Brad Pitt: ‘Anytime I’ve gotten in trouble, it’s because of my own hubris’

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Brad Pitt speaks! Again. Brad gave his first big post-separation, post-divorce-filing interview to GQ Style, a piece which was published a few weeks ago. Brad gave the interview to promote his Netflix film, War Machine, where he plays a fictional version of General Stanley McChrystal. Well, to promote the project even more, Brad has given an interview to the Associated Press where he says, “I’ve got no secrets. I’ve got nothing to hide.” You know, except for what actually happened on the plane. Except for whether he really did seek to recover from alcohol abuse in a rehab facility. Other than that, sure, he has nothing to hide. Some highlights:

On hubris: “Hubris is a trap and it’s the trap of every great nation that has been number one for too long. You start believing your own stink. Anytime I’ve gotten in trouble, it’s because of my own hubris.”

Why he’s being so open these days: “I’ve got no secrets. I’ve got nothing to hide. We’re human and I find the human condition very interesting. If we’re not talking about it, then we’re not getting better.”

His focus: He said he’s spending his time now “keeping the ship afloat” and “figuring out the new configuration of our family.” ”Kids are everything,” he said, of their six children. “Kids are your life. They’re taking all the focus, as they should anyway.”

He’s not suicidal: “I’m not suicidal or something,” Pitt said, laughing. “There’s still much beauty in the world and a lot of love. And a lot of love to be given. It’s all right. It’s just life.”

His ‘War Machine’ character is based on General Stanley McChrystal: “We had no interest in impugning General McChrystal or any of his guys. For me, the problem is more systematic. The impetus for me was a visit to Walter Reed,” added Pitt, who visited the military medical center in 2014 . “Those young men and women – who are absolutely heroic in a very harrowing situation – their lives are forever changed and so are their families. It just really made me question who is spending this currency of dedication. Who’s writing the check? Who’s making the order?”

He doesn’t think we should send more troops into Afghanistan: “Nothing that we’ve ever done has said that more troops are going to do anything but cause any more damage, more loss of life and limb. We talk a lot about supporting our troops but I think supporting our troops is much more than giving them money and a pat on the back. I think it’s being responsible to how we use that ultimate dedication.”

Pitt said he discussed the film with McChrystal. “I feel for him. He’s a product of us. He’s us.”

He’s moving away from acting: “I feel myself as I’m older gravitating more to the producing side than being in front of the camera. It’s a big commitment, a film, and it does take you away from your family. I just have to balance that. It’s not less important, itself, it’s just not as important as family. (‘War Machine’) I loved because it’s after something and we don’t know where we’re going to end up. It’s a delicate tightrope to walk.”

[From The Associated Press]

“I’m not suicidal or something,” Pitt said, laughing. That bugged me, that he said that “laughing.” Suicide isn’t a joke. It’s not a punchline. And many men do genuinely feel suicidal when their spouses file for divorce. As for this: “There’s still much beauty in the world and a lot of love. And a lot of love to be given.” I’m pretty sure he’s just misquoting lines from American Beauty now. As for Brad’s continuing talk of hubris… I mean, I get it. His official version of events – which he will never get specific about and yet he has nothing to hide – revolve around his admission that he just simply has too much ego, too much pride. *eyeroll*

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  1. astrid says:

    His shtick is wearing thin. He doesn’t owe us an explanation of his personal life but don’t tap dance around it when promoting a film either.

    • AlmondMilk says:

      “Schtick,” is an apt word @astrid.

      He hasn’t given an explanation and probably won’t – but the pity party needs to end yesterday. Mentioning suicide? Okay we get it, it’s you Brad, you are the wounded party. It’s all about how you are dealing with your ‘new configuration.’ Not your children or your clearly fed-up wife. YOU.


      Brad is a punk.

      Never in my life did I think I would give nanny schtupping also alcoholic eff up Ben Affleck credit for stepping up and owning it and letting his wife off the hook, but i honestly do appreciate the character, honesty and consideration he’s shown his family (albeit long after the fact, but still). He’s *now* done the right thing at long last.

      Brad is weak, and is apparently following the advice of his CAA handlers who have told him to never do too much of a mea culpa. Maybe they’ve conveyed to him he really doesn’t need to or have to, as there won’t be too many empathizing with ‘Maleficent,’ and her brood anyway…so as such, he has it made. A few tears, and self absorbed sad memes and he’s in the clear. He can probably even go have a drink in public to celebrate and get a few high fives from the Chelsea Handlers of the world.

      Angelina probably has lost all respect, but is being the diplomat she is. I know it must hurt her to see how trifling he is. She was always quite proud of the man she *thought* he was.

      • bap says:

        AlmondMilk The movies he produces are overrated, he has media backing, he is not allowed to fail. The public though is seeing differently with not showing up at his movies lately. He needs a hit movie. Will to admit a little bit of his wrongs to get pity from the public.

      • AlmondMilk says:

        Anyone arguing that Brad has somehow ‘accepted responsibility’ should read the version of his latest interview now on raw story ( a site i get political news from).

        Mission accomplished for him and his PR team. The “suicidal” chuckle he makes is framed by the writer to imply ‘he’s doing just fine since his split with Angelina Jolie.’ oooh burn Brad.

        Of course there are ZERO mentions of Children’s Services, the plane incident, 4 investigative agencies, effects on his children, altercation with his son. None of that comes up. If Angelina had been the drunk, being drug tested and in court ordered therapy would she have been able to keep that out of HER pieces?

        So basically the piece i read is to just let us know that Brad’s fine since his break up from Angelina Jolie, he’s pretty carefree and that stopping the booze is a great way to get healthy.

        Plane Schmane.

        Maddox Schmaddox

  2. Sera says:

    Double eye roll!!!!!

  3. mkyarwood says:

    He just learned that word, didn’t he.

    • Cherry says:

      IKR?? Does he have to mention ‘hubris’ in every damn interview he’s doing now?

      • crazydaisy says:

        I know! Seems Brad believes that using those ‘ten dollar words’ makes him sound smart. It’s a strategy. I think he’s floundering hard.

  4. Adele Dazeem says:

    What a douche. Looking forward to the Brad stans/Angelina haters way of spinning this to be Angie’s fault. I need a good laugh.

    • spankFD says:

      Lingering thought: is Brad making a pitch to get back with Angie? Is this part of the strategy?

      • bap says:

        He is probably trying to get public on his side. Remember he is MR. Hollywood.

      • Mildred Pierce says:

        How do you come to that conclusion? Seems like he’s just trying to repair his image to me.

    • Carmen says:

      They’re already doing it. She drove him to drink, dontcha know?

  5. Adorable says:

    Oh Brad🙄

  6. Svea says:

    Needs to sit down. I don’t want to hear all this self flagellation. That GQ spread was laughable. Man up and save your thoughts for your friends.

  7. Rice says:

    He looks good though.

    • YepIsaidit says:

      He looked decent during the allied promotion and this site insists on using those photos for some reason lol. He was airbrushed and has way too much makeup on. In more recent photos he looks like crap- no airbrush and no makeup make him look ashy and old.

