. Now I come from a state where almost everyone voted for Hillary, only DC and Ca. had better numbers for her. Should I be angry at the rest of you nutballs for voting for him or those three states. Ok when I drive into PA I do get a bit angry, and I admit I am pissed off that in order for our candidate to win some of us have to move to the crazy states to even out the demo. Still don’t think I am going to boycott those states.

        Second, you do know this figure is through polls. My state doesn’t require you to identify race or even gender to vote. They don’t really have a true figure its self reported and extrapolated from polls. Sorry, but the polls at least in those three states were wrong, not sure how the demographic data we are now sure is accurate. Maybe if everyone would stop thinking we know everything based on the polls we might convince even the crazy white male voter that Trump is an idiot.

    • Veronica says:

      The problem is having just enough privilege to hang yourself with it. Plenty of white women have enough wealth and power that much of the insidious sexism that can and does affect them is easy to overlook. This election was a major blow against women in a lot of ways – not just in terms of who we put in power, but the ultimate confirmation of how fractured the feminist movement is by racial prejudice. How can we expect WOC to trust us now?

    • Ana says:

      I think the problem wasn’t just who voted but who didn’t. 90 million people didn’t care enough to vote. If anything good at all comes out of this, hopefully it will be people realizing that their vote does count and it’s needed.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I agree. I am a white woman, and I feel betrayed. HOW could anyone think that Trump was competent? Regardless of priorities, he is clearly a dangerous idiot.

      I also have to add, that POC showed up even though there were so many attempts at the state level to disenfranchise them. If voting laws weren’t changed, I wonder how many more POC would have been able to vote this past election. I don’t want to lose sight of the wrong that was done in this area. We can’t think of it as “normal”.

    • Sandy Eggo says:

      As a middle aged, middle class, college-educated white woman myself, I can say yes, women like me shoulder a great deal of the blame for electing a giant toddler. I have been asking myself, why? Why would educated white women be ok with all of the disgusting things he has done and stands for, not the least of which is sexual assault? The answer, as far as I can tell, based on the white women that I know personally, is their Christian religion (the zealot flavor). They all have this in common. Their extreme religious beliefs inform every single aspect of their lives. No, Cheeto is certainly not a Christian, but they don’t care because (to them) Hillary Clinton is SO MUCH WORSE. Their religious leaders (and husbands, no doubt) have been hammering into their heads for years that Hillary is almost literally the devil incarnate. I’m sure plain ole misogyny is at the rotten core of all of this hatred.

      Does anyone have stats that break down the election numbers by religion?

      • pinetree13 says:

        As a white woman it pains me how many times women will say, indirectly, that they basically vote the way their husbands or fathers vote. They don’t think for themselves. And it just…bothers me so much. Like, how can you as a woman vote for this RAPIST?!?!

  26. PettyRiperton says:

    She’s such a vile human being

  27. Mia4S says:

    Awful. The height of rich white privilege and no brains. Yes the undocumented mothers being arrested and separated from their children are real woke now, you pathetic blowhard. She’s never sacrificed anything for her beloved causes: Always protected by money and privilege and yet she has the nerve to…ugh…I’m disgusted by her.

  28. LaraK says:

    She is SO right, guys!
    Also, let the red states ban abortion! Sure a bunch of women will die but it will wake everyone up!
    Getting rid of the Dept of Education is going to be a huge wake up call too – good morning all!
    And don’t get me started on the alarm clock of poor people losing their health care – that’s a yummy cup of coffee right there!

  29. SusanneToo says:

    “My God, she’s an a–hole.” May I please change that to “My God, she’s an asshole?”

  30. Ana says:

    What else can you expect of someone who vocally supported a dictator that ruined his country like Hugo Chavez?

    • DianaB says:

      Ah, so she’s one of THOSE. That should have told us everything we needed to know.

    • Keaton says:

      Very interesting I have a theory we are witnessing a new political re-alignment.
      Left vs Right, Progressive vs Conservative are still relevant but now we see people re-aligning with regard to their attitude about authoritarianism and democratic norms and institutions.
      The dirty truth is that there are many on the left that are pretty comfortable with authoritarianism if they can say the end justifies the means. I’d say Susan Sarandon is one of those people.

