Chloe Moretz in Coach at the CFDAs: underdressed or pretty?

Chloe Moretz was one of the many young faces of coach at last nights CFDA awards. Coach is trying to appeal to younger consumers with their brand ambassadors which is smart as they need to hook women who will be loyal to their purses throughout their lifetime. This begs the question though, where was Selena Gomez? She earned a multi million dollar contract with Coach and surely that must involve promotional activities like this. Instead coach had Chloe Moretz, Rowan Blanchard and a couple of other young women representing the label.

Chloe was is in this black-and-white above the knee length coach gown with a dippy white Peter Pan collar. She looked like she was dressed for a luncheon not a fashion awards ceremony. I do like her styling and makeup, although her eyebrows are a bit dark. She’s only 20 so it makes sense that they would put her in a young-looking dress, but there’s absolutely nothing special about this.

Rowan Blanchard was also in Coach, in a yellow floral number with flutter cap sleeves. This is very Little House on the Prairie and while it could be worse it’s not good either. She has tiny sequins glued under her eyes.

Here’s a group shot of the women in Coach including Sasha Lane in a sheer dress that’s similar to Rowan’s and Hari Nef in a 70s golf top with a floral skirt. It’s clear that handbags, not fashion, are Coach’s forte.

Continuing the theme of fashion from designers known for their purses, here’s Mandy Moore in Kate Spade. This is really fug. It’s sparkly leopard print with cuff sleeves! If you’re going to do animal prints, which seem to have been out of fashion for several years, at least show a little skin. Plus her hair is all slicked back and whoever did her makeup put liquid eyeliner underneath her eyes. There’s a reason that’s rarely done.

Ellie Kemper fared better in pale pink Kate Spade with a snowflake pattern of sequins. This isn’t amazing, but it’s cute on her.


I think Ashley Benson got the worst Kate Spade dress although she’s neck and neck with Mandy. The floral embroidery over black lace is striking, but the extra row of lace hem at the bottom is too much. Imagine this as tea length without the extra hem and it would be pretty, right? I love her hair and makeup it’s just right.

Photos credit: Getty and WENN

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  1. astrid says:

    Big fat NO

  2. Patricia says:

    This is alllll badddddddd. And I don’t think Chloe’s dress reads “young” at all, I think it looks like something an older person would wear. And something no person of any age SHOULD wear.

  3. guest says:

    I don’t know why but when I saw Mandy I thought for one second it’s Khloe K. lol

    • Janetdr says:

      Because she has no expression? Ugh. What’s up with the ruffles lately? So ugly and inappropriate for almost any occasion. Attempting to make women look less powerful? Ellie’s look is the best, but I wouldn’t want to even try it on.

  4. Delta Juliet says:

    Wow…there are a lot of unattractive dresses, hair styles and make-up jobs in this post. I’m kind of speechless.

  5. Kata says:

    I think Sasha Lane is the one in the golf top.

  6. zan says:

    Ellie Kemper is the only cute one, she has such a beautiful smile!
    And what the hell is going on with the sheer dress… who’s Sasha Lane?

  7. PIa says:

    I am happy that Hari is breaking barriers for the Trans community, but I don’t think she is a great model. Sadly, she seems to have dead eyes like her contemporaries (Hadid, Kendall).

    • Kk says:

      I never heard of Hari before, but went looking through the post top find out who that gorgeous woman was. I like her look.

  8. QQ says:

    A) All these florals are pleasing my eyes AF

    B) Rowan Looks SO SO SO beautiful this color is a blessing for her somehow!?, Hari Nef, also beautiful,

    C) Chloe is fine.. these are young girls that don’t exactly doll up, this is a good way to be “in fashion” but still true to your vibe

    D) I have a Thirst for print/color clashing lately and a silky floral jacket and a leopard print shirt and Mandy just showed me what my next Crazy B*tch About Town outfit is getting ready to be! I Like immensely

  9. LadyT says:

    I like Mandy’s jacket and really like Ellie’s dress. The others are a big fat no.

  10. squeezeo'lime says:

    What’s up with Benson’s face?

  11. bella says:

    Elle is the only one that looks good. Everyone else is a no, and Mandy, who is so gorgeous, is unrecognizable.

  12. kimbers says:

    Floral these days is maddening. How about something new and not like someone from a bad lifetime 1994 movie?

  13. Rubber Ducky says:

    Fugaramallamadingdong all round. Yikes.