      I find it very bizarre how he was able to yuck it up on the allied red carpet while his kids were under a severe amount of stress being interviewed by cps and Fbi. Very bizarre.

      • Sage says:

        Because he had professional commitments and he’s an He may have been extremely stressed behind closed doors.

      • YepIsaidit says:

        He’s a fraud. The commitments could’ve been put on hold – his appearance at 3 or 4 premieres didn’t help the movie one bit. It bombed bigly. His big cheesy smile at that premiere (when you think about what was going on with his kids/family) IS CREEPY and should show what he’s really all about. Image!!! Not kids.

        He’s allegedly a big shot in Hollywood but he couldn’t get out of promoting that movie? Bull!!! He was hoping it would be a hit so that it would be easier to weasel his way out of being a Sh—t dad!!!

      • bap says:

        @Sage If anyone should have been stress its Angelina Jolie she had 7 children she had to contend with. If anyone should have been drinking it should have been. her. It shows you how WEAK he really is.

    • Maria says:

      @YepIsaidit You do realize that Brad has professional commitments to support and promote the movies he is involved in? Is he supposed to leave his colleagues hanging and go weep about his personal problems? Many people go through difficult divorces and they still have to go to work and put on a professional face.

  8. bap says:

    His movie War machine is coming out he needs hit movie.

    • Mikasa says:

      Angelina also needs a hit. They both haven’t had a real hit in a long time (if you don’t include Plan B Entertainment).

      • bap says:

        Angelina Maleficent in 2014 and Unbroken as hits. Angelina not acting in a movie for a while unlike him.

      • Mikasa says:

        And I repeat: They both haven’t had a real hit in a long time.

        Brad and Angelina aren’t as successful anymore as they used to be.

        Times have changed, new celebrities have taken over.

      • Keely says:

        With the exception of by the sea, how many films has Angelina actually acted in since Maleficent? the question is none and that was like filmed 5 years ago…so I don’t understand your comment. If you were referring to her directing career and that she needs a hit there , then I would whole heartedly agree with you. As Angelina has said several times, acting hasn’t exactly been a priority of late and that’s reflected in her turning down many roles. So of course new actors have taken over, as has always been the case in film. Did you except Hollywood to stand still and wait for Angelina to accept roles and then wait for those films to be hits ? Again I don’t get your point and to say both is just absurd considering the number of films Pitt has done in comparison in recent years.

      • IMO says:

        Well I’m not Mikasa but I don’t think her new movie First they… will be a hit. There are too many lazy English speakers who won’t watch a film just with subtitles. Plus, it seems that people prefer movies with superheroes etc. and not heavy topics.

      • Keely says:

        @IMO, again if you want to discuss Angelina Jolie the director I’m open to that discussion. I was referring to the actress. I might be wrong but I think it’s safe to assume that FTKMF has a specific target in my mind, of course in an ideal world it would appeal to the masses & everyone would love it/ watch it & it would be a massive all round hit. But I think we’re all smart enough to know the likelihood of that happening as I’m sure does Angelina. I’m sure she has an idea as to what constitutes the films success. Of course she said as long as the people of Cambodia accepted it, she’s satisfied. I’m aware that’s probably not what her directors/artist ego or Netflix think of course. There are lots of people with an interest in the khmer rouge, I myself have plans to watch the film, subtitles & all.

      • doofus says:

        Keely, to be fair, Mikasa didn’t specify acting or directing or producing…she just said “a hit”. that could be any of the three.

      • Keely says:

        @Doofus, then in Angelina’s case that refers only to BTS, seeing as Maleficent was a hit..then the comment should have been qualified because then like i said it doesn’t make sense otherwise, unless Mikasa was referring to years. As in Angelina hasn’t had a hit in 3 years- when like i said she’s only had one film in that period- that yes was in no way a hit. It also actually doesn’t apply to Pitt in terms of producing either if that’s now also entered the conversation.

      • YepIsaidit says:

        Brad Pitt has had 3 flops in a row. He needs a hit. Angelina doesn’t seem to care about making movies but when she does yeah of course she would need it to be a hit

      • Tulip Garden says:

        This is kind of silly! Can we all agree that Brad and Jolie want their work to be successful?
        Jolie’s most recent acting success was Malificent. She has not acted a great deal in many years. She has an Oscar from her early acting days and, I think, another nomination at some point. Of the 3 movies that she has directed, she has one project that showed potential(INLOBAH), one that did okay financially but was a not a critical success (Unbroken), and one flat out bomb (By the Sea). Going forward, either her directing career will improve or she will probably return to acting (although for over 40’s for women) that is difficult, or give it all up to be a full-time humanitarian.
        Pitt’s most recent acting success was, what? Probably, Inglorious Bastards or Moneyball? He’s done other small parts, I know, like in The Big Short. WWZ was successful financially, I think. Allied was both a critical and financial failure, I think. Anyway, Brad has done more acting since he and Jolie got together than she has so, I believe, with more opportunity he has had greater success (and also greater failures). His real success has been in producing. Plan B has given him far better success and prestige in the past five years then his acting ever has, imo. He has received critical, financial, and award success through Plan B. I think he will continue acting (in better films, I hope) but, I think, his producing will be ever more important than his acting career. It already is, IMO.
        The point is that both Pitt and Jolie have multiple areas of interest to pursue. I’m sure that both want success in all areas but that is difficult for anyone to achieve. They are privileged in that either can work as little or as much as they want as long as they are successful in any one area. Heck, even if they fail in all areas, they can always retire!
        Their futures seem pretty open and blessed compared to most, I’d say.

      • TheOtherSam says:

        Brad’s success is now as a producer and Plan B. Two Best Picture Oscar wins in three years (one for him as producer for 12YaS), nominations for The Big Short, Selma, Tree of Life, etc. His acting is a side gig at this point. I think he mentioned this in the AP interview.

        Same for Angelina; acting and directing will take up less time as she moves into humanitarian work full time going forward. She’ll probably still do occasional acting roles and may direct/write again (esp documentaries imo) but her focus is elsewhere. You can’t judge the current professional status of either without discussing this.

      • YepIsaidit says:

        Theothersam, sadly for Brad his success is built on other people. He’s lucky to have Dede Gardner and rumor a few months ago was that she was unhappy with Pitt. Plan b would be trash without her – she has a good eye and ear for movies.

        Publicly he takes credit and everyone say he’s so great but privately I’m sure he knows he ain’t Sh—t!!!! That’s when the alcohol comes in…


      • AlmondMilk says:


        She doesn’t really have a point. Angelina’s haters have been trying to ring a death knell on her career since she got with Brad in 2005. i remember haters claiming she would get fat because pregnant, and she would soon be 30 (so she’d be old). Lol

        It’s the same with her looks. In a perfect world, for them, she’d age in the face like Eunice Kennedy Shriver did. Lol or maybe suffer some horrific incident where she’d need a face transplant. Because she continues to have that face and doesn’t shrivel up and die, they just spend a thread imagining procedures they have no proof of.