  31. TheOtherMaria says:

    To a very MINIMAL extent, I can understand why she didn’t want Clinton–let’s be real, Clinton supports big banks; however, Hillary was ABSOLUTELY the right choice compared to Trump.

    She has the experience, education, and a history of helping those less fortunate–her policies and legislation backed over the years proved that! Not to mention, her cabinet position under Obama already solidified her relationship with global leaders unlike this idiot who’s alienating our allies 😑

    I don’t give a damn about how “woke” people are now, the damage inflicted upon this country by Trump is already happening.

    They’re doing random ID checks here in my south Texas town, lo and behold I got pulled over, because you know Mexican, and the agent yelled for my ID–I told him not to yell, gave him my ID, and then proceeded to inform him not only was I legal but so was my mother, her mother, and my great grandmother–the bastard said good for you, want a cookie?

    I gave him a look of pure hatred, asked for my identification, and then drove off furiously…

    Surandon will NEVER endure a situation like this, she can sod off; I’m literally terrified reading that our own intelligence agencies are hiding information from 45 for fear of leaks…

    This is ridiculous! Meanwhile, his supporters don’t give a shit what he does….


    • Desi says:

      “Good for you, want a cookie?”

      oooooooooooooh, I’d be taking a perp walk on every news station in the country after that one.

      He is surrounding himself with such incompetence, it is utterly terrifying. What do his supporters think the rest of the world is up to while Trump spends his day chasing and pawing at laser pointers like a lobotomized cat?

    • Bethy says:

      Was this the police or ICE, Maria? If
      this was the cops, that’s illegal. Contact your congressman and complain. Police can’t pull you over for an ID check, only a violation. Then they use that to check your ID. As a former cop, I’m appalled and apologize. I can’t believe people would ever think something like that is OK.

      • TheOtherMaria says:

        These were ICE agents, bit even if they had been police, I would have been obligated to shown my license as I was driving.

        Yesterday, a woman in Laredo went to court to make sure the protective order against her abusive husband was still in tact, ICE agents arrested her!

        Yes, she’s here undocumented, but where has the compassion gone? This is a battered woman with children, now, these kids will probably be stuck with an abusive father–I can’t wrap my head around this.

        For all the talks of going after criminals, they’re mainly focusing on Latinos with no focus on European undocumented people; hell, even folks who check in yearly with immigration are being detained.

        Susan needs to take several seats; I use to adore her, no longer.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        That is horrible about the Laredo woman! These are the stories people NEED to hear. I worry that the clusterf*ck in the White House with Russia is blocking out some of the horrible things that are being done by ICE/DHS.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Oh my goodness!!!! I am so sorry you had to go through with that. How can Susan comfort herself when people like you are going through experiences like that (and worse)?

  32. agnes says:

    Si tacuisses, philosophus mansisses

  33. RussianBlueCat says:

    Put her in a blond wig and Susan would be a perfect choice to portray Kellyanne Conway in a movie. With Alec Baldwin as Trump of course

  34. Kate says:

    What I find unforgivable with Susan is that she’s older, she’s been there before contrary to many Bernie or Bust folks. In 2000, it was the same mantra: Al Gore is a sell-out, too close to the center so I’m voting for Nader. We saw the results and in 2004, Susan went to the Democratic convention to support Kerry.
    Now, it’s 2017, SCROTUS has shown a much greater potential for chaos and destruction during his campaign than W but clueless Susan still has not learned a damn thing!! Still smug, still out of touch, still dumb.

    • Desi says:

      Exactly. Whatever happened to “older and wiser?” I would never say she isn’t entitled to her opinion. But who the hell does she think she is, swanning around interviews acting like she’s responsible for educating anyone, or waking anybody up?

    • Insomniac says:

      That’s what makes me so damn angry at her. We’ve been through this before. She’s been through this before. I *was* one of the “blah blah the parties are equality bad” dummies who didn’t vote in 2000, and boy, did I end up feeling stupid. Spoiler: Bush was, in fact, way worse than Gore would have been. Even so, Bush looks like Abraham freaking Lincoln compared to the lunatic we have now. And at least I learned. She’s just gotten more ignorant.