        It’s ongoinging neverending denigration and bitter all because she happened to be ‘next’ for Brad Pitt and made Aniston’s self esteem nose dive.

      • TheOtherSam says:

        @Yep we’ve discussed this before in other threads. You’re entitled to your op, but Pitt is the de facto public face of Plan B and one of the initial founders, along with Aniston and the late (recently departed) Brad Grey. Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner are of course fantastic producers and deserve full credit, but there’s no evidence that Pitt built the company on ‘other people’ or is an empty suit sitting around.

        Remember he also still acts in major films and is away on location for many months so isn’t day-to-day or hands on as the others; that doesn’t minimize his contributions…you can dislike him for his personal foibles or feel he has responsibility for his recent marital split, but trying to attack him on the professional or producing front is grabbing at straws. He’s well-respected in Hollywood for a reason; he makes successful highly acclaimed films with top talent. Barry Jenkins himself credited him with getting Moonlight off the ground.

      • YepIsaidit says:

        The other Sam , basically Jennifer and Brad grey -R.i.P- should get the same credit that Brad Pitt gets.

        “Guggle “‘- Brad Pitt

      • TheOtherSam says:

        @Yep not sure I follow, I mentioned Jennifer and Brad Grey as initial co-founders. Why would the get the same credit as him though for Plan B’s success? Aniston sold her share to him way back in ’05 after the divorce and Grey left same year to head up Paramount. That was 12 years ago.

        Pitt has owned Plan B alone since; he was the one who originally hired Kleiner and eventually Dede G as well – it was his foresight to bring their talents onboard…like I said, personal issues aside it’s a hard sell to deny he’s had high success in producing or paint him as unproductive there.

    • bap says:

      First all Angelina Directed Unbroken and it was a hit.

    • Tulip Garden says:

      I am looking forward to War Machine. I like dark satire. That said, it will be the first Brad Pitt movie that I have looked forward to for quite awhile. I had no interest and didn’t see Allied. I thought the other war movie (which I did see) was barely passable. WWZ was mishandled horribly and I still wish someone else would buy the rights and do the actual book which was so good.
      Pitt’s best work, to me, was the Jesse James flick. I also think he was really good in 12 monkeys which I love and Inglorious Bastards.

      • MunichGirl says:

        The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen.

        War Machine looks really good.

      • Velcro says:

        I agree with you Tulip, except for 12 monkeys, which he was not good in. Ben Button, Fight Club, Babel, Vampire were all very good performances. He doesn’t have a lot of range though. They really needed a smart cerebral scientist type for WWZ for the “journey” on learning about the virus and he couldn’t deliver or maybe poor directing.

    • noway says:

      He doesn’t need a hit film, especially if it is true he wants to be behind the scenes now. He is one of the best producers out there. Where would award season be without him. This movie looks really good, and quite topical, and yes he produced it too.

      Not sure what people want him to say now. He says the breakup is his fault and compliments Angie’s work, people side eye him. I admit the I have no secrets is worth an eye roll, but I think people are being very picky about the chuckle about suicide. I’m sure he didn’t think of it that way, and he was probably just trying to say that yes he is upset but not clinically upset. All I have to say is at least he isn’t acting like Johnny Depp, and I like Brad’s movies too. I liked Depp’s movies too at one time, but since his issue escalated his movies went downhill. I like Angie’s movies too, and I am hoping she has a good one coming out soon too. Honestly, there aren’t many good movies out there now.

      • Velcro says:

        I agree. It’s not anyone’s business and should have all been left to law enforcement. He shouldn’t have to talk about it when out promoting a film especially if there aren’t any criminal issues pending.

  9. Kristen says:

    He sounds like a mess.

    • Sage says:

      I did pause on the “I’m not suicidal..”. Wtf, do people think he’s suicidal?!

  10. smcollins says:

    I don’t see the big deal about what he said. He’s always talked liked this (from what I recall from past interviews). As far as him not divulging the details of “the plane incident,” I’ve said it before but I’ll go ahead and say it again: what happened didn’t involve just him, it involved *all* of them, so I can understand him not going into detail about it. Maybe Angelina doesn’t want it out there for mass consumption, either. Just because he’s not telling you what you want to know doesn’t mean he’s keeping secrets. The same for whether or not he actually went to rehab. He admitted to having a drinking problem and that he got help. He’s sober now, and that’s what matters. What more do people want from him??

    • Kristen820 says:

      Exactly – AJ aside, maybe he’s demurring out of concern for their 6 children’s well-being​. It’s very common for children to try to disguise a parent’s problems (whatever they may be) out of a weird combination of concern, fear, and embarrassment. He may be trying to avoid further tabloid fodder for their sakes, simply by declining to elaborate.

    • B n A fn says:

      “What more do people want from him??”. Reading some of the comments they want to never seeing his face again, although they are happy to seek out this thread to write several negative comments, you know who you are. I always wonder if people leaving comments who hates him so much, with a passion, believes they are better people to their family, neighbors and friends. If Angelina and his kids can forgive him, in time, I hope, who are we to judge. She says they will always be family. I did not her disowning him.

      • Lady D says:

        When I first started posting here, there was a poster who hated Kate Gosselin with the heat of 1000 burning suns. You could literally almost see this lady foaming at the mouth, half out of her seat pounding the keyboard while maligning KG. It was frightening the intensity of the hatred she felt for a complete stranger. I remember hoping the poster didn’t have children, she really wasn’t mentally healthy. To this day that poster’s hate tops all the haters.

      • Beth says:

        Thank you @Lady D! I have no idea who the poster you’re talking about is, but you made me laugh loudly on a bad day. So many people like you described are everywhere. In person, on the phone, online, etc. Yikes!

    • Tulip Garden says:

      Different people would want different things from him. Some want him to detail EVERYTHING that he did wrong and take complete responsibility for the breakdown of his marriage. Some want him to detail his point of view of the marriage collapse only if he drags Jolie.
      I think he has said enough and needs to move on publically for the sake of his family (children and Jolie).

      • Keely says:

        I want him to shut up (yes yes as I comment on this thread- but that’s because I enjoy most of you) the same way as an Angelina fan I want her to never address this subject & harp on about it ad nauseam. Other than an initial perhaps brief ackolwdegment of events- if she must. I hope she never speaks of it or him publicly again. Let them sort it out between themselves & leave the rest of us to project on the internet- well us sane people anyway.

      • Tulip Garden says:

        I agree with you. Regardless of what either one says or doesn’t say, people will project onto it whatever they want to anyway.

      • YepIsaidit says:

        Keely, shutting up is not going to happen. People pretend like he’s all of a sudden so open – this is not new for him. He went on for years about why he dumped Aniston… almost all of his interviews for years were about that marriage. 🙄

      • Tulip Garden says:

        Pitt and Jolie have both talked endlessly about their children and their love during their film promotions. I mean that was their life and I kind of get it but I always found it to be very over the top particularly from Jolie about Pitt. At any rate, I assume that the new narrative will just leave out one another. That will be replaced, I guess, by talk of their projects or, like Brad here, on their emotional journeys. The children, I hope, when discussed are done positively without making things harder for them.

        @Yep, so far Brad has yet to even mention Angie’s name except to suggest people see her movie. Let’s hope he continues that pattern and that she does too. On the plus side, he doesn’t have any reason to ever discuss his first marriage again. That is ancient history and his recent past and developing future are far more discussion worthy to reporters, fans, and non-fans!

      • Ennie says:

        He has already mention her name at the beginning of the gq? interview, where he mentions that the reporter “should watch Angie’s movie” FTKMF.
        As I recall, he said “Angie”, no Angelina.

      • YepIsaidit says:

        Angelina fans know she’s been open and honest about her entire life, tulip. Imagine if Angelina had a seriously open interview and the media pretended like it was the first time she’s ever been so open? That’s what’s happening with Pitt and his lame interview. 🙄

      • Tulip Garden says:

        I know Angelina has a rep among her fans as open and truthful. I think she is to a degree. I also think, as this situation shows us, that she is only going to tell you what she wants you to know. For example, before her divorce filing, she wanted her marriage to seem stable so she painted that picture. I don’t condemn her for that because we all protect ourselves and our families depending on how close we are to the person we are talking to. The public aren’t her “friends”, they are her audience and she wisely treats them that way. Even if she was completely open and honest pre-children, she couldn’t very well continue that because her words will affect her children. Neither her nor Brad’s point of view is paramount here. Protecting their kids should be paramount even if one or both have to bite their tongue about their feelings about one another.
        Pitt’s interview is only as open as confirming what’s known (configuring a new family dynamic) and discussing himself ad nausem. Again, wisely he doesn’t mention Angelina and gives no details about any family member except himself.
        I think Angelina is too media savvy and loves her kids too much to publicize things better left unsaid. I feel if she discusses any of this, she will do it in much the same terms as Brad with, perhaps, a moment of acknowledging Pitt’s culpability in the final break.

      • Keely says:

        @Tulip, I think the big thing amongst Angelina fans isn’t that we want Pitt to give us details, as I stated earlier, I would be glad to never hear of this again. It’s not what Jolie fans want,(well some of us) it’s more what he didn’t do right at the beginning. He had every opportunity to take responsibility without giving us details, especially pertaining to Maddox if not necessarily Angelina. I’m assuming seemingly reasonable people like you weren’t all over the Internet accusing Maddox of bratty evil behavior and whatever else the loons online were alluding to.
        That’s where he lost me (not that he ever had me) he doesn’t owe us anything, but at that particular time he owed his son. Him actively staying silent would have been one thing, but his team actively contributed to the narrative with their leaks painting Angelina as the demon mother and him as her sad innocent victim. If not for that narrative, then I do believe most Angelina fans wouldn’t be as hard on him. It’s like the alcohol leaks , he clearly has a problem…why not just keep quiet instead of refuting the claims & in turn leaking that she’s making stuff up to gain custody?

        I know you believe that he took responsibility in the GQ interview & again he owes the public nothing. But it sounded like empty words to me, lots of them but nothing really…like @Bap keeps saying actions speak louder than words. So without vilifying him too much, his actions have been those of a weak man more concerned with himself & his image and career. Again I’m not privy to any info and just projecting. Angelina is actually walking the walk, she seems to be putting her kids first. Not that Pitt shouldn’t work, but it seems rather odd that he’s lined up 2 projects while his relationship with his children still seems rocky. Why not take time off & bond with them? See where this doesn’t gel for me, he speaks of putting his work first in that interview, yet he’s still going to put that work first in the near future. Pitt seems a giant fraud to me.

      • Bap says:

        @keely if he had been man enough to protect his son from vile, cruel things they were saying on the internet. He has never really defended his family for 12 years from some of the media attacks.

      • Tulip Garden says:

        I will say that both Pitt and Jolie handled the original separation horribly. I don’t think Jolie needed to announce the separation at all, little less dramatically. She was probably righteously and rightfully angry but she knew “for the health of the family”, while probably true, was liking throwing a hand grenade where a telegram would have sufficed i.e., “separating with continued love and concern for our children.” After that there was a snowball of back and forth from “unleashing hell on children” supposedly from Brad to “unregulated emotion” or something like that definately from Brad. Refusals to seal documents by Angelina and requests from changes in custody terms from Brad. Wouldn’t it have been better, all around, if they had both just been private? They did it with a wedding because they wanted the privacy. They could have done it with the divorce, do it privately and announce after the fact.
        I do NOT understand any person blaming any of the behavior of adults on children. Whatever happened between Brad and Maddox (drunken intimidation, I suspect), definately falls on Pitt to repair. While it wasn’t apparently egregious enough to cause charges, I’m sure it was frightening for Maddox and the other children. I’ve certainly seen fathers and teenage sons engage in male to male testing/posturing without alcohol involved and it is scary. Im not sure why anyone would think Maddox has been “thrown under the bus” for Pitt’s reputation. Almost everyone knows how those things play out and knows it isn’t Maddox at fault.
        Most importantly, one incident did not cause the Brangelina break. Many years and who knows what problems caused the disintegration of the marriage. In fact, they may have been broken by the time they wed thus “doing it for the children”.
        Thank you for your reasonable posts . I have enjoyed the exchange 😀

    • AlmondMilk says:

      “What more do people want from him?”

      I think the more pressing questions is, why are you deluding yourself i to thinking that he’s shared anything?

      Sorry, but his barely admitting to a drinking problem and then not addressing his own culpability with regards to recent events is less forthcoming than his ‘Zahara ice cube choking story.’ it’s less forthcoming than Tarantino spilling the beans on his drinking and toking.

      Not that details and specifics are needed, but as with Affleck, it makes a difference when an eff up husband accepts responsibility and apologizes to his family *in general vagueries* for turning it upside down.

      How about he at least does that? Because he has NOT.

      I get he might be miffed that Angelina decided not to stay and KEEP TOLERATING his drunkardness and acting out which was probably the incident (one of many?) that traumatized the children significantly on the plane – but he needs to stop licking his self inflicted wounds in public and showing his barely contained resentment that she ‘fckit.’

      Because that’s all i got from that GQ piece. He alludes to a problem with the drink. Alluded to the split. Barely. Said he loves therapy. He even implies in Aniston-speak that he can only be responsible for ‘his side of the street’ which left haters cheering, ‘See, SEE Angelina must have done something!!’

      No recalcitrance from him in sight.

    • Maria says:

      @smcollins Exactly — Brad doesn’t need to provide the gory details of his divorce. It’s none of anyone’s business. He’s already spoken about his own flaws and issues with alcoholism — that’s more than enough and no one is entitled to know more about his personal life. Period.