    • Ana says:

      You’re absolutely right. However, this is what the far left does, at least the modern one. The base of their philosophy is to shake up governments so hard that people will be inclined to follow them. They do it all the time in Latin America, the more social unrest there is, the better it is for them (they think), because then they can attract all the people who are angry and tired of being ran over and make them believe their option is the one that will save them. So really, Susan Sarandon and her group (Sean Penn and others) can’t be too sad about what’s going on with Trump. They see it as a chance for people to go to the other extreme.

  35. Desi says:

    It isn’t about “blaming people,” it’s about responsibility.

    It’s easy to take a seat in the fiddle section and watch Rome burn when your privilege assures you don’t actually have to stick around and bother putting out the fire.

    This isn’t the first time Sarandon has done this. She was also screaming, back in 2000, that “a vote for Gore = a vote for Bush.” So they tried to cram Nader down everyones’ throats, and we got Bush anyway.

    And we all know how THAT turned out.

  36. DustRupples says:

    I’m watching it! I’m too big of an old Hollywood fan to miss it. At the end of the day – I don’t care who she voted for.

  37. Ann says:

    1. Rich asshole
    2. She looks FANTASTIC
    3. I will watch Feud regardless

  38. dorothy says:

    she is extra cancelled (and i USED to be a big fan) in the words of Ove “idiot!”

  39. Giddy says:

    Hey Susan Sarandon, tuck your tits in and shut the hell up!

  40. Lynnie says:

    Besides all the other reasons about why it was completely stupid to vote 3rd party this election, I never understood what 3rd parties were going to do if they got the top position but didn’t have any support in congress or state positions. Like ??? I can understand the wish for more choices, but it just feels extra dumb to go that route especially when so much was at stake. I’m not hearing any plans for them to gain seats in 2018 either so it’s like 3rd parties whatcha doin with yourselves.

  41. Lolo86lf says:

    Okay so she is sort of pulling a Poncius Pilate stunt here? She voted for neither candidate which it turned out in favor of Trump. She indirectly voted for Trump didn’t she?

  42. NotSoSocialButterfy says:

    1) STFU, Susan.
    2) To the wanker who provided the MSNBC interview transcript for media use, it’s POPULACE, not populous. Idiots.

  43. Frigga says:

    I wouldn’t blame Susan, but would agree she didn’t do jack shit to help.

  44. Froma says:

    I was already awake, Susan. But thanks to people like you, I now have insomnia.

  45. The Original Mia says:

    Bish please. The fact she can wrap her mouth to actually spew this crap when people are being snatched from their homes, churches, courthouses, airplanes and separated from their families and lives, healthcare is being threatened, basic human rights are in jeopardy is the epitome of white privilege. She’s actually made me respect Chelsea Handler, who acknowledged her privilege and is still out there fighting for the rest of us. She’ll never be stopped and frisked. She’ll never spend days/months/years in prison for having weed. She’ll never have to worry about having a preexisting condition. She’ll never have to choose between a mortgage payment and putting food on the table. This bish can kiss my black behind and have a thousand stadium seats.

  46. Tara says:


  47. oce says:

    (Not defending her) – but isn’t Susan Sarandon saying (ineffectively) that now people are #WOKE. 1/2 the entire US voting population DONT VOTE b/c they DONT CARE. In 2017 people are #WOKE – that is what a Trump Presidency is = chaos + people donating to ACLU/Planned Parenthood + protests/marches/boycotts + calling Congress + government leaks.

    The oppression on parts of the American people has been for decades, centuries! Countless examples. Now that it is UNDENIABLE is not alarming. What’s alarming is that American people voted for someone who OPENLY PROMISED to do even more terrible things to our country. #IseveryoneWOKEyet?

  48. Nikki says:

    Oh but I DO blame her. Forever.

  49. daisyfly says:

    I don’t blame her for the Kumquat Komrade, but I will blame her for perpetuating ignorance and apathy.

  50. adastraperaspera says:

    For me, I hope this dangerous situation we’re in now will raise Susan’s consciousness in some new ways, and the consciousness of any liberals who don’t seem to understand the challenges of others. Her defensiveness may indicate some remorse? Hoping? Sarandon has demonstrated compassion in her life, by standing up for refugees, for instance. I know I’m sounding extremely naive, but I hope she can evolve on these issues and use her bully pulpit to help get us out of this horror.