    • doofus says:

      “As far as him not divulging the details of “the plane incident,” I’ve said it before but I’ll go ahead and say it again: what happened didn’t involve just him, it involved *all* of them, so I can understand him not going into detail about it. Maybe Angelina doesn’t want it out there for mass consumption, either. Just because he’s not telling you what you want to know doesn’t mean he’s keeping secrets. ”

      well, I hadn’t read this from you before, but thank you for posting it. I agree completely. these people clamoring for him to “admit what he did on that plane” just want salacious details, which they have no right to. no idea why they need to know so badly. all the public really needs to know is that HE f-ed up and HE scared the kids to the point that there was an investigation and they all went to therapy and he’s got limited visitation. why does anyone need to know more than that?

      perhaps he HAS “admitted what he did” on the plane TO HIS FAMILY, and that acknowledgement and apology has come in private, during the therapy sessions. (that’s the other thing that gets me…all the “he needs to apologize!”…the only people he needs to apologize to are his family, NOT the public, and how do we know he HASN’T done it, in private?)

  11. Who ARE these people? says:

    He’s that guy who, in a job, interview, says that his biggest flaw is that he’s a perfectionist.

    Also, he used “systematic” where he meant “systemic.” Completely different meaning.

    • bap says:

      When you have media backing you and who made your image and 2 top notch producers for his production company you can get most of the credit for it all. He is not hands on with a lot of his projects.

      He is clever in his PR game, because their are some low informational persons who do not analyze or research what they read.

  12. PettyRiperton says:

    You have nothing to hide until someone brings up the plane incident. But the reason his rant will never be revealed to protect Maddox because I’m sure drunk Brad goes back to his conservative roots with his rants.
    The thing that bugs me is the whole “family is important” tagline now after 12 years you realize this?
    They weren’t important enough for you stop drinking to avoid this? they weren’t important enough for you to not film two movies back to back? Apparently they’re still not important enough for you to take a year off because you’re about to shoot another movie in July but ok Brad. That tell all book from one of the kids in 20 years is going to be lit.
    For him it’s all about his career, his ego. He’s the say all the right things but do the opposite guy.

  13. Mildred Pierce says:

    So dude has only just had an epiphany that kids/family comes before work?

    Also his friends and family must’ve been worried about him since the GQ interview (and those pictures), hence the ‘I’m not suicidal’ quote.

  14. Michelle says:

    If it’s all about family? think it would be really healthy to put all work projects on the backburner & spend a year or so reconnecting as a family & spend all your time & energy focused solely on that, be good for all of them.

  15. bap says:

    He will be starting a new movie project in middle of July. It’s all about himself and his Image.

    • guest says:

      And AJ will be preparing for LSE, The Breadwinner and FTKMF. So he’s working in Summer and she will be working in Fall. From now on they have to plan such things.

      • Paige says:

        Angelina projects were pretty much decided before the split. FTKMF, LSE, and The Breadwinner were announced in 2015 & 2016. She hasn’t taken on any new projects that I know of. To be honest, neither party should take on any new roles right now. Raising six kids as a divorced couple is going to be a big task.

      • guest says:

        It’s going to be a big task, yes, but that’s what they have to do now. No more travelling together and so on.

      • YepIsaidit says:

        Angelina’s not the one who ditched her kids for work. Angelina incorporates her kids into everything she does work wise.

  16. OhDear says:

    As I’ve said before, he talks a lot about his taking responsibility without actually doing so.

  17. bap says:

    Pay Attention to his Actions Instead of his Words

  18. Fa says:

    His official version is that his hiding behind his alcoholism and media will not ask him what happened with his Son.

    • bap says:

      @FA You are correct.

    • Tulip Garden says:

      The thing is though, should the media ask him what happened with his son and, if they did, should he answer? If he actually answered (whatever the answer), some still wouldn’t believe him no matter what he says. More importantly, his son deserves some privacy. I can’t imagine a teenager wanting to have this discussed publically. In terms of the children, I just don’t think it’s fair.
      If Pitt wants to discuss his substance issues, go for it and hope it helps someone else. Certainly, he can allude to what damage his issues caused within his family (which are very obvious, anyway) without giving people a blow by blow account.

      • Fa says:

        His Son privacy is important but still already the entertainment media headlines is Brad has not secret like he is an open book but the biggest secret is what happened in that plane. Anyway is Hollywood media always enables men actors.

      • YepIsaidit says:

        If Brad Pitt truly cared about his kids privacy he would not answer any questions about them. Zip it and focus on his latest pos movie.

      • Tulip Garden says:

        I agree that answering specific questions about the kids should remain off-limits right now. I do appreciate that he acknowledged having been absent too much within the past year or so, something which I am sure they were aware of before we were. Stating that he loves his children and that they deserve to be a priority gives me hope that he is working hard to be the Dad they deserve. Also, those statements may be good for his kids to hear.
        I do hope, at some point, after Brad has healed his relationship with his kids that when he does mention them, as is natural, that he does so while respecting their privacy. We don’t need details about them but a cute child-approved anecdote would be fine. Again, this should only happen, if at all, after all is well with him and his children. Actually, we may never be privy to when that happens and that’s okay too.

  19. Michelle says:

    i understand finishing up projects that you already committed to before divorce but not healthy to start new projects in nxt month or so when family issue is far from resolved.

    • friend of says:

      Somebody has to work to bring in money to continually pay for both of their extravagant lifestyles. Running two homes and 6 children in that lifestyle is expensive. Humanitarian work doesn’t pay anything as far as I know. When Brad said he is trying to keep the ship afloat, I immediately thought about the cost, now doubled of maintaining the family. Plus the cost of paying for two sets of lawyers, counselors, therapists, etc. That will all fall on Brad. He will want to pay for everything and to keep that ship afloat, he has to get out there and make money. Can’t go too long without thinking about money. They all have to live off of what he makes.

  20. QueenB says:

    It sick when you sick about it: There are soldiers fighting in Afghanistan that are too young to remember 9/11.

  21. BJ says:

    He is in therapy that’s probably why he is talking more.

  22. bap says:

    Angelina is a Winner

    May 16, 2017
    SAN FRANCISCO — The Ninth Circuit on Monday affirmed dismissal of Croatian author James Braddock’s 2011 lawsuit that claimed her movie, “In the Land of Blood and Honey,” violated copyright on his novel.

    If Angelina lost her case it would rapidly been reported, but it is slowly been reported now.

  23. Dttimes2 says:

    Im sure his producing partners (or formal) death (brad grey dead at 59) will hit him hard. Tough to lose someone close to you when you’re in treatment yourself.

    • bap says:

      Remember he said he’s not very much in tune with his feelings. especially for his family. Maybe for outsiders he is.

      • Tulip Garden says:

        He may find that being sober really helps with being attuned to others feelings as well as his own! Seriously, he isn’t stupid and has said that there were things he wasn’t dealing with. It sounds like he was using alcohol specifically not to feel, to numb himself. That was a selfish, immature, and unproductive way for him to deal with anything, essentially, it was escapism.
        Now he still has to deal with whatever he “wasn’t dealing with” and all the additional problems that his drinking caused. Maybe, this will teach him to get and stay sober. Maintaining sobriety by handling egatever his problems in healthy, productive ways will be key for him to succeed. I do think Brad Grey’s death will be trying for him but, in life, there is always going to be some reason to self-medicate. Hopefully, he resists that urge.