    • Keaton says:

      I was actually thinking the same thing about Susan’s defensiveness:
      I bet in her heart of hearts she knows she was wrong. I bet you she thought Trump wouldn’t be as bad as he ended up being. She probably thought Trump’s previous support for Hillary suggested he’d be no worse than Hillary.

      But even if all that was true, and Trump was totally scamming over the GOP and would tack center-left after his win – he was clearly dumb and incompetent af! Not to mention temperamentally unfit for the job! And a pathological liar and delusional! (Omg how many times did we have to endure the “She’s a liar!” crap? THIS MAN LIES LIKE HE’S BREATHING!!!)

      Bottom line; There is NO valid “Hillary is just as bad as Trump” argument to be made. Neither pre nor post election.
      So yeah Susan can kindly fuck off.
      Sorry I had to rant.

  51. PaulY says:

    I’m sorry, Susan, but some of us Bernie supporters were already awake and made the wise decision to vote for Hillary, so please save us your false condescension and alibis.

  52. Jayna says:

    Wow, was she condescending to that journalist. There was so much at stake during this election. SCOTUS, Obamacare, global warming, immigration, on and on. Bernie understood that. He was shown respect with his influence on the DNC platform. It’s why Bernie fought so hard for Hillary after the dust settled. Trump and his alt-right co-horts will set us so far back. Add to that, Trump is unstable, a bigot, immature. I could go on and on. Bernie knew what was at stake.

    Susan wanted Trump to win, out of spite. I want to wipe the smugness off her face in that interview.

  53. Joannie says:

    She’s right about Fracking though. And water. You run out of fresh water who gives a shit who’s president. Fracking uses tons of water.

  54. JRenee says:

    Yes, I so used to run out to see her movies the 1st weekend in the theaters, even that Tammy movie…no more.
    I’m so over all of the “woke people ” that can shred the Dems up point by point but don’t add the gerrymandering, redistricting, voter suppression, closed polling places, broken equipment plus Comey’s last ditch email announcementioned along with the wiki leaks that impacted this election.

    It’s hollow, but the majority of voters at the poll DID NOT want Trump. It’s time to clean house with Senate & House and do real work, not just reversals of all things President Obama. .

  55. Disco Dancer says:

    I can see how Eva Amurri is an over privileged asshole too- she gets it directly from her mommy.

  56. Scout says:

    Great post! I refuse to watch her show and give it ratings. I might watch it on “alternative services” but I doubt I’ll be able to stomach it, she’s just so awful. It’s great she brought up fracking, too bad she has expressed absolutely no concern for those whose land and homes are being destroyed in Oklahoma and elsewhere. I guess that’s not ~sexy enough of a cause?

  57. WahooWah says:

    The labor movement, women’s suffrage, civil rights, US withdrawal from the Vietnam war, and gay marriage. None of these would have happened if people had relied on politicians to make things better. They all occurred because Americans like you and me, took to the streets, made their voices heard, and put pressure on politicians.

    As much credit as Obama gets for legalizing gay marriage, he said in 2008 that he did not support it and did not declare his support of gay marriage until 2012. LBJ opposed every civil rights proposal during his first 20 years in congress.

    Hilary would have been a better President than Trump, no question. But your kidding yourself if you think she wouldn’t have exploited the majority to serve the interests of an elite minority.

    I hope more people recognize that together we have infinitely more power to control the conditions of our lives than sitting back and hoping an elected official will always act in our interests.

    • Scout says:

      We can protest all that we want but good luck budging a GOP controlled Congress/Senate/White House. People need to come out and vote. Elect people who will act in your interest. It’s very dismissive to paint everyone with that “politicians are awful” brush. That’s how Trump was elected.

    • Kate says:

      I hope more people recognize that together we have infinitely more power to control the conditions of our lives than sitting back and hoping an elected official will always act in our interests.

      Actually, no. With the White House, the Congress and now the Supreme Court in the pocket, Republicans have the most control over my life, my reproductive choice and my body .

  58. Summertime says:

    Ugh. She’s sounds like someone who is there for the protest, not the actual causes.

    That said, I’m gonna watch “Little Women” every Christmas with no shame. I boycott my March sisters for no one!