  24. Sage says:

    I’m looking forward to War Machine. Brad is always at his acting best when he’s playing odd characters. He’s scheduled to be on Colbert tonight. I do hope he does a skit with Fallon.

  25. KiddVicious says:

    Meh. He’s promoting a movie, not his life. The questions about his life will keep coming up, and I’ve said it before, he’s not going to go into detail. He’s going to tap dance around real answers to keep everything light and about the movie. He knows people want details about him and Angie, but it’s better for the movie, and his and Angie’s reputations, to keep things superficial. He may be an asshole husband but he’s not an idiot.

    • bap says:

      @KiddVicious Like he has ever cared about defending Angelina’s reputation, only his own.

      • Velcro says:

        Bap to be honest he took total responsibility in the GQ interview. I don’t see how any of his divorce and child abuse allegations (unlike Woody Allen’s where the district attorney or whatever even came out and said there was enough evidence to go to trial but the little girl was too traumatised) are ANY OF OUR BUSINESS. If law enforcement has looked into it, it’s no longer a social issue. I think he’s conducted himself better than Angelina Jolie has in all this.

      • Keely says:

        Yes leaking to People, US weekly, etc is him conducting himself better. We can debate the public nature of this whole mess, but to say Pitt conducted himself better is nonsense. He played games the entire time, he was just too cowardly/weak to play them openly and instead used sources insiders, people close to… he’s a coward more concerned with his image, him conducting himself better would have been him being quiet and Angelina providing all the leaks alone- we all know that isn’t how it went down.

    • Bap says:

      @velcro No he did not conduct himself better than Angelina.

      • Velcro says:

        She leaked like crazy.

      • Keely says:

        Now you’re just lying… it was the court documents tmz got ahold of – whether or not those came from Court spies or Wasser I don’t know, then it was the statement from her lawyer – the health of her family. Then it was the initial stories about substance abuse, anger ( which guess what were true-imagine that). Then we got stories about the older boys refusing to see him. Were those team Angie leaks, most probably. Everything else we got from Court documents, or her official reps. Now he on the other hand, still hasn’t stopped leaking and it’s mid may. From the blindsided stories, to the nose nose, oh but he’s a patient father, she’s manipulating the situation, turks & caicos, evil witch won’t let me see the kids these holidays, his court filings,then well into this year- he’s dating, not dating, seeing the kids when they’re in town, sad brad, sculpture brad, they’re getting along, old friends etc etc and last but not least that coup de grace that cringe worthy GQ interview- where he further gave us details that no one asked for & said a lot of words while looking like a sad puppy.

      • Velcro says:

        Keely, most celeb bloggers agree she did those leaks, esp in the early weeks post divorce filing. He obviously leaked too but only in response to her refusal to seal, in defense to her first-mover behaviour, etc.

        Let’s put it this way: everyone knows he was in the wrong and he admits it even to this day so why would he have wanted ANY of it out there? Those stories were designed to hit him hard, for custody issues, to punish him, whatever.

        Put it another way: if Angelina didn’t leak these, she’s crazy not to come out and refute it right away or do refute it subtly through her PR team because she’s been getting hell online about it – just about every comment section is people badmouthing her for taking her hubby down in public through leaks. She hired Judy Smith, remember? She should refute it if she didn’t leak it.

        I’m not a fan of either and I believe some of it was done by AJ to protect her chances of getting full custody, but as much as my lil’ opinion counts, I just didn’t like how this divorce was played out in public. Abuse or not, he was investigated so it’s no longer a social issue for the public to talk about or hold him to talk about in any way.

      • Keely says:

        I seriously doubt Angelina cares that online bloggers agree she leaked stuff or people on the Internet saying crap about her- when haven’t they? and she’s never refuted all the crap that’s been thrown at her the last 12 years, why would she start now. Refute , you mean the same way she should have come out and refuted that she wanted to run the UN or move to Syria with the kids to rebuild the country? As for Judy Smith, I think she hired her to deal with the fallout, so she could focus on the kids , she’s primarily a crises manager- the only reason that story got so much play is because it’s “Olivia Pope” Have you stopped to ask why Angelina hired Smith and not your typical Hollywood PR specialist? Also this never gets mentioned ,but Pitt hired Matthew Hiltzik as his PR – as people of their stature tend to do during a crises.

        I always find it disingenuous when people claim this divorce was public because of Angelina, it’s brangelina, there was always going to be talk, tabloid speculation either way- case in point the Internet almost breaking upon the announcement before we knew anything- stories about affairs, private detectives, drugs etc. For people to act like this was your run of the mill divorce is also strange, the FBI , LAPD, CPS were involved. It was never going to be quiet. Could they both have done some things better- of course. Pitt hired a criminal lawyer initially apparently.

        As for sealing the documents, once again Pitt only asked for them to be sealed in December after Angelina filed the custody agreement and it became public & not before. After that initial opposition in court, where Wasser was informed the day before of the application- they reached a private deal to seal the documents * Note Angelina ‘s leak to Vanity Fair -lol* but of course Pitt still felt the need to cry to people magazine about her refusing to do so – when it was a lie. it had nothing to do with the kids privacy & everything to do with him being exposed. Angelina provided receipts, you could side eye her for that if you want, but to my mind all her receipts were the truth & I seriously doubt her kids are lurking online reading about their parents- maybe one day that’s a question both will have to answer when their kids ask.

        As for his leaks, him telling us about turks & caicos, his sculpting, etc those weren’t defensive moves – they were I’m such a victim pr moves. As for custody read Wasser’s emails it says the goal is shared custody within 6-12 months, it’s clear Pitt has issues he needs to sort out before he can effectively co parent- that’s why 9 months later he still doesn’t have joint custody.

        Now I’m officially a crazy person fighting with strangers on the Internet about famous people I don’t know- I’m done here, I just had to reply.

  26. bap says:

    He needs to be a Real Man, a Real Man takes full responsibility for their actions.

    Some women give him a pass because they feel he is so cute and weak.

    • KiddVicious says:

      He has taken full responsibility. It’s in black and white in the GQ interview.

      • Tulip Garden says:

        I agree that he has taken full responsibility (his hubris, his substance abuse, his abscence). All of these things were well in place before the airplane incident. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. He acknowledged that by talking about CPS.
        I think people want details when they ask for him to take responsibility because what else can he say? He has repeatedly pointed the finger at himself and ONLY himself.
        I don’t think he or Angelina will ever detail their deteriorating marriage or exactly what happened on the plane. I could be wrong but it would shock me if either did. Also, it would be kind of…cringeworthy. We all know the broad outlines. We can fill in the dots.

      • KiddVicious says:

        Exactly. And why humiliate their children by giving details to the media. Their kids may not read tabloids or gossip now, but they will eventually. And so will their friends.

      • Velcro says:

        I agree with Tulip and Kidd. No need for more cringe-worthy details. The leaks were cringe-worthy enough to read.

        And as you said, it’s not going to help their children if their dad, as poor a father he might have been, goes on national TV and talks about their problems in detail. At that stage you’ve crossed the line from being accountable for your actions into peddling celebrity-family-dysfunction p0 rn.

    • AlmondMilk says:

      Pretty soon weak Brad will be laughing right along with the comedians and vipers like Chelsea Handler, who ‘joke’ that Angelina and his kids *drove him to drink and self medicate.*

      He’s that guy. He’ll chuckle and let Angelina and his kids take the kicks to the teeth.

      Big Man.

      • bap says:

        Watch his Actions Not his Words. Today is media day for war machine. He will be interviewed today.

      • Carla says:

        Sadly, I have to agree.

      • Velcro says:

        If he is that guy, I suspect he’ll be super subtle relative to Handler about it. See his “my marriage was boring”(i.e., Jennifer Aniston was boring in bed and as a wife) interview.

      • Tulip Garden says:

        I think any public digs will be subtle ones from both Brad and Jolie going forward.
        I think you gave a very good example of Pitt alluding to something without outright saying it and then, when he was called on it, trying to put a different spin out there. Jolie has already done it with the “for the health of the family” statement which was unnecessary. It caused questions about Brad’s behavior as designed and the answers were/are ugly. After all is settled between Pitt and Jolie I can see either one doing this again. Although, I will say that with children involved they may contain their worse instincts, one can hope.

  27. Missy says:

    I don’t get why you are complaining that brad won’t say what happened on the plane and if he went to rehab or not. Maybe it’s none of our business to know every detail of his personal and family life.

    • Pandy says:

      Right? Why should he detail everything to satisfy our curiosity? As much as I love good gossip, I’m happy to speculate to my heart’s content. i don’t need someone to put on a hair shirt to make my life complete. He has a drinking problem and I’m sure he’s verbally nasty when drinking. See how I filled in the blanks there? I’m good with that much knowledge.

      • Tulip Garden says:

        I bow down to your powers of deduction! May I call you Sherlock?😁 Seriously, I’m good with that much knowledge too…,thanks to you, of course!

    • YepIsaidit says:

      He’s the one that made a big deal about privacy and now he’s spilling the beans? He’s a joke.

      Can’t wait for Angelina interview and the bbc doesn’t count because she barely said anything.

      When she gives her interview I hope (since he mentioned cps) she mentions how hard it was for her kids dealing with cps and fbi. Brad say he was shackled but no mention on how hard it was for the fam smh

    • Velcro says:

      Bingo. And it’s not going to help his relationship with his kids anyway. No need for more cringe-worthy details. The guy has taken full – FULL – responsibility for whatever happened (see his QG interview) in a tasteful way, which is more than one can say about the detailed leaks last year.

  28. Del says:

    Nothing to hide? After all months that angelina took all the blame and then months you admit now that it’s all self inflicted.. Yeah right! Nothing to hide! You can say anythin you want but you know deep inside you lose everything already. Your family!

    • Mildred Pierce says:

      I wonder what his Hollyweird friends who clapped for him are thinking now.

      • bap says:

        @Mildred Perhaps they support him because a lot of them are users and need jobs and his production company can supply that for the so called friends and users.

    • crazydaisy says:

      In my experience, people who say they have nothing to hide tend to be hiding something. People who really, truly have nothing to hide don’t think to mention that fact, it’s not even on their radar!

  29. Daisy says:

    Families break up every day, with worse results. These people are not special. Just human beings having an experience like everyone else.

    • Tulip Garden says:

      Yes. They are only different due to fame and the vast resources they have for their own and their children’s mental, physical, and emotional well-being post-divorce. That and the neighborhood gossip is on an international scale.

    • Homérico says:

      They have dcfs fbi…… Lol it was Really complicated… It was not a normal divorce

  30. bap says:

    Pay Attention to his Actions Not his Words.

  31. Mary says:

    How strange Brad seems super happy and excited, just to go out on the street and meet the photographers, I hope he has not had a relapse because he seems drunk. Even more so after learning that one of his great friends Brad Grey died of cancer yesterday. Brad apparently has turned into someone who has no feelings.

    He really only thinks about his image. Probably did not like to have become a joke with his interview, to be called immature, sad, idiot, … kkk … now wants to show that he is too happy …..

    • bap says:

      Maybe he does not know who or what he is.

    • YepIsaidit says:

      This is what I mean when I call him a fraud.

      It’s like he was taught Pr by some 1950-60s Pr guy. The internet exists and we know what’s going on. You can’t fool -some- of us. LoL

  32. tete says:

    His ego grows larger by the minute. He has a lot to hide and feels like the entitled white man he is. I can imagine what a giant term he can be because to me he gained with Angie no matter what the haters think. She built him as a great father and husband when people thought he was a dumb cad.
    IMHO he used her and now he thinks he is bigger than ever so all is well.
    This should be a learning curve for Angie, you birthed 3 children for this man, took years of criticism, did most of the work with the kid’s and now you are alone and probably hurt. Because he has betrayed you. He is a piece of work and doesn’t really want those kids full time. But like most men they blame the woman for their actions, he is just saying stuff to block her from displayin his stink. He doesnt mean it.

    • bap says:

      @Tete You make such great points. The new photos that came out he looks really happy. Well he does not have six kids to worry about full time and some media outlets are saying he looks younger. Well he has the time for his people to prepare him for interviews and get his looks just right, No kids around to bother him.

      Some women applaud this. You wonder why women issues are not seriously?

  33. Mary says:

    Brad should have been MAN and especially DAD soon after the incident. Now after the interview with GQ and several fans pointed out how Brad simply abandoned the family, went to work too much and drink a lot and I’m sure he used drugs too if not the DCFS would not ask him to do drug tests only drinks tests himself Speaking that as soon as the family began, he stopped with anything but the drink ….. Tarantino said that he and Brad drugged and drank several bottles of wine in France .

    And Brad lived crying to the 4 corners that ‘needed to help more with the children, wanted to work less to be with the children, that the films had to be of quality for the children to be proud of him, that family is priority …. a lot Of lies … and he manages to deceive everyone … everyone speaks well of Brad himself says that he wants to disguise the feelings, the drink, because he can function normally and be creative … etc

    You can not trust Brad’s word , but the truth always comes out. And what really matters to him is the career, the image, that he cares very carefully, dedication at all costs, even his family. If he really wants change I will wait for Attitudes….. so far I only feel sorry for Angelina and the children who had to live with several Brads, several empty promises. Brad so far has not changed at all, it is only more focused on himself.

    • bap says:

      @ Mary My sympathy is only for Angelina her Children. He probably will end up being a weekend dad. There are plenty of those type of Dads in society.

      • friend of says:

        Weekend dad will probably be plenty for him. He said he is not fighting with Angie anymore about the custody. If she wants full custody, she will have it. If she wants him to see them sometimes, some weekends, some holidays, she will have that also. She will have those things just as she wants. As for Brad, he will go on with his life. He seems an amicable guy. People love him. They are glad to see him smile again. He decided not to spend his life fighting bitterly with Angie. He will be happy with the kids, or without. Why should it be any other way? Should he have to fight her to the death to get split custody. Bringing out every weapon against her. Or let her decide and have peace. The kids are almost old enough now to visit on the own terms. I think that once she agreed to live so close, he was satisfied. Now we will see what the kids want to do. I suspect Angie will let them do as they please.