  59. B says:

    The DNC shoved HRC down their throats, people wanted and needed a change. She is right in some points like DAPL and the bailouts that helped Wall Street and not the people, the real people. TRUMP IS AWFUL, TERRIBLE, BUT WHERE DID HE CAME FROM? THE RETHORIC OF HRC WAS VOTE FOR ME, TRUMP IS AWFUL. It wasn’t like that she was mute and sided with lobbyist. Come on people we cannot put this on Sarandon.

    No one expected and I count myself this administration in to be this way. Which way is the DNC going? Still going the same way, lobbyist, no interest in real issues. Did any one saw the video ladies?

  60. Kath says:

    THANK YOU Kaiser for this story. Before the election, I was screaming like a banshee at all those idiots who said things like “Hillary and Trump are as bad as each other”. Umm, no. One is a centrist and one is a fascist. Give me a frigging break.

    The smugness of liberals like Sarandon is why so many left-leaning eligible voters stayed home, hoping that next time they could have a ‘perfect’ candidate that they could fall in love with.

    You know the saying: Democrats need to fall in love, Republicans simply fall in line. That’s why they win elections.

    Oh – and Susan – people invariably DIE in “revolutions”, you smirking, clueless, protected rich idiot. She really doesn’t have much of a grasp of history, does she?

  61. Lyla says:

    I guess Susan Sarandon’s idea of waking people up is setting the house on fire. Pretty sure there are better ways to get woke.

  62. Jerkface says:

    Oh please this grandmaw hasn’t even gotten out of the bed yet let alone “woke”.

    I loathe the term woke. There are other ways to describe what the term means that would be more effective. Susie would still be none of those things though

  63. Greenieweenie says:

    Idk, the police homicides of 2016 disgusted me. Philando Castile’s murder was disgusting. Freddie Gray’s murderers getting off without charges disgusted me. In all honesty, in all honesty, I think the American system is morally bankrupt and racist to the core. I don’t think Clinton would’ve ever challenged that. But you all could’ve gone on thinking progress was real and your criminal justice system wasn’t rolling over black bodies like it was 1955.

  64. NoKiddingCat says:

    It is clear Susan has a pact with Satan. I mean, look at her. She’s 70 years old. SEVENTY? WTF? Plastic surgery aside, how is it humanly possible to look that good at 70???!!! She MUST have sold her soul to Satan!

  65. Katie says:

    She made me fume throughout the campaign talking about how she ‘won’t vote with her vagina’.
    Well how about voting with your brain then, f**ktard?
    It was never about voting for Clinton because she was female, it was about doing everything possible to block the apocalypse that is Trump.

  66. Vox says:

    Always loved her as an actress and it kills me that she’s so deplorable as a political person. Ugh. I’ll never enjoy her again.

  67. E says:

    I get that fracking and Dakota are her issues. Everyone prioritizes their political, social, economic, cultural issues when election time comes. To be clear, the pipeline and environment are urgently important. Susan Sarandon and her cohorts must continue bringing attention to it; I’m glad she’s so vocal about it. But to make pipelines the ONLY issue, like in the conversation above, is beyond myopic. It’s taking your toys and stomping home when the game doesn’t suit you anymore. “What does any of it mean without water?” Seriously Susan Sarandon?? Maybe the people of Flint Michigan could answer your question, because they STILL DON’T HAVE WATER; and no one is doing a damn thing about it, least of all Trump. This singular, childish perspective from people like Susan Surandon could be applied to several issues across party lines, and is the REAL reason we’re in the mess we’re in now. We’ve lost all ability to compromise. There aren’t any concessions ever–which just “Don’t you see” and “people need to wake up” are just ways of saying “I’m right and you’re wrong, end of story.” 324 million people aren’t black and white, they’re gray. Until we find the gray middle-ground to work towards, America is going to continue burping up atrocious human beings like DJT to pilot us further and further down the rabbit hole.

  68. Luci Lu says:

    I respect her as an actor. She’s of the 1%, so TrumPutin being POTUS will not affect her lifestyle at all; in fact, it may very-well enhance ($$$) her lifestyle, if the repugnants are successful in repealing the Affordable Care Act. And as long as I’m here, that pantsuit and those shoes are hideous!