      • Jilly says:

        In the e-mails of Angelina’s lawyer it is clear that she wants shared custody. But for this Brad needed to finish with his recovery, he is a functional alcoholic, who left the family well before the plane incident, he himself says he let the work take him away. And that he was becoming authoritarian with his children. He even admits that he was drinking too much, as someone could take care of 6 children like that, we did not see Brad anymore with the children traveling alone or sharing the children because Brad decided to do Allied, they were all with Angelina.
        We saw him as father who took the hands of his kids, played with them, hugged when they were little, as the children grew up and getting more complex the issues he simply canceled and just wanted to drink, stay away from family, work a lot and when he was with them to be angry and frustrated and Without explaining his altered behavior for them.
        Angelina’s Lawyer did not give him a deadline to respond to the divorce, since Angelina never wanted a custody fight because she wanted Brad to recover. If she had been vengeful she would have done everything to speed the divorce, in the state that Brad was, with the children not wanting to see him, she would win easily. But she’s doing everything for her family to heal and relationships settle.

        Brad wanted to fight right from the start with DCFS, so Angelina did not seal the documents from the start, to keep Brad from making a bullshit that would put his kids’ safety back on danger, all the expert lawyers say that even if you do not agree with The requirements of the DCFS, you must comply even with the closed investigation, if there is the problem of drinking and drugs the DCFS, to terminate the investigation requires the father to comply with the reunification and recovery plan, even if the plan “is voluntary “, There is nothing voluntary if the parent does not meet the DCFs requirements or stop the plan , DCFS can open a new investigation.

        Children is to forever, I hope that Brad will love his children and fight to stay healthy and seek help to interact with them. Brad needs art, therapists, a doctor who specializes in drug and drinks recovery and now he has a life coach, he can not afford to care for 6 children alone. And i wants Angelina to live long enough, with health, you never know, even more so with a family story as tragic as hers and after going through all this stress, they lose her.

        Brad fans do not trust him. And they already make an excuse if he can not restore his relationship with his children, which was caused exclusively by him and still blame Angelina.
        When Brad is promoting a film he is another person, this whole happiness is alarming, even more so that his friend Brad Gray died, someone who helped him in his career from the beginning as an actor, as a producer, put together Plan B together when he Went to Paramount, financed all the first projects and gave a desk inside the Paramount for them. Brad is a person or one who lives pretending something that is not the reality or simply the abuse of drugs and drinks have affected him to have any feeling.
        He always says he gets tired of himself. He does not need anyone, not even himself.

  34. bap says:

    Some sites are saying how happy he looks today for his interviews and how not so happy she looked on Mother’s Day. Angelina can never win with media photos.

    • Jilly says:

      Angelina had to always make the difficult decisions in her life. And Brad even admitted that it was not until after the divorce that he realized that he did not show that he loved his children, that he had become everything he disliked, authoritarian, arrogant, proud, possessive, and mostly abandoned his family and devoted himself to work and drinking Without stopping ….. Still had the airplane incident , where he altered violently.
      These Brad “fans” really think that Angelina had another choice ???
      Maybe this attitude saved Brad’s life, because by the way he was going downhill.
      Brad was all happy and happy promoting Allied …. even “his fans also defended, saying that he would not be crying hiding just because Angelina asked for a divorce ….. kkkk they are pathetic … Brad has not changed he is Still the same (To pretend is his middle name), he may be speaking of his mistakes, but they are mistakes and behavior of a lifetime Not change from night to day, even more so that only in March actually began therapy. Just as he was happy, promoting Allied, and the traumatized children, not wanting to have contact with him …..

      It’s super strange to meet this Brad ….. right now a longtime “friend” of him died with cancer, and he’s so happy ??? Or simply he became a Tom Cruise who does not know how to act … after all he now needs a life coach, to learn to live? A 53-year-old man? I’m Afraid of this Brad.

  35. Jilly says:

    The hidden trauma of having a ‘functional’ alcoholic parent

    “The ‘functional subtype’ were least like the typical group, often well-educated, middle-aged and with stable jobs and families. This functional category highlighted the hidden nature of problem drinking for many people.”

    This kind of behaviour can cause disruptions in the family dynamic that the functioning alcoholic is completely oblivious to. Dr McLaren explains,

    “Just as they can perform well at work, they may be able to run a tight ship at home particularly when children are younger. The family routines may, however, come to be dominated by the alcoholic’s need to drink. Young children may be unaware but an alcoholic parent will be less emotionally accessible to them than a sober parent and this may become more apparent as they get older and their emotional needs become more complex. Alcoholic parents, functional or not, will be more likely to suffer with anxiety and depression which may impact negatively on their parenting. Drinking will sooner or later take its toll on the parents’ relationship and increase the risk of angry arguments and embitterment, which has the potential to cause the children emotional harm. A functional alcoholic parent may not physically neglect or abuse their child but emotional neglect can occur and leave significant scars.”

    The psychological effect this can have on children can be profound, sometimes carrying on well into adulthood. The behaviour an alcoholic parent exhibits, whether they are functional or not, can be incredibly confusing for young children; mood swings, inconsistency and unpredictability all contribute towards an unstable environment for children to grow up in. Andrew, 35, looks back on how this kind of environment has affected him:

    The older children were realizing that the father was not available to them emotionally. This is not easy to achieve ….. Brad if he really want to have a great relationship with his children will have to change radically. And always fight not to return the vice.

    For those who think Angelina has to take her part …. leader with a alcoholic and with 6 children is a lot for one person only
    And every wife must free herself from the responsibility of being the cause of the vice. No matter what you may or may not have done, your spouse has chosen to intoxicate himself in dealing with his problems instead of processing his emotions in a healthy way. Angelina is solving her possible psychological problems adequately.

    Even if they had problems, Brad dealt the worst possible, left no choices for Angelina. Brad’s empty promises and smiles do not say anything at all. He was not strong enough to avoid such sadness in his family life. If he’s getting better now for the kids and for Angelina, surely she would not even think Brad would take so long to recover. Angelina wants custody shared with a present and healthy father …. Brad by the GQ interview seems to be far from it. Angelina is tired, has her health problems, May is a sad month, it was her mother’s birthday, Mother’s Day. Angelina is a person with feelings.

    • YepIsaidit says:

      I wish someone would yell “where are your kids” since he’s trying to sell them for his image again. 🙄

  36. Lucy2 says:

    I’m with those not wanting him to give all the details to the media. The kids deserve privacy, and don’t need this rehashed yet again. All he should be doing is saying he messed up, he’s working to fix it, and that’s all he’ll say about it.

    • tete says:

      well he didn’t say much of nothing only he was drinking too much. very vague and not forthcoming. never once apologizes for his actions, so there u have why she doesnot want him to have any custody. he is all about Brad. He should have never had